LTR"I know I was wrong, but you don't have to be a dick about it." (self.TheRedPill)

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Summary: Finally figured out the golden ticket to the most common shit test I face in my LTR.

Body: Last night, my LTR decided to shit test me. I don't remember what was the details were, because who cares. As her behavior continued to get worse, I immediately withdrew my affection and went to bed. She continued to press her luck until she finally broke and delivered the usual hail-Mary attempt that most women will make when faced with being wrong:

"I know that I'm wrong, but you don't have to be a dick about it."

Now this is a blatant attempt to expand the argument in order to try to make you give ground. Furthermore, that's what all arguments are about with women: trying to make you give ground. It doesn't matter if she's wrong, because you don't expect her to lead you anywhere. Everything depends on you being right, or at least believing that you're right, as captain of the ship. I came back with:

"Why do you expect to be treated right, if you're not acting right?"

This was the end of it. She got quiet, and later apologized. Now, dedicating an entire post to one shit test may seem overkill, but considering that AWALT, I'm assuming that every man will hear that shit test at least once in his life.

Lessons learned: -Always enforce the rule of "good behavior, good treatment." -She has nothing to lose and everything to gain by arguing.

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Beat me to this bro, here's the video

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Another great (mostly) RP piece from Bill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0gaYyNk7QA

Topics: Hypergamy, Arnold, Men's problems, Hypergamy again...

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Lol he beat me to it also. I thought of the bit by the 2nd paragraph I was ready to hunt down the video and start transcribing it for my RedPill brethren

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Halfway through the first paragraph I searched for this video.

Then I read the first comment, damn no karma for me.

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An old drummer friend of mine showed up at my house with his then girlfriend. She had a right shiner of a black eye. "We had a fight - I was a dick" she said the minute I opened the front door.

Well talking to him the next day, it seems that after concocting an argument over nothing - when she realised she couldn't win, she fired off this zinger


He knocked her out. Hey, he's a drummer.

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Holy shit what a cunt thing to say

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Why do women do stuff like that though? Why do they habitually nag, insult, spread this fucking venom like a bunch of harpies? I know a woman who received a black eye after telling her lover that his daughter is a nothing - I know this woman, she's a cunt and has an unending supply of vitriol and is no-holds-barred when you get her started. But why does this story keep recurring? The one of toxic femininity?

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In a word, hormonal. And the older they get the wilder it gets. I have finally got a handle on it with my SO, thanks to this place and age. Now when she starts getting that way she notes it and and say "ignore me I'll keep it to myself" and then "I must be gong mad" but that's after years of being tricked into the most ridiculous arguments.

I once worked in the public sector in an office of about 30 female managers with one male boss, and the evil bullying they put me through lead to me quitting.

I really do not like the idea of people who are capable of the most irrational mood swings and delusional thinking, and frankly cruel Machiavellian behaviour should be allowed anywhere near the levers of power - although admittedly most of the men that get up there are pretty crazed.

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They can't fight with fists, so they resort to words... Although this could be changing with the policy of arresting males after household confrontations, even if you're literally defending your life.

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They are used to getting away with so many things

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Yeah well, she was a dirty girl and v. sexy so he tolerated it for the bumsex. But he carefully lined up the next one, so when she pulled it again she was out and the 19 year old was in.

Personally I think he needs to go his own way, 'cuz all these girls are a replacement for the dead sister, but fuck knows how you come to terms with that.

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She had that planned for months.

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pretty sure even other women would be okay with a slug to the noggin over that

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no thats abuse. words dont hurt real men /s