Red Pill ExampleHypergamy doesn't care - University edition (self.TheRedPill)

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This example will be very valuable for those who still think their special princess won't ruthlessly branch swing despite all what you've done for her after her feelz and hamster tells her she deserves better.

My best friend in university (Let's call him Mark) is a stand-up guy, jacked, alpha as fuck, dominant but also friendly, kind and a genuinely good person. He had a girlfriend (We'll call her Katie) who was obese when he met her in her freshman year but she was pretty in the face. Mark was nothing but supportive and loyal to her despite her weight and even rejected many women who wanted to fuck him. As far as i know she was good to him, always made him happy, wasn't a nag, cooked for him and supported his dreams and all that. When people asked why he chose to be with Katie despite her weight, he replied with falling in love with her personality and attitude and her weight can be worked on later.

Since Mark is a personal trainer he kindly suggested to Katie that she join him on gym sessions and will even personally oversee her weight loss and fitness program without any charges whatsoever. She reluctantly obliged and after a year she lost weight and became more attractive. Her body was more defined and with a pretty face like hers she got more attention. She went from a 4 or 5 to an 8-9. She got on social media...IG, snap and was flooded with validation, gifts etc. She even had a pathetic beta-orbiter send her $4000 then blocking him after lmao.

Since she lost weight Mark told me she became more unbearable, occasionally disrespecting him in front of social circles and blatantly eyeing other men during outings. I won't go into much detail, but in our social circle there is an athlete who got a professional contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and she added him on social media, objectively better than Mark in a superficial way and he was an asshole too. Inevitably, Katie broke up with Mark in his final year in university and guess who she ended up with 2 weeks later?..Yes the dude who just signed with a professional team. Mark was devastated and blocked her of everything. My friend will heal with time.

He was there for her through thick and thin, helped her lose weight, and loved every fiber of her being. And what does he get in return?...you know the answer. Hypergamy doesn't care if you were there for her and helped her lose weight. Hypergamy doesn't care and it never will.

TLDR - Read the damn post and don't be a lazy faggot.

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Ok, just finished the long-weekend mod roundup of high functioning autism and I feel compelled to say something. Look at this post. Read it in detail. Normally, I'd drop it, because it really isn't telling us anything. Yes, it revisits some concepts and it kinda has some FR flavor to it. I tend to leave these up on the weekends as filler and I'll leave this one up.

I have removed a lot of other posts today. Other mods did as well.

We aren't your diary. This isn't your blog. This isn't where to bring your ramblings that make us question your sanity. If you think you need to top post, you don't. I went a year and a half before my first top post. You should be striving to post something like Rollo, not giving us the half-witted version of why you negged wrong and now you will never have sex (that one earned a ban last Friday). Write something you should be proud to have out there. We are not trying to scroll the front page. We are trying to get to understand deeper things. We won't get there with banal shit flooding the sub.

Anyway, OP we are good. No need to respond.

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I bet you Katie will tell everyone within earshot how Mark was emotionally abusive and didn't care about the relationship lol

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Lol it was a lose lose situation for Mark.

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Lol this. This is such a common thing that women do to justify their actions. No matter how much was sacrificed, it doesn't matter because they weren't happy 1 day 2 years ago.

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Hypergamy does not discriminate as your friend so recently discovered. Better now that he’s disabused of any idealistic notions he may have harbored. The red pill is certainly a hard one to swallow, but alas, ignorance is never bliss.

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Hypergamy operates on a spectrum, from very likely to unlikely.

Improving her SMV while his remained the same is pushing it towards more likely.

Had he continued to dread her, show abundance and better control game he probably could have kept it more on the side of less likely.

Not to say he should be attached to her, but he should be embodying the factors that drive attraction which I'm sure he wasn't.

On a side note, improving your girls looks is also improving it for everyone else, I find it's always best to get them at their best, which is more than likely in her youth.

While she ages and gets less attractive, you age and build on factors that increase attraction. Sets the playing field far better.

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A new alpha is always better and more interesting than the old one.

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I also believe hypergamy works for man as well. We just know what we want and don’t hide about it. We want to fuck hot young women. It is obviously a genetic tick, old women realize it, young women enjoys it. I believe women who knows mans hypergamy nature but keep calm and internalize is the definition of the best fuck buddy.

Men also fuck way up, for better look, hotter body, and younger age.

I also know Nu-man from post feminism, they keep solid shape and hunt rich lonely women, these top career women are indeed equivalent of beta male in female world. They are thirsty and rich, some man I know get that stay home dad status and end up with better side chick by using his wife’s money and social status.

Hypergamy just in human nature.

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True to an extent but there’s a key difference: whereas attractive women get offers for dick all the time, attractive/high status men don’t just fall into pussy when they walk out the door.

Sure, it’s easier if you’re that guy, but in the sexual marketplace men have to take action to get laid in a way women don’t. Because of this, men don’t often act on their impulse to fuck younger more beautiful women for two reasons:

1) laziness—game takes skill, work, and time.

2) oneitis/loyalty—a lot of men are loyal to a fault and actually believe in and practice whatever moral code they’ve been taught. There are tons of older guys who could absolutely slay but they don’t because they take their role as husband/father/bf seriously—and as OP notes about Mark, they naively believe this will be rewarded and returned in kind.

Wrong. It will not. If a woman can get with a more attractive/high status man and the social consequences aren’t too high, she will. AWALT. The fact that a lot of women don’t and therefore appear loyal is because they don’t have better options.

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To be honest I am sure some girls are also loyal and get shitted too.

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Jeff Bezos fell into this trap by sleeping around and getting a divorce as a consequence. And tbh he's pretty dumb for doing so. His novelist wife surmounted the wall much more gracefully than a lot of other women out there, and like the Zucc's (rather mediocre-looking, but similar circumstanced) wife, she was with him at Amazon from the very beginning.

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Yeah my only comment here is Jeff just beat her to the punch. Her Hypergamy was bound to kick in sooner or later and women rarely get caught cheating as well. Often the branch swing is to someone they’ve been banging for quite some time. One can’t overthink this shit. After two divorces, raising my own kids (yeah I beat the system 30 yrs ago on that shit) and hitting the dating market at my best, I learned many things. The biggest was married women love cheating and have absolutely ZERO conscience over it. I slept with ten different married women before I woke up one day and realized I was inviting a shit ton of bad kharma into my life. I stopped that shit straight away. Fwiw all those women are still happily married and I guarantee you none of them lost an ounce of sleep over it. Why did they do it? I’m not sure but I know why they came back. I did some very very dirty shit to them and they loved it. If their husbands knew they’d be divorced that’s for certain. I ramble, point being, big fucking whatever, Jeff just beat her to the punch.

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Could you give some insight into the dirty shit you did to them?

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Sex God Method, hands down. The funny thing is I hadn’t read it. What I did have, was one unique interaction with a very submissive woman and in a word, after 20 years of romanticism on my part (yeah, ashamed, I was “that” guy), I unloaded on her. Something struck a chord in me, and I went apeshit. This was prior to the publication of “Shades of Grey” and to this day I’m still not certain what “broke” in me but by the end of that evening she was on her knees calling me “Master”, and “Your Majesty” and I met the guy I’d had tucked away in the cave all those years. That was hands down the greatest gift I ever received from a woman and I’ll never forget her. I’ve since, made the mistake a few times of flipping back into the “Old Romantic” and quickly realize/remember what a waste that is. I’ve been divorced 16 years now and single for the entire time. I lost count, which is cool because it’s never been about record setting or proving a point however I will say. IMHO, the moment you pursue a LTR or any variation, you’ve purple pilled. I came to this forum having experienced damn near all there is in regards to success and failure with women, took the red pill because HOW COULD YOU NOT. I’m not a hater, misogynist by any means nor am I bitter. What I am is someone that took a long time to learn what makes a sexual relationship work vs dismal failure and the reality is the moment you aren’t “The Man” in all things, you’ve failed yourself and her. It’s a bitter pill to swallow only because you’ve spent a lifetime of believing the Disney shit and frankly so has the woman. You don’t want to ask her, time and time again you’ll get the same answer and it’s wrong. We are driven by our own primal instinct as woman is. Sure the setting changes but the game never will. Until your prepared to “own that shit” you’ll experience the same failure over and over again.

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When you say you unloaded on her, how do you mean? Curious what you said.

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Yeah! What dirty shit, do tell us!

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Very true, i despise the divorce laws in the west but bezos is an idiot. He brought this on himself. Even the woman he cheated with ain't all that lmao