Men's RightsFemale chief of asylum housing in Sweden rapes 2 refugee boys and the word "rape" is not used once in the article (self.TheRedPill)

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Translated version of article (try searching for the word rape or våldtäckt for the Swedish version): https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fekuriren.se%2Fnyheter%2Fsormland%2F1.4141846-har-har-chefen-for-boendet-sex-med-flyktingpojkar-hotade-att-fa-oss-utvisade-

Summary: Woman running an asylum center for refugees (which has been closed down since because of missing licenses) forces sex from 2 boys under the threats to deport them (which she obviously have no control over). The article doesnt use the word "rape" once.


The boys say they felt compelled to film the sex act. They did not dare do anything but obey because there was no one to help them.

I wonder if it would have been called "sex act" if the genders were reversed?

They are extremely embarrassed to tell you about the events. To have sexual intercourse outside of marriage in their home country Afghanistan is a sin and danger of death, they say.

Because if this was 2 girls who was raped we would discuss the shame of having sex outside of marriage in their home-country and not the fact that they got raped.

Omid and Tariq says that no one has listened to them, even though they have tried to tell both social services and the police. There was never anyone who had time to listen to what they wanted to tell. They can almost none Swedish and need an interpreter to make himself understood. In the end, they chose instead to go to the newspaper.

Again, I would like to see how newspapers would have treated the police/social service that didnt care that they were raped had they been girls...

At last on a funnier note the rapists hamster starts spinning when presented with the evidence:

If I would have had it with someone so well it is forbidden to film someone who has it in such cases? In order to blackmail this person? she says.

"Well if I am a rapist, it really not that bad because another minor filmed the act and he cant use that to blackmail me. I am the victim here for forcing a minor to film the rape of his friend."

Lessons learnt:

  • When the genders are reversed its called "sex-act culture" and not rape-culture
  • Women can rape
  • Read everything with a critical eye (including this subreddit)

Edit: The paper is a small local paper and I honestly dont know what political direction or opinions it usually have (to outsiders they might all look liberal left wing but we Swedes at least differentiate between our degrees of "left wing")

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Fun fact: In Switzerland, the legal definition of rape is a penis entering a vagina without permission. So if a woman is forced to oral or anal sex, or a man for that matter, it's considered a severe case of sexual assault. Meaning a man cannot be raped in the legal sense, he can only be sexually assaulted.

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California defines "rape" in the same manner. In fact, the so-called "Stanford rapist" was not convicted of rape at all; all four counts on which he was convicted were for sexual assault. The prosecution originally charged him with two counts of rape, but they voluntarily dismissed those charges once the evidence showed there was no genital-to-genital contact.

While some people will claim this whole thing is just semantics, it's not. People loosely throw around the word "rape" in situations like this, and then they get mad that a "rapist" only gets 6 months of jail time and want the judge removed from office. Never mind the fact that, for legal purposes (which are the only purposes that matter for criminal jail sentencing), he never "raped" anyone and was not convicted of doing so.

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Rape itself is a legal construction. We're getting into a world where people intuitively know what rape is and boy is it weird.

I actually think for a woman that rape for her is whenever she feels she's not fairly compensated for sexual contact. That compensation could merely be friendship and it'll be different for every woman and act. This is why a woman can literally consent to a sex act but feel cheated and raped afterward. She doesn't feel adequately compensated.

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Compensation for sex... Yeah it's what they want. Hhmmm, I wonder what is called when the price is agreed upon up front.

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This is so true, and is the cause of "regret" after sex

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Retroactive Consent Withdrawal.

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I've been saying this shit the whole time. According to the law he isn't even a rapist. The semantics are necessary.

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I think I'm with you. Hit me with why the semantics are necessary.

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I think it's just necessary to draw the line at some point. We might all agree that fingering against a person's will should qualify as rape, and if we all do we change the law. The important thing is we maintain legal definitions of things, otherwise you'll start seeing women claiming an unwanted butt smack was rape.

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Three days ago a couple of lesbo lawmakers just introduced a bill in California to redefine rape:

Garcia and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) introduced Monday a last-minute bill to broaden the state's definition of rape as beyond "an act of sexual intercourse." That would include "penetration" of any kind without consent.

The lawmakers said that the six-month jail sentence for Brock Turner, the former Stanford student found guilty in the attack , was limited because the assault did not fit the existing definition of rape.

In a statement, Eggman called it an "archaic definition" that "finds any excuse to be lenient with rapists."

Both women have been outspoken in recent days about the Stanford case, with Garcia signing on to political efforts to remove the Santa Clara County judge who handed down the sentence .

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Wouldn't redefining rape be a good thing? Not necessarily how they want to define it but I seem to recall that one of the reasons male rapes are so under reported is because the definition of rape is defined as penile entry.

[–]redzorp 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It could be, especially for prison rape cases. But we all know the lesbo-feminists in charge will word it in such a way to mainly protect women, as the expense of male sexuality. And no matter how gender-neutral new laws are written, their application will be anything but.

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I figured Eggman would be a member of The Tribe, but she's actually a "practicing Catholic."

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Bingo! However unpleasant you may find that distinction, it is there.

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So... youre telling me he got months of jail for a finger?

[–]redzorp 12 points13 points  (12 children)

Yes and that fingering was after the girl consented to make out with him and follow him outside to do the Shasty McNasty behind a dumpster. She apparently passed out during the fingering so now he is a sex offender for life!

If I was still in college, I would stay the hell away from ALL college girls and would just bang pros on the side and also spend my spring breaks in Thailand or Amsterdam.

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If I was still in college, I would stay the hell away from ALL college girls and would just bang pros on the side and also spend my spring breaks in Thailand or Amsterdam.

If you were in college, you wouldn't be able to afford any of that, unless you're a trust fund kid.

[–]redzorp 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Each summer in college (way back when) I had engineering intern jobs. Paid just over minimum wage but gave me enough money during school to pay for this or that. Plus these days a smart kid could make some money online both during school and during breaks.

But yeah, generally speaking might be tough to scrape up the $ for most kids.

Fleshlights are still cheap.

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I worked 20+ hours a week in college, definitely didn't make enough for escorts and tropical vacations. Spring break for me just meant I could work more hours. Worth it in the end, graduated with no debt and a car.

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Paid just over minimum wage but gave me enough money during school to pay for this or that.

You are seriously underestimating how much college cost these days if you think a min wage summer job can do all that for you.