MetaThanks to that EMSK post, The Red Pill has experienced its second biggest membership spike ever and is now a trending subreddit. (self.TheRedPill)

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Man, this is going to rustle a LOT of jimmies.

This all started because some poor sap in /r/allmenshouldknow got his panties in a twist over the fact that us TRPers don't believe in Unicorns and True LoveTM.

We've added 761 965 new members today alone, and 1,119 between today and yesterday. We have only received a spike bigger than this on 1/4 of this year when we added 1,027 members in one day, and this day isn't over yet.

Update: we are now up to 1,206 new subscribers, making this the single greatest TRP subscriber spike of all time.

This is why we don't advertise ourselves at all. We don't have to. Even as furiously as Reddit has been jerking itself off today about how awful we all are, their collective groupthink can't stop some curious souls from wondering why the stuff we're saying makes so much god damned sense.

It is worth mentioning that however popular TRP gets, it will NEVER be accepted by the mainstream. Don't even bother trying - at the end of the day, women control most communication channels, and women will never let a way of thinking such as ours become socially acceptable.

But YOU have TRP, and that's all that matters. TRP is not a social movement aimed at changing society, TRP is about empowering the individual man to be the best person he can possibly be.

So don't let anyone's opinion of us change your mission.

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Conflating strategy with manipulation can get pretty messy. It essentially boils down to the psyche of a victim vs aggressor. The idea that applying behaviors to get a desired outcome as manipulative are typically portrayed by a victim mindset. i.e. "he tricked me by doing X" Only the attending party can filter their experience according to personal gain. aka "he said, she said."

Is someone manipulative for applying strategy to achieve a desired outcome? Training a canine to not urinate on the carpet is an act of manipulation by the dog owner. However this action is not deemed as spiteful or cruel. A man applying methods to encourage desired behaviors from his partner however is deemed as an malevolent and destructive.

Where is the contrast in either strategy? Is manipulating a different species somehow less significant? The truth of the matter is that neither are morally different. Both sexes are manipulative by nature. A back and forth of strategies are applied by each sex in order to achieve a desired outcome.

I think the chief concern of women is the idea that they are being deceived. That the choices they have made are irrelevant to the machinations of a grand scheme that they cannot control or maintain. Such a feeling of powerlessness can be very frightening, and I believe that feeling leads to the vitriol that we see on the debates to the issue.

Men share in dread the idea of being fooled.

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I would say that its more manipulation for the animal because they don't know what you're doing. If I tell a woman that if she doesn't stop talking to her X then I am going to leave, that's not manipulation, she either falls in line or we break up. She has the choice whether or not to do the action. If she chooses too then we continue if not then we don't.

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[permanently deleted]

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To answer one of your questions: http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/1wwpqc/why_women_love_assholes_an_alternate_view/

If you are interested in learning about TRP, read the side bar. Most doubts will be explained.

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That guy was way too liberal with his use of the word "abuse." To hear him tell it, playing hard to get is "literally torturing someone." Sounds like someone needs to cut back on the melodrama.

Women have been playing the game for as long as anyone can remember. Don't get your panties in a twist just because some men are finally picking up the ball... AND DUNKING IN YOUR FUCKING FACE.

Game on.

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but women have no power so it's ok for them to use sex as a tool /s

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Yeah, I called him out on it. Naturally, my comment was downvoted (I don't care about the downvotes, just pointing out how easily that BS gets accepted) and his reply to me was short on facts and rich on more histrionics.

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I'm another that just subscribed today due to that white knight EMSK post and all the politically correct jagoffs that danced around it. I just had to see WTF was going on here to stir the weasels up to such a pitch.

I'm 50 and we sure as shit didn't have this kind of information around back then. You just had to wing it and learn from your mistakes and others and hope you didn't end up road kill from a divorce.

I lasted 13 years in a marriage then it blew the fuck up and put me in a hellish depression. Eight long years later from that horror show and I'm sick and tired of suffering. I think it's time for me to become a pimp mother fucker and get my rock n roll game back on.

I figure I have two choices, two paths, one is to just accept my doom at this point in the game or find some empowerment. There isn't much empowerment for guys surprisingly in today's fucked in the head politically correct culture. But that fucking EMSK post whined so hard about the red pill stuff that I just had to take a look at it. Is this a powerup of information to get a guy's head back in the game with a fucking plan?

From the gist I'm seeing that it's pretty upbeat considering how fucking dismaying the subject of dealing with an estrogen overloaded society can be. Circle the damn wagons, get a battle plan and fight back? Sounds good to me.

I see I have a fuck ton of stuff to read by looking at the side bar. Here's to it.

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You sound like you fit right in here. Welcome.

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Thanks, and I hope I contribute something while here.

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Start with the Misandry Bubble. It'll put everything into context!

And welcome!

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I read most of it, I skim read things. Plenty I agree with and it's got some good points. It really spells it out how marriage is completely fucked here in the west which I agree, but as a person of (some) faith it's a super disturbing thing to see decimated.

I'm lucky compared to some poor bastards when it comes to the devastation of divorce. We split the stuff in a civil manner and didn't use lawyers, because frankly, fuck lawyers, right? It was just emotionally wrecking because I believed that you marry, that's for life, one honors one's sacred commitments. I was emotionally invested and committed, I don't fuck around when I do something.

I now have a Pavlovian response when I hear someone got married; "poor fool!" That was a good read and summed up things nicely and covered somethings I hadn't thought of.

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Also subscribed today. I'm not a stranger to the TRP philosophies, but I got them from books about human behavior, the PUA scene etc.

I would argue they helped me out of a two year long depression in which I fell after my then first girlfriend dumped me. Learning how people work (yeah, so I was shy and socially inept, what can you do?) and realizing the mental abuse I received from my ex changed my world.

Reading the PC, high-voted "oh yeah, I love my girlfriend, I would never do anything like this to her." made me boil inside. Lucky bastards, I envy them for never having to experience the humiliation of being in the same room with your GF while she talks to her friends about another guy in a language you don't understand, but fuck them for judging me for not being all rainbows after these experiences. Or the "why can't these people just be themselves?" comments. Well how do you think we got these damaging experiences? "This sub is just for guys who were to shy as teenagers or are still hung-up about the girl who rejected them back in high school." That's probably partly true, and that's what we're changing in here. Go figure...

I'm still too nice (women have even told me that to the face) but my confidence is at least not so low anymore and I'm no longer depressed. I got good at detecting most bullshit and manipulation from women, but also people in general. My social skills in general sky rocketed.
Usually I can't be bothered with manipulation, I just ignore it and avoid people that participate in it, that includes me avoiding to be manipulative as well. Nevertheless I'm sure commenting on this sub will be interesting and I'm sure I will also get some downvotes once in a while.

The EMSK post pointed out correctly that the strategies can be used for evil and they probably have, but I would argue that the educational experience is far more important to ignore this information in here. Moral judgments are up to you, people. The strategies are tools, but what you make with them is up to you.

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For the record, the red pill doesn't advocate against being nice, but gives suggestions on how to realize when others are taking advantage of your niceness (not exclusive to women, but usually). There is masculinity and fulfillment in being generous, but only from a position of respect. That's the difference between providing for your family or volunteering and... Buying expensive dinner/movies/flowers for a girl who "likes you as a friend."

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I think the key is whether you are being nice out of genuine affection or to get sex.

Do not be nice to her if you want sex, do not call her beautiful to get sex. It gives the woman the power to use sex against you.

Call her beautiful if you think she looks fucking beautiful.

[–]P1r4nha 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I'm not sure "nice guys" do that on purpose. I claim that these guys rarely have the thought: Alright, what nice thing can I do to her today so she finally agrees on getting me to put it in?

Instead they lack the tools to create attraction. A lot of it comes from confidence of saying "no" to her for instance. Calling your girl beautiful doesn't seem to be a problem in general, I'd say. Sure, there's the problem of dishonesty if you really just do it so she's going to have sex with you, but that's the only reason I wouldn't advise that.

The problem of being "nice" is that if she realizes that you are totally uncritical in every way and just want constant "harmony" no matter what she does. It's going to be boring and you're a wuss for just satisfying her shallow need of getting some feel-good compliments regardless of what she does. Doesn't mean not to be supportive if there is an actual problem, but honestly, most people (not just women) whine about non-issues anyway. If you're the nice guy she can complain to all the time and you keep supporting her on these non-issues.. that is the problem with being nice. So don't be nice unconditionally and you should be fine avoiding the nice guy problem on a large extent.

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Our stories are very similar. Hit the gym. I'm talking something like crossfit with a trainer that will really kick your ass and make your core hurt like hell 3x a week. You'll be glad you did, us older guys need it more than the younger guys. It changed my life.

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Love the attitude. We are upbeat because there's nothing to be depressed about. As long as I'm not one of the pandering Benedict Arnold clown men who throw the rest of the gender under the bus, I'll be proud and happy.

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