Comment Of The Week: There’s A New Kid In Town

Peripatetic commenter PA writes,

With regards to ejaculations such as “stick to poon”, “I thought this is a Game blog,” “how does this race-post help me get laid?” that predictably pop up on ideological posts such as the previous one — here is why they happen:

Liberals have been coasting for decades on a deadly concession from righties that they (libs) are: 1) smarter; 2) better; 3) sexier.

And like every illusion, the one about liberal supremacy of mind, heart, and body is becoming a spent force. A brief explanation follows.

1. The lie that leftists are smarter: though this may not be apparent, liberals have abandoned their claim on intellectual superiority. Free inquiry and scrupulous reason is now the domain of the so-called “dark enlightment”. The leftists, feminists, anti-racists, statists, now resort to censorship, personal destruction, and faggoty snark. Leftist thought is, as Bryan Caplan arrogantly admitted, little more than marketing for the ruling classes.

2. The lie that leftists are better people: we all know the founding moment of leftist moral superiority, when Welch told Joseph McCarthy: “at long last Sir, have you no decency?” Please take the time to read THIS, up to and especially to the sweet payoff in the post’s final line.

3. The lie that leftists are sexier. Or more cool, more attractive, more hip. That is the one they still hold on to, willfully oblivious to the fact that they are fearful, tight-lipped prigs. But this is exactly why no-name commenters mews “stick with poon!” when slapped with a CH clear-talk evisceration of a feminist of an anti-racist shibboleth. They are disturbed, very deeply, by the fact that verve, coolness, sexiness, style, and Game are ours, not theirs.

The brains, the heart, and the body ascent toward excellence when congruous with themselves, each other, and with truth, beauty, and honor. And those things are what we seek, while they desperately try to bury.

While fatties, feminists and feckless freaks are fun manboob-sized targets upon which to practice one’s soul carving skills, the maestros of gleeful malevolence at CH really love to sharpen their shivs on the strip-mined ids of more evasive prey. Blasting double-barreled buckshot through a SWPL leftoid’s snark-and-Stewart-pumped ego is a thrill that no lumbering megafembot sporting an exposed id the width of a barn door can provide. And, as PA says, as long as your heart and your mind are true, so shall be your aim.

Not many have the stomach for the hunt. Fewer still have it for the ultimate hunt: to hunt the hunters. Stare with sharp eye, breathe with cool repose, hold with steady assurance and, at the precise moment of uncoiled contempt, relish the glory of dropping a paper titan, sniveling, to his knees. Where he knows deep in his heart he has always belonged.


Runner-up Comment of the Week winner is tspark156.

There is a simple truth that betas are unaware of or simply ignore. It is the misunderstanding and deliberate ignoring of this truth that is responsible for the state of western society today. Women hate men that give and love men that take.

Correct. But if you ask women, they’ll tell you the exact opposite. So don’t bother asking women what they want. They’ll only lead you down a dead end.


  1. Reality has sharp edges & pointy corners. Leftoids are soft-skinned balloons floating between life’s obstacles, desperately praying to god-king Barry to bubble-wrap everything.

    Good luck, idiots.


    • Perfect description.


    • the last ltr i went into, there was significant financial outlay on my part to keep things nice. girl was lefty as many are. she had kids. daughter at some point worried aloud about something, and she said, not kidding– “don’t worry honey, obama will take care of us.”

      it’s not an exaggeration, it’s literal, the expectations they have. and i did get out of the ltr soon after. good lord.


  2. Or maybe, more simply, taking the red pill means accepting human nature for what it is. One can’t reject all the post-modern lies about something as fundamental as sexual dynamics without having to eventually face all the other lies that are out there.

    Liberalism is comforting but ultimately ruinous self-deception. Conservatism is discomforting but functional reality.

    Women or politics, it’s all interrelated.


    • “Liberalism is comforting but ultimately ruinous self-deception. Conservatism is discomforting but functional reality.

      Women or politics, it’s all interrelated.”

      Great quote


    • Conservatism like an unyielding alpha male, and liberalism like a pandering metrosexual or tough butch lesbian.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 8:34 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        modern liberalism is about putting da cockas in da bungholelziz
        modern conservatism is making sure da cockas stay in there lzzzolzoz
        classic liberalism is about taking da cockas outta da bungholelziz
        classic conservatism is making sure da cockas stay out lzzzo

        –da GBFM inspired by Russel Kirk, MArgaret Thatcher, Edmund Burke, and BEn ebenrnenakekzlzlzozzo


      • Paleocons, at least what I’ve seen are a nice combo of “the classics” which is why I self-identify in this camp.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 10:58 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        hey jay,

        who was the last conservative you know of who quoted homer or virgil or the bible in a speech?

        why do the paleocons never stand up for men’s rights?


      • Thomas Fleming of Chronicles does quote Homer, Virgil, and the Bible frequently. He attacks feminism on a regular basis. He has his faults, but he is lightyears ahead of Faux News talking heads and neocons.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 7:37 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        thanks! can you please provide a link? or is he such a paleocon that he only writes on papyrus?



      • on October 10, 2013 at 7:39 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        So I just googled him.

        Could you please cite a place where he quotes Homer or Virgil? In waht context? How/where?

        Thanks! 🙂


      • GBFM, Fleming holds a PhD in classics. He is a polymath with fluency in many European languages and has read everything. He is a freaking boss on literature, politics, history. He would certainly be in contention worldwide as one of the foremost experts on Virgil I would think. He lectures regularly at the Rockford Institute Summer School on various topics in American and European history and literature, which often includes the classical writers of Greece and Rome. Here is an introduction he put together to Vergil a few years back. Many others could be cited:

        As for his attack upon neoconservatism, which is relentless, he is the man (along with Paul Gottfried) who coined the very term “Paleo-conservatism” in order to distinguish sharply between Old Right thinkers and Fed-worshipping ex Trotskyites like Irving Kristol, Podhoretz, and Paul Wolfowitz.


      • GBFM, since my first try is stuck in moderation I will try it again without the URL, and modify that.

        GBFM, Fleming holds a PhD in classics. He is a polymath with fluency in many European languages and has read everything. He is a freaking boss on literature, politics, history. He would certainly be in contention worldwide as one of the foremost experts on Virgil I would think. He lectures regularly at the Rockford Institute Summer School on various topics in American and European history and literature, which often includes the classical writers of Greece and Rome. Here is an introduction he put together to Vergil a few years back. Many others could be cited:

        http://www. .org/2010/05/13/vergils-aeneid-preliminaries/

        (chroniclesmagazine) <—–If you paste that into the blank it will take you to the article.

        As for his attack upon neoconservatism, which is relentless, he is the man (along with Paul Gottfried) who coined the very term “Paleo-conservatism” in order to distinguish sharply between Old Right thinkers and Fed-worshipping ex Trotskyites like Irving Kristol, Podhoretz, and Paul Wolfowitz.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 9:18 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        Dear Husbandman,

        Why is Fleming not writing novels and poetry and making movies? Why is he not blogging?

        Why did he give up the popular culture to the neoocncthz?

        Did not Jesus warn us against those old pedants who are white-washed on the outside, but all dried, dusty bones within?

        Why yes He did!



      • GBFM, don’t get me wrong, I am no fanboy for Tom Fleming. I do admire him quite a bit but he also has his liabilities and I differ with him quite a bit on a lot of things. He is a very traditional Roman Catholic for one thing. He is also deathly afraid of being labeled as a racist, even though he has written extensively (and ably) about the reality of race and of IQ/crime disparities between races.

        All that being said, he has very much taken the Lord’s cultural mandate seriously. He does blog extensively, both at the Chronicles site and on the Daily Mail website on politics. He has published many books, including a great one called “The Morality of Everyday Life” that I recommend highly. He edits/publishes a monthly magazine. Also he does write a lot of good poetry, some of which shows up in the magazine. For what it’s worth. I think if you are looking for something traditional and intellectual that you can sink your teeth into, Chronicles is infinitely more satisfying than say the National Review or other Cohen-servative organs.


      • That’s beautiful.


      • Liberalism is, at its core, a very female way of looking at the world.


    • This is basically what I wanted to say. For me, it became a game of “what else are they* lying about?” Men and women are not the same, gender is not a social construct. The truth, as ably expounded in this blog, will get you laid, but as the good book says, it will also set you free. What else are they lying about? Environmental issues, from the population bomb, to global warming to fucking plastic bag bans, to the end of fossil fuels. Racial equality. The nature of crimes committed with guns. Poverty and wealth, in this country and elsewhere.

      *”They” is all your teachers, college professors, new readers and newspaper writers, TV shows, movies, and on and on.


      • Exactly, it’s almost impossible to know where the mainstream lies end.

        And they start the process off with an educational system designed to dumb us down, so very few have the intellectual wherewithal to even notice the lies.


    • If there were anything left to conserve, I suppose the wise man would be a conservative.

      The world being what it is, however, today’s conservative is nothing more than a lumbering Jurassic specimen, bellowing impotently against the tar pit.


      • C’mon, man, that’s defeatist talk.

        Which is precisely the goal of The Frankfurt School in all of this: To break your spirit so that you give up the will to fight.

        Remember, The Frankfurt School arose out of what we now call the disciplines of PSYCHIATRY and PSYCHOLOGY.

        And what The Frankfurt School is raining down upon you, 24×7, on all of the visual media outlets [movies, television, ykwtube, etc] is pure, unadulterated, 100% PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

        They are trying to break your psyche.

        Break your will. Your spirit. Your soul.


        Hold the line.


      • Think of Walter White, in that tiny little redneck bar, in the mountains of New Hampshire, when he was about to give up the will to fight, once and for all.

        But then he saw those filthy stinking YKWs, the Schwartzes, on the Charlie Rose show.

        And he remembered who he was.


      • I had to google Walter White… sigh, some escapist caricature of the White Beast on the ooJ-tube?

        Wake me when the Revolution gets here.


      • I’m interested in the birth of something new… not attempting to reanimate a corpse.


      • Poetry dude. You nailed it. Through death to life– a phoenix reborn from ashes. There is no and let me rip-off someone I admire “FUSA” (Former…) anymore. It is simply a VERY VERY large rotting corpse. Think T-Rex being consumed by microbes. Dead as fuck, all day long, but will take a long while to completely decompose it. You are 100% on point with this.


      • But the point is that our ancestors bequeathed us 2500 to 3000 years of Western Civilization which needs to be defended, preserved, and perpetuated.

        I’m open to the idea of “Burn the Mother to the Ground”, but we need to be very careful about which Mother we’re burning, and how we go about creating something to replace it.

        Or, in certain instances, how we ensure than nothing arises to replace it.

        At least not in our lifetimes.


      • It’s too late.

        With the current cultural, economic, legal and political structures in place,
        only when men on masse refuse to get married, have kids and refuse to take care of anybody else’s kids will anything change.


      • “a lumbering Jurassic specimen, bellowing impotently against the tar pit.”

        Greg, you really know how to paint a picture with words. I’d hate to be on your bad side.


      • I have no bad side… as you well know… having experienced my infinite capacity for forgiveness in the past.


      • A vivid description… but I would argue that the American “conservative” is just as invested in the liberal status quo as anyone else.


      • I guess I mean “conservative” in the way Mark Richardson talks about it over at Ozconservative, not in a GOP/political sense. Most people in America are liberal in a political sense, it’s just divided between classical liberalism (the right) and modern progressivism (the left).


    • Using the term “taking the red pill” means you are a simplistic thinker who can’t or won’t tease out the multiple interacting non-linear variables in real life situations.

      “Red pill” oversimplifies, so you can feel safer in your weak pseudo-analysis of the world.

      Sort of like how the blanket “Counter-revolutionary” or “Jew” indicted people in previous historical episodes of stupidity.


      • Kudos – you chose the right handle.


      • Thanks! I’m an equal opportunity slime slinger.


      • “…a simplistic thinker who can’t or won’t tease out the multiple interacting non-linear variables in real life situations.”

        I suppose that means that when we see cause and effect, we are supposed to disbelieve what our senses and reason tell us, and lull ourselves back into the approved, mainstream consensus trance.


      • No, what is means is not to confuse correlation with causality, and go on some mad race-hate lemming march based og the intuition of the base.


      • shitlib speak eh?


      • no, logic speak.


      • i hear “correlation with causality” its, 99% of the time, a shitlib who’s simian mind doesn’t even understand the question they are asking.

        ill trust my experience.


      • Well, I’m a woman, right? Completely incapable of higher cerebral activity. Utterly unable to formulate a complex and coherent understanding of the world, much less comprehend the thousands of years of political and social philosophy which precedes me.

        And sure “red pill” is an over-simplification. It’s not my blog, and the comment section can only hold so much text from one post before it becomes unreadable and irritating. The meaning still remains; if you’re going to accept the truth of one facet of human nature, you’re not going to be able to ignore the others for very long. You can’t say “this one shadow on the cave wall isn’t real, but the rest of them are.” Our brains don’t work that way.


      • > “Well, I’m a woman, right? Completely incapable of higher cerebral activity. Utterly unable to formulate a complex and coherent understanding of the world, much less comprehend the thousands of years of political and social philosophy which precedes me.”

        That’s okay honey.

        If you’re good in the bedroom and also equally good in the kitchen the next morning, then we’ll forgive you.


    • Cynthia nailed it.

      After I went red pill I saw pretty lies everywhere. Took a while to deprogram myself.

      “The Matrix” is a tired cliche, but is a shockingly apt metaphor for what is happening in our society.


  3. Here is why it is much more satisfying to take down a leftie leaning liberal man than a slugabeast feminist:
    If only at the subconscious level (conscious the further into red-pill truth you are able to stomach), we already know that women are like children.

    So celebrating a win over a female feminist is kind of like the victory dance of the character in There’s Something About Mary after pwning some retards in that football game. Fun at first, but after awhile you realize that it isn’t really that much of an accomplishment.

    No disrespect meant to the retards in that movie. Which was actually most of the cast.


    • The key to winning is to successfully argue with the men and dominate the women.


    • The woman is more likely to make an unpleasant scene when finally she perceives that all the logical paths are in your favor. But the guy may take revenge more coldbloodedly.

      I just don’t see the point in either case. If someone isn’t asking for help and possibly willing to learn, why throw pearls before swine of either gender?


  4. on October 9, 2013 at 2:19 pm gunslingergregi

    chick want to kiss some professional athlete
    me you better not be kissing nobody in front of me
    me i’ll whoop that ass in front of everyone
    chick why not lol
    chick whatever it would turn you on lol
    me yea whoopin your ass prob would it means i care about ya he he he
    chick i know your sweet care about you too
    chick that’s so sweet

    it goes along with theme he he he
    violated one cock rule though grrr


    • on October 9, 2013 at 2:21 pm gunslingergregi

      that made me sweet on what fucking planet


      • on October 9, 2013 at 2:49 pm gunslingergregi

        she calls me and says again that was so sweet
        i didn’t think i’d get a reaction out of you like that


      • on October 9, 2013 at 3:18 pm gunslingergregi

        There is a simple truth that betas are unaware of or simply ignore. It is the misunderstanding and deliberate ignoring of this truth that is responsible for the state of western society today. Women hate men that give and love men that take.””””””””””””””””””

        all I’ve done is take from this chick


      • You’re not funny.


      • > “all I’ve done is take from this chick”

        You could give her a bun or two in her oven.

        When you get right down to it, that’s what you’re there for.

        Your job is to give her the bun in the oven.

        Her job is to push it out nine months later.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:12 pm gunslingergregi

        I gave her the gina tingles I guess so not really just take
        I don’t know about buns in oven soon I am sure this chick will say she is pregnant just a matter of time
        just ain’t got one preggers yet that I know for sure of


      • Well let’s hope.

        Becoming a father is going to completely change your outlook on all of this shit.

        And if you get a little girl for a child, then you will be ready and willing to kill any motherfucker who comes around trying to sweet-talk your daughter into “riding the carousel”.

        Kill his ass with your bare hands.


      • She describes her moisture content as your sugar content.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 9:03 pm gunslingergregi

        he he he
        you might be right


  5. I’ve often thought that being right wing has a certain “bad boy cache” among SWPL chicks. A few have told me this explicitly. I think throwing around some un-pc terms in conversation and ignoring their blather about how “offensive” that is doesn’t hurt. Of course, if it really bugs them, then they’re probably too annoying. But most chicks believe in liberalism, like everything else, to conform and to be liked. They’ll be more like you over time if you keep your cool and are smart and don’t give a flying fuck.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 2:32 pm Hugh G. Rection

      I think one particular cunt actually wrote an article about it, how much she was into the conservative guy with the pick up truck and blue collar job and how much she regrets it. Just like that twat that wrote about how she can’t square her love of Russian men with her feminist beliefs.

      It’s very easy to stick out in a group if you’re the only man who speaks his mind.


    • I highly doubt that’s ever happened to a single, neo-con lawyer faggot such as yourself.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 4:33 pm Big Game Hunter

      Oh hell yes it does!

      As long as you speak your refreshingly, surprisingly non-PC mind without sounding bitter or defensive or (overly) arrogant, and you just act like you’re stating hard facts with no shame or anger about it, they may call you racisss or whatever, but the tingles have already happened, and they will see you as a Different Special Man.

      “Cool story, bro” time.

      A few days back, some good-looking blonde 20-something girl was out handing fliers to people about this whole Meat-free Month thing, out on the street. I checked her out (I’d call her a nice 8- at least) as I walked in her direction, and she noticed, and came smiling to hand me the flier. And, I noticed she smiled nicely to the previous person, an elderly man, too, so it wasn’t the tingly radiation off my Massive Ordnance Penetrator that caused her smile. Normally, I hate these flier people, but she was good-looking, which makes all the difference. Now, this is Finland, and people don’t normally chat with perfect strangers on the street, many don’t even speak beyond a word or two in these situations. So, what I did was something the pre-Chateau me would never have done. I took the flier, looked it over lazily, trying not to show how disgusted I was by the “boo-hoo eating meat is evil” propaganda, and then looked into her eyes, saying contemplatively:

      “You know, this has really made me think. … … (long-ish pause) … I want a nice big steak, and some wine to go.”

      She didn’t expect me to say that, that much was clear from her face. Probably expected I’d suck up to her in some way and never challenge the propaganda, or just politely thank and ignore. At this point it was a good time to strike, with, a shit-eating grin:

      “You can come, too, if you pay for your salad and carrots.”

      The offense and the tingles were obvious. Her anti-slut hamster weaseled out of immediately coming with me by magic of her shift not ending yet, but I just shrugged like it mattered nothing, and thanked her for the “creative” reading material. I didn’t even try to push for numbers or anything, because I was already pretty pleased with myself having collected my Evil Non-PC points of the day (yeah, I’m not concentrated enough on closing for sex, I know, that’s just my inner beta heart I figure). As I was about to walk off, she literally jumped after me to ask for my number, saying she’d be free in the early evening. I gave her my number, and she insisted on giving hers so I’d know it wasn’t some random telephone marketing call.

      So there. Later, she did call, and we did go for a steak. And she didn’t eat salad. Or carrots. I guess it wasn’t a meat-free month for her, after all. And I wouldn’t even consider paying her eatin’, and she never suggested it. I tried, and perhaps even succeeded, in displaying what I like to call the sophisticated alpha: cultured as far as it goes in this country, educated (self-learned and formal, beats either just self-learned or just formal), and confident, and there were lots of topics in recent news that allowed us to discuss in a way that clearly demonstrated who isn’t a yes man who approves of the widely accepted PC doctrine. Every statement I made met with less and less disagreement and offense. And I teased her, saying her viewpoint was necessary as well, adding jerkboy stuff like somebody has to eat all the plants.

      Sadly, she wasn’t one of those “as intelligent as a smart man” type of women I tend to dream about but never seem to find in an attractive body, but, she was intellectual. That is to say, she liked thinking, and discussion, and was capable of realizing that she might not hold the key to the knowledge of the universe in her mind.

      Less sadly, she was more than amusing in bed. I never knew, before learning of game, that it could be like this. You know, that I can meet some girl for the first time on that day, and have her invite me to her home on the same day, and have her make the moves on me, instead of the other way around. And all because I didn’t act like she expected I would, like every other guy acts, and put her on a pedestal or go ultra aggressive in the gropy foreign style.

      I guess I’m sort of blessed. Many of my weaknesses, like my shyness of going into much kino, are smaller weaknesses here where people aren’t too touchy-feely compared to most other places. I can compensate for those things verbally, and really stand out, when others are so quiet and… not the most eloquent speakers. Probably wouldn’t work in America, or say, Italy. The bar for how good at game you must be is lower here. Considerably.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 5:00 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Cool Story, Bro.

        Now why do you call yourself “Big Game Hunter”?


      • on October 9, 2013 at 5:26 pm Big Game Hunter

        Two reasons. I enjoy shooting big things that might eat or trample me. And I want to find the mindset where I can internalize game, so I don’t have to think about what I do and beat down my inner beta heart to handle women successfully. I’ve got some game, but not Big Game yet, if ever.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 5:44 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Well it just reminded me of this:


      • on October 9, 2013 at 5:50 pm Big Game Hunter

        Damn, I just knew I shouldn’t have clicked that link, but curiosity and the cat… Chubby fat landwhales aren’t my sort of thing. Well, except maybe for shooting. With bullets. No animals were harmed… this time.


      • that’s a lonely road to choose


      • There are places in the USA where intelligence in a man is a sexy attribute, and only a bit of alpha teasing to set the tone can start the ball rolling. But the only ones I know of are university campuses with abundant foreign students.


      • Great, and actually… quite unsurprising story. CH just commented last post–
        [They will follow men they desire. Or fear. Same difference.]

        thwack one said that I have “nigger game” or something to that effect because I had been working amongst the lowest common negro-simian denominator for a long while. This hardens you in a survival way. So when I brush up against the SWPLs in DC male and female, I get mainly two reactions. “Men” not real men btw with intact and functional gonads, DC boys, part the fucking red sea for me and they should. Women, opposite. I have the kind of game you describe and a look that supports it. Alpha neanderthal has always paid dividends for me so I’m fully in agreement with how you did this…


    • Yes I do it too, but I find I don’t get blather in response, but grateful agreement especially from women.

      Maybe I am lucky, but also I avoid the ones with whom it would turn into a heavy tense “discussion” i.e. hostility. I admit I just run away from those.


    • > being right wing has a certain “bad boy cache” among SWPL chicks.

      Definitely true, but it’s really anyone with a political “edge” to them that rises above the generic SWPL morass of miquetoast obamaism. Girls love it if you can take down a sacred cow.

      So ‘right wing’ works, but generic GOP social conservatism hits too close to home and probably wouldn’t.


    • Nothing is worse than a guy spouting off liberal nonsense on a date, trying to impress you. Even if you’re a lefty girl.


  6. Great comment from PA.

    To my mind, the idealogical posts are key. The only way to dispel all the “pretty little lies” that are destroying our society is to search out and shine the spotlight of truth on to the underlying causes.

    Those that object to highlighting the causes of our societal decline are either comfortable in their self-delusion, or highly invested and complicit in the underlying causes.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 3:00 pm Hugh G. Rection

      I don’t care much for politics or society. But there’s always the option to just ignore the posts that don’t interest you.


  7. on October 9, 2013 at 2:52 pm depressed_danny

    I got a new phone number for school this September. I keep getting texts for some guy named Dave. It’s interesting how much you can tell from a person with so little information. In 5 texts I’ve learned that Dave is;

    19-30 years old. From an upper middle class background. Is trying to be a writer. And is a Bohemian/Liberal style douche who loves quirkiness.

    None of those were explicitly mentioned in the texts, just hinted at by the messages people would send. Except for the writer part – some one straight up asked how the writing was going, and if I (Dave) would like them to go over it.

    Any ways, I just got a text from somebody less then two hours ago. They said;

    ‘Hey Dave. Would it be all right if I asked an unusual question?’

    They used proper spelling, punctuation – a hint Dave hangs with some real ‘educated’ types. Not sure if it was a chick or guy I said;

    ‘Sup brah’

    Them ‘I just wanted to ask you a question Dave.’

    They clearly didn’t get it wasn’t Dave. And by not correcting me on the brah part, I assumed it was a guy.

    Me ‘go ahead brah’

    Them ‘I was wondering how much time you spent with Lauren in the first week’

    Clearly this guy is or trying to date some old flame of Dave’s. And a Beta question like that, asked through the cowardly communication of text, pointed to him being super Beta and insecure about Lauren’s precious and most likely non-existent maidenhead..

    Me ‘u mean wut days we hung out or like total hour wise’

    Them ‘I’m just wondering how much time you two spent together. I guess, hour wise?”

    Me ‘well lauren was super horny when we first started hanging out so we pretty much fucked all day for the first month lol’

    Them ‘Are you serious? That’s incredibly vulgar Dave. I can’t believe you’re saying this.’

    Me ‘wut? u wanted to know how much time we spent together. u think we just got together and played checkers lol? lauren is a chick, if ur worried about her being with another guy i hate to break it to u but shes probably been with dozens. she wants orgasms and she’ll take whatever dick can deliver them. if u can’t handle that fact don’t date her cause chicks want dicks and unless ur both 13 urs isnt the first shes had’

    He didn’t answer back. To goad him further I went full misogyny mode, hoping to get a white knight reaction.

    Me ‘sides laurens easy and boring y r u trying to date her anyways? the only interesting parts of her fits under her bra and panties just fuck and chuck brah’

    No reply yet. I doubt I’ll get one. But fuck them for not keeping up with Dave’s new number. Not my problem; just my lols.


    • He probably thinks, “some black kid stole Dave’s phone,” and then he feels bad for thinking such naughty thoughts.


    • Since obviously neither of you knows anything about Lauren, you’re much more likely right than he is. Hence informative. He should be thanking you for that shit.


    • Loads more wicked sweet shits and yuks to be had there if you want to. I laughed at your responses and imagining how the guy must have felt when he got them. Nice one, funny as fuck.


  8. With game discussions, a man can go out that night and directly apply what was discussed and get a result, good or bad. That’s something tangible that makes progress and can change a man’s life.

    A 10 page retard battle over how Jews control hollywood and black people are all criminals does nothing. There’s no one reading it going “huh, you know that guy who’s talking about how worthless Jews are is right, I’ve changed my opinion on this subject!” There’s no direct application for it. It is literally just two circle-jerks fighting over who can blow their loads the fastest.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, everyone is free to waste their time however they like. I’ll probably watch some YouTube videos today, that’s wasted time that accomplishes nothing as well so it’s not necessarily any better.

    But that’s why people say “Where are the game posts?” Because that’s the shit that will actually change their life.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 3:18 pm Hammer of Love

      If your opinion is right on this, then we shouldn’t talk about feminism, liberals, the validity of marriage, society, and a shitload of other things either. I guess we should just focus on getting that next piece of pussy that crosses our path, since that’s the only thing we can apply Game to. The problem with this is that this blog was never only about getting laid, there are plenty of other PUA sites for that. Many of the posters here seem to be more interesting, and intelligent , then the average meat head jock who might have Game.


      • “then we shouldn’t talk about feminism, liberals, the validity of marriage, society, and a shitload of other things either.”

        Oh people can talk about them. You can talk about dinosaurs or cars, you can do whatever you want. But if you do, the guys who come here looking for applicable game are going to say stuff like “this is a waste of time, how is this going to help me?” That’s all.

        I’m not making a moral judgement on it, but bitching to eachother about Jews or blacks or whatever the cool kids are up in arms over produces exactly the same end result as bitching over whether a triceratops could beat a ferrari in a race. You’re changing no opinions on either side and you’re accomplishing nothing concrete. You’re free to do that, but I’m free to point out that it’s a waste of time and energy.


      • ” You’re changing no opinions on either side and you’re accomplishing nothing concrete. You’re free to do that, but I’m free to point out that it’s a waste of time and energy.”
        I dont think this is true. Many of the problems in society stem from the false idea of equality(between sexes and races) but most people dont think much about these things at all. When people hear about HBD they begin to understand why inequality exists, why most people hang around others who are like them, why diversity creates strife, why certain societies are democratic while others arent, etc. If this information was commonplace the world would be a different place.

        And personally I never would have known about any of this if someone hadnt posted a study on the heritability of intelligence on some message board, and I didnt learn about clannishness until I clicked on the HBDChick link on the sidebar.


      • I love the political stuff. I could read the same thing stated a thousand different ways and each time I would enjoy it and learn something new. Of course I’m a married guy so gaming new women isn’t my first priority. I count my notches in skewered Bolsheviks. My hatred for the left would consume me if I let it. My hatred is my hobby. Fuck it. I’m old, I’m married, I’m happy. Time to conquer new lands. This is what changes my life. Gaming the world back to its senses. It matters. If it doesn’t matter, nothing matters.


      • Agree entirely. I’m fed, fucked and sucked. I love the political stuff. I did all that : : reframe, backstep, pirouette, engage for the LMR to get the DDB and brown star over 10 years ago (and still do obviously), but who the fuck can stay that one dimensional for that long?

        “What’s this got to do with game..derrrr” sounds to me very very close to the male equivalent of a jilted fat chick shouting “HATE SPEECH!!”.

        What’s this got to do with game? How about “fuck you” is my game now. Good times.


      • How rude of me. I almost forgot.

        And thankyou CH, keep it up.


    • I will agree with you only in one part of this assessment; frequency. The “Lilyized” need to reply to every fucking comment is a thread killer.

      However, that being said, the rest of your posts strikes me as someone his is one or more of the following:

      1) Likely in one of those sacred cow classes yourself, hence, your own self-interest is diametrically opposed to taking a stance against this line of reasoning.

      2) And I believe this to be true based on your writing, a young guy. And when I say that I mean early 20 something. So right now, your dick leads… period.

      3) Short-sighted and/or just purposefully naive.

      Number three is vital. Because living in the now with no thought to future consequence is a very large part of what got us into this clusterfuck to begin with. To say that posts that expose the soft and disgusting underbelly of this diseased creature have no direct application are absurd, at best. Some people come here who may not understand how the current puppeteers pull the various interlocking strings of victimology. They may see this here and then pursue their own education. Hence, one more mind has been freed from the Matrix. If that is not “direct application” I sure as fuck don’t know what is.

      My guess, being a pretty good read of people in general is that you are some combination of all 3 actually.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 4:21 pm Hugh G. Rection

        I will agree with you only in one part of this assessment; frequency. The “Lilyized” need to reply to every fucking comment is a thread killer.

        100% agreed. It’s annoying as shit and necessitates a lot of scrolling. GBFM is also really getting old.

        “Lilyized” is brilliant, by the way.

        1) Likely in one of those sacred cow classes yourself, hence, your own self-interest is diametrically opposed to taking a stance against this line of reasoning.

        The latter part of the sentence applies to our host as well. It’s a bit hypocritical to rave against the transformations in society while at the same time drawing on the benefits to the individual. Saying that you just want to accelerate the demise is not a convincing defense. Can’t really complain about the titanic sinking while sipping champagne on the first rescue float.

        Number three is vital. Because living in the now with no thought to future consequence is a very large part of what got us into this clusterfuck to begin with.

        As long as you’re not using any of the lame justifications like saying you’re getting back at the lefties or feminists or whatever. There is no crime in thinking about yourself. If what’s good for you is diametrically opposed to what’s good to society, under what obligation are you really? Why sacrifice? You only have one life.


      • “1) Likely in one of those sacred cow classes yourself, hence, your own self-interest is diametrically opposed to taking a stance against this line of reasoning.”

        Nope. I’m just a generic white dude who goes by his own judgement on shit. But you can feel free to label me so you can attack me because I know that’s the general M.O. when people challenge eachother.

        “2) And I believe this to be true based on your writing, a young guy.”

        Early 30s.

        “3) Short-sighted and/or just purposefully naive.”

        Like I say, what change has the 50 pages of Jew-bitching done? I mean, you’re the long-sighted guy, so tell me what positive change in the world that has accomplished that in my purposely naive short-sightedness I can’t see? Gave a few internet names in a shadowy corner of the Internet a little emotional roller-coaster adrenaline high scrapping with eachother? That’s about it far as I can tell. This stuff isn’t a “debate”, it’s just bitching and probably turns more people away from the site than it draws in. The only people it draws in are the people who already think it.

        But again, CH can post whatever he wants. I avoid the gay threads (aside from this one) and stick to the game-related posts. I’m just saying this is why people complain.

        Enlighten me on the long-term change Lily’s 10-page rants about Jews or Thwack’s “but what about the blacks” will have, aside from hurting everyone’s scrolling-finger.


      • “But you can feel free to label me”
        i don’t think thats it necessarily. I think that this site is full of learners and how the fuck do you define the edges of you or me or CH or Gregi or dare i say, even King A. Not exactly an every day dude at the mall ya know?


      • Why is it, then, that you (and those of your alleged “objective” stance) only complain about those who name the YKW, but say nothing about the infinitely more annoying and space-consuming shills, apologists, and outright cogdis agent zealots of the Cass Sunstein school of Make-Cyberia-Safe-For-Our-Tribe types?

        Nobody is fooled… by either the Lilyists or the “only-poon-please” poindexters.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 6:16 pm Hammer of Love

        I wont mention the ” YKW ” crowd except to say that another one of ” them ” has just been named federal reserve chairperson for the millionth time. Who could have guessed. Shocking …………


      • LOL, every toothless white trash ignoramus who can’t count his own money complains the Fed is Jewish. What else is new?


      • LOL, every toothless white trash ignoramus who can’t count his own money complains the Fed is Jewish. What else is new?

        Perhaps because the Fed Chairperson always happens to be jooish?


      • @corvinus


        However, this is nothing out of the ordinary. FYI, throughout the West and even in Arab countries, historically the treasurer was always Jewish. Even in countries that expelled the Jews, there were always a Jew treasure to the king, and a Jew personal physician to the king. Now, make of it what you will. I’ll give you a hint – because Jews are smart and they were always educated, especially in those two fields. They developed banking as we know it, and the first medical books in the West were written by Jewish authors like Maimonides, who is still studies to this day.

        Does that mean the Fed is Jewish? No, the Fed is American. America is just following suit of many past cultures that understood the Jews are good in managing money. Does it provokes jealousy? For sure. But it doesn’t change the fact Jews are good in economics and they won countless noble prizes in that field, and America wants the best working for her.

        Remember Joseph from the OT? What was he in Egypt? The Regent King in charge of the money. It seems the Jews have a long history in that field.

        Just some food for thought, as opposed to toothless white trash interpretations.


      • Greggums, what are you doing with your life?


      • You pismire… have a decades-long professional career, a marriage, and raise four children to become respected members of their respective professions… THEN come back and ask me about my life.

        And lose that Goober-lookin’ lid… you fairy.


      • It’s cool man you don’t have to qualify yourself to me. I get the vibe that you’re a stand-up guy.


      • Heh… I can see this place hasn’t changed much… the flies that get slapped away buzz back and attempt another neener-neener by calling the first slap a justification of their existence.


      • Still taking delight in being an aggravation, I see.

        Who says the yutes nowadays don’t have goals?


      • I see Dickey Lickey is back looking for a new dick to lick. Seems he was left stranded by a certain someone.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 6:41 pm Hugh G. Rection

        He mentioned Lily by name.


      • After the fact, and only to say that her rants remain unconvincing… true enough, but not a gainsay, as he began with when mentioning the opponents.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 7:02 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Fair enough. We don’t care either way.


      • The royal “we”? lulz


      • The ones who mention me are the conspiracy idiots distraught over my dismantling their bullshit. Therefore, their opinions means diddly squat

        We had a few quiet days here, but with impotent losers like gregi who has a deep Jew jealousy the size of Adolf Hit-ler, this place is going back to every thread tied to the Joojoooz.


      • First off– not gonna take away from you re: game. Your posts are telling in that you are a natural alpha who understands how it works. Your angle is MUCH different than mine because we are on opposite coasts and come from radically different backgrounds and environments on how to make it happen. That being said…

        I mean, you’re the long-sighted guy, so tell me what positive change in the world that has accomplished that in my purposely naive short-sightedness I can’t see?

        This is one of the most beta herb things you’ve ever said here. This is the cause di rigeur for the existence of this place. The equivalent proclamation would be— “Well, American women are entitled cunts with proton enhanced bitch shields, what can 50 pages of whining on a PUA/MRA site do to change the status quo?”

        Except… you’d need a time machine from 10 years ago to posit such a weak ass argument. Now… with the existence of a place like this for discussion of uncomfortable but valid truths, take your time machine 10 years forward. Get it now? If not, my only and best advice is he has YEARS of experience over CH on gettin’ da pussy whilst avoiding reality.


      • You didn’t answer my question.

        “take your time machine 10 years forward.”

        Tell me what I’ll see 10 years from now that’s a result of this nonsense…are there going to be no more black people? Is Hollywood going to kick out Jews? Will the borders be closed? Is some Mexican going to read this shit and go “hey guys this dude is right, lets go back to Mexico! Spread the word!!”

        …or will the world keep on going while the same people, 10 years older, are sitting here re-hashing the same silly shit?

        You’re free to do what you want…but don’t think what you’re doing is anything more than pointless mental masturbation that contributes nothing positive to the world around you.


      • Lily gives as good as she gets, but she’s defending an unpopular position and doing it with passion. I can’t be more critical than that, she’s fought back hard and rather effectively. Can we all learn something from the facts that have come out (among all those assertions must be some facts hiding) and call it a draw?

        Because those “Jew” discussions are endless and unreadable.

        And they also take over posts that CH does not initiate as “Jew” discussions.


      • Please.


      • Clusterfuck? You’re nuts. There’s probably no other time in history with such wonderful technology and wealth as in America today for anyone who will get out of bed and tell the voices to stop long enough to look around at what’s actually physically in their presence in any working class or above neighborhood.

        Here in California, the girls are stunning, the food is incredible, even the wine is designed by geniuses from Mars.

        And you’re sitting there having a coronary because “The Fed is undermining the currency”. Even a slippery, lazy weasel like my self fresh off the subway and stinking like fish made $500 today in a strictly limited 8-hour day. If I wasn’t going to blow it on fine wine and a great whore, I could even save up and become a rich asshole some day.

        All you wing-nuts think you’re prescient, you’re just paranoid.


      • The food, wine, and whores were terrific on the evening before the Visigoths sacked Rome.



      • So, the Germanic tribes were as uncivilized as the 3rd world, eh?


      • tis a feature not a bug


      • Parasitizing a superior culture can be very lucrative, right Subway Masturbator?


    • on October 9, 2013 at 4:05 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Very solid argument. I used to care a lot more about politics and all the surrounding things. I don’t anymore and it has improved my life tremendously. I had stretches of anger of hatred that got me nowhere. Just needed to get to that point where I don’t care anymore. Why spend your day obsessing about things you have no control over?

      Why give a shit? Why not focus on your own shit instead…


      • Pretty much this.

        Spending your day bitching about black people isn’t accomplishing anything unless you’re planning to go all Hitler and wipe them all out…and you’re not planning to do that. You’re planning to sit in front of the 6 o’clock news pissing and moaning about “them black people” to whoever will listen, type out some angry posts online, then go to bed pissed off at the world and your own impotence and powerlessness to effect change, having done nothing productive with your day. You’re not changing any laws, or opinions…the world tomorrow will be exactly the way it was when you typed your angry rant because you have no power to change it, not with your angry internet rants.

        The flip side is also true: Spending your day defending how awesome black people are isn’t accomplishing anything. No one is going “you know, I’ve hated them my whole life but you make some good points so now I like them!” You’re wasting a day of your life getting pissed off that stupid people are stupid and going to bed frustrated that they won’t listen to you, having done nothing productive with your day.

        Life is short, don’t waste it being angry. Accept and adapt.


      • “bitching about black people isn’t accomplishing anything unless you’re planning to go all Hitler and wipe them all out…and you’re not planning to do that. ”

        Yee-hah!!! Ride that wing-nut, Cowboy. Har har har.


      • As that guy with syphilis and a thick mustache would say — “a lot of this shit ain’t life-affirming, you [sic] cunts.”


        Nah you read it wrong, it’s ‘sick cunts.’


        That dude hated jews tho.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 6:11 pm Hammer of Love

        Why don’t you provide some irrefutable proof that the ” guy with a mustache ” had syphilis ” please. We’re all ears.


      • “Why don’t you provide some irrefutable proof that the ” guy with a mustache ” had syphilis ” please. We’re all ears.”

        Don’t besmirch “DAS HAMMER OF LOVE’S” romantic interest!

        D A S H A M M E R OF LOVE! ! !
        What a fantastically gay name for a fat keyboard jockey.

        Wins the subtle “Mustache Boy Masturbator Award of The Day” for poetic, subtle reverence of the Fetid Leader.

        One waterproof copy of the The Leader awarded. Wipes clean.


      • lol this dude is the guy who’s like ‘The very IDEA that Spider-Man could even have several thousand feet of super steel-grade tensile strength string in web shooters of that apparent cylindrical volume is LUDICROUS…I mean, snort-snicker-snort-snort a little RESEARCH -please-, writers….’ after a movie.

        jaykay, he WISHES he was that guy, because that actually would involve a complicated reasoning chain. he’s actually an internetz detective, looking for obscure facts to GOTCHA with. what’s next, geek…shall vs. will? Suck my dick.


      • @Scray, agreed.

        Hammer of Love is forever crowned as the Grand Faggot of this thread


      • lol nerd


      • on October 9, 2013 at 7:20 pm Hammer of Love

        Nerd my ass, just back up the shit you present here.
        I know you liberal fairy types, with your fake intellectual veneer very well, but your not fooling anyone. Take your pseudo intellectual attempts at history, go to the library, and come back with some supporting material to your assertions. It will make you a more refined and polished man, which, in the long run, might entice your boyfriend to give you some ass again.


      • Watch out for DAS HAMMER OF LOVE: He knows LIBRUL FAIRY TYPES. Knows them VERY well.


      • make me


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:05 pm Hammer of Love

        ” make me ”

        What are you, fucking 5 years old ??


      • your daughter told me she was older than that tho


      • I pretty much only read the commenters I like. Yeah, it’s kind of a “head in the sand” type of thing where I’m sometimes oblivious that people take their online opinions so seriously and into the real world.

        Crazy how, anonymous or not, people talk and think like this.

        Anywho, I’m fine with that. I just wanna learn game, and talk to people who seem cool/normal.


      • “I just wanna learn game, and talk to people who seem cool/normal.”

        You can’t discuss game or male/female relationships when you have old farts like Greg Eliot who are here only to provoke Jew hate speak.


      • You can’t discuss game or male/female relationships when you have old farts like Greg Eliot who are here only to provoke Jew hate speak.

        Or young farts, like me, who call a motherfucking spade a spade. And like the good trained Pavlovian bitch dog you are, you PROVE my point above by having to respond to EVERY goddamn post.

        Hot tip– Accept your nature, your neurosis, and your pathology utterly. You are in an indefensible position by all empirical evidence. (i.e. Fact) so shut the fuck up and don’t reply. Spare us another scroll wheel down…


      • Yup. Is there any way that the handful of us that like to discuss actual game can have like a sub-forum somewhere?


      • @Mofo

        Wrong thinking. Rather, the antisemites and race baiters should go somewhere else to discuss their abnormalities and mental issues.


      • J,

        Don’t, order me when and whom to reply to. I see fit which antisemite “I take under my wing” for special treatment. You wouldn’t be sooooo angry if I weren’t so effective against your buddy antisemties. You just showed me your cards. I see you need some “Lilyzation.”

        And, as far as you being a young fart, a year younger than the resident licker is not a youngen make. You sound as old and decrepit as he. It’s obvious you reached a certain age and still haven’t made anything with your life (except J in DC fame), hence harboring strong resentments is a safety mechanism for your screwed psyche.


    • I understand, YaReally. You counsel ignorance and mediocrity.


      • or transcendence. watch your bitch brother.


      • He reminds me of the students at that med school in Grenada… who told a lot of jokes about rednecks and hillbillies amongst themselves, and took great pains to embrace their diverse hosts… until that day arrived when the natives got restless… and then BOY were they glad to see those white boys with their Southern drawls and their big arms!


      • Nah. Transcendence follows knowledge. YaReally is stuck at ignorance.


      • And you know his state of knowledge?

        What does a wise man do after he achieves enlightment? He goes back to doing the same normal shit he was doing before. There’s a famous quote to that effect.


      • His state of knowledge is ignorance. He says so himself.


      • nothing about self actualization requires one to help others self actualize.


    • A 10 page retard battle over how Jews control hollywood…

      The “retard” aspect is only when the shills vehemently deny it.

      … and black people are all criminals does nothing.

      Nobody ever claimed that, but again, your own alleged objectivity causes you (and those like you), to perpetuate the squid ink rather than rail against those who attempt to deny the facts with their usual suspect squid ink.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Trying to argue this is missing the point.


      • I’m not sure that any “argument” is the point… the point is, calling out the means and methods taken to obscure the enormity of the realities that have set the stage for the coming Untergang.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 7:05 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Call out all you want, we’re just not interested. It’s all been said already.


      • Nothing new under the sun, granted… said but undigested, except for a few more of the silent listeners each time.

        But point taken… sorry all this other HBD junk is blocking out the new and exciting discoveries on the frontiers of poon approach. llzozozlzlzozozlzlzl


      • on October 9, 2013 at 7:27 pm Hugh G. Rection



      • Dregs Elliot Returns!!! Yay!! Not exactly victorious, but perspicacious in his tiny-minded howling about the Jews!!!

        I really missed my girlfriend.


      • “the coming untergang”. That’s a good one, I have to admit. Has a good beat, you can dance to it although not well suited to the gas chamber.

        Oops. I slipped and mentioned what your ignorant thinking leads to.

        I think we heard you moaning the chorus to “the coming untergang” when you were alone in your well-stocked garage with your poster of Mustache Boy.


    • There are a gigafuckton of websites out there all espousing their own “game theory” and tactics. If someone comes to the Chateau and somehow can’t find game advice, he’s an idiot beyond help.

      Now, of course most of the discussions don’t accomplish anything. But I just like to read while I’m working. And a race-baiting ideological post is a hell of a lot more entertaining than some aspie’s boring field report about how he, like, almost threw his micropeen into some HB 6.6, WAZ SO CLOSE BRAHS!!


    • You got it, YaReally. Stormfront shit is old.


  9. “Women hate men that give and love men that take.”

    Nah…women just hate men all around until they need them for something.

    That’s why you should tell your ego or emotions to cram it when it comes to women.


    • Don’t we do the same, use them to get what we want.


    • Nah…women just hate men all around until they need them for something.

      Change “men” to “betas” and you’re correct. It’s in their nature to love alphas. Which is why we should all be alphas.


    • Women’s hate of the beta (the giver) stems from the contempt and disdain that they can’t help feeling at the weakness displayed in the act of giving. In the case of the alpha (the taker) the external expressions of hate stem from the internal shame and weakness they feel for not being able to prevent themselves from being attracted to that sort of man. The comments of Earl and Corvinus do at first appear to be at odds with each other, but in fact they further incise and reinforce the original point, and they are both right on the mark.


      • It’s all basically a power play. Women hate the fact they don’t have it. All men have power…some just more than others.

        Even your beta giver has some power in the fact that he can give something…he just does it to fulfill his weak emotions. An alpha can give something because he feels like it and doesn’t care how she reacts.


  10. PA, and the crowd here, are certainly right that lefties are smug and intellectually lazy. But that doesn’t equate at all to the HBD race-baiting shit. It’s an insult to conserative principles to assume that it does, unless you view the deep-Southern takeover of the GOP as an unalloyed good thing. (Sorry for you if that’s what you think.) Conservative ideas based on opportunity, enterprise, and merit are race-neutral. (Both oppose liberal racial set-asides and resource-transfer.) Immigration benefits the United States, on balance, in ways ranging from brain-drain in our favor, to demographic support for working-age population, to, yes, cultural diversity. (Not of the kind usually meant by that phrase.) Persons of culturally recationary temperament have always thought that immigration would be the end of the United States- from the Germans in the 1780s, to the Irish in the 1840s, to the Jews, Italians, Poles, Greeks and others in the 1890s-1910s, to the massive Asian and Hispanic migrations of recent years- and they were always, ALWAYS wrong.

    I sum, I agree with most of the lib-bashing here- it’s one of the things beyond PUA theory and practice that give the site its identity- but the race crap always bothers me. It stains the rest of it abnd drives away people who might otherwise be sympathetic. Particularly the equation of crpyto-white-supremacism with conserativsm. (The low point of this blog for me was the gleefully hate-filled obit for Ted Kennedy) You can argue for the superiority ot traditional Western culture and political traditions, to be sure, but that’s not the same as white supremacy, which came about in its current form in the U.S. (see: KKK) as a reaction against government prgorams in support of blacks and other minorities. Which is only in degree a departure from those very same Western traditions.

    Not sure how many people out there agree with this, or even care to comment. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. Feel free to weigh in or ignore.

    P.S. PA, liked the link you had in #2. Don’t agree, of course that America is literally a Communist country- Gawker has yet to set up its own secret police, or even be read by that many people- but it was a good read.

    P.P.S. I agree with Mr Roach above that being an unapologetic anti-liberal in a group of sheeplike SWPLs can create major tingles. Have done it myself.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 3:42 pm Hammer of Love

      ” Immigration benefits the United States, on balance, in ways ranging from brain-drain in our favor, to demographic support for working-age population, to, yes, cultural diversity. ”

      So please tell us when you think the beneficial effects, of immigration, stopped for the USA, as it seems to be in a terminal headlong spin of self destruction and decay. Or do you believe the benefits of unending immigration are still pushing the United States to unending heights of greatness.


      • “So please tell us when you think the beneficial effects, of immigration,”

        Hehe….spoken by an immigrant, eh? It’s OK I was let in, but not OK to let in everyone I don’t like, right? Hypocrite!

        I’m anti all immigration – even legal, and from all counties – and that includes not letting in stupid trashy Poles as well.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:10 pm Hammer of Love

        Yeah I know demon Lilith, no immigration except for the Israeli Joos. We get it.


      • I said nobody! We have too many people as is. Stop putting words in my mouth, Frankenstein.

        FYI, Israelis don’t need to come here. But, I understand backward ass Poles need to escape their lefty socialist society. They should stay in Poland and make it a success, without the Jews, mind you. That means Poland should be flourishing.


    • The Irish, Italians, Poles, Greeks, Jews, have all contributed ZERO to this country

      They just helped make our country what it is today.

      Usury, overpopulation, corruption, crime.

      These are the fruits of emmigration in the last century.

      Oh, and delicious ethnic food. Where would America be without pizza?

      Possessed of a thinner population, mayhap?

      It is true that a genuine fascist can make women wet, but you and Roach are liberal spergs yourself, which accounts for your inability to know your own effect on women i.e. (neither of you got laid from it )>


      • Disagree on the Irish.

        As my uncle said, US history is four sentences:
        The English founded it,
        The Irish built it,
        The Jews bought it,
        The monkeys destroyed it

        [CH: People who equate Irish with amerindians are idiots.]


      • US history, as taught in public school, is now:

        Tuskeegee Airmen
        Rosa Parks


      • Greg, can’t we get any credit for the work we did as slaves? Come on man, black people had full employment, sun up to sun down from at least 1619 to 1860; no welfare, no snap cards, no section 8 housing… we worked hard because the alternative was a beating.

        But more importantly, it was the only life we knew

        Plus we were well behaved and polite to white people…

        Thats gotta count for something of value?


      • That’s not part of the current discussion… and in no way obviates the fact that Rosa Parks didn’t do nuthin’ ‘cept sit her black ass down. lolz


      • thwack— You are actually truly a funny motherfucker from time to time. RealTalk™ As much as you deny it, you too are a race realist and you damn sure know it. If you run against Hillary “lick the Huma pussy” Clinton in ’16 I might actually vote a brotha into office.


      • Wow, Savrola gets the award for most ambitious racist of the day. And you have done—what exactly? Are you, like a renowned cancer researcher?

        Have you done 1/1000th of the good for 1/100000th of the people that Jewish Jonas Salk did with the invention of the Polio vaccine?

        Do you know how many continents there are?

        Please explain this amazing knowledge you have about all those people and how your accomplisments mean anything, to anyone.


        ANSWER ME.


      • Savrola, open your fetid mouth and defend yourself. I hear nothing.


      • u mad?


      • stop chimping.


      • gay


      • Incredible. Jonas Salk was (and remains) a monumental fraud. Polio was falling steeply and Salk and Co. had to hustle to release his shit potion so as to hoodwink idiots into associating it with the subsequent eradication.


      • Plus there is good evidence that while Salk did contribute to the Polio vaccine, he by no means was the primary contributor. However, he managed to steal all the credit and sideline everyone else who worked on it.


      • OK, let’s say you jealous idiots are right, then what about all the other discoveries, inventions, and technologies developed by Jews? Hell, the greatest scientist of all time was Jewish – Einstein. I am sure you have some revisionist history nonsense about him too. Haha! You’re engaging in nothing but a last ditch attempt to grasp at straws.

        Incidentally, something current – the Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been announced for 2013, guess who won? That’s right; 3 Jews – 2 Americans and 1 Israeli. Sorry, it wasn’t a white trash loser from your trailer park.

        “The 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three scientists who developed computer simulations that model complex chemical reactions. The feat, undertaken at Harvard in the 1970s, managed to blend Newtonian classical physics with quantum physics. It allowed chemists to use computers instead of test tubes to understand chemical processes, and helped in the creation of new drugs as well as more efficient industrial products.

        The prize was awarded to Martin Karplus, of the University and Strasbourg and Harvard University, Michael Levitt, of Stanford University, and Arieh Warshel, of the
University of Southern California. The three scientists will share a $1.2 million purse “for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems,” according to a statement from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.”

        Claiming the Jews stole their discoveries, inventions, or ideas is a game you’ll always lose. Better, move along now.


      • “Claiming the Jews stole their discoveries, inventions, or ideas is a game you’ll always lose. Better, move along now.” ~ Lily

        That isn’t my point whatsoever. I don’t deny that Salk concocted a futile and overrated vaccine. My contention is that it was quack medicine, like all vaccines are, and that the purpose of vaccines has been to keep sick people sick while also attacking healthy people, all under the guise of pseudo-scientific PR campaigns.

        “Hell, the greatest scientist of all time was Jewish – Einstein. I am sure you have some revisionist history nonsense about him too.”

        I have no problem acknowledging Einstein being jewish, or acknowledging his brilliance. Many many jews are brilliant. That is not in question, at least not from my end.


      • Einstein may have been a plagiarist. At best, he was somehow given sole credit for the discoveries of a number of other scientists.


      • I see your point, now. However, Starets, missed it, lol. He thought you meant that the Jew who invented it stole it from others. They have constructed similar conspiracy theories about Einstein.

        “My contention is that it was quack medicine, like all vaccines are, and that the purpose of vaccines has been to keep sick people sick while also attacking healthy people, all under the guise of pseudo-scientific PR campaigns.”

        Well, I don’t know if vaccines are truly quack medicine. It sounds more like the people who say this are quacks, but to each his own. Claiming vaccines are quack medicine is another very popular conspiracy theory on the internet. Again, without proof, I can’t accept it as truth. It’s true that some people have negative reactions to certain vaccines, but should vaccination stop? Vaccines are like pharmaceutical drugs. Some drugs can cause an adverse response in some people, but should they stop? Some drugs can save lives.
        It’s like the DDT complaints liberals use.


      • LOL! How did I know where Starets was going with this? I posted my reply above before I saw Starets’ bullshit conspiracy theory against Einstein.

        You like revisionist history, eh Starets? Makes you feel good about your unaccomplished self saying the Jews stole everything.

        What was I saying about antisemites being jealous of Jew achievements?


      • Lily, you’re wrong about Einstein. Either partially or fully wrong. That site is saying real stuff.

        The time contraction factor in special relativity 1/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2)) is called the Lorentz contraction by every physicist. I wonder to what extent the “cult of Einstein” is a US phonomenon, since he was given a position here by the unimpeachable Princeton Institute for Advanced Study when he left Germany in about 1935.

        (I don’t know what it is about Germans named Lorentz, but Newton seems to have come up with stuff very similar to the German Lorenz — both the calculus, and “Newtonian physics” — and in both cases Lorenz’s versions d/dx notation rather than dot notation, and conservation of momentum over equal and opposite forces) are viewed at the more current and modern than Newton’s. We owe a lot to Germans named Lorenz.)

        The story about Hilbert is undisputed. Hilbert, a profoundly brilliant mathematician, may have just not wanted to fight about something in the area of physics, seeing Einstein’s contribution as the physical application of his field equations. Hilbert was no Jew hater. When Hitler sent away Hilbert’s Jewish colleagues from his university and then asked how the new “cleansed” department was doing, he told Hitler there was no department left. He had balls, the sort of man who lived to speak the truth.

        Despite David Hilbert’s first name, I’ve never seen anyone saying that he was Jewish. I don’t know what religion he followed.


    • Immigration benefits the United States, on balance, in ways ranging from brain-drain in our favor, to demographic support for working-age population, to, yes, cultural diversity.

      Reality check for you: if it weren’t for your wonderful diversity, we wouldn’t be saddled with 0dumbocare.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 4:01 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Immigration benefits the United States, on balance, in ways ranging from brain-drain in our favor, to demographic support for working-age population, to, yes, cultural diversity.

      That’s hard to agree with. The brain drain in favor of the US is legal immigration, but that is strictly limited and dwarfed by the illegal immigration. The benefits don’t accrue equally. If you’re making good money or are wealthy, it’s great to have a cheap gardener. It’s not so great if you have to compete with the cheap gardener.


      • And if’s not great for anyone if you have to pay healthcare and education for that garderer’s anchor baby and six following generations of social activist Aztlan members absorbing affirmative action and/or welfare.

        These immigrants don’t improve when they become “Americanized”, they lose the main attractive qualities they brought, while becoming empowered to take it back over and over.


    • Leftists are the true white supremacists. They believe that whites have a higher potential for morality, as they must share the bounty of their technology and civilization with the hordes of less fortunate folk who happen to be of a different ethnicity. I, for one, do not believe that whites are gods among men. I believe whites should start protecting their own interests for once, which is rational, and par for the course among all other ethnic groups.


      • Nailed it, thanks. America is suffocating under false feelings of guilt-driven and promiscuous compassion, as if caring about people who are not our own is vitally more important and ethical than caring about people who are. High-trust societies that thrive and produce health and prosperity are always built upon ethnic homogeneity. Massive third-world immigration absolutely was not motivated by a sincere desire on the part of its architects to ‘help the poor and huddled masses’. That was only the pseudo-religious window dressing. The goal was to stick it to Whitey, which is precisely what is happening with a vengeance. The usual suspects were involved.


    • ” Immigration benefits the United States”
      I would say that it doesnt. For one diversity itself decreases trust between groups:

      Ethnic diversity in neighbourhoods and individual trust of immigrants and natives: A replication of Putnam(2007) in a West European country

      and it also lowers wages for the natives, often creates ethnic ghettos, etc.

      To be honest I dont understand the need for immigration unless there is a job which the natives cannot do and therefore must be done by foreigners.


    • “crypto-white-supremacism”? Who knows what you think is crupto white supremacism? It’s encrypted after all, so we’d better all be careful for your sensibilities lest you think we’re encrypting such a thing. Stuff it. Yes I know lots of libs use such phrases. They can all stuff it too.

      We;re pretty open about white supremacism here. Many including me say that whites on the average have much higher IQ’s than blacks. I assume that’s the sort of thing you mean. But it’s in plaintext, nothing cute about it.

      Importing the losers from Mexican and Central American society and letting them settle down on benefits (including the newly invented Obamacare) is unlikely to improve our society. These aren’t average Mexicans, they are the ones that cannot make it in Mexico, so they uproot for work under the table here. Fine, maybe implicit or explicit guest workers are a good thing. But our laws allowing US babies to anchor a whole family for permanent status make that very expensive, much as slavery became very expensive in the long run.

      See, what a rude comment it is, in plaintext.


  11. Just ask them what they want and multiply it by -1.


  12. Mad, bad, dangerous to know. Chick crack. As for the Irish, not without flaws, but the Irish are a thousand times greater than the Mestizo District 9 underclass.


  13. For a while now I’ve espoused the view that the Game community serves the Dark Enlightenment/Alternative Right movement in much the same fashion as Fight Club served Project Mayhem. It is impossible to inculcate a Man of intellectual rigor and honesty in the Truisms of Game, and not have him follow the principles of his newfound enlightenment to their logical conclusions about the larger framework of society and the role he plays therein.

    Fight Club was a necessary conditioning process and filter, as Tyler could never grab a random guy off the street and convince him to blow up credit rating buildings or engage in corporate sabotage. By tearing away what the space monkeys took for granted about themselves and their reality, and exploiting the tendency of men in adverse circumstances to band together, he was able to build a force of willing participants.

    Game does much the same. Many of the macro-level subjects covered here would (and sometimes do)send the average blue pill running back into the safety of the herd shrieking his fool head off, but by picking something concrete, real, and important to most men(getting pussy) and proving that everything he was taught or thought he knew was wrong, it creates a weakness in his epistemology , a crack large enough to fit a logic wedge and bring the whole sordid mess down.

    On a more expansive level, Game is no more about getting pussy than Fight Club was about 2 guys beating the shit out of each other in a basement. In truth, both are boot camps to build an Army.


    • Pretty sure I’m in it for pussy, bro. Can’t join an army if I’m poolside.


    • “On a more expansive level, Game is no more about getting pussy than Fight Club was about 2 guys beating the shit out of each other in a basement. In truth, both are boot camps to build an Army.”

      yeah, but it’s lost on tactical red pill, strategic blue pill fuckwits like this ^^^guy ^^^ above me.


      • Give him his vacation by the poolside, his mind will expand to wider vistas in due course. Do we know of anyone who actually proved to be “tactical red pill, strategic blue pill”? Any male?


      • Incongrous Cognitive Dissonance no enlightened mind could ever assauge. pulsotic is a beautiful example from same said movie of the washouts we never saw. He never got the utterly karmic and spiritual high that any enlightened mind could from that wonderful piece of cinema.

        Why??? He is “what is in his wallet, his fucking khakis, he is the all singing, all dancing crap of the world”. Why part 2? He is a comfortable soft fat white boy, I can spot them miles away. Like the movie, never been in a fight. Never picked one, never had one sprung on him. He is the embodiment of minority hatred and deserves it.

        It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything


      • precisely.

        game is good, it evens the playing field for the smart kid, no doubt.

        but if you stop at the bitches, you’re still only “maybe” half way.

        like the fucks in AA that stop at the “what” (that they are drunk idiots with rudimentary emotional control) and refuse to look at the “why” because………what…….., Bill W never gave the basic fuckers a book?

        (actually he was getting there. wrote a essay on emotional sobriety or “game” 2 years before his death)

        read this chicken ranchers blog (pulsotic) and its clear he is too busy chasing lost eggs to kill the chicken and bait the wolf. hell, whatever dude.


      • Wow you guys are laying it on pretty thick. I mean, of course, the keyboard jockeying and armchair psychology. Not to mention that Reed Richards reach from game to army. (really?) I get that understanding game translates to understanding other areas of life. What is interesting is that Lorem Ipsum and his “me-too-crew” never explained what that enlightened army was supposed to accomplish, only that it was loftier than lays. A real game strategist who elevates a Hollywood movie to religious iconography (but I contradict myself) should probably know that real change comes from revolution and ‘Merica, by design, is too content, confused, or cozened to care. Some people already have the rest of their lives figured out and game allows them to add the final piece. Your search for meaning says more about what is lacking in your impotent reality than in my reality.


      • you keep proving the point. you get halfway and not just stop, you get all sour-grapey on those with the smarts to move past your stunted skills and provide MORE to YOU.

        keep it all “meh” dude. we don’t care, and we shouldn’t. just accept your limits. I do.


      • That’s pure projection on your part. You claim enlightenment and that you are ‘reeeally gooood’ at pickup but you’re too angry to achieve anything except trolling.


      • look, your mother and sisters are whores in spite of your ego defense that whores are only “other” girls that you can pick up. it’s why you and Greatest Beta have such a hard time choking it down and keeping it down, the blunt reality of it all. you don’t like what it means, ergo the halfsteps. don’t dig deeper, don’t feel quite so bad eh.

        you have no idea what psychological projection is. you don’t even understand the questions or ineffable concepts you are trying to reconcile with your reality, how could you?

        ah, I love you anyway macaroni brains. at least you try and fight.


      • Namecalling: proof that you have not a vestige of an argument. It would have been nice to have had a rational discussion about the ‘next level shit’, alas, all the rebuttals have been ad hominem.
        I expect more of the same negative rhetoric (trolling) and no explanation of your vague and nebulous self-righteous piety.


      • I can spot cookie dough too…the ones carved out of wood is who I want to hang out with.


    • That was a really eloquent post. But I think it’s much simpler than that, and all of these topics pander to omega male insecurities and attract people that will never be helpful for your causes.


    • Fighting and sex have one thing in common.

      Embracing conflict as it comes your way…because you know you can handle it. Then your emotions get the volume turned down. You don’t seek conflict…but you can’t wait for it to come to you.

      You notice how Tyler didn’t make head waves with Marla until he started to embrace fighting.



    This post nails it. Seriously. Husbandz from last thread should be commended for attempting to grow a pair without resorting to cheating on his wife…but idk d00ds. I’m so goddamned tempted to just get into a relationship with the 7 and just….fucken…….cheat all day erryday.

    How do you married guys do it? If you’re still keeping her attracted, you’re also keeping other girls at her level attracted, because that’s such a huge part of what keeps her attracted lol….


    • Until kids enter the picture, you’re still realistically somewhat close to the dating world. Yes even if married, it’s sort of no harm – no foul if you call it off. Unless you’re still childless for an unusually long period, ti’s still before she would get half your stuff, too.

      After kids are in the picture, it’s been my experience that everything changes and you live for them.

      Scray, you’re not even engaged are you? How could you possibly cheat? All this ambiguous “relationship” stuff, look there are so many stages.

      Checking out / dating / relationship / serious relationship / engagement / marriage / kids.

      Gimme a break. And all that from “relationship” onwards restricts you? That is unreasonable. Suppose rabbits or parakeets or lions displayed such mating behavior. They would be extinct within a few generations. Given that list, I can see engagement as a test to see if you can be monogamous, or a last opportunity for a fling on the side. Before that, the world is yours for the taking.


      • Oh, I typically thought that people generally expect monogamy at the ‘relationship’ stage. OR…that it’s a don’t ask/don’t tell. Idk lol, I’m obv new to this whole area of life.


      • I’d say it’s like don’t ask / don’t tell. Because if she finds out, you just fess up and it’ll make you more attractive to her. She WILL truly hate it. On the other hand, who needs the grief of telling unnecessarily, that wouldn’t be fair to the other girl(s) either.

        But she had the option to fling on the side too, and if you found out, you weren’t supposed to go all emo on her were you? So fair’s fair.

        Did you have a sober explicit agreement that you would both forsake other partners for the time being? If not, well then there is no such agreement. The time our culture makes it explicit is in the standard marriage vows. You are either married or you are not.

        I used to think of more restrictions too when I was in earlier stages of relationship, but now having gone to the end of the list I gave (there may be more stages but I don’t know them yet) I think my perspective is reasonable. Also it clicks well with other stuff written about here.


      • I think it’s don’t ask/don’t tell. If she finds out, you have a big fight, she is devastated, maybe it draws her closer, but you have to date efficiently and that means multiple irons in the fire. This is all consistent with totally sincere dating with the goal of finding a marriage partner.

        You are either married or you are not. It’s not about feelings (in a primary sense anyway) but explicit commitments. That’s how adults do things in every other area of life.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 8:33 pm gunslingergregi

      when ya get married ya change the rules to fit how you want to live your life
      and do the natural born killers style marriage
      fuck the paperwork
      and oh shit scray thinking bout marriage
      give it a few years like 5 see if you still want to or is it because you feel obligated


  15. on October 9, 2013 at 7:07 pm FuriousFerret

    For the record:

    I like all articles that demolish pretty lies including race posts.

    What don’t like is Lily and her 100 page textbook defending Jewish people and the Stormfronters that provide shitty stupid discourse and resort to blurting out racial slurs.


    • on October 9, 2013 at 7:31 pm Hammer of Love

      “defending Jewish people ”

      Your comment here lends credence to some of the arguments made by the ” storm-front ” crew. Did you notice how your programmed for immediate reverence to a particular group. Do you ever call Christians ” Christian people ” ? Do you ever call Buddhists ” Buddhist people ” ? Heck, do you ever call Mormons ” Mormon people ” ? The answer is no. That programmed deference is only reserved for a particular ” tribe “. The programming goes deep, pay heed to your thoughts.


    • Ferret, you’re full of shit.

      First, I don’t defend Jewish people, I dismantle conspiracy theory, and prove it the nonsense it is, as it’s obvious its only function is to make Jewish people the responsible party for all the ills of our society. Just because CH criticizes the culture, doesn’t give antisemites carte blanche to turn the comment section of every thread into Jew hate fest.

      Second, I don’t just start to defend Jews out of the blue. My comments are usually in response to Greg Eliot type bullshit and Hammer of Love type nonsense. Those 2, and a few others, incite and foment Jew hate with the purpose of encouraging violence because that’s what they have been instructed to do by their internet shills on youtube. They know that if they demonize Jews and substitute Jew for lefty, all the hate will be directed at the Jews and they achieve their sinister goals. They have no intentions of cleaning up the culture. Their special war is with the Jew.

      Third, it’s peculiar you never complain about your stormfront buddies going on and on for pages upon pages slandering the Jews and turning almost every thread into a Jew hate fest. You only began complaining when I started to put the brakes to it. This proves you’re just as bad as those antisemites, except you cleverly hide under the guise of not liking my 100 comments. Bull fucking shit.

      As far as I am concerned, I don’t give a crap if I annoy you. In fact, it will be my pleasure to irritate you and the rest of you losers, especially dickey gregi lickey.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 9:04 pm gunslingergregi

        wrong person again bitch


      • on October 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm gunslingergregi

        or am i just always on your mind


      • Fool! When I say gregi, I don’t mean you. I mean fucking Eliot. You should know this by now.


      • Your beautiful heartfelt sonnet and admiration for “Gregi” will certainly never be forgotten by moi. And as I said above THANKS again for proving my point utterly. You are a spamming bitch that should have been perma-banned for cluttering this place long ago. Be happy our host doesn’t share my dim view of you.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:15 am gunslingergregi

        yea well that ain’t his fuckin name is it
        smart dumb cunt


      • You gotta get the name right. You’re already fighting an uphill battle.

        Have you considered Half Sigma or Jewamongyou? They don’t talk about game, granted…


      • @ SFG
        Greg Eliot knows I call him gregi. Almost everyone here knows this.

        Don’t worry about my uphill battle. I’m not battling anyone or anything. However, I reserve the right to comment when I see fit. Sorry, if I don’t value Jew-hate fomenting conspiracy theory from decrepit old farts who don’t have 2 pennies to their name and who think their troubles were trusted upon them by the Rothschilds or the Elders of Zion or Ben Bernanke or anything and everything Jewish. Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

        Spamming bitch? Let’s count how many comments you posted here and how many I have? You have replied to almost every race baiting comment on 3 consecutive threads now. A hypocrite doesn’t see his own image in the mirror now…….does he?

        What have you done with your loosership self besides being a race baiting J in DC?


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:17 pm gunslingergregi

        nobdy knows shit except that you are being intentionally misleading
        I vote to ban your ass from coments


      • LOL! There wasn’t one truthful thing in that warped article written by jealous shills whose reasoning appeal only to antisemite Poles like you. Antisemtic publication like “veterans news now” isn’t taken seriously by anyone except closed-minded antimsetic thinkers like you Hammer. People like you and they are not sitting in the government and privy to information and reality on the ground, as opposed to knowing only conspiracy theory found on the internet. Therefore, your unfulfilled wishes will keep you frustrated for a long time. It ain’t happening, Hammer. Better go back to Poland. I hear it’s where David Duke is at right now. Don’t you want to see him and kiss his ass, I mean hand? Maybe hear a few of his “educational” lectures, while you’re at it. Why is he there? Because only in Poland people are stupid and antisemetic enough to take him seriously.


      • on October 9, 2013 at 9:25 pm FuriousFerret

        “Third, it’s peculiar you never complain about your stormfront buddies going on and on for pages upon pages slandering the Jews and turning almost every thread into a Jew hate fest. You only began complaining when I started to put the brakes to it. This proves you’re just as bad as those antisemites, except you cleverly hide under the guise of not liking my 100 comments. Bull fucking shit. ”

        Untrue. I complain about ALL annoying female posters on CH. I’m into equality that way.


      • Wow!!! What a sense of equality thou possess.

        For the record, I don’t respect meaningless equality. I respect facts. I’m into truth that way.


      • “I’m into truth that way.”

        Spoken like a loyal minion of the Ministry of Truth.


      • Yes, I’m into truth and I stand by what I say.

        However, if you can prove my facts are wrong, I’ll stand corrected.

        Except, you can’t prove me wrong without citing conspiracy theory and Jew hate commentary from shills on the internet, right?

        That’s the difference between us. I cite facts. On the other hand, you cite revisionist history, slanderous Jew hate, and conspiracy theory taken out of your ass that you can’t back because it’s lies.


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:25 am gunslingergregi

        this bitch can’t even type a name without fucking up the facts
        so yea how much into truth are you
        god dam you lie too much


      • on October 10, 2013 at 1:38 am gunslingergregi

        and the only true hate speech I’ve seen is in your Talmud


      • You know nobody except the black hats reads that crap, and they all vote Republican, right?


      • But not the New Testament, right?


      • Yeah the Talmud is game/set/match against Judaism. Not a civilized way of living your life.


      • No, the Talmud is filled with wisdom on almost all subjects from medicine to law. It has been studied for centuries by many scholars, not just Jewish. Furthermore, contrary to what antisemites say, it doesn’t speak about hating non-Jews. There are some minor references to heathens, pagans, and idol worshippers in there because it was written during the Roman Empire, and the Jews and the pagan Romans were in a war. Antisemites took these quotes and interpreted them as hate speech against non-Jewish. It’s bull shit, like the rest of their bull shit.

        Yet, the NT is replete with direct quotation of Jew hate that don’t need any “interpretation”; they’re as plain as day. Once again, the hypocrisy of Jew haters stinks to high heaven.


      • According to Lily, all criticism of Judaism is, by definition, out of bounds because she is prepared to dismiss all such criticism with a wave of her “Internet Shills” card. But that’s begging the question dear. If shills from the Internet will not meet your standard for consideration, what other medium would you suggest? And the fact that you regard them as shills does nothing to the merit of their arguments. However it is easier to pillory one’s opponents than to confront his arguments.

        The Talmud is certainly full of lies, contradictions, and extreme anti-goyische racism. Judaism is quintessentially the religion of Jewish supremacism. The Rabbis refer constantly in their commentaries to the so-called Torah, which oblivious goyim (and likely most uninitiated Jews as well) presume to be a reference to the Pentateuch written by Moses. Nothing could be further from the truth. By a staggering sleight of hand, Rabbis wish to use the word Torah equivocally in order to trick listeners into imagining that there is Biblical authority behind their extensive and hideous pronouncements. What they always mean by Torah is a shorthand name for the oral tradition which has been appended over the centuries. So they make null the word of God which is entirely replaced by their own repulsive traditions.

        I have no problem with the New Testament of course, nor do I affirm (contrary to deluded Churchians the world over) that the New Testament requires Christians to hold religious or ethnic Jews in some sort of spiritual regard. On the contrary, I recognize that the New Testament is unmistakably clear about the Jewish role in the deicide, namely the role of initiator and executor.

        Here is the book to read to get the lowdown on Judaism:


      • on October 10, 2013 at 3:21 pm gunslingergregi

        how is it jew hater to point out the Talmud well at least ya don’t deny it now
        and it is plain as day
        so the real hate coming from jews to people they don’t even know
        I don’t get it
        but I see you talk and I understand it more I guess
        you are really the only jew I know
        but I can imagine if they are like you yea it is a problem isen’t it


      • “The Talmud is certainly full of lies, contradictions, and extreme anti-goyische racism.”

        Wrong. It’s not full of lies. Your claims are lies.

        The Talmud has been:
        • vilified
        • misquoted
        • taken out of context
        • misunderstood
        • interpreted in a conveniently anti-Semitic way
        by a variety of Jew haters.

        Recently, it’s been a major interest for antiemetic conspiracy-theory websites. They try to tie the words Goy and Shikutzim into the idea that Jews are anti-Gentile. As usual, it’s bullshit.

        Shkotzim is an ancient word from the Old Testament that means abomination, usually used in connection with idolatry and all sexual immorality. Some antisemties/n-NZs/WNs are convinced the Jews mean them, the Gentiles.

        If there is anything derogatory in the Talmud against non-Jews, you have to remember it took centuries to compile, when the Greek and Roman Empires were ruling the holy land, and such words are directed at their idolatry and sexual immorality, just as it is used in the Bible. In any case, such instance are not very common, but antisemties take things out of context, slant, or fabricate stuff without basis.

        Meanwhile, please explain to me why it’s currently one of the most studied work of philosophy and theology in the world among non-Jews? For instance, in South Korea it’s “mandatory” for kids.

        “Almost every home in South Korea now contains a Korean-translated Talmud. Their reason for mandatory Talmud study may be a little off-putting – “So we too will become geniuses” – but hey, maybe they know something far too many Jews have forgotten.
        More South Korean kids are now studying Talmud than Israelis, and considering the population of South Korea (over 45 million), probably more than all Jews in the world combined.”

        Granted, it’s a very condensed form and watered-down Talmud, but still the Koreans derive a lot of good from it.

        The fact is the Talmud is full of wisdom. Many of our laws (especially in the common law countries) are lifted directly from its pages – from double jeopardy to compensatory damage doctrine. The Talmud is essentially a legal volume, much as the Old Testament is. Conservative Catholic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud for years and said Talmudic training gives one a head start in U.S. jurisprudence.

        And how many Roman Catholics (monks, persist, cardinals, friars, fathers, theologians) have studied it over the centuries to form religious dogma, or to soak up knowledge about law, medicine, astronomy, etc? Where do you think Dante (the Divine Comedy) got his ideas about heaven and hell? All from the Talmud.

        Yet all antisemitism, whether of the western variety or the Islamic verity, attack the Talmud for imaginary nonsense because they don’t understand it, and mostly because they are jealous of it. Because none of them were able to put together something this complex.

        In addition, most of Jesus’ sermons are taken directly from the Talmud’s predecessor, the Jewish Oral Law. The Talmud is a compilation of that law, and Jesus studied it with his rabbis. He knew it inside out, which is what he taught, and what is recorded in the NT. That’s why normal Christians (not antisemties) at least show it some respect since the lord was deeply steeped in it.

        It might do you antisemites some good to study some Talmud, instead of frequenting antisemitic Jewish conspiracy websites.


      • Jews being Khazars is a demented conspiracy theory, which you love to post in every thread, but it doesn’t make it true, Hammer. It only shows you’re obsessed and have nothing better to do with your empty life than to post this repeatedly.

        There isn’t anything supporting this conspiracy theory, and the Jews who should know their own history call it a fantasy. There is indeed a story/myth that the King of Khazaria converted to Judaism, but his Kingdome was short lived and it’s not really known how many of his people also converted or stayed Jews. The point is, some khazars are possibly part of the Jewish people, but the whole of the Jewish people isn’t khazar.

        Why is it so important to you to keep holding onto this fantasy, if not as I aptly said to distance Jews from their original ancestors, which Christians also revere – Abraham, Isaac Jacob, etc…..some Christians would love nothing more than to say they have replaced the Jews, and the Khazar theory provides a nice route for that.

        This also means that you antisemites are jealous the Jews’ descendants of The Patriarchs, which you wished were yours, so you could claim the Aryan race the “chosen people.” There is no other explanation. You’re jealous, yet again.

        Even wiki admits that this theory “is treated with skepticism, and the idea has been associated with antisemitism and anti-Zionism.”

        It’s funny. If you look on the internet for info on this bullshit theory, all you find is the usual suspects asserting this nonsense:
        1) David Duke
        2) Radio Islam
        3) British Israelism
        4) Aryan websites
        5) Proponents of Slavic and Soviet antisemitic chauvinistim (like our friends Solzhenitsyn and Hammer)
        6) Christian groups who insist they are the “chosen people”, or they have replaced the “chosen people”, and now they are the real Jews.

        From wiki again:

        “[Although] the existence of a Jooish kingdom north of the Caucasus had formerly long been denied by Christian religious commentators,[256] it came to be exploited by the WS Christian movement [257] and even by terrorist esoteric cults like Aum Shinrikyō.[258] “

        “It played a role in Arab anti-Zionist polemics, and took on an antisemitic edge. “


      • Jews are not kahzars. The Cohen’s genetic testing prove this because all Jews who are Cohen from all ethnicities have this genes, not just Jews who were in the vicinity of the Khazar’s Kingdome. Some Kahzars might have intermingled into the Jewish people, but all the Jews didn’t intermingle with the Khazrs. Furthermore, we don’t know how many Khazars converted to Judaism with the Khazar king, and how long they remained Jews. Most historians believe it’s a very small number, and the khazar genes are negligible at best.

        In addition, the Khazar theory has been brought forth by two groups – antisemites who would love to prove the Jews of today are not Jews so to make it easy on believing Christians to kill the Jews or stop supporting them if they thought they weren’t the chosen people, and Arabs who would love nothing more than to prove the Jews of today have no claim to Israel. The Jews are well aware of these liars and have no intentions of letting them get away with propagating these lies. It doesn’t fly with Jews or Israelis, and that’s all that matters. Who cares what losers like Hammer say on the internet.



        “The Khazar hypothesis is an argument that Ashkenazi Jooz (i.e., those descended from a German bloodline) are not ethnically Jooz, but descended from the Turkic Khazar Empire. This is often used as a way to justify the elimination of Zionism and/or to explain why the British/Aryan/insert race here are the REAL chosen people of the Bible, and not the Jooz.”

        “genetic study led by Doron Behar found that, despite admixture from local populations, autosomal genetic samples from the Ashkenazi Jooz, Caucasian Jooz, Middle Eastern Jooz, North African Jooz, and Sephardi Jooz form a relatively tight genetic cluster which overlaps with Samaritans and Israeli Druze which is strongly indicative of common Levantine ancestry[5]”

        In addition, as I wrote in the previous comment, DNA tests of the Cohen’s descendants (Jewish ancient priests) provide proof that shows the Jews of today are indeed the descendants of the ancient Israelites.


      • Not so fast, Hammer:

        Here is a survey of all genetic tests done on Jews. It’s a long article but worth reading on wiki called “Genetic studies on Jews”

        The bottom line is the last test done in 2013.

        “In September 2013 at the American Society of Human Genetics meeting, geneticists including M. Metspalu, D. M. Behar, Y. Baran Rosset N. Kopelman, B. Yunusbayev, A. Gladstein, M. F. Hammer, S. Tzur, E. Halperin, K. Skorecki and R. Villems presented a new genetic study specifically aimed to explore genetic relationship between Ashkenazi Jews and Khazars. The study assembled the largest sample set available to date for assessment of Ashkenazi Jewish genetic origins, containing genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism data in 1,774 samples from 107 Jewish and non-Jewish populations and 15 populations from the region historically associated with the Khazar kingdom at its peak. The presentation titled “No indication of Khazar genetic ancestry among Ashkenazi Jews” found that

        “Ashkenazi Jewish samples share the greatest genetic ancestry with other Jewish populations, and among non-Jewish populations, with groups from Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East, and that they have no particular signal of genetic sharing with populations from the Caucasus. Thus, analysis of the most comprehensive set of Jewish and other Middle Eastern and European populations together with a large sample from the region of the Khazar kingdom does not support the hypothesis of a significant contribution of the elusive Khazars into the gene pool of the Ashkenazi Jews.”


      • on October 11, 2013 at 10:05 pm Hammer of Love

        I’m in a good mood today so I’ll try to be civil with you. Dont bring up old genetic studies, I want your commentary on the new studies I posted, and dont bring up the Khazarian bit, as these new studies talk about a European origin. I know you can read so try feign ignorance. In fact I’d like your opinion on the study below, its from an unbiased scientific source, and includes such things as detailed genetic marker maps and extensive scientific citations. I await your response.


  16. CH, you should post on this — a positive red pill story is nice once in a while and spices up the dark enlightenment nicely.


  17. More pea-brained jingoistic paranoia. Shit article. But it gets the wing-nuts ranting; which is I must admit fun.

    It’s the Frankfurters!! The Frnakfurters!!


  18. Dark Enlightenment has an appealing oxymoronic quality, but is obviously an addle-headed thing to hold up as an ideal; because its very title reveal the bias inherent in the “seekers” “search” for enlightenment.

    We only want to know the Negative, the Dark. One-sided, incomplete world-views, anyone? We want to know, but only by looking at the “dark.”.

    It’s like the teenagers I used to know who prided themselves on being “anti”. Not “anti-(something)” , just anti.

    And adolescent stage one has to grow out of for any real wisdom.


    • Yes erudite scholar, you have discovered us with your vast intellect! Since are on the fucking topic of oxymoronic qualities let me fire my opening salvo with one that is quite comical. “Progressive Regressives” I.E. Liberal cunts like you.

      PROGRESS! FORWARD! HOPE! CHANGE! —> translation let us import the very bottom of the barrel that 3rd world nations don’t even accept as their own into the States, post haste. This will certainly boost our flailing and dying economy, education, and sense of national identity.

      “In a time of universal deceit, the Light. Telling the Truth, is a revolutionary act, the Dark”. — George Orwell

      Get it fuckstick??


      • Thank you for your compliment. And for quoting the the great Orwell, although racists are the best example of the scum below the surface of society, not of any kind of “light”. Think Orwell would have howled against universal health care?


      • Like all liberals, Orwell was totally inconsistent, at least for most of his career. Starting as a rabid Communist, he was quickly disillusioned from that idiocy by his time in Spain during the civil war. So he switched to softer socialism, yet couldn’t quite kick the truth-loving genes in himself so he wrote a couple of classic novels skewering leftist Statism. They are good of course, and he is incomparably clear-sighted about the fact that what Leftism really is is a Power Religion. But he wanted to worship something (as all humans do) and so once he saw through the illusion of Big Brother, he lost all hope and just sort of expired, still very young. And still basically an idiot.


    • More like it’s depressing (“dark”) to learn the truth, but ultimately it’s for the best. Like when you become an atheist and realize there is no inherent meaning in anything and your strivings and morals are really defined by yourself or society, and thus merely diffuse electrical patterns in some organic molecules. But it’s the truth, which is better than the comforting lie.

      What’s interesting in this particular case is that so many of the Fight Club enlightened next turn to a worldview which is consciously, explicitly good and based on being good (but not a pushover). Nauseating and hypocritical, isn’t it?

      The post-adolescent stage might not be that Winston learns to love the Cathedral.


  19. Too bad CH can never clean up the boob-speak from his blog when the money people come to scrape the game wisdom. He can never be published now by Cathedral or Frankfurter institutions.


  20. Ya Really, can we get some more of your coaching here, even though it won’t reduce the quantity of DAS STORM OF LOVE MASTURBATOR BOOT background noise?


    • YaReally, I’m sitting in the subway jacking it and looking for eye contact. But only the 2s and 3s look back. I’ve tried smiling and saying ‘sup, but the HB4s just change seats without a word. Can I use text game here, buddy? Coaching needed!!


  21. I saw the following posted up as some sort of twisted motivational type poster on a male friends Facebook page.

    “It takes a strong man to accept somebody else’s children and step up to the plate another man left on the table” – Ray Johnson.

    I don’t know who the hell Ray Johnson is and the guy that posted it was an alpha, but f*ck me drunk, what an epic load of f*ck*ng bullsh*t.


  22. Anyone who says “stick to poon” just doesn’t want the truth to get out and is trying to stifle free expression. Unlike our public schools, no one on this site is forcing them to read anything.

    “The truth is only hate to those who hate the truth.”


  23. “Women hate men that give and love men that take.”

    Excellent Bieberism!
    Womenz luvz ’em reelist gangstas.


  24. Can any explain to me what the hell Lily is?

    As far as I can tell she is a white racist that is pro joo; but claims not to be a joo.

    WTF is that?

    Is it an experiment?

    Is it a hedge?

    A joke?

    She reminds me of those modern artists who smear some feces on a canvas, then go laugh their asses off while they watch people stand in line and pay to view it?


    • on October 10, 2013 at 3:14 pm Hammer of Love

      Stupidity and self hate are very difficult to explain. On top of that, she has no boyfriend or sexual prospects, that drives a woman insane.


  25. Entertainingly well written ego stroke-fest for those of us with a conservative bent, and I wish it were so. But real world experience and a days viewing of the news illustrates otherwise. Those on the left do tend to be smarter because, by their nature, they are more open to new ideas and learning new things (except for a few blind spots like race and sex). Likewise, by their nature, conservatives are more inclined to hold on to past ideas they feel proven or personal conviction for. Not to say there aren’t dumb libs and smart conservatives, but most often they lack an intellectual inquisitiveness. Fortunately, as this blog has frequently pointed out, a thirst for knowledge and liberal philosophy do not wet the panties. Which is why you frequently see lefty girls entranced by bad boy lovers. They may praise the lefty outlook, but they want to get banged by Don Draper.


  26. “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types–the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine.”

    -G.K. Chesterton


    • “not to say moonshine” … and here goes the turd in that nice punchbowl.

      To hell with the Pentateuch and preachment & practice of Jesus, there’s an war to be fought against the demon alcohol, dammit!


  27. Re: 7:54anon

    what are the odds for its sex? neutered-male or testosteronized-female?

    I say 4:1 for self-hating eunuch over fructose-fattened butch.


  28. “Women hate men that give and love men that take.”

    That’s just a symptom. The root is that women are not attracted to men perceived as low value.

    Unfortunately, women have been taught/deceived that giving is low value. And men have been brainwashed into believing that they must give to be worthy of a woman’s interest.

    “Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”
    Acts 20:35

    “Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.”
    1 Corinthians 11:9


  29. Heh. Was just having that thought today, to hunt the hunters.


  30. James Hunt, lived fast, died young, is said to have slept with 5000 women.
    Hunt is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the 2013 Ron Howard film Rush about the 1976 Formula One season.
    It’s a good film too.


  31. Hey PA, MA says you can’t have no extree vittles tonight. You being a buzz kill and her bunions hurt.