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Summary: I am 17 years old, and I learned from you guys over the past 2 years. My life is very well together now and beginning to grow. Grew from a little kid, into something closer to a man, not quite there yet, but I'll make it. This is my thank you to everyone that helped

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. An acceptance letter to one of my Colleges of choice. Inside the letter, it states that I have received a $88,500 scholarship, along with room and dorm being paid for. I have a single mom, and I have no father. We had no way to pay for college, and didn't know what was going to happen. I only have to pay $1,500 a year now.

About 2 years ago I saw the red pill and absolutely thought you guys were some crazy fucking weirdos. Forgive me, I was a 15 year old kid. High School is stupid, we're all dumbass idiots that think we know everything and life is easy. I was skinny (125 lbs, 5'11), I was awkward, and I was not really motivated for any change.

After getting through a very stupid high school "relationship" (If that is what you even want to call it). I read up on the TRP, ranted awfully. Eventually I decided to attempt to "swallow" the pill. I joined a gym, I started studying more and trying in school, I started going out more, and I stopped playing so many damn video games. Believe me, I still enjoy video games, they just aren't my life anymore.

Through trial and error, I learned how to properly conduct myself, and how to just not give a shit about what anyone thinks of me but me. Lost my virginity a couple of months ago, and I realized something. If I lost my virginity 2 years ago, I would have gone to school and told absolutely everyone like a little kid who got a present from Santa. However, I didn't get that feeling. I was happy it happened, I had a good time with the girl, and I let it be. Maybe this is my little attempt at bragging about it, but I thought I'd mention that change in mindset. This led to her being my first plate, and I still have her as a plate, along with another I just met. I always thought of plates as fucked up things that you guys did, like how could you dare treat a girl like an object. However, I realized it doesn't mean you treat her like shit. It means you guys have a mutual agreement, and have a good time. Anyone breaks that, and its off, no harm done.

I'm now 157lbs, 5'11, going off to college, with a mom that's proud of me and with friends I enjoy. I'm really enjoying my life and I am well aware I'm not even close to what I can be. I'm not quite a man yet, but I am damn well closer than what I was 2 years ago. I never had a good father to teach me these things, but The Red Pill taught me what my deadbeat dad could not. It changed my life and that is purely all because of you guys. I cannot thank you enough but I wanted to let you guys know how much it means to me. I am content with where my life is going and I can't wait to see where it leads me next. That came off as cliché, but its true, so fuck it.

Lessons learned:

  • Doing something about whats wrong with your life is hard, but if you don't man up and do it, nothing will get done
  • Put enough effort into something and you will see results

  • Take all advice with a grain of salt. Put them into perspective, and wrap your own philosophy around it

  • If you're in your teens and believe you're the Chad, you're wrong. You're not even close to being the full version of you yet.

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You're the fuckin man, dude. I can tell just by the way you write that you've got this shit and you're gonna go far. Always glad to hear stories like this; you're doing better than a lot of 25 year olds I know. Keep it up!

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Thanks man I appreciate it!

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I hope to see the next story you write, and in that story, I'd like to see:

  • How you identified and made strong contact and bonding with the guys who'll be the winners, whose career will go forward and will be your contact, job and friendship network in decades ahead.

  • How you crushed it in the maths, becoming very proficient at programing your spreadsheets and understanding the real math behind it, with some extra programming behind it (enough for some routines and simulations). This'll set you apart from your peers.

  • How you crushed on the social life and added to your curriculum. This may include finding a goddamn political party and taking advantage of it for contacts and activity; certainly a frat; and any other associations that seem useful to you, I don't care if its the damned rotarians (is that still a thing there?)

  • How you started to be on the top 10% in style and fit dress-wise (doesn't mean tuxes. Means appropriate), AND got a well-fitted suit and shoes and learned to use it occasionally; and how in your first interviews and job fairs you looked like a professional. Note: fit is the single thing that matters the most. That means YOU and the CLOTHES.

  • How you never drunk enough to totally lose control, but learned to let loose and enjoy with your mates. How when people think of someone they bring along to a party, or fun, your name comes up for being fun, an asset and drama-free.

  • And other highlights. Find success and popularity and sex will find you.

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Sadly, school I'm going to is a Catholic University. Fraternities don't exist there :( but I'll find something damn close haha.

I will definitely send an update in the future! Thanks for the kind words

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You are far along the correct path. I expect great success from you.

If you'll forgive some cynicism from an older man, which in no way desires to diminish your enthusiasm or innocence, allow me the following notes:

  • The entire social game is where its at. In the corporate and entrepreneurial world, you are your contacts. Competence is good, and excellent to have, but really secondary. In any company, the socially savvy fellow will rise above the others. If he's less competent, he'll be pushed to leadership where his ability to deal with the issues is not needed - he's there to make others work and collect his fat bonuses.

Money is in other people, not things. Extracting money from people is the only real skill you need. You only need a tongue and a wit for that.

  • Be the guy that knows everybody. KEEP ALL CONTACTS AND NAMES. Contact them. Send birthday messages, an occasional "how do you do", "you can now find me at ++++", "Am on a new field, if I can help you with xxx call me!". Do this systematically, and create in others the habit of expecting that from you. The guy you've messaged the last 15 years, sent a birthday greeting to, wished merry christmas, sent an sms saying "Met John in NY, he sends the best" and so on will not think it odd at all if you contact him about some opportunity or professional request. And you want to talk to him, because he's now the CFO of a good company. If you haven't given him the time of day, he'll smell a rat when you do contact him asking for something.

Note: please read this paragraph again. I really mean it.

  • Keep your fat mouth shut. Listen. Be the guy that does not judge, the guy who keeps a secret, the guy that has a good word, the guy that never talks shit about others. Don't let drama stain you. When you must criticize do it constructively.

  • Your job right now, as much as study, is to lay the groundwork for this sort of network.

  • Go read about powertalk. I mean it.

  • Read about how to sell. Then practice. Sell vacuum cleaners if you must. Do some hours bartending.

  • Don't be afraid to put people in contact for business - and ask your cut. Somebody wants to buy a house? One of your friends has one to sell. And you, can get a little fee on the side. Even if no fee - be the guy that promotes business. Some of it will find you.

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Your whole post is a huge understatement of the importance social aptitude has.

Anecdote time: Last year I went to a hospital to have my throat checked. I was unemployed for years and we started talking with the doctor about that. He suddenly throws at me the following: "If only university taught us about the importance of networking neither of us would be here now".

2nd anecdote: You know all these guys who hang around a certain "let's get motivated" sub and almost half of them have a story to share about someone who worked twice as hard as <insert well-known person here>? There's a big chance that the person who worked twice as hard focus towards learning a profession didn't do the same with networking.

I have a bone to pick with the people who will claim "well hard work doesn't always get you very far, you need luck too", not because it's false but because it's vague feedback. You need luck towards what? Towards meeting the right people at the right time, of course. The investor who's willing to put money to your company, the manager/technical director who will want to hire someone like you, the customers who are looking for a product like yours but don't know it exists etc. Everything is about other people. EVERYTHING.

As an added bonus: If someone out there believes that lifting, taking care of your looks and being confident is something that you do for women, think again.

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I believe I am not making an understatement, rather showing how important it is.

Networking is VERY important. Take this example:

You get two guys. One can't add 2 and 2 together. Say he's got a sort of number dyslexia, but can sell a fridge to a penguin. The other is a super programmer/mathematician who could invent an antigravity engine, but is a social retard.

The 1st guy can open a chick in a department store using his own problem, getting a laugh of it and in a bit he's taking her out for a bang while her coworkers think "what a great guy!" He's riding a porsche from his sales commissions.

The other guy? He can't even get enough attention for people to stop wishing for him to go away and actually understand what could be made of him. His mother will keep him alive in the basement, for a while. And if he meets our salesman, who may get the potential, soon there'll be a big company selling flying convertibles, the salesman is the CEO and the science genius is in some office in the basement being yelled to by a sub-sub-sub manager.

As for social aptitude, it is a trainable skill. Yes, of course some people are born and raised with different looks, a poise, charisma, a sort of base advantage. But I know plenty of salesmen who seem to have nothing in their favour, and yet they're killing it.

This is one of those cases where you can make an effort, fight through initial difficulties, follow it and end up with excellent tangible results.

Not even saying op has it; if he does, he should maximize it, if he doesn't he should acquire and make the most of it.

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Your example reminds me of an anime that is currently airing, One Punch Man, where the protagonist is almost the strongest person in the universe but because he lacks in the social department he doesn't get recognition from other heroes, some say he cheated his way through the rankings and people blamed him for stuff he wasn't at fault. What the protagonist gets right, however, is that he's doing what he's doing because he wants to do it, not because for external praise and recognition (he wouldn't say "no" to a "thank you", though, and it shows at certain points).

It's a comedy/action show but the underlying meaning is there.

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As you describe, he'd like ALSO some recognition. He asks for no more because he expects no more, and he's happy he did the good work. But lets say he did expect more, and made sure he got rewarded for it. His skill is unique, his price his high. He did his heroing job. Then the rich bastards whose property and city he saved would come and say "here's a ferrari, the trunk is loaded with cash". Then the rich bastard's blond daughter would come and blow him.

"He's selling out", you might say. Maybe, maybe not. But his sack's still empty and happy on that leather seat.

Now, which one is better: the inward feeling of glum unrecognized superiority, or having your empty naked sack resting on the leather of your ferrari as you recover breath? Plus there's other chicks lining up, you got money now.

Yes, its nice to do it for yourself. BUT if you can do some proper marketing, you CAN do the same stuff, and feel good, but now people will say "here take this money", and then you have both the inward and outward rewards of it.

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Wish I had this advice at 17,although I was a natural red pill, had great communication skills and interact with adults appropriately, this is pure gold for all. ♂

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Join a sports team then - I always throw out the suggestion of rowing, and you would make a decent lightweight given your height and weight. Rugby could be a good one too. Male camaraderie is definitely something that can be beneficial to any TRPer's life.

With joining a sports team you also get the added benefit of lifting / exercise regularly and therefore keeping those T levels up. You also get social proof and an existing social circle.

Plus it gives you something productive to do, and something you can learn discipline from as well as take pride in. Rowing in college definitely taught me a lot about myself and how the way the world really is.

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I'm a swimmer, and I enjoy soccer so I'm going to join club soccer. I hope it helps me find a good crowd in college.

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Both are great sports, wish you all the best m8

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Came to tell you the exact same thing. Keep it up man. We'll be here for you along the way.

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I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin. When one is about to get laid do we tell the girl we're virgins or just do it? I looked this question up but i want RP advice bc some of the "advice" was "sit her down and talk about it and see how she feels." Still got a lot to improve on before i even consider women right now but I could use the advice for future reference. Thanks!

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Do not tell a woman that you are a virgin. Women are attracted to men who can get other women. She does not want to feel like she's doing you a favor

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I figured. I always thought trying to talk to a girl about it will just make her pussy dry up. Thanks

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The scary part about this is that when you do it, she'll respond with kind words saying it's fine. It will truly feel fine.

But you'll realize where your mistake was when she doesn't want to fuck. At that point it's too late.