Building PowerDon't wait for the New Year (self.TheRedPill)

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That's a pattern. You will change, just not today. Today you cut yourself some slack, because you will start tommorow. Except you won't.

Who the fuck are you kidding? If it was important enough you would do it today. Instead you just throw empty promises around to feel better about yourself. You don't want it bad enough. It shows.

There're still some hours left in the day. There's still time to lift, to pick up the damned book or put in some work. And for god's sake, it's not only about the New Year's Resolutions. It's about life. Each day, you let those hours slip like it's nothing. Because you think there's still much time.

For now, there is. But one day, you will wake up being obese, stuck in a horrible job and without any hope for the future. You will stare blankly at the ceiling as you hit snooze for the third time, hating your life. Who will you blame then?

Don't start today, because it's a New Year. Fuck the New Year. Start today, because it is today. Because it's NOW. And NOW is the only good time to start something, if it is really important.

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I can only imagine how many New Years Resolutioners who were going to start the gym and diet today woke up with their shitty hangover this morning and were like "eh tomorrow I will do it."

Fuck that shit. Got my lift in today, was awesome. Happy 2018 all. Let's fucking crush it.

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Broke the New Year in well. Didn’t see anyone new at my gym lol, so that was nice.

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Gym was empty today for the most part, everyone probably got trashed last night and gym was only open form 8 AM - 3 PM. I am sure they will all be in there starting tomorrow.

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Maaan my gym was packed, but they were all the regulars.

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There is a ton of newbies at mine, doing dumbbell exercises literally 6 inches away from the dumbbell rack, forming a blockade.

The slow walking and the lollygagging doesnt get to me nearly as much, I can always just say "excuse me".

But some of these newbies are even texting, not lifting, directly in front of the dumbbell rack. I am cycling and honestly dont want to get into man-splaining to 5 different people per session why they shouldn't stand there.

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Had a guy doing jumping jacks in the squat rack. Thought he was just warming up.


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You honestly sound like gary vaynerchuk, that man is the epitome of alpha

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Had hangover NYD, lifted anyway. Fuck it.

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I fucking HATE the gym after the new year. There's always a long wait to use equipment. It all clears out in April, and it's just the same faces I always see before the new year's rush.

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This is what people everywhere need to be told. You should ALWAYS be striving to improve yourself and your life. You should ALWAYS be assessing what you're doing, why, and how you can improve in the future.

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I totally agree. Everyday is always a new day to be doing something new with your life. The problem with many people is that they always want to try to achieve incredibly huge goals at once in a short space of time. Motivation helps, but when that part ends, you're left with nothing but yourself. The main lesson here is to always improve yourself in small bits everyday and keep yourself disciplined so that you'll never deviate from your main objective. In the end, those small bits will add up to a huge success waiting for you.

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Exactly. If you need to have a fucking holiday to remind you to better yourself, you've probably got bigger issues than whatever your resolution is

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Lots of different techniques for handling procrastination. First one that comes to mind: Identify your goal, then narrow it down to the smallest possible step that you can take towards the goal.

For example, your goal is to floss your teeth every day. It's a hassle, you are not good at it, it takes too long. Okay, decide to floss just one tooth, each time. Pick an easy one. If you can build the habit of flossing just one tooth each day, you'll be flossing your whole mouth in short order.

Credit to B. J. Fogg and the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab lab.

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Alternative: buy a water flosser. You can floss your whole mouth in less than 2 minutes.

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Thanks, I had no idea this was a thing

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They are useless. It's like dipping clothes in water to wash them

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How are they useless? The water comes out of the nozzle with considerable pressure, which when applied between the teeth, blasts away debris.

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It will dislodge debris between the teeth, however, and this is the essence of flossing, it will not remove food that is stuck in the upper level underneath the gums near the base of the tooth. Bacteria from food here spreads and leads to issues like gum irritation, gum disease, teeth falling out. Do a quick google and you'll see or ask your dentist.

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Had a life changing event last year.

Someone said to me "One Day or Day One, the choice is yours"

That day became Day One.

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Did it?

Or are you just saying that because you had to?

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I’ve decided to change my study habits for school and actually start taking school seriously. Got my break work done early and started studying for an upcoming test. Also looking to stay organized and work on studying smarter not harder. (1 hour deep work, 15 minutes break)

Edit: I also started lifting 3x a week, have sports 5-6 times a week as well (wrestling). Already have seen strength gains in just 1 week. Focusing on habit building not just New Years hype.

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"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now." -Chinese Proverb

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I started my diet on DEC 1st

Meditation a week before New Years

NoFap 3 days ago

Reading 2 weeks ago

People who start on New Year's Day rarely make it. If you really want to start then, then start a bit earlier

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Most people do New Years resolutions because 1) they're sheep and 2) they like the instant gratification of telling themselves and others (especially) that they're going to do X,Y and Z in 2018.

At this point it's basically just a mass ritual of make believe. Even if there's a lack of conviction in what's being said, people feel compelled to be a part of the ritual anyway.

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Dude your 100% right, that was the case of yesteryear - but now its starting to SCARE me with the current situation being what you described x1000 because of social media.

Think of all the gym snaps, nye resolution selfies, Instagram resolution photos with healthy food; holy fuck its literally creepy as FUCK if you step away from it to reflect when you observe social media. Its like sociopathic; in a creepy way, some of the pathetic shit that people have posted over and over for NYE resolutions.

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I have noticed this behavior is fairly automatic in the people around me. When I broke away from this pattern of thought I noticed I would benefit from having a leg up on those around me. In an age of information overload people don't know how to prioritize things anymore.

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I will do this! Once I get off reddit...

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Lol, I mostly agree with this sentiment. However, in my case my "resolution" was to stop drinking alcohol. It was simply more convenient to wait until January 1st. But I guess you're kinda right, I coulda started a day or two earlier but I had already bought the champagne.

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I needed this. Thanks dawg.

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F**k yeah bro. I'm witht ya...

Anyone know if KFC is still open?

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In light of this, everyone should watch this TED talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_urban_inside_the_mind_of_a_master_procrastinator/up-next Awesome talk about procrastination!

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I've always thought this, every time I'm asked what my nyr is I just tell them that I fix problems when they start. I don't wait.

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Having ADHD has taught me alot. I have to prepare my entire day the night before, pills, supplements, workout notes, layout all my clothes, shower the night before, write things down, wow.

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Procrastination isn't always a bad thing, as you make seem it is. Half a year ago, I told myself to go lift 1 and a half month later, and I did. You could argue that month is wasted time, but why would you? I did what I wanted from myself. You can procrastinate.