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Hey folks, thought you'd be interested in something that came across the front page of reddit:


TLDR: Yahoo's been laying off males as fast as they can kick them out. In three years alone management has gone from less than 20% female to over 80% female.

Body: As the title states, yahoo's being sued over male discrimination. They've been systematically laying off men (the CEO decided to ban the word "layoff", choosing "remixing" instead), for a few years now. As it stands, three years earlier, the manager tier consisted of less than 20% female, and in three years alone that's shifted to over 80%. Plenty of solid comments from the blue pill folks in the subreddits.

Here's one that I pulled out for you guys from news:

"Because they are told it's true in college and anyone that questions it is a sexist who hates women. Also most people don't question statistics (especially ones that challenge the Feminist narrative) in general. It's like the "1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted in college" statistic. That comes from a non-scientific poll conducted at Women's centers from colleges that voluntarily responded in the mid-90s (1994-1995 school year I think). So among women who happened to visit Women's Centers at certain colleges who happened to respond to a voluntarily poll reported that 1 in 4 of them experienced sexual assault. More than 20 years ago. Add on to it that one of the the questions that triggered the "was sexually assaulted" lever was asking whether or not a boyfriend ever did anything in the bedroom that you didn't want to happen and made you feel uncomfortable... so if your boyfriend ever slaps your ass while in bed or something of the like and you didn't enjoy it, you were "sexually assaulted". My statistics class in college did a whole thing on it (this was a decade ago) and the professor had to publicly apologize for it. All he did was show how unscientific and unrealistic the statistic was, and used it to show the class how easily oft-repeated statistics can be incredibly misleading. Consider that women who are in the Women's centers are probably more likely to have experienced trauma. Consider the misleading, vague questioning. The voluntary sample (as opposed to random). And the fact that the women who participated in the polling are now in their 40s. Why is it still repeated as unquestioned fact that 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted in college? If it's a Feminist statistic you don't question it. And if you do, you're a sexist. They'd rather fear-monger than tell the facts as they are because the fear-mongering helps get their message out and perpetuate support for their groups."

Obviously, that's not a representative sample, but I like seeing the pushback against the feminist bullshit outside of TRP.

Conclusion: feminism is about shifting power, not equality.

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Upper management love female middle managers. Why?

Because they do as they're told, are terrible at negotiating wages, treat anyone under them brutally and make the company look "diverse" even though they are in a worthless position.

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and /u/Harry_Teak

Patrice goes into detail why they put women and betas in middle management. He also explains why he intentionally never went big.


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I only discovered Patrice about two years ago. God what a great influence for men.

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The black Phillip show is Gospel.

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do you know about where in that hour long clip he says that? because i'm not going to listen to it for an entire hour

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i listened in and out but it starts around 44 or so. Doesn't really go into it as much as OP made it sound but hey, this is TRP, any opportunity to post Patrice O'Neal (or Bill Burr) is fully taken advantage of.

In short, he says that in order to move up the ladder you've gotta be willing to do favors. It's not about hard work, being the best etc.. its about doing favors for the people that can make things happen for you.

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That's my problem with Patrice shows. Love them, but the content is rarely worth an hour of sitting on my ass. And the context jumps too much to half-listen while doing something else.

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That's why you listen to it in your car, especially in traffic.

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Great listen. He summarizes everything that's wrong with today. It's more relevant today than when he talked about it then.

The world has really become this huge grab for power and people are doing it in any way possible even if it means disrespecting others or the other extreme by sucking their dicks to the point of obvious brown nosing.

The corporate ladder is such. Hollywood works that way. Politics works that way.

If you are not capable of being downright dominant without pissing people off to the point where they put the majority against you then you will just be an average dude who will be taking orders from the top 10%.

This is if your wanting to push your way to the top 10%. Problem is not a lot of people are capable of doing this. It's just not in them to do it.

However the top 10% will tell people that they are capable of it. Because this is how they control you.

The best way to control somebody is to make them feel like they have control.

So in these cases the reasons why you see people like women and betas in management positions is because they are the brown noses of today and/or are the people working their ass of to get ahead.

It's not that working your ass off is "bad". I don't want to paint that as a negative picture. I just want to point out the grab for power is the illusion that they have you chasing endlessly for.

Think of the worker bees believing that they are queen bees. This is why we see such a movement today for people to stop shaming others into believing that they are special the way they are.

While I am in belief that people are the way they are and should accept the way they are but to go to that extreme in saying that you shouldn't improve because you are beautiful the way you are is damaging to people altogether.

That you should be handed something because you exist is the way this is heading.

However i see why it's done. We don't want people to get out and think for themselves. We want to have the illusion that you are powerful as you are. As long as you think like me. That you are special and are entitled to power. But people only have as much power as they are believed to be having.

To me this is what slows our growth as humans more than anything.

The PC culture will fail and will be given a hard dose of the truth when it collapses. I'm just happy that I am able to see it and understand it.

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While I am in belief that people are the way they are and should accept the way they are but to go to that extreme in saying that you shouldn't improve because you are beautiful the way you are is damaging to people altogether.

Excellently said.

I know I'm not going to be in the top few percentage of American's; but I can make myself the best I can be at what I am capable of. Knowing yourself and knowing what your capable of are two very important things that everyone need to learn but most don't.

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If I needed a 'heavy' to close down or streamline a department, I'd look for the hardest-charging businesswoman I could find. She'll be ruthless and unimaginative, and if I get lucky she'll drive a bunch of people to quit before I have to pay severance!

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I work in business sales at Time Warner Cable. As you may know charter is taking over time warner cable. I believe that what you described is happening there now. We just had a female VP come in and start making all kinds of changes that are more restrictive and don't actually make more money for the company.

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Yeah... it's like a cross between "hostile work environment" and "constructive dismissal".

People assume that since markets are efficient, no one will be rewarded for doing destructive, counter-productive things to their employees. It's not true. They just do those things when there's an incentive to make employees unhappy, like when they're trying to cut staff.

If I were you, I'd be looking at new jobs. New restrictions without a good reason either means they're trying to avoid severance pay, or it means they're incompetent and will probably be downsizing after they fuck things up. And frankly, I'm particularly suspicious of things going down the tube if you switch to a female manager and then things get shitty.

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Well in a free market you'd just axe people who sucked. In the USSA you have to play games and do bullshit to get them to quit so you dont have to pay unemployment, so you dont have to do severance, so you can avoid wrongful termination lawsuits and on and on and on. US job market is very inefficient

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Ime women are actually really good at middle management. As long as they aren't involved in producing value, achieving results or any kind of decision making they're great!

They are very apt at maintaining the status quo and, when directed to do so, and monitored publicly, very good at maintaining harmony among the employees. Which is the definition of management, really just what secretaries were in the 60's. Leadership is the new term for decision making positions reliant on critical thinking.

Women capable of moving above that level are exceedingly rare. To the point of being statistically irrelevant. But let me tell you, if you happen across one, offer your discipline to help keep her focused and enough resources that it isn't even a concern and they really can achieve a lot. Those anomalies really have some fire in their belly!

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And now they're going down the shitter from the purchase of tumblr. Older girls thinking they can monetize the idiotic ramblings of younger girls. Lawls.


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YOOOO you hit the nail right on the head. they are essentially glorified messengers by the higher ups. for the most part, they don't have an actual input to whatever that needs to get done.

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If any of you lads own Yahoo! stock I'd suggest selling. 80% female management=100% doomed.

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lol thats actually true; here is a compiled list of the studies that prove including women in boardrooms causes a decline in the business


EDIT: LOL the link is wordpress because it compiles the links to the 5 other studies; the studies are from credible sources type them in google scholar to confirm. I'm not an idiot to consider a wordpress link as a proper source.