Field ReportJust dumped gf of two months. Feel pretty good. (self.TheRedPill)

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This has to be most rp thing I've ever read. Congrats mate.

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Agreed. Note the many downvoted comments that OP acted whiny and ran away.or fucked up by playing the game.

They dont realize that:

She definitely invited the guy to show up and neither she or he were "joking"

The only reason the girl is chasing OP and didn't get with the guy is that OP showed much more value than him. Her desire for OP shot through the roof and she no longer has interest in the other guy.

This is not just a strategy for plates. When your LTR shows signs of attraction to another guy you do samw thing minus the hard next.

Express zero hurt. Make it seem like its funny that she has a crush. Act like a cocky ass who would laugh at her making the mistake of a lifetime as "its all downhill from here babe"

Well done

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Yeah she was going to blow him eventually anyway, OP made the right choice and even with style, nice going OP.

I have realized that you just can't win with them, you just have to cut your losses, next and walk away, it's not easy but it's that or keep dying inside, never surrender be that captain of your soul

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be the conductor of your soul train and rail bitches.

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I prefer "Be the gardener of your thoughts, not the soil in which they are grown."

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When your LTR shows signs of attraction to another guy

Exactly this.

LTRs work best when this kind of shit comes up and your remind her that she's replaceable. Never in my 10+ dating history have I seen any woman backpedal faster than when she thinks another woman might take her spot. This is from dating nice girls, ghetto chicks, strippers and professionals alike. Universal truism.

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Yup. And never forget you are the prize. A very recent plate (2nd at-home date tonight) was begun very definitely with her knowing I actively date others, one of whom for two years now. I'm openly non-monogamous and everybody I date knows it.

Previous home-date was mine, so, she invites me to her place, and I comment that if I go there, she won't see my Saturnalia decorations. She texts, "Well, if you play your cards right, I may come over during the week").

My response: "MY cards, eh?"

Result: Total backpedal. Plausible deniability, "haha, just kidding. You know that, right? Right??? RIGHT???" (okay, I added the last two "rights", but the rest is real).

And I plan to be very busy next week. Xmas and all, you know?

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Now there is something you and I can certainly agree on. The man and his time are the true prize. Women and their pussies? Not so much. Commodities.

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I'm not a spelling nazi usually but damn.

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He means that when you're in a long term relationship, instead of actually dumping her, just use this as dread game (or to punish a shit test, I guess).

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Correct. Its gonna happen that your wife will start talking about some new guy at work or some other kids dad is kinda "funny". The wrong approach is to ask a million questions and start mate guarding.

Instead you tease her about her new boyfriend. Ask if he sent any love letters today etc. Make sure you are treating this like its hysterical and it doesnt phase you a bit. Also run some dread and pull back on the comfort. Be a little busier than normal.

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Op only made one mistake,and that is making a girlfriend out of a clearly non-girlfriend material chick. She should have been a plate with those atributes(tatoos,cc history). From the story you can see that op is nowhere near mastering the red pill philosophy( he made a gf out of totaly wrong girl, he was "dying inside" when he realised that she is into doing the bet,and you can still see some emotional attachment from him) but he scored 100 points on his test and did the best thing he could in the given circumstances.

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Some of us will never be a RP master but his RP training paid off.

"Dying inside" is not wrong, its a feeling and a call to action. His actions were measured and controlled. Kudos to him.

He may not be a master but he's now a Legend!

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Yeah. It takes nothing to drop a girl if you have no emotional investment in her. It takes everything if you care for her. It's like that one quote:

"Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it"

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No ones perfect. Figure if a guy stopes before she popps out a kid and a weight problem, he is a winner.

Just a matter of how long it takes

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For real I'm impressed. Hats off to you op.

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Yeah feel no regrets man, you have nothing to feel sorry for. Way to go! :D

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Love it. You shamed her and directly raised your value through your entire social circle by being able to walk away from a woman who was unworthy of your affections and who would be willing to choose an AMOG over you. So long as you have other plates and really don't care about losing this one, that's a solid way to end the relationship and punish bad behaviour.

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Even if he had no one else, it was still the right thing to do.