Woman decides that she wants to ride the cock carousel before she hits the wall and ask her BF for an open relationship. BF responds like a boss. (self.TheRedPill)

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I don't have a problem with what she did and how he handled it... what gets my jimmies rustled is how she's now trying to defend her actions and get support from her peers ( read other women ) and can't seem to get her head around why she got dumped.

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Solipsism -- just look at her responses. She doesn't get it because she didn't think before opening her mouth. She will never get it because to her what only matters is her point of view. To her, it's not her fault because she simply expressed some of her thoughts. An analogy would be a white nigga going up to his black nigga and asking "I'm seriously thinking about joing the KKK, what do you think?" The black nigga would completely lose his respect for the white nigga, it doesn't matter whether or not he actually ended up joining the KKK in the end.

Just because she thought it would be a swell and "fair" idea, she decided to bring it up to him. She didn't even think once about how he would react and decided to go ahead and open up the can of worms.


1) she's not satisfied by him sexually; she's "ok" with everything else, e.g., being provided for, but she simply has no excitement in life, sexually or otherwise. No point in being in a relationship if you're just being used.

2) she's most likely already cheating or is planning to, but an "open relationship" would burden her with no guilt; also, she most likely already knows who the first man she's going to be banging if the relationship opens up;

3) SENSE OF PRIDE; that bitch is openly going around fucking other men, and this pussywhipped nigga isn't going to do shit about it. Word gets out. What will his friends think? What will his parents say? A man's sense of pride is one of the most important things to him.

4) What if we get married, this continues, and she gets pregnant with another man's child? She'd probably say abortion, but we all know how bitches change their minds every other day.

5) What if she ends up leaving me for one of her fuck buddies? I've spent 5+ of my life, time, and money on her and she'll end up leaving as soon as a better deal comes along.

To be fair, she's going to want to "move up" regardless due to hypergamy, but giving her more opportunities to do so just increases the likelihood of that happening.

6) She's clearly not devoted to me, otherwise she would spend her time only with me as a partner. It's time to move on.

But nope, solipsism. "I'D like to do this. Me me me me."

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I spent 2100 on a girl only for her to cheat and then say it wasn't a big deal, and then say she wanted an open relationship.

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Yeah. I dumped her on the spot. Lost a lot of beta friends because of it.

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sweet. best money you ever spent.

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Oh yeah. I could lament that I spent 2100 dollars on nothing, but learning who your friends are is priceless.

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What? I would never turn my back on my homies if he dumped his girlfriend. WTF.

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Betas don't have homies. I realize that betas are basically male men with female attitudes. They will drag you down for a piece of 3/10 tail.

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The actually really gross.

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On what? Dinner and shit or plane tickets?

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white nigga


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nigga ain't a race, it's an attitude.

s/a/er/ and you have a problem.

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Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H?

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Tell that to my High School Gym Coach.

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It made me happy to see people pointing out the most obvious fact that she ignored. That she's the one that stands to gain, and not him.

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But but but

It would "go both ways"

Plus she read online that it was a really good idea

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Devoid of all responsibility is the woman's trump card. As long as society doesn't hold women accountable they will continue to act like victims when they damn well know they are the reason this happened.

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"Omg u guyz!! Why can't my bf be supportive?! All I want is some other penises inside me...can't he understand MY view? Ugh he's being so selfish!"

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Imagine her face when she rechecked her post, imagining to see a bunch of supportive "OMG was an insecure asshole BF, you deserve better. Keep looking for a man, a real man would put up with all of this to have you!" and instead got dumped on....

As a side note, I prefer when RP focuses upon RP examples (like this), rather than the low-hanging fruit that is BP examples. This post contributes more value IMO than the "guy whose wife fucked 11 dudes" because there is so much BP in every pore of society. There will always be billions of BP examples, far more than we could ever link, but RP examples are rare.

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