Men's RightsIsraeli feminists helped kill a bill that could charge women for rape of men because - get this - they're worried about false rape claims. (self.TheRedPill)

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Oy vey izmir. http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Womens-groups-Cancel-law-charging-women-with-rape

Here I thought one of the reasons Orthodox Judaism has persisted for so long as a relatively unchanging culture and tradition was due to strictly proscribed gender roles. Guess we can cross Tel Aviv off the travel list.

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Feminism is pro-women not pro-equality. Pro-women comes first. Equality takes a backseat. Feminists love pretending like it's the same thing hoping that we don't see through the smoke screen or that we're too passive to call them out.

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I blame the betas who follow 100% what women say but turn a blind eye to what they do. Pussy-pedestal blinders.

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Some Beta Orbiter Queen posted about how lonely she was on Facebook and how guys should come out and tell her if they have a crush.

One guy posted, "Well you rejected me, but at least I did! :)"

I responded (to the guy) with, "If you improve yourself and make yourself sexier, you'll never be rejected again" (obvious exaggeration, but the general principle is true). The girl responds with, "Wow."

Some other orbiter posts, "Wow, because women can only process sexiness in their tiny woman brains, isn't that right?"

And I just thought to myself, "Oh, poor beta, if only you knew how wrong your approach was, you'd drop it immediately".

There's no reasoning with these people. It's as if their logical reasoning is hijacked by their dick.

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A sad truth. Only in these crazy times is "improve yourself, get sexier, and you won't get rejected" somehow evil red pill misogynist advice.

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That's more or less what I responded.

I was like, "Getting sexier is wrong? I would say the same thing about men and women, honestly" (though obviously knowing that increasing SMV for women is, besides losing weight, pretty much a crapshoot).

The beta said that I was, "incredibly shallow", to which I said, "yes I am", because I am.

He then said for me to be happy dating a bimbo (read: a girl out of his SMV range that he has decided are all dumb as bricks, to justify his sour grapes)

The read I got out of that situation was:

He instinctively recognizes I have more options than him, and rather than improving himself, he hates me for it.

Note, this was beta #2 that was attacking me (presumably to win points and favor with his queen), the first never said anything.

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I made that mistake with a friend that I assumed would be receptive. Instead of rational conversation I got emotional backlash, complete with straw man arguments and mockery. As a bonus he shares everything with his wife so now she especially isn't too fond of me and I'm the misogynist of the group.

It's pretty hilarious to say the exact same type of quip or joke involving women that my friend is known to make and watch the entirely different reactions I get. Once a misogynist always a misogynist..

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I find the duck and run attitude regarding feminist rhetoric to be pretty disgusting to be honest and I don't give one half of a fuck what people think.

You'll try to tell me how it will affect my life and my future dating, career, and life prospects and I will respond with "like feminism run rampant has?" so save it. I don't care. Allowing feminists to shove their message down everyone's throats without anyone presenting any counter arguments is what has allowed it to get to this point.

I had a pretty spectacular brouhaha with a bunch of feminist leaning women and I held court like a boss and actually disseminated some contradictory government statistics which refute the feminist dialogue at their request. Don't fucking care if they read it or considered it. I did something rather than huddle and whine to myself that we're already beaten.

Hate if you want but I personally find it unforgivable that a bunch of so-called Alphas think that the best thing is to tuck their tails and say nothing to curb a movement which affects us all.

Down-vote if I hurt your little feelings but it won't change a damn thing.

The funny thing is, I can't even count how many times people have told me that they like me for my blunt and often times brutal honesty. They know where I stand and know that I will defend my position vigorously and with intelligence. If they think I'm a misogynist, that's their problem for being idiots.

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I don't have the time or energy to respond very effectively so all I can say is that the ignore them and they'll go away tactic and blaming people who offer counter arguments to feminist bullshit is so fucking stupid it hurts my brain. Just because a bunch of redditors and manosphere gurus parrot this absolutely ludicrous strategy, doesn't mean it's true.

I wish you all the personal glory and Pussy that all of your manly pursuits will surely result in, in the feminist hell that you tacitly allowed the world to become.

As for me thinking I'm more alpha for taking action, quite simply, I don't. I think the term as it is used in here is so nebulous that it is meaningless and I do not aspire to it. I aspire to be me. To fuck with stupid childish labels.

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Fair enough I suppose. You seem like a bright guy (in all seriousness), I wish you the best.

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Once you're labelled as a misogynist it's very hard to change that reputation.

Yeah, I don't even give a fuck anymore. The only people who give a shit are white knight faggots and fat hamplanets, neither of which I care to have in my life. Now, I just agree & amplify when someone pulls the misogynist card. "You know it, sweet tits. Get me another beer."

This behavior has not put any kind of a damper on my sex life. If anything, the "bad boy" reputation I've inadvertently fostered has been entirely beneficial. It's really hard for crazy bitches to create drama with me when they know I'll just agree & laugh it off.

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Oh I know in general that's a smart plan, but with her I'm just trolling. We have no friends in common anymore, I have no interest in sleeping with her really (if she made it easy enough, sure, but she lives 45 minutes away now and she's not anywhere near attractive enough for real effort or desire). I see it as a funny game.

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It's facebook, anybody can read it. When you post shit like that, you're yelling off into a public forum.

Don't be a moron, conceal your hand.

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You're really far more worried about the opinion's of my Facebook friends than I am. I do agree that as I become more influential, I'll need to curtail that behavior.

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I do agree that as I become more influential, I'll need to curtail that behavior.

Why wait?

You're really far more worried about the opinion's of my Facebook friends than I am.

Reputation is everything. I'm guessing you're fairly young, and haven't really experienced how important it is to have a good rep with that friend of a friend.

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I haven't been waiting, I've gradually been decreasing the behavior over the past two years or so. But I used to really like attention and validation, and every once in a while I'll still swipe for it. I consider it a moral failing when I do, of course - though in most contexts, not a huge one.

Actually, I'm moderately old. I'm just now getting to the point in my life where I care about reputation. I've never had a value add from reputation thus far though. Everything I've gotten has just come from working harder/learning things for me.

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Another reason why I'm not too bothered by it is because I know it is temporary - zeal of the convert and all that. Eventually the desire to save other men will die out.

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