Rant/VentingLast Night I Got 3 Women Arrested For Groping And Assault. (self.TheRedPill)

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So last night at work our club gets pretty damn busy. All floors are packed and people, as they are known to do, are drinking heavily and the social interactions are kicking off.

Our DJ switches from EDM to a little hip hop, which, to both my excitement(EDM gets boring after so long), and utter chagrin(drunk white girl time), kicks off our night. 10 minutes prior we had to take down and handcuff some drunk idiot so I'm scanning the room looking for more issues because I don't feel like beating up more drunks.

At the end of my surveillance what do I see but 3 drunk white girls doing their terrible "look at me" dance, scanning the room for attention the way I do trouble. So frequent and common is this gaudy display that I don't even take notice of their creeping advance, mistaking my time killing dance moves for genuine interest. The leader of the pack approaches me, ass first, as history has told her black men enjoy---and to be fair, for most black men that aren't me, her attempt would have been successful---and smiles seductively.

I politely refuse by stepping back with gusto in the opposite direction. Alas, in modern times, this refusal only sparks her two strongest desires: Rejection and Embarrassment. She's turned on because the horde of thirsty beta males have never turned down such a blatant offer, and she's also embarrassed to have been rejected in front of her tiny legion of salacious strumpets and must get her power back before one of them challenges her supremacy.

To make matters worse, before she can regain her power, one of said legion sees her moment of weakness and decides to pounce, hoping to gain power by attracting me before she can. Now, I am a large black man and these were average American women---cute and of good build, but not through any effort or working out, simply good, European genetics---in other words, I could've physically stopped them with ease.

But, as any person who has worked in nightlife can tell you, the crowd is always watching you, and your money is based off how you handle these things. Other women and other men, and hell, even coworkers are watching how you to see how you react. So by this point I've got my hands in my pockets, staring straight at our cameras, and completely ignoring the fact that these 2 women are groping/grinding on me. It is so blatant that other coworkers on the radio are commenting on it, first cheering me on and then asking if I need help.

Allow me a quick aside: I'm not a 10. I've got a decently handsome, masculine face, I groom and dress well, and I'm pretty overweight. In other words, nothing special. Average American shit.

Eventually I get these women off me and send them on their way. About an hour later they return, begging me to help them as there is some Bulgarian man groping them upstairs. I pause, waiting for the hypocrisy to hit them before I realize what Country and Era I live in, the one where men love any woman touching them so it's not groping when they do it. Even as I explain to them I can see them waiting to spout "YOU KNOW YOU LIKED IT".

I tell them that I will deal with the man but if they touch me again I'll have to ask them to leave. I throw out the man groping and finish up our night.

Now, I get off work pretty late, but there is a local bar that stays open late and it's where I go to enjoy my night. I know all the bartenders and security. It's my sanctuary. Low and behold, who is at my escape then the same three girls, more drunk then before, and even worse, no one paying attention to them. It takes half a second before I am groped and felt up. This time I don't have to play nice, we're not at my job. I tell them, with vigor but without emotion, to "Get their slutty hands off me." This goes as well as you expect: They start yelling incoherently---English is dying and the added inebriation only makes matters worse---and when I try and walk away one grabs my jacket(because lord forbid I deny them both attraction and attention) and the leader, seeing her chance to regain her power, attempts to throw her drink in my face. Working in my field, I am better at dodging drinks than feminists are at dodging logic, and it lands on a couple behind me.

My buddies in security see the whole thing and now it's time for me to sit back and laugh. The couple that were hit by drinks were off duty cops who saw the entire ordeal. Bike cops patrol the area with aplomb and before they could even radio them in my answer came out with righteous fury

"Yes, I would LOVE to press charges".

Watching these 3 women cuffed for intoxication and assault made me giggle like a Japanese school girl. My only regret is not recording it and throwing the whole incident online for the amusement of TRP.

In this Brave New World of ours it is every man's duty to dole out consequences because women have done their best to remove them. It is your job to ENFORCE our society's laws, to make sure both men and women alike are not allowed to live outside of the rules we all must live by.

3 years ago I would've NEVER allowed women to be arrested. But, if they're going to act like men, I'm going to enjoy watching them suffer our consequences.

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The real tragedy is that they will still wholeheartedly believe that this whole situation, and their eventual troubles, were your fault.

And, yet, the black knight rides on.

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I don't give a fuck about them.

I just have incorrigible this need for people to face consequences for their actions. It's why I got into security in the first place.

I've found women are very attracted to it as well. They call us "assholes" or "dicks" or whatever, but women love men who hold them accountable.

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Exactly that. They've gone their whole life with pussy dad and weak men giving them passes every time. It stops here.

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I have no problem being the dad none of them had

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I love when they call me daddy.

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Yeah, but I think his point was that they probably wont learn anything from this.

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Oh they'll learn the grope someone - jail association.

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And his point is he doesn't care

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they will learn.

You have to use the tools at your disposal. Women aren't stupid. I had a ex yell and push me, yelling at me to 'hit her'. I didn't take the bait. But I couldn't let that slide. I called the cops.

She never again even approached that level of anger.

No one wants to be arrested or dragged out or get involved with the police. They will think twice the next time. At least around this gentleman.

They probably won't learn it in general. That is to say, they'll still try shit with other guys. But if a situation like that comes up again where a guy seriously tells them to fuck, my hunch is... they clue in.

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I don't care

Not here to fix them, just make sure they face consequence

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I'd buy you a congratulatory drink if I could. I doubt they'll receive the punishment that their actions warranted, but it's probably poked a hole in their all-men-want-me-and-I-can-do-whatever-I-want bubble.

All my respect!

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Their actions deserved what they got


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but women love men who hold them accountable.

pretty sure you just made my brain meld into a 5 trick play.

thanks for that man. i needed to hear this.

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They can trust that what they see is what they get.

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Thank you for sharing that story, truly a victory for men everywhere.

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Not so much a victory as it is a lesson:

Treat people the way they deserve to be treated.

Let me be clear: These 3 women were between 5.5-7.0, so definitely fuckable, and they were definitely open to some 3 on 1 type shit.

But men only succeed when our morals and sense of justice trump our sex drive. Once you can reject a woman's sex and beauty she no longer has any weapons against you. She's powerless.

Remember: Women have ONE weapon, Men have a million.

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Probably ascribe it to all men, patriarchy being what it is.

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How deep does the rabbit hole go? Nobody knows.

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Real equality means taking both the good with the bad.

The subtle lesson of this story underscores that when feminists say "equality", they really just mean cherrypicking the good things. Because real equality would mean more women in jails and getting punched in the face. Cause that's what happens to men when they act like punks ...