"If you made more money, we would have more sex" (self.TheRedPill)

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We are buying real estate, getting married and have our honeymoon to Europe booked, so finances are stretched pretty thin. Things have been a bit tense with this financial strain.

We got to talking and she was saying she needs me to make more money, i make $60k. I am 28 and I will finish my degree in 9 months. I plan on starting my MBA when I finish. I work in IT, but don't really have any IT qualifications until this Degree is finished, just a few certs. She went to private school and got her degree in law and is practicing as a solicitor, our pays basically the same though, hers $63,000.

So when we were talking tonight, I said to her she put's me down to much and I think it is hurting me psychologically, I have lost so much confidence. I don't even feel confident about getting a higher paying job. I said we need more sex and I need a woman who I feel wants me, and she said to me "if you made more money, we would have more sex". I am blown away.

This is the red pill theories in action. Women don't love men like men love women. I love my fiance, but she obviously doesn't love me like i love her.

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If you marry this woman, do not ever blame her for what happens later. She just told you EVERYTHING you need to know about her and her feelings about you. You got more warning than most guys.

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I wasted a few extra minutes typing out a longer comment when I should have typed these two lines right here.

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Ditto. This should actually be the top comment, and if we had more seasoned members still active, I think it would be. It is a fools errand to acknowledge that women lack agency on one hand and then expect agency from them on the other. It's like handing a Sharpie to a 6 year old and then getting mad at him when he draws all over your walls.

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Count this EC's full agreement in the comments here.

He needs to end this now. She has just laid her brain and heart bare. Sex in the context of his relationship with her is purely transactional. He should consider himself lucky. He should break up with her, pay for the honeymoon, help defray nonrefundable wedding/reception costs, and consider it all as getting out cheap.

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You got more warning than most guys.

Upvoted for great observation.

She practically told you in plain speak who she is. You should consider it a favor on her part.

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No, she told him in plainspeak what HE is. Beta. We already know what she is. A woman, no different from others. AWALT.

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Nah, lawyers are a little different... they're worse.

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Yeah his response was very beta. In an LTR, you're supposed to act beta, but in the right way. This was not the right way.

AWALT for sure, but it's clear this woman is not marrying material.

Mistakes were obviously made beforehand, probably many

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You got more warning than most guys.

Seriously. My wife didn't start this shit until year 5 when she had a couple of tiny hostages to hold against me. If he's already seeing this shit before even getting married? Hell, I can't even imagine what a harridan she will become once she gets that ring.


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tiny hostages


today society and big cities in general are a "Whore Paradise" devices to showcase her bodies at their fingertips to dozens even hundreds of men, husbands stuck in high stress jobs 12 hrs a day, a vehicle, money, business that keep the kids entertained and motels. What else could be missing?

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I wish I had a friend like you when I was engaged

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You're confusing the issue. Money = beta. She sees you as a beta...because you are. WTF are you doing telling her your feelings? Feelz = beta.

More money does not lead to more sex. Period.

I will tell you what will happen. Sex will stop after you have the number of children she wants. This is because she's marrying you to get herself a provider. She's not attracted to you. Hard truth. If she were, she wouldn't even know how much you make much less care.

She will then have an affair.

Then she will divorce rape you.

Rinse and repeat.

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"WTF are you doing telling her your feelings? Feelz = beta."

Thats what I was going to say.

This short post gives us a very clear picture of what is wrong, and why.

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Preach! +1

And she's a lawyer? Prepare to be making no money when she divorces you and takes everything.

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I concur.

Hey, basically all the ECs in here are saying the same thing.

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I haven't seen a unification of the Olde Guard like this in a while around here. If OP still goes through with the wedding, he dare not step foot back in here lest he be slaughtered for the cause. He has the warnings from the harlot, he has the advice from the brotherhood. He needs no more to make a rational decision.

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Yet my money is that he hamsters it all away because he has no abundance

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I was thinking the same thing. Women like this make me sick, but men putting up with it makes it worse. Maybe that's why it always looked down on beta men. My husband would've hit the road a long time ago if I ever pulled shit like that.

I've been married 24yrs and make the largest portion of our income. Husband has a job he loves but makes very little, however it makes him happy which in turn makes me happy. I can't imagine EVER telling him he'd get more sex if he made more money. WTF kind of thing is that to say to someone. Anyone who makes a connection between income and sex doesn't need to be married. She needs to be an escort.

EDIT: Removed unintentional sub violation "as a woman". Didn't mean to cause an issue. Oh and thanks for the info on the RPW sub. I had no idea there was one.

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In the future, drop the "as a woman" thing. No need to call attention to the fact you have tits. We can figure it out without it being bandied about.

However, what you said is the right attitude to have. There's a few girls like that left in our generation, but get younger than we are and the entitlement takes over. Single 40+ girls obviously make bad choices, if they didn't they wouldn't be single.

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Looking through his comments, he is getting married in less than 2 months and not calling it off.

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