Red Pill TheoryLittle piece of advice if a girl isn't interested (self.TheRedPill)

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I've noticed a lot of guys (and girls), really start to make dumb decisions the moment they get 'friend zoned' or even simply shown a slight hint that other party isn't that interested. Where instead of backing off they feel the need to turn up the heat and try to pursue things further.

Don't do this.

If she doesnt want things to go further, don't waste a single second further on the relationship, unless you also want to just be friends.

Don't take it personally.

Don't get upset.

Don't even think about it. Be happy... move on.

Not only is this good for your personal health, but it also keeps your dignity in good tact.

And has the side effect of actually boosting your SMV (Sexual Market Value for you young players).

When you see the girl who friendzoned you, don't be angry, don't be awkward, don't be upset, don't be shy. Be happy and social.

Anyway, this rant should come as common sense to many here in TRP, but it's good to touch explicitly on the basics from time to time.

Have a great day!

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TRP advice is the net approach, not spearfishing.

Betas will fixate on the one that got away, idealize it beyond reality and at the end of the day have nothing. Alphas will select from their 2-3 catches, and if he has nothing, it's because he tossed them back because he knows he'll catch more tommorrow. He doesn't dwell on the dozens that passed through the net that week beyond learning from it to make a better net.

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Great analogy, I'd take it a step further to say that spearfishing doesn't even work. Men with spears are starving.

And if there is one thing that destroys tingles it's a starving man

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Nets are more efficient than spears anyway.

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Tell that to Betabobbie and his Oneitis!

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Betabobble! Get a fuckin' net! They're way more efficient.

Betabobble's oneitis, come join me for a drink. I'll show you my net.

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I can't help but joke to myself that if Nets are more efficient than spears, I should invest in Electrofishing.

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Spear fishing is more fun though

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Betas will fixate on the one that got away, idealize it beyond reality and at the end of the day have nothing. Alphas will select from their 2-3 catches, and if he has nothing, it's because he tossed them back because he knows he'll catch more tomorrow.

All plates eventually fall and break. The moment I get the "I'm not feeling this" text or don't get a response, I go no contact. I used to respond when they'd break things off and say, "That's cool. Best of luck in everything." but I've learned it's not even worth that much effort.

Too many women also won't have a guts to communicate they're moving on either.

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Rich guys with flashy cars sometimes get called out for perhaps attracting the wrong girls and complaining about gold diggers etc. Some women will dress as sexy as possible and then complain about being used for sex. I think both are just casting a large net by maximizing who they attract.

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Even a top 5% man in his prime is probably only attracting 50% of the women he wants, which means 50% will friendzone him or turn him down. The difference between him and the beta orbiters is that he recognizes it and moves on, knowing he has an abundance of women more willing to give him what he's after.

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The biggest difference, I would say, is that a 5% man knows better than to invest.

Alpha man sees a girl he wants, and doesn't hesitate.

Beta man sees a girl he wants, and keeps her in his mind for months until he musters the courage to approach. Beta man invests all these feelings and it is MUCH harder to do exactly what OP is saying.

Plan accordingly, gents.

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Abundance mentality cures all

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Abundance Mentality, brought to you by Not Giving A Fuck

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Shrinking balls is a good fucking thing!

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Dick hanging lower than the balls is a good fucking thing!

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This, plus if you think about it women are emotional and might be in the middle of a serious relationship or who knows what but attraction has evolved to meet a good genetic mate. It works in opposite as well where I have got girls because they just like me for some reason.

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A serious relationship is simply a relationship that hasn't given a woman enough time to consider other options.

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2 days ago I would have called this bullshit ,cuz I'm still young and stupid and still learning, but I recently heard something I couldn't believe my ears. Although I still doubt it whether it's true .

I was talking with a friend and this 3 other girls about handsome girls and guys etc. I told them I couldn't believe how handsome Henry Cavill is, something I as straight guy, realized a few days before the conversation (had seen man from UNCLE). 1 of the girls found him great, the other 2 said they would have rejected him.

I couldn't believe my ears, why would they do that? if I was gay and I got a chance with him, wouldn't even stand still for a second lol. Then they told me, they found him too perfect. Apparently they want a man who has some kind of flaw like Robbert pattison, he has a "weird, missshaped jaw" ( they probably mean too defined, I think ).

So yeah you (at least I did ) may think the top 5% guys, guys like Chris Hemsworth, who is tall, handsome and has a deep voice, can get every girl, but they can't. Nobody really can get every girl, not even 90 % of all the girls. (unless you have game, like serious game, then it ma be possible to have higher rate than 50 I believe)


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While the premise still holds, it's important to realize that each of these girls would fuck both of those guys in a second. The top 0.001% do get more than 90% of the women because they have looks and status. Most girls would fuck them just to say they did it. What they mean is that if a guy who looked just like him but without the status came up to them, they might pass.