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As many have noticed, Reddit Admin have taken down their required truth reading link to Michael Kimmel's Scam before entering /r/TheRedPill, mainly after I posted this scathing takedown where I explained that their resource on "positive masculinity" was, in fact, a male abuse victim denier.

That's right folks, you can't make it up. Reddit admin, who fancy themselves as the purveyors of what is good and what is not, accidentally told a men's forum that they were absolutely and unequivocally wrong, bad and offensive, and then tried to tell them that the true path to positive masculinity IS DENYING MALE ABUSE VICTIMS.

Holy fucking shit, Reddit Admin. What on earth are you thinking?

Here's what we know now:

The Reddit admin- the ones who believe it is up to them to tell us what we can and cannot read not based on rules, not based on legalities, but on a false sense of morality and self-righteousness, just recanted on their allegedly moral position of what positive masculinity is. Because it was absolutely, undoubtedly, and utterly immoral.

We are still drafting our appeal to the quarantine, but honestly we're starting to think the Reddit Admin are writing the appeal for us.

To the Reddit Admin: You have demonstrated that you are not an authority on morality. You have demonstrated that you do not have the proper judgment to tell users what they should and should not read. You have just subjected 300,000 of your users to an anti-male, abuse-denier. I think you should be ashamed, and I think you should apologize to the users here.

A positive, non-toxic male admits when he's wrong and apologizes when he accidentally denies to 300,000 men that they can be victims of abuse.

Who here thinks the admin have the proper judgment to be able to tell them what they should and should not read?

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I'm still amused at the unintended consequences of all of this. The Streisand Effect is real. TRP has largely been apolitical, but in one grandiose example of shooting themselves in the foot the left has damn near turned a 300,000 strong subreddit into a veritable Political Action Committee.

And not just ours, but several other subreddits who are aghast at the censorship that's happening. We're talking about 300,000 here, another 250,000 or so at /MensRights, a fuckton at /Mgtow, and the list goes on. Hell, even some subs that hate the strawman they believe we are have taken to our defense. Way to energize the base of your opposition!

This is why I don't think we'll see a blue wave in November. Every attempt at shutting down conservatives, or really just anyone the left disagrees with, is making people realize just how bug nuts insane the political left has become.

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Funniest part of that: The woman that said she believed that the population should be artificially set at only 10% male or some shit. Can she not see that that would lead to the ultimate patriarchy? Almost every dude would be living like a fucking warlord. They would literally give zero fucks about the women. Every woman would be part of a harem and would do literally anything their new daddy wanted.

Second funniest part: The idea that a civilization composed of 90% women would actually be able to sustain itself. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck doing all those jobs that don't involve policing men's tone at work, indoctrinating children, or pushing paper around government bureaucracies. By day 3 the garbage would be overflowing onto the streets and shit water would be coming out of the pipes into their bath tubs.

Edit: Third funniest part: Leftists are now arguing under the banner of "it's a private company and it can do whatever it wants. You have no rights here." Gotta say I definitely did not see that about face coming.

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Can she not see that that would lead to the ultimate patriarchy?

The woman in question is a lesbian. She isn't thinking in terms of how that would impact heteroseuxals.

> By day 3 the garbage would be overflowing onto the streets

If men disappeared, civilization would last until the first oil change.

> Leftists are now arguing under the banner of "it's a private company and it can do whatever it wants.

Unless it involves trannies, muslims or some other 'oppression studies' group.

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If men disappeared, civilization would last until the first oil change.

It wouldn't even take that long. We live in a "just in time" society with goods being delivered on a regular basis. The grocery stores would be empty in about 2 weeks, and from there... they begin to starve. The world would quickly find out what it's like for the poor living in Venezuela. How long it'll be before they start eating their pets is anybody's guess.

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We don’t have to “guess”.

Fluffy the purse puppy owned by a New York City socialite would survive as long as pets survived in Venezuela.

Humans are humans.


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Recent (unsubstantiated) reports her in the UK have indicated that the average household has 9 meals available in the house at any one time. That's 3 days worth of food before basic groceries need to be sourced (from empty stores)

Hence the understanding that during any form of disaster/extreme event we are 72hrs from social unrest.

I remember reading on a preppers site that a lot of governmental disaster planning revolves around this 72hrs window.

There was a TV mini series (mocumentary) about a decade ago that dealt with the fictional events that unfolded from a country wide blackout. Sure enough violence and social breakdown happened very quickly in their depiction of events.

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On some level I actually understand preppers. I should for sure have more essential stuff stored from food, water, batteries, flashlights, gas,... but not everyone lives in the country side and can afford at least 1 large extra room for all the stuff.

EDIT: If you have the guts for it, all you need to store is guns and bullets. The rest you can then get for free.

[–]ParanoidKasparov 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Water is the important one. Cleaning and more importantly hydration knock you out after the first day if your doing anything physical in most of the U.S. It doesn't take a 10x10 room either unless you want to go extreme 6 month prepper. For most its just a filled up food pantry with non perishables and some sort of water purification setup enough for say a few weeks or month. Maybe a portable generator setup if you want to pay the electrician 400 bucks to set one up. I live in the Midwest and honestly every house here can and should have an independent power supply I.E. Generator solar etc. especially if you have family on medical devices Like I do. If we ever get to the point where its months until govt. food trucks show up its the guns time so the food part wont matter until you find yourself eating to much human.

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I was making a subtle point, not providing a predictive measure.

All of this aside, if we have another Carrington Event, we’re pretty much fucked.

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stores would be empty in less than a day because of panic and corruption

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Yeah. Just imagine what would happen if a privately owned business like i. e. a bakery refused to serve a gay couple for their weddi... Oh... Wait!

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Small businesses cannot do as they will, that privilege is reserved for larger companies.

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So they are now agreeing that the bakery didn't have to bake the goddamn fucking cake. Good to know.

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If men disappeared, civilization would last until the first oil change.

Exactly. And if it wasn't for men, our ancestors would never have crossed the first fucking river.

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How many guys in this sub have changed their own oil?

I know that is south of 50%.

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That's some short sighted thinking for sure...

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A friend just said to me "it's their site, they can do whatever they want". Like, are you fucking kidding me? A platform designed to allow their users to share content is now censoring speech and all you have to say is that shit? I didn't even respond to the guy because that kind of argument leaves you no fucking way to have a decent conversation.

"Man I hate mondays"

"Monday will continue to be a day of the week."

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A friend just said to me "it's their site, they can do whatever they want"

And to that you can say, 'Glad you think so. I hope you remember that the next time someone decides not to make a cake for someone.'

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Rights are for women, gays, blacks, hispanics, and muslims, not me and you.

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