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So this sub has been gaining a lot of new subscribers lately so I reckon there's a bunch of newbies lurking about. While the sidebar is great and does a good job of providing you some of the basic groundwork that TRP works on, you might have missed some of the better posts if you only recently joined.

Here are the ones that really hit me the hardest that I saved when I was bingereading TRP material, as well as some recent ones.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/985049 The five stages of The Red Pill

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977901 Men are not happy

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977917 You are disposable. The world does not care about you.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977945 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977949 She's going to get away with whatever she wants. Accept it. Stop caring.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977953 Don't Be Like Bruce

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977957 What is The Red Pill and Why does it exist

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977961 Why women love assholes (an alternate view)

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977965 What happens when you drop a bunch of women on an island to fend for themselves?

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977969 Focus on you first. And second. And third. And...blah blah...Worry about women seventh.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977973 Being controlling is for losers!

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977977 Tits or GTFO

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977981 Be a good person if you want but it won't attract women

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977985 Another take on why TRP is loathed by women: AF/BB has to be a secret.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977989 The two most powerful weapons in a man's relationship arsenal: Stepping Out, and Walking Away.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/977993 The Female Imperative

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978041 The Red Pill is Pro-Woman

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978045 EVERY man must always follow The Rule

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978049 Women want a wedding, not a marriage.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978061 Be selfish, dismissive, amused, and communicate less -- the keys to success

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978097 "Why Would That Matter? I'm The Girl"

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978249 There's a petition to get the youtube channel 'simple pickup' removed because talking to a woman, any woman, is 'street harassment'

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978361 new members, this is fundamental

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978433 She doesn't love you.

http://www.theattractionforums.com/general-discussion/96418-man.html Being a man

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978437 “I’ve been hurt in the past.”

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978441 Refusing the "Gift"

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978445 You're the island, and she's the seagull.

http://www.redditlog.com/snapshots/978449 A woman cannot tell you how you must proceed. She can only tell you what she wants to experience.


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Strong collection of posts. I've saved it, and if we decide to do a more comprehensive archive this will be a good start.

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Replying to top comment for awareness:

Is it just me, or does every link in this post show an "Internal Server Error (500)"?

If it's a useful post, I'd like to see the links updated.

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Can you put this on the side bar also.

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Thanks for doing this. Every one of these posts is pure gold.

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Thanks for doing this, man. So much good content is lost to time.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If I may wax meta for a moment without being clobbered for concern-trolling: With the influx of new participants the signal-to-noise ratio has suffered, but I believe this community can absorb and normalize the huddled masses.

It seems to me that focusing on and reminding the community of the basics is the way to go. And this post of yours is well on that way.

I raise my beer to you, sir.

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These need to be stickied, god damn.

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Every Time you link to one of GayLubeOil's articles his muscles get bigger. Proof on my Twitter

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How about sentence or two about each or at least the title of the post so people know which ones might be relevant to what they want to read about?

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Here are some that I like:

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

Copy/paste of an article on Cracked, and in my opinion one of the most important RedPill introductions: http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-harsh-truths-that-will-make-you-better-person/

This isn't a Disney movie. People want things, and they only care about you because of the value you provide. If you're depressed and you hate yourself, it's probably because you don't do anything. If you want to get girls, the first step is to become the type of man that girls want.

"Saying that you're a nice guy is like a restaurant whose only selling point is that the food doesn't make you sick."

She doesn't love you

She doesn't love you, she loves her attraction to you. She loves the tingles you give her. If you stop giving her tingles she will find it somewhere else.

Focus on you first. And second. And third. And...blah blah...Worry about women seventh


  1. Hit the gym

  2. Eat well

  3. Job well

  4. Talk to everyone

  5. Get hobbies; don't be boring

  6. Learn game

  7. Chase girls

What happens when you drop a bunch of women on an island to fend for themselves?

Example from a Dutch version of Survivor. Men and women are put on separate islands. Men build shelter, hunt, and cook food. Each man does what is needed and what he is best suited for without having somebody tell him to do it. Women spend the whole time sunbathing, and nothing get done because there is never group consensus.

Tits or GTFO

From 4chan: http://i.imgur.com/xjKgo68.png

"The only reason you post [that you are girl] is because you want your girl-advantage back, because you are too vapid and too stupid to do or say anything interesting without it."

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I've never read that Cracked post before coming to TRP (last December). It is excellent though and should be read by ALL the BP whiteknights on Reddit now adays. Hell, even people starting out in corporations should read this and remember that their ability to perform well is the only reason they have a job and the only reason why they should keep a job.

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She doesn't love you, she loves her attraction to you. She loves the tingles you give her. If you stop giving her tingles she will find it somewhere else.

Ok i've tried to not comment on your reply, but this is complete bullshit. This is as much a generalisation as the "all men are pigs" which we all hate. There are women that can and will love you, and saying they are all alpha hungry and attention seeking sluts is just as bad as being a feminist SJW.

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How about just reading them?

You could get through all of them inside 35 minutes. If people can't be arsed doing some self directed research then just go without the benefit.

This stuff shoudn't be "What you want to ready about" it should be, read all of this, internalise it, annotate what the OPs have put in and apply it individually to your circumstances. Not directing any rage at you personally but I get tired of people taking something that is effortless already and try to lower the bar even further.

OP has gone out his way for the community already - just fucking read it already.

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It's indicative of society and the trend towards laziness where clicking a link is too much trouble and anything more than two sentences is loltldreli5.

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I've already read most of them, I just like having the quick reference, and having to click through all of them is annoying. Besides, OP already went back and added the titles, so why argue about it now except to be that guy?

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[permanently deleted]

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Just wanted to concur the he and also /u/Whisper seem to have some real damn good posts. No pointless anger diluting the message.

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good idea, will edit in titles

Cant give analysis on every post though, would make this thread too long

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Saw that, thanks bro. Makes for a much nicer reference.

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Thank you for posting this valuable collection. You owed us newbies nothing, and you gave us more tools and information, some may say it was insignificant but the information contained here has helped me.

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First class post Stuffdoer. My hat goes off to you.

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Unless I missed it, a big one that's missing from the list is the 5 stages of Accepting TRP. Helped put a lot into perspective for me when I was still in the bitter/anger phase.

[–]moroi 2 points3 points  (8 children)

Thank you! This will come helpful.

In a few weeks I plan to start translating some of the most important pieces of theory into my language (czech) and having them put online. It is getting worse in regard of BP/RP ballance in Czech republic (although way not as bad as it is in US) and I would like to make a positive difference. Especially since TRP massively improved my live so far.

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[permanently deleted]

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How do you say "hypergamy" in Italian?

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How do you say "Next!" in Czech?

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...but since we often use simple English words, target demographic usually knows very well what "Next" mean. It will be tricky to translate made-up verbs like "nexting" or "hamstering" though.

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Zase! (Google Translate, YMMV.)

[–]moroi 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Nah, "Zase" is more "Again" than "Next" ;-)

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Oh. No. Not that. That's... that's not good. :)

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Nice compilation. Reflaired meta and stickied.

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[permanently deleted]

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Anyone know where those 1k came from?

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There has been an increasing number of people posting the red pill amongst other areas. Links to it have been found in /r/sex /r/relationship and various other subreddits. I had found this place a long time ago, and didnt want to swallow the pill, I rejected it, but I found it again yesterday from one such link.

Its also possible that some lurkers were emboldened to begin participating recently for some reason or another.

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My guess is because we hit the top600, which was automatically announced in /r/all.

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We actually just hit Top 400 - http://redditmetrics.com/r/TheRedPill

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This is just the metaphorical backhand I needed to come to my senses. I remember reading a couple of these. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that the world doesn't owe you shit.

Yeah, sometimes it feels like you're trying to push shit up a hill with a pointy stick, but nobody else is getting the handouts, they're just taking what they've got and working the absolute fuck out of it. That's why they're successful and you're not. Nothing lasting ever comes easy.

Being a beta is fucking easy. You don't have to face rejection, you don't have to deal approach anxiety, don't have to work out...the list goes on. What makes it even easier to be beta is the emergence of blogs and social media, where you can vent, complain and have a public circle jerk about being a pussy and not getting laid because that girl you've been trying to get with for months has three guys on lockdown and isn't looking for another.

The take home message I got from this post is "So what? That's the way it is. What are you going to do about it?"

EDIT: Which coincidentally enough is what my last pre red pill ex said to me before I emptied out the apartment of furniture.

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surely someone wants to give /u/StuffDoer one of these♂ for that great bunch of links

Thanks from all the new guys bro!

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The shit with snapshots is i cant upvote them. Ty for links man!

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Thanks man. Always looking for good Trp reading material.

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Somebody give this guy some gold

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I think we should have a rolling (dynamic) hall of fame. A collection of the best posts, like this, but in a permanent location. Something everyone can always access. Cause this is a great post, I've seen many of these but all of them. Got some reading to do here, awesome!

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that "Being a Man" post was golden

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why not just put this in sidebar??

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Some of these are not linking or loading correctly.

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top effort mate, saving for a weekend full of reading

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This is some good stuff. Thanks OP.

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I've always liked Scorpion and the Frog. :)

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The more women I meet the more I let into my life, the more I am inclined to agree with everything TRP stands for. .

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Thank you for posting this, it's a strong, excellent reminder.

I pulled this out of the "Men aren't happy post" and it really speaks to me:

"Work out, focus on your career, practice your social skills and get confident, develop useful skills and interesting hobbies – essentially, quit wasting time. Read non-fiction instead of fiction, watch less TV, play less video games, quit jerking off to porn, spend that time doing something that makes you physically, mentally, or socially better"

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That was the best thing of that shitty day! kudos