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50 minute video from a lawyer and police officer of how you conduct yourself with the police


We often talk about different scenarios in regards to the law, but after a quick search on the sidebar, i found this video hasn't been linked here.

I watched this video over 5 years ago and it rings in my head every single time i see a police officer.

Don't Talk to Police

This is a mandatory watch for any RP guy. Whether you have you're crazy wife claiming you beat her to the tinder slut you invited over for Netflix and chill and she magically wound up with your knuckle children on her face. Never mind the fact that she text you 20 minutes later saying, "Had fun, we should do it again. ;)"

The polices job is only to gather evidence to convict. They don't give a shit about your problems, how fucking crazy your wife is, how much of an ass that guy was that you ended up knocking out or the fact that it was actually an orgy and you can call 4 of the guy and 2 other girls to confirm your story.

They don't give a fuck, don't talk to them. Their job is to gather evidence, not protect you. Be polite, be respectful, but don't make their job easier.

As a man all the odds are stack against you in this day an age. You are guilt until proven innocent. Don't make it easier on them.

Lessons Learned

Never speak to the police

Edit: I would actually recommend you listen to it multiple times to ensure it is ingrained into your head. It can be very easy to get caught up in the moment and let emotions drive your actions when situations get out of hand. Especially if alcohol is involved. Watching it multiple times ensures you won't forget the information when you need it most.

Edit: Unless i missed it, I also think this should be sidebar material.

Edit: Also, use common sense with these things. If you are smart enough to record conversations and interactions and have clear evidence for your defense, don't be an idiot and sit there silently. If they have no other evidence other than bruises on a girls wrists, guess who's going to jail. Never mind you that she came at you with a knife and you held her down to not get stabbed. (My mother did that to me once actually)

It's should be pointed out though that if you are doing your TPR homework, you should know how to identify crazies and get them out of your life before a situation like this ever even occurs. If cops are at your door because you are dating a crazy bitch, you fucked up long before that day ever happened. Again, AWALT applies, never handle the gun likes it's unloaded, but some girls are higher up on the crazy spectrum than others. Always record any and all information that could protect you in the event that a girl throws you to the wolves.

With that sad, you can still provide evidence in your defense and still choose to use your right to remain silent.

"Officer, I have direct evidence on my phone that proves she's lying."

"That's great, now what exactly happened here?"

"I'll show you the recording"

"We need you get your statements."

"I don't feel comfortable talking to the police without a lawyer, sorry it was drilled into my head since I was a kid. My video/audio will show you exactly what happened."

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Criminal Defense attorney here: can confirm.

Unless the cops catch you directly in the act of doing something and have it on camera (and even then) the single best thing you can do to protect yourself down the line is to shut the fuck up.

Don't admit to it and try and reason/weasel your way out, don't pretend to be confused as to what you did or didn't do, and DO NOT try and ingratiate yourself to the cop and appeal to his better nature.

There's a 10% chance that the above methods will work, but a 90% chance that it WILL be used against you down the line.

When a new case hits my desk, the first thing I do is check the police report to figure out if my client said anything stupid to the cops while they were taking him in. If they were smart enough to remain silent, and there is not much other evidence on hand (circumstantial at best) then I know there's a great chance of the case being dismissed altogether.

The police aren't even the core problem, they're just there to figure out if anybody needs to be arrested. They get to make that choice, but once you've been arrested you are IN the system, and the system does not love you, nor does it hate you, but it does view you as fodder for the grinder and it WILL pull you on inexorably to an eventual conviction.

Nobody at any stage of this process cares what happens to you. Not the judge, not the prosecutor, not the police officers, and maybe not even your defense attorney unless you're paying them a LOT. But the advantage you have is that unless you do something to make them care, they are also going to do whatever it takes to not have to deal with you. If you make it hard enough for them to convict you and you don't have any other flags on your case, you CAN get them to ultimately drop the charges. You just have to be disciplined enough to resist all their little incentives designed to get you to plea and demand ALL your rights (speedy trial is a big one, but right to silence and right to an attorney are crucial too) so that they have to work to get you.

And lets say you DO get caught and plea guilty to the charge to avoid the hassle of fighting. You are now even MORE fucked because the next time you get brought in for something, whether you did it or not, you've lost any 'benefit of the doubt' that may have existed in your favor.

See what I'm saying?

When interacting with a cop staying silent means:

  • Not giving up any information that might convict you

  • Not pissing them off intentionally or accidentally (as long as you comply with their other legal requests).

  • Not waiving any of your rights

  • Making it clear that you won't be bullied or cajoled into a plea

As soon as you open your yap and say something you run the risk of making a statement that you CANNOT take back that will destroy any chance of a victory at the outset. That risk is NOT worth taking, and my job as a defense attorney is much easier when they can't bring up a recorded confession.

All of this will not even guarantee that the system won't fuck you (especially if you're black, sad to say), but at least you will no longer be complicit in your own fucking.

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I think a good thing to also do is leaving your GPS tracker enabled on your mobile throughout the day/activity if you can just in case you need to prove location at a certain time.

P.S. it's only a matter of time for this page to be attacked and x-posted entirely based off the title.

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P.S. it's only a matter of time for this page to be attacked and x-posted entirely based off the title.

I can see the post on bluepill now, "Rapists taking about how to get away with rape"

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They'd benefit from this advice.

I imagine a lot of BPers might talk to the cops because they want to show how genuine/nice/innocent they are.

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They do and they will.

And they'll give anybody up while they're at it.

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Oh, how easy it would be for a cop to turn a "nice guy's" tales of chivalry into a stalking manifesto for the DA.

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This is absolutely the case. Trying to be helpful by explaining "exactly what was happening" is the WORST thing you can do. I've done it before and, guess what, you don't exactly score points with cops.

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The advantages of leaving GPS turned on far outweighs the paranoid disadvantages. The truth is that you can be tracked from the towers anyways. So just leave it on. Good advice.

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How do you get the gps data though? Is it saved somewhere?

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Yeah, google it. It's on your phone.

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Many people say, "I want to speak with my lawyer". I dont have a lawyer, how would I get one If i dont have one?? Is a public defender considered representation until I can find private representation? Since police are allowed to lie to you how am i suppose to know the person walking into the room is a lawyer and not some sleaky police officer trying to get me to talk?

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The judge would have a field day with this. I've never seen it done though.

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Because it doesn't work like you see on tv. Your public defender won't walk into a dimly lit "interrogation" room and order the police to leave with some witty remark. You'll see your lawyer a few days later. If you can't post bail, you'll probably sit in jail while you wait to see your lawyer. He won't get you out of jail either. If you aren't posting bail, only the judge can let you go unless the jail is too full or something.

Police will not continue to question you after you invoke your Miranda rights. They stop immediately. If they don't stop, they're burning their case against you.

Absolutely nothing you see on tv about being questioned by police or detectives is even remotely accurate.

Source: I have been arrested dozens of times and questioned. Looooong time ago in my past.

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That's why you shut the fuck up. Name/identity and initial cooperation. When you go before the judge, confirm you identity politely, and ask for an attorney. "I want legal counsel, your honor." But always polite and humble. Judges will punish you for being an ass. Again, judges will punish you for being an ass.

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how am i suppose to know the person walking into the room is a lawyer and not some sleaky police officer trying to get me to talk?

He'd be in the cell next to you, until you walk out the door after the judge dismisses your case with prejudice, and then you file your civil suit. Considering it's a 5th Amendment violation, his offense would be a federal one... no cop buddies could protect him once the US Attorney gets word of it.



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The most important thing to take from the miranda rights is that "anything you say or do can and will used against you in a court of law" but not in support of you. Talking your way out isn't going to happen.

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Bumper sticker:

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you by the woman you love.

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The goal of every traffic stop is to escalate to an arrest. They want a reason to arrest you, because it is the cops who make the most arrests that get promoted. So long as they think they will get away without some kind of negative consequences for theirself.

Obvious conflict of interest. They are criminals, representing a criminal corporation.

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