Captain of Yale Basketball team is expelled after his plate claims that their 4th sexual encounter was not "consensual." (self.TheRedPill)

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Former Yale captain to sue school over questionable expulsion

And yet again, everyone will have to pay the ticket for the little princess' SJW moment.

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I hope he cleans that school out tbh

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No joke. It's literally the 4th largest privately endowed entity in the world after Harvard, the Gates Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente's nonprofit side.

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Hey (feel free to ignore this question if you don't want to answer) but I've been staring at your comment for like 3 minutes and couldn't for the life of me figure out why it jumped out at me and stopped me in my mindless perusal of reddit.

Then I figured it out. What I'd like to ask is how you knew that random tidbit of info? Do you work at non-profits or are you a wikipedia editor who recently worked on an article which listed them in order? Or do you just know tons of random facts like the 5 tallest mountains in north america?

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I'm not him, but this was in the news recently when Malcolm Gladwell quipped he was going to donate to his college but decided to cut out the middle man and give directly to a hedge fund manager.

That led to an NPR story about it, and a new public awareness of how incredibly rich these ivy league universities are. He may have memorized that fact but I doubt it. It's more about remembering that a stat like that exists and looking it up for a few seconds.

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I'm quick on the uptake, interested in finance, and have a mind-numbing job where I do nothing but read internet articles all day. There's always yearly "listicles" about this type of shit that I click on for some reason.

Some people consider the Catholic church as the largest privately endowed organization in the world. If that's the case, they would surpass Harvard I believe.

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if if he doesn't clean it out getting a pretty penny back would suit me fine

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The Admin is stuck in the Ivory Tower Echo chamber. There are so many women on campus: Students, teachers, staff, diversity programs (Admin itself) that the admin would have a mutiny if anything other than expulsion happens.

The echo chamber emanates out of the university, but it dissipated quickly. The news amplifies it, but once a honest to god jury is empaneled its all but gone. To many men and women with sons and brothers. Know who doesn't have sons? Female students and career professors.

Imagine your're the Yale Provost. Your earn 530K a year a year and you know that if you don't expel this kid that you won't be earning this money. So, Fuck this Guy. Sure, the university is going to loose a couple of million, but you as the Provost, were just upholding the process at lower levels.

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The provost will have to find a way to transfer blame to someone else if he does anything less than expel the kid.

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If you think about it there wasn't a decision in the first place, either lose money that's already stashed away for legal troubles, or face an entire campus of protesters asking for your head while causing the school to lose millions in all directions. (example Mizzou)

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I knew it!

First I heard about "The Captain of the Yale Basketball Team" was when they were on my sports news feed for making it into the tourney first time in many years.

Quotes from all their players and head coach but there was a blurb about their captain being "expelled".

"Uh-Oh!" I thought to myself - could it be? Another sexual assault case gone through campus court?

It was. It totally was.

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They will have to pay for their own stupidity (hopefully)

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Her story becomes more questionable the deeper you dig into it:


Stern says the victim claimed she and Montague slept together in Montague’s room on four occasions in the Fall of 2014:

  • On the first occasion, the woman joined Jack in bed and stayed the night.
  • On the second occasion, she entered his bed voluntarily, removed all of her clothes and, during the night, woke him to perform oral sex.
  • On the third occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily took off all her clothing, and they had sexual intercourse by consent.
  • On the fourth occasion, she joined him in bed, voluntarily removed all of her clothes, and they had sexual intercourse. Then they got up, left the room and went separate ways. Later that same night, she reached out to him to meet up, then returned to his room voluntarily, and spent the rest of the night in his bed with him.

Stern said the fourth incident led to the sexual assault complaint, which was filed by a Title IX coordinator a year after the incident after the woman reported it to the coordinator.

His lawyer's statement:

“We believe that it defies logic and common sense that a woman would seek to re-connect and get back into bed with a man who she says forced her to have unwanted sex just hours earlier. And yet the Dean accepted this conclusion and ordered Jack to be expelled. His decision was then upheld by the Provost,” Stern said in the statement.


  • She was raped after voluntarily removing all her clothes
  • Then later that night decided to contact her rapist and go back and spend the night in bed with him
  • Then decided to report the incident a year later
  • And didn't press criminal charges

Possible? Yes.

Probable? No. Even under the weaker preponderance of the evidence standard, it doesn't add up.

In addition, it seems the university was under pressure to crack down on sexual assault on campus:

Stern added that “we cannot help but think it not coincidental that the decision by Yale officials to seek expulsion of the captain of its basketball team followed by little more than a month the report of the Association of American Universities (AAU) which was highly critical of the incidence of sexual assault on the Yale campus, and the Yale President’s promise, in response, to ‘redouble our efforts.’ From what appears, Jack has been pilloried as a ‘whipping boy’ for a campus problem that has galvanized national attention.”

Even worse, he was publicly tried and judged:

“Last week, the media widely reported on statements made by Yale students and posters put up on campus which condemned Jack Montague directly as the named culprit and as a rapist, thus slandering him with this accusation,” Stern said. “He was never accused of rape and Yale took no steps to correct these actions. As a result, Mr. Montague has no choice but to correct the record.”

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Rough story, man. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Your story is a good example of a motive for false accusation of rape.

let me know that neither he nor she "bore me any ill will," which I think was a sort of tacit admittance that the whole thing was legally mandated bullshit.

I see what they were trying to do here but in a way this is a real slap in the face. She should be on her knees apologizing for what she did to you.

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I no longer bother maintaining friendships. The experience really changed me. TRP is really the only place where I feel like this story could even be told in any kind of a productive way; I hope reading it helps some other young man.

The degradation of the male social sphere is why so many guys are completely depressed and turning to heroin and the escapism of video games and netflix. It's not just the economy--many times in history men have been dirt poor but weren't offing themselves at these rates. We have fewer friends than ever before.

The middle class will never have your back. Ever. We are too busy trying to maintain our economic status to stick our necks out for our fellow bros. The lower class will have your back but if you aren't already in with them then it's a moot point.

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I'm sorry to hear about your story. I had a similar experience, but with no real woman.

It was simply some fuckwad saying "hey.. I heard he raped a girl."

I never found the source. I suppose I didn't care much either way, but just the rumor crushed my heart. I know that sounds like a pussy thing to say, but it made me incredibly sad to even think that someone believes or may have believed that I could actually rape someone.

When people say shit like that, it makes people look at you different. Even when there is no victim.

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hope yale gets the shit sued out of them for this complete horseshit

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Serious question, how do you not kill her?

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[permanently deleted]

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Man that's rough. Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like it could have been much worse though and the up side is you learned some painful but valuable lessons.

I've been accused of rape twice. The first time was when I was 14, she was 15 (before internet). We were both virgins and it was my birthday. I never fo