I'm in fucking tears right now. A woman used the justice system to ruin my life. (self.TheRedPill)

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Forgive me if this incoherent, I am weeping as I write this. I am a 24 year old man. I fell into dating an older single mother earlier this year. She cheated on me and when I tried to break up with her she called the cops and said I abused her. The cops arrested me without even asking me if it was true. I was bailed out and given a 60 day protective order to stay away from her. I ignored her countless text, emails, voicemails, handwritten letters left on my trucks windshield for 2 weeks. She told me if I met her she would tell the cops the truth that she made it up. I came over and she gave me to falsely dated letters of confession. We were driving down the road later that night almost to her house in a suburban neighborhood when she, out of nowhere, threw my dog out of my vehicle, jumped out and ran to a random house screaming as if I was trying to rape her. This was right in the middle of a civil discussion, completely by surprise. The cops arrested me again for violating the protective order. Jail again. My state appointed attorney told me to accept the plea deal. 8 years probation, 250 hours of community service etc, and that I'd have 30 days to change my mind and think about it. He lied. I had 30 days to appeal and the judge has to decide if I can get my day in court. Hired good attorney for 7500 dollars to appeal. Judge takes it under consideration for 2 weeks and I get a call not 2 hours ago saying the motion is denied. I have a mountain of evidence showing I'm innocent. I am an army veteran with no prior criminal record from a good relatively wealthy family. I had a good future in front of me. I don't know where I am going with this. I just had to get this off of my heart. I have a felony on my record now and my future is ruined without ever even having a day in court. I don't know what to do.

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I am going to suggest something crazy, but hear me out. I think you should contact an animal rights group about what she did to your dog. This could potentially get the "pussy pass" on your side, women love animals. You need to press charges for the animals suffering, as any criminal charges will help in a civil suit. Then you civialy sue the hell outta her for everything at once, the dog, and the false claims.

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Brilliant idea even if it doesn't work. The reason is that it doesn't cost OP anything, so even if it fails he has lost nothing.

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As soon as someone puts the law on you, you must sever all ties because that person is your enemy for life.

Additionally, the system doesn't care about the truth; it cares about having fresh meat feed on.

If you do have a bunch of documentary evidence that she made the whole thing up, you'll need to keep working the system until your name is cleared. Hire a private detective if you have to. If your family has money, this shouldn't be as much of an issue than if you were poor.

If you're poor, you simply cannot afford to be this stupid, because this kind of mistake could set off a chain of events that can put you behind prison for life.

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The best lesson I have ever learned is: if someone involves the law in a matter, never try to de-escalate the amount of law involved.

If someone has their lawyer contact you, you don't answer until it's your lawyer responding (even if the situation is still amicable or business). If someone calls the cops, you embrace them and refuse to deal with the person without a police witness. If someone takes you to court, you countersue instead of trusting their promise to "drop the case".

No matter what the situation, going from a high-law, high-evidence environment to a low-law, low-evidence one is likely to get you into trouble. OP violated a court order (law) on the strength of a personal promise (not law).

I'm not sure I've ever spoken to someone who had previously made a legal threat against me.

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OP violated a court order (law) on the strength of a personal promise (not law).

This is the big thing to note. We are hearing his side of the story, but this is presumably a fact, and reeks of stupidity on OP's side. Makes him look suspicious, and above all makes him a man who violated a court order.

If he had an ounce of dignity or brains, he would've taken any evidence of her trying to entice him for a meetup to his attorney to make his case that much stronger.

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I think OP should take his story to the news media. There are huge chances that this woman has done the same shit to other men. Public shaming and Public opinion might also be a way to go and also work out as it will put pressure on the judge. At this stage there are no legal avenues that will be fair towards OP.

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the media will always take the woman's side in any case, no matter how sympathetic the man is. Just look at mattress girl. It turned out she lied about the whole ordeal and the media just swept it under the rug.

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That bitch that carried her mattress around her campus? That was a lie?

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yep, the guy she accused is taking her and the university to court over it. He has evidence of consent through multiple text messages, some of which have been published online. They continued to hook up for weeks after until she decided to cry rape.

Let's be honest, do you know any real rape victims that made a porn tape recreating the supposed rape?

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LOL I didn't even know she made a recreation. I didn't follow closely enough. It sounded like a bunch of bull shit.

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The President of the Uni refused to shake her hand when she walked the stage on graduation. There's a video, he manages to "distract" himself taking a sip of water when it's her turn to walk. Funny shit.

If I was an employer I would not hire her.

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Yea she made a recreation of it. OMG i fapped so hard to that shit man. Its missionary, you can see her butthole.

I have a major fetish for feminist cunts, but im too smart to fuck em myself

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I have a major fetish for feminist cunts, but im too smart to fuck em myself

Can't say I've heard that before, be careful.

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Hitching off the top comment.

OP, take a deep breath. You've already fucked up, and panicking is not going to fix anything. It's not over.

First, stop any contact with this woman now. If she keeps trying to leave notes or call you, get a restraining order against her. Do it the FIRST time she tries. She is made of radioactive poison and must be kept away. In fact, I would try to get an order now. See what your attorney can do. The civil matter is separate from the criminal one, and mutual restraining orders are very common. Courts recognize that two people can be a bad mix even if only one of them gets criminal charges. Get that restraining order.

Second, you're not in prison, so you have a future, just a difficult one. Judge hasn't changed the terms of the plea, correct? So eight years probation makes you 32 when it's over. Barely older than me. Once that comes around, start talking to a lawyer about getting your rights restored and your record cleaned up. If you're careful, you could be free and clear by 34, which is younger than when many men here get divorced and force-fed the pill.

In the meantime it will be difficult getting great employment, but by no means impossible to make a decent living. Resist the temptation to drink or do drugs; find a support group if your emotional state gets too bad (many churches group therapy/support sessions for free, and you can always talk to a priest even if you're not one of the faithful). Be careful to abide by the terms of your probation. State law may have some quirks, so read those on your own in addition to taking advice from your lawyer. Every state makes its statutes freely available to read, so go look it up and write down questions for your lawyer. You're on a computer now, so your probation can't include a prohibition against using the internet. You can still take online college courses, still do online freelance coding, so you can start building a career in computer science without too much trouble.

Take a day to soak it all up, but no more than that. Don't fall into the mental pity-party trap. That's how you end up three years from now, drunk or in prison. Start getting shit together tomorrow no matter how crappy you feel. Stop fucking up your probation right this second, get that woman legally bound to stay out of your life, and get to work making ends meet for the next few years. The first year is the hardest, so if you can beat that, you can beat all of them. Look forward to getting your rights restored at the end. The system is designed for people who fake being reformed, so it will fight you nearly every step, but it is not impossible to overcome.

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As soon as someone puts the law on you, you must sever all ties because that person is your enemy for life.

^ This. As soon as someone appeals to the authorities they become an adversary/enemy. Treat them as such. This means covering your ass at all times because as OP showed you can be in the middle of a civil conversation and the person can just go absolutely batshit and throw dogs out of cars and run off to a random house. This is doubly true for women because of the 'women are wonderful' effect and how well they can screw you in the system by crying a few crocodile tears on the stand.

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Yep, ties needed to be severed as soon as the order was put into place. Many guys seemed to get nailed on the protective order violation. The female faces no consequences of initiating communication with the male, but for the male to reciprocate there are dire consequences. I have doubts about the IQ level of OP, because by being in her physical presence while the order was intact,he effectively handled her his balls and freedom on a platter.