Study: Diversity + Proximity = War

A new study concludes that placing different groups of people in close contact results in conflict.

As reported in the American Journal of Community Psychology, Zachary Neal found that neighborhood integration and cohesion cannot co-exist.

“Is a better world possible? Unfortunately, these findings show it may not be possible to simultaneously create communities that are both fully integrated and fully cohesive,” Neal said. “In essence, when it comes to neighborhood desegregation and social cohesion, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

The reason has to do with how people form relationships. Neal said people usually develop relationships with others who are close rather than far away, and similar rather than different from themselves (be it through race, religion, social class, etc.).

Neal ran computer modeling of different fictional neighborhoods and, after millions of trials, consistently found the same thing: The more integrated a neighborhood is, the less socially cohesive it becomes, and vice versa.

“These trends are so strong, it’s unlikely policy can change it,” Neal said.

CH is long on record asserting, by way of a digestible axiom, that diversity + proximity = war. A few readers agreed; most either rejected the formulation outright, or panderingly mewled it was hyperbolic. But, as usual, CH has been proven right by ♥science♥. Not that the imprimatur of science was necessarily needed; friggin’ common sense and honing that increasingly rare ability to observe the real world with open eyes and pricked ears was enough to comprehend the limitations imposed on the malevolent utopians by intractable human nature.

In time, everything that is written in the Chateau Heartiste tomes will come to be accepted privately, if not publicly, by the great majority as the truth. And when that day comes there will be no where else for the lords of lies to run.


  1. on November 21, 2013 at 12:13 pm Stg58/Animal Mother



  2. Hint to whites: Segregate Now!


    • as much as people will think it’s racist, it’s necessary too.

      i wonder how things work with homogeneous neighborhoods but some comfortable separation? because i do enjoy excursions into local-foreign-lands for some delicious foods and foreign ladies.


    • “Patchwork communities” sounds less offputting to the modern liberal, while being the same thing.


    • And this is my moat. And my two moat monsters: this one is Smith, and his little friend, Wesson.


  3. Yep. I might have mentioned that a time or two here.


  4. In time, everything that is written in the Chateau Heartiste tomes will come to be accepted privately, if not publicly, by the great majority as the truth. And when that day comes there will be no where else for the lords of lies to run.

    And then we’ll have prosperity, followed by complacence, followed by another civil right movements of busybody northerners forcing their shortsighted views on everybody else. (I’m from the North)

    In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever

    Nothing new under the sun but humans are stubborn.


  5. Tribes always understood this. Which is why they killed off men from other tribes, and took only their women for diversity in genetic pool.


    • Nope, such rules require killing the women of your enemies, too. If they’re enemies, then the women are the “hand that rocks the cradle.” Leave nothing of your enemies. Trade in-laws with the friendly tribes who share your culture and values.


      • I think the theory is that after you kill their men and take them as your own, they are no longer enemies (in their minds.)


      • Women are not capable of loyalty at that point. They submit to their captors easily, even if those very captors killed their men – brothers, husbands, fathers and sons.


      • There are several verses in the Bible (1st Samuel, 1 & 2nd Kings) that describe tribal warfare in which it was standard procedure to kill all those who “Pisseth against a wall.” Meaning all males old enough to stand to urinate.


      • Cue scene from “King Arthur” where the badass Saxon leader kills one of his soldiers for raping a local woman. The woman is grateful, “Oh thank you m’lord for saving me,” and he calmly cuts her throat. Moral of the story is don’t breed with inferior stock. Kill everyone, then populate the empty land.


      • on November 22, 2013 at 8:54 am The Burninator


        King Arthur is understood as the Brythonic Celt king who united the Britons prior to the arrival of the Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Danes. I’m not really questioning you so much as asking “Seriously, they put post migration Saxons in a movie about King Arthur?”.


      • prior to the arrival of the Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Danes.

        which ones have the most color?

        [CH: most reasonable people can tell there’s a bigger difference between white and black than there is between white and off-white.]


      • Take a look at the Irish Finn McCool saga, it’s essentially the same story as King Arthur, except much older and without the Christian imagery.


      • Not the rule in the ancient world and before. Women were precious for breeding and were generally kept alive along with children in the prehistoric cave dwelling world. Both made for valuable slaves in the Ancient World too. A young beautiful girl fetched the highest prices.


    • Kill the men, rape their women?

      “Conan! What is good in life?”

      More seriously, yeh, you just have to look at the gang-violence and racial violence that goes on. A white student beaten up and wallet stolen by a group of Pakistani, got zero media coverage in New Zealand. I know because he was a friend.

      Meh, “diversity is good” advertisements everywhere – actually it’s offensive. Especially rubbing my nose in its politically-correct bullshit.

      Political correctness was invented by the Russians. If you didn’t follow it, you got ganked. Soon, only the ultra-charming Alphas will be able to defy it – so become Alpha while you still have the chance.


      • There is only one way to defy it even today – through charm.

        So instead of telling it, you just act like it. Instead of telling people that, for instance, there is no such thing as a 50-50 relationship, you just create your own relationship, and lead the girl. That’s the beauty.

        You get to do things based on reality. And people find you attractive.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm Hilary Cliinton

        Obama gives Oprah medal of freedom as reward for race hustling and racial hatred of whites (polar bear hunting). Oprah got confused and ate medal.


      • Speaking of Oprah,

        she said old white people must die because they oppress blacks,

        really she did ( see link below ),

        but of course she had nothing to say about the high rates of violence among blacks or the fact “the knock out game” is on the rise and whites are always the victims and one white man died from one of those “random” – but always black on white – attacks


      • Old white people must die so young white people can have their money.


      • That’s what I keep telling my parents, but they’re not listening.


      • PC was invented by the Bolsheviks, who were overwhelmingly J-wish. It is perpetuated by the same and universities became PC after a huge influx of J-wish professors of often dubious credentials, flooded American universities after WWII and changed the culture and the biases of both the humanities and social sciences towards opinionated Marxist ones, versus the prior emphasis on Empricism. Franz Boaz, who mentored Margeret Mead at Columbia is the original thinker who invented Equalism and Herbert Marcuse invented the concept for the West as it has been adopted by our universities. Russians are generally rather forthright and have little patience for legalistic double talk. YKW on the otherhand, leads the world in these skill sets.


      • THE DEATH OF AMERICA was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law Of 1965.

        While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equalling the most dedicated Muslim terrorist.

        Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility.


      • For Canada the destruction began with the very Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau ( who by the way was a good friend of Fidel Castro…).

        ( from Wikipedia )

        […]Trudeau is credited with introducing Canada’s “Multiculturalism Policy” on October 8, 1971 recognizing that while Canada was a country of two official languages, it did not have a single unitary culture but rather recognized the plurality of cultures –

        […] Canada currently has one of the highest per capita immigration rate in the world, driven by economic policy and family reunification. Canada also resettles over one in ten of the world’s refugees.


  6. on November 21, 2013 at 1:23 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    There’s an exception, and that’s when the diverse elements are united against a common enemy. “The enemy of the enemy is my friend” can and does work out rather well in real-world situations, even when the “enemy” is a fairly ephemeral and distant concept. You can see it on military posts. Although white and black soldiers tend to congregate in their own groups, they’ll dive in to help each other out if somebody runs into trouble with a townie.


    • on November 21, 2013 at 1:51 pm The Burninator

      That’s a given, and works on a different dynamic than ethnicity, it appeals to basic human survival. If an alien invades none of us would turn away any particular human help by our side to fight them off. But that’s due to self preservation as a species (or as an individual who just needs a hand to get rid of a foe). Once the threat is gone, the old grudges and habits return to the overall ethnicities, if not the individuals who may have developed mutual respect for each other in a foxhole fighting the aliens.

      Hell, I strongly suspect that if whites absolutely segregate and kick minorities out of the U.S. they’d revert back to calling each other names that are more specific to European sub-ethnicities. Kind of like how the English still snigger about the Welsh, or how the Scots sneer about the “Southerners”, or even how blacks sub-segregate themselves based on lightness/darkness of skin when whites aren’t around to snarl at. Not sure that’s so much race, but it is quite tribal in its own way.


      • Or, Tower of Babel syndrome. Genesis 11.

        In other words, there is another “exception.” Uniting diversity under the One True God. The uniting factor doesn’t have to be enmity; it can be positive, just as NFL players work in concert to win the Lombardi more than they unite in their hatred for 31 other contenders. Just as thirteen colonies united to throw off the yoke of absentee British rule. Just as negroid Will “Welcome To Earfff” Smith teamed up with the caucasoid President Bill Pullman to defeat the aliens with an Apple virus.

        Something for you to think about at mass this Sunday, Feast of Christ the King of Heaven and Earth.



      • Uniting under God? Hmm, U.S. Blacks are more religious than U.S. Whites. So are Latinos. How’s that working out? What about tribes in the Middle East, dividing into Sunni and Shia? Yes, the division started as different tribes fighting each other. In order to differentiate itself from the dominant tribe, and to gain allies elsewhere, an opposing tribe would choose the other religious sect.

        I remember a Baptist guy talking about a trip he made in the South, and he stopped by a Baptist church with mostly Blacks. When the minister told the audience to shake the hands of their fellow Baptist “brothers”, the Black guy next to him shook his hand with a loathsome, arrogant smirk. “Brothers in Christ”, nonsense.

        As for uniting against a common enemy. Look at the U.S. Army. Women are seven times more likely to be raped in the military than in normal society. Women are put in closer proximity to Blacks, who know they can rape and often get away with it, since the military sweeps it under the rug. Black soldiers also teach “gangsta” signs to Iraqi youth, and that “gangsta” stuff is all about racialism.


      • If you believe the military really sweeps rape under the rug, you’ve obviously never been around the military. Girls get all kinds of special privileges in the military and a huge scramble by the brass over a rape charge to get the guilty bastard is one of them. I’ve read a lot of Stars and Stripes articles about soldiers who are court martialed and rape was a fairly common offense, often on dubious charges. If anything, they are too quick to railroad men who are accused of rape.


      • Blacks are more religious than U.S. Whites. So are Latinos. How’s that working out? What about tribes in the Middle East, dividing into Sunni and Shia?

        Religious blacks are not the problem. Superficially religious blacks might be, but that is an ancient difficulty having nothing to do with what I am talking about.

        All of your examples are about religion-in-name-only rather than the radical confession I am talking about — the one with a Holy Fear of the Lord, which directs one’s aggression to building up Christ’s universal kingdom rather than murdering a fellow God-fearer.

        Even within the unity of Christendom there were constant squabbles. But that conceptual unity allows for my personal effectiveness when encountering my enemy. Without potential unity as a (distant) alternative, the struggle becomes simply a war of exterminating the other side and the destructive bloody uselessness of the 20th century.

        If I look at the yellow-eyed coal-black negro as an irredeemable animal, the war becomes one of annihilation rather than conversion. If I see him as endowed by Christ with the dignity of a human being (if fatally misdirected) the mission becomes very different and much easier to accomplish. Endless reprisals are broken and “alle Menschen werden Brüder” the only way we ever can be: in our shared image and likeness of God (“… wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt”).

        I couldn’t give a fuck about the anecdotes of “a Baptist guy.” Of course much of this is not real on the ground. But that’s because we have already conceptually determined it impossible without even attempting to put it into effect. “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried” (Chesterton apocryphal).



    • Your latent liberalism is hemorrhaging again.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 4:11 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Nah, I’m on day 12 right now. I’m not going to do my awesome circus trick in which I bleed for five days and miraculously don’t die for a couple of weeks yet.

        Look, don’t take my word for it. I encourage you to gather some empirical evidence. Go to a bar just outside any military base and start some shit with a dude wearing a high and tight. See how many of his friends jump in, and what color they are.


      • LOL,

        “Let’s you and him fight!”



      • Is THIS the kind of military brotherhood you’re talking about?


  7. Food for thought, a 25 year old woman named Star is supposedly claiming she is marrying Charles Manson. That’s right, that Manson.

    Though he denies it, I figured you might not be able to pass up the chance to use your satirical knives on that one.


  8. on November 21, 2013 at 1:32 pm The Burninator

    My first post disappeared (heh), but here’s a link to the “Knockout” game which is spreading across the nation, as I’m lead to believe. It backs up the premise of this article rather well in its own way, given the very tribal approach these “teens” both are taking, and represent.


    • on November 21, 2013 at 2:30 pm Lucky White Male


      I called this out over the summer on this blog, it is continuing

      This is how it starts. These public attacks on whites will only become more blatant over time.

      You will see this escalating to full-fledged lynchings

      As of Nov 2013, you need to Stay physically out of diverse areas at all costs


      • Problem is those weren’t bad areas. It’s not like it happened off Roosevelt Blvd. Anyone notice what race the article said was the perp and what was the victim? Me either.


    • We have to begin propagandizing this and whipping the masses into crowd witnesses, and then riots. That the white bourgeois shrug this off is proof that they have abdicated the right to rule themselves.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 5:32 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Any site that allows comments, top rated comment is always the one mentioning race of the “teens”. Or, as it’ll soon be known, the ‘t-word’.


      • on November 21, 2013 at 5:33 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Someone needs to write a browser plugin that replaces the words “teens” or “youth” with the appropriate word.


      • See also:

        “random”, “isolated incident” and “motivation unknown”


      • The bourgeois always follow. Whether thay shrug off our methods or not, they will follow us if we lead.


      • Not kidding I cannot believe someone as smart as you is so naïve. It is over. The times of hunger games already here. Unlike in the 14th century and 18th-century we do not have weapons even 1% of strong as the government we have no chance . there will be no revolution


    • A few years ago, while I was still in the Army, a buddy of mine – who grew up in Manhattan, opined about Obama’s election.

      He said it’d be like when Dinks was elected, all the blacks would be even more emboldened now that a black guy was in charge. He said in New York, when Dinks won, the blacks went ape shit – and it’d be like that all over.

      Not sure if there is anything too that, just thought it was interesting looking back.

      P.S. Blacks really don’t like it when you point out that Obama is a half-white harvard grad from Hawaii and Indonesia. He has about as much street cred as Dick Cheney.


      • It hasn’t been that bad, but there is definitely a sense of retribution. I see it in this knock out game business and the attitude of many blacks at work. I eventually see bait ambushes being set up to counter these knock out games. I believe a race war would not end well for non-whites.


      • Carlos Danger

        I believe a race war would not end well for non-whites.

        I see what you did there.

        White supremacy IS RACE WAR; because white people have to PRACTICE racism (mistreatment based on color) to expand, maintain and refine white supremacy.

        Without a white supremacy system how can a person FUNCTION as white?


      • on November 22, 2013 at 4:30 am The Burninator

        Projection. It’s not just for breakfast any more! ™


      • How to function as a white person: work hard every day and steer clear of niggers.


      • If whites want to supremacize why is there white flight? How is fair treatment mistreatment?


      • Thwack might be bipolar,

        one day he admits blacks are the problem

        the next he blames whites…


      • Canadian Friend

        Thwack might be bipolar,

        one day he admits blacks are the problem

        the next he blames whites…

        “Justice has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried” (Thwack apocryphal).


      • thwack back on da pipe…


      • I said the same thing before Obama got elected, that it would embolden blacks and that black on white violence would become worse.

        I was not the first nor the only one but in 2007-2008 it was nearly impossible to find anyone who would agree with me, many called me crazy.

        And now look at the increase in flash mobs that rob stores, and ” the knock out game” that is becoming such a problem that even the liberal main stream media can not ignore it anymore.

        And take a look at how emboldened this black woman is,

        Oprah said old white people should die because they oppress blacks,

        Yeah those white folks that blacks attack at random ( a white teacher died from a punch to the head by a young black man playing the knock out game) are the oppressor in her fucked up twisted stupid mind,


  9. I mean, it’s a sort of ‘duh’ no-brainer that COMPLETELY different individuals will fail to be buddy-neighbors. Simplistic set up — ‘on/off’ switch for ‘similar’ ‘different.’ The problem is that there are hundreds of traits that can switch on/off. You’d have to tease out which ones matter more than others.


  10. It takes a special kind of stupid to let people punch you and then want to “help them” for it.

    This is why this great “race war” that everyone seems to think is coming, likely will never surface. When you start the indoctrination engine from pre-school–> even acts of violence directed AT you will not awaken you. Period.

    Just like the professor that got his ass whipped in NYC a month ago that fully pardoned his pets.

    Social justice = accept your need for self-sacrifice. I can bet you every dollar in my wallet that had that dumb fucking DC libtard cunt been RAPED by that pack of jackals, she’d have given the same speech.

    These women have been programmed to accept any and every abuse heaped upon them by the Sacred Silverbacks, err, Cows. And they will do it because like all women they are mindless fucking drones and herding animals.

    There was the nice little white lady that with her goofy liberal bleeding heart was summarily gang raped. She understood their “plight” and actually thanked those feral beasts for dropping 4 loads of 65IQ DNA into her cum bucket.

    When I read stories like this I truly wonder. Can this really be fixed at this point? I don’t think it can. Never in human history have you been able to actively savage someone and with NO OUTSIDE INTERVENTION, they will apologize for you and invite a second attack.

    The Frankfurt School has done a far better job than I think anyone could have imagined given this is now normal, and with that cocksucker in the White House.

    Any way out of this people? I’m talking realistically. Not some “shooting war” fappery that is just not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.


    • I can bet you every dollar in my wallet that had that dumb fucking DC libtard cunt been RAPED by that pack of jackals, she’d have given the same speech.

      Yup… old news, but appropriate to bring up again:


      • Yes— this dumb cunt. I meant to say “in Haiti” in my OP but my literal, utter, palpable rage got the best of me. I have a proclivity for choking women based on weird shit that happened to me as a freshman in college, tender age of 19. With this new school 20 somethings, I feel like, with the right combination of social justice words, causes, friends with niggers, and propensity for ultra-violence without remorse… I could enter a new age of enlightenment. WIth a soft harem to die for between 21-24 on any college campus in the DC Area.

        I’ve not enacted this yet, but the theory as stated above, is very sound…


      • In a similar vein: Amy Biehl.

        Beyond parody.


      • I had the impression that she made the whole thing up.Not that a Haitian nigger wouldnt rape anything that has a pulse–now thwack I was only referring to HAITIANS– but I think she ws projecting a fantasy. She made up the rape so she could do her little speech. She is a serious fruitcake. And BTW had that broad above been knocked out by WHITE guys she’d probably be demanding the rope. But the poor dear Knee-Grows in their underfunded schooze,many of whom dont have winter coats,no place to put their iPhones….


      • but I think she ws projecting a fantasy. She made up the rape so she could do her little speech. She is a serious fruitcake.

        All white people have a subconcious desire to get in touch with their inner black child.

        Some adopt, some do this:


      • Not all white people, only the liberal ones and their females.


    • The “way out” is a white enclave. Maybe in the northeast, maybe in one of the more reasonable European countries, maybe in Russia. We’ll go there “for the schools” and “the economic opportunities” while the rest of Europe and North America are devoured by Africa and Mexico, respectively.

      There’s no going back, that’s just not how things work. Instead we have to move ahead and try to make a better place for ourselves and our children than this one turned out to be.


      • There is only one path. It involves guns and balls. Lots of guns. Big balls.

        When it starts, it will spread very quickly. Be safe out there kids.


      • If blood is shed, the objective must be complete control of our previous nation state, Nothing else would be worth it. Carving out an enclave is defeatist talk.


      • Wherever you go you have to counter subversive anti-white propaganda. Forever.


      • I agree, white enclave sounds good.

        Let’s call it North America.

        When you have an infestation there is but one solution and it is a final one.


    • Turn off the electronic rabbi for starters and home school. Don’t let the bastards at your kids. It still takes a special dumbass to buy into this crap. Even in countries where it’s spoon fed, most think it’s BS.


      • I did not go to school in the US, but based on what I see and hear, I’d say it’s pretty much essential that you at least supplement whatever it is they hear at school with some home schooling.
        White ‘enclaves’ and race wars sound a little far-fetched -especially as long as we have this many people camping out in front of some media store to get their chubby paws on the latest Ipad, Ipod, Icrap or other latest & greatest electronic doohickey, getting upset if they can’t get the gold-colored one….
        I think what we might be headed for is a new type of Middle Ages scenario, with fortified towns and villages squatting in the shadow of a protective castle, into which the population flees upon hearing news of an approaching tribe of Awars, Langobards, Vandals, Vikings, Huns,
        Gated communities on steroids, if you will.


      • Probably equivalent on average with a Hauptschule education. Better schools make Realschule level or near Gymnasium. It’s been dumbed down consistently for decades as a new education fad takes root. It used to be pretty good, especially in places like New York and California.


      • Based on what I see, few US High Schools even meet Hauptschule standards, and to get anywhere near a Gymnasium, you’re talking prep school or other highly exclusive ‘Academy’ type education.


      • on November 23, 2013 at 9:13 pm Hammer of Love

        Holy shit, ” elctronic rabbi ” pure genius man, pure genius !


  11. This is the kind of thing that drives away minority men who might be interested in resisting the feminist mainstream.

    Unfortunately, it’s also more or less the truth.

    The liberals will cling onto the idea that all racism/tribalism is learnt through bad instruction, when there’s no reason, given parsimony, not to assume that preference for kinship isn’t at least partially innate, or even if learned, is learned through an innate process.

    Either way, you can’t unmelt the melting pot. I feel it would be wiser for whites to consolidate a sense of “white community” vis-a-vis all the other identity groups, that way you have a platform from which to exercise collective agency.

    [CH: it won’t happen. whites are genetically disposed to extreme indiviudalism. best case scenario is a sudden emergence of racial loyalty when annihilation is close at hand. worst case is submission to annihilation.]

    All the people spouting nigger this or beaner that probably isn’t helping you.

    [there are a lot of angry people who have gotten the shaft by the power structure. what you’re seeing is 60 years of pent-up frustration venting in an anonymized catharsis.]


    • The study didn’t isolate race, tho. It just said ‘similar’ vs ‘different,’ and it noted that the similar v different could be any of a number of traits.


      • “The study didn’t isolate race, tho. It just said ‘similar’ vs ‘different,’ and it noted that the similar v different could be any of a number of traits.”

        I was wondering about the same thing. Did the study take into account other factors such as language spoken at home, cultural values, religious beliefs and other cultural idiosyncrasies? If not, then the study would suggest that multiculturalism doesn’t work, but race is probably irrelevant if everyone speaks the same language and basically belongs to the same culture.

        I’m not a liberal. I’m just playing Devil’s advocate here and suggesting that race might not be the issue.


      • But we don’t have the same culture and before long we may not even have the same language. English vs ebonics and American Idol(used to be rock and roll, damn you Simon Cowell, damn you to hell) vs hip hop.


      • Race might not be the issue… until it is… and then it’s too late.


      • …race might not be the issue.

        I’m guessing you’re White, so there’s something you need to understand: for non-Whites, race is ALWAYS an issue.


      • That means diversity is a tiger by the tail or a wolf by the ears….


      • Or a nigger by the toe.


      • Droll.


      • Yes, because for non-whites, race is ALWAYS a meal ticket.


      • “race is probably irrelevant if everyone speaks the same language and basically belongs to the same culture.”

        Different races have different cultures and my guess is that a big reason for that is genetics.


      • Doesn’t need to. Czechs hate Slovaks, Wallons hate Flemish. Different can just be language and be different enough. The other things are just icing for many.


      • I don’t accept bad czechs, niether should Slovaks


      • *chuckle*

        Okay, that was a good one.


    • CH, Whites are genetically disposed to be both individualists and collectivists. Collectivism is everywhere in European law and society throughout the ages. Look at, say, the Templar Order, which was in every way about group loyalty to the point of death. Look at farmers having a simple harvest feast, anywhere in European history, and say there is not collective love and sharing among them. Look at the myriad of organizations that sprung up in American society to replace a strong central power – this always surprised European visitors.


      • Radical individualism is the other side of the coin from radical collectivism. Neither worldview accounts for the irreducible importance of both levels of reality. In any health community, a person’s loyalty will radiate outward in concentric circles such that I am most loyal to my immediate family, next extended family, then co-ethnic neighbors, and on out.

        The liberal detests this pattern. He insists on loving himself as an atomized individual, then leapfrogging any closer loyalties for an obscene and abstract affection for the most remote alien imaginable. This is why you have left-libertarians who are simultaneously self-absorbed AND have bleeding hearts for Haitian niglets. The only enemy separating the SWPL from his darling Negro idol is the recalcitrant White Male.


      • ” … then leapfrogging any closer loyalties for an obscene and abstract affection for the most remote alien imaginable. This is why you have left-libertarians who are simultaneously self-absorbed AND have bleeding hearts for Haitian niglets…. ”

        Females who fall in love with a complete stranger on death row – the most remote alien – suffer from the same mental disorder as those liberals.

        There are many less “spectacular ” examples of women feeling intense empathy for things/animals/people far and remote, while being mean to their friends, family and being mean mostly to the last person who they should be mean to; their loving devoted boyfriend/husband.

        And aren’t white liberals ” mean” to their own race and culture?

        same disease I tell ya.

        Which is why years ago I came to the conclusion that generally speaking,

        liberalism = female = emotions over rationality

        Conservative = male = rationality over emotions ( even though, sadly, conservatives are moving to the left a little more everyday )

        I am probably not the first to come to this conclusion, but it is a “theory” very rarely discussed anywhere.


    • This is the kind of thing that drives away minority men who might be interested in resisting the feminist mainstream.

      Unfortunately, it’s also more or less the truth.

      Yeah, it drives them away … until it doesn’t. You keep your nerve, your consistency, your testicular fortitude, and you become the new North Star to those squeamish bourgeois whose first priority is to be left alone.

      I am constant as the northern star,
      Of whose true-fix’d and resting quality
      There is no fellow in the firmament.
      The skies are painted with unnumber’d sparks,
      They are all fire and every one doth shine,
      But there’s but one in all doth hold his place:
      So in the world; ’tis furnish’d well with men,
      And men are flesh and blood, and apprehensive;
      Yet in the number I do know but one
      That unassailable holds on his rank,
      Unshaked of motion: and that I am he …

      — Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, III.i

      Also known as leadership.

      We do minority men no favors by applauding their connection to dysfunctional cultures, institutions, and modes of life. The ones with the unusual courage to tell their own kind of their dysfunction are my brothers above blood and nation. “If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 15:26).

      That is the offer, that is our deal. And considering the alternative, considering the dishonorable hollow-chested treachery of the enemy, the sissypants SWPL slap-fighting enemy, it is a mighty good deal for men of every culture, tradition, and blood.

      For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
      Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
      This day shall gentle his condition.

      It is time to choose up sides. Those on-board earliest will be exalted the highest.



  12. They failed calculus. Integration is NOT putting two utterly different, incompatible, and warring cultures amidst each other and calling it success.

    We were much more culturally integrated in 1960 – both black and white families had the same values (large families, men as the provider, women as homemakers). There was suspicion, but if left to itself, eventually integration would happen naturally (I live in an integrated city and building just north of detroit, but the residents aren’t anything like the typical detroiter, they are more like the white suburbanites farther away).

    But with judge imposed busing, we got white flight, and the entitlement and victim mentality. So every evil or even petty misbehavior could not be questioned since that would be “racist”.

    God, Nature, and Reality judge people based on the content of their character.

    Before, prejudice judged wrongly based on the color of one’s skin, but much of the population has managed to in one (de)generation live down to the worst stereotypes.

    The early 1900’s immigration was met with their children becoming Americans, fighting for America and integrating American values.

    Whatever the 1960’s and ’70’s did, it split and fragmented and forced association at the point of the gun. Even something like the Americans with Disabilities Act. Before it was helping and making reasonable or even more accomication. Now to hire anyone disabled is to risk an expensive fine and lawsuit.


  13. According to paleontologists, Neanderthals bones are only found in Europe; but do they have enough archaic traits to qualify to be hung from trees anyway?


    • emmet till game seems less funny when your “homie” is dropping nooses in front of you right?


    • I dont think the Neanderthals were raping the Homo Sapiens 12 year old daughters…but maybe they were,and thats why they aint here no more.


      • Maybe the Neanderthals went to Africa and brought the Homo Sapiens back as slaves?

        The rest is history.


      • it’s true actually. I looked into the subject. subsaharan african (black people) never had any contact with neanderthals. their range was from europe to the levant.

        neanderthals were more clever than people give them credit for, with a spoken language, tools and tribal structure. however they were less adaptive than cro magnon man and tended toward fanaticism. while all caucasian people have some neanderthal admixture the highest percentages are in the jewish and arab population which makes sense given their ideological fanaticism and morphology.

        the reason why the neanderthals went extinct is because they kept making war with the more adaptive cro magnons, raping their women, destroying their villages, ect. when the early humans decided that the neanderthals were a threat that could not be tolerated they used their superior technology (projectile weapons) to decimate the neanderthal population. the neanderthals being less adaptive had no answer to projectile weapons. their rudimentary clubs, larger size, and greater strength was rendered irrelevant in battle and the neanderthals ceased to exist.

        something similar could easily happen again and the non-white races would be at a distinct disadvantage because they would not have this ancient race war encoded into their DNA. when white people organize with violence in mind there is nothing that can be done to stop them and this is because of something primal in their DNA that comes from their origins in europe where they were under attack from another species and had to fight back


  14. Yes. Diversity + Proximity = WAR

    but then why are whites always invading, occupying, enslaving others and then create diversity.

    Why can’t whites stay to themselves ?????
    -AFRICA (Scramble)
    -Dominican Republic
    -New World-Aztecs/Incas/Tainos/ etc…..

    …must be genetic……


    • LOL “al”, you show the typical leftist ignorance of history. All peoples in all ages have conquered territory when they were able to do so. The only ones who have broken this pattern, and forced other peoples to refrain from conquest too, are Whites in the modern age. If Whites were as intent on conquering as all peoples used to be for thousands of years, Whites could easily kick out all non-Whites from our societies, and then conquer entire continents. But we don’t. So nice try.

      There was slavery for thousands of years in Africa. It was ended at gunpoint by the British, French and other colonials, who forced the African tribes to stop. Wanna talk about “genetic”? Look at your own race.

      Umm, Grenada, Vietnam, Cambodia? Again you show your historical ignorance. Grenada was invaded by Cuba, which you don’t mention, Cuba aided by a local Marxist guerilla they armed and funded. The U.S. threw out the invaders, and Grenadans are happy for that. Did the U.S. conquer Grenada, throw out the non-Whites and settle it? Nope.

      Vietnam, I guess you don’t know that the communist North Vietnam, funded by the Soviet Union, invaded South Vietnam. The communists had been given the industrial part of the country, the normals had been given the southern farmlands and were at a disadvantage. The U.S. did not invade to conquer Vietnam, settle it with Whites and make it the 51st state; the U.S. tried to stop the communist invasion. Since I know Vietnamese people, I know exactly what the criminal Party members are doing to people there; simply stealing buildings from private family businesses when they feel like it, for example. And they killed more than a million people after the war. The South Vietnamese wish that the Americans had stopped the invasion – they would have been as rich as South Koreans, they believe, and they are probably right.

      Cambodia – you don’t mention the communist Red Khmers, how strange. Those were insane, murderous communists that killed millions of people, one in three Cambodians. They killed people simply for wearing glasses or owning a watch or knowing a foreign language. Who “invaded” Cambodia, you say? The U.S. bombed communist-controlled territory. There is no American settlement in Cambodia.

      Iraq, Afghanistan? Now that’s another species of war. The U.S. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because the Zionist lobby demanded it. The war support was drummed up by Zionist Paul Wolfowitz. Because al-Qaeda and Afghanistan, while having supported the U.S. attack on Iraq in the Gulf War, opposed the starvation sanctions against Iraq, and other actions taken on Israel’s behalf. So they had to be destroyed, thought the Lobby. Iraq, the Lobby wanted to destroy because President Hussein had given money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, whose homes are razed to the ground by the Israelis, ruining families by destroying their homes and all their possessions. And if they live in an apartment building, the homes of everyone else is destroyed too. So Hussein gave them monetary aid, and the Lobby therefore demanded Hussein’s removal. These were NOT wars on behalf of Whites, but on behalf of Israel. In this, the American public was fooled by the media owners. Strange that you don’t say “Why can’t Jews stay to themselves?” Of course, it is Whites who are your target, little socialist.

      I could go on and show your historical ignorance regarding the other wars you mention as well. The facts are clear, though. If Whites were “racist” and “imperialist” as you claim, Whites united could easily have removed all non-Whites from North America, South America, Africa, India, etc etc. Instead, Whites gave them electricity, the wheel (of those mentioned here, only Indians – formerly White-ruled had the wheel), paved roads, schools, soap, toothbrushes, etc etc and then left, convinced that “It is wrong to conquer”. NO other peoples have EVER willingly given up land. No non-Whites have ever come up with moral arguments against slavery and conquest. ONLY Whites came up with that. And only Whites give up their own nations to mass immigration.

      So. Nice try. But the classroom propagand you parrot doesn’t work on people who have any real knowledge.


    • 1) We take up the White Man’s Burden. Sometimes to kill threats in the cradle. Sometimes for sport. Do something about it.

      2) It is our prerogative, and, with apologies to Job, Where were you when we laid the foundation of the world order? (38:4) In other words, Melian, we do not answer to your slave complaints.

      3) We put ourselves in proximity with your diversity because we have national interests across the globe, and we can win the war part of the diversity + proximity = war equation.

      4) Insofar as we have indulged in adventurism abroad, that is our own concern. We do not answer to your faggot standard of one-worldism where every culture is of equal dignity.

      5) Insofar as we have indulged in adventurism abroad, we have in place the mechanisms to restrain ourselves independently without reference to external pieties. So long as we keep ourselves internally disciplined to the constitutional balance of powers, and, importantly, reject out-of-hand your brand of multiculti whinery.

      If there is a problem, five’s the one. But again, none of the outsider’s concern, and I will defend my brethren’s mistakes to the death rather than give one passing thought to your 4th-world peasant tears.



      • Matthew King

        3) We put ourselves in proximity with ******your diversity******* because we have national interests across the globe, and we can win the war part of the diversity + proximity = war equation.

        My diversity?

        By definition I have no “diversity” until you show up in my house all pale and stiff; therefore, you produce the very problem you complain is in need of a solution?

        Matt, though I enjoy your masterful use of the English language; you still hafta make sense. Others have accused you of bloviating. I now see what they mean.

        BTW– what if a frankfurter made your speech?

        Would you start frothing at the mouth and flapping around on the floor?


      • In agreement mainly with the first part. No frequent reader here questions MK’s lexicon, didactic, or high command of english language. But that is not enough to give you a ‘free pass’ on all comments. I too, didn’t quite understand the shit “Above your line” in this post. It sounds vaguely Euro-centric but makes no specific threats or plans about how we can steam roll NAMs in a global sense.

        Where I shall cleave from you, by the by, thwacky is in your second phase. No “Frankfurter” would speak the words and phrases MK did in 4) or 5). Period. They are not capable of producing anything close to substantiave truth.


      • I personally can even “give” that what whites did centuries ago was bad, but they did it because they could, and most if not all peoples would’ve done the same if given the chance and ability. That said, even if they couldn’t and we’re just so evil and warlike, fuck you, doesn’t give me any reason to let you come in and wreck the place. Simple as that for myself.


      • All races have done bad things, the difference is that the white race is the only one that has documented every ugly detail believing naively that making this public would make others understand human nature better; it did not, it is used against us

        and we are the only race who is foolish enough to have done a Mea Culpa about past sins from slavery to war.

        another example ; The Catholic church did its own Mea Culpa about such things as the Crusades, but Islam has never done a Mea Culpa for having invaded and occupied Spain for 7 centuries.

        We have made ourselves the scape goat of the world by being too honest for our own good.

        And now that all the blame is on us why would any other race come forward and admit to having done bad things?

        We made it too easy for them.

        The white race’s sins are the same as the sin of other races but our doing Mea Culpa makes us more noble.


      • I see no reason to make-feel-good about ourselves. Maybe we can have a societal self-hate because of percieved past sins, doesn’t make the sins any better. Never really had some sort of white pride feeling. I grew up in a trailer park with some fairly ghetto white folks. It’s not pretty in whatever color at the bottom, so it makes me feel a civility and intelligence metric is a better way to weed out the flakes. ‘Course, it’d be fairly waaaaycist because it would still skew on the colors, however it’d cut the fat from both.

        At the end though all this talk doesn’t matter to the people actually putting it into action. Everyone on the internet seems to think someone else is going to step into action. So the only person that seems to do it is someone like David Cobb.


      • The pedantry today!

        Okay, okay, “We put ourselves in proximity with your diversity” is more precisely rendered as “Our purposeful proximity with foreign elements creates the diversity which leads to a war that we instigated and a battle that we want.”

        This is internet commentary, not a dissertation defense.

        I too, didn’t quite understand the shit “Above your line” in this post. It sounds vaguely Euro-centric but makes no specific threats or plans about how we can steam roll NAMs in a global sense.

        Steamrolling the NAMs is our prerogative because we are the Big Swinging Dick of the world. It is not always wise, especially since the citizenry has lost the sense of BSDness in the last half-century. But the very last consideration is for those who cry plaintively “Why can’t whites stay to themselves?????”

        Why can’t we “stay to ourselves”? Because we do not want to. Or maybe we got drunk one decade. Or maybe because we have erroneously determined it is in our best interests. In fact, when the browns start pissing & moaning about how we should keep to ourselves, that becomes a positive reason to intervene just to remind NAMs of their station. Threat of power is only viable when it is occasionally wielded.

        International realpolitik is the State of Nature. Might makes right. The very attempt to appeal to a (man-made) universal authority precipitates the need to demonstrate who actually has the wherewithal to make the rules, or, a reminder that opposition to the hyperpower means suicide.

        None of this has to do with the particular wisdom of intervention, much less the neocon addiction to intervention for intervening’s sake or to make “The World Safe for [Mob]ocracy,” although the former does have some merit in that it makes pissants think twice before tugging on the tiger’s tail.

        So maybe we create some blowback in the process. That is a separate issue. Even if our arrogance or mistakes or overreaching created the diversity, what do you expect us to do? Say sorry and let the hordes take over for our “sins”? That is not real. We make up for our military errors with further military might — not because we are belligerent but because that is the currency of the jungle where “the life of [nations] is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”



    • al
      but then why are whites always invading, occupying, enslaving others

      Because Al,

      people are money.

      Guess who has all the money?


      • Whites also stop others from invading, occupying, enslaving others.

        From stopping the Nazis to stopping the Christians in Chechnya ( yes Bill Clinton sent troops to defend Muslims from Christians ) it is whites who intervene – always whites and only whites.

        No one else ever bothers nor has an advanced enough Civilization to do so.

        It is also whites – American whites to be precise – who are the first to go around the globe saving lives when there is a Tsunami or something. American naval ships are always there before anyone else to save the “other”

        It is also whites who have given BILLIONS of dollars to Africa along the last 60 years or so.

        and I could go on all night

        No one but white people are the recipient of so much ingratitude in return for their altruism or benevolence or whatever is the best word, benevolence so huge it has never been seen before in human history.

        No one but white people give money away for third world immigrants to come live with us.

        we actually PAY people ( welfare, refugee benefits etc ) to come live here away from their hell holes

        we do more for “others” in one year than all other races combined do in a thousand year

        yet everyone hates us

        and I’m the racist???????


      • Thwack, a powerful nation will spread influence around. It’s not a “white” thing. The Chinese did it to east Asia, the Arabs to western Asia, northern Africa, the Indians to southeast Asia. Injecting race into an argument about imperialism or foreign policy is pointless because all races have done it.


    • Fuck off nigger lover. Every nation that whites colonize, they improve. Soon as they leave, it turns back into a savage shit hole.

      Just look at Africa.


    • We are a world power and as such have a responisibilty to ensure order! Now pass the cream cheese I wanna put a shmeer on my bagel…


  15. CH, here is a related study, showing that neighborhoods that are racially diverse have much less cooperation and trust:

    But a massive new study, based on detailed interviews of nearly 30,000 people across America, has concluded just the opposite. Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam — famous for “Bowling Alone,” his 2000 book on declining civic engagement — has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings.

    I recall a Ukrainian guy in the U.S. recounting a trip to Ukraine. He was surprised by how people spent so much time outside, congregating in parks with bouncing castles for the kids and a strong sense of community overall. Whereas in his own neighborhood in the U.S., people just go home and lock their doors.


  16. The noose, such beauty in its elegant simplicity.

    Thank you, my heart is warmed.


  17. Think Jared Taylor is going to get any apology letters from those who have been trying to discredit his work over the years?


  18. Science? History has already proven this point.


  19. But how does this go back to YKW?


  20. CH, here is a related study, showing that neighborhoods that are racially diverse have much less cooperation and trust:

    I guess you never lived here:

    [CH: the term of the day is: concentric diversity circles.]


    • [CH: the term of the day is: concentric diversity circles.]



    • Thwack, why do you keep making the same bone-headed claims again and again?

      Just because YT sometimes fights among hisself (like EVERY OTHER RACE DOES… got that?) doesn’t mean race is a throwaway.

      Race is probably the first and foremost type of difference that starts the diversity + proximity = war ball rolling.

      Think of it this way… if a Catholic and a Protestant or a Czech and a Slovak argue over a something like, say, a debt… they argue over the debt.

      But the minute a negro has a supposedly non-race related issue with a white, the racial card is the first thing that gets played.

      Every LEO is well-familiar with the “He called me a n166er!” gambit… usually the first words out of a negro’s mouth whenever he’s looking to excuse his heinous behavior and mayhem.


      • Greg Eliot

        Race is probably the first and foremost type of difference that starts the diversity + proximity = war ball rolling.

        Then why don’t you call it:

        DIFFERENCE + proximity = war?

        [CH: because that would be imprecise.]

        Or are you afraid to let go of color?

        [there are wars big and small. diversity creates the biggest wars of them all.]


      • Tomato/Tomahto… difference/diversity… and wtf is “afraid to let go of color” mean, beyond some usual suspect negro-babble?

        The point is, it’s not merely color, it’s a set of behaviors… but the color is the most obvious and first-noticed delineator.

        It’s Nature’s overt way of trying to tell stupid humans that “HEY! PAY ATTENTION… Y’ALL AIN’T THE SAME!!!”


      • …but you’re also very not the same as quite a few people you view as “white”.

        I mean, my whole argument in this is that Americans are stupid in that they don’t see the differences because they’re already brainwashed into color based multikults. The jump to multicolored multikult had its foundations in a mentality that you are stupidly promoting.

        Real European nationalists of their respective nations understand the problem of mashing all pale together into one big group. You want to have your cake and eat it too.

        Nature simply doesn’t work this way.


      • You keep spewing the same babble as if it’s news.

        WN’s are well-aware that all groups of whites aren’t alike, and some are more sympatico than others.

        And yes, Ms. Belabour-The-Obvious, there are some very fine fellows of darker hue that make better bros than even one’s fellow ethnics on an individual basis.

        You keep missing the point with your NAxALT hamster wearing down the wheel.

        The point is, in general, one has a better chance of a sane (read: Western-style) society when people are homogeneous in general outlook, mores, character, etc. And the chance of that stands a better likelihood when you deal with a similar genetic stock… which includes, btw white Europeans that only happen to be within different geo-national borders.

        Now cut the broken record, Queen Babble-On. You’re the enemy, plain and simple, by your own words. That you happen to be a negro only makes it more obvious.


      • My argument is not that I am your friend, and that you should like me, Greg.

        Far from it.

        My argument is that I am the next generation and all you throwbacks are going down the evolutionary drain…or you’ll be enslaved for as long as you are useful to us.

        So you people should learn to get along on your own, and live like men, or you will become more obviously the beasts of burden that you are.


      • The usual dementia, wishful-pseudo-thinking, and inane tripe…

        In short, n1gger-babble… from the Queen of Babble-On herself…

        Useful only to produce stomach acid or fill zeppelins… which, if painted shit-brown, would resemble nothing so much as the source of their inflation.


      • When Nicole used the hateword “throwback”, that’s code for “anyone opposed to white genocide.”


      • Eyeslevel, you apparently don’t read very well.

        Or perhaps like Greg, your eyes glaze over, and you ignore, or freak out when anything is said that you don’t quite understand.

        It should disturb both of you considerably that the one dick sizer in this tiresome “debate” who understands me well is Thwack.


      • This is like a KKK member saying the only person who really understands him…another KKK member

        Of COURSE thwack understands you! you are both anti-white blacks who blame all the bad things on this planet on whitey.


      • If you’re so sure of this, Canadian, imagine you were “black” and read my posts again. Or hey, imagine that you were an aware African reading them.

        You’re making the same mistake people do when they call Varg Vikernes and similarly minded folk a “white supremacist”.


      • Nicole: “all you throwbacks are going down the evolutionary drain”

        Nicole is showing us her craving to eliminate the source of her pathological White Envy, that source being White People. She’s also projecting her fear of her own extinction.


      • Eyeslevel, if being off the mark is genetic, it is a wonder that you exist.

        I have no particular affection for or jealousy of ni**erstock or white trash. All the little sheeple of every “race” can either make themselves useful or go to hell.

        I was the first one here, I believe, to propose that many of the problems with crime, self destruction, and so-called reverse racism (which is actually programmed racism) stem from a large proportion of African Americans being descendants of people who’ve been slaves for two to five thousand years. The only reason so-called “white” nationalists here have their panties in a twist is that I mentioned that the same thing (weeding out, culling, or segregation of superiors) would explain “white” over-civilization.

        That European descendants of slaves are like sex, which sells itself, and Africans are generally less docile because their enslavement was usually more steeped in tradition (which if disrupted would lead to awareness of one’s enslavement), seems to chap these dudes’ fragile, pale hides. The historical and physical facts are just what they are. The African method of enslavement simply works better, and this is why you are currently under it.

        If you don’t want to be a slave, it is very simple to raise your status if you don’t think like a slave. So long as you do, you are just a tool.


      • It should disturb both of you considerably that the one dick sizer in this tiresome “debate” who understands me well is Thwack.

        Disturb? Are you being even more vapid than usual (which one would have thought impossible)?

        You and thwack are of the same race and the hence the same Coloured Peoples Studies 101 curriculum… in short, cut from the same (whole) cloth.

        What would be puzzling is if you two were NOT in lock-step.

        And the only thing tiresome is your continued insipid attempts at snark.

        Run off, negress, and try to find something at which you’d actually approach a modicum of competence.


      • Greg, you like big umbrella groups because it allows you to believe you can get away with not thinking. I, on the other hand, once noticing the gears of the machine, did not shrink away to console myself with pseudo-science. I took out my tools, spoke to operators, and set to learn how the thing actually worked.

        The Chateau is not a place for people who dislike thinking. I honestly don’t understand why you are even here, at least not a masculine why. I can get a feminine why, and that is even though you hate what is being said, you are attracted to the audacity of it: the challenge.

        We’ve all been there, honey. You need to relax.

        As I said, Pandora’s box is open. When people no longer feel compelled to settle, they simply don’t. The sexual market is what it is, and you, along with way too many “black” women need to stop crying about it all the time, and just do you.


      • Get past your White Envy, Nicole. I know it’s hard, but you’ll feel better.


      • Eyeslevel, you’re obviously projecting envy of the mythical African penis. I can assure you that I do not have one. Your participation in such tit for tat catfights makes me honestly doubt you have one either.

        Again, you people (as in all of you who can’t see past color to the big picture that you’re being enslaved by your own insecurity and self pity) need to learn to get along, or things will only get worse for you and your descendants. I understand that I may as well be shouting at a goldfish to evolve legs and feet, but for the sake of some readers who may be following along some self destructive path by choice rather than compulsion, I have to try.

        You can shout to the heavens that I’m some sort of reverse racist (rather than bordering on misanthrope), but it will not make it true. It will not change one letter of any of my posts, nor will it prevent anyone who is capable of understanding to understand.

        Since it also doesn’t take a cent from my bank account or one sperm ejaculated from a man far superior to you, and wriggling its last in the crevices of a sponge lodged against my cervix, you are wasting your breath.

        You should pay more attention to the game posts, and try to actually understand the social/ethnicity/HBD posts a bit better. Take a knee rather than jerking one.


    • I remember how astonished my chicano coworker was at the catholic v prot ‘troubles’ in ulster back in the ’70’s. ‘Those people don’t even look any different, and they can’t get along’?

      [CH: ‘my brother and i against my cousin; my cousin and i against the stranger…’]


  21. That photo brings tears to my eyes! Sublime.


  22. In time, everything that is written in the Chateau Heartiste tomes will come to be accepted privately, if not publicly, by the great majority as the truth. And when that day comes there will be no where else for the lords of lies to run.
    Truth has not always played a great role in human affairs. As Kenneth Minogue put it:

    Only by recognizing clearly that a passion for truth, carried beyond convenience, is likely to provoke the most violent social opposition and political repression. For truth assaults consciences, disrupts vested interests, outmodes profitable practices and undermines the myths and illusions which sustain powerful institutions and corporations. Those who, in any field, are driven on to discover what is the case, who wish to conduct experiments or sail unknown seas, must therefore make their way in a largely hostile world. They can only do so by offering bargains and making alliances— offering vastly greater convenience in the future as an incentive to accept inconvenience in the present.
    Even if a great majority of people agree with what is written on this blog it doesnt mean there is anything they can do about it. There needs to be as an alternative. If I had a political platform it would be very basic get rid of the laws against restrictive covenants and get rid of the income tax.


    • And, as Kylie Minogue so eloquently put it,

      I’m spinning around
      Move out of my way
      I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this



    ‘Seattle City Council member-elect Kshama Sawant recently displaced a longtime business-friendly incumbent from the City Council, and is noteworthy for her status as an avowed socialist.

    Boeing is getting a bunch of orders for its new 777X planes. The company tried to use the lure of building those planes in Washington State to get the machinists union to agree to some concessions in other areas of negotiation. The machinists said no. So on the face of it, 777X production is going to end up somewhere else. Sawant thinks the union should counter by seizing the means of production:

    “The only response we can have if Boeing executives do not agree to keep the plant here is for the machinists to say the machines are here, the workers are here, we will do the job, we don’t need the executives. The executives don’t do the work, the machinists do,” she said.

    Sawant says after workers “take-over” the Everett Boeing plant; they could build things everyone can use.

    “We can re-tool the machines to produce mass transit like buses, instead of destructive, you know, war machines,” she told KIRO 7.’



    ‘Teen Raped Popular Teacher Before Killing Her, Indictment States

    A Massachusetts teenager charged with the murder of a popular high school math teacher sexually assaulted the woman in what a prosecutor said today was a series of “unspeakable acts” in a brutal assault, according to an indictment released today.

    Phillip Chism, 14, was arrested last month and charged with the murder of Colleen Ritzer, 24, his teacher at Danvers High School.

    An indictment released today charged Chism with murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery in connection with the savage attack, Essex County prosecutors said.

    Chism allegedly raped Ritzer “with an object” and stole her underwear, iPhone and credit cards after the murder, said Essex County District Attorney Jonathon Blodgett said in a statement.’

    They included a picture of the perp, although I haven’t overheard this story on the nightly news, unlike the white guy who shot the black woman on his porch.


    • what if she was a recovering mudshark?

      You know, “turning her life around…?”


      • Every time there’s a story like this, you and that cunt Nicole try to paint it as YT’s fault or some sordid luring on the part of the woman.

        This is why, as you so often state, there will be no civilians in a race war.

        Habt Acht. You’ve cross the line one too many times.


      • That is very true.


      • Greg,

        the correct German phrase is “Gibt Acht!” i.e. “Give (i.e. pay) attention” versus “have attention.” Sorry to be priggish about this, but it’s been bugging me.


      • Wouldn’t the imperative be rendered Gib Acht! or Hab Acht!? Or at least gibst (du)…/geben (sie)…?

        Total shot in the dark. It’s been years since formal German studies.


      • * “shot in the dark” not a reference to justice w/r/t Thwack


      • I was quoting Alberich when he warned Wotan in Das Reingold…

        You know, the first part of that half-assed tetralogy… written by the no-talent, just-jealous, probably-half-Jew-himself Wagner?


      • Meant to add, in that context, it connoted more than “Pay attention”… it was more a “Take heed” or “Beware!”


      • How could I be painting anything as “YT’s” fault when I don’t believe “white” is even a race?

        You and your imaginary characters with the same names as commenters. It gets confusing.


      • Nice try, negress… now go tend to your boiling pot… men are talking here.


      • If only this were true…

        As I see it men who are actually men don’t engage in this sort of dick sizing game.


      • It’s easy to practice the usual-suspect Cathedral negress ball-breaking from the safety of your keyboard, Hattie… but by all means, continue telling us how we’re less then men for not countenancing your n166er bullshit.


      • Greg, the only reason you see it as “ni66er bullshit” is because you indeed, cannot get over color. You see brown skin and curly hair and maybe some big tittays, and view everything I say through the lense of your own insecurities and other limitations.

        Let me break it down for you: Pandora has opened the box. There is no closing it again.


      • The only reason I see it as n166er bullshit is because it is what it is.

        I call out the same bullshit when it comes from whites and near-whites… but obviously, the “n166er” portion of the monicker is then rendered unnecessary.


      • Well, now that you cleared that up, please point out the inaccuracies and other wrongs in what I said. Kthxbai.


      • The kid was not with his full wits. The woman was nice looking. He rapes her with an object? Then kills her? If you’re going to do the time anyway, do things right. At least get some sex out of it before you go down the river for the rest of your days.


      • Chisms mother IS a mudshark.Look what she “contributed” to the world. To her credit,a bit,she seems devastated by the events. If Chism’s mother was black,well,it might be a different story. (He a GOOT boy. He din do NUFFIN. He wiff da wrong crowd…)


    • Another smart, attractive young white woman brutally raped and murdered at the hands of a brown skinned feral savage.


  25. If there’s going to be a race war I do hope they get on with it already. I have my eye on my Asian neighbour’s nice Mercedes.

    That said, before initiating race war, I think we would do well to get rid of liberal whites, first.


    • The best way to deal with the troublesome minorities is to get rid of Medicaid. Basically only mothers who can afford to have kids will have them when government is not supporting them.


      • on November 22, 2013 at 4:44 am The Burninator

        Unfortunately that isn’t quite borne out by history. Hell’s Kitchen was a festering pool of death and poverty, but idiots kept pumping out kids by the truck load back in the late 19th century. Most kids died, but that didn’t deter the idiots from continuing to breed like wildfire. No welfare support system back then that I’m aware of, outside of private institutions.

        Mega-cities create cultures of dependency and somehow, I’m not certain why, divest individuals of their ability to think rationally or look towards a future outside of the immediate moment.

        That being said, welfare certainly contributes to a sense of entitlement and certainly helps idiots/minorities with the arduous task of having boatloads of screaming carpet monkeys. My only point is that in eliminating welfare (which should be done), one won’t necessarily find that inner city idiots stop breeding like the feral animals that they are. They know nothing else. The difference will be that most of their spawn will die quickly instead of growing up and playing The Knockout Game.

        With a vibrant and embraced 2nd Amendment in place however, this shouldn’t be of too much concern to those of us who live outside of the stench of the inner cities.


      • The best way would be for the government to disallow people with IQs below 90 to have children.


      • But that . .. . that . .. . . . . that would be . . . . . .



      • Only to people who don’t understand the meaning of “average”.


      • Oliver Wendell Holmes approved eugenics 100 years ago saying two generations of imbeciles is enough


      • u nerds need to go get your dicks wet. srs. Yeah, I know, here I am with that tired old refrain — you’re bitter because you don’t get the pussy you want. While it’s possible that we have a lot of diehard fanatics here — I can sense the cowardice in most of you, which leads us to the alternative explanation — bitterness that results from impotence.

        There’s the differential Dx. Now that’ll be 20 bucks.


  26. […] A new study concludes that placing different groups of people in close contact results in conflict. As reported in the American Journal of Community Psychology, Zachary Neal found that neighborhood integration and cohesion cannot co-exist.  […]


  27. My only ‘spergy clarification to the original post is that distance by content of character dominates the other sources of distance, ergo had more sources of conflict with the drugs-trading cracker family 2 doors down, than the negro family or the negro retired college professor in my condo building.
    Such situation is rare and unstable (with some powers-that-be providing additional nudging), even the daughter of that negro family had engaged a thwack-like black supremacist dumbass.


  28. I’m running a little late on this, but I had the discussion about proximity+diversity with a charismatic “shepherd” friend of mine recently. I proposed the idea that non recognition of the problems inherent in diversity is part of the problem of Israelis feeling in a constant state of war with one another. It came up in the course of explaining how I overcame my romantic problems here.

    We concluded that the solution was, indeed, “patchwork communities” as PA mentioned earlier. It’s something like a soft segregation in which the people who are pushed together are educated to show compassion towards one another rather than have the untruth shoved into them that we are all the same.

    Rather than sameness, common interests should be the thing that fosters peaceful relations…not just between people of different ethnicities, but genders as well.


  29. […] OR COMMUNITY: Choose one. The published article can be found […]