Blue Pill ExampleSitting in a girls living room while she is denying she is with anyone to her boyfriend (self.TheRedPill)

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I'm currently waiting this out so thought I would post how powerful the red pill is to us guys. I just slept with an ex who has a boyfriend, and he showed up banging on the door a few minutes ago because he suspected she was lying to him. She didn't answer the door so now I'm sitting in the living room listening to their conversation on the phone.

She is vehemently denying that she is cheating on him. The real lesson here doesn't have anything to do with the girl, but the head space that this other guy is in. According to what the girl told me in the last 24 hours, he has been suspecting foul play for the last two weeks.

If you're new to the red pill, and even if you're not, most of us can probably relate to this guy. He's dating a girl, she is kinda into him (but only out of convenience for her -- she just likes being with someone). She has lied to him several times in front of my face. Now they're talking on the phone and I'm sure she's gonna convince him to stay with her. This girl is hot, and according to her he is pretty head over heels for her while she isn't for him. The poor guy locked down (or so he thought) some hot pussy and is terrified to give it up. He's showing up at her place unannounced.

The most powerful thing I've learned here at the red pill is not to pursue women that aren't head over heels for you. I've tried to pursue girls that weren't excited about me because I thought they were 10's, and you end up like this guy. Don't be that guy, you can't negotiate honesty and fidelity.

Edit: put the power in your own hands.

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From Mark Mason's blog

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” also states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, THEY must respond with a “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

-Adapting this mentality keeps you focused on your mission. Time is too valuable to waste on the undeserving.

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Polarization is the greatest time saver in gauging how a person truly feels about / values you . It changed my world to understand that women who are into you are into you right now and the ones who are lukewarm / not that interested will be more than happy to let you work for their attention and time .

Once you meet women who are in that " Fuck Yes " group of interest you see how pointless it is to chase the " Fuck No " or " Meh" responders .

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Once you meet women who are in that " Fuck Yes " group of interest you see how pointless it is to chase the " Fuck No " or " Meh" responders .

Most of this sub wastes way too much time chasing the "Meh" group. So much effort wasted, the "fuck yes" group shit tests you only every so often coz they can't afford for more. Why bother?

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A very interesting observation. I've actually taken step back from this sub as of late as (I felt I was becoming too cynical) and your comment articulates why very well. For many we are chasing what does not exist. Furthermore, we encourage an existence which is entirely self dependant. Sure you'll get laid but you miss put on what is really the point of all of this work - potential partnership. Incidently, once you start going after these fuck yes women you start to realize that this goal isn't some blue pill bullshit either: it's a situation you create. Same rules apply, and you have to be ready to walk from anything but again if your just looking for sex why bother? That's easy. This is why I think a lot of us keep having to get wiped off the floor. TRP is only a roadmap. Individually you have to do the rest. That means finding a woman who is willing to follow and learn, being open to being wrong yourself and most importantly never sacrificing yourself entirely for a woman - If you don't feel it Next her; Not now but right now.

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This right here is you being sent to the friend zone but really you weren't ready for them in the first place. You want to relate but get stepped on In The same process. TRPTruth. FuckYes or FuckNo

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I don't think so. Most girls are changes after sex with you from "meh" to "fuck yes", so if you haven't fucked girl yet, you can proceed with her for some time you can afford to waste (usually 1-2 meetings is more than enough). Best thing to "pull" girls from "meh" to "fuck yes" isn't being nice and kind, but being "polarizing", in other words doing things you want to do, but which she can possibly dislike.

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Most of this sub wastes way too much time chasing the "Meh" group.

Why bother?

My guess it that a guy considers himself a "real alpha" when he is pulling the "impossible girl", the kind of woman that has a reputation for saying "No", regardless of the guy. If you can get with a woman willingly, even when she would ordinarily be against it, you must be hot sh*t. What guy doesn't want to go through life, knowing he got the girl no one else could?

The bigger the obstacle, the better the payoff.

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Yup I have read this also. For me, particularly, this has been one of the most important pieces of advice. Too many times I chased hot bitches and made myself a chump.

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Preach Brother i am Recovering From One of Those. She was Head over heals in the beginning tho but i fucked up somewhere

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You showed her that you where Head over heals for her. At that point the game was over. Im going through something similar, and that's how I see it. Live and learn.

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She wants to chase you. Once she knows she's gotten you, and you almost succumb to her, then the excitement she gets from the partnership/relationship/whatever-the-fuck is gone.

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I'm in the process of this happening also where the girl is losing interest after I took her back.. how do I flip this back around? Should I just ignore her, hook up with another girl that she knows I used to see to get her jealous again? Or use a dark triad technique

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This reminds me of that quote from Stefan molyneux "Be so fucking great that they can't say no"

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Be so fucking great, it does not bother you what anyone says as you know you're a winner..

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Great quote, hits the nail on the head

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Stefan molyneux is really good at putting things in perspective.

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Time is too valuable to waste on the undeserving

Completely agree with you. Got an Egyptian girl’s number on tinder and we hit it off immediately. Flirted, texted sexually, and spoke on the phone for about 2 weeks. We had arrangements to even fuck later on this month(because I’ll hav