Men's RightsRape accusers sue University of Tennessee for giving the accused student due process (self.TheRedPill)

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You read that right. A group of students, accusing others of rape, are suing the school for using due process.

Be smart, just because you can have sex with someone doesn't mean you should. Society is headed down a path that is very dangerous for men. There are women out there who will not hesitate to ruin your life. Plenty of women have zero guilt in false accusations, sending guys after you, etc. Sexual gratification is not worth that, especially given that you can find plenty of other women who aren't crazy. Your red pill knowledge should allow you to get with many women who won't do this. Use your knowledge for a better life, not random sex with anyone.

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From the article: The plaintiffs are seeking damages including reimbursement and pre-payment for all of their tuition and related expenses incurred as a consequence of the sexual assaults

That's their ultimate goal, free education at the expense of (usually) gifted athletes.

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    Feminists and white knights like to play a game that feeds from the from the instinct of "altruistic cruelty" in humans, which involves fantasizing about what vengance they'd like to bring on the other/rapist/evilone. I've heard the most supposedly liberal ladies in the world talk about how they'd like to build a rape machine to rape the rapists,rip their skin off, heal and repeat, or have government do tortures that would make the aztecs blush on "the rapist" when he is found.

    When there just aren't that many rapes around, it becomes very frustrating for them because they can never see the fantasy fufilled, even vicariously. After time, fufilling the rapist vengence fantasy becomes an obssession in the feminist mind. Fufilling it with some man/patsy becomes more important than finding a real rapist, truth, etc.

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    Upvote for "altruistic cruelty". That's a fucking amazing (terrifying) concept.

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    altruistic cruelty

    When The Devil whispers into your ear, "See what that fucker did to you! Are you going to let that shit stand?"

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    The war on terrorism is another great example, or the war on drugs.

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    The hormone oxytocin has been implicated in relationship and trust bonding, and also in violence. Perhaps, as it should be?

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    What she really means is have men do those things to the rapists

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    Aesop had a fable about this; "The boy who cried wolf".

    Old stories proving their worth over and over.

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    Pshh if only all that it took was 2 false accusations. It seems to me like even though most people are becoming suspicous of rape claims. No one would dare question it in public or on air aka anywhere it matters. The media still treats a rape accusation as being found guilty by a jury of your peers.

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    The media still treats a rape accusation as being found guilty by a jury of your peers.

    Look at what reprehensible creatures populate the media. Nancy Grace comes to mind. Read a few bits about her here: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-632636

    Notice that as a lawyer she was tagged by other lawyers as 'fast and loose' with ethics. She was also an ardent supporter of the Duke Lacrosse prosecution, and wouldn't even appear on her own show to announce that they had disbarred the prosecutor and announced the verdict. In short, she's not ethical at all, and in all probability has caused two deaths. The reason she's on TV is because her screechy personality, arrogance, and total disregard for due process makes for entertainment for some. Some people watch because they agree with her, some watch because they want to see what outrageous shit she will do next. The point is, though, that people watch her show.

    Just remember, the media wants ratings so they can sell advertising. Journalistic integrity died a long time ago.

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    If a real rape was happening, a sane person only objective would be is to make sure that the perpetrator rots in jail for as long as possible (and I support that 100%)

    That's something I was wondering about, why don't the "rape-victims" go straight to the police? Does the university hold any legal power?

    If someone stole my car on campus and even if I was absolutely sure it was done by another student, I wouldn't go to the dean - I'd call the police.

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    Because the police aren't under Title IX and thus will actually investigate the claim. While if you go to the university they will just expel the accused and you will achieve star status on campus. Notice how it is never the 10/10 fox who got raped but the purple haired slightly overweight chick. Who has never recieved this much attention in her life.

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    I know someone who left to work at the University of Chicago. He was told, if you have any problems, call the UC police; they'll fix it. So, yay for private police forces...?

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    It's sad. I don't have any kind of emotional reaction whatsoever any more when a woman says she was raped or that her ex was abusive. Yeah, yeah... He raped you by jerking off to porn once and abused you by not paying all your bills even though you pouted and stomped your widdle footsie. I get it. Go away.

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    Imagine if it gets to the point where a guy with low SMV simply looks the wrong way at a girl and then she demands her tuition back...fuck man...hopefully not