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I have been having sex with women since I was 14. I have been understanding and being cognizant of what I was doing since I was 22. In My now 14 years of fucking there is one thing and one thing only I am certain of, one thing no one could turn against me or tell me I'm wrong about:

Women love rough sex.

Some love it a little bit and some love it a whole lot, but they all fucking love it: From that sweet girl next door who loves being bitten and scratched down her back to the nasty little freak who loves whips and chains and clamps, rough sex is always on the menu.

This makes sense does it not? Women are naturally submissive and men are naturally dominant, and yet for the past few decades they've drilled it into little boy's head to ask for permission, to not be rough and physical, all the while 50 Shades of Grey turns shitty Mormon authors into overnight gazillionaires. All the while Twilight and the "I leave bruises on your body after I'm done fucking you" vampires turn shitty authors into gazillionaires.

Here's the truth: The line between violence, sex, rape, love, and dominance are often separated by a very thin, very confusing line for those not intimate with them.

Want to know the most common fantasy I've had with women under 30? Rape fantasies. They want me to sneak into their room while they sleep and have my way with them. I've had women ask me to put a knife to their throat while I do it.

(And before the pussy parade comes in here and says "oh you're fucking trashy nasty sluts---ironically being misogynistic themselves---the girls who want rape fantasies the most are the ones Feminists hold up as icons: the lawyers, and doctors, and Cal Tech Engineers, the military girls...especially the military girls)

Our society has turned women into men and for many of them, the only way for them to feel feminine, to garner even a jolt of their feminine energy, is through unbridled, no holds barred rough fucking. This is the brave new world we live in and men need to be prepared.

---Know YOUR limits. This is the most important and we can't go any further until this is established. Know YOUR limits because women often don't have any. I've sunk into the depraved world of the female psyche and it fucked me over for quie some time.

Know your limits, establish your limits with your partner, and then stick to them. Women will often try to push you past these limits and you can never get in. If she wants to be punched in the fucking face let some other man deal with her damaged ass.

---pull her hair at the root. This is basic shit but a lot of guys fuck this up. Don't just haphazardly pull on her hair, you'll rip it out and that's not what feels good. If you're fucking her from behind reach over, get your hand firmly beneath her thicket and grab at the base, then pull back.

---If you want to know a woman's pain level dig your nails into her lower back and escalate upwards, increasing the pressure each time until she clutches onto you in with insatiable tension. p.s: this is also a very good way to escalate into sex for men with no moves.

---Choking is to be done with ONE HAND and is to be done at the top of the throat. When done at the bottom it creates a sensation of panic that overrides the sensation of dominance and fear that turn a woman on. You can--and I wholly advise---using two hands when she is about to climax, but release right after she orgasms.

I've had women ask me to choke them with my belt while I'm fucking them from behind. Do. Not. Fucking. Do. This. Shit. Yes, it's hot as fuck, but the mark and bruises it can leave behind just aren't worth it.

---Lift your girl and throw her against things. If you can't lift your girl and carry and throw her on the bed or against a wall you need to date smaller women or hit the gym more. Both probably. There is no better feeling than turning a simple makeout into passionate fucking by picking your girl up and slamming her back against whatever wall is nearest in a fit of raw passion.

Women love a man who wants her so badly he just can't control himself. This plays a large part into why women love rape fantasies.

---Rape Fantasies are at YOUR discretion, not hers. You're the one going to jail if she regrets it or gets mad at you, so it's YOUR job to decide whether you can trust her and if you're ok with it. If you're ok with it then COMMIT TO THE BIT. Don't fucking half ass it. Go in there guns ablazing. Also, understand you're fucking a very unstable woman so you probably shouldn't commit to her long term.

---Lastly, learn how to combine all of this into one sexual experience. Most men think rough sex is just smashing your dick into her as hard as possible, losing all rhythm and leaving her out of the process.

If you're fucking a woman on her back grab her hands, pull them beneath her legs, and slide her into you as you thrust into her. You create a see saw effect and you include her and her momentum into it. If her legs are over your shoulder slap her tits, smack her face, bend over and bite her nipples, constantly be inflicting little bits of pain all over her body.

If she's bent over then smack her ass, reach over and pull her hair, slide a finger in her ass, reach under and squeeze her tits, do SOMETHING. Rough sex is about constant action and interaction. It's about wanting someone so badly that your savage animalistic side is unleashed and the caveman takes over.

Women are not some easily broken porcelain doll, they can take quite a bit and love showing it off.

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All those "rough sex guides" caused me to feel fear, uneasiness and retreat. I read them and I felt somehow... different!

How could I do such things to a girl if I really don't want to do this.

After some time I realized the problem was that I did not fuck the girl I really wanted. There was not too much of sexual desire on my part.

Why there was no sexual desire on my part? Because the girl was so-so. HB-HalfOfWhatIdLikeToFuck. HB-IllreplaceyouwithabettergirlASAP. HB-IllMakeMyselfCumThinkingAboutSomeoneElseAndThenYouLeave.

Why that girl was so-so? Because I was afraid to approach girls that I really liked.

Why was I afraid of this? Well, how can I openly approach a girl, how can I have a lot of courage inside if I know (sub)consciously that my life is a mess, that I have X and Y to complete for tomorrow, that I have not been lifting since X days, that I need to fix my car, that I need to clean my kitchen, that...

To build a desire - a desire that makes all those rough things possible - to approach a high quality girl that I feel desire for - first I needed to have my life in order.

In the past, I lied and cheated. Those are not behaviors of a high value man. Don't get me wrong, I do manipulate girls, but I don't sell them blatant lies now. And, if I am selling myself to her as a successful guy - and the reality is that I am not... you see, where it goes. Also, better girl, better shit detectors.

To have rough sex I need to feel desire first. To feel desire I need a quality woman first. To date a high quality woman I need to have my life in order first.

That's how it goes now.

So, if you're feeling uneasy when reading this "rough sex guide" - perhaps you fucking should. Don't bookmark it. Just do the improvements in your life, lift, sidebar, focus on fixing yourself. Because if you don't feel like having rough sex with a woman... don't adjust your set, perhaps this means that you should not have it.

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Shit, re-reading my own comment, I understood why I had trouble with sex in my past, failed marriage and why I had no problem fucking a mistress by that time.

I quickly realized, that before I fucked her, I needed to get my stuff in order. And it was good fucking, because after completing N tasks I could be finally focused on fucking. That was good.

But fucking ex wife on the other hand... in context of her "getting my life in order" meant to get rid of her, because - as a crazy (possibly BPD) woman I perceived her as a constant threat. On the other hand, being raised in a toxic abusive environment allowed me to live and survive in such situations. So basically I've given her a weaksauce sex not because of any problems with my dick, but because in order to have good sex I need to have my stuff in order and to get my stuff in order in context of her I needed to dump her.

Currently I'm a happy divorced man. Money earned, kids taken care of, lifting done, flat is clean, laundry done, HEEEEEY SWEETHEART...

Positive energy is attractive.

Guys, you need to realize, that in some cases you will never have proper relationship with a woman of your choice and you need to dump her. If not, your (sub)consciousness won't let you have proper sex with her. It will always be shitty. If she disrespected you, if she cheated on you, if she is not as high quality as you would like her to be... you won't have proper relationship with her, because you won't be able to have rough, degrading sex with her.

Because, in some cases, to get your life in order, you need to get rid of some people first.

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This is so true man. I just got out of a toxic relationship. I was 160 lb when we started dating, and now I'm 180 lb. Once you realize that things are getting toxic, everything goes to shit. The sex is shit, daily things become more of a drag like shaving, school work starts to pile up etc ... The worst was thinking my long hair was attractive. My girlfriend just wanted to keep me as my hobo self, so I'd avoid getting cuts because she said my long hair was sexy. I'm sure she was just trying to feed her ego by keeping me looking and behaving like a hobo beta bitch. Thank god all of that is over.

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Dated a BPD girl in the most fucked up 8 months of my life. Broke up with her, I started monk mode, and she started dating a cuck less than half a month later. And you better be sure I was told how well he treats her, near constantly.

You cannot date these women with the idea that you can work it out by getting your shit together, because then you're a threat.

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Dated one BPD for 9 months. Redpilled the fuck out of me. I can now smell crazy like a fucking hound.

Almost 10 years later, I'm think I finally found an LTR worth girl.

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It's time to read black dragon blog, especially those parts about monogamy for 3 up to 8 years and no more. Then they get bored. I'm not telling you not to pursue that ltr. Do whatever you want only keep it realistic not Disney.

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Wife lost attraction when I got my shit together. Now she is with a guy who spends a lot of time with her. Somehow similar situation to yours. It is like they want control over that guy more than anything, nothing else counts, children, family, nothing.

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I saw that with my last LTR. She may want a guy she can control but she'll never be happy.

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Fuck her happiness. I'm not responsible for that.

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Wife lost attraction when I got my shit together.


If she isn't turned on by a man improving his physique, better clothes, more powerful, more professional and overall a higher quality leader.... then jump ship as fast as possible. That is 'Koo-Koo" to a whole other level.

You sound happy, glad you woke up.

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I just realized that with my past codependent mindset achieving anything beyond heavily mediocre would be impossible.

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Mm, I dunno. I've had some fucking class A misdemeanor sex with one girl who has cheated on me in the past. All depends on how well you are able to channel your aggression. Revenge sex is basically untoppable.

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Me too! More than a few times with more than one girl.

The deal is, I'm not going to low my standards and fuck ex-wife. She already proven her worth and her value, when I think about her current b/f I want to puke. I'd love some good old revenge fucking, but this woman is out.

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This is probably what I (currently 29) needed to hear. I bluepilled into a relationship with a HB9 (30 but still looking like 25), who I considered "the perfect match" for me. Right after we were "seeing each other" for a while, I found out that she had a hard-time CC right before we "are together". In fact, there were many other signs I read here on RP that are clear showstopers - i.e. waiting to have sex after 1 month, found flirty texts to some other guy etc. Despite that, fast forward 2 years, we are still together. On one hand, I really like this girl... we have SO much in common e.g. hobbies, view of life, lifestyle. On the other, in 2 years, we only had a awesome sex like 3 times (btw they were pretty rough ones - just to confirm that I agree with the post). We both want more but neither of us knows hot to fix this.

Than I started taking TRP. Re-evaluating the relationship, I know that I have to leave this one as it is probably far easier than trying to repair something that doesn't work.

Just for background my value is in my point of view currently on a big rise at least in the terms of wealth, social status and looks. I have a clean sweet appt., recently moved to another city for way above average-paid job, I hit the gym regulary and can talk practically to anyone. Despite that, I do not feel value because my life is not in order. And I feel that the messy relationship is whats holding me back.

Therefore my question is, how did you manage this mindset to work in practise? Of course I think about sunken costs (mostly in terms of time) and I overthink everything. That is the reason that sometimes what I feel in the gut never comes to actions.

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Dude it SUCKS I know what you mean about the sunken costs. The worst part is knowing how much better off your life would be now if you invested your time alternatively into X Y & Z rather than her...

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Run dude. I'm on the other side of breaking up with somebody in a situation just like this. There is not a part of my life that hasn't improved. Take the plunge.

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This nigga right here

My man I don't give gold because fuck this SJW paradise, but if I could upvote this shit 100 times I would

so many men don't feel the masculine urges because they're with a woman they know is beneath their level, they're not compelled to dominate and passionate and vigorously fuck her brains out because she doesn't inspire that in them.

They won't admit it though and that time needs to end.

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My man I don't give gold because fuck this SJW paradise,

I wish more people on this subreddit realized this. Look, I get that you like a thread or comment, but don't give money to the cucks who sponsor more cuck content.

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