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9 months ago my wife moved in with her new boyfriend, leaving my daughter and I 60 miles away, the day before my mid-term exams and in the middle of nursing school. Two weeks later she forcibly removed my daughter from my hands and drove off - I lawyered up and filed for divorce. Now, 6 months later, I am officially divorced, no child support, with joint custody over my daughter. There is no way this would have happened how it did if I hadn't found trp. There's no way I would have known how to handle her going psychotic on me, threatening me with fake calls to the police, threatening to take my daughter from me on a daily basis. I held frame, I never raised my voice, I protected my time with my daughter and ensured I'd never lose her. I held frame and never gave in. I could have lost my daughter to this woman. Thank you trp.

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TRP saves men, but it also saves women. Your daughter is going to be a better person because you didn't lose your shit, they had little to come after you with, and you'll be there for her. Congratulations.

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So much this. They don't call it "daddy issues" for nothing.

A daughter raised by a strong, alpha guy enters the world without a giant hole in her psyche that she will then try to fill with truckloads of strange penis. She actually has a shot at being a well-adjusted, good woman.

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Still AWALT, don't let your guard down for a "good" girl.

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Who the fuck downvotes this?

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There are few married chums on here who think they have a unicorn.

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They're unicorns for a reason. We like to think about them, even if they aren't real.

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The occasional post on here that's all "But I've been with my wife for 1 year and it's perfect! See guys, not AWALT! Marriage isn't a total trap! Totally fine!" Is just sickening to see. Usually upvoted a bunch, too.

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If a guy says 1 year, you will say too soon. If a guy says 5 years, you will still say too soon. If a guy says 10 years, you will say she is cheating and he don't know it and EVENTUALLY he is gonna get divorce raped. If a guy says 20+ years, you will say what a loser he is for sticking with one chick that long.

At the end of the day this is an unverifiable claim which stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what AWALT actually means.

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There was a good description of AWALT in another post not too long ago about how it's very similar to how a gun should be treated. Always treat a gun as though it is loaded, and always view a woman as though AWALT.

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Sure. So long as the logic doesn't turn into "always assume a gun is loaded and dangerous and therefore never own one."

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Difference between a woman and a gun is a gun can't spontaneously decide to shoot you because a better gun owner came along, you actually have to shoot yourself.

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Absolutely, my daughter will grow to view the world in a much different light now that I've secured my time with her. Had I lost her, she'd end up exactly like her mother, a beautiful, manipulative, power hungry man-eater. My ex grew without a real parental structure and I basically took her in and raised her over the last six years, or at least provided stable ground for her to grow on.

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This is why I refuse to marry a woman who was raised in a broken family where there is no alpha male parental figure. My cousin did this and I'm just counting down the days til he gets divorced rape. I see every last sign of betadome and divorce rape incoming with him-- he earns a lot, his stepmother is a divorcee and his wife hates her father, he's out of shape, she lacks domesticity, etc.

It's painful to see it since I love him like a brother, but damn, if he avoids divorce rape he'll be the exception to the rule.

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Sometimes I have a passing thought of finding some sort of fathers-of-daughters website where I can tell fathers how their daughters are behaving and how they should prevent it and openly talk about serious issues with their daughters. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to teach that.

But luckily OP is doing something about it probably already by practicing TRP and perhaps it might be absorbed by his daughter.

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As a dude with full custody and a crazy, now homeless ex-wife who also did very similar things as yours, I can tell you it gets better.

There will be lonely times and shit, but when you put your blood first it's all that matters - taking care of your own.

Good luck brother!

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Just in case a fuck up my life and marry a psycho, how did you get full custody ?

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Lawyer up, and lawyer up.

Also, keep track of everything she sends you, try to record any threats or acts of violence, etc. This includes text messages, etc.

EVERYTHING is admissible in family court. Print outs of text messages, no problem. Screenshots of emails, that works.

Finally, the last part is the hardest. You truly, truly have to WANT to have full custody of your kids. It's a big fucking deal, man. I don't have weekends free because their mom can't keep her shit together or a job or an apartment or boyfriend. The kids are with me all the time. Maybe they will see her for a couple of hours every other week, and that's with supervised visits that I have to pay for.

Be sure to know what you are signing up for.

Better yet, just try to avoid the whole thing if possible, marriage is such an antiquated institution with the worst possible contract. If you must do it be sure to get a pre-nup and settle issues like who gets the dog, the kids, the house etc before hand.

Good luck man, go crush that puss.

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Thank you for the response.

It is all about the kids for me, not the women. Any woman can bare my off springs, I just need her womb. It is too expensive to get a surrogate.

I hope your kids grow up to make you proud.

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