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"She then showed me her text messages with him, telling me that she wanted to be honest."

She didn't want to be honest, she was getting off on crushing you. Don't ever reply to a message from her again.

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It's like the nuclear shit test. That will be the lasting impression this girl has about OP. Within a week or two she will be disgusted by him.

Don't ever let them see you cry.

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Eventually she will when she gets tired of the "hot'n/cold"-game she plays, but for now I can see her being fascinated by how many times he'll let her twist the knife. She obviously enjoys submitting to alphas, he's just her emotional support-vehicle after she's been gorilla-fucked head first down in a couch allowing her to not feel slutty afterwards.

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Wouldn't surprise me if she tried twisting the knife again, like a psychopath in training little girl slowly stabbing a puppy, seeing how many times she can regain its trust before it runs away.

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This is exactly what is going on. I have never heard that pattern described more accurately. OP needs to be the one twisting the knife or he'll continue getting knifed in the future

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it takes some time and lot of lurking in this sub to move from being played hot/cold games from them to playing hot/cold games with them.

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Yeah, pretty much.

Most women will successfully lie and hide cheating and are experts at trying to turn it around on the guy and pretend he did something wrong to take attention off themselves.

Only reason she'd be doing this, is to prove to herself that he's weak and not worthwhile and yes, getting off on crushing him.

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Eventually a boy must learn to never cry over a female unless a relative dies. Then he has permission to become a man.

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The amount of wisdom in this one comment is blowing my fucking brain.

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Yup! It gave her pleasure for OP to read those messages.

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I'd say the whole point of it was to see OP break.

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You're right. If a girl is trying to win a guy she'll put in so much effort. She'll make her apartment spotless, pay for meals, delete texts and contacts. She left that crusty shit on the floor on purpose or at the very least was indifferent whether or not he sees it.

Ugly bitches are more ruthless than attractive ones in my experience. If they know they're losing a guy who's out of their league it's imperative that they crush him so that they don't have to face the fact that they're ugly and not worth as much as him. They have to feel that he's so beta that it was 100% a good idea to move on.

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She didn't give a shit, she was already on some new dick.

All bitches can be ruthless doesn't mater if they are short, tall, fat, skinny, ugly, or attractive.

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No indifference. She wanted him to see it. To ensure the message got through, she talked about the bruises on her ass.

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Yeah, I doubt she left two used condoms on the floor by accident

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As soon as I read that, i knew that it was intentional. He is my question though; is she aware of what she was doing? I get rationalizing the text away as being "honest" but how can you do that and not know that you're doing it to fuck with the guy? I mean, leaving cum covered panties and used condoms on the floor is not normal when you have someone coming over(or at all really) so I have to wonder if this girl is a straight up psychopath who was completely aware of what she was doing and why she was doing it. I mean, the hamster can't be THAT strong, right?

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We can't know whether she was conscious of this behavior or not (i.e. "I should clean up that stuff so...nah, I'll leave it out so it'll crush him")

From my (limited) experience, denial doesn't feel like denial. Her motives seem so obvious to us when we look at it from a 3rd party perspective reading an account of the situation. However, denial is her looking around the room, and the thought of "I should put that away" just never coming up. The thought simply does not occur. The brain subconsciously chooses not to focus on it and to focus on other things.

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Hey Turducken, you understand a concept which maybe 20% of those on the forum are aware of but for some strange reason is never communicated in posts or on sidebar.

I call them "self-awareness blinders" and there was a great example a month ago where a girl was confiding in her friend that she cheated, but 2 weeks later in that same text message conversation, she writes "my boyfriend thinks I cheated but I didn't even let Chad near me"

The girl texting her female friend admitted to cheating and then 2 weeks later is saying it didn't happen (after being easily able to scroll up and read earlier in the conversation that she admitted to cheating).


I've been crushed by a girl who isn't evil, but only because she was not consciously aware of her behaviors. It's very important for people to learn more of the technical processes of hamstering because it's the same type of scary shit that can make her (out of the blue) 2 weeks after consensual sex call her parents and start crying on the phone saying how she was raped.

The hamster sounds like a cute, playful rodent but it's more like a black widow spider that you're sticking your dick into.

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I get that but they were fucking used condoms. Then again, maybe she is just normally a filthy human being so this wasn't too much of a stretch for her.

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It's actually that she just literally gives zero fucks about OP.

It really is outcome independence for her whether he finds out or not.

He's just a well-off beta chump, even for a 5, they are dime a dozen. Abundance mentality is built-in for women with regards to betas.

Not to mention that she's still on CC and in no hurry to lockdown provider like OP.

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[permanently deleted]

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forget what she said, erase that shit from your mind because it's not normal, it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with a sick trip on her end.

What? OP says: "I tried to convince myself that NAWALT and look at the result, she's not a princess after all" and you turn around and go: "hang on OP, don't lose hope! You can believe in the fairy NAWALT godmother! Not all women will twist the knife to make themselves feel better"

Fact: all women will twist the knife in this situation. Fact: he said he dated down in RM