Field ReportRandomly Refuse Her Sex. (self.TheRedPill)

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Summary: Refusing sex at random intervals instills dread, spins the hamster, and demonstrates high value.

Many of you have probably had a plate or LTR try to weaponize sex at some point in a relationship. She may do so for whatever reason, but it's usually when she wants to be exclusive, change your behavior, or just test your frame in general. The point of this post is to demonstrate the benefits of reversing this dynamic.

I took one of my plates to a 4th of July fireworks show. Throughout the encounter I teased her with kino and periods of affection, aloofness, and negging. This drove her crazy, and by the finale she couldn't keep her hands off me. Sweet, I thought, I'm going to walk her back to my place and fuck the shit out of her until morning. Well, I may have had too much fun with her, because she started giving me shit on the way home:

Her: "Wouldn't it be great to have nights like this more often? It's so nice to actually go out and enjoy each other's company"

Pay attention to her language here. She covertly sets the tone of this conversation by injecting "actually go out" Great. This plate, like all the others, has finally decided to try for exclusivity. Now, I do enjoy this girls company. She is fun, witty, and attractive. In fact, I currently see her more often than any of my other plates. I have conditioned her to associate us having sex with spending a few hours having fun. While sex is the key component to any relationship, ours is unique because I can genuinely enjoy going out with her. Because of this, we do go out and enjoy ourselves quite a bit. And I don't call her over just for sex like some of my other plates. But, perhaps I had been spending to much time with this girl, because she was about to push hard trying to lock me down.

Anyways, I handle this shit test with a pressure flip. Not my favorite way to deflect, but I was thinking on my feet here. Besides, your body language and demeanor are equally as important when handling shit tests. The last thing you wanna do is stare at your feet thinking of the perfect response.

Me: "You don't think I see you enough?"

Her: "Well, remember last Friday when I wanted you to come see me at [Bar Name]? You didn't even text me back until we all got home. That really bummed me out"

Me: "Ahh, you're right. That was absolutely terrible of me. To not come running to you on short notice. Absolutely appalling. You should really find a guy who treats you better"

Her: giggling "Yeah I know. But does it really have to be like that? I mean, I feel like, what we have could be so much more"

Fuck this shit is annoying. I've deflected two shit tests and she's still pursuing. I decide to shut it down:

Me: "Yes. It does have to be this way"

We then fall into silence for the rest of the walk. (Pro tip: Silence is golden. You should never be the first to break it. Being comfortable in a silence she may find awkward is empowering) When we get back to my place, she makes small talk as if nothing happened.

At this point, I am somewhat annoyed by her not apologizing. She knows the boundaries, and she knows how I operate with women. She took a night that we were both enjoying and decided to take advantage of our fun to make a power play. Such behavior is completely unacceptable, and I knew that if I wanted to maintain this relationship as it is, I had to respond decisively. However, not quite wanting to kick her out of my place so late on 4th of July, I decide to try out a different method, one inspired by Daniel Rose's Sex God Method . I calmly poured myself some water and told her that I was tired and would be going to bed.

LOL. Her reaction was immediate and resembled something akin to a stricken puppy.

Her: "W-what? B-but... I thought we could maybe..."

I cut her off in an emotionless voice.

Me: "Fuck? Yes, I know that's what you thought. I know you've been thinking about it all night. But you've killed my mood, and now I'm going to sleep. Goodnight [Plate] Feel free to leave"

I could hear her little sobs while I lay in bed. Fuck, I hate it when girls cry, but I stay stoic. I think she stood in my living room for a solid 15 minutes before she crept in to join me. When she climbed into bed, I sighed and rolled over. She moved to snuggle up against me and her pussy was dripping wet against my leg. She wasn't wearing any clothing, even though she usually sleeps in a t-shirt.

Guess who had their morning wood taken care of for two hours, breakfast in bed (had to wash the sheets anyways), and their house tidied? Oh, and she called me today to announce she'd bought us tickets to a baseball game, but that it wasn't a date and she wouldn't be mad if couldn't make it.


  1. Rejection is an extremely powerful emotional trigger, especially for women. Emotions, positive or negative, serve as potent sexual energy. Read the Sex God Method for more insight on this. It's one of the better books in the sidebar.

  2. Reversing the sexual power dynamic in a relationship works to your full advantage. It establishes that not only are you not subject to manipulation via sex, but actively see giving sex as something she must qualify herself for. Women are the gatekeepers of sex in a relationship. REVERSE THIS DYNAMIC. If you steal this role from her, not only will she behave better to receive sex, you will have actually stolen her main source of power.

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i applaud your self restraint from the pussy leg

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i applaud your use of the term "pussy leg"

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I applaud your acknowledgment.

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I acknowledge your applause.

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wtf is this, askreddit? leave the lame comment chains at the door please

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I applaud your feeble attempt to be the adult in the room

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Your acknowledge I applaud.

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I acknowledge all of you gentlemen's acknowledgments of acknowledgements.

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It's acknowledgments all the way down!

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We are officially no better than the rest of reddit.

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You mean there is MORE reddit besides TRP?

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Acknowledging is half the battle.

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What's the other half, applauding?

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Certainly better than slick legging.

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My brothers ex-gf once tried to weaponize sex with him. He didn't touch her for the next month. Never happened again. Never reinforce bad behavior.

Edit - guy doesnt only do it with sex. Once, another LTR complained that he "didnt call her that day," completely ignoring the fact he just worked 18 hours straight. He didnt call her again for two weeks. Problem solved.

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There was an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that had a situation like this. Ray decided to reject his wife's advances. She became self-conscious and also realized that his sexual affections for her were just as important as hers to him. Also, I read it's not uncommon for some unhealthy marriages to end up with wives using sex as currency. Sex in marriage really should be about an expression of affection and not something to bribe the other with.

[–]Endorsed ContributorrebuildingMyself 37 points38 points  (7 children)

Sex in marriage really should be about an expression of affection and not something to bribe the other with.

A long term plan for many hamsters is to starve their men of sex to the point that he either cheats or brings the issue up (ie "pressuring me for sex, your honor") and she has enough leeway to divorce-rape him while not coming off as the bitch. Marriage 2.0 is all risk for men with a small chance of breaking even

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I find it's mostly not that deliberate and planned. he's just lazy and unfuckable.

[–]snorted_the_red_pill 4 points5 points  (4 children)

I agree. It tends to be a more unconscious thing that just evolves rather than any kind of malice, as I see it.

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I would actually like it if life was a case of sociopaths with breasts. Guys tend to do well embracing competition. It's a much sadder state of affairs when a nu-male moves from one mommy figure to another, and uses xbox and weed to completely dry up a vagina.

I know there's a lot of justified anger and resentment over societies great white-knighting, and on the flip side... Not a lot of guys have even bothered to keep up their side of the bargain.

Be attractive, don't be unattractive.

It's not even marriage 2.0 griping here. Just being a man seems damned difficult for many now

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It's difficult because it's the opposite of what we grew up with, and as I've noticed, most of us have very few real world role models to emulate. TRP is nice but it's not going to undo years of programming and societal pressure without serious effort.

TRP = The Red Pill. The Matrix. Most people don't even want to admit it exists, let alone get out of it.

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