Red Pill ExampleSunday TRP humor - girl requests open relationship while on vacation, boyfriend starts immediately fucking another girl, girlfriend melts down. (self.TheRedPill)

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Saw this in r/relationships. Was able to copy the text before it got deleted. I guess she couldn't handle the heat people were giving her hahaha

TLDR - Before my vacation i [F24] asked my boyfriend [M25] to open our relationship temporarily. Now hes regularly having sex with some girl in our apartment and im heartbroken

Im pretty fucking upset rigth now , Im going to do my best to explain everything thats happened.

Ive had an extended holiday (3 months) planned with my best friend (Tory) for years. We have always talked about it and my boyfriend (Daniel) knew we were going to do it. She finally finished college this December and we put our plan into action.

Another friend (Michelle) went on a similar trip years ago. She and her friend both had longterm boyfriends at the time, and they both ended up cheating on the trip. A while later their friendship fell apart, and they both revealed each others infidelity. It got ugly. Michelle and her boyfriend broke up, her (ex)friend stayed with her boyfriend but from the sounds of it their relationship was severely damaged.

At first i thought they were absolutely horrible for doing it, but after talking to her i could see their side of things - months of no sexual contact/release, being in a party atmosphere, of course there would be temptation. She's young, attractive and gets lots of male attention. The encounter was purely sexual, she was drunk, and they used protection. The next day the boy was out of her life completely and that was it. I vehementely disagreed with doing all this behind her boyfriends back though.

Talking with Michelle about a month ago, she asked what im going to do about Daniel. I honestly hadnt thought about it like that, i felt like i could easily go 3 months without having sex. And id never want to betray Daniel's trust. But Michelle made a good case for 'opening' our relationship while i was away - she said (paraphrasing): "Of course you love Daniel. But traveling is about experiencing new things, and that includes sex. Youll say it wont happen now, but you just have to trust me that once youre their youll feel different. Daniel is going to wonder either way if youre fucking other guys on your trip. Just be upfront with him and see what he says."

And so that night i talked to him about it. I explained that i wasnt going to be looking to fuck every guy i see that im attracted to, and that my love for him was as strong as ever, but i also wanted to be able act freely and party like other girls my age. It was more contingency if anything - i dont plan on fucking other guys, but if it happens it happens. A nigth of partying half the world away with people ill never see again shouldnt ruin what we had here. Id insist on using protection. And of course he would have the same opportunity as me, he would be able to freely see girls if he chose to. He wasnt happy, but said he understood. He said "Youve tied my hands. If i tell you i forbid it, ill still be worried if youre being true to your word. By expressing that this is what you want, theres nothing i can do to stop you".

Daniels a bit of a homebody - he goes out with his friends on occassion, but most nights he spends in our apartment playing video games or watching netflix. Given his lifestyle i wasnt overly worried hed be hooking up with all these random girls.

Me and Tory left on February 17. Its been eye-opening and a ton of fun. But its also been stressful. We havent done any partying, we talked to some guys one night but nothing came of it. Tonight i checked my email at an internet cafe and there was a message from Kay, a sweet old lady who lives above us in our apartment complex.

"I have debated for days whether to send this to you and potentially ruin your vacation. But you deserve to know the truth. Daniel has been seeing another woman since you left. There is no doubt that he is seeing her, she has come over most nights and I have heard them being intimate. You deserve so much better. I'm so sorry."

I thought i could handle this open relationship arrangement. I cant. This message shattered my heart into a million pieces. This isnt what i intended at all, i wanted the freedom to act in the moment. He is taking this as a free pass to regularly fuck some girl. And i have a feeling i know exactly who it is, a girl from his work who was always overly flirty with him.

I regret ever taking Michelles advice and opening my stupid mouth. I dont want him to fuck other girls, i dont want to fuck other guys. I want this slut out of my apartment NOW!!! I am a fucking wreck and need other womens opinions. Tory has been so unhelpful, basically telling me to grow up and that i got what i asked for. No shit?! People arent allowed to change their minds or regret their decisions?!

How do I go about contacting him and expressing that this needs to stop NOW without coming across like a crazy hypocritical bitch? And let him know that i will be 100% faithful on my trip? I dont even know how i am going to look at him when i get home. I am beyond hurt, this feels so wrong and so sick.

I am going to bed now to try and get some sleep, i will check and respond to all comments tomorrow morning. Thank you :(

EDIT: guys, seriously stop it. I know i fucked up, i brought it all on myself. Kicking me while im down isnt helping. Im not asking for your opinion on my stupid selfish decision, im asking the best way to approach this and fix it.

Tory says i should email him saying "what i said before about opening our relationship was a mistake. I havent slept with anyone here and i dont want to. Youre my parter and i dont want to compromise what we have. Please be faithful as I will be to you. I love you." Simply dont tell him about Kay's email or that i know there's another woman. Thoughts?

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That's a FUN read.

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[permanently deleted]

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I like this one:

Good for him.

You're an idiot.

Ha Ha Ha!

With love,

The Internet

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Nice work. The comments in that thread are fantastic.

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Every single one over there drags this girl over the coals. It's awesome.

How come they only react like that when it's boldly put it in their face? I swear there's a way to swing this story so she looks like a victim here.

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No, if there was it would have been the top comment. The only reason they're actually calling out the gasp! female is because there is absolutely no other way to see the situation.

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I suspect the thread wasn't open long enough for white knights to read all the comments and get offended for the OP. The SJWs tend to abuse the reddit downvoting system to brigade through downvoting anything non PC and upvoting anything vaguely "you go girl".

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Best comment I found:

"There's no point calling this other girl a slut because she's not, the same as you wouldn't be a slut if you ended up sleeping with other guys on your trip."

How thick is the wool over our eyes. That some girl that goes abroad with every intention she had yet to believe she's not a slut...

Somebodys gotta deserve the title....

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I like the part where the guy is banging the shit out of some chick and she's not even gotten to ride the carousel yet.

Seems pretty Alpha for a dude who just sits around at home playing XBox most of the day.

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This was a good line on his part:

"Youve tied my hands. If i tell you i forbid it, ill still be worried if youre being true to your word. By expressing that this is what you want, theres nothing i can do to stop you".

It's not 100% alpha, but it's definitely TRP aware. He knew he couldn't just say "I demand that you don't fuck anyone" because how the hell is he supposed to control that outcome while she's out partying and getting sloshed on the other side of the world?

He passed the shit test, though, by playing the classic "agree and amplify" move. He said "sure let's fuck other people"... and then fucked another person.

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Oh hell yes he passed the shit test with flying fucking colors when he went out and found someone to bang for the next 3 months.

I'm sure his GF is having the tingles for him thousands of miles away now.

Only way to fail now would be to agree to close the relationship before she comes home because we all know she went with the intent to get laid at some point because we'll know at some point it will 'just happen' and she'll magically slip and land on some dude's cock.

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yeap, next logical step is plate downgrade or just telling her to piss off

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It'll be sweet to tell her when she gets home to find a new boyfriend and a new place to live.

She'll have definite tingles, so plate downgrade should be possible.

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You can bet she's gonna be a super bitch and throw it in his face that he fucked some other girl while she didn't fuck anything. She'll act all butthurt and shit. I pray that the guy has the balls to say, "Sweetheart. Your exact words were so-and-so. This was what you wanted."

Then she'll rant on about how she didn't mean that. pfft. Women

And who's the fucking neighbor thinking she is? Keeping tabs on our hero like that? Cheeky cunt.

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I bet that neighbor is gonna act like a bitch to the guy for the rest of her life since she probably won't tell the neighbor "Oh don't worry about it. I told him he could fuck other chicks," despite all of this happening because of her.

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Bah. Women will only see what they want to see. Why should we bend over backwards to clear up the air for them?

Far as I see it, let her fall into the shithole. Her problem. I used to try and help everyone out, and I went wayyyyy above and beyond. Literally thought it was kindness.

But kindness doesn't mean you let others walk all over you. Some people deserve the shit they get themselves in. Sometimes. I don't want any dying or anything... I'm still too nice. lol

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And she'll justify it with, "but you already did" and "it's only fair, how can you be mad at me?"

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"nah, bjs and xbox is pretty sweet, thanks have fun see you soon"

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The next step is for him to take a 3 month sex tourism vacation.

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[permanently deleted]

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Look at the timing:

  • 3 months vacation
  • "Me and Tory left on February 17."
  • "We havent done any partying, we talked to some guys one night but nothing came of it."
  • Posted to reddit on yesterday or today, that is Feb 22 or 23.

So it's been five days or so but she's already complaining that she didn't have any luck yet: "some guys one night but nothing came of it."

She absolutely had the intention to ride as much cock in those 3 months as she can squeeze in. This 'something might happen' was utter bullshit.


One more thing

I want this slut out of my apartment NOW!!!

It's her apartment. Anybody wants to take bets that the rent is paid by the boyfriend?