Niceguys Lose… Again

Proud-to-be-an-omega-male linked to two studies and wrote:

[These two studies are] a gift for Heartiste, both of which are just more science supporting what [is] stated countless times on this blog.

The first study, titled “Niceness and Dating Success: A Further Test of the Nice Guy Stereotype” provides evidence for the widely held observation that niceguys don’t get as much sex as badboys.

Proponents of the nice guy stereotype argue that women often say they wish to date kind, sensitive men, but, in reality, still choose to date macho men over nice guys, especially if the macho men are more physically attractive. We investigated the relationship between men’s agreeableness, physical attractiveness, and their dating success across different relationship contexts. One hundred and ninety-one male college students completed a computerized questionnaire to assess their levels of agreeableness and aspects of their dating history. Twenty college-aged women rated the men’s photographs for attractiveness. Results supported the nice guy stereotype. Lower levels of agreeableness predicted more less-committed, casual, sexual relationships.

The sexual appeal to women of disagreeableness in men comes up quite often in studies examining the topic of mating preferences, and the results are usually not feelgood pablum to warm the hearts of weepy romantics or righteous white knighters. The executive summary: chicks dig jerks. The god of the golden rule wept.

So you want to get laid? Try being less agreeable, less nice, and less accommodating. I bet your mom won’t teach you that, and I doubly bet you won’t hear that advice from any übercredentialed marriage counselor or couples therapist, shysters the lot of them.

The second study confirms more reality-based (aka anti-feminism) wisdom that niceguys are preferred by women for low-sex long-term relationships, but shunned for hot n’ sexy flings.

Many researchers have attempted to discover what types of men women consider most desirable for relationship partners. This study investigated university women’s (N = 165) perceptions of ”nice guys,” specifically whether women perceived nice guys to be more or less sexually successful than guys who are considered not nice. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were used. The qualitative analysis was useful in understanding women’s differing interpretations of the nice guy label. More than one half of the women agreed that nice guys have fewer sexual partners. However, more than one half also reported a preference for a nice guy over a bad boy as a date. As hypothesized, women who placed a lesser emphasis on the importance of sex, who had fewer sexual partners, and who were less accepting of men who had many sexual partners were more likely to choose the nice guy as a dating partner. The findings indicate that nice guys are likely to have fewer sexual partners but are more desired for committed relationships.

You’ll note a couple of conclusions here. One, more than half of coed women (the hot ones in the age bracket we care about) agreed that niceguys have fewer sexual partners. This is bad news for niceguys, because female preselection is a powerful attractant that men can wield to entice women. If women think you don’t get any, you are more likely to not get any. It’s self-fulfilling.

Two, more than one half of women reported a preference for a niceguy over a badboy as a date. That means a little less than one half of women had no preference or PREFERRED A BADBOY for a date! That is an astounding number, if you think about it. The leverage the niceguys hold over women looking for LTRs is not as great as they like to think, nor is it equivalent in effectiveness to the leverage that badboys hold over women seeking sexytime.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the word “date”, as used by the women in this study, means “sexless date”. Women who placed less importance on sex — i.e., frigid ice queens — were more likely to asexually date a niceguy. So, yeah, niceguys are preferred for sexless dates that result in their wallets being considerably lighter and their dicks drier at the end of the night. If you are a niceguy, this news has GOT to make you feel like a sucker. A dupe. A fool. A chump. To paraphrase the memorable GBFM:

“Why would you pay more for less that guys before you got hotter, tighter, younger for free?”

Good question. Any takers?

The third study is a gift from me. You’ll have to get access to the full study to read some of the juicy tidbits within, which basically support the darker, more cynical CH hypothesis that badboys not only get more sex, but they get more chances to convert that sex into loving LTRs, should they so desire to go that route.

The more recent research of McDaniel (2005) and Urbaniak and Kilman (2006) suggest that women find “nice guys” to be socially undesirable and sexually unattractive, contradicting the previous findings of Jensen-Campbell et al. The researchers also found that “bad boys” (operationalized as “fun/sexy guys” by McDaniel and “cute, macho guys” by Urbaniak and Kilman) were highly desired for both short-term and long-term committed relationships, whereas “nice guys” were not desired as sex partners within either relationship context, contradicting the previous findings of Herold and Milhausen. McDaniel writes:

First, being suitable for high commitment dating alone is not enough (by a long shot) to increase a nice guy’s likelihood to progress into or beyond the experimentation stage of relationship escalation. Second, young women who are interested in frequent casual dating are not going to select a nice guy as a dating partner because he cannot meet her recreational dating needs. And, because the fun/sexy guy seems to be more suitable for low commitment dating, he is going to be chosen more often for it, which provides him with an increased opportunity to progress well into and beyond the experimentation stage.

Young women’s dating behavior: Why/Why not date a nice guy? by McDaniel, 2005

So this study, the most recent one, tells us that women prefer badboys for short term *and* long term relationships. Man, those niceguys can’t catch a break! The theory is simple: If badboys are rounding the bases to home plate a lot more often and a lot quicker than niceguys, despite women’s opinions that niceguys make for better high commitment dating partners, then badboys are also getting more opportunities to escalate relationships into the long-term category. The fact that a lot of badboys choose not to convert short term flings into LTRs does NOT mean that the opportunity for them to do so is not available.

In other words, you need to get your dick in the pussy door before you can even begin to think about any one chick as a potential girlfriend or wife.

Now maybe the dating scene was different in the past. But we don’t live in the past. We live in the here and now, and that means doing what you need to do to get what you want. Are you adaptable?

None of this is to say that niceguys don’t have their place in the universe. After all, some women at some time must have desired niceguys, or they wouldn’t be around today. In fact, there may have been a fairytale moment in human history when genuine niceguys scored the majority of bangs and impregnated the majority of wombs. But the Four Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse (coming soon to theaters near you) shredded that (partially contrived) sexual compact, and the state of nature — aka the forager mentality — has reasserted itself, with consequences none can know, but based on prior results aren’t likely to be good if civilization is your thing.

The evidence in total is becoming clear. If it’s sex with cute, young chicks you want, then being a badboy, or learning to be a simulacra of a badboy, is your best avenue to success. If it’s LTRs you want, even then your best bet is to be a badboy, because fast sex opens doors to long term (and long germ, if you aren’t careful) possibilities.

But clearly women, and particularly women of more northerly latitudes, retain a vestige of love in their hearts for reliable, predictable niceguys as LTR fodder, and this is borne out in many studies; it’s scary to take a chance on a badboy who might leave you to the harsh winters to raise your kids alone. So ideally, as the master seducer you wish to become (or you wouldn’t be reading here), the pose to strike is one of charmingly aloof badboyness coupled with hints of undercurrents of loving, dependable niceguyness. Not too much more than a hint of an undercurrent, though. You don’t want to frighten the kitty; you want to entice the kitty with dangling strings.

With experience, you’ll be able to accurately gauge when you are pushing a woman away instead of drawing her closer. You’ll know when you are being too cocky and aloof, and you’ll adjust accordingly with a sappy story about your deceased labrador or your adorable niece whom you can’t stop doting upon. Similarly, you’ll know when you are being too cloying or treacly, and you’ll step back into laconic alphatude so that she may have the pleasure of resuming her chase of you.

An armored badboy attitude + a vulnerable niceguy underbelly = winning combination to unlock pussy for long term goals.

For short term goals, you don’t need to be much else besides a jerk.


  1. I’ve been catching myself doing more and more nice guy things with my main LTR. We’re almost at the two year mark, and I still dominate the relationship, lead her properly, give her firmness and even punishment when she does something even minimally troublesome, but the gal has proven that she’s one in a thousand. It’s not that she’s earned or deserved any softness, it’s selfish on my part to give her little signs of betadom to throw her hamster off.

    “An armored badboy attitude + a vulnerable niceguy underbelly = winning combination to unlock pussy.”

    And THAT goes in the Roissy Bible (New Testament). If you are 100% an asshole, you’ll always get the dangerous women, but you WILL lose the women who actually love you across the spectrum of adoration, attraction, sexual desire, servitude and support.

    The betadom moves I’ve caught myself doing? Sometimes it’s just sharing my day at the offices, other times it’s talking about my love for my family or my 19 year old cat. She appreciates it and has never turned it against me.


    • AB Dada
      I have a question about your yesterday’s comment. The comment about ordering food for your date.
      When I take her to restaurant, they will bring menu, do I tell her not to look at menu because I will be ordering food for her, or do I wait for when the waiter/waitress come back to take our orders. What if she says “No”? Do I tell her to pay for her own food?.


      • When I meet the hostess and she grabs the menus, I say “one menu is fine.” Or, if we’re seated sans menu, I say “just one menu” when they’re presented. Immediately continue your conversationn as if that’s the etiquette of dining with you.


      • I could pull a robbery on you in a heartbeat. You, your girlfriend, me sitting at a table. You ask for your one menu, you go ahead and order for her.

        One knowing look at your girl and it’s done. The look that says, ‘what are you doing with this douchebag.’

        But would I find any girl who would be with you attractive? No.


      • Bragging of having better kung fu but masking one’s identity is weak.

        This is my name. Drawing anonymous lines in the sand is…beta.


      • Bragging…………. is alpha these days. Sad but true. And bragging with neither intent nor ability to back it up, is basically what game is all about. Thankfully, facing down a braggart is still even more alpha, but very few ever do. Which is why bragging ends up being alpha.


      • I don’t think it’s alpha to brag — it’s alpha to have people brag for you. Alphas naturally have their run of male and female orbiters who will hold you up to the high heavens.

        Bragging yourself is pretty ridiculous, and doing it anonymously is beta to the maximum.

        An alpha doesn’t have to hide behind a pseudonym — he’s got the balls.

        I understand why people use pseudonyms online; worry about your job and future is an acceptable excuse, but it’s still an excuse. I have zero issue with people Google searching my name and finding my posts here — hell, I’ve had women I date ask me about things I’ve said here. My address is even posted for the world to see. What the hell do I have to hide?

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      • A less extreme version of this that works well post bang but early on in a developing maybe LTR is to tell her “you should get the veal pecata with capers, you’ll like it, it’s good here”.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 1:54 am Obstinance Works

        I just tell the girl I’m with what to get out of the blue, not all of the time. But then again I’m cool not an uptight prick; not that there’s not a place in the world for those types.


  2. on October 4, 2011 at 1:11 pm flyfreshandyoung

    It’s gotten to the point where even going on dates make you look like a Nice Guy to a certain extent. To much seriousness involved, too much forward thinking.

    Bad boys win these days because girls want the bad boys, and bad boys don’t go on dates before having sex.

    I think this fits nicely with your post-


  3. In other words; stomp loudly, but carry a small stick.


  4. I’ve been saying, like this post, the idea that women choose one type of guy for flings and another type for relationships is BS. Young attractive women today rarely seek out relationships. They just want fun. And nice guys can’t give them that. If you can’t get it wet, you won’t date her.

    Girls may say things like “I’d never *date* him,” pointing to a badboy. Total smoke and mirrors. These chicks will bang him, and then try to wrangle him into a relationship.

    the gal has proven that she’s one in a thousand.

    Reminds me of OG King Solomon’s, Ecclesiastes 7:28:

    Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.

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    • I quoted Scripture today on my personal blog, there’s so much of value in the old and new testaments!

      From just before your quote, Ecclesiastes 7:26: “And I find something more bitter than death: the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner is taken by her.”

      And when I say one in a thousand, I mean one out of a thousand women I’ve either dated, wanted to date, hung out with but never dated, or women who thought they were dating me when I had already LJBF’d them in advance of them doing it to me. I don’t mean 1000 random women on the street.

      I have become undateable, one of my long term gals has told me, because I have discovered the 535 actions a female can do to make her unworthy of even my presence. I used to be a forgiving guy, but now there isn’t even one chance if they do any of those 535 actions. It’s a trigger that lets me know: she was not raised well and she can never undo the damage that was done.

      I won’t put the fault on society or parents or education or Hollywood — we individually know, inherently, what our biological needs are, and the moment we start to push them into the background, we start on a path that destroys any hope for biological truth in the future.

      You can’t scrape mold off of a piece of bread. Once it’s there, it’s over.

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      • on October 5, 2011 at 2:04 am Obstinance Works

        And you are better off for it. King Solomon said it best:

        Give not your strength to women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings. Proverbs 31:3


    • I had a one in a million girl once. I did the math.

      She turned out to still be a girl.


    • “I’ve been saying, like this post, the idea that women choose one type of guy for flings and another type for relationships is BS. Young attractive women today rarely seek out relationships. They just want fun.”

      I think you’re right, Basil. My impression is that relationships don’t happen because of some sort of plan on the part of the woman. I think they happen haphazardly and randomly (i.e. by accident). Kind of like an “oopsie” that turns into a married couple’s third child.


      • I would agree based on the theory that women generally don’t plan their lives, they let it wash over them like a tidal wave.

        For a women, planning anything is anathema to fun and tingles. Everything becomes “boring” when planned and known about in advance. This is why they have no head for business, economics, science, math, or any other field that deals with cold, hard, predictable, demonstrable facts.

        So, if you want to guide her into bed, or into a relationship, you need to make it all seem like one big spontaneous accident.

        Ever hear a woman describe the events that lead to her cheating or otherwise having regrettable sex? Every single time, it’s “well it just happened.” or “one thing led to another and suddenly I was sucking my bosses cock, sorry!”.


      • “So, if you want to guide her into bed, or into a relationship, you need to make it all seem like one big spontaneous accident.”

        In other words Indirect Game.


  5. You really need to use a little Occam’s razor here… “women like badboys for some reason of sociobiology and evolutionary mind control” OK, got it!!!!

    I’ll give you a better reason. Women like evil men because women are evil and they relate to evil men more than good men (whom they view with contempt). Hang around with girls enough and note the vileness/pathological deception that is their nature. Simple and to the point, correct? Particularly if women want to do evil things (fuck around with random men), isn’t it more appropriate to do this with evil guys? Evil men similarly view nice guys with contempt and ripe for exploitation.

    Take some time out and hack into girl’s email accounts. Find out what they “really” do… it is illuminating.

    Want to impress a girl? Lie to her alot about trivial things.. just for fun, like the Joker in Batman changing his story about how he got his smile scars. Women lie habitually, so they’ll find this attractive and funny. Evil men find this funny too.

    Women don’t like “nice guys” because they are boring… and women have a low tolerance for boredom and would rather hang out with men who challenge them rather than bore them to death. They are immature, superficial, drama queens and aren;t thinking in terms of long term.. but just having fun because they are infantile and spoiled.Take that and shove it up an anthropology textbook.

    Game makes you more interesting and works with (usually evil) men, business relations, and women… sociobiology has a LIMITED value to its appeal.

    I don’t mean to let obvious logic interfere with the mental masturbation relating to cave men 10,000 years ago with genes controlling our actions because of some “forager”?? WTF??

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    • “Particularly if women want to do evil things (fuck around with random men), isn’t it more appropriate to do this with evil guys? Evil men similarly view nice guys with contempt and ripe for exploitation.”

      I’ve heard this one before, anon. It makes perfect sense. I think the simplest explanations are usually the best.


    • “Women like evil men because women are evil and they relate to evil men more than good men (whom they view with contempt).”

      I wouldn’t call that an effective application of Occam’s razor, unless you also have a simple definition of “evil” that everyone can agree on. If you do, congrats: you just ended an age-old philosophical debate.

      “Good” and “evil” are subjective moral constructions. Nothing else in nature complies with our moral code (ever watched a cat hunt lately?) We invented it to enforce the human social contract. In biological terms, “good” is anything that promotes genetic survival, and “evil” is anything that keeps an organism from surviving. What might appear “evil” from a social perspective (why can’t women just go for the nice guys?) may well be “good” from a biological perspective (bad boys are dominant, and dominance = increased survival odds). That’s why biomechanics offers a pretty good heuristic for understanding human mating behaviors, without getting into complex theological/philosophical debates.


    • I like the cut of your jib, Anonymous. The amateur anthropology around here demeans the mission, but attempting to make them conscious of it is pissing in the wind. More important, you have the instinct to challenge received wisdom, rather than lapping up the nonsense like kitties do milk.

      You’re onto something, but not quite there yet. You’re right to say women are “immature, superficial drama queens and aren’t thinking in terms of long term but just having fun because they are infantile and spoiled.” But you’re wrong to make it exclusive to the weaker sex. You have described the base human condition, which applies to men too, though we express it and deal with it differently.

      “Nice” is not the equivalent of “good.” Niceness is frivolous sentimentality deployed by habit in the vain hope of avoiding all conflict in life forever. Our former manliness has dissolved into a pool of well-meaning vapidities by confusing “nice” with “good.” Nice guys finish last because niceness is weakness, a lazy substitute for virtue, a plea for mercy personified and universally communicated.

      Evil does not attract evil. Even vile people don’t like villainy to be committed against them. Evil does not attract women because women are essentially evil. Jerkiness attracts women because it is a sign of independence, a show of strength, and a declaration of boldness against the endless backdrop of nicey-nice beige.

      Those who say women like evil make the same error as “white knights” who say women like ostentatious good deeds, except they err on the opposite side of the spectrum. Women are not primally attracted to evil or good or niceness or assholery. They are attracted to a show of strength, repulsed by the signs of weakness. They will rationalize the assholery despite hating it (“Why o why do I keep going back to that asshole!” as the tingles increase), just as they will insist on “niceness” despite holding meek men in contempt (“Awww, how sweet of him to buy me flowers for Columbus Day!” as their vaginal thermometer drops to Kelvin levels).

      Women don’t secretly love assholes, no matter what the reductio ad absurdum of these sites tell you. Women love the thrill associated with daring to engage an asshole and to survive the encounter, a thrill that is only incidentally associated with the behavior of dickheads/douchebags/Boston fans.

      The problem is, we all struggle to reconcile strength with goodness. It just takes so much work, and strength manifested through evil is our nature: much simpler, much easier. Teach a boy to be strong but not nice, good but not passive, virtuous but not weak — or tell him to do whatever his selfish impulse commands. The former is far more complicated than the latter. We used to recognize the hard work of instilling character in a man, and we used to acknowledge its necessity right along with its precariousness.

      These days we’ve matched our thymotic torpor with intellectual laziness and simply declared the application of strength to be “evil” and passivity to be “good.” Bill Bennett laments the decline of men, Kay Hymowitz wrings her hands about manboys, and faggot eunuch quisling liberals declare men “finished”:

      … all because we’ve redefined virtue (from the Latin vir, meaning “man”) as passivity to make civilization safe for women, elevating feminine qualities to be the equivalent of “good” while demoting manly qualities to be the “source of all evil.”

      Attraction does not get kick-started on notions of good or evil. It begins in strength and weakness. Women are drawn to signs of strength (wealth, confidence, physical size), men to weakness (exposed necks, delicate features, coquettishness). But for about a hundred years we have been forced to officially pretend otherwise, and we have been raised in a culture of weird lies. Take heart, though: the long winter is beginning to thaw.

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      • attracts women because it is a sign of independence

        A thousand times YES. Independence and strength are the key. Nice displays utter dependance and weakness. A weak man will disgust a woman and bring about something akin to rage. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of in a weak man. Women will sleep with a a jerk, they will nearly prostrate themselves for a man taught this:

        a boy to be strong but not nice, good but not passive, virtuous but not weak

        Here’s the problem though. How many women are there any more. It seems as though the world is nearly full of little girls who only follow the jerk because they simply don’t know better or lack the courage to to simply be.


    • “Amateur anthropologists” are striking again. Here it goes:

      Assholery, douchebaggery, and all the “evil” features in men are just the components of an evolutionary strategy that basically says: “The kid is not mine. Get off me, bitch”. Simply because these assholes are aware that women are promiscuous, they see it everyday.

      On the other hand, women are attracted to them because this attraction is an evolutionary strategy to try and keep the man around : “Shit, this is not a dumb fool. I know he’s playing me right now, but if he truly suspects that I’m not loyal, he will leave my sorry ass. I better keep it tingling for this motherfucker”.

      Sociobiology, evo psychology… explain everything better than your vapid ramblings about good, evil, strength, and dead authors.

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      • You’re a good little pamphleteer for the faith. Keep preaching the creed, brother.

        I like tits because they look like a baboon’s ass. Or something. Better than Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Kant’s aesthetics, and whatever else those DWEMs wrote. Can’t be bothered. Not when Pope Roissy I is carefully exigeting Popular Science articles for us.


      • No, big tits have been a puzzle for a while. After all, why big ones are more attractive even if smaller ones are as efficient for lactation purposes?
        It turns out that big tits are only a better indicator for young age and fertility.

        Tits sag therefore, saggy tits mean old woman, not worthy of our precious semen.
        A poorly endowed woman can be young or older, our ancestors could not be 100% sure.

        Big tits don’t lie, that’s why we evolved with a powerful instinct to put our dick right in the middle of a mighty rack (but i prefer squeezing and sucking).

        I read Kant, Aristotle, Plato and Jesus with the same recurrent question in mind: “why oh god do i love big titties?”. Couldn’t find a decent answer…
        But now, i found it with sociobiology and evo psych and i am now free. You hear me brother. I’m Free!

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  6. “However, more than one half also reported a preference for a nice guy over a bad boy as a date”.

    Which doesn’t mean jack because we all know that women lie to themselves. If the hamster was taking a water break, and women were being completely honest, I’d imagine it would be more like 1/4 or less that actually prefer a nice guy for a date.


  7. A couple of points to share…

    I was going beta on my gf…then I decided to go away to a party without her…one that was full of women…

    She went MENTAL…I kept my cool, blew it off and went….

    While away…I email closed hot younger flight attendant…who wrote me saying she wants to go for drinks when she’s in town…

    Then when gf when I got back she went mental after we met up again…i to her that I was not happy with the way things were and laid low…basically I was a jerk.

    Results? 1) Suddenly she’s calling me all the time after a dry spell.
    2) she’s banging me…after a dry spell
    3) She’s stopped nagging me, constantly shit testing me

    Guys…this girl is the worst of all shit-testers and she basically laid down like a kitten after I was a complete dick.

    Also…guys, chicks know when other women are hitting on you….it’s like they can smell it on you.

    Another girl I’m gaming….constantly tells me I’m in her words “completely crazy”….in other words I’m tapping into her own wild side….

    I just smile or laugh…but never be dumb to hints…never seem over eager.

    It’s a fine line you walk….show interest, then walk away.


    • Walawala, please repeat after me:

      “My women will always know I have options.”

      do it one more time:

      “My women will always know I have options.”

      Hey, even if you’re Mr. Monogamy or so busy you can’t keep two in the background, she is desperately needing to feel that her man is attractive to other women. Women do not trust themselves if they made a good decision about keeping a guy around in their lives unless ALL of their friends, co-workers, random women on the street, waitresses, flight attendants and even their own sisters and cousins WANT THEIR MAN.

      Repeat it two more times and your penance is complete, my son.


      • 100%.

        Likewise when you actually DO have other options, you don’t put so much value about the option you choose to have in front of you at the moment. Women can smell this powerful attractant.

        Further when dating hot women they will consistently be approached and txt/called by men- mostly orbiters. Be her best option. Fight that fire with your fire: Pull other numbers, keep other women in your orbit, open sets in front of her, chat with the cute server, the cute bartender, the bag chic at the grocery store.

        “My women will always know I have options.”


      • I think also women can smell or sense that you have options.

        Since my above story when I went away, met smoking hot stewardess and came back…girl I’ve been seeing has done 180 turn.

        No more crazy shit-testing needy bullshit.

        Now, she’s ever attentive, pays for stuff for me, buys me tickets to stuff, comes over etc.

        But smoking hot stewardess is now back in town on lay-overs (love that word) and we’re meeting up for drinks.

        Smoking hot stewardess and my girl were at same party together.

        Neither know each other and at that party I didn’t let on I was with anyone at that time.

        But stewardess was giving me IOI’s. I gamed her, chatted, danced with her, but otherwise played it cool. She was cool too leaving early to meet friends.

        We’re meeting up tonight for drinks at my private club.

        The thing about learning game is that when you get to this situation, it’s a bit like the feeling of winning a lottery and a part of the old me creeps in thinking “What if I blow this?”

        But then I remember….when I was nice guy beta…I was getting dumped.

        Since I started seriously paying closer attention to my inner and outer game, even so-called “losing” a girl is only a minor irritation not a pivotal moment.


      • @Dada…update

        Smoking hot flight attendant I gamed, did everything right…flaked.

        It was a classic flake.

        Three hours before we’re supposed to meet up for a casual drink and hang out I get this “shit-sandwich” text:

        Her: Hi wala, it was great seeing you last nite. I’m sorry that I can’t make it tonight because I’m not feeling well. Hope you understand. enjoy the rest of your sunday. HB8

        I read through these archives on handling flakes. I did everything right but she still flaked. I kept my cool, made plans with another girl.

        Me: 3 hours later and 5 minutes after our previously agreed upon date time:
        “Oh. Just got this. If we meet up again ur buying

        Her: hour later; ok i will start saving n let you know when my piggy bank is full. xx

        I think she flaked because she’s hot, she’s probably kind of freaking out like Asian chicks do about appearing too eager, I thought for a minute she might be having her period so the “hope you understand” part… but without any make up time, I was clearly left with a classic flake.

        I also think this was on some level a shit-test. She’s probably hit on all the time and after dropping all those IOI’s on me, when it came to deliver she panicked.

        The whole “i’m not feeling well, hope you understand” is such beta bait….Considering she was looking smoking hot the evening before when I met her at the party and gamed her, she was not sick.

        Those pilots tend to always be “nice guys” falling over themselves to be sickening beta to these hotties.

        My complete re-frame of the situation was congruent with my previously light banter.

        Her reply suggests a make up date when she’s back through and has time.

        Either way…thanks to this blog and the tools here, I was able to keep aloof and not fall into the “nice guy” trap.

        Will update if this turns into anything.


      • I sent a friend of mine over here to look up flaking and he said he found almost nothing consistent. So I came by and confirmed.

        When I was younger, I *expected* flaking. Now, when it happens, it still shocks me, even though I never invest anything in a new gal — not even self pleasuring while thinking about her.

        You did the right thing texting her late and putting the onus on her to pay. I’d strongly, STRONGLY recommend flaking on her if she decides to want to go out again. A 20 year old who flaked on me a number of weeks ago (texted me the NEXT day to tell me she fell asleep) has been putting the full pressure on to go out, so I said OK and then I deleted her number. Since my phone SMS app filters out unknown contacts into a different reading folder, I didn’t even “get” her texts wondering if I died until about 3 days later.

        Of course, within those 3 days she friends me on Facebook. And she can wait, along with all the rest of them, before I approve her. Hell, my sister had to wait 9 months for approval and my own mother waited 6 months.

        Update me for sure on this situation — I need to write up something to give to young dudes regarding flaking.


      • @Dada….she’s a flight attendant who comes to town regularly so I will update you if there are any developments.

        A slight variation of this…

        At my weekly dance class, a girl I game suddenly refused to dance with me.

        This was some sort of shit-test because she made a production of refusing and then moments later agreed to dance with someone else.

        There was sexual tension so this was not random nor innocent.

        I grabbed the hottest dancer in the room.

        Then I followed up by grabbing this flaker’s friend.

        Reaction? Girl I’m gaming ignores me….but I just carry on so I’m blanking her.

        Next day, I notice she’s taken and tagged a photo of me dancing with her friend….

        This is a not so innocent attempt to get a “like” out of me…or some reaction.

        With these flakes….nothing is ever random or innocent.

        But key is not to fall into the trap of appearing to react.


      • Social networking media is very easy to screw up on. It’s amazing how quickly even alphas screw up and lower hand.

        I have some crazies on my own Facebook (hotties, too, one is easily a 9) who are hot/cold/hot/cold — I just ignore them and if they want to come and play, they’re welcome to join me if I’m free and bored.

        One of the FB crazies left a comment on a photo I posted and then removed it right away — of course her comment still made it to my email notification. Sheesh, low IQ.


  8. on October 4, 2011 at 2:03 pm anonymouses anonymous

    “You’ll note a couple of conclusions here. One, more than half of coed women (the hot ones in the age bracket we care about) agreed that niceguys have fewer sexual partners. This is bad news for niceguys, because female preselection is a powerful attractant that men can wield to entice women. If women think you don’t get any, you are more likely to not get any. It’s self-fulfilling.”

    There was a flashpan moment when the nice/nerdy guys were in demand. During the late 1980s, AIDS was running rampant. STDs were feared by every sexually active man and woman in the USA.

    What happened then is that women were still sexually driven but were afraid to try new partners. The one type of man that was in demand was the virgin, because there was no chance of him giving her an STD.

    But, that did not last long. Even before the advances in combating some of the STDs, women longed for alpha males and turned back to bad boys…preferring the danger of death over the limpness of nerddick.


    • “But, that did not last long.”

      I don’t agree. Every normal woman is worried about STDs very much. Among my friends and family I’m the only normal woman …

      I believe every would prefer a virgin boyfriend but it’s quite impossible to find a dominant, sociable, asshole, high T virgin. Most virgins between 30 to 40 are probably a little socially awkward if not complete losers :S


      • … every WOMAN would prefer …


      • “But it didn’t last long”.
        Because they (and everyone else) realised that the overwhelming primary group affected with HIV are gay men, especially if they do drugs, which is known to greatly lower resistance to the HIV.


      • That’s why you should start husband shopping before you reach adulthood. You’d think that for a gender that loves to shop so much, more of us would’ve figured that out.


  9. Off topic. I need advice. Earlier today I was walking down the street and some man starts talking to me. As I was in a slight hurry I kept walking and didn’t pay attention to him. He followed me for about three hundred meters and than started to talk to me again. He asked me whether I wanted to go with him to have a coffee. I stopped and asked him why. He said that he’d like to pay me a coffee. I asked him again why does he want to have a coffee with me and he said that he’d like to have sex with me! He wasn’t joking! I talked to him for a minute and than walked away but he followed me for another hundred meters!

    1.) What should I say to him to humiliate him? I was thinking about asking him “Do I look like a prostitute?” or “Do you want to have babies with me?” but than I said “Do you have a wife?” and he said that his wife is at home (I was thinking whether he wanted to appear pre-selected LOL). Can you suggest me some very humiliating line I could use? Don’t say that I should just go away, because I *want* to humiliate men that ask me for sex on the street – I’m not a prostitute and I definitely don’t look like one.

    2.) Why this happens to me all the time recently?! When I asked other girls whether this happens to them too they all said that only during the night.
    I always meet men like that during the day and they always follow me and offer me sex. I’m not afraid of them since during the day they can’t hurt me but I’m still very annoyed and disgusted.
    Could this increased frequency of such events be a sign of my falling SMV? Maybe they think they have a chance with me?!?!?! (I have this shitty Eastern European genes and this means I will hit the wall sooner and harder :S I can’t say how far away the wall is – it’s very foggy today – but on very bright light I can see the bricks already)


    • on October 4, 2011 at 2:23 pm drunicusequus

      Clearly you should’ve pointed him to this blog. His willingness to chase you down the street appeared needy, which you found repellant.
      If he was physically unappealling that likely affects his confidence, also, which would make him even more repellant to you.
      There are few problems in life that can’t be solved by careful applications of game & hard work.


    • Serious question- Do you try to draw attention to yourself? Do you smile excessively and look around constantly trying to guage the reaction of every guy in your vicinity? I’m not being nasty. But IRL, a couple females I know who “complain” of unwanted male attention do exactly that (and I’m not even sure they realize it). Try scowling instead. It’s much better to look unapproachable. It’s been effective for me throughout my adulthood, and partly necessary because I’m too trusting, not exactly because of gullibility, but mostly because I refuse to go through life mentally guarded all the time. The scowl works. I haven’t turned up dead in a trunk yet.


      • I don’t try to draw attention to myself – never (except here on this blog). I never smile to strangers on the streets, why would I do that?! I’m quite “plain” looking – no make up, no high heels, no facial expressions … But I do look approachable and non-intimidating. Maybe I really should try with scowling …


    • Trying to humiliate him is a mistake. When do even the best PUAs crash and burn? When the woman stays icy cool and calm, refuses to take the bait and ignores him. Getting angry and trying to humiliate a guy just gets you emotionally invested in him.

      Your best reaction was the first…don’t pay attention and keep walking.


      • Thanks for advice.

        “Getting angry and trying to humiliate a guy just gets you emotionally invested in him.”

        Exactly. I never get angry. I’m 100% cool and I talk to them very calmly and clearly (it was different in the past when I had no boundaries). But I can’t ignore them! I know there’s a way to humiliate them verbally (without any emotions of course).


    • Could this increased frequency of such events be a sign of my falling SMV? Maybe they think they have a chance with me?!?!?!

      Wow Maya, very, verrrrrry interesting observation.

      I always thought (at least subconsciously) about what your saying regarding men who strongly pursue women as you describe, and I think you are right in what you’re hypothesizing here: that most men will pursue most strongly the women they feel they have the most likely of chances with.

      You take and recognize this truth(s) Maya with a skeptical and inquisitive attitude, which speaks good of your character and your sense of healthy pride and self-esteem you have in yourself — as well as your good sense of boundaries.

      This is also why it is often the plain/average to the somewhat above average ladies (4-6.5/7 smv types) that get hit on the most, compared to their more attractive sisters — and concomitantly, why so many ‘plain jane’ ‘beta’ women have bloated egos — which often matches their often equally bloated stomachs… (Heartiste should do a whole seperate thread on this very ironic and paradoxical subject.)


      • I don’t know. Men who ask me for sex are usually older, sometimes young as well. I find it frustrating and disgusting and since this didn’t happen to me very often in the past I’m afraid that my SMV is falling. I know one older man (60+), a huge “player” (cheating on his wife all the time, sexually harassing teenagers) – I’ve always known that he likes me a lot but he was always a bit afraid of me during my teenage years and early twenties. A week ago he started to tell me how beautiful I am and shit like that and I panicked because I thought that now I’m so old/sexually worthless that even this man thinks he has chances with me. Scary :S Men should be afraid of me … Shouldn’t they?!


      • That’s weird, with me it was the opposite. I got attention of older men as a 13 year old. THAT is creepy, lol.
        There is an article I found (at Neecy’s) where it was stated that the ugly guys often hit on 10s and 9s. So if you’re being hit on by old, ugly bums, it doesn’t mean you are one. Frankly, I don’t see the difference between the guys who hit on me, and the guys who hit on my mom who is 28 years older. But it’s not something I’m an expert at, so those are just my thoughts.


      • You take and recognize this truth(s) Maya with a skeptical and inquisitive attitude, which speaks good of your character and your sense of healthy pride and self-esteem you have in yourself — as well as your good sense of boundaries.

        you must be new around here.


    • 1.) “Do I look like a prostitute?” I’m not a prostitute and I definitely don’t look like one.

      To you, you may not. To him?????

      2.) Why this happens to me all the time recently?!

      Refer back to #1. Changed the way you dress? Walk?

      (I can see the bricks already)

      psssst. You’re there then.


    • What you should have said when he first asked you for coffee was not to ask why but just say no thank in a cold unapologetic way.

      Since you didn’t do that but asked him again why, and he said sex with you, you should have said something like: “as if. How rude. The feeling isn’t mutual.”

      All in a haughty way, not in an emotional way.


      • I believe this would work and he’d leave me alone BUT … I didn’t want that. I knew what he wanted from me, I only asked him because I was interested whether he’ll say it explicitly or not.

        “… you should have said something like: “as if. How rude. The feeling isn’t mutual.””

        This is just too nice, don’t you think? Also, what you suggested is not a permanent solution for me – if I ignore one, I’ll meet another one next week and this is making me seriously angry/afraid.

        Maybe I should just get used to my freshly lowered SMV and it’s consequences? I hope this won’t happen now every week until menopause?! I could get used to these psychos if they wouldn’t evoke my bad memories and the feelings of revenge I desire. I can’t go back and kill the person I hate but I can probably humiliate men that hit on me like that – and make me feel better… Is there any legal way to humiliate a man? What about saying that he looks like a faggot, loser, something like that? (without any emotions of course) Would that work?


      • Some of these things are affected by culture. Iirc you live in a South American country don’t you?

        Calling a guy a faggot isn’t a good idea in the US. It would lower your perceived status in the eyes of most of the college educated.

        Easiest generic putdown is to call him a loser and/or a stalker. However


      • Maya,

        Any man to whom you speak is suffering — by definition.

        You know that.

        So no further “revenge” is required. In any case you don’t want ti try and “humiliate” the wrong dude — unless you like the taste of a fat and hairy knuckle-sandwich, which I wouldn’t put past your shamelessly whorish self. 😉


      • Maya

        I don’t know if you’ll be able to read this. But….You’re a stupid b*@^%.

        You said that men are supposed to be afraid of you and are not supposed to be honest. That they’re supposed to pretend that they don’t like you especially when you ask. And that if men want sex from you (all heterosexual men want sex from women and vice versa) that it’s disgusting.

        Yeah it sucks for you that you’re no longer as attractive. But that’s your problem not men’s.

        The only thing that you should be upset about with this guy is that he couldn’t take a hint. And besides, you’re the [email protected]$$ who just didn’t flatly tell him to leave you alone. You wanted to ask questions and be sociable.

        You’re a good example of twisted female EVIL conceited disrespectful logic.
        I hope you get more guys – who you don’t like – asking you out.

        There’s a first. People being attracted to you and think you look good and you have a problem with it. If you don’t like somebody, just say so. But how could someone liking you be viewed as humiliation. Again, stupid egotistical b*&%#.


    • on October 5, 2011 at 2:16 am Obstinance Works

      You should have told him you had mace.

      You better find a good man to marry.


    • Try this: “Fuck off. Follow me again, and I call the cops.” Say it with anger. Mean it. If he follows, dial the cops right there on the street.

      Don’t bother with some silly notion of improving the world by humiliating him.


    • First of all, WTF is a meter, Maya? Speak American. Translate distance into football fields (that’s real football fields of 100 yards, not a soccer “pitch”) or city blocks or feet or GTFO. “Why, this fellow carried on I daresay six hundred paces!”

      Second of all, at least throw the guy a handy in the alley. He deserves that much for getting over his approach anxiety.

      Third of all, go back and watch that Hitch clip Roissy’s boyfriend, wossname, posted when he won the Beach Chick game test contest. Anyway, the clip is where Eva Mendes is toying with a guy cold approaching her. Have some fun with human interaction. Must everything be so grim with you Eastern Europeans?

      Here. I even looked it up for you:

      Less chilly Soviet-bloc babushka vagitude. More caliente Mediterranean voluptuous vivacity.

      You cannot “humiliate” men who are employing the 10% method (the dubious but nevertheless motivating idea that one out of ten women who are asked if they’d like to fuck will say yes). Humiliation has been factored into the formula. You are simply one of the nine triggers that didn’t trip, forgotten as quickly as you were approached. Don’t go on an ego trip, you are just a number.

      This desire to humiliate is an expression of the false feminist prerogative that requires you to correct the world of its misogynist misunderstandings. “I am more than just a hole for your rape-pleasures! I’ve heard the joke ‘What’s the useless flesh around a vagina called? A woman’ and let me tell you it’s not funny, mister (госпо̀дин).

      Here you are, a studentess of game, and along comes a fellow who could use your acquired wisdom, and all you can do is regress to the default mode of petty female fantasies of humiliation and revenge. How little you’ve learned. Try playing along, judo his aggressiveness, and send him away a better man than before he approached you. It’s called … wait for it … charm. Charm neutralizes idiots as well as it enthralls mates, it works on friend and foe alike.


      • King A,

        I watched the clip but men who hit on me have nothing in common with this guy hitting on Eva. The guy in the clip is annoying and weird, men who hit on me are filthy strangers. It’s a big difference.

        “… all you can do is regress to the default mode of petty female fantasies of humiliation and revenge. How little you’ve learned. Try playing along, judo his aggressiveness, and send him away a better man than before he approached you. It’s called … wait for it … charm.”



    • next time this happens to you, here is what you need to do:


  10. Must be sad to be a slavic female and then the babushka bomb hits, and you drop 5 pts. in the looks department. It’s weird though, my mother is Eastern European and at 70 still looks good, myself at 40, I usually have people shocked that I’m 40.


  11. I’d even go so far as to say that the only reason women even want betas for LTRs is for the chance to cuckold them with a alphas child since alphas rarely stick around to take care of the children. With the exception of the very ice cold winter where it’s either choose provider or die, but I wouldnt be suprised if alphas adapted in this environment and became providers while banging their neighbors wife on the sly.

    Also where does this idea come from that that nice guys are unfairly being cheated out of pussy? They dont deserve a break, there’s no such thing as nice guys, only men playing to their strengths. Nice guys aren’t angels and will throw you under the bus for pussy in a heartbeat. They would act like alphas and sleep with every hot women if they could. Their strategy simply doesn’t work anymore and so they have to adapt with game.

    I understand women choose scumbags to fuck, but this idea that all bad boy alphas are evil and dont deserve to pass on their genes while all the betas are good boys who deserve atleast one women is nonsense. Tons of betas are scumbags and some of them just keep it hidden as they dont have the confidence to act that way.


    • People identify with the sexual strategy as the righteous sexual strategy. Whatever people do, they think is the right thing to do. Therefore betas imagine themselves as Peter Parker underwear heroes. Secretly great but unacknowledged.


  12. It appears there’s a group of women who self-report wanting a non-bad boy for a boyfriend. While it’s clear that this data sample is full of hamster-generated signal noise, there are at least SOME women, as the host said, perhaps more from northern climes, who have some preference for ‘nice guys,’ especially for LTR. That’s not to say they want submissive betas–it’s just to say they want some respect, some caring, some emotional connection. They want some softer edges. This may be also attributed to the effects of birth control pills, which causes women to seek less dominant, lower Testosterone men than those who are naturally ovulating.


    • on October 4, 2011 at 4:00 pm Charlesz Martel

      RE: Effects of birth control pills

      Could you quote sources on this? Everything I’ve found shows the opposite-and anecdotal evidence from women I know says that they prefer lower T guys when they’re off the pill, or at least, less asshole guys. I assumed it was due to the “fake pregnancy” aspect of pill use. Or perhaps because they don’t smell fertile, but rather, pregnant in some fashion. I think that the pill and another genetic effect – Sailer had a commenter who said:

      S. Brady said…
      I think Gregory Clark’s Farewell to Alms was pretty good proof that violence declined due to a change in behavioral genetics. Even when the evolution for a character ceases, its effects can linger on for a few centuries longer. Pinker needs to take a walk outside academia now and again.

      Civil behavior is decreasing due to lack of selection for the genes that promote non-violent behavior. In the West, the welfare state has promoted single motherhood. When women are relieved of the obligation to select a male on the basis of his resource provision capability they select them on their masculine attributes-which are in general correlated with more violent characteristics. Secondly, more intelligent women with better executive function are encouraged to have careers which reduces their reproductive output. I won’t even elaborate on 3rd world immigration.

      The net effect? The proportion of gene variants that induce general misbehavior and organizational dysfunction are increasing. The phenotypic effects are starting to appear: the London Riots, flash mob violence, fiscal mismanagement, lack of school discipline, etc. Pinker’s ideas will be refuted in the decades to come.

      10/2/11 3:04 AM

      This would indeed explain much. And in fact, as many single mothers live in poverty with higher rates of violent crime around their neighborhood, banging a high -T asshole to have high-T offspring who kill the other guy first isn’t that bad an evolutionary strategy. It’s murder on civilization, though.


    • on October 4, 2011 at 4:04 pm Charlesz Martel

      Oh, and on the Martha Stewart link I posted-

      I can’t reveal how I know, but Martha Stewart used to host orgies on an unimaginable scale at her Hamptons home. I’m hardly surprised that a woman that determined to fulfill her sexual needs (extreme) would have no qualms encouraging cuckoldry of rich, beta men.


  13. So i broke it off with my girl 2 weeks ago. I had betad up and she lost attraction.i asked her what next then and she was like she doesnt know cause replacing me will be hard.weve been together for 9 months,im on the NC rule but we always see each other because we go to the same uni.i know i should move on to another girl but i want to give it a shot just to rate what i need to know is,on week 3,should i call her,or send a non sequitor text?i want to get to her crazy and make that hamster lose afew


    • No contact. If you intiate so much as a text message, you lose, permanently.

      If you run into her at Uni, have another gal with you. If you can’t and she’s with a gal, introduce yourself to the gal. If she’s with a guy, don’t frown or smile, just make eye contact with her and raise your eyebrows with an eye-smile.

      If she’s at parties you go to, leave with another woman.

      Don’t mention her to your friends, at all. Don’t respond to her online chats or Facebook comments. If she emails you, respond once and never again until she’s sent you 2-3 responses. If she texts you, respond 48 hours after. If she calls you, don’t calll back.

      If she texts you after 1am, tell her to come by your place because you lost your charger. If you’re not having sex within 5 minutes, send her packing or fall asleep.


    • I think many experience men would counsel you that your question is the wrong answer.


    • I handled this recently by texting for advice on how to deal with a new woman. Very quickly it was like “what the hell are you doing dating someone else already. Hands off. How can I trust you now.”

      I called her bluff.


    • Ignore her, fuck other women.

      You need to rise above the battlefield and look at the big picture. Getting caught up in any particular women means you have already lost her.


    • Follow AB’s and Dan Fletcher’s suggestions.

      Most importantly, review xsplat’s comment.

      You have a great opportunity in front of you: move on and rise above your past. Learn now to NOT focus so much energy on any ONE woman.

      When one woman doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter…because you will meet a hotter and cooler one tomorrow.


  14. on October 4, 2011 at 3:10 pm Charlesz Martel

    Roissy, you’ve got to see this:

    It’s rare that a woman admits purposely cuckolding a man to have another man’s kid and being so open about it.

    The weaker, more fragile, more “evolved” sex. Right.

    Cunning cunts, all of ’em.


    • Easy: Paternity test.
      Anyone who is dumb enough to marry and have kids would be waaay dumber to completely trust his wife about the paternity.
      Shit, women have done it millenia. Why on earth would they suddenly stop?
      At least, that bitch is straightforward about it. Most women leave it to the crass machinations of their hindbrains.

      But this is worse (assuming it’s not fake):

      The cad/dad theory is real. If one is short and ugly, a super tight game is required, with a particular emphasis on instilling dread. The bitch must fear you, and fear losing you.


  15. JC Penney is under attack by feminists in the advertising industry for its September TV ad targeting middle aged men (the models looked late thirties) but featuring an 18 year old getting out of a pool in a bikini.

    The video ad (Google it) is cool but older women and white knights are saying that JC Penney is “off-message” and “what were they thinking” with such “pervy” advertising. The company just apologized. This is fresh news.

    Can someone find the video, etc?


    • do you think they’d be shrieking the same way if instead of phoebe cates stepping out of the pool it was some old desiccated harpy?

      typical feminist drivel.


      • Here is a Yahoo article on the “sexist” (LOL) ad.–video-.html

        Apparently we are supposed to be offended not only because of “blatant sexism”, but also because JC Penney is “under estimating” us.

        Also, here is the author of the article:



        The loudest protests came from the American Family Association’s One Million Mom’s website, asking people to call J.C. Penney’s customer service and complain that the ad is offensive to women.

        A conservative or liberal organization? Anyone who reads this blog knows that the distinction is irrelevant.

        [Heartiste: This anti-JCpenny campaign is the most ludicrous, idiotic, hypocritical shriek of nonsensical shit I have heard from the loser brigade in a long while. Someone call a waaaaahhhmbulance! Funny how these same verklempft numbskulls never load their knickers over ads depicting bare-chested men doing stupid things (see: zoosk).
        I see now that jcp has folded like a cheap lawn chair. I’d call them pussies, but they got a lot of press out of this, so score them one for media manipulation.]


      • what really pisses me off is that heidi the cross-eyed possum has more fucking facebook fans than me!!

        this world is going into the shitter!


      • The worst article was the one in Adweek that said the JC Penney ad would have been fine if it was targeted to male teens. But the journalist, intent on social engineering via the ad industry, said it was “pervy” to target the ad at middle-aged men like the ones modeling the clothes.

        The article even acknowledged that Phoebe, the girl in the video, was now middle-aged as well but said that it was still “entirely inappropriate” for the men her age to be looking back at the way she was when she was in her teens.

        Jeez. The motivations of the writer couldn’t be more obvious.


  16. what’s the definition of a badboy used in all these studies? In my experience, given today’s social norms, a badboy >= just being and acting like a real dude is supposed to e.g. confident, self-assured etc etc. The majority of men who have bought into the recent new social paradigm hoisted over them have dropped out of contention for the supply of pussy.


  17. This is why the asshole breakup routine doesn’t work. You want to get rid of your girl but don’t have the guts (common occurrence), so you get more and more critical and she holds on more and more.


  18. “None of this is to say that niceguys don’t have their place in the universe”

    True. Every cunt wants a doormat.


  19. Charlesz Martel

    RE: Martha Stewart,

    WOW, what an article by her daughter!
    Small wonder Martha HATES Sarah Palin…what a piece of work. I never watched her show, but my wife would on occasion, and just the look in Marth’s eyes told me she was a heartless witch. The plastic smile and soft voice didn’t fool me for a second.
    AND, flaming leftie, pinko Obama supporter democrat = divorced, hateful, abusive, manipulative, evil, angry, spinster.


    • The big black dick lover Sarah Palin, or the cheating wife Sarah Palin?

      Forget about that skank, and forget about any kind of relationship bw political beliefs and virtue. Sensible women may very well be dirty sluts, politically naïve women may make great wives.


      • politics and women are 2 concepts that have mostly repelled each other throughout history, whenever those 2 forces get together it’s usually bad news for everyone involved, men, women, children, society at large. 20th century is proof of that.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 1:58 pm mewanthoneycomb

        Washington DC’s dating scene is proof of that.


      • on October 4, 2011 at 10:54 pm Charlesz Martel

        I seriously doubt the Palin/black story. The Dems were being beaten by McCain until the financial collapse, and the media HATED her (just like they do now). Don’t you think it would have come out before now? McGinnis’s book is basically sourced anonymously. There were all sorts of rumour about the Clintons both before and during and after his terms, most of which were either true or had some basis in fact. But Palin had nothing, until McGinnis (nothing that was true, at any rate – the Trig stories, etc.). I think that most hatred of Palin by women is that she’s a hot MILF whose macho-stud husband still likes to fuck her, and this makes women envious. I’m not a big Palin fan, but I don’t like to see the sorry excuse that passes for journalism in this country today. We’re a two-party system (allegedly), with a one-party press.


  20. This concept has been common knowledge in the community for ages.Good article though.


  21. on October 4, 2011 at 5:23 pm The Real Vince

    Girls may say things like “I’d never *date* him,” pointing to a badboy. Total smoke and mirrors. These chicks will bang him, and then try to wrangle him into a relationship.

    And you know what she’ll tell her friends: “It just happened.” Women may say they want nice guys, but the best gift is always the thing you didn’t know you wanted. In the case of relationships, it makes things all the more romantic.


  22. Another good analysis, blogger, nice article.


  23. “more than half of coed women agreed that nice guys have fewer sexual partners. ”
    Could this be because they interpret “nice guys” as “not sluts”. Does the study say anything about coed’s thinking nice guys have lots of sex but with a lower body count? Steady girl friend type of setup?


  24. on October 4, 2011 at 5:51 pm Proud-to-be-an-Omega-Male

    At one point, my brothers, I doubted Roissy. But now I see the truth. Everything Roissy says about women… true, true, true and true!

    I was foolish for having doubted you in my moment of weakness (omegatude)! But please, I am an omega, please forgive me if sometimes I falter at the great temple of alpha masculinity. I am trying my best to be alpha; I am struggling everyday to resist my “nice guy” impulses, so that I too may rise like the phoenix rising from its own ashes, finally shedding my omega male exterior for the shining armor of the dominant alpha male, ready to do battle!

    Truly, O Roissy, your profound insight and wisdom into the female character and psychology hath opened mine eyes, so that now I see all of women’s glaring defects more clearly than ever before. I am now yours forever, in all seriousness.

    From now on, I shall be a committed and most loyal Roissyite to the day of my last breath upon my deathbed.

    All hail Roissy! The God of Female Psychology!!!!!


  25. “In fact, there may have been a fairytale moment in human history when genuine niceguys scored the majority of bangs and impregnated the majority of wombs”

    I think that fairytale moment never happened. Women always preferred alphas. And most contemporary men are the descendents of these alphas. Even during the golden era of contained hypergamy, cuckolding was not insignificant. And this era was too short to be relevant.

    I think (and IIRC, DiamondEyes is with me on this one), the default status of men is lesser alpha. Even the betas that we see now are only emasculated by the forces of education, pop culture, and the shunning of every single hypermasculine behavior.
    It explains why it’s so easy, for many, to embrace game and apply it somehow decently. Most men are only betaized, not unredeemable betas (authentic betas exist though, by some miracle of evolution).

    Hey, according to the Toba catastrophe theory, humans were only a handful 70000 years ago (as low as 1000 homo erectus). I bet that during the short aftermath, betas were wiped out quickly, just like on a modern university campus.


  26. It’s extremely easy to go from fuckbuddies to an LTR. You just see her more than once a week.

    It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to go from the asexual friend zone to a sexual relationship.

    Science is yet again backing up everything PUAs and now the Chateau have been decoding for years.

    How do women justify the “date a beta but fuck an alpha” to their conscience? It’s not because they’re “evil” (wtf people, some of you creep me out). It’s because when a man has demonstrated that he’s 100% not a provider in any way, then fucking him simply doesn’t count in their mind. He’s a member of the “Secret Society”:

    Women want beta providers, not beta offspring. So for a woman it makes sense to lock down a beta provider that won’t leave her, but then fuck the alpha one night stand to get pregnant (and then have her hamster backwards rationalize it as “not counting”). She gets a baby with alpha genes and a secure future for it and the alpha gets the commitment-free fling he wanted, everyone wins.

    …well, except the beta provider guy, but it’s not like he’ll complain or call her out on it if he suspects it, or not forgive her if he figures it out, or not begrudgingly provide for her anyways because his female friends and family guilt him into it, cause he knows he can’t get any other girls and his highest purpose in life is just to please everyone else.

    I’d love for there to be some of these scientific studies on how many men are unknowingly raising other men’s children. I suspect the actual truthful numbers would be terrifying an disgusting to most people.


    • I remember reading an evolutionary psychology article once saying all babies eventually evolved to look alike because when they didn’t, betas would kill the baby and mother in a fit of rage once he found out he had been duped. That was when betas actually acted like men though and weren’t pussies, like you said the beta of today would simply forgive and forget.


    • You really think it’s not evil to cheat on a guy who loves you, find out you’re pregnant and decide to keep it, cuckold your husband, trick him into investing love and resources into your whore-spawn, and then get him on the hook for child support if he ever does find out and wants to leave?

      Man, if that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is. She is destroying the guy’s chance at happiness for his crime of believing in the Golden Rule.


      • “Man, if that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is. She is destroying the guy’s chance at happiness for his crime of believing in the Golden Rule.”

        This behavior is so widespread (see that the women of this era will one day be seen as southerners of the 40’s and 50’s are today.


      • Most of the time girls in these situations are just running on instinct, not planning these things out and executing them with malicious intent. Their hamster backwards rationalizes what happened so convincingly that they actually don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong, and society is currently in a state where she’ll have other women and beta males backing her decisions so she still feels like a special flower.

        A dog isn’t evil because it poops on your couch, it just doesn’t know better.

        Every man who gets a chick pregnant should be getting a test immediately before signing any papers that’ll lock them into 18 years of child support…but the woman, doctors, and society in general, will guilt trip him into not getting it done and the beta will cave. All these people think they’re doing the right thing telling the guy not to spray his couch with stain-guard because they don’t understand that dogs poop on couches.


      • Plenty of murderers, rapists, robbers backward rationalize as well. How many times have we heard it? “I did that home invasion robbery and beat the elderly woman to death to get her jewelry because I had to feed my baby daughter!”.

        But we don’t let them off the hook for their decisions do we? No because they are men. So are you a white knighter, or just trying to prove the point that women are brainless and irresponsible?

        Also, it deserves mention that this theoretical cuckolding whore is also deliberately deceiving her own child about who his father is, taking the evil to a whole ‘nother level.


      • “So are you a white knighter, or just trying to prove the point that women are brainless and irresponsible?”

        The latter, I thought that was pretty clear with the whole dog pooping analogy but I guess that deeply intricate philosophical metaphor WAS pretty hard to understand.


    • “It’s not because they’re “evil” (wtf people, some of you creep me out)”

      Women are evil. I think they’re the emanation of the essence of planet Earth. They are completely in sync with this fucking planet. It’s all beautiful from the outside, with beautiful landscapes in the surface. It’s harmonious, it’s pretty, but it’s also a cruel fucking place. Think about volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, survival of the fittest in the jungle…
      We, men, are coming from Mars or some shit, and we are stuck with this planet and its whorish Vestals.

      (Quick note: If you don’t like pot-induced ramblings like mine, stick with DiamondEyes above, he got it right too)

      You, and other white knight PUAs, are stuck in the eyes of the women you meet. Go deeper, to the core. Contemplate their evil side, it’s not beautiful, it’s far from beautiful, it’s sickening. Women sicken me, I only want pussy.


    • I researched the stats on cuckoldry on google last year. There were several reliable studies, both contemporary n based on genetic analysis for the past several hundred years. Most of them pointed to the same number: 1 in 6 babies has a father other than the woman’s husband. No cites handy, but hopefully this won’t be too difficult to verify.


      • So just a back of the envelope sketch would suggest around 15,000,000 men in the US are unknowingly raising another mans kid? Astounding


      • Awesome. Thanks for the stats. Doesn’t surprise me at all. The funniest and saddest part is most of the guys reading those stats will go “lol too bad for those suckers! I know I’M in the 5/6 because my girl is a special flower!”


      • @YaReally:

        Actually its worse than that, let me explain. [note for future credit: I believe this is the first time that the game community is hearing the concept below]

        There are studies in medicine which examine the rate of transfer of STDs based on # of sexual partners, quantity and periodicity of sex with said partners, etc. Based on these studies, models have been created which can take the end-result (i.e. a developed disease) and from the frequency of the result (i.e. ratio of disease in affected population) predict the rate of sex occurences in the population. Presuming that the same models can apply to babies (i.e. viewing babies as the disease for the purposes of calculation), I believe that the models (and I encourage the medical folks her to look more into this for the community) will show that the rate of female extra-marital affairs throughout history is close to 100%. In other words, it takes nearly 100% female extra-marital affairs to result in 17% cuckoldry.

        And remember: this is despite religion and the patriarchy. Do you need more proof of the power of mother nature over the feeble inventions of man?


      • yes, and also there have been recent similar studies of various ‘monogamous’ species in the animal kingdom. they also found shockingly similar results.


      • The fact that human females developed covert ovulation strongly suggests that women have evolved to cuckold men.

        Also, women preferring alpha types during ovulation and betas during the rest of the cycle suggests the same. Women get impregnated by alphas when fertile then exchange sex with betas for resources when infertile(though I suspect this is mostly unconscious). Women are also more likely to orgasm with an alpha and retain alpha sperm, increasing the chance of having his child.

        Fucked up? Yes. But it is what it is.


      • I like your emphasis on facts we already know. It hits home harder, as if it’s new information.


    • “How do women justify the “date a beta but fuck an alpha” to their conscience? It’s not because they’re “evil” (wtf people, some of you creep me out)”

      Why do they creep you out? We’ve been called evil, playa, and a volume full of bullshit for the exact same thing.

      “Women want beta providers, not beta offspring. So for a woman it makes sense to lock down a beta provider that won’t leave her, but then fuck the alpha one night stand to get pregnant (and then have her hamster backwards rationalize it as “not counting”). She gets a baby with alpha genes and a secure future for it and the alpha gets the commitment-free fling he wanted, everyone wins.
      …well, except the beta provider guy”

      “So for a woman it makes sense to lock down a beta provider that won’t leave her, but then fuck the alpha one night stand to get pregnant”

      And you DON’T call that evil?


      • Human nature, survival instinct, etc. Lots of them have no idea their brains are wired to do this. They’ll be fully in love with a beta consciously and subconsciously seek an alpha the way I described but their conscious minds will dress everything up in a way that doesn’t seem like what they’re doing is wrong. Thus the “it doesn’t count” and “it just happened” logic.


      • You got it a little bit wrong. Being alpha is not enough. Women will subconsciously want as many babies from as many alphas as possible.
        When bitches talk about the “myth of monogamy”, that’s what they mean. Women are not programmed to be monogamous, even with an alpha.

        Therefore: fuck’ em. They’re evil.

        Men are the same, but i am a man.

        Therefore: Men are awesome (well fuck’ em and they’re evil too, but i’m a man so…)


      • And men don’t walk around lying to people about who their kids are or aren’t.


      • Lying and Honesty are terms proper to a man. Women are amoral, these terms have no meaning within a woman’s context. Men should not think of women as beings to whom ethics applies. Women are ruthless machines who will extract as many resources as possible from the men around them – that’s what mother nature designed them to do – don’t blame them for it – deal with it.


      • In response to @rickb223 above:

        No, I DONT call that evil. Good and Evil are terms that make sense only in a man’s reality. A woman’s reality is different – she wants to ensure that her children are as successful as possible, and as plentiful as possible. So, it make sense for her to get as many dads as possible to invest their resources in her children (usually only one is possible) and as many dads as possible to invest their genes in her children (two or more is easily possible here). This happens throughout the animal kingdom, human beings are hardly the exception.

        The problem is that this nature of women was designed for the hunter-gatherer era, and does not make sense after the invention of agriculture, and even less sense in today’s scientific age. Unfortunately, mother nature has wisely hard-wired this “evil” behavior in women’s brains, so women cannot un-choose it.

        The proper term for women is amoral, not immoral.


      • Sorry Samson, you’re basically caught in a bullshit white knight frame. Excuses, excuses. Extract youself before you wreck youself.


  27. This might sound like a sill question, but how do you act like a jerk or bad boy? What kind of things are asshole behavior?

    I’ve been running game for a few years, with some good success but I’ve never been called a jerk or bad boy.

    Could someone give me some examples of things to do or say?

    Openly talk about banging other women? Insult them? Put them down?


    • A selfish attitude develops over time through a positive feedback loop. But the positive feedback loop doesn’t happen to most men, because the feedback is not immediate.

      If you are a jerk, and then pass her shit test, you will LATER be rewarded. In order to put together the jerkiness and the reward, you need an overarching mental framework. That framework is called game. So you need to learn game, the framework, and then notice how your jerky behavior and passing shit tests builds attraction.

      This takes time, and gets internalized as habits. Anything you do that gives you positive feedback and leads to reward becomes internalized, over time. You will become the jerk you now wonder how to be.


      • But I’ve known about game for a while now. I’ve been with 30+ women.

        I think women still see me as a nice guy. I guess I’m a sheep in wolves clothing.

        What kind of behavior gets described in you as being jerk / bad-boy?


      • This is a subtle question to answer. By now I have both an awareness and a subconscious habit of being teasingly contrarian. I have cultivated a persona of being a man. What I think a man is is a guy who is not ashamed of his own self interest, and who willfully and openly promotes it. I tell my girl what clothes to wear. I refuse to be completely domesticated. I don’t follow orders and I give orders. I’ve found it helpful to play up to this “manliness”. Instead of going with the flow, I make it a humorous point to say no to requests.

        When my girl asks me to give her the remote, I’ll stick it in my crotch and cover it with my dick.

        But when I ask her to give it to me, I expect her to place it in my hand, and if she doesn’t she knows there will be trouble that is not worth it to her to ask for.

        Every action is a subtle display that if she’s nice to me, she’ll be rewarded, but that I do whatever the fuck I want.


    • Not a silly question. xsplat is correct in the learning/patterning aspect of being jerkish, assholish or whatever characteristic you are trying to adapt.

      As with any habit, your goal is to reach unconscious competence. Over time, *mostly through application*, this will happen. Some study and reflection will be necessary as well.

      Some tactical suggestions, first starting with your questions:

      Openly talk about banging other women?
      -No, not necessarily. If she discusses banging other men, then yes. This is good. Share sexual stories, anchor them to you. However the more appropriate tactic is to ‘suggest competition.’ I run a dating gambit every first date where I mention a recent story of where I walked out on a date, among other things.

      Insult them? Put them down?
      -No. Insulting them will blow you out. Or insulting them in response to a shit test is a FAIL. Learn negging. There was a great post earlier here at CH about the ‘insidious neg.’ Look it up.

      -Never apologize, for anything, ever

      -Stop complimenting

      -Be critical of her apparel, appearance, jewelery, makeup (not insult, but critique in the negative form. ex. “I don’t care for that outfit, just looks, bland.” or “What are you wearing? [puzzled look])

      -Interrupt her during an invested dialogue. Ex. she’s talking about work or something important to her (whining etc.) Interrupt, “shit I forgot my phone in the car”, [bounce, come back and ignore conversation.]

      -Point out a fat or ugly woman when in public and comment “fat/ugly people are so disgusting.”

      -Disagree with her.

      -Call her a “dork”. (my favorite.)

      Your transformation will take some time. If you have the skill set, go on some throw-away dates (dates with women you have no interest in) to practice your new asshole persona. It will involve some studying, and creativity to make the assholeness congruent with your life.

      The rewards: hotter pussy.


  28. Just keep reminding yourself that we are wild animals. Society is an illusion. Then it will all make sense.

    This truth should always be in the back of your mind.


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  30. There is always this confusion that acting all aloof and an asshole will get you the girls. This is simply not true, the reality is that the guys who are attractive to women can get away with that type of a behavior. Women just deal with it, they would rather have a desirable guy that doesn’t act like an asshole. So putting on the negative attributes of the bad boy is not going to improve your sex life.

    Instead focus on becoming a desirable guy: good job, interesting life, do hard workouts in the gym, bring out your masculine essence, become a good cook. Women crave a guy that has all the hallmarks of masculine independence. Do the best that you can. This is a lot of hard work, but you will have a happier life, whether there are girls or not, focus on your life and the rest will fall in place. You will also attract the better quality girls, not the emotional wreck that floats in bars and clubs.

    [Heartiste: Troll.]


    • lol. just lol.


    • “There is always this confusion that acting all aloof and an asshole will get you the girls.”

      haha…you are surely confused my friend.

      “…bring out your masculine essence, become a good cook”


      “…but you will have a happier life, whether there are girls or not, focus on your life and the rest will fall in place.”

      whether there are girls or NOT??? …the rest will fall in place…???


    • you forgot the number one rule:



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  34. I think folks are forgetting a few things here. If Beta Males were so mal-adaptive, how come they are about 90% of all men? The answer is that until recently they were QUITE adaptive, particularly in Western Europe, with a population explosion. An Alpha Male (socially dominant, lots of women around) tended to attract the violent attention of other men, and end up dead. So too, his women, descendants, and so on. He was a bad bet, generally speaking, in evolutionary terms. Because the “NPV” of descendants was mostly negative. Examples would be Caesar, or King John, or Robspierre. Guys who hog all the resources, tick other men off greatly, create permanent enemies who absent massive social control (not really possible even now in Western Europe) get revenge … by killing said Alpha and any/all descendants.

    Right now Alphas live in a fragile equilibrium. A temporary, Beta-male induced cessation of violence. Now, all those Beta Males may turn gay or immerse themselves into WoW or massive porn collections (not likely) or they’ll just go thug+plus, see the Zetas in Mexico. Want to be a Muy Macho Alpha? Then be prepared to have your head left in a public place, along with all your family, if you lose a power-struggle. That’s life for Alphas (and associates) in Mexico’s Cartel Wars. That, ultimately, is the destiny for everyone, a kill/be-killed constant war where society resembles nothing more than an avalanche of knives. That itself can perpetuate itself for a long time (West Africa, the Ghetto/Barrio) or result in social structures designed to stratify society and pacify the male losers by restricting women’s access to Alphas (Christian Feudalism, in other words, with enforced monogamy).

    By reducing male friction, a society becomes more efficient, has massively greater resources, and is able to mobilize millions of men in unison against enemies vs. a few uncaring mercenaries / high-caste warriors. Slaves don’t fight hard for the Sultan’s harem. Of course the men are unsexy, but reproductive success is far greater for most women (the Beta Male advantage). Women are just playing a short-term game for advantage, which is likely to close down radically soon. What good is a sexy man when you (and your entire family) run the risk of being dead very soon?


    • Epic post Whiskey.

      The civilizations that harness the power of male cooperation by enforcing social structures that give every man a stake in the system overcome civilizations that don’t.


    • “If Beta Males were so mal-adaptive, how come they are about 90% of all men?”

      Because if you take an alpha child and fill its life with beta male role models (a beta father raising it, beta male friends raised by other beta male fathers, beta male role models on TV and in film, etc.) and female role models (single mothers, sisters, female friends giving advice on how to woo girls, etc.), you get a beta male. It’s a big self-perpetuating cycle society has driven itself into.

      But the alpha potential in that child is still in there, it’s just layered under a ton of social conditioning. A beta male doesn’t necessarily not have an opinion, he just doesn’t share it with a group or defend it when confronted because he was taught not to risk offending anyone’s feelings. A beta male doesn’t necessarily not think girls do stupid shit sometimes, he just doesn’t call them out on it or tease them about it because he was taught that gentlemen don’t treat girls that way.

      That’s why game and the Chateau has such an impact on certain guys who are actually alpha in their core, but were socially conditioned to think and behave like betas. Once the concepts and experience with them remove those socially conditioned blockages, the alpha male that was underneath it all is finally free.

      A pretty common theme in “hidden alphas” who’ve been conditioned to be betas is that when they were little kids they were outgoing and yapping to everyone and leading their little group of friends and teasing girls and playing with everyone in kindergarten and talking to strangers etc. but looking at them as adults they appear to be complete betas. Those are the types that had all that alpha behavior snuffed out by social conditioning as they grew up, and those are the types that get the craziest results when they discover game. For them, game “clicks” and makes sense quickly because it matches up with what they experienced as children and eventually that same outgoing social personality they had as a child is essentially “returned to it’s rightful throne”.

      There are betas who are beta to the core and were quiet shy children. These ones generally have no choice but to “fake it till they make it” and consciously attempt to mimic the behaviors of a “bad boy” until way down the road it becomes natural to them (the “hidden alphas” can take that route too, but they have other paths they can take to get to the same end goal that the full betas would have much more difficulty with).


    • @whiskey:
      You are right.
      Indeed, the Alphas are takers and the Betas are givers. A world full of takers collapses.


      • YaReally,

        That’s me (hidden alpha) exactly. I was the one all the girls chased on the playground, then slid so far that I was getting shot down with maximum harshness by 5’s five years ago. After discovering Roissy, etc… the change is unreal.

        Last week had a 9.5 squeal when I entered a room like I was John fucking Lennon. Two very viable LTR-prospects (my main interest these days) blushed noticeably. The social proof is like a runaway freight train.


      • A lot of people rag on PUA stuff as putting on a fake personality and “eventually the ruse won’t last and she’ll see the REAL you and THEN WHAT huh?? THEN WHAT!!!” But what those people don’t understand is that the overall purpose of learning game is following a path to eventually unlocking the personality that was already inside you and just being repressed.

        When you learn to be confident in yourself and proud of your hobbies/interests, not apologize for your desires as a man, go for what you want, assert your opinions, make decisions for yourself, etc. you are actually more “yourself” than you were when you were taking girls on expensive dates pretending not to want sex from them, holding back your opinion when they said stupid stuff, taking up hobbies you knew she was into hoping she’d like you, etc.

        Props for turning your life around, most people will never have the balls to do the same. 🙂


    • Betas are certainly not maladaptive any more than a worker bee is. They serve the hive more than themselves however. Some men, I believe, really are content not chasing women, which does serve the cause of humanity like indoor plumbing. Women have far more pressure to reproduce. Now of course the problem is when a beta wants his pecker serviced. The social aspects of humanity blur the lines of adaptiveness especially in males which are more analogous to a sterile worker bee than is a female.


    • on October 5, 2011 at 12:33 pm Charlesz Martel

      You are correct, sir. That is PRECISELY the reason that polygamous societies (coming soon to a church near you- see marriage; gay as the first stepping stone) are so violent and backwards. Where is the “skin in the game” for the average man without a harem? Heck, without even a single woman? This has ALWAYS been the problem with polygamy. Guys think that they’ll be one of the chosen few who bangs all the chicks. Not blood likely mathematically, is it? And how much time and energy (resources) are spent guarding that piece of pussy paradise?

      That is why Islam ( a primitive death cult masquerading as a religion, with its’ view of heaven a celestial whorehouse) NEEDS polygamy. How else does one convince young men to die in battle so a few can bang all the snatch? “(Pussy-Pie” in the sky when you die”, basically).

      What does a Palestinian mother say about her children?

      “They blow up so quickly!”

      A joke, but very apt. What better way to eliminate the surplus male population? (granted, the overall numbers are small, but the mindset is fascinating.

      It’ll be interesting to see what happens with China in the years to come. Sex selection technology and female infanticide, coupled with a one-child policy has basically doomed them to ENORMOUS social problems in the not-so-distant future. By 2050, they’ll be losing 4 million people a year, have 50-60 million single men with no hope of marriage, and a huge population (400 million or so) of old people with no pension program or enough children to support them.

      May you live in interesting times.

      Finally, to all the macho warriors out there (White men especially):

      Why are you willing to die to defend a world that does not want you in it?


    • @whiskey: “If Beta Males were so mal-adaptive, how come they are about 90% of all men?”

      A quick look at our close cousins, the primates, will resolve this issue. It turns out that alpha and beta are both successful mating strategies for males (remember even the cuckold is usually cuckolded with the second, or subsequent child, not the first child – the first child is his, that’s what makes him into a sucker for the relationship with the unfaithful mom). When resources are very limited, betas have the advantage, since resources are at a high premium, and betas have resources. When resources are plentiful, alphas have the advantage since the female primates do not value resources quite as much. This is what explains why alphas have the dramatic advantage that they do today – the reason is simple: we are incredibly prosperous (and safe). Women need betas only for their money and whatever security that men can provide. With a regular police force, and the nanny state women dont need betas.

      Read Ricky Raw for more:
      The myth of the middle class Alpha Male:


  35. All of this is why the races must separate or the White Man is toast. Blacks are naturally far more agressive and have incredible levels of self esteem. Seriously a Black can be a garbage man or welfare case yet feel, walk, and talk like a King. It seems built in to their system just like the agression. They have considerably more testosterone than Whites just as Whites have more than East Asians. In any case, White Women seem to have little resistance once the social taboos are lowered. The unending glorification of Blacks and condemnation of White Men doesn’t help either.

    White Men do very well with East Asians since they are more macho than East Asian men. But typically Black Men will not do so well with them since they look for real credentials not just bullshit. White Women are the stupidest Women of all. And Black Women the least attractive (the most masculine) and the biggest losers in the inter-racial sex game.


    • Not where there is winter. That’s the basic problem. Blacks did not evolve where the kind cooperation and planning was necessary to survive winter. Its also why they hate some of the jobs we try to give them. They are not inherently apt to chop wood all day or notch logs. It will come to a point where we will need new, “temperate zone” people again because, in some parts of the world, there still comes winter. We will always need the brick building, “temperate zone people”. I suppose they can live in the ruins awhile just like I have seen blacks move into those old bungalow neighborhoods. I remember when Reggie White, the Green Bay athletic star said the same thing but was severely chastised for saying it.


    • White men have been tricked by mass media and public education (a handful of racists notwithstanding) to believe that most other white people want to see a race mixed society.

      If they realized that people are heavily swayed by percieved public opinion they could shape a society more to their liking.

      I’m a cross between White Gentile and Khazar Jewish. Does that make my opinion more valid when I tell you that Khazar Jews control the vast majority of media and teach race mixing to non-Khazars?

      Your not seriously waiting for them to confess in court are you? Lol!

      If you want race mixing to stop, then stand up to “The Jews” and their media empire or STFU. Lol!


  36. Perhaps this is the reason society fights so hard to keep violence in check? To control the beta males subconscious desire to bash the alpha males head in with a brick. Two men can no longer legally square up in the parking lot and settle their dispute. Dueling outlawed. It’s a myth beta males are passive and wimps. They are toward women but they can be vicious toward men they are jealous of like you stated. In fact, seems like when beta males arent programmed to be non violent and have the law holding them back, they are even more twisted and violent than any alpha, especially in groups.

    Problem is, noone has to back down to any alpha with the modern weapons we have. It’s hard to accept someone hogging all the pussy when you can shoot him in the face and wipe him off the face of the earth just like that. That’s why even though beta’s are only playing to their strength by instituting marriage it’s better than a violent shithole like Mexico. I dont exactly believe beta males are entitled to anything, but they cant exactly be ignored, if they dont get atleast one women from monogamy they simply burn the house (society) down with them.


  37. on October 4, 2011 at 11:38 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    womenz are given a valuable assett to invest–their looks lzozllzozozo

    if they were wise, they would invest their looks into a man with honor character integrity goodness nicesness lzozozlz

    but ’tis women’s nature to invest their assetts in getting assocked by as many men as possible lzozozo

    and so they squander their welath and end up with sore anuthes instaed of fmailies and being a mother and grandmother and honored and loved with the stoyr of the biblical grek homer’s penelope loved and honored lzozozozol

    what i am saying if that a woman sees

    a nice guy/family/motherhood/honor over here

    and a big pile of

    assocking over there

    she is gonna run towards the assocking going weeeee weeeee wehheehhew w wheeeeeeee assockock me! asock me! Assockckka meee!!! bernankify me through my buttholeioloiol!!! weeee!!

    which is how the neocons want it in their fiat butthexing matrix lzozzzoo

    and so they egts it buttehxhualluhah!


    • GBFM, you are really evolving into an omniscient oracle. I am beginning to see the deeper meanings behind your seemingly random pattern of lozls.


  38. >>>
    The pose to strike is one of charmingly aloof badboyness coupled with hints of undercurrents of loving, dependable niceguyness. Not too much more than a hint of an undercurrent, though

    This statement completely sums up “game” for me. After way too many years of dating, I concluded that this was what every woman wants: a bad boy who has enough “good guy” (not “nice guy”) in there so they know he will settle down.

    I’m not one to remember rules, openers, pivots etc., so I distilled it down to just asking myself “what would Han Solo do?” in a given situation. He was the charming, self-centered, devil-may-care rogue who still helped out the good guys when the chips were down.

    “Let’s blow this thing and go home”


  39. Whiskey is right. Being a beta male wasn’t a definitively bad thing until fairly recently. Back in the day, the average woman wouldn’t risk herself so easily on an alpha when it would compromise her ability to find a good husband to have children and a home life with – something women always treasured. Now the rules do not favor beta males at all. Now we who were/are betas are forced to adapt and become alpha, or settle for fatties, sloppy seconds, “cougars,” and other undesirables. In my opinion it is not that bad. It took me awhile to get to where I am, but I enjoy being alpha. I learned to speak my mind, do what I want, take command, be a badass and more. It’s a much higher standard of living all around, even outside of women. It took me a few years, but I developed charisma I never thought I would have. What I learned from this all is that you can still have what you want. If all you want is a wife, to get an amazing woman you need to be alpha, or else, even if you get one, the relationship won’t be as powerful as it could be if you were more of a man, and you run a risk of losing her to some guy with more balls.


  40. on October 5, 2011 at 1:37 am greatbooksformen GBFM


    this made me laugh!!!
    lozllzllzlz Snoeperd

    here’s some attention 4 you lzozlllz

    i only receive attention because i carry the giant butthex cross and speak out for the common mand and common woman and like moses i am leading my people to freedom form butthex and sefrctive tapoings of butthex with my staff, and by god i promise you, someday i shall stand before congress and sign into legistalation that all tapings of butthex must henceforth not be secrtive amd not done without the girlths ocnthent lzolzlzllzlozlzlllzlzlzll like the neocns like it lozlzlzl

    readdd all abour da gbfm!!

    Here is the Matrix of GBFM’s post with all the 1′s and 0′s taken out:

    1. i o o want a
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    younger hotter lozlz
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    your anus in
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    the fiat buttheex
    matrix lozlzlzlzlzlzzozllzzl
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  41. on October 5, 2011 at 1:51 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    hey i went out with this girl zlzozl because she’d never neebebn butthexed by a neococn in a sectreteiev taping of butthex weekly standadtsh zlzzlzlzozoll say no to butthex!!!!



  42. on October 5, 2011 at 1:57 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    meet your future post-asscoked bernnkaifed wife! ! lozzlolzzlzl

    you goitta buty them an engaement ringz loozozlzl

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    and now you gotta buy them

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    cock in ass = desouled zlozllzlzlololzlzlzl


  43. on October 5, 2011 at 2:23 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    OMG!!! SHE TALKS ABOUT DA GBFM @ 39 seconds in!!!!

    it’s not the size of the individual penis that matters, it’s the total length of the 149 cocks that went in and out of these ho’s mouths, ginas, and aholes lzozlzl zlzlolozlzlzlzllzl we’re talking mile snand miles of cockas zlzolzzlzl


  44. on October 5, 2011 at 2:24 am greatbooksformen GBFM


    lotsa cockas 4 da ladies! lzolzllzlozloz no butthehxhx tho sorry ladies get a tuckr max rhyems with goldman sax to service your buttholoioloio hbuttholohoilo lzolozlzloloz


  45. Low value women are far more likely to consider niceguys as better high commitment dating partners; simply because these women tend to have less options and are more wary of being fucked and dumped by a more alpha male or male of higher value/status.

    The ONLY women you will ever hear utter the words
    “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” are low value women who’s hamster is spinning in the self-serving cycle because that is what these low value jezebelles wish that men would act towards them.

    Men who ARE higher value and KNOW that they have options, whether they be Alpha or lower Alpha or even high Beta are able to pull off the badboy or elements of the badboy game.


  46. on October 5, 2011 at 9:53 am greatbooksformen GBFM

    if the “SAY NO TO BUTT SEX!!!” campaign catchss on, lead by unbernanikied woemnz, teh neocons at teh weekly stanhdard are ghonna be pissed lzozlozlz and deem them teroristsst and aluch launch drone attacxks on the protetsteors of buthex lozozlzlo


  47. Given the connectivity of the internet and the breadth of these social experiments, I think it’s a fairly well established principle now that decisive, self-interested, confident (bordering on irrationality) Bad Boyishness is a prime requisite in women’s breeding choices – in both the long and short term. As a woman’s capacity to attract that degree of Man diminishes, so too does her list of options begin to be reduced to beta Nice Guys with some Alpha tendencies, until all she’s left with is the “he’ll haffta do” guy.

    Understanding this principle, a man is left with another question; why the grand ruse? Why is it that women, would consistently, publicly, perpetuate the notion that what they’re really interested in is ‘nice’ men? Men who treat them well, men who are sensitive to their concerns, men who will in no uncertain terms support and help empower her? Why? Why should women take this ruse to the point that it’s socially and personally internalized when it’s in such an amazing contradiction to their actualized interests?

    Because it is a meta-shit test for the self-aware man. This social convention is a socio-evolutionary fail-safe mechanism meant to filter women’s selection process of less desirable men from more desirable (competition worthy) men. Women want a man who gets it on his own. Despite virtually every woman he’s ever known telling him to be the archetypical Nice Guy, he’s self-interested enough, and experienced enough to understand the dynamic appeal of the Bad Boy.

    That initiative and the experience needed to have had developed it makes you a Man worth competing for. Women despise a man who needs to be told to be dominant. Overtly relating this to a guy entirely defeats his credibility as a genuinely dominant male. The guy she wants to fuck is dominant because that’s ‘the way he is’ instead of who she had to tell him to be.

    Observing the process will change it. This is the root function of every shit test ever devised by a woman. If masculinity has to be explained to a man, he’s not the man for her.

    [Heartiste: And this pretty much cuts to the quick. At the root of it, the massive, subconscious, female-wide niceguy-badboy shit test is a test of a man’s experience with women, and, thus, his preselection by women. A man with lots of pussy experience knows that women don’t really want niceguys, and he acts accordingly, passing this universal shit test with ease. Since women are attracted to men whom other women love, an experienced man is an attractive man.]


    • I admit that I like preselected men much more than those with social phobia, but having lots of “pussy experience” means STDs and immoral character as well – women don’t like “assholes” who treat other women badly. We love men who love women. Using women for sex is not love exactly so if we find out that somebody was treating women really bad in the past we don’t think he’s hot anymore. Besides, you don’t need to have sex with anyone to appear preselected, I think it’s enough that you have some female fans/friends.


      • “women don’t like “assholes” who treat other women badly. We love men who love women”

        Exactly, that explains the serial killers groupies phenomenon. Poor guys looove women, they just don’t know how to express it.

        Fuck off, maya. At least talk about some snowflaking dumb issues. Avoid any initiative to theorize. You suck dick at it.


      • “Exactly, that explains the serial killers groupies phenomenon.”

        99,999% of women are not attracted to serial killers.

        [Heartiste: But 99.999% more women than men are attracted to serial killers, murderers, and assorted criminal lowlifes.
        Think on it.]


      • I read it three times and think about it for five seconds 🙂


      • H, did you change your comment?! Fuck, I was sure you wrote something else :S Seems that also my brain got injured from hitting the wall earlier today.

        “99.999% more women than men are attracted to serial killers, murderers …”

        Did you make it up?


      • Maya,

        think of this evolutionary vestige manifesting this way: if it were a Pick a or b scenario- and your choices were sleeping with (a) Scot Peterson or (b) some genuine, law-abiding Omega (i don’t have a photo, but I’m sure you know what I mean, 110 lb, marginally intelligent, pale, sickly looking male) nearly every female would choose Scot Peterson, despite the fact that you might end up dead. No one is going to pick the Omega. Rising above that evolutionary vestige would be to choose neither.


      • Anonymous,

        If the choices were sleeping with (a) Amanda Knox or (b) some obese, pale, sickly looking postmenopausal woman, nearly every male would choose the latter.

        Conclusion: Men are attracted to curvy, mature women.

        [Heartiste: Is this some kind of satire?]


    • “Women despise a man who needs to be told to be dominant. Overtly relating this to a guy entirely defeats his credibility as a genuinely dominant male. The guy she wants to fuck is dominant because that’s ‘the way he is’ instead of who she had to tell him to be”

      Then they need to just STFU & STFD.
      They don’t need to tell me to be dominant. That’s natural.

      What they need to STFU about, is telling guys NOT TO BE DOMINANT.

      “If masculinity has to be explained to a man, he’s not the man for her”

      It doesn’t. It never had to be explained.
      Not until every cunt tried to get little boys to play with barbie dolls and not do “boy things”.

      And then they wonder where all of the alpha’s have gone.


      • on October 5, 2011 at 2:13 pm Charlesz Martel

        “American women castrate their men, and then sit around complaining and wondering where the “real men” have gone.”

        Quote by me, 35+ years ago.

        Nice to see that some things stay the same.

        I was a young man who had just returned a few years earlier from being raised overseas when I said this. People looked at me like Iike I was nuts (It was the height of the Women’s Lib hysteria in America- the early to late 70’s.)

        As a man used to French women, I quickly defined American women ( I stole this part) as “synthetic suburban sluts”. I used to tell my friends that European women were far superior.

        I see that that too, is becoming a truism.

        I also used to say that women liked being dominated, but not abused. There’s a fine line. The “hard exterior-soft-underbelly” says the same thing, basically.

        Young men who read and apply these lessons have a huge advantage over those of us who had to painstakingly learn this the hard way-without a community to share information with.

        Once, in 11th grade, I said to my American liberated women teacher (This was in London- lived there too):”Oh come now- you’re far too intelligent a woman to believe in Women’s Lib!” She made me leave the class that day- but I’ve always thought that with a little more pushing on my part I could have nailed her. I was too young and inexperienced, but I got that vibe. An early neg, I guess.


    • Good summary. That’s why alpha guys laugh when girls tell them they’re jerks and why those women then become attracted. Again this is why pickup and the Chateau are important, because nowhere else do men who have no game hear “hey you know that thing everyone is telling you? Guess what, it’s bullshit lol”


      • “hey you know that thing everyone is telling you? Guess what, it’s bullshit lol”

        The lol is the most important part.

        Amused mastery.


    • @Rollo and @Heartiste:

      Nail on the head! Exactly!

      Btw, preselection is not bad – its an emotional short cut to take a decision. Think of it this way, if everyone in a primate troop is looking in one direction, then it probably makes sense to look in the same direction – there is either danger or opportunity in that direction. The group is an efficient way to solve the problem of living in a dangerous and dynamic reality – a group mind is what a social species (such as homo sapiens) really has. Men have as much of a group mind as women, HOWEVER – men have evolved a method of stopping the group mind – the power is called reason (try explaining *that* to a woman like Maya here, for example) – women’s reason by contrast is much harder to use, since it is continuously undercut by her emotion. So, that’s the why of preselection, and its not bad – it just belongs to our distant evolutionary past, before computers and airplanes.


  48. on October 5, 2011 at 10:41 am greatbooksformen GBFM


    lozlozlzo good point guys but there is a nother much bigger reason women uphold the myth that they like nice guys.

    it’s because they want the nice guy’s money lzozozloz

    they want the nice guy slaving away in his cubicle to pay to take her on dates to touch the pussy ussy usssy he will never touch

    the owman goes “yah yah i love nice guys, why are all guys such assholes these days? take me out to dinner and we can talk about it.” lzozlozloz

    women need nice guys as nice guys

    do all the work
    create and build
    show up on time
    treat people weell

    nice guys study learn read great books for men zlzozl as opposed to assocking secertive taping of assocking handbooks tucker max rhymes with godlman sax proomoted by the neocnosnths weekly sstandadtdghn losloozloxl

    and feminisim is basically that philosophy whichc empowers women to fuck douchebags and take nice guys money, and bernanke gets a cut as they train women to go forth and ropb and pillage from men due to eneteitlement while they give their fmeinsist asses away toa ssockers like tucker max rhyems with goldman sax who feminist prisiclllia paitinon publishes ast sodom and sheister and neocon charlotte allen promotes in teh pages wof the weekly standardth lzozloz

    they need teh nice guys’ money
    and the assockers sperem lzozlozloz

    this is why the greeks, and the jews, and the christistains all put limits on women’s rapaiciopus sexual assocking appetitem, so that we oculd have a chance of civilization. it is this civilization which bernke and his neoenc friends are cashing out on enrichcicng themesleves by asscockcing the nice hguyy zlzoozlz


  49. Rules that serve me well:

    – Never apologize unless you genuinely did something wrong and need to matter-of-factly apologize. make it sharp and to the point. And then leave it. Never let her go on. “I said I was sorry. That’s it.”

    – Never justify yourself unless you need to do it to convince her to do something she doesn’t want to do, like take the bus instead of walking. And announce it: Don’t ask or request it.

    – Occasionally act like a beta. Just to throw her off. Be needlessly sweet; then drop it.

    – Always act like you have deep secrets she can get access to if she’s nice.

    – Flirt with other women in front of her – with plausible deniability. Do it all the time. Never stop. This is the greatest juice generator in Womanhood: it drives them crazy. No matter how much they complain, it’s the trick.

    – Devolve to measured contrition if necessary. Never submission.

    – Be sparing with compliments. Make them random. And occasionally make them double-edged swords.


  50. re: apologies

    instead of saying ‘i’m sorry’, instead just say ‘oops’.


  51. You know, thinking of all those movies showing the WWII era, it seemed that men back then were beta providers but also don’t fuck with me, “this is my house and my society” alphas as well. Perhaps they could have been good role models for the high IQ set, low-T set instead of being morphed into stereotypical villains for the smug set. In the late 90’s any father figure type with an authoritative side was invariably a molester or a wife-beater (and not in the approved Chris Brown way).


    • Fuck the smug set. The thing they hate most is being ignored. Give it to them good and hard.

      Betas do need to alpha up though for monogamous civilization to work – every man a king in his castle. That’s the grain of truth in the “man up” bullshit.


      • yeah, but now the bitches have legally neutered men’s options. Unless they’re muslim, in which case, it’s sharia law all the way baby.


  52. The life of a nice guy is like falling down an endless flight of stairs and hitting every step on the way down.

    [Heartiste: lol. At least death provides a respite to the constant conking.]


  53. i would add to rollo’s verity that female’s evolutionary innate solipsism simply cannot articulate what she actually finds attractive. most women do not rub their hands like evil scientists late at night and say “the meta shit test is working bwahaha !” .

    they lack the required inner introspection and objective outer correlations to tell you what she needs; in other words, you have to figure it out yourself, bro. she can only provide cues, but the man has to nail down the actual behavior that is required via experience and intuition.


  54. which is why when a relationship is in troubled waters most men will default to:

    “tell me what you need, and ill change”. this is fail because you have already established by this very sentence that (a) you lack the masculine wherewithal to know what she needs which is what she actually wants. b) you lack the masculine essence that is rock solid in its foundations that you are so quickly willing to change yourself over her emotional whim. furthermore, when you do change she will still leave you because you will eat the false info she gas give you unconsciously due to her solipsism.

    this kind of shit my friends is why for thousands of years all the cliches of “dont try to understand women”, “women dont know what they want” etc etc have never left us. i am frankly astonished that the genius men of ancients did not figure out the female algorithm long before. let me rephrase that: there have always been pearls of wisdom wrt female nature, but perhaps it is only in the latter part of this last century that a systematic vivisection has been needed to unmask the bullshit.


    • “i am frankly astonished that the genius men of ancients did not figure out the female algorithm long before.”

      They did. Or at least understood it well enough to manage them. That’s why women have been subjugated like chattel for most of history. There are many quotes from olden times about the true nature of women. One of my favorite is from Machiavelli:

      “For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly.”

      It is only because of the comforts afforded to us from modern technology that we have had the luxury of even trying to ignore such base human nature. We are now dealing with the consequences of ignoring our fundamental biology. The ancients understood, we just forget.


    • on October 6, 2011 at 2:49 pm Charlesz Martel

      “For thousands of years, the status of women has been between that of a whipped cur and a domestic farm animal. Now, who am I to argue with the wisdom of the ages?”

      I’ve said this on more than one occasion. It gets some interesting reactions. The men who are most successful with women laugh, women act shocked, and betas and omegas act pseudo-outraged. But I hope it makes some people think.

      It’s funny how our society blindly follows bromides without ever questioning whether the course of action we’ve already been following is having the results we desire. We blather on about empowering women- has it created the society we claim to want? And as it obviously hasn’t, why should we continue down this path? How does more female empowerment make sense? Shouldn’t we even CONSIDER that maybe we have EXCESSIVELY empowered women?

      The political and social operative dogma of our times.


  55. It’s been three years since I first read Whiskey’s comments and my point have always been the same.

    it is not that betas were rewarded in the mythical past. Betas were always despised by women. Instead, the majority of men were alphas in the past. And the past could be as close as America in the 50s.

    Take Rome for example. Their legislation explicitly considered women to be as reliable and trustworthy as children, their oaths could not be accepted in most cases in court. Stuff like this blog were common sense back then.

    Or do you think any English king considered drafting women for the Hundred Years War?


  56. Everyone who is reading this blog is eventually going be in a LTR. My wife is the most reasonable person I have ever met. I am her second husband and she is my third wife. She wants me to be in charge, even though she is an MD and makes more money than me. It took me a while to understand that my role was to make decisions, even the ones that were stupid and did not make any difference. I now know if a man doesn’t do that, he is making his wife unhappy. This is the most important thing a man can learn in his life.


  57. I agree with the evaluation of women and their desires presented here, but not with the illogical conclusion that you can then still love a woman. The correct view is that women are essentially whores. They should be treated as such, and the wise man will use prostitutes if he has to consort with women at all.


  58. The McDaniel 2005 study confirms something I’ve stated in the past: Whatever abstract preferences women may have (badboy for short term, nice guy for long term), women chose who to hang out with based on the fun factor. The badboy is more fun and there’s no pressure to be serious. Since they’re having fun, they form an attachment to the guy. Then they want things to become serious with the guy who they liked because he was fun. Finally, they are heartbroken because they can’t get a commitment from the guy who they liked because he wasn’t looking for commitment.

    Naturally, it is all his fault.


  59. on October 11, 2011 at 12:01 pm Charlesz Martel

    Y’know, it’s like I used to say years back.

    Women were told that dating should be “just for fun”. This was since the ’60’s, prior to that, dating, at some level, was seen as a form of courtship-i.e., assessing each other’s suitability as a lifemate. Virgin until marriage, that sort of thing. So dating became “just for fun, and then, fucking became “just for fun”. The problem is that you tend to fuck whom you tend to date, Women form emotional attachments to the men they fuck, and last, you tend to marry whom you tend to fuck. So marriages wind up being based on very casual decision making, which wasn’t the intent at all. Plus, women DO get “desouled” (HT- GBFM) by the constant cock carousel, and finally, everyone sort of settles, figuring that if things don’t work out, there’s always divorce.

    I dunno. The current system obviously can’t hold much longer. I think a beta-male society with strict social controls on female behavior (slut shaming, for example) produces the best results for the majority. Not so good for alpha’s and PUA’s, but better long term for the majority. But hormonal birth control and abortion pretty much destroy that possibility. Just my .02.


  60. The trouble is that “nice guy” has been redefined to mean “any male who is not aggressive.” Take it from a Low Beta like myself: everyone I knew who used the nice guys line was really a huge jerk with small muscles and an ugly face.

    This means that he can not use aggression without severe consequences (getting his ass kicked or using a weapon and doing grave harm and inviting retailiation and or alienation). It is much easier to claim that one is a nice guy and that “nice guys” can’t get laid.

    We were also in the true ugly and book smart catagory so our realistic field of play was from ugly to grotesque. We turned sour grapes stories into an art form. Every woman who was pretty was “taken” (as if that would have mattered), crazy, mean, emotional, damaged or stupid.

    With the exception of one one night stand (*thank you everclear + punch) I am a loner. I just don’t want to drop my rediculous standards and settle for people as ugly as me.

    *Maybe I should say no thank you. The girl was so fat and ugly I could not even keep an erection without constant contact.

    Lessons learned:

    1. Celebacy is greater than or equal to whales.

    2. Guys don’t so much do the walk of shame as have a “thank god that’s over I can’t wait to tell the guys” moment.

    3. Everclear with koolaid makes beer goggles look like the orbital telescope.