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A while back, I read a post on here that mentioned briefly that you should adopt the aforementioned mindset.

I think it was Vonnegut who wrote a story about a society of people who practice a religion that they know to be false. They continue to practice it, not because it espouses objective truth, but because the act of believing in and practicing the religion produces tangible benefits in their lives.

You can take that utilitarian approach to thought and belief in any area of your life. Totalitarian regimes have demonstrated that if you subject people to a message over and over again, they tend to eventually buy into it, even if they are initially skeptical.

So brainwash yourself into believing that you are a badass and everyone wants to taste your penis. Because this kind of belief has a subconscious effect on the way you hold yourself, it can actually become a self-fulfilling prophecy, increasing attraction where there may otherwise not be much.

I told this to a friend of mine and he was apprehensive, as he was worried about becoming "full of himself". Relatively few of us are actually at risk of becoming narcissists if you aren't already. On the other hand, the world already has plenty of miserable underachievers with low self-esteem. Those people tend to be much more detrimental to everyone's lives, including their own, than folks with a healthy self-image.

So next time you get done working out, go ahead and pose in the mirror. You fucking sexy beast.

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It's true. Napoleon Hill wrote the world's best selling self-help book of all time, Think and Grow Rich, where his theory is that you become your thoughts

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    I try to rationalize it as emulate until it becomes second nature. See, do, repeat, become.

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    Both Arnie and Sly Stallone has expressed similar sentiments. Both extremely successful men. Sly said something like: "If you will it it will happen". Not without working hard of course but have a vision, goals and never deviate from it until you get there.

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    I get so tired of celebrities saying just follow your dreams and visualize your success. Ever star or billionaire has a success story. If you 'will it', you will not become Sly Stallone or Steve Jobs. Most fantastically successful people achieved success through a dedicated mindset/hard work and LOTS OF LUCK. But successful people rarely admit to that. See halo affect, hindsight and attribution biases.

    However, having achievable goals, like increased SMV, can be achieved through increased confidence and a proper mindset.

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    Whenever I think of this topic I think that survivor bias is a big factor here. Success is greatly celebrated and illuminated in our society. Failure of regular joes is not. For every Steve Jobs out there there has been thousands of those who followed their dreams, studied and worked like crazy and had all the qualifications to be the biggest success. But they all failed. I definitely believe luck has a big say in a huge level of success. That is not to say that you shouldn't give it your best to try and make it big in the world. What other alternative is there?

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    So sounds the chorus of losers who never got anywhere. Luck is merely the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

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    Sure you can use it as an excuse to quit or not try hard, but luck is way more than preparation meeting opportunity. I agree that success rarely, if ever, occurs without hardwork, but there are scores of instances where hardwork and perseverance never meet opportunity/luck. Banal celebrities preaching for us to follow our dreams is asinighing at best

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    You won't be Mr.Stallone, but you will be pretty well off.

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    Everything was first a thought.

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    If you want to know your past, look at you present situation. If you want to know your future, look at your present actions.

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    Yes I agree. Most people don't realize how the mind can easily be tricked to believe anything really; hence the red pill lol. It's crazy how we have the power to choose how we feel about ourselves. It does take a while, however, to truly believe and "assume woman want to fuck you," but positive affirmations and reminding yourself that you're sex-worthy is absolutely powerful.

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    During my transition out of BP hell I was taken by an intense bout of unrequited one-itis. Never made a play, it was not an option. One day while brooding over not having the toys I wanted I said to myself "You're not good enough for a girl like her." For some reason I immediately realized that while I wouldn't ever get close to this "one", I was most definitely good enough for her. I'm good enough for anyone. It was a big moment in my personal growth past oneitis and beta weaknesses.

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    When I was 7 I made my self like pees by saying in my head "mmm these pees taste great!" every time I ate pees, now I love pees

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    Peas bro, peas. Unless you really like the taste of piss too.

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    All we are asking, is give peas a chance

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    The most powerful tool we have in our arsenal, is our mind. FUCKING PERIOD. you believe you're shit? you probably are. You believe you're THE shit? After awhile people will too. You guys need to read "Outwitting The Devil" by Napoleon Hill. Fuck fear,its a tool of the enemy.

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    Bravo! Comments like this make me wish every man would subscribe to RedPill.