Blue Pill ExampleGuy Turns 6 Figure Down Job at Google for Girlfriend, She Dumps Him Anyway (self.TheRedPill)

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A guy at my college had a girlfriend who threatened to break up with him if he took a high paying job at Google, out in California. He decided to work at a small company in the Midwest instead, only for her to break up with him a few months later.


My college is home to one of the top Computer Science programs in the world (I'm currently in finance but took plenty of CS courses, transferring into the department next semester), and it is common for graduates from the program to get very lucrative job offers, both from the biggest names in the industry, as well as successful startups. One senior at our university, and a brilliant student, was dating a freshman. This guy received a job offer from Google, which is widely regarded as the greatest major company that you can work for. The salary and benefits associated with the job, as well as the location, are something that plenty of people across the nation would dream of.

Problem is, his girlfriend wouldn't have it. She said that she didn't want to try a long distance relationship, and that if he took the job and moved to California, she would break up with him. For most people on this sub, the decision would be painfully obvious; bring the relationship to a close, take the job at Google, and enjoy a new level of luxury in life.

Sadly, this guy didn't make the obvious choice. He instead turned down a job that many of people would die for, and took one at a smaller company in Chicago instead, all to be closer to her. The story up to this point is plenty for a BP example; someone choosing a girl over a prestigious job with a starting salary averaging 130k. Here's the kicker: a few of months into the start of this semester, she broke up with him, claiming that she's "only 19" and needs to "experience new things". And so the hero of our tale ends up with no job at Google, no aprtment in California, and no girlfriend. The end.

Lessons Learned

What do you want me to say? Its obvious that you should never let a girl have any level of control over your life. If he hadn't given a single inch in the past, I doubt she'd even consider making such a demand. Overall, just an example of the lengths some people will go to for a girl, and why its never worth it.

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What fool lets a 19yo woman make long-term decisions for him?

His error was not having a clear mission in his life, and prioritizing everything else in his life accordingly. Men and women under 25 and not financially established shouldn't be thinking of marriage. An opportunity at Google is mission critical to a man his age, a particular 19yo girlfriend is not.

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What fool lets a 19yo woman make long-term decisions for him?

An IT dude with little relationship experience and lots of scarcity mentality who doesn't want to jeopardize the possibly first relationship he ever had and thinks that money is "not that important anyway" and "love conquers all"?

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In addition, a tech dude who's just coming off being flat-out broke in college, and doesn't really differentiate between $60k a year in the Midwest and $130k in California.

Those are both just numbers to him, but holding onto the first person who ever let him get some seems irreplaceable to his socially-inept self.

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Factoring in cost of living, they probably end up about the same considering how ridiculously expensive California is. (Not that I'm defending the guy in OP's story)

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Even if it he had the same purchasing power by working at Google, that would have been a better choice, because Google will open more doors for you than Midwestern Company, unless said company ends up acquired by Google or Facebook.

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$60k may actually provide a better standard of living. The bay area is insane.

Of course he screwed up though. If for some reason you don't like Google or the bay area you can get any almost second job you want because Google is on your resume.

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Bay area living is insane but with years racked up at google he could command higher pay elsewhere. The big money made in Silicon Valley is made from people who start a company and then that company gets bought out and their stock options were worth several million.

I know dudes who work for these companies and their companies pay them in stock in addition to their wages. However the married ones almost always have wives who insist on forgoing the stock options and taking higher pay NOW because money now is better.

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I'd feel your average person would take the higher pay, not knowing the value of other bennies.

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This. How many of us had a clear life purpose/ or even a goal when we were 20-22? Some yes, for sure, but IT doesn't see a lot of pussy in the beginning, so he took the only choice available to him.

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IT doesn't see a lot of pussy in the beginning

IT doesn't see a lot of pussy ever. social app companies aren't IT. online media isn't IT.

'real' tech (aka high tech) is almost completely devoid of any attractive females, and only those exist in other departments like sales and HR and they almost universally associate with/fuck the executives, clientele, and/or people in more exciting industries. i would venture to say a bottom-rung shit shoveler in something like advertising is more attractive on paper career-wise than a junior executive (VP or whatever) in an IT company.

if you work in high tech, you need to up your game, don't shit where you eat, and look elsewhere, and most importantly, don't tell bitches what you do when you first meet them.

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[permanently deleted]

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At least modify it to sound better. I latched onto the internal role of "design engineer". That one gets engagement and curiousity; " electrical engineer" gets a glazed expression. It's all in the marketing.

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when someone asks what you do, say "you first". they'll start talking, and never stop. then just change the subject. they'll forget about it. some girls will realize what you did but won't bring it up again (red pill quiz: why not?)

i don't tell anyone what i do when i first meet them. it's a great way of putting yourself into a box no matter what clever twist you put on it.

or, just lie.

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if you work in high tech, you need to up your game, don't shit where you eat, and look elsewhere, and most importantly, don't tell bitches what you do when you first meet them.

That used to be the case, but I haven't found that to be a big deal ever since The Big Bang Theory became popular. As long as you spin the title to sound cool and say it right (like any profession), mostly they just know you make a lot of money. It's not like the old days where the "computer geek" always turned out to be the serial killer or whatever - now it's just a respectable occupation that makes cool stuff.

Other points completely apply though. The lack of social interaction all day hurts your game.

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Bingo. Scarcity mentality all the way. Any normal, socially adjusted man should understand that there are plenty of fuckable women in the Bay Area, especially for a fresh college grad with some cash in his pockets working at Google.

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As others have pointed out, SV is a total sausagefest. Also, making 240K at google puts you on the higher end for an engineer, but engineers in SV are the equivalent of laborers. In the midwest, half of that would be baller status. In Palo Alto, nobody gives a fuck. The wealthy in Palo Alto are billionaires. The rich are 100 millionaire VCs. Nobody gives a shit about your $15,000 a month.

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The Irony is that a lot of the women who grow up there grew up in incredibly wealthy families and don't care so much about a dude who makes money because they are already independently wealthy. I have personally seen it with my own eyes. I have had chicks in that area know I was broke show interest in me while they overlooked the tech workers who made 10 times as much as I was making. In their world those guys are a dime a dozen and are all super boring and don't have anywhere near as much money as daddy does anyway.

When dad has $150,000,000 in the bank there is no difference between a dude who makes $13,000 per year and $190,000 per year. Both of those values are closer to $0 than they are to anywhere near the neighborhood of daddy.

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[permanently deleted]

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at the end of the day, even if he doesnt get laid once, making bank at Google, learning how google does shit and having Google on your resume is still easily worth it. Take that cash and experience back to the midwest or wherever else.

It's just as much of a faggot move to turn down a great job because it might be a sausage fest as it is to turn down the job for a single girl back home. Its the exact same thing.