Rant/VentingI'm pregnant and you are the father. (self.TheRedPill)

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Age: 36.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 225lbs (single digit BF 200/365 days a year)

Property: 4 bedroom house, mortgaged.

Car: £22,000 - 1 year old (Credit)

Salary: £63,000 (2014-15)

I predominantly date women between the ages of 28-32 at this time in my life.

In the last 2 years I've had 3 different women claim I've impregnated them.

Oh and the twist. I got the sip at 28, 8 years ago and I've had 4 sterile checks since.

If you are at the top, they want you tied down.

1 admitted lying about being pregnant to see my reaction.

1 recieved my text explaining I was sterile and i've never been contacted again.

1 remained adamant I was the father, and 2 days ago I was cleared of parental responsibility through DNA test. (The child was not mine.)

Welcome to the real world gents.

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A girl I very briefly dated and slept with only ONCE tried to pull the "surprise you're the father" bit on me. She showed me a positive pregnancy test and pushed really really hard to move in with me.

A week or two went by and I started to become suspicious about some, lets just say, inconsistencies in her story. After snooping around I got to the real truth.

She had heard that I was making a pretty good living and lived in a nice area of the city. So she got a positive pregnancy test from a friend who was really pregnant and then put on her whole deception show.

What her ultimate plan was, or how she thought I wouldn't figure it out, I have no idea.

Should be a crime.

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Fraud. Plain and simple, which means it's completely fucked.

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No, you misunderstand. Female crimes are not fraud. Women can lie, cheat, steal, misrepresent. All for financial gain, and society will deem it "not a crime".

This is why there are so few women in jail - everyone accepts female crimes as "that's just fine" but male crimes as "life sentence for you".

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Women need "help and treatment", men need punishment. -western society

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I read this a while ago and it fucking infuriated me.

"Women almost never scare us; commit random acts of serious violence; violate our sexual integrity; or form organised crime networks and yet their prisons numbers are now the highest in recorded history."

thats the first fucking line, "women never commit violent crime or rape or participate in organized crime, ALMOST NEVER. what a goddam fucking joke. The fantasy world feminists live in continues to astound me, yet it shouldn't...

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Women are guilty of constant proxy violence, more than half of domestic violence, and when they go mental are both fucking terrifying and have the full force of the law behind them.

In terms of not violating our sexual integrity - male sexual interests are expected to be ignored, sacrificed, used, abused and violated by society from the second we are born. Our sexual interests are deemed to be simply not valid, instead we are expected to sacrifice everything (including our lives) for the female imperative.

In terms of forming organised crime networks: feminism is an organisation designed to exploit men using threats of violence, emotional and economic abuse.

In other words: everything feminists say is completely true (including this particular white knight mangina) so long as you take the words and infer the exact opposite.

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You explained everything perfectly here, well done. Proxy violence and domestic violence by women are ignored by feminists and the majority alike, its kind of astounding. The reality of how violent lesbian relationships are should be a huge galvanizing reality.....but it isnt.

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And women are never serial killers, and yet there is La Dama del Silencio in prison for killing 10 people.

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rpussypass is becoming less of a joke and more of a documentary.

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Actually, it's that case for quite some time and longer than many of us have lived. Things started going astray somewhere in the 60s. Most of the feminist goals i.e equality before the law had been achieved way before it. Which means that breaking up fundamental necessities of a working society such as the nuclear family, second and third wave feminism and movements such as the Hippy/68th one pushed things way into absurdity.

We're being told that society is still as it was before the 60s but made to view that situation through the lense of the "education" we get to enjoy nowadays from kindergarden all the way through college.

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Wait.. you mean to tell me that women are capable of having bad intentions?

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Wait.. you mean to tell me that women are capable of having bad intentions?

Of course not, everyone knows that Women Are Wonderful, so anything bad they do must be your fault for being judgmental.

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I've seen this before, the old double down trick. If they can convince you they're already pregnant then you've got less reason to use protection as the damage is already done (apparently). Then she ACTUALLY gets pregnant and locks down resources, leaving the beta schlub none the wiser about her ruse.

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It's quite brilliant when you think about it. I'm convinced women actually sit down with each other and think these strategies up together, a single person wouldn't be able to be this deceptive.

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It would certainly explain why they can genuinely think (maybe) that men sit down and plot schemes to maintain their privilege and power...

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This is why (or part of why) feminists were so determined to break in to gentlemen's clubs. They were convinced that the men in there were plotting with each other to keep the opposite sex down. They thought that because that is what women would do - and in fact were doing. The other part of it is because rather than build up their own companies and social structures, it was much easier and more fruitful to parasitize the companies, organizations and social structures built by men. Which actually I would not object to if they didn't trash them in the process.

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you are spot on Sawagurumi.

it's important we impart this knowledge to the young ones as slyly as possible too.

for instance....I was playing video games with my 5 year old nephew....boys that age, even if already partly brainwashed can be great fun. the boy wanted to show his grandma something, grandma was being slow, so I told him go down and get her because you know women like to talk a lot. its a small point or another time his mother was saying how its so hard to make sure you raise them right...subtle influences and all....the boy was there and i mentioned one subtle influence was the boy had learned from TV girls hit as hard as boys....i corrected that then and there and used it to answer the mothers question about subtle brainwashing.

throw it in there slyly gentlemen. it might be the only way.

boys even if they are young and already partly gotten too....they still havent at a young age had their natural "I want a boys only club" beaten out of them just yet....they will look up too and respect you.