MetaFeminist subreddit made new default (self.TheRedPill)

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According to the Reddit blog, they just changed the default subreddits, adding /r/TwoXChromosomes. Since it has barely any subscribers compared to popular subreddits (the old standard way of becoming a default was based on subscriber count), I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

Do you see trouble brewing? Is Reddit turning into Tumblr? And if so, should TRP have a lifeboat on another site that we can turn to when this sub is eventually taken down?

EDIT: Welcome, downvote brigade. Stay classy, Reddit.

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You get it. It isn't about indoctrination or feministic favouritism. It's money. Ad revenue. Traffic fueling.

Props for taking the rational approach. Something that is mostly lacking in this thread.

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I completely agree with you on this.

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Imaginary Gold revenue*

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the Twox mods actually aren't ban-happy at all as long as you don't insult people or use inappropriate language. i've been poking fun at radfems in that sub for a long time and i still haven't been banned because i follow the sub's rules. i think their mods are quite fair and seem to take a hands-off approach.

i think it was idiotic to make twox a default sub, though. it's probably getting a huge influx of trolls, and i kinda feel bad for all the regular girls there who just want to discuss periods, pregnancy scares, and boyfriends with other girls. now they've gotta deal with all the bastards.

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Men will ignore it or get banned from the community pretty quick

This is actually great and a good point. Especially for normal guys out there who dont fall too deeply into the "tow the feminism line". You know what I mean, they guys that only learned a scant bit about Susan B Anthony and woman suffrage so therefore think of feminism still as great, beneficial, and about equality. As soon as a guy says something the strays/challenges their convicted notion of womanhood's infallibility or something that would be an innocuous comment in the real world like "as I guy I like women who dont wear makeup/wear skirts/with long hair" they will hate and chide. I can see an instaban, growing resentment, and the looking of other movements. That's pretty much how I ended up being less favorable toward these so-called "safe spaces/echo chambers" on this website.

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Good for them. No shits given here. Why does it bother you so much?

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Because a large proportion of TRP's userbase is angsty teenage boys from /r/mensrights that get worked up over pointless shit.

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Get this Fox News-style fear mongering out of here.

Truly disappointed at how emotionally invested yall are in fucking reddit defaults. Who gives a shit? Also, I just visited /r/TwoXChromosomes for the first time and it does not strike me as feminist in any right.

Sidebar rules say

  • Respect: No hatred, bigotry, assholery, utter idiocy, misogyny, misandry
  • No tactless posts generalising gender. We are a welcoming community. Rights of all genders are supported here.

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Is this a joke? I'm lost for words as to why this is a default sub?

I've just been on their front page, and a poll asking "should TwoX be a default subreddit" is up.

8% have said yes 67% have said no.

I can only assume it was handpicked by the admins to indoctrinate new Redditors with feminism and attract more women to the site.

I think you're correct, and it's an admin's agenda putting this as a default, however, it will make no difference to TRP. Even if it did somehow take the sub down, there are plenty of other websites which can be used as TRP's replacement home. We'll be fine.

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No joke unfortunately. I don't think it will harm us immediately, but it shows everyone just how biased the admins are. There have always been rumors of admins helping SRS, but they tended to operate in the shadows... Now they're directly trying to enforce their twisted version of "equality."

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You know, in a way, this will only make us stronger. More publicity for them conversely means more for us. They might just end up dragging us onto the front page with them, some day.

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Yeah this is gonna be hilarious. That sub is gonna self destruct now.

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99% of people only come here for the entertainment value. You all are just as bad, if not worse than the feminazis.

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Is /r/Askmen a default sub? They spout shit, but it would at least be some form of equality. What about /r/askwomen?