Red Pill Example"You know, maybe we should stop seeing each other. I have another guy that has been asking me out, maybe I should let him." I agree. The tears fall and I get a clean house and home cooked meal in the interim. (self.TheRedPill)

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Summary: Plate tries to call my bluff when bringing up the talk of an LTR with a statement to the effect of: "Maybe we should stop seeing each other, another guy has been asking me out maybe I should let him." I instantly agree, waterfalls come from her eyes, the next day she cleans my apartment and cooks a meal. Also, banged 3 times in the interim.

Body: Had a pretty regular plate come over couple weeks ago with an attitude. I could tell something was up from the beginning. We've been banging for about 2 months and I can read her like a book. She's even said it's scary how well I know exactly what she's thinking at all times (read: normal hamster tendencies). She feels vulnerable around me and even told me "I think you're perfect" on more than one occassion. She's hooked pretty bad, and seriously cannot get enough sex when she comes over. She always brings me food, so my stomach is full and balls are empty every single time she comes to my apartment.

Anyway, the other day she comes over and has an attitude. I am in the middle of doing some work on my side business on my computer and I can tell she's got a bug up her ass for some reason. I ignore.

Her: Annoyed sigh.

Me: No response.

Her: Pay attention to me!

Me: Are you going to do a magic trick? (smirk)

Her: You're a real asshole sometimes you know that?

Me: Yes.

She just blurts it out.

Her: What are we?

Me: (I do not flinch, still staring at my computer) I'm hungry, not sure about you?

Her: Seriously, what are we?

Me: I'm serious, I'm about to go make a sandwich.

Her: I hate you! You're so mean to me! You know, maybe we should stop seeing each other. Another guy has been asking me out, maybe I should let him!

At this point i'm starting to get pissed as I have work to finish up, she's killing my good mood, and I hate these talks which seem to happen more and more lately. They're just fucking exhausting.

I instantly fire back without hesitation.

Me: I agree. Lock the door on your way out.

The tears come rushing down at this point. I get the whole "you don't even care about me" speech. She tells me how unappreciative I am, how she cares so much about me, blah, blah. I do not respond. When she is done I just tell her that she knew I didn't want a girlfriend and have been honest with her from the start, I did not promise anything, and that if she thinks it's in her best interests to not see me any longer, I understand. I show no emotion (I'm not mean mind you, I stopped on the computer and I'm looking at her at this point). She is sitting on the floor crying while I'm at the computer desk and then gets up and leaves.

For the next 2 hours I get floods of long texts. From anger, to sadness, to being called a "worthless" POS. I lol'd at that one. I'm a pretty productive SOB, so she is really grasping at straws now. I do not respond to any of them.

She then begs to come back over and starts the apologies. She says she is on her way over. My only response was: heading to bed. 20 minutes later she comes to the front door, we bang 3 times and I go to sleep. I wake up to a clean house and a sweet breakfast made when I wake up.

Not a single word since then about being exclusive, and she's been much, much happier lately. I don't get it really, other than the fact that she must now realize I have a spine and her emotions do not affect me. She is taking comfort in that and is really trying to prove her worth to me. As many of you know, I do enjoy LTR's with good girls, so maybe she will prove to be worth one, but I learned a long time ago you need time with a woman to decide if she's worth it, and no way I'm doing that after barely 8 weeks of sporadic sex.

Lesson Learnt: Keep frame 100% of the time. It only makes their attraction to you increase, and it shows that she can trust your masculinity. The bonus is that they know you won't be manipulated by emotion, so they have to truly prove their worth.

Edit: grammar and added context.

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The tears come rushing down at this point. I get the whole "you don't even care about me" speech. She tells me how unappreciative I am, how she cares so much about me, blah, blah.

I know AWALT and everything, but aren't you guys just a little fascinated that this exact script, word for word seems to be in every girls arsenal, and that every one of us have heard that verbatim as OP describes? AND from multiple girls?

Think about that fact for a moment. I'm so fascinated by the fact that we all have, not even statistically, but realistically, had the exact same fight as each other.

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I've had it happen with every girl I've ever slept with (because even when I was blue pill, I didn't like relationships, and never had one).

EVERY SINGLE ONE has at one point used that shit test. AND, I used to royally fuck them all up. I'd use logic to explain to them why they're wrong, I'd get investment in the argument, they'd lose attraction, no more sex.

Ever since I started reading TRP, I have one go to line. "Go argue with someone else if you're in a bad mood". Then I leave. And I wait.

NOT ONCE have they not come back to apologize within a day or two at max.

[–]ChoMinga 17 points17 points [recovered]

Can you go into detail on any of those times?

As someone who hasn't started anything yet (monk mode), I'd like to have insight into these types of shit-tests before I inevidently encounter one.

[–]1naMlliPdeR 125 points126 points  (21 children)


Usually from the first date, I'll use very aggresive and masculine body language to try and get them as eager for sex as possible. Manly kissing (pull a bit of hair, kiss hard, pull back and tease her, etc.), lots of touching. Basically get her to associate you with sex.

Once we'd had sex, I talk to her about how I like her, but I don't do relationships, and that she shouldn't expect much from us but having fun. But I do it with a smile, like it's no big deal, keep her in my frame (which is a happy frame).

Anyway, usually around 1 month or so, the inevitable comes. She'll say that she's wasting her time with me, I don't do stuff for her, etc. etc. I think this comes either from her seeing what her friends get out of their BBs or from TV, but regardless, they get it in their heads that "I should be giviing her more".

Universally, the reason they are doing this is because they have temporarily forgotten how wet they get for you, and how much they crave you. They never do this during sex, or during times of passion. Only once they've sat home alone, thought about it, and hamstered "he's not all that".

So when she does it, if you cave in and try to argue it, she'll stick to her emotional guns. There is only one perfect answer. Tell her to fuck off (in a nice way). Mine is "Go argue with someone else".

What this achieves is getting her out of your face, while mantaining dignity. She hates it that she couldn't bring you down to her level. But a day or two go by, she remembers how much of a stud you are, how great the sex is, and you being that upfront about "Go argue with someone else" shows you're not needy. She starts getting aches in her pussy for another pounding, and the only way to get it is by typing something stupid like "hey... I might have over reacted".

To that, I just reply "sure". It's amused mastery. You know that's how girls are. She appreciates that you don't punish her for it. Then, just set a date for when it pleases you, fuck her hard. This shit test might show up again, she might one day eventually decide to end it (remember, pussy is not yours, it's just your turn), but doesn't matter. It usually has them coming back begging for more dick.

Was this what you were looking for?

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She'll say that she's wasting her time with me,

Think about the rationale behind that statement - she is "wasting" time with you, because you haven't committed to her support. You haven't assured her that you will support her in the future, so her being with you to that point has been useless.

Her motive is not to enjoy the time she spends with you; she is only investing her time into you in order to obtain something (that you're not yet giving her, hence the "waste").

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Wow, great perspective on this. I didn't consider what the undertone of that line meant, just accepted it.

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/u/redpillschool how do we award points to people? This comment deserves it.

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It's a feature reserved for endorsed contributors, but I'll read it over and evaluate for points.

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oh look, it's a wild EC

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I used to have a point but now it's gone. What gives? They expire or something?

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Seconded, this is a great basic script to a LOT of my previous sexual encounters.

[–]Endorsed Contributorseattleron[S] 3 points4 points  (0 children)

/u/ChoMinga this is spot fucking on. Digest what /u/naMLliPdeR said here, because it's just how it works. Amused mastery. Good, hard sex. She will leave you to fuck someone else some day. Dont get attached. All that shit.

[–]ChoMinga 3 points3 points [recovered]

Very much so. This was exactly the kind of explanation I was looking for.

After reading the rest of the thread and your reply, I do feel I gained a lot of insight into the "I deserve more/better" situation.

[–]1naMlliPdeR 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Keep in mind though that the cold "Go argue with someone else" is for when she's disrespectful, and arguing, or when she's naggy and pushes the topic.

It's not for when she feels insecure. As a man, she subconsciously looks to you for stability. So when she comes to you saying (like the OP mentioned) "What are we", "do we have a future", etc. these are all valid questions in her mind, and you have to pull her away from her insecure frame into your secure one, but all without giving up any ground. If you're rude while she's feeling insecure, it just makes her feel worse, and while she might still get wet for you, at least from my experience, it can end to ruining relationships (by relationship, I include FWB, plates, etc.).

[–]watcher45 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Its a good line. Ive used something similar but more like "if you want to argue then go tell the wall, it cares more than i do."

[–]Benny757 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Great comment. Agreed. Doesn't it just show the futility of an LTR in our society today? Makes me wanna steer right to MGTOW. LTR's are just not worth it.

[–]angry-neckbeard 0 points1 point  (4 children)

What's the difference between this and a comfort test? They seem very similar.

[–]1naMlliPdeR 5 points6 points  (3 children)

A shit test is when she is testing your alphaness, testing your frame, testing your resolve, etc. It's basically a sexual fitness test. Tells her and assures her of your SMV. Basically, it's what a girl does to be sure that your SMV is as high as she thinks it is.

A comfort test happens when she feels that your SMV is too high, and she wants you to comfort her in the sense of telling her "you're good enough for me". She wants to feel like she belongs with someone as awesome as you. It's basically a girl getting paranoid in thoughts and wanting you to tell her everything will be alright, hence the name, comfort test, she seeks comfort.

The two can appear incredibly similar in execution. But they are done for different reasons.