Blue Pill ExampleTumblerette fucks five guys to get her indie "game" done and gets #rekt by 4chan, namely, /pol/. (self.TheRedPill)

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The video covers all the details except for her personal life.

/u/LeviGoldberg shared the link: thezoepost.wordpress.com

THE VIDEO IN QUESTION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5-51PfwI3M

See the whole video. You won't regret. This guy completely analyses beta-isms and corrupt feminism.

EDIT: Check out what /u/trudatness posted in this thread. He posted a really nice link:



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My brow definitely quirked when I first saw that game on steam. Who wants to play shit like that?

Now it all makes sense to me - she fucked her way to getting her game published. How strong and independent of her. Ha!

That video is fucking gold by the way. That guy knows his stuff.

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See his other videos. They are all rated G, for gold.

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I just fucking love this sub for providing such a wealth of material for me fill my mind.

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Agreed. This sub is a pearl in the midst of a cancer ridden website.

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It's seriously the only place I've found that's no bullshit. People just say it how it is, and don't give a fuck about politics or coming off as PC. As many times as I've been upvoted to the top, I've also been downvoted to hell. And I like it that way. There is no room for bullshit around here.

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That Russel Brand video yesterday was great

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It's like, she wrote a bunch of rich-text in MS Word then downloaded some magic plugin that would convert .docx to .exe and now it is called a "game".

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I was under the impression it was written in C+=

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WTFFFFF is this language for real?!

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I'm telling you it was written in Front Page and one of the dudes she fucked wrote the install script.

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So... it's an interactive website then. That teaches you what it's like to be depressed.

Well if anyone knows what it's like to be depressed, it would be that ham planet.

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I can't believe that 5 guys knowingly slept with that. I think they deserve some kind of award for even getting hard

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Go to the next GDC. See these game developers up close and try to have a conversation with them. Then it will start to make sense.

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Yeah, nerdy dudes that work on games for 12-16 hrs a day in some dungeon somewhere. Anything might start to look good at that point.

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Dude, I work 12-16 hours a day on the computer as well, but I'll chop my left nut off before fucking someone like that.

Will I fuck a fat chick? Sure, if I feel there's a connection and if the chick is fun enough.

Will I fuck a fat chick so she can get her game made? Fuck off.

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But thats the thing, bro. You dont know her agenda beforehand. she strokes your dick and then wants favors. Some of these cunts are sly as fuck. Get a gang of blue collar workers in your corner after playing with their weneses.

Also I work in engineering, and im with you nerd bros. Its liek 90% males. So when a female gets hired, its nice to have around, even if shes a heffer. Its like your perception gets askewed because of the streight up pickle party at work all day every day.

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I'm a total nerd, and I've never fucked anything that looked like a 600 pound green haired troll. I can't believe any man would stick their dick in that piece of shit. Ewww.

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Lets see. My super-nerd self at 21, all guys in the college department and working at a mostly all male job while simultaneously lacking confidence with women ... I definitely would have fucked her and asked for seconds.

Now though, ugh ... shudder

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These guys aren't 21 year old college kids - they are professionals in the gaming industry some of which are journalists who have risked their professions to fuck that troll.

They have no excuse, and should be ashamed of themselves. If they were that desperate to have sex they should of just gotten a hooker.

These beta assholes are the reason we can't have nice things - all the hard work the rockstar devs from the 90's to early 00's put into gaming has been pissed away because of these pathetic assholes. Fuck'em, hopefully they'll lose their jobs.

Also, OP, you should mention that she did all of this while being in an LTR, and it was her pissed off boyfriend who created this firestorm. I got more info if you wanna update this thread with it.