Married Red PillSwallowing the Red Pill (self.TheRedPill)

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I've been with my wife (yes, I know) for a little over 5 and a half years and all has usually been well.

However, after stumbling upon this sub and reading through the materials, I knew that life had to change because fuck me, I was beta as fuck and I wasn't getting anywhere. Sex happened rarely and the only time it would happen is when it was initiated by me, and you guys know how it is, you can tell they didn't really want it. It was like masturbating with a pussy.

I was fat, constantly on my computer, whilst she ran the house and essentially made myself her 'child'. Fucking hell, it's pitiful to look back upon.

So I made a change a few months ago on my path to self improvement, and to stop being such a beta in life.

I joined the gym and didn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thought. All of my anger at myself I tunneled into lifting as much as I could and I felt like a man again.

I went out more, pursued a social life, and began speaking to people again. I naturally began to open up at work and now I speak to everyone that passes me, engaging in conversation and now people look up to me more.

I changed my diet and began to make more of my own food, and found myself a new passion for cooking. This alongside the gym made the weight just melt off.

It was a sudden change for my wife to see me doing more for myself, going out more and developing a sense of masculinity. I transitioned that life into my relationship and became a man.

As I was going through life on a journey of self improvement, the pedestal I placed her upon began to lower and I took control of everything. Finances, trips out, where we would eat etc. I never asked for permission to do anything, I just did it. It all came naturally to me.

It changed every dynamic of my life and my relationship. She just can't get enough of me and sex has gone through the roof. 8 times in just the last 5 days.

Swallowing the Red Pill requires a complete lifestyle change, but fuck me, it works like a charm.

Thank you to this community for helping people like me get to where we want to be in life. You're all doing God's work for men.

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Great post. Not many are able to pull themselves out of such a low place. I'm happy for you!

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I appreciate that!


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This is the most positive TRP post i've ever seen

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I'm glad I can spread the positivity and show the TRP can really work if you put your mind to it.

Others can do it too!

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I think it's great you caught it before the ship sank. Most don't see it until they lose their special snowflake to a chad.

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Precisely, I knew what I had was special, so I knew I had to hold onto it, but at the same time I was doing all of this to improve myself as a man.

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This sub gets a lot of irrational hate for being misogynistic. Let's take a moment to look at this same story from your wife's perspective. She was bored, married to a man she wasn't attracted to, probably daydreaming about a life she could have had, and dutifully putting out sex as rarely as she had to in order to not let her husband go nuts and embarrass her by getting caught with a prostitute. Her husband finds the red pill and swallows it. Now she's fulfilled, excited, and lusting after her husband. Who exactly is the victim here?

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All of the other unhappy wives and ex-girlfriends.

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Proof that the universe follows Natural Laws. (Red Pill)

One of those laws is "gender" and that it has polarity.

As you became masculine in polarity it inspires a feminine polarity in her and now she feels attraction.

Win, win.


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There are ~78 genders now bro learn the pronouns you bigot.

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I know, how funny... I'm "oppressive" for speaking the truth.


Truth is Hate


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According to you:

Truth is Hate

Truth is eternal

Power comes by hiding the truth.

Truth is found by having to switch back and forth to the truth which is the Natural Laws.

The death of all Truth is when it is made literal.

The light of truth has a radiance

Truth isn't really hate

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He wrote all of those things in the past??

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Truth is found by having to switch back and forth to the truth which is the Natural Laws.


All high level knowledge is abstract.

We must have the mental flexibility to switch between multiple disciplines.

If you encounter a Buddhist you speak as a Buddhist.

If you encounter a Mathematician you speak as a Mathematician.

The Natural Laws are very vague and abstract concepts that have proven to be true for thousands of years.

One can ignore knowledge and choose ignorance, but it won't erase the fact these truths exist, but instead it just makes you blind to them.

Ignorance is bliss. (happiness)


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How do you speak when you encounter a Tinfoil-hat?

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You might start by questioning your programming.

What triggers your rejection of the other person's ideas?

Are they being rejected because you are simply ignorant or because you already have deep knowledge of the subject?

If you lack knowledge how can you judge so quickly?

Ignorance is bliss... it's always the easier way than wisdom which requires your effort to know.

Being without knowledge and proud of being this way might soothe your emotions but it doesn't make you a man of any substance.

Rather than fearing knowledge you might considering finding the courage to learn and know.


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Your "enlightened abstract level thinking via the masculine polarity of universe" failed you this time, as this...

How do you speak when you encounter a Tinfoil-hat?

...was not an actual question.

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No, actually you often use such language.

I'm directly confronting that.

If you lack knowledge and your first impulse is to call something a "conspiracy theory" or a guy with a "tin foil hat" then you might consider your programming that triggers you to behave that way.

Break your programming... "Kill the Beta".


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I'm not the one posting about "globalist conspiracy" every second post.

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Yeah what about the fucking foxkin, lizardqueens, and fuzzybois.

Jeez what an insensitive deusche.

Here Are the 31 Gender Identities New York City Recognizes

Here’s the complete list:



Drag King

Drag Queen

Femme Queen



Gender Bender








Trans Person







Third Sex

Gender Fluid

Non-Binary Transgender


Gender Gifted

Gender Blender


Person of Transgender Experience


If you're such an insensitive fuck that you don't know what each of these means...

you're in luck: Facebook created a guide to their list of 51 (most of whom apparently belong in Area 51).

What Each of Facebook’s 51 New Gender Options Means