MetaPSA 2: Do not post shit about hitting women. EVER. One and only warning. (self.TheRedPill)

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Hitting women is NOT Red Pill. I just removed two posts literally within a 5 minute period about some dumb Asian bitch on WSHH advocating woman beating.

  • First of all, nothing demonstrates a more catastrophic loss of frame than beating the shit out of a plate or LTR. If you suck so bad at overcoming a shit test that you have to resort to violence, YOUR GAME SUCKS and you have more reading to do.

  • Secondly, ANY TIME a post like this pops up, it is almost immediately ripped from this sub by SRS and other anti-TRP subs and pointed to as "TRP believes in beating women". I don't give a shit if you were just anecdotally pointing "wow, look how delusional and messed up these hamsters are, they take beatings, lol." They will not address the context, they will not address the underlying meaning of your post. They will simply run to the admins with it. I wouldn't be surprised if these posts haven't already been c/p'ed onto TBP.

No more. We aren't "thuggish niggas", and we aren't interested in that shit.

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First of all, nothing demonstrates a more catastrophic loss of frame than beating the shit out of a plate or LTR. If you suck so bad at overcoming a shit test that you have to resort to violence, YOUR GAME SUCKS and you have more reading to do.

To paraphrase The Art of War, if one finds themselves in a war that means they have messed up.

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I'm also going to throw in that you should read "The Prince", by Niccolò Machiavelli. It's not about unscrupulous manipulation of people as most people (most of whom have never read it) assume.

There is a lot of wisdom about how to keep your head attached to your shoulders - an actual problem in the warring dynasties, religious empires and fiefdoms of the Renaissance - when you're in a position of power and responsibility.

Available free at Gutenberg (and many other sources)

Also thought-provoking and useful is The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracián. Also available from many sources.

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I just finished reading the Prince and some of his other works last month, wasn't too impressed tbh in terms of its applicability to the modern world. I mean maybe im a wimp but murdering your enemy and their entire families (to prevent them from rising against you in the future) just doesnt seem too applicable nowadays. Some stuff applies, but you're better off reading more modern books.

That being said, its a pretty good book to get under your wing for the purpose of just impressing people. Everyone's heard of Machiavelli, no one has read his shit though. Also, his name sounds fancy.

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Are you being purposefully dense to make a point?

The analogy to modern life is quite easy to make. If you run a business, it's in your interest to destroy, buy-out, imitate your competitors before they become big enough to threaten you in the future.

The application is there, you just have to frame it properly.

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None of these should be taken as literal advice - raising an army to march through China wouldn't be very useful either, but Sun Tzu had more finesse and a more spare and oblique style which is easier to use as a touchstone than the wordier Machiavelli. Also consider the times in which they were written - the Borgias weren't notorious for their politeness after all and assassination and murder were constant threats. The principles are timeless though.

For example: Not spending all your money trying to impress people (then raising taxes which pisses everyone off) isn't bad advice for anyone or any government.

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Don't take the book immediately at face value.

"the book is, first and foremost, a satire, so that many of the things we find in it which are morally absurd, specious, and contradictory, are there quite deliberately in order to ridicule ... the very notion of tyrannical rule"

There are suggestions that it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, though it's so well written as to instruct a psychopath leader that I have to wonder if maybe Machiavelli wasn't even in on his own joke. Hard to say whether he meant it word-for-word, but it's more layered than it appears.

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Think most historians generally dismiss those interpretations - the version I read had a contextual introductory forward that was about twice as long as the actual work.

Honestly by the standards of the day it really wasnt that brutal. It was just realistic of what is going on. Machiavelli's main ethical stance is essentially boiled down to: "look, people are competing for power. The people willing to do evil are always eventually going to come out ahead over those that tie their hands behind their back by being 'good.' Thus, unless good people are willing to get their hands dirty the entire world is going to be run by the shittiest people."

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unless good people are willing to get their hands dirty the entire world is going to be run by the shittiest people

I like that interpretation better. Honestly, it's been some 10+ years since I've discussed the book. I added the bit above in hopes that people who haven't read it, but are reading this comment chain, at least understand there's more to take away than simply "The ends justify the means", which seems to be pretty much the only thing most people know about it.

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It's pretty much what's still the 'realist theory of international politics' is, which is the dominant/default strand. Look at John Bolton for a modern day Machiavelli (in his overt acknowledgment of power as the only real interest), he's highly intelligent, even though he might not seem so at first glance. I don't really agree with him though, I think he's throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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murdering your enemy and their entire families

Still clearly applicable. The most obvious area is in other competitive endeavors: business, sports, etc. It's one thing to beat a competitor in the latest round of product launches (murdering your enemy), but you would be in a much safer position if you ensure that your competitor is completely eliminated (murdering their family). Coaches lament not doing so all the time: "We left them in the game...weren't ruthless enough...had our boots to their throat but didn't finish"

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Dig it. Maybe I should finally give that a read.

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As someone pointed out the 48 laws of power is nothing more then a westernized rewrite of the art of war. But the failure of the 48 laws of power is it looks at each separately. The Art of War has "wierd" statements like this.

There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.

There are not more than five primary colors (blue, yellow, red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.

There are not more than five cardinal tastes (sour, acrid, salt, sweet, bitter), yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted.

The Art of War was originally written on bamboo slats with 1 slat to a sentence. Sun Tzu has devoted 3 sentences to this idea. So he considers it to be important.

First thing I got is the obvious, that with by combining the laws in different ways you end up with different combinations. But then I remembered with harmonics, harmonics are sine waves. Depending on the timing, the sum of sine waves can be greater then the whole.

So then I thought about food. A small amount of spice intensifies the taste of the food. But if you combine different spices in a certain combinations the intensification will be greater then the whole.

We ofcourse have no idea what Sun Tzu really meant. That is my interpretation. And this is what differentiates the book from the 48 laws of power.

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You cant take the stuff zun writes literally. Its all a message underneath

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Sure you can. The book largely consists of simple examples that illustrate the complex message conveyed, and not reading literally actually impedes understanding. You must read literally, then extrapolate that literal reading into metaphor. When you can flip backand forth between these two approaches, to anything really, you can be said to understand that thing. But not until.

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Just meditate about everything there

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It's a must read. It's one of those writings that applied to much more than its supposed target. Throughout reading it, you can see that much of the philosophy can be applied to much more than the battlefield.

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Exactly. Hitting PEOPLE in my opinion is ok when it is a self defense act. A woman can pepper spray a guy following her or grabbing her or whatever, a man (and a woman) should be able to hit whoever is trying to physically damage him.

There's nothing Red Pill about being a wife beater or beating your kid or your dog or whatever.

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Funny story actually. I was once pepper sprayed by a woman because she thought I was following her. In her defense I was in fact walking about 10 feet behind her for about half a mile. Turns out we were actually going to the same place. I guess you could say things got awkward pretty quick once she realized this.

Edit: So the full story. It was like 12:30 am on a Saturday night and I had just left the bars headed to my friends appt to smoke and chill. I was pretty buzzed and listening to my iPod. After I got through the down town area and hit the residential area and notice there was a girl walking in front of me. Whatever, I just walked with my head down listening to pandora day dreaming. This girl kept making all the same turns I had to make so at one point I remember thinking "that's weird I hope she doesn't think I'm following her". Sure enough about 2 blocks away from my friends appt I wasn't paying attention and next thing I see is this girl like two feet in front of me. At first I thought I was going to bump into her but next thing I know she's spraying pepper spray at me.

She got most of it in my nose and mouth but my eyes burned and I fell to the ground. I think I yelled something along the lines of "what the fuck!?!". She ran off and I scrambled to the side of the house I was in front of and turned on the garden hose.

After about 10-15 mins of blasting my face with water, I managed to walk to my friends appt. I pretty much crashed through his door and yelled "Jesus dude, I just got pepper sprayed by some random crazy bitch!" There was no sounds for about 30 seconds and then I just hear my friend dieing of laughter. I looked up and after a few seconds I could see my friend but standing next to him was the very girl who pepper sprayed me.

Apparently she was headed to his place too, thought I was following her, pepper sprayed me, then ran to my friends place all hysterical and freaked out at him saying she just pepper sprayed some guy who was following her.

She instantly realized what she did the second I walked through the door and spent the next hour apologizing until my buddy gave me a ride home. She was absolutely nuts and I haven't seen her since.