When you stop putting women on a pedestal, not only will your life improve, you also quickly realize how boring they really are. (self.TheRedPill)

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Before TRP: "Why can't I find a woman who likes me?"

After TRP: "Why can't I find a woman who I like?"

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Perhaps it's due to the nature of the Wall and fertility that women focus developmentally on sexuality attractiveness rather than actually having a personality and forming ideas. A lot of women demand being seen as more than sex objects when, in fact, that's precisely their biological prerogative. Genuinely interesting girls more often than not used to be of still are fat or ugly and learned how to be good people as compensation. (Of course, others just remain bitter.)

However, people in general are boring too, including men. People don't read. People instead watch TV and its copious advertisements. People follow trends. They engage in groupthink. They embrace the irrational and emotional rather than bring open minded and logical. Men just tend to be better at surrounding themselves with men of their own intellectual quality rather than similar attractiveness. That's the male prerogative.

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I prefer the company of an average woman to an average man. At least I can fuck her.

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Those poor men you're neglecting, they have holes too!

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I wouldn't say the average woman in my country is fuckable.

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Groupthink works. It does wonders. Most of human success can be attributed to politics. Making people like you is one of the most powerful things you can have in your arsenal. Being the same as others goes a long way in making people like you.

It's simple, yet effective. But for some reason I can't fathom some hipsters ignore this very powerful strategy. Maybe out of pride? I do now know.

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So true. Now that the wool has been removed from my eyes and I see women for who they really are, I don't think I can ever fall in love again. But that's a good thing. Love is based upon delusion and illusion, an evolved chemical reaction to facilitate procreation and child rearing. I still love women but I'll never "fall" in love again.

I now realize I was projecting my fantasies upon women and seeing traits that simply weren't there. I'm approaching middle age and have been with around 50-60 women (lost count) and 4 LTR >2 yrs, so I have a lot of life experience to reflect upon. Looking back with a red lens everything makes perfect sense now.

I've also stopped looking for that perfect woman to settle down with. I'm less picky about personality traits and really only care about physical attraction and sex. In a way I've lowered my standards which opened up way more possibilities and I'm contented on my own for the first time in my life. I feel so free.

My life-long thirst for pussy and worship of the feminine has been the biggest source of pain I've known. I even put my music/art carrier on hold for a woman I almost married who later fucked me over (6+yrs). But thanks to her and the broken heart, I began trying to understand, which lead me to evolutionary psychology and eventually TRP.

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Guys "fall" in love because they're walking around the edge of a giant ditch with a blindfold. TRP is the ladder that lets you climb down into the relationship and also out.

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Couldn't have said it better.

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Projection is the key word in your incredibly insightful comment. I am doing a lot of research into the power of projection, why it happens, how to discern projection from reality. I think this needs deeper treatment on TRP, especially for the newbies. I still do it all the time (project X onto Y). I'm not sure there's anything I can do about it. The only difference is to develop the discipline to analyze what it is you actually see in a woman. Once you get rigorous, the, well depressing, thing is that you realize how much we/i/you conflate longing with the actual qualities she possesses. The problem is in the longing.

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Cultivating an awareness through meditation can help. A lot of projection are snap judgments that you're not even aware of, but something as simple as paying attention to your breath passing through your nose can make it obvious how much the mind wanders. So much time you spend thinking and analysing without actually being in control of said thought processes.

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Yeah, I don't see how men could ever marry a woman. It seems a lot of men are weak, have a scarcity mentality, and are coerced into marrying them through guilt and other forms of female manipulation.

Young women tend to be the trendy soulless selfish frivolous type OP and Roosh V describe (i.e. in Roosh's article on the things wrong with American women), or the social justice feminist type that plagues Reddit. A lot of the times an ugly hybrid of the two, especially those women who go to university who receive an indoctrination in leftism.

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I could make this a separate post but today at work, I was almost verbally decimated by someone's woman and his secretary because they asked me to tell them when will I get married, and I said "never, unless MAYBE with a prenup". They went full wildcats spitting poison how I'm "the kind of guy who even splits chairs in the house", how "that's not how love works". Even the poor guy took her position (obviously) telling me that "I just don't know how good it is", all the while his wife was talking to me about how she wants the latest iPhone, new clothes because it's been "well over a month" (the horror!) and he subtly complained about his dead bedroom.

It's as if they are the ones who are missing getting their hands in my pocket! Now that I'm TRP and I don't see this whole thing from an emotional angle, that argument didn't really worked as they planned. I'm never getting married. NEVER EVER.

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They are mad at you because you have seen marriage for what it is.. and your discovery is a direct threat to women's resources.

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I was talked into proposing by my sister. I wanted to make my lady happy and knew it was what she wanted. It was all for her.

So glad we never tied the knot. Even though I was BP back then there was a part of myself that was RP but had never been validated, so I questioned myself and tried to turn down the "misogyny". TRP confirmed what I've always suspected. And when she fucked me over it was the best lesson imaginable.

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I don't see how men could ever marry a woman.

Women were not always like most women are now.

Even now, most women are not the most venal of women, but someone like Amy Schumer wouldn't have been celebrated by a sitting Senator pressing for gun control. She would have been a family shame and not paraded as a social icon - much less someone whose opinion is considered in any way relevant on lawmaking.

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This has a corollary to getting fit:

Before getting fit: Fairly large pool of "attractive" women
After getting fit: Most women are lazy slobs, with precious few taking care of their bodies.

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Marcus Aurelius would've been proud of your phrasing , "One man prays: 'how can I sleep with that woman?' Your prayer is: 'How can I lose the desire to sleep with her?'

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That basically it. I get bored with a new woman so easily now that I often don't even bother meeting them. The sex is also mostly boring.

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Not only boring, but expensive. Expensive in terms of the stress in dealing with them and their feelz-logic and personality disorders, the constant drama and arguments and shittests and other attention/validation schemes, the agony of attending female activities and conversing about celebrity gossip and enduring their insipid friends/families, the opportunity cost of having to spend all this time with them instead of pursuing something productive or fulfilling, the direct fincancial cost of supporting them and purchasing the requisite number of gifts, etc.

Outside of a marriage with children, all of it is essentially a cost for sex, and if you value your time and happiness it's fucking expensive.

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