Men's RightsSo it begins- our society will no longer be covert about it. Women will rape and steal from you, this is your place in society. This is acceptable. Arizona statutory rape victim forced to pay child support (azcentral.com)

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Adult rapes child. State gives custody of child to child molester/rapist. Forces rape victim to pay child support.

What the fuck is happening in this country? She ought to be in prison!

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She ought to be in prison!

But... but... think of whats best for the kid!

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What's best for the kid is to be taught that you can't rape people and get away with it.

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The system has a different opinion.

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A telling quote from the article:

Feit said if the roles were reversed and the woman was the victim, the scenario would be unthinkable.

"The idea that a woman would have to send money to a man who raped her is absolutely off-the-charts ridiculous," he said. "It wouldn't be tolerated, and it shouldn't be tolerated."

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This stuck with me too... As a single dad who pays more than most... All I can ad is fear he felt is real. Foc is relentless... don't get me wrong I love my kid but the foc makes it really hard for me to advocate having more... All in all dont have kids.

Source - single dad.

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To make matters worse is they'll throw you in jail for your failure to pay up. But a woman who has 5 kids from 5 dads seems to be a fit parent.

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You're right, just actually imagine if me, as a 20-something year old, had dubiously consensual sex with a 14 year old girl, which was deemed rape at the time. Then years later demanded that that girl pay me money. It would be jailable to make contact.

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Were you raising the kid? No I guess you couldn't have been... If you tried to get custody of the 14 year old girl's child, you'd be put in prison.