I Met an Orbiter (self.TheRedPill)

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One of my girls moved in with some 400 pound neck beard who's always buying her drinks. She mocks him in private company. I have other GFs and we're not exclusive and he knows that.

Last night he said to me, "I hope you're not intimidated by her being with me."

I wanted to laugh so hard and let him know how much she is going to take advantage of him financially and emotionally, that he's going to have to listen to her scream through his walls as I fuck her and that he has no shot at anything short of a pity fuck but I couldn't. He was so proud to have that pathetic moment.

So I just said, "Thanks for worrying about my feelings. You're such a nice guy."

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It would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

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I let a girl convince me to go visit a different city with her even though i actually really did want to go because i would get great display pictures out of this outing lol. A photographer orbiter of hers from literally the opposite end of the country had come to see her.

He rented the car paid for gas. Had a professional camera took our pictures.

He'd keep touching and trying to engage her in convo while she rolled her eyes behind his back and smirked at me.

We snuck away from him and another friend of hers, while he was trying to follow us with his drone camera trying to see what we were up to.

He'd share stories of his previous Heartbreak's to evoke her sympathy the whole thing was so sad.

And at the end of the day he even insisted to pay for all of our food. The whole time the girl and her friend were talking shit being his back telling me stories about how he got dumped by his girlfriend how he was such a loser all the while taking advantage of his generosity and photography skills.

A month later he sent her the developed pics with none of my alone pics in them lol.

Like you said it would have been funny if it wasn't so sad.

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"We snuck away from him and another friend of hers, while he was trying to follow us with his drone camera trying to see what we were up to."


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I've read these stories and remembered my friend telling stories about how his gf is having couple of (as he referred to) 'fans' buying her shit in video games while knowing she's taken. Somehow they don't realise they're being exploited and think they have a *chance*

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I think they deep down know they are being exploited. But when you have extra money you want to give it to things you like. And they like the pretty girl. They want to see more pretty girls in the world and less ugly fucks like them. Its just like how beta apes still help the females and the alpha. They can't fuck anyone but at least they get to help the community. They get to choose which girl to give their money to and thats enough for them.

So fucking sad. God damn it. I only understand because of my own self loathing.

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Yeah, I've definitely done this. The only thing I really have to offer is (a very modest amount of) money, and I'd rather be in the company of a woman than alone. Pathetic as hell, I know.

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Many of us have been there, man. It happens, we learn, we grow. Don't let it keep you down, just try and not let it happen again.

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Well, a little money can go a long way in Tijuana. I've learned this beautiful lesson recently myself. And it definitely takes some of the sting of loneliness away when you have a 20 year old Chica sucking your dick.

Start saving up the money you'd normally blow on women who you already know aren't going to fuck you, and start planning a trip to Mexico or the Phillipines or Thailand. You can change your life!

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Foreign women are infinitely better than American woman anyways. They know and understand their place in the hierarchy. They know how to cook and clean and cater to their provider in every way, and dont have any dillusions of 'equality' that US women seem to think they deserve.

Some guys snicker at those who go to faraway places and bring back a tasty oriental prize. They think that the girl is with him only because he is her ultimate meal ticket out of her shit hole country...and they are right.

While many here at RP say never commit and never have kids, I dont think that is the right formula for everyone. I for one do want kids one day...and I would like a woman to do the dirty work in raising them; while I take my boy fishing and hunting and play tea time with my daughter and read her stories, just as it should be.

What they fail to realize, unlike us who have swallowed the pill, is that all women view you as their meal ticket. American woman just think they can eat at the buffet and not do any of the dishes.

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They know and understand their place in the hierarchy. They know how to cook and clean and cater to their provider in every way, and dont have any dillusions of 'equality' that US women seem to think they deserve.

Yeah, no. You spoil them anyway

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Women really aren't that different around the world, seems to be a myth I read a lot on the internet. They have a greater respect for the feminine gender role but they are just as materialistic, shallow and hypergamous, in fact often MORE hypergamous since they are more financially dependent on a man.

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The only thing females respect is strength. Show any weakness and they'll gut you for everything you're worth.

They're the same everywhere, because they're homo sapiens.

Historically, they were confined to the home because men refused to deal with their foolishness when running an empire which was competing against other empires. The empire with women running around in the military and other government institutions would be the one that got crucified by their enemies first.

Weak men let this happen. It has always been men who kept women in line. Women will always resist like a child that doesn't know whats best for it, but men must always put them in their place. Firmly, but from a desire to protect and nurture.

This is how civilization developed. Without it, you have the mud huts of Sub Saharan Africa.

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I think a lot of us have been there, fam. But admitting there's a problem is the first step to solving it.

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Whenever my friends begin ranting about how effeminate the Western world is and how we need to change it I always scoff and say "Why? We need betas to keep paying for our girls."

Betas are good for society and good for alphas. I'd rather have only me and a handful of other guys know what's actually happening. That way there's more for us.

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Very true. In the past pre-internet simple red-pill truths would be hidden as much as possible. Knowledge is power, and its best to not share it for your own self interest.

But this is the short term solution. In the long run I feel like this society will crumble and we will end up like japan where no one reproduces and Betas just obsess over video games and fantasy. You can only get someone to run for an invisible carrot for so long.

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They would be better using that money they are spending on these girls on a working girl instead. Or even a sugar baby arrangement. At least those are quid pro quo and they are getting something back on their investment.

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They are paying for the suspension of disbelief and hope. They see having an unscratched lottery ticket as having a chance.

Lesson Learned: Trying to see things in terms of probability is bluepill much of the time, a lot more than people think.

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How is probability bluepill? I feel like its the opposite. People who think "at least I got to roll the dice!" are fucking retarded. Red pill is all about discipline and truth, accurate probabilities.

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For giggles, search Youtube for Dumb and Dumber 'There's a Chance'

It's the widespread misinterpretation of probability. Smart people start doing this (see video). If someone starts seeing the world around them in terms of probability they have mathematically jumped the shark. For one, they don't have enough facts to estimate the probability. Example. Guys says, 'Odds go up to 70% if I wear a nice shirt'. Hey guy shuddup and wear a nice shirt and forget the math. His math stinks.

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