Red Pill TheoryReal teenagers are great practice for 'virtual' teenagers (self.TheRedPill)

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Introduction: It's common knowledge that women are the most responsible teenagers in the room. Interacting with real teens (or even 'tweens') is a great way to practice dealing with them.

Body: I am a single Dad. Before I was married, I was Red Pill (lite) long before that was a thing. After years of serial monogamy I knocked one up, got married, she cheated, got divorced and here I am. On paper we have shared custody, but in reality my daughter is with me full time. Now I'm back to my old ways (to a point) and incorporating some the things I read here.

Parenting is all about holding frame. A quick command in 'Dad voice' gets immediate attention. A whistle and she comes right away or at least a 'Just a minute' acknowledgement. She gets to make many choices but I always have veto and indecisiveness means I decide and that's that.

Agree and amplify is the grownup version of what I call Troll Dad.

  • "I'm hungry!" "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad."
  • "There's nothing to eat." "You mean there's nothing you want to eat (or want to cook)."
  • "You're so mean." "No, mean would be changing the Wifi & Netflix passwords."

I realize most guys here don't have kids (smart move) but that doesn't mean you don't have access to them. Spend some time with your neices or cousins, coach or mentor, be creative.

Conclusion: Beg/borrow/steal some kids and get busy shaping young minds. Women really are children, maybe you can help prevent the next wave and learn something in the process.

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This post is going to get torn to shreds by our detractors, but I up-voted it because it actually does ring true. There isn't too much a difference between a 15 year old girl or a 25 year old girl; they're all one in the same. (Although the 25 year old might be more entitled than the 15 year old.)

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Downvoting a thread because it makes the red pill look bad is insane. I don't come to TRP to suck up to blue pill. We don't need to be the good guys. We aren't now and we never will be.

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If anything, us pandering to them will just make them greedy for more. There's no satiation point of censorship for feminazis.

Hitler proved to us that the appeasement policy doesn't work.

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And the MRM confirmed it. They're so politically correct nowadays that they're barely even manosphere. Feminists still think they're all rapists. Pandering does NOTHING for a group's image but it absolutely ruins the group.

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Meanwhile they scream "kill all men" and get away with it

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Who cares what they scream. They scream at anything and everything, from twilight to Dr.Who. They're just teenagers who haven't grown up.

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[permanently deleted]

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You see your honor, the answer is simple, we just kill all men.

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"Kill all humans" "Cheese it!"

  • Bender

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Then we have to kill the courts.

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I side with GLO amongst others. Over at PPD I've said it dozens of times.

It is a huge strength that we don't tone police like the rest of the fags on Reddit. Fuck pandering, that's what losers do and I wouldn't even come to this sub if it became a tone-policed version.

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So, hold frame to the bluebies

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The thread is actually doing rather well.

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This post is going to get torn to shreds by our detractors, but I up-voted it because it actually does ring true.

This post is accurate as fuck actually. It is never more apparent that AWALT when you have one and realize rather quickly that women are the way they are right out of the chute.

There isn't too much a difference between a 15 year old girl or a 25 35 45 55 95 year old girl.


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Noticed this at my university graduation for the first time when my grandma got too drunk over some champagne bottles with the family and was acting no different, in any way, compared to some 18 year old I had hooked up with earlier that year from a random house party.


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This is absolutely true. My ltr is 26 but shows traits of being 5 years old. She knows exactly what she is doing and I give her a knowing glance and the behind her eyes I can see she knows she is being a child but society allows her this. Shes doesn't fuck with me like a Spoilt child but she would if she could

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One in the same besides the fact being around a 15 year old girl will raise a lot of eyebrows and probably get you pegged as a paedophile. I'm going against OP here. I highly discourage interacting with women under 18.

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I believe you're mostly right. I have a friend who was raised by a single dad and she doesn't display much typical female stupidity

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Single mother statistics are NOT single parent statistics. Dads do fine.

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THIS. In my pediatrics rotation, of the single parents bringing in kids, which ones were the most behaved? The single dads' kids.

Single moms just can't control their kids for whatever reason, unless their is a strong parental involvement of the dad.

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