Make Yourself More Attractive To Women By Defying Their Expectations

People are disturbed, even offended, when someone whom they thought they had studiously boxed into a determinable set of characteristics based on past performance defies those expectations, but only women mix the feeling of offense with arousal.

A predictable woman of sufficient beauty is a godsend to men, for her reliable nature provides a linearity upon which men can hitch their future behavior which assures the snatch will flow. All men crave drama-free quality pussy. Many men are stuck with both, because they crave the pussy more than they crave the drama-free lifestyle.

Women are different. They crave the quality cock, but they also crave drama, unpredictability and challenge. An alpha male with no tricks up his sleeve, no matter how attractive in the beginning, will lose his allure if his behavior becomes easy to predict, like a sunset. Men value their romantic expectations because they help them court, mate guard and protect their paternal rights; women suffer a dysfunctional relationship with their romantic expectations because men who meet them both reassure women of resource flow and rob women of a pleasure that is distinct to their sex.

It has been noted on this blog, with righteous justification drawn from real world experience, that laconic, ambiguous text game is an effective seduction tactic. The man who employs it delivers the challenge and the titillation of hidden meaning that women love. But too much “aloof alpha” game makes Jack a dull boy. If you groom her so assiduously with your terse badinage that she comes to expect it from you on a regular basis, your magic hold on her will loosen. There then must be a place in your stash house of seductiveness for a sixth-sense plotting twist.

As the insult stings more when delivered at the end of a civil conversation that lulls your opponent to complacency, similarly does the sudden and unexpected flaring of verbal acumen pleasurably stun the conditioned woman when unloaded after a spate of terse grunts. A brutishly landed “…” or “gay” will intrigue a woman, but a sophisticated elocution that follows will shock her to supine yearning.

The context that makes this mental track switch effective is the timing. In order for a girl’s expectation to be happily defied, it must first be created. And not all expectations deliver the same charismatic punch. Verbal efflorescence is, by its nature, the sullen song of the beta male. Thus, its indulgence during the meet and greet portion of a pickup is likely to turn a woman away who has not yet been satisfactorily primed to accept a man’s distantly unattainable alphaness. But when that same man’s nimble-tongued firepower is discharged later, after a flurry of curt jabs to her ego flanks, an explosive flowering of her furrow rocks her repose.

Reader SoulInvictus bitches on the subject,

There is a flip side to the terse, sophomoric, texting. Most guys already do this due to stupidity, so other than the time delay tactic, which is incredibly effective up to a point, then demonstrating you have a vocabulary that can express desire and inspire lust, can be far more effective in nontard women.

From an exchange today, with a married hotty (and no, this is not an “Am I alpha” submission)-

Me: (cutting out the lead up conversation) I don’t pursue something I want half halfheartedly.

(sidenote: I find it very effective to subliminally use terms of romance in descriptive ways but not directly offered to her. It inspires an, oh he has that side to him too, that caters to the barbie dreamhouse little girl in but without supplicating and thus devaluing yourself.)

This is a subcategory of vulnerability game. By revealing your weakness for romantic idealism in the abstract, you allow the woman the luxury of earning your attention.

Kristi: It’s very plausible! Plus I wouldn’t mind a good massage here and there w/ some good dick lol

Liquor is quicker but Kristi is risqué!

Multiple short inquiring texts of hers follow, culminating in a very long detailed elaboration of exactly what I plan to do to her while her husband is at work…

Me: “…knowing that while we’re standing there talking and he’s none the wiser, that your hungry mouth was consuming me like a starving animal a few moments before. That my cum is still dripping down the inside of your thigh and that you still have the taste of me on your lips.” …
“…good girl, …pounding you open like a whore… grasping the back of your neck as I ride you” etc etc

Kristi: God you should write erotica I swear lol
You make me want to be bad.
If you fuck as well as you write we will have no problems whatsoever lol

Multiple nude pics of her flood into my email and plans begin to form for next week. Done.

It can’t be overstated just how starved for this kind of shit married women are. Why do you think they masturbate away to 50 Shades of pathetically weak sadism….
This kind of literate game is antithetical to “ellipses” game (that’s fucking retarded that it now has it’s own sub-genre, really?)

Hey dude, don’t shoot the masher. Anyhow, ellipsis game is not “antithetical” to literate game; it’s accessorizing. How many times do people need to be reacquainted with concept of false mutual exclusivity?

The point, as made above, is that “literate game” works a hell of a lot better once a man has established his aloofly indifferent alpha male bona fides. An ellipsis leading to a surprise verbal money shot is more effective than splashing a chick in an ocean of sloppy lingual ejaculate.

and the like, but has provided me with virgins, reliable phone sex for when needing a quick fix, sex slaves, married women, and everything in between.

While agreed, it works far better on a certain type, I’ve had success with anything from 18 yo virgins to 35 yo housewives. Most men just can’t offer that fantasy world, and after pump and dump experiences as prescribed here or neglectfully aloof husbands wear thin, they eat it up. So thanks guys :) The nastier, more demeaning, and dehumanizing the better. When you have seemingly normal, successful, white, married women begging to drink your piss (yes, and more frequent than you’d imagine),

I wonder if this is the same girl that YaReally pooped on?

then it can be a jarring realization about the inherent mental dysfunction that women walk around hiding. If I was going to give it my own retarded sub genre classification, I’d call it Sneaky Fucker Romantic Sociopathic Sadist Game.

Leave the stylish subcategorizing to the experts. In the meantime, your comment does open the floor to a discussion of the powerful game technique henceforth known as “Busting All Over Her Expectations”. The master wombcatcher heightens a woman’s curiosity by sharply, and without ceremonial fanfare, showing sides of himself that she imagined were not part of his repertoire. A casual shift of gears, from a low rumbling “…” to a rubber-burning peel of erotic intent, will knock a woman off-balance and into your saving arms.

Defying a woman’s expectations carries with it the risk of tilting too far into incongruity. If a girl has it set in her mind that you’re a friendly neighborhood beta, a reckless charge of sexualized bravado will wig her out. The dance of expectation defiance must proceed from a uniform foundation of alphaness. Reveal your lust, but only after you’ve proven your self-possession. Reveal your wistful vulnerabilities, but only after you’ve confirmed your badboy cynicism. Reveal your desire for authenticity, but only after you’ve demonstrated your capacity for charming insincerity.


  1. on November 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm The Burninator

    “Defying a woman’s expectations carries with it the risk of tilting too far into incongruity. If a girl has it set in her mind that you’re a friendly neighborhood beta, a reckless charge of sexualized bravado will wig her out. The dance of expectation defiance must proceed from a uniform foundation of alphaness. Reveal your lust, but only after you’ve proven your self-possession. Reveal your wistful vulnerabilities, but only after you’ve confirmed your badboy cynicism. Reveal your desire for authenticity, but only after you’ve demonstrated your capacity for charming insincerity.”

    Not bad CH. I appreciate that you had to set it up with the preceding paragraphs, but this is the money shot that made the article. Nothing gets even the hottest 9/10 visibly wet as when you move drastically and suddenly out of the stereotype she’s built for you in her head.

    Anecdote (will keep it short, thank God above). Went out of state on travel, stayed in a hotel for a few weeks. One Friday a conference was in town and at the hotel for an unrelated industry. Hot, super hot, 27 year old gal was at the hotel bar with her less attractive (but still not bad) friend and her friend’s boyfriend. I saunter up, seat myself next to them, order my drink, give a nod and smile to hottie and her girl friend, turn and talk to the bartender. Bartender is female and, since she knew me from previous nights, was very friendly and flirty.

    As mentioned before, I carry forth with the cowboy/motorcycle badass meme, since it’s basically my natural personality, and I generally assume that I am the Grand Prize in the room for any woman lucky enough to get my attention. The hottest of the two girls, apparently not content to be ignored, almost immediately asks me to wear my hat (Stetson) so she and her friend can take a picture there at the bar. I inform her that I have a rule about the hat, namely, that a woman can wear it, but only a woman who is coming home with me that evening and staying the night.


    Ok, yeah, shock value. They both bit like crawdads on a big juicy worm. I confirmed the bad boy/alpha in both form and substance in their eyes, which is a good thing, but not enough for some of the more complex 9/10 types. Charmed the 9/10 a while, but could see that she expected me to conform to type by the way she spoke and asked questions. She mentioned that she was from XYZ country originally, and moved here with her parents when she was 10 years old. I bust out into her native language, which, I swear to Almighty Bob, caused her to nearly jump in my lap and pull out my cock.

    “Wait a minute, how can you…wait…you speak XYZ?!? You don’t look the type at all! OMG!” Immediately starts touching me on my leg, arms, shoulder, etc. Fast, hard, clear escalation of interest where before I was just another “bad boy” type that she’d probably encountered before.

    Her friend and the guy left, she stayed behind, absolutely enthralled. I hit the “bad boy” image in her mind, along with they “country singer cowboy” image in her mind, so when I broke out into a language you’d expect nobody in those demographics to know (she assumed education level as lower than hers or my “type”) it shattered her preconceptions. I was now officially an enigma and a mystery, something absolutely out of her experience.

    She rejected three calls from her husband over the course of the night.


    • Wow u r such an amazing badass. Well… did she go to ur room?


      • on November 21, 2013 at 8:50 am The Burninator

        Actually, you’re right, I am. But that wasn’t the point.

        The point was that throwing off a girl’s idea of what you are/should be actually worked in real life for me, in accordance with CH’s theory. I was confirming the theory with my own real life evidence. A scary motorcycle dude/cowboy shouldn’t, in her view, display signs of culture and higher education to a level that even the metro-sexual dillweed NYC “power suit” MBA owning so called “men” around couldn’t do. It was such a huge dose of cognitive dissonance that it short circuited her slut shields entirely.

        Now, use it to your own advantage and give it a try sometime. If it worked, even once, on a 9/10, then it can work for you and whatever gal(s) you’re trying to peg.

        And the answer to your question, yes.


      • Well… did she go to ur room?

        So much was implied between the lines, philistine. Does everything have to be spelled out like crayon in a connect-the-dots book?

        Art for the artless, pearls before swine.


      • Bro I am a world class poet compared to this tool. If you only knew.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Anecdote: I took my 31-year-old GF to a college bar last night following our fun dinner at a cool little french joint. Average age of the other patrons was about 19 (I guess they had fake IDs) or perhaps 21. Despite the age difference, my GF was hotter than the 2nd hottest girl there by a factor of 200. Moreover, my GF was the *only* female there not chain smoking with gangsta boys like an idiot. Good times. #winning. 😉


      • > “Good times. #winning.”

        Winning is a present participle [or, at best, a gerund].

        The next step is to turn it into a noun.

        Win the race once and for all by PUTTING SOME GOD-DAMNED BUNS IN HER OVEN, mother-fucker.

        Total Fertility Rate Game FTW.


      • Dude, remember me? I will if she’ll let me. I’m not these PUA guys. I want 2 more awesome kids. I have 2 so far.


      • @ Matt I’m trying as you know. Don’t lump me in with the PUAs. But women have freedom in the 21st century so it’s tricky business.


      • Bro I will if she lets me. You remember me, right?


      • > “I will if she lets me.”

        Okay, then the next step on the path to full Alphahood is the Exercise of the Will.

        Your Will becomes her Will.

        If you want something really important, then she wants it too.

        And this is gonna be a helluva lot more difficult than just getting her to spread her legs for you.

        This isn’t just taking control of her body.

        Now you’re going for Body and SOUL.

        You are going to become her Rock of Gibraltar.


      • My niggle with the PUA ethos can be summed up in what you say.

        Why are you just going after the bodies of beautiful babies when you can have their minds and souls just as easily thrown into the package? Only then does the chase becomes psychologically interesting to men of any experience.

        Why just fuck them when you can mindfuck them at the same time? The latter vastly improves the experience of the former.



    • Was her name Mila Kunis?


  2. on November 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm Lucky White Male

    Well done. Obviously Ellipsis and Aloof game has to be counterbalanced with some verbal effluvesence to show your personality

    Every White Male reading this should compliment their daily dose of Heartiste with a shot of Torero at

    Tom Torero counsels that – yes, you must at some point, early in the convo, ** show your personality ** by riffing in a creative, spontaneous, cheeky, cocky, teasing way off of an assumption you’ve made about her

    I love the commenter cited in this post – yet another Bad Black Male (TM) – who is supposedly providing all the tingles for every single White Married Woman in the land. It almost sounds like fiction !

    In reality the White Girls really want White Cock, you just have to know the Game


    • That’s because they don’t want a cock that looks like a turd, natch.


    • Lucky White Male
      In reality the White Girls really want White Cock, you just have to know the Game
      Is it really game if you have to click your heels together 3 times when you say that?


  3. i know, disgusting, blah blah, but it works best on marrieds and church girls that are dying to cut loose


    • > ” a very long detailed elaboration of exactly what I plan to do to her while her husband is at work…”

      Poor guy.

      Any of y’all gonna hang around to help raise these cuckoo’s eggs of yours?

      Or is poor stupid unsuspecting loser dude joe six-pack expected to foot the bill for you?

      Nigger Game FTW.

      [CH: alright guys, can we cool it with the nigger bombs? i’m trying to build a mainstream media empire here. haha. hahaHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]


      • on November 20, 2013 at 2:47 pm Lucky White Male

        You got it brother

        I thought you were a pussy here for a few minutes since you had my comment below in moderation

        I like to fight fire with fire

        But your plea for market dominance speaks to my money grubbing White heart


      • Speaking of… Cathedral online newspapers such as The Miami Herald are again trying to charge users for access, as the unsuccessfully tried in about 2008. lzolzozlzolzozzz. This is great news, as few people will pay to read their garbage, and the Cathedral’s influence will correspondingly dwindle. More market share for CH. #winning


      • Plus, all you need to do when they put up a paywall after you’re read a monthly quota of articles is to copy the relevant part of the story URL, paste it into Google, and click on the story link from there. Works in both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.


      • Cain’t find the Paul Dano version from 12 Years a Slave.


      • I just pulled unexpected nigger talk on a chick at work. She was laughing her ass off about it.

        Better get my ass back to work.


      • [CH: alright guys, can we cool it with the nigger bombs? i’m trying to build a mainstream media empire here. haha. hahaHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]

        What are you, some kind of Jew?

        (nice use of hahahaha, btw… llzozozlzlzozozlzlzzoozlzlz)


      • [i’m trying to build a mainstream media empire here. haha. hahaHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.]

        We went over the betatude of “hahahaha” a few posts back. For shame. Keep up, the commentary is passing you out.

        How quickly the idols fall.


      • but he is one sexy golden calf, no?


      • I believe the standard we established was the following:

        Ha = possible alpha
        Ha+ = confirmed beta
        Anything over six Ha’s = omegaville

        CH’s 15+ (with, ooo, caps lock — unfortunate) cycles down through the ninth circle of Omegaha then all the way around to Apex Alpha. Quite extraordinary, never been documented.

        [CH: ok this was funny.]


      • “We went over the betatude of “hahahaha” a few posts back. For shame. Keep up, the commentary is passing you out.”

        I actually laughed out loud when I read it, so it doesn’t disqualify any sort of game.

        BTW, did ya really poop on a girl or something? Is this a real story?


      • It was one of his ill-conceived boasts…

        Whether true or not, it marked him as persona non grata in my book…

        A status which, I’m sure, he dismisses with a hearty PUA-esque “hahahaha”…

        Much like that guy in the second Jurassic Park movie, laughing (right before he got his ass beat) when Pete Postlethwaite said he was “no gentleman”.

        “What, is that supposed to be some kind of insult?”

        “I can think of none greater.”


      • He has to have been joking? WTF? That kid is maybe not right in the head if that stuff really happened.

        Imagine picking up some girl and banging her and then discovering that she was the chick Ya Really pooped on. How hot would she have to be for you to hit it again?

        Like Britney Spears hot? Jessica Alba hot? Adriana Lima hot?


      • on November 21, 2013 at 6:12 am Modern Primitive

        If i recall, ya did it as part of an experiment to see exactly how far he could push things.

        Bravo to him, he is pushing the frontier of game to its limits.


      • South Park science, eh?

        Bravo? Get the hell away from me.


      • Imagine picking up some girl and banging her and then discovering that she was the chick Ya Really pooped on. How hot would she have to be for you to hit it again?

        Like Britney Spears hot? Jessica Alba hot? Adriana Lima hot?

        Geez, girl… what planet are you from? Not mine.

        Then again, if memory serves, you’re a mischling of some sort, aren’t you?


      • on November 21, 2013 at 3:03 pm haunted trilobite

        Most of the women in history have had males pooping on them (it’s an unavoidable aspect of rearing children).


      • I was just kidding when I called CH out for betatude!!! I swear! J/K/J/K/J/K hahahahahahaha 😉 😉 😉

        You THOUGHT I was SERIOUS?!?!?!? hehehehe hoohoohoohoo 😛 😛 😛


      • Texting “hahahaha” to a girl as nervous laughter (excuse me: “plausible deniability) was determined as betatude.

        Maniacal hahahaha at one’s hyperbolic irony gets a pass.


      • Plausible deniability…via the hamster and tingles.

        Say stuff a sociopath would say…then you can haha to your amused mastery’s delight.


      • Not my style. And I’m surprised to hear earl the pearl touting it.


      • Speaking wisdom makes people look at you like a sociopath.

        [CH: unvarnished truth has a sociopathic tinge to it. remember, nature is the same entity that created the digger wasp.]


      • nah dude, don’t u kno that if a bunch of dudes think ‘hahahah’ is beta then it’s beta even if u fuck the girl you said it to?


      • How would you know? For all the “hahahahaha”‘s you’ve texted, you’re still just a muh-dik white girl wannahave.


      • i kno u wish that was tru greggy. i hope u don’t have any daughters.


      • determination: betatude. methodology: greg reaching into his own ass.


      • Shut up, n166er… men are talking here.


      • sticks and stones may break my bones but greg is a faggot.


      • Do you guys really not get CH’s sarcasm here? Fuck an egg idiots. CH was clearly sarcastically referencing that post from 3 days ago.


      • There’s a website that shows you how to make those.



        Is Charles Manson Getting Married?

        Charles Manson, perhaps the most infamous convicted killer of all time, is 79 years old and still locked up in California’s Corcoran State Prison, where he walks with a cane and sports chipped prison dentures. Star is a 25-year-old brunette who’s been loyally visiting Manson in jail since she was 19 years old and maintains several websites devoted to defending Manson and his pro-Earth environmental causes…


      • I mentioned him about a year ago I think. Something about conjugal visits.


        Shit you not, I’ve had several that would cum like crazy when a FANTASY included something along thelines of fucking them in a shallow grave with a knife to their throat…or: fucking them in an alley on a filthy mattress then subsequently allowing them to be gangbanged/whoring them out, raping them as a little girl, making them suck and ride a knowingly diseased cock(s) in a porn theater, being bound in a dog kennel for some literal doggy style discipline, being tied up in a dog cage and urinated on, fucking them in a baptismal pool during a church service, and so on.
        For the NSA record, I’ve never done any of the above (except for maybe the baptismal pool church thing ;). And all of these were fantasies desired by the most left wing feminists I’ve known… hell, they’re arguably the best targets for these tactics because it plays on their own suppression of base desires until they’ve reached critical perversion mass.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 3:15 pm haunted trilobite

        but, but, they’re supposed to be the fairer sex ?


      • “Poor guy. Any of y’all gonna hang around…Or is poor stupid unsuspecting loser dude joe six-pack expected to foot the bill for you?Nigger Game FTW.”
        By that definition, virtually everything advocated here is “nigger game”.
        This isn’t entirely inaccurate, as desegregation and the media push for “diversity” have fundamentally diluted, deluded and contorted our society into an openly vulgar perversion of what it once was. It is, unfortunately, what we live in though and I merely take advantage of its nature to satisfy mine. A case could be made that once western Christendom’s society completely falls (the beginning of the end in picture format and one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen )
        that the upstanding, Victorian-esque white male/white knight will become the new “bad boy” refreshing alternative to the surrounding Mad Max world of actual criminals.


      • By that definition, virtually everything advocated here is “nigger game”.

        Pretty much… which is why guys like Matt King, I, et. al. voice our warnings and displeasure.

        This isn’t entirely inaccurate, as desegregation and the media push for “diversity” have fundamentally diluted, deluded and contorted our society into an openly vulgar perversion of what it once was. It is, unfortunately, what we live in though and I merely take advantage of its nature to satisfy mine.

        Knowing this, yet continuing to partake makes you double the candidate for perdition. It’s pretty much the textbook definition of what can only be described as Satanic.

        And so there is enmity between our respective seeds.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 12:28 pm Hugh G. Rection


      • i’m trying to build a mainstream media empire here.

        The serious way to do this is not from the outside but through the mainstream. Keep repeating the word to the middle and thereby make it acceptable, rather than adopting the cowardly patois of the moderates and translating it into what they have deemed “acceptable” speech.

        Even the wuss PUA sites who have since declared CH persona non grata for his “racism” still must respect his authority in other areas. Enough of this consistency in contrast will lead them to reconsider their kneejerk/unreflective reaction to mere words because that’s what they’ve been told since kindergarten.

        I have unabashedly spoken truth to PC-pussy power and the results might surprise you. The onlookers don’t immediately think, “Wow just wow, what a racist” so much as they wonder why an otherwise respectable person is using a disreputable word. That exposes the totalitarian ban on speech to be a contest between the unexamined, prevailing lies and the integrity of the person speaking it.

        If one’s integrity is patent enough, it becomes a real conundrum to the vast “please don’t involve me” middle, because now they have to choose between personally enforcing political correctness (which takes a courage they don’t have) and thinking twice about the load of anti-white shit that has been shoveled down their throats by the education leviathan.

        “If a man like that is saying the word, maybe we shouldn’t be so frightened of its talismanic powers. It is just a word after all.”

        It shifts the presumption of transgression from the speaker to the prevailing regime that haphazardly or purposefully restricts speech for purposes of advancing a paper-tiger political agenda.



    • Life is not that clear-cut. Anything “bad boy” or similar works on tons of single girls too. It isn’t always possible to tell before trying it, and what works on a girl one week may not work the other week, depending on her mood and what is going on in her life. There are generalizations that hold true, but when you do a lot of game you will also see a lot of exceptions and a lot of surprises. It’s a roller coaster out there.


  4. on November 20, 2013 at 2:30 pm Lucky White Male


    Beta boy provider game. Sexxing up married, taken women

    What kind of Game is this?

    Shoot high nigger!


    • Enjoying commitment free lovin with a sex starved, limited dick exposure, cum slut while you pay for her rent, meals, brats (possibly mine), and gifts…
      My aim is marksman-like. It’s target… well, let’s just say you shouldn’t question the cause of your wife’s hemorrhoids unless you enjoy the sensation of impotent rage.
      I’m guessing I hit a little too close to home for you. 😉
      (Make it personal with your puerile nigger insults and I will happily reciprocate.)


      • Agreed, there is a time & place for N bombs. They should be used judiciously! I don’t think CH was being totally facetious above.

        [CH: i wasn’t being facetious. the haha was in reference to building this blog into an MSM empire.]


      • Geez, Louise… if that isn’t a sign o’ the times that perfectly encapsulates America’s current Zeitgeist, then nothing is.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 5:19 pm haunted trilobite

        Feminism sprang up with communism. This lady’s radical feminist violent revolution (against her own baby, the psychological castration of little boys, the encouragement of women to wield the destructive force of their promiscuity) mirrors the violent revolution seen in Paris, China and Eastern Europe. Interesting how the type of bleeding heart champions of the underdog you get with feminism, probably don’t realise that their ethos is aligned with a doctrine that has caused a hundred million or so to die in the last 100 years (not including the countless abortions).
        The whole thrust is to cause anarchy in society in order to seize power. It’s not as overt nowadays, but the Frankfurters are insidiously destroying culture through art – music (I kissed a girl and liked it, don’t u wish ur girlfriend was a cumslut like me, etc) and Hollywood movies (no explanation needed) distorting the minds of the great unwashed.
        In the era of participation trophies, it’s not surprising to see medals of dishonour bandied about.


      • > “the haha was in reference to building this blog into an MSM empire”


        People flock here for the unvarnished truth.

        Even the black dudes and brown chicks and whatnot – they’re still here, even if we call them out for their perversions.

        When The Chateau starts repeating the same lies as everyone else, then The Chateau will crumble and collapse under its own weight.



      • I’m guessing I hit a little too close to home for you. 😉

        The n166er perversions and bullshit we can tolerate to a limited extent…

        But the Cathedralesque shaming litany closes out of town, Sambo.


    • on November 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm haunted trilobite

      I guess the provider is somewhat culpable, given that he failed to properly screen his marriage candidates for criminal tendencies (like the desire to get ass-reamed by members of another race). But of course he’s a victim too


  5. looks like another beta is about to cuckolded…


  6. “An alpha male with no tricks up his sleeve, no matter how attractive in the beginning, will lose his allure if his behavior becomes easy to predict, like a sunset. An alpha male with no tricks up his sleeve, no matter how attractive in the beginning, will lose his allure if his behavior becomes easy to predict, like a sunset.”

    Yes, when it comes to paper alphas and learned ranks (which btw, is vast majority). But not when it comes to real, masculine men of essence. There’s a such thing as a timeless real man whose existence transcends any challenges to engage in superfluous. For a good example of that study modern cowboy roles of an American actor Sam Elliott (Sam Elliott game):

    “His rangy physique, thick horseshoe moustache, deep, resonant voice, and Western drawl lend to frequent casting as cowboys and ranchers.”

    These types of men are always the same, it is women who get their circuits rewired in their presence. Women are pacified like babies by these types of men on a whole different level.

    Starting @1:10 min.


  7. This is basically just “contrast” game, which you’ve discussed in the past.


  8. Reveal your pussy…but only after you’ve revealed your dick.


  9. on November 20, 2013 at 3:23 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Red alert!! I’m not on Twitter, but someone needs to tell you about Charlie Manson marrying a young hottie. Confirms about 1000 things you’ve written:


  10. More information on how to have sex with pale white women please


  11. My own experience with this was about 2 years ago. I gamed my then girlfriend with very tight game.

    But occasionally I would blow up and after not expressing myself or sharing my “feelings”…I would blow up.

    The “I don’t pursue things half-heartedly”…idea would come out. I would blow up and tell her my expectations.

    That kind of surge or set of extremes would send her into spasms of desire.

    Even after we broke up she is still my most dedicated girl even though we don’t bang now—which is my choice because she’s a bit extreme on the drama queen scale.

    I hadn’t thought it was “alpha” but in this post I realize that the kind of bee hive effect of deflecting constant shit tests and then blowing up was a kind of turn on for her.

    After a few times, I became more aware of this and would deliberately and strategically blow up.

    The one thing she liked to hear was the “I don’t want a half-hearted girlfriend…” kind of message. I can’t recall the exact words I used but it was along the lines of “I don’t expect that from my woman”….

    The pre-game me also used this once on an ex gf who acted out.

    I ignored her for about 2 months and then one day replied to one of her emails with a clear but pointed explanation of “You need to take responsibility…your life is one big rationalization…”

    It wasn’t very long but it went directly into her psyche.

    She invited me over, banged me. I dumped her and since that time every birthday and Christmas she invites me out, she would write long letters apologizing for letting me go etc.

    I always thought it was “beta”…maybe you guys will also say the same.

    But the context was I was aloof and alpha in those situations and accused constantly of “not opening up”…so this kind of explosion was a big turn on.

    In two cases, the girls have become much closer to me and are very loyal.

    These 2 girls would do anything for me.

    I thought I was being “beta” in the way I expressed myself but this post inspired me to think that perhaps there is something to this—IF you’re otherwise the rock….


    • I think Roosh wrote about this in one of his books (can’t remember which). He said that after a woman is significantly romantically invested, occassional anger is an aphrodisiac, in his experience.’s a turn off/potential threat.


    • Also, question for you, walawala. If you don’t get a text reply from a girl how do you decide when to reinitiate…if at all?

      Do you follow a set “try twice then scram” rule? Or have you noticed a series of tells that foreshadow a ghost number.


      • @Byron. For me if it’s a new prospect, I will give it 2 times. I’m careful in what I say.

        If after that I drop it. If they revive it, then I assess.

        But in a relationship like the 2 above I’m more circumspect. I base it around whether I see effort, whether I feel like it, whether there’s a need.

        Texting is the new “talking”. Texting is chick crack so getting good at it is a must. I’m better at it but am constantly trying to improve.

        In the case of an ex gf who decided to create drama for me by saying “bye” two days before a big event, I didn’t answer her barrage of texts instead chosing to reply selectively and unemotionally.

        I did because there was a “need”—an answer needed to be given.

        The biggest question is “What’s her motivation for reaching out?”

        “What if anything will I gain by responding?


      • Okay, thanks mate. I got two more numbers today so I’ll follow what you’ve laid out and give it more than just one go. I’ll also ping the numbers I got earlier this week one more time.


      • I usually gauge it by interest and sincerity. If they genuinely can’t meet, then ok but in that case the girl will offer another date or qualify herself with the covert message being “Ask me again i’m keen”.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 5:22 pm haunted trilobite

        Texting is the new “talking”. A dripping wet pussy is the new ‘balls’


    • “Blowing up” is not “game”. It just shows that you don’t have control of yourself. That can of “surge of extremes” as you put it is only attractive to flakes who think that a relationship that is always on the brink of disaster and needs patching up feels more “real”. The mature way of being angry is to state firmly what you think, and that’s it.


      • Grabbing an elbow while unemotionally stating the facts or demands always works wonders on a hysterical woman.


  12. Ghetto black women don’t have this sick problem leading to perverse twisted longing for piss. Sex is nothing to them so they like what they like and go foe it when they want it and that’s it. Only for the women trying to hide it do these sick fantasies hold allure. Go ask some

    Don’t getne wrong they have other problems many of which are perverse as was ell but sexuality doesn’t manifest itself like this in them, I’ve noticed. Must be all that testosterone. They want to see dicks.

    This could be a fun game. Get a girl to admit to you the sick things she wants then say you were joking so she hates herself .


    • what’s sick is having all this internal knowledge of ghetto black women come on 😉


    • “This could be a fun game. Get a girl to admit to you the sick things she wants then say you were joking so she hates herself .”

      Oh FUCK I have to try that at some point. I’m not sure if I have the heart for it but heh, seeing the look of horror on their faces would be priceless.


      • I feel like that would/could be a death blow to a woman’s ego and/or make it hard for them and their partner in the future. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience. We’re all just a bunch of cells on a mission, dude. Nobody made the rules. Just how it is.


    • “Sex is nothing to them” or to rabbits, rats, etc. If you don’t know the problem with that in a human society, then you got some reading to do. If you want an indicator in numbers you can understand, half of all Black women in the U.S. have genital herpes, and the men are not far behind. That’s just the medical side.


  13. And I’d be very skeptical of the hotness of any married white woman in a black mans story.


  14. off topic but good NY Times article on female competition study->


  15. I befriend all white girls just so I can accuse them of racism in front of their friends.

    Then when they try to defend themselves, I use it against them as proof they are STILL practicing racism.

    Then they start crying and I use it as an excuse to give them a hug and not let go while I laugh.

    Then they get mad that they let me cop a feel.

    Im a terrible person but thats how they like it.


  16. Remember all your porno texts keep my job interesting.

    Send them early and often.

    – NSA


  17. Suggestions for future topics of CH posts. These are all important things that a guy needs to know, and I’d love the CH real-talk on the topic without the typical MSM feminist bullshit.


    1) STD’s. i.e. Do I sometimes need to wear a condom for a BJ as health services advice? Can you -realistically- get herpes from just touching someone that isn’t having an outbreak at the time? Under what circumstances is raw-dogging safe?

    2) “regret-sex” rape allegations – we are well aware that in our horrible society, women don’t get sufficiently punished for lying about being raped in order to cover up their guilt and shame for having a one-night stand, particularly during a night of drinking and fearing a boyfriend. Should men picking up women at parties feel scared about hitting on drunk women because of this? How best can men arm themselves against such unfair persecution?

    3) Age of consent – in some states, age of consent is unrealistically high. We all know that high school kids are capable and are indulging in everything from romance to sex. In fact, we have been biologically programmed by evolution and natural selection to both feel and ponder these thoughts and urges during our formative teenage years, but unfortunately, the laws don’t seem to give a shit about science.

    But unfortunately, old hag feminists don’t like the thought of competing with younger and more feminine women, and as such, with full contempt for male sexuality expression, try to brainwash society and overturn scientific notions by likening a pubescent 15-16 year old with (for example) having sex – a natural practice that has taken place for most of human history and in most of the world – to a pedophile unnaturally feeling attraction to an undeveloped and prepubescent 6 year old.

    Delusional California (ironically, you would think that liberals would have more pro-sex laws, right?) has an AOC of 18 – highest in the country. Obviously this is unrealistic and crazy, and nobody listens to it, but is it a big deal if a 15-16 year old there has sex? It must take place so often – and not be that big of a deal – that perhaps that it’s one of those laws that aren’t really enforced, similar to marijuana laws (which are equally absurd). Or even if it’s prosecutable – it takes place so often – that someone who is actually punished was being egregiously stupid, or is just, plainly, unlucky, like someone who got into a car crash that wasn’t his fault?

    What, bottomline, and realistically in terms of avoiding problems, do we need to know about the AOC topic, in typical no-bs CH style? I don’t trust any other sources to give me the hard truth, in a society that increasingly hates men.

    Of note: this is important – not for lustful purposes – but because the less draconian AOC laws are, and the more access to younger (albeit still sexually mature) women that men have, the better LTR options the men will have to get girls that are more chaste, hadn’t ridden the modern feminist cock carousel (which may have started in high school) to become jaded, cynical, afeminine, and too emotionally distant for any sort of long-term commitment.

    Food for thought. Thank you CH!

    p.s. Amy is a shitposter.


    • In all of those cases, “CH told me it was okay” doesn’t really help.


    • 1) Wearing a conny for a BJ is utterly pointless. You may as well just wank into it as it will probably feel even better. You getting something from the chick is exceedingly low probability wise. Not so for her… but who cares.

      2) Not much you can do about this that I can see short of signing some pre-nup type document which I’m sure will just set the romantic mood into overdrive. Normally I would say instill enough terror in her of what will happen to HER if she does this but one a 1 night stand it is unlikely you’d be able to accomplish that.

      3) AOC- Again, it is a legal statute so it is pretty black and white. If you want to bang out the “creme of the crop” be damn sure she is not some dumb broad who is going to get jealous when you ditch her and then run and get you on a statutory charge.


    • on November 21, 2013 at 12:31 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Most people don’t make it to their thirties without contracting Herpes. The gift that keeps on giving.


  18. CH bro when will you write something as inflammatory as forney or tuth such that we trolls might be fed properly


  19. So wait

    we’re celebrating a guy that could potentially make this woman cheat on her husband? Isn’t that what a lot of you moan and bitch about? Unfaithfulness?


    • Ok, here is the problem with your thinking:

      “a guy that could potentially make this woman cheat on her husband”

      Women have agency buddy, no one “makes” a women do anything. She has already decided to cheat at this point, even if she has not admitted it to herself. So, If this women is looking to give it up outside of marriage it might as well be you, because she’s going to do it anyway.

      Now me personally I don’t do this or really condone it, but reality is what it is.


      • “Women have agency”

        Does any red-pilling, attraction-switch-flipping man/pua actually believe that?


      • Y E S. Just because -they- don’t beleive it doesn’t make it not so. And until we red pill men grind the gristle and bone of this absurd fantasy that women cannot be held accountable into dust, we are forever fucked. Period.


      • Ronin and Jay in DC, it is not that clear-cut, and we shouldn’t generalize too much about this. People can be manipulated. Some more than others. People with a two-digit IQ are affected differently than people with a three-digit IQ, and most of those are no geniuses either. And, even geniuses can be strongly affected by other people, despite being better at handling other problems.

        So in short: it depends on the person.

        As for infidelity, I think it depends on the situation. I was with a girl who lived with a boyfriend, but he had misrepresented himself when they dated at a distance. He turned depressed because of work, did nothing to improve himself or his life, and spent all his time playing computer games. She had moved for his sake, and she was depressed, didn’t know what to do. For her to sleep with me was entirely justified, I think. It gave her some perspective, showed her that she could be with other people than her boyfriend, and gave her the impetus she needed to leave him.

        At other times, a guy or girl cheats when their partner doesn’t deserve it. Life is complicated.


      • Imagining that we can reach a truly just world, where all individuals of both sexes are capable of accountability, well… I’m with you on an emotional level, but intellectually I think we’d sooner see giraffe races on the rings of Saturn.

        The important point, however, is that if women truly had agency, we wouldn’t have to be men. Thinking they SHOULD have it is a form of us men trying to get off the hook for our failures, nigh, these past few generations.

        Did I say “few generations”? Nay… since the days of Adam.


      • Of course women have agency. If we didn’t, we might as well legalize rape. If men truly have the power to lure poor unwilling women into having sex with them, why not just cut to the chase and drag her away?


      • Heh, heh… “Of course women have agency!”

        Reminds me of the time a gal turned on a dime and totally changed her story when she realized that her original lie was going to have the opposite of her intended effect, and the actual truth would serve her desired outcome:

        “We women can tell the truth just as well as you men… so long as we know what purpose it will serve!”

        She was deadly sincere.


    • I’m not. We are not a monolith


    • on November 20, 2013 at 7:46 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

      Would bang: Svetlana Khorkina, Amy Acuff (loves me some tall girl), Jessica Howard and perhaps Annika Sorenstam and Dara Torres.

      Would not bang: the rest (not even with GBFM’s dick, satan rest his soul). (Ignore lower post)


  20. Spank her. And don’t forget to hold her wrists down. One good round of that and she won’t want it any other way.


    • on November 20, 2013 at 7:19 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

      Would bang: Svetlana Khorkina, Amy Acuff (loves me some tall girl), Jessica Howard and perhaps Annika Sorenstam and Dara Torres.

      Would not bang: the rest (not even with GBFM’s dick, satan rest his soul).


  21. Women are either two things:

    1. Bitchy cunts to betas.


    2. Nothing but 3 warm holes and a make-shift toilet to alphas.

    It’s literally better form to piss n’ shit on a woman than it is to hold her door open.


    [CH: i’m gonna put this one to a vote:

    troll, or pathos?

    a. troll
    b. pathos

    if (a), ban or don’t ban?

    a. ban
    b. don’t ban, i love this guy like a little brother. a little brother with a hunchback.]


    • on November 20, 2013 at 7:21 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

      Dude. Get thee to a whorehousery!


      • b. dude is letting off some steam

        b. grant him complementary membership in “He-Man Woman Haters Club” (Don”t know if young ones will get the reference)


      • Darla Hood: Would not bang.
        Miss Lawrence: Would bang.

        The urge to set women on a pedestal is something a boy outgrows, but damn, Miss Lawrence….


    • Option c. Not a troll, just exaggerating for effect and to highlight the alpha/beta dichotomy.

      Betas get shit on by women and alphas shit on women, figuratively, of course, and sometimes even literally.

      Luv you CH, don’t mean to disrespect game.


      • Don’t know who you are, but my answer is timestamped 4min before yours (but submitted after yours) and we can up with an identical comment. Nice.


    • Not troll. He describes the two dichotomies correctly, if somewhat vulgarly.


      • Thank you.

        CH could think I’m an “agree and amplify troll”, which tries to strawman Game and make it look bad by exaggerating it beyond recognition (that’s assuming if he took my words literally). But that is not my intent and it wasn’t meant to be taken literally.

        And if it wasn’t taken literally, why would it invoke pity? It’s the truth, isn’t it?


      • motion seconded


    • i luv CH like an older brother who will help me get laid, hunchback and all..


      • Son, the only way you’re getting laid is if you stumble into a women’s prison with a fistful of pardons… maybe.


    • CH, it’s your forum. Should I tone down the hysterics or just gtfo?


    • More bathos than pathos, sez I…

      But we gotta keep him around… every Gold n’ Silver shop has its Chumley.


    • of all the recent comments, CH responded to THIS one, instead of the more articulate and thoughtful ones preceding?


    • At first I thought b, but I’m leaning much more heavily towards a in the past few weeks after reading this “guy”. I say that because I’m becoming more convinced it isn’t a guy at all. Troll wise, I’d give it a 6/10. Not particularly clever but subtle enough to get the job done.

      As for the 2nd part, I’d go for (b) but in a probationary sense. Just flailing about like a retarded kid wearing a helmet whilst he repeatedly bangs his head into the window is what becomes tiresome.

      I.E. We get it Patrice. We know your angle. And in some cases you are right. So do something about it…


    • It’s just Deranged Virgin Syndrome. Once his peen parts some real honeybutter he will be chillin on velour couches with his Courvoisier.

      The flipside of A Society of Harems is this guy multiplied by hundreds of millions waiting to blow their decades of stockpiled load into a bukkake tsunami all over the alpharchy.

      See: China by mid-century.


  22. When you have seemingly normal, successful, white, married women begging to drink your piss (yes, and more frequent than you’d imagine)

    I wonder if this is the same girl that YaReally pooped on?

    When you’re a degenerate beta like myself and you see alphas like the above pissing and shitting on their conquests, it doesn’t make you jealous of the guys, it makes the disgust you may already have for women a little more justified.

    How can anyone think this is trolling?


    • You may not realize you’re pedastaling but you are for the simple fact that you get upset by with women for being what they are and getting angry with them for not allowing you to degrade them in the same manner . There’s no reason to get upset once you realize they’re all cum guzzling piss loving swine desperate to be dominated. To set any sort of bar and expect them to meet it is putting them on a pedestal not to worship but to perch them up so as to be on a mans level. They are not on a mans level. They are holes. For whatever reason, civilization turns men and women into twisted Bizarro versions of themselves. The denial of our true selves and turning away from our proper roles all made possible by the comforts of civilized society I believe is to blame.

      The civilizing of man only postpones his self destruction and makes him into some twisted barely recognizable thing left to gnaw on its own limbs waiting for the end to come.


      • The topic of piss has come up so much on this thread I’m starting to wonder just how common this really is. Well socialized and polite beta nice guy me finds this kind of gross and degrading. But there was one time I… Well, I don’t know what to call it. I had a surge of my decades-repressed male energy all flooding into me at once, and I started playing the role of a pimp breaking in my wife as a new whore. This involved choking her with my shit-smeared cock and pissing up her ass, among other things I’m not very comfortable talking about now that I’m my grounded normal self again.

        Maybe I’m holding back too much. I pretty much decided in the many months of after-game analysis that I only did such things because I really hate my wife. I concluded I could never do things like that to someone I loved, and it’s not what I’m looking for in my hunt for flings on the side. Of course what I really want is a pretty girl to hang out with and go walk in the woods and connect with and all that beta shit.

        I think I found myself back then, and I’ve been lost ever since.

        I’m finally starting to figure this shit out though, y’all. It finally dawned on me that my wife does grocery shopping and laundry, which I can handle myself, but I know how the house works, how money works, how insurance works, etc., and she doesn’t have the first fucking clue how to do any number of dozens of important things around here. She needs me much more than I need her, which explains why she’s happy to see me trying to cheat instead of just leaving her fat ass.



      • Dude…

        -Friedrich Nietzsche
        The Gay Science


      • If you want romance, the only way to get it from a woman is by being dominating, to the point of abuse. I grew up watching a cousin that constantly hit his wife for giving a bad look or for complaining (even if it was completely rational ). Ironically, the wife talks like a beta guy in love, even though the two have been married for twenty years.


    • Patrice, that’s an extreme kink. Plenty of alphas aren’t interested in it and don’t do it. Most women aren’t interested in it. Don’t get freaked out over unusual fetishes; just focus on building your inner confidence. It seems like you are looking for excuses to give up… why? Why waste the time and energy you’ve put in to improve yourself already. Keep moving forward.


      • They’re not just ‘fetishes’, it goes way deeper than that. Women seem ripe for getting pissed on if the pisser is an alpha and he commands it. Meanwhile women almost lose their lunch by the thought of having vanilla sex with their beta husband.

        If you want to boil it down to a fetish, it’s an alpha fetish, and they’ll do anything for an alpha, even disgusting things like being pissed on, or horrible things like killing their own parents for an alpha, or crazy things like stealing a helicopter so they can bust out their alpha boyfriend out of prison, or foolish things like ruining their ‘happy marriage’ by sleeping with a herpes-infected alpha for an hour, or irrational things like being a punching bag for a violent alpha, and accepting it.

        You can say these are extreme cases and that not all women are like that but they are, it’s a matter of degrees, not a difference of kind, as CH says. Women are just fucked in the head.

        They’re cunts and have impossible standards for regular good dudes but will fall in love with a serial killer and forget about his heinous crimes if they feel tingles in their ginas.

        Women need to stop thinking with their pussies, it’s ruining civilization.


      • “You can say these are extreme cases and that not all women are like that but they are, it’s a matter of degrees, not a difference of kind, as CH says. Women are just fucked in the head.”

        They are extreme cases, whether you want to believe it or not. There are plenty of women who will not kill their parents, steal helicopters, or act like toilets for an alpha man. They may be attracted to alphas and do a range of stupid things to snag and keep them, but not those things. Yea, it IS a difference in degree, but those differences matter a lot. There are very few absolutes in life.

        You’re fixating on the extremes to justify your anger and disappointment that women aren’t the perfect princesses you previously thought. Just move past it and accept that no woman is “all good”. But there are women who are mostly good. And you can live with that if you know how to handle her imperfections.


      • It seems like an infrequent extreme thing because women seldomly if ever meet a true alpha with truly sadistic tendencies .


      • I’m not sure what you mean by “truly sadistic tendencies”. It’s not really about the act, it’s whether it violates her basic values, principles, sense of self, etc. If a woman likes it and consents to it, is it actually sadistic?

        Substitute “alpha who enjoys forcing her to do horrifying things she doesn’t want to do” for “truly sadistic tendencies”. You’re right, it’s unusual to meet a man like that. Yea, there are women who are enthralled with that kind of guy. All women? No way.


      • Let it all out, Patrice. Sooner you get past this self-pity phase, the sooner you can go out, get game, realize that it isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be, and live life


      • on November 21, 2013 at 8:47 am Amy is a whore

        Have your read his post at all?

        Whether or not it is an “extreme kink”, it showcases the dark nature of female sexuality which is more universal. Same with articles about their affinity for the Dark Triad. He is just using the shit on the chest as an example of an already-established depressing truth.

        Your reading comprehension skills need sharpening, dumb blonde bimbo. Go fuck another nigger, and have him shit on your chest this time – not your brain.


      • Lol, you again. You have me confused with someone else, I’ve never even dated a black man.

        Plus, no one will ever top the insult of “gaping putrid whore”, so don’t waste your time. If that was you, kudos. If not, it’s time to realize you’ve been outmatched and move on.


      • I hate to feed trolls, but:

        “Whether or not it is an “extreme kink”, it showcases the dark nature of female sexuality which is more universal.”

        If you consider it “dark” that most women like to be sexually dominated, you really need to get over it.

        [CH: well, it ain’t exactly norman rockwell’s america.]

        It’s always been true, and will always be true.


        The degree to which a particular woman wants/is willing to go within this dynamic will vary, whether you want to believe it or not.

        [uncontroversial. but the degree to which most women will deny they have these feelings doesn’t vary all that much.]


      • [CH: well, it ain’t exactly norman rockwell’s america.]

        Et tu, CH? This surprises me. 😦

        [CH: how often do you hear in mainstream cultural discourse the idea that women want to submit to a dominant man? how often do you hear it without a massive and coordinated backlash against the idea by butthurt reality deniers?]

        [uncontroversial. but the degree to which most women will deny they have these feelings doesn’t vary all that much.]

        Hmmm, In a post Shades of Grey world… maybe less than before. Regardless, I’m not saying women don’t deny wanting to be sexually dominated; they definitely do deny it. My point to Patrice is that not all women who like sexual domination want to be a human toilet, or are willing to be one, so there’s no point in fixating on it as proof that all women are degenerate whores.


      • [CH: how often do you hear in mainstream cultural discourse the idea that women want to submit to a dominant man? how often do you hear it without a massive and coordinated backlash against the idea by butthurt reality deniers?]

        I misunderstood. I thought you “personally” were judging women for feeling that way.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 2:38 pm Amy is a dumb whore

        Amy misread/misunderstood something?! Color me shocked!

        Idiots like this need to be banned.


      • If you consider it “dark” that most women like to be sexually dominated, you really need to get over it.

        [CH: well, it ain’t exactly norman rockwell’s america.]

        Of course it was “Norman Rockwell’s America.” “Exactly” so.

        Only those dark impulses were sublimated into the institutions of politics, matrimony, culture, and religion, where they could be satisfied without being destructive to self and community.

        Now a woman’s need to be dominated is unrestrained and on full display in the most disruptive, ugliest possible forms.

        The dark impulses have been a given to anyone paying the slightest attention since Genesis Chapter 2. The difference today is our faulty understanding of the need for restraint — in both the S&M and politically conservative connotations. Fuzzy handcuffs and limits on government.



      • I was going to do it myself, but, nonetheless, it feels good to have CH himself tear this Amy fucktard a new one. As if her quivering shriveled up old body needs another tattered and putrid orifice; her previous 3 have already been stretched beyond oblivion by Jamal, a handsome 6’10 import fresh from Nigeria. Her favorite type.

        Retard Amy – in case you still haven’t understood – Patrice is not lamenting women having an unusual fetish – he is underscoring the DEPRESSING TRUTH that women, by and large, are attracted to the DARK TRIAD which makes that possible.

        But since I proved you wrong, you will just call me a ‘troll’ and move on, right bimbo? Dumb blondes like you find the truth too unpalatable for acknowledgement. Then again, considering you think that is a good thing for both beauty and prosperity to have 85% non-whites in a city’s public schools, stupidity comes naturally for you.

        So – since you are just a glorified hamster persona typing out whatever inane thoughts that directly contradict Chateau doctrine out onto the fray and shitting up the place – I say this on behalf of all of us lovable characters at CH who are actually trying to learn:

        GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. ——->


      • Lol. Listen, I’m flattered… but you must have me mixed up with some other chick you’ve been stalking. I’m not old, I don’t know any Nigerians, I’ve never given an opinion here on public schools, and I agree with CH doctrine 99.9% of the time. Now go take your meds.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 2:45 pm Amy is a dumb whore

        “I got owned intellectually?! I know! I’ll change the subject and tell my opponent that won the debate to take his meds! That’ll make me look cool and not totally wrong in my previous post!”

        Dumb bitch.


      • It’s the same empty-lived combox creeper who thinks he’s harassing me.

        He is a particle of dogshit on your Louboutin.

        Ignore, scrape, forget, walk on.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 6:56 pm Amy is a dumb whore

        Oh, the illustrious Mr. King – we finally meet. I am so honored.

        I am sorry to see that it has to be in such questionable circumstances, however.

        I have never spoken to you before directly. Sorry to break this harsh reality to you.

        In fact, under a different alias, whilst you were having a debate with YaReally, I actually defended you. Oh, the delicious irony!

        But pay no attention to the facts or the truth! There is a reason Amy wants to change the subject after I (and CH) gracefully educated her on the dark nature of women.

        But what’s the reason you want to attack me? Is it just simple white-knighting a woman with no regard to the subject? Doesn’t the bible – of which I have heard you are particularly fond of – compel you to hold the truth in high esteem?

        The retard known as Amy brought this on herself with her stupid and ignorant remarks, and after she was shown and corrected – not just by me, but also by our gracious proprietor CH himself – instead, in full hamster feverish behavior, said dumbfounded things like “Et tu CH?” and send a frowny face, or say “go take your meds” instead of stay on topic and appreciate being shown the light. Commendable people, upon being corrected, do not obfuscate gratuitously, and try to hastily change or avoid the topic in a failed attempt to save face.

        Amy – there is no wonder that you post a picture of the *back* of your head. You are not just stupid, vapid, or intellectually dishonest – you’re pretty ugly yourself. Big Pharma should copyright your pictures and sell it as a holistic alternative to an enema. Please find the oak-soaked door of the Chateau, and kindly escort yourself out. You do not belong here.

        Matt – I am actually a fan of your prose (even when it sometimes teeters on the verbose, with, of course, your most recent graphic and unapt metaphor notwithstanding). You can stay.

        I doubt she can afford those kinds of shoes with her minimum wage salary working for Ronald anyway.


      • In fact, under a different alias, whilst you were having a debate with YaReally, I actually defended you. Oh, the delicious irony!

        You think I’m supposed to keep up with the personality of every damn commenter here, much less the ones who can’t stick to a pseudonym?

        This isn’t beanbag. This is hetertopic discourse. That means bring quality to every comment or be criticized for every comment. There are no tribal loyalties for me here, especially with tribe jumpers, multi-screen-name trolls, and sockpuppets.

        Now given the sheer difficulty keeping up with even consistent noms de plume, your obsession with one commenter in particular singles you out as a dependent anklebiter. It doesn’t matter what your positions are on anything. You are behaving like a chump. Don’t you realize that obsessing over commentary — even negatively obsessing — dignifies the object of your ire (desire)? Indifference is the opposite of love. Venomous hatred is a kind of infatuation.

        That should embarrass you. I generally enjoy Amy’s input, but your obsessively compiled bill of particulars against her is plain weird. It even sounds made-up. How do you remember all of these awful things, much less allow them to form the basis for a campaign of rumormongering?

        Your transparent stalker shtick strikes a chord in me because I have my own contingent of fanboys who, like clockwork, transmute their obsessiveness into nonsensical invective for every occasion.



      • on November 22, 2013 at 2:03 pm Matt. King of Misdirection and Fairytales

        Oh Matt, you write so beautifully. It is a dear shame that I’ll have to pick apart the profound fallacies.

        In fact – the syntax and prose, in your post that is otherwise devoid of any sort of evidence, facts, or basic common sense – is the only drop of virtue you have in a black sea of lies. But I was always a fan of the baroque.

        In any case, of course I don’t expect you to keep track of my various “noms de plume.” In fact, I hadn’t even posted here much prior to when you last accused me of persecuting you, and never even having had the pleasure of speaking to you.

        But what I do expect is for you to keep your mouth shut and your evidence available before laying false accusation on people.

        But then again, what do religious people know about summoning evidence before accusing others of things, or believing in nebulous things anyway? Any evidence yet for that flying spaghetti monster of yours?

        But I will educate you and make amends. The Bible – something that you aren’t as familiar with you as claim to be – asks me to forgive you for your ignorance. And I do.

        Of course, none of this even mentions the actual subject matter in which I schooled Amy about the implications and lore of the Dark Triad – a topic I noticed you skipped over entirely. I wonder why? I don’t need Dr. Freud to tell me why you white-knight a dumb bimbo that got told by CH himself, or why you are avoiding the topic of the Dark Triad.

        She must not understand much about the Chateau to have been so confused, and CH himself had to educate her. But if these ‘commentators’ are the ones you value, Matt, and the ones – like me – who instruct her and correct her are the ones that you are contemptuous toward, what does that tell us about you here, Matt? Are you sure this is the right place for you? is that-a-way —->

        I won’t even begin to tear apart the whole ‘intense contempt = infatuation’ theory that you present. Last I heard such juvenile stupidity was in the 2nd grade. I guess, by your understanding, I like mosquitos and paying taxes, and CH likes SWPL, fat chicks, leftoids, proles, cheap chalupas, purple saguaros, betas, and Obama. Great logic you have!

        But it’s okay Matt- I will assume that you think that it is the end of days, as Revelations had written. Cats and dogs play with each other, and shitposting commentators like Amy get white-knighting accolades, and “mean” people like men who don’t whitewash reality and correct its deniers get persecuted by the very people they defended in the past. What do religious people know about hypocrisy, anyway?

        Matt. King of Misdirection and Fairytales

        P.S. Retard Amy, would you like to be my Sugar Plum fairy? It comes in size XXXL, so no worries.


      • Who told YOU that you could bandy South Park snark with men, impious fool?

        You f#cking sock-puppeting child… you irreligious company man…

        You fairy.


    • “When you’re a degenerate beta like myself and you see alphas like the above pissing…it makes the disgust …for women a little more justified.”
      It is difficult to know women’s dark, shallow souls and not become misogynistic. For some it is impossible to reconcile an angel’s face with a whore’s heart, or as the philosopher Boethius wrote, “Woman is a temple built upon a sewer” or Odo of Cluny, “To embrace a woman is to embrace a sack of manure.” That’s why I stress that when you find a good one, even if sex takes a back seat to daily life, hold onto that shit because it is rarer than we all thought when younger.


    • If you are disgusted by women then you’re definitely a beta. An alpha understands them enough not to be disgusted. You are only disgusted by the tree if you are too short to reach the fruit.


  23. Reading these perversions makes my skin crawl…

    The only upside is that it tends to harden an otherwise Christian heart for the coming Day… no hesitation on what will be necessary… nor spending of overmuch concern on whether or not
    “that might have been one of the ‘good’ ones”.

    All accounts will be settled. Habt Acht.


  24. Once you’ve established alpha frame, I think it’s also a good move to have an emotional outpouring on rare occasion.

    All the girls I’ve been with will say, “why aren’t you ever clear about the way you feel about me?” (WINNING) Or, “Why are you so unemotional about everything?” Once the frame is established and they start asking those questions you surprise them at some point with a detailed, intimate explanation about how you feel, or even opening yourself up on an emotional level to share emotions with the girl. It’s one of the rules of poon. Take her on an emotional roller-coaster.

    On another note, what do you think about the differences in how “up front” different races are with sexuality? I’m white (swm public enemy#1 WINNING) and notice black girls and mestizo girls look me up and down with sex eyes all the time. They’re also waaaay more open and up front in their flirting, often initiating me.

    This never happens with white girls (my age, at least) and they never initiate. I’m handsome. I’d say an 8 facially. I’m just pretty short.

    While obviously some races are simply more open about sexuality, and maybe whites haven’t totally been sluttified yet, I have another theory:

    I’m short, but handsome and intelligent. Perhaps the outgroups see some of my traits as beneficial on a reproductive basis and ignores my faults, while my own in-group catches onto my faults more?


    • Funny you should mention…

      Recently, there was a negro woman, probably about 10 years younger than me, in the grocery store with her hands full, yet still shopping.

      Having been in that position myself, I offered her my cart…

      I often amuse myself with such common galantries, but I digress…

      She said she was “done shopping” but then suddenly added “Oooh, you a sexy man!”

      I had to admit I was taken aback… I just smiled and told her “Madam, you are marvelous forward.”

      She didn’t get the Bard reference, but sensed the spirit in which it was given…

      And so we parted… to an objective observer, hard to determine which was in the greater state of amusement.


      • Stuff like that happens all the time.

        I think it may boil down to r and k selection. I don’t remember which one is which, so you’ll have to excuse me.

        But whichever it is that invests more time and resources into its kin may be more selective of their mates, while the opposite is true for… The opposite.

        They would see a good lookin’ white boy, mate, then not think much of the benefits or consequences.

        Then again… Maybe it’s feminism setting white wymyns’ standards so high that they totally rule out anyone who doesn’t fit the 458 point check list.



      • Bottom-of-the-barrel women are easier… old news.


      • She wasn’t all that bad… but point taken.


      • Greg,

        Black females are not used to gentlemen; thats why she did the “doubletake.” The black experience is a highly kinetic environment (thanx whitey); bitch shields are on max and fists stay balled up; even in our sleep…

        We gotta be ready to fight everyone, anytime; including people tryiing to help us.

        Sucks to be you.


      • Sucks to be you.

        Sez you…

        Life at Schloss Eliot is beautiful… and if was doing any better, there’d be two of me.


      • What I meant was “you have to deal with us”; we;re used to it


      • The only place I have to deal with negro snark and perversion seems to be Cyberia… in meat world, you fellows either ignore me or smile as you say “Boss”.


      • does the tax man ignore you too?


      • Tax man don’t ignore anybody… but it’s easy for him… he has the whole Army at his beck and call.


    • Yes, this was my earlier point as well.

      I’ve had this type of scene with girls…notice how she’s chasing while Rhett behaves with amused mastery…this is how an alpha reveals his feelings….


    • The OKCupid study of racial response rates showed that black females were the least desired by anyone, including by black males. Not surprisingly, white females were most desired by all races. (So were white males.) Also unsurprising, white females were least likely to respond to non-white males. Whereas white males were open to mixed race relationships.

      So I think of course black females are going to be more aggressive — they need to be.


    • I’m white (swm public enemy#1 WINNING) and notice black girls and mestizo girls look me up and down with sex eyes all the time. They’re also waaaay more open and up front in their flirting, often initiating me.

      This never happens with white girls (my age, at least) and they never initiate.

      That’s because they can also get better White options. The other women will take what they can get. Same with me, if I talk to Asian exchange students they will always be more flattered and receptive, while attractive White women have a lot of attractive White men coming on to them.


  25. Re Paragraphs 2&3:

    Funny how women seem to be constantly working themselves out of a job.

    Wanting guys with lots of options; -who will then go on to exercise those options.


  26. on November 20, 2013 at 11:45 pm The Spirit Within


    The Huffington Post has run a piece on what “regular” women look like in lingerie.

    Hold onto your lunch.

    To be fair, many of the commenters — presumably liberal women — are ripping into the editors for calling land whales “regular”. It’s worth a read.


    • The Huffington Post, showing women who huff and puff after a short trip to the mailbox. Seems about right. (Maybe something for CH to write about?)

      “plus-size women”, she says in the video. “Plus-size models” in the story. “can be stunning”. The model agency in the story is What kind of ideology is it that has to rely on lies that everyone knows are not true? Do they really think they can sustain that forever? Can it be sustained without daily propaganda, daily punishment, a daily machine that costs a ton of money?

      Like trying to make a river run upward. You need electronic propellers every foot of the way, very costly. While elsewhere, another river is allowed to run downward, with just a few adjustments here and there on the way.



    ‘Some drivers along a busy Fort Worth street on Friday were stopped at a police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood.

    But a Fort Worth attorney who is an expert in civil liberties law questioned whether such stops are constitutional.

    “You can’t just be pulled over randomly or for no reason,” said attorney Frank Colosi.

    He also noted the fine print on a form given to drivers informs them their breath was tested by “passive alcohol sensor readings before the consent process has been completed.”

    “They’re essentially lying to you when they say it’s completely voluntary, because they’re testing you at that moment,” Colosi said.’

    I like how the lawyer only “questioned” whether such stops are constitutional. I guess it’s just one of those unexplained mysteries of the universe that will never be solved.


    • Two or more generations of being dumbed-down will yield occurrences like these with increasing frequency. This is the Cathedral making the herd do something and then gauging the responses, both on the street and in the media. What percentage followed the instructions without question? What percentage had a “feeling” that such traffic stops are unconstitutional (what…that dusty old thing again?) but followed instructions all the same?

      I know it’s OT, but our rights are being systematically altered and excised on a regular basis. Yes, both parties are responsible, because there is only One Party…all salute!

      “Habt Acht.”


      • It’s a bit more complex than that. Any analysis that glosses over Cathedral’s cracker clientele is critically flawed.


    • I wouldn’t offer saliva or blood, but I would happily provide a stool sample on top of their clipboard.

      Or à la OuiVraimont, on their wives’ chests.


  28. on November 21, 2013 at 12:20 am Cad and Bounder


    Me: I don’t pursue something I want half halfheartedly.

    (hinting at beta provision and granting exclusivity?! to a married woman. Are u for real?)

    Kristi: It’s very plausible! Plus I wouldn’t mind a good massage here and there w/ some good dick lol

    (she’s not interested in beta provision, and not-so-gently reminding him that she just wants to get laid, so back off the beta boy behaviour)

    Actually the one defying expectations and displaying the ‘balls’ to verbally escalate… ….is her! All the erotic chat afterwards is mere puffery from soulinvictus. It was all instigated by her. The likelihood is that she is low value woman, desperate for some action because her husband cant be bothered.

    When you are banging a married woman of real quality, the three most important foundational things you must do are demonstrate discretion (because a high value woman will usually NOT be married to a low value man), don’t trigger her ASD by making her feel guilty (a high value woman is by definition not a skank), and above all don’t get ‘serious’ on her by promising not to ‘pursue something… …halfheartedly’ (she has enough beta in her life thank you).


  29. I was surprised to see this response to my diatribe as at my end it never appeared on the forum after I clicked Post. Checked again and it’s still not there. Anyone else have this issue or was it a moderation thing due to length?

    Anyway, high praise that it warranted addressing and it was meant as less a bitch and moreso a call for folks to push their mental boundaries a bit more than the txt equivalent of cavegroid grunting. (some replies mistakenly seemed to assume I was black, perhaps because I described my target as a white woman.)
    I wholeheartedly agree with the original post’s sentiment about breaking expectations and accessorizing your toolbox, essentially the same rule as the Push/Pull dynamic. Push (aloof), push (terse), Reel the Catfish In (dirty talk/inappropriate touching).
    A huge reason these tactics work so well for me is that it shatters the perception they’ve cubbied me into (clean cut, normal, above average white guy=boring). So they get their outwardly presentable/socially acceptable as well as their twisted, panty drenching, dark triad fetishist (Dexter Syndrome?). My personal ideal to strive for is Bond meets DeSade. I would forewarn though (and not at all jokingly), emulating this personality type is going lead you to pussy, but far, far afield from the ones you’d want to marry. It will distort your vision so that it is almost impossible to not see all women through the whore lens. On the upside, it makes the dismissive alpha vibe flow readily, but it can fuck your radar for finding the non-crazies you would want to breed with.

    “The context that makes this mental track switch effective is the timing.”
    This is imperative. Venturing too deep, too quickly can lead the woman to relegate you to safer at a distance status. She may be apprehensive to actually meet once baring the sordid reality of her desires. It’s a fine line to walk and ideally best done after an in-person interaction, or even better when she’s forced to see you frequently in a social setting (work, shared friends, etc).


  30. on November 21, 2013 at 7:49 am Lucky White Male

    Ashton Kutcher vs Wal-Mart

    Another liberal latte jackass lying through this teeth. This guy is making $20 Million a year off of Chuck Lorre, 2 and a half men (newest release to the White Masses: “Mom” TV Sitcom, a “COMEDY” about a recovering alcoholic/drug addict Mother – THAT IS YOUR MOM WHITE AMERICA – and she’s a fucking drug addict, get it, you dumb goyim fucks

    You see, Chuckie is taking over for Norman Lear gave us All In the Family in the 1970’s – destroy the traditional father. We all know Archie Bunker was a horrific racist.

    We were “re-educated” in our living rooms in the 1970’s on that one.

    So – Norman Lear taught America the real way that White Goyim should be acting. Chuckie is now taking over the reins

    But -…. I digress

    Back to Ashie – If you are so concerned about wages, why not donate $10,000,000.00 of your own money into an investment fund, jackass?

    You have 10 in cash lying around – offshore, tax shelter. (You go to bat for Obango, but your investment advisors are not stupid enough over the knishes to actually expose your cash to taxes here, I get it… )

    Wait, I just came up with a better idea:

    Since, on the set of your movies Ashton, you are making – what is it – 1000 X, 2000% X what the Grips and Gaffers are making. – Why not equal it out from your own paycheck?

    What is that you say fuckface?-

    The Grips and Gaffers are not doing your job in front of the screen?

    Same thing at Wal-Mart. The workers are scanning items. Why should they be paying any more than they are already getting?

    This is called Capitalism – the thing that you are doing Ashton Kutcher, that your producers are doing, that is doing

    You love the Winner Take All world because you are one of them

    The endless hypocrisy of the


    • Not one of the idiots in Hollywood has anything even close to the education or understanding to recognize when they are hypocritically advocating communism.


    • I have personally experienced what ch is talking about when I was an mc at a wedding. Now I was an omega at best to these women. I cracked some stupid jokes between acts and had all the women laughing. Afterwards I had a good portion of the women practically throwing themselves at me, flirting and touching my head.
      Women do appreciate contrasts, as long as a guy has control of his frame. Otherwise it is incongruent.


    • Reminds me of Bruce Springsteen firing all his roadies and replacing them because they wanted to start a labor union. Socialism is just a tool to get other people’s money, but once you are in power you don’t want to share.

      Same as congressmen excusing themselves and their staff from Obamacare since it would increase their costs. (Their excuse: “It would lead to a brain drain from Capitol Hill.” Reaction: (1) A drain of what brains? (2) Good! (3) They don’t see the hypocrisy, when they impose something that apparently leads to a brain drain on private business?)

      Also reminds me of capitalist Zionist Jacob Schiff funding the Bolsheviks in Russia, so they could take over the country and kill the Germanic nobility, businessmen and other professionals, leaving only illiterate Slavic peasants and workers to control. Schiff, and banker/Zionist Olof Aschberg, called “the Bolshevik banker”. Wait, weren’t they supposed to be capitalists? No. They use the market economy when it suits them. They use Marxism when it suits them.




    • You find someone you would be able to demolish in a fair fight due to gender/age/physique differentials.

      Then you sucker punch the person. Go for the head so you can maximize the risk of the victim suffering a concussion.

      Finally, when the media gets around to “reporting” this “new” type of attack, they’ll conveniently avoid the 500 pound black elephant in the room.


  32. Ya this applies to everything. Any stereotype you are — if it’s negative, just act the complete opposite. There are so many little bullshit behaviors I used to engage in that were pure vagina. Not looking into the eyes of taller men, not holding myself upright when walking, not taking up a lot of space, etc. etc.

    Now I do all of that and more. At first I was like ‘this stuff makes no difference,’ but now that I’ve really internalized it — night and day. Men hate it. I get challenged constantly, in one way or another. Women love it.

    For all the defense I give to being more humorous and funny…personally, I give that out way less frequently than I used to. Mainly because that’s not what I need to demonstrate in order to move attraction forward.

    It’s probably helpful for anyone starting out — and I wish I did this — to just list what negative thoughts someone would have about you on first impression. What ‘stereotype’ do you fall into. And then, just act in a way that counter-acts the stereotype.

    ‘Defying a woman’s expectations carries with it the risk of tilting too far into incongruity’

    This depends on you, not her.


    • *claps* as usual, your input is friggin gold dude.


    • thanks…you goin’ out this weekend?


      • lol yeah dude i go out every weekend no matter what. I was out of town last weekend and I basically blew it. Tons of hot chicks and instead of making out, I talked. And then I would ditch girls who were into me for no reason… and then get rejected and react. Did a bit of drinking but never really got super drunk. I dunno, basically I was just doing Attraction shit and never really getting into conversations.

        The last day there I realized my issue and started getting into conversations more.

        Been reading a bit of yours and PimpinBlueStar’s posts and realizing the whole don’t let the environment rattle you/affect your state. Now I approach everyday after work and it’s been okay. Got a few numbers, even took a number off a girl who was on her way to a date. She texted me after, we texted back and forth a bit but I fucked it up. Need more texting practice… I’d give her an 7.5 – 8.

        It’s hard to put all of this into words because a lot of it comes from going out a lot. Like, it’s pretty much as you say. Being proactive is the key to getting what you want.

        I keep coming back to yours and YaReally’s posts on passive value and high energy/laconic game because they do the best job of explaining how you’re supposed to game.

        I’ve done a lot of cold reading and qualifying missions… and while they’re nice, the excitement from doing them is wearing off. I think I’m ready for the harder stuff now. My frame isn’t as shakey as it used to be, so when girls are silent and stare at me (trying to see what I’ve got) it’s not hard to maintain my state.

        Anyway, the game plan is to go to the same strip of bars I go to tonight and then to a club with my social circle on Saturday.

        Hope you’re going out this weekend too man, shoot for those 8’s and 9’s. I always approach the hottest chicks. I haven’t gotten laid yet, but I dunno, I don’t want to build an identity around banging less attractive girls… so while I have gotten opportunities to get laid… I’m fine with not doing them unless they’re hot enough for me to want to take home (i.e. the stripper).

        Not sure if I’m backwards rationalizing that, but I took home a 4 once and swore to myself I’d never do that again, because that was disgusting… that was also the only time I’ve had sex so… yeah, need to get laid 🙂 Eventually tho.


  33. ‘HuffPo believes disgusting fat loads look like “regular women”.… If obesity rates keep climbing, they’ll be right.’

    wtf ewww get that shit outta here. yccccck…


    • on November 21, 2013 at 11:22 am RappaccinisDaughter

      Augh, damn it, I had my mouth open for that. Anybody got an Altoids mint?

      Anyway, here’s a protip: Anytime you see something marked “real women” or “regular women” or “real-sized” or whatever, what you’re about to see is a bunch of hamplanets cinched into corsets whose structural engineering rivals the Hoover dam, with so many chins that it looks like they’re grinning at you over a stack of pancakes.

      BTW, there is a real beef that you can make about Photoshop and the unrealistic standards of beauty that it’s created. Even super-thin models like Candace Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroues will often have little minor dimples of cellulite on their upper thighs (since cellulite is caused by the weaker collagen connections that women have in our subcutaneous layer, it can happen even on slim women). They’ll have little ingrown hairs, or a fine layer of peach fuzz on their cheeks…stuff like that.

      But, as always, the fat-acceptance people have to take a legitimate point and turn it into yet another justification for their McLifestyle.


      • ‘BTW, there is a real beef that you can make about Photoshop and the unrealistic standards of beauty that it’s created.’

        idk. I have no problems getting in the mood for normal bodies. As long as they’re fit and have the good WHR.

        here’s a good question:

        cartoon porn…..extreme beta?
        I’d say so.


  34. Are You Interested

    How race matters in romance: Dating app reveals most men fancy Asian women while majority of females prefer white men


    • England always was based on a kind of fagdom.


      • Not so, Greg. British culture has taken a beating recently because of those who control the media. They also show you only what they want you to see, and they beat down any politician who dares oppose it. (So you now have a Tory party controlled by those who embrace the leftist cultural policies. The others were attacked by the media and therefore described as “not being able to win” by the pro-leftist faction in the party.) You don’t see the many, many millions of Britons who oppose the leftist culture, because they are not allowed to talk. This is the same in France, in Germany, in Sweden, in Denmark, etc. Don’t believe the image you are presented. There are many millions of people who you don’t get to hear from. The majority would be happy to be rid of the current state of affairs – yes, even many of those who today force themselves to agree with the establishment, because it is dangerous not to.


      • Alas, another jest fallen flat!

        That was an homage to Archie Bunker. Back when you could say “fag” and “queer” in a pejorative manner on TV.


      • Most of the Muslim women I know are much more feminine than the so-called feminine East Asians. Do Europeans have a Muslim fetish like how we have a yellow fetish?


  35. Defying a woman’s expectations carries with it the risk of tilting too far into incongruity. If a girl has it set in her mind that you’re a friendly neighborhood beta, a reckless charge of sexualized bravado will wig her out.

    But then, what is there to be lost for the beta? He does want to sex the cunt, does he? Isn’t that the only reason he’s nice to a stupid piece of shit, anyway? Of course, the beta got it backwards… fucking greasepole …

    [CH: too much bitterness lately on the blog. maybe next post about puppies frolicking in marigold gardens?]