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So the wife and I were out to dinner last night with some interstate friends of hers from school. Both girls were spinsters, one by choice after swearing off marriage early, the other the typical cc - riding empowered girl.

After a few reds, the conversation swung around to how men are clearly intimidated by sexually experienced women. No points for guessing which of the three women at the table held that view. My snort of amusement attracted her ire like a laser.

She railed at me for a while, making no particular point beyond the fact that no guy she dates wants to marry her and that was proof that I was wrong.

I just flat out stated that a woman who had sex with a thousand guys a year was not marriage material, but a woman who had sex with one guy a thousand times a year would have men lining up to marry her.

Cue goldfish face.

The guys at the next table offered to buy me a beer.

The remainder of dinner was not really enjoyable, because of the rampant misogyny at the table, I was informed. I don't know, I enjoyed it. The tuna tartare was to die for.

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That made so much sense and was so to the point

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I'm a little less concerned than some around here with a woman who's had a lot sex. With that said, this comment hit the nail right on the head. Saved.

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She can't spot a pattern that she keeps getting dumped? I'm glad she's so sure of her strategy...

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Exactly. When women say "All men are_______" they usually mean "all the men I seem to attract are _______"

If you have Facebook I'm sure you know that girl who complains about men all the time, but every few weeks it's a new profile pic and "the best guy ever" statuses.

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the ugliest girl I know is a single mom who complains about male privilege and unrealistic beauty standards.

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That is how i spot the feminist in any new setting i get to. Like my university class.

Pick the two ugliest girls with the ugliest clothes.

It never fails.

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I...I really hope you never have a relevant username.

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I'm sure there's a sub for that.

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Well, there go my nipples again.

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Captain Murphy! Get back on your radio station!

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"All the men I'm attracted to are _______"

Just wanted to make an adjustment there.

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I remember a couple... They've been blocked for so long I don't know what their deal is any more.

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That describes my ex to a tee.

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Man : I can't get a girl, what am I doing wrong?

Woman : I can't get a man, what is wrong with them?

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Ah, yes, the plot of every horrible sitcom, romantic comedy, and HBO series starring a horse since 1983.

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Best summary of how the male/female dynamic works.

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Haha. That sounds like an old Chinese proverb..."Woman who love a thousand men prevents suitable harvest, woman who love a man a thousand times is blessed under heaven" - Confucius (aka: tsudonimh)

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FYI, roosh just tweeted this comment:


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Not that it matters a whole lot but that mofo needs to start giving credit to people. I stopped reading him very long ago he always does shit like that. He always came off like a try hard to me to be honest.

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r/redpill continues to grow in influence. Even heartiste references material from here.

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