The Ten-Year Cuck

Id Dregs (fitting handle) tells a scary campfire story that reverberates in the dankest recesses of our souls because it explores ancient betrayals that have stalked humanity since its rise from the origin slime.

This type of stuff doesn’t really sink in until you witness it or experience it first hand.

Case in point, I knew a couple (let’s just say they were very close to me, as one was related to me). They had been married for 15 years. The man did everything to raise their social economical standing from near poverty to mid-middle class. He did just that through hard work and dedication. They both seemed to be in love and for quite some time (at least it seemed to me, I was very young at the time). Years pass and they had three children together. We see them at family gatherings and they look to be very much in love with each other but as we know here, in these parts, looks can be very deceiving. Especially on the woman’s part. Anyway, fast forward some years and the man grows suspicious about his woman’s love for him. She acts distant in general and starts to come home later than usual. The man then purchases a voice recorder and places it underneath her truck’s dashboard.

what was revealed later, shocked him so much, he went on a deep depression for about a week before confronting the matter. I’ve heard the tapes, and a woman’s id is really the most unfiltered, debased, and crass piece of shit known to man… but eh, back to the story.

He confronts her about this and she doesn’t deny it. He asked how long, and she says, “I’ve been seeing him for 2 years now.” He doesn’t puss out at this level and beg for forgiveness but does something so evil, I won’t even bother to post it here. [ed: oh come on, man!] A man can only take so much before revealing his id too, I suppose.

She leaves him alone with their three children, but for him, he still feels something’s not right. So he gets a paternity test on his three children and he comes to find out his youngest child, his 10 year old one, is not his.

He was cuckolded for 10 years.

Let that sink in.

10 years.

He banished the child from his two others and now the bastard child lives with her. You can only imagine the damage this causes to the other siblings but the bitch doesn’t really care. At her very core, her id is the only thing that matters. Damn be all.

I still see both of them from time to time and while the man has tried to raise himself, he can’t. He’s too old now. He’s invested well over half his life into a traitor and for what? Nothing. He’s nearing 60 and the other thing that keeps him alive is his two legitimate children. As for the woman? She’s currently with some man who pulled the exact same thing to his own family, just to be with her. They’re currently broke but it doesn’t matter to her.

I believe heartiste here said it himself. Something along the lines of, ” when the love is gone, it’s almost as if a woman doesn’t even know you…”

Close enough.

Maxim #13: When the love is gone, women can be as cold as if they had never known you.

Well, she’s in love with her badboy and knowing that she’s nearing poverty doesn’t matter to her.

That’s enough #realtalk for the day.

The specter of rape gets an awful lot of Cathedral ink in the mainstream and feminist weirdo media, but if the numbers are tabulated rather than leftoidally confabulated the incidence of cuckoldry could be as high as 30 times more prevalent than recorded penis-in-vagina rape.

Now let THAT sink in.

But of course the comparative scourge of cuckoldry — the utter malevolence of the betrayal — raises nary a curious eyebrow from the cognoscenti because they, just like the hinterland yokels they love to torment, are psychologically enslaved to the biological imperative that pulses at the heart of the fundamental premise.

CH is well aware that the existence of this divinely created premise assures the immutability of the reality it manifests, and that nothing we write here will alter the universal laws of nature. That won’t stop us from enjoying the twist of the shiv and provoking howls of pain from the platitude pushers. It must be that Christmas spirit of giving flowing through us…


  1. The fucked up part with these instances of the cuckold disentangling himself from the illegitimate spawn is the public shaming they get.:

    “Be a man”
    “You can’t just turn your back on someone you raised for 10 years”
    “Think about how unfair that is to the child!”

    No where does this consider how the guy feels about it. The guy that was lied to for 10 years and lived a life based upon a false premise.


    • > “I still see both of them from time to time and while the man has tried to raise himself, he can’t. He’s too old now. He’s invested well over half his life into a traitor and for what? Nothing. He’s nearing 60 and the other thing that keeps him alive is his two legitimate children. As for the woman? She’s currently with some man who pulled the exact same thing to his own family, just to be with her. They’re currently broke but it doesn’t matter to her.”

      I was just saying this on the Christmas thread – if you want to watch the ultimate Dark Enlightenment Red Pill no-holds-barred take-no-prisoners Christmas Movie, then check out John Huston’s final film, appropriately titled, “The Dead”:

      If you aren’t a complete sociopath already*, then it will absolutely rip your heart right out of your chest.

      *In which case you’ll just laugh at the poor guy.


      • Actually, come to think of it, Huston’s previous movie, Prizzi’s Honor, covered EXACTLY the same general topic:

        Namely, what to do with filthy stinking thieving hypergamous slut-whores.

        When I originally saw Prizzi’s Honor, I thought that it was a horribly dark movie, but then I saw it again years later, on cable, and it seemed to me that it had a much happier ending than I had remembered.

        And [without giving away too many spoilers], I know why – why I like the resolution of Prizzi’s Honor so much better now that I am a little more world-wise than before.

        Anyway, between Prizzi’s Honor and The Dead, it’s now abundantly clear to me that Huston, at the end of his life, was absolutely OBSESSED with this topic.

        And as Heartiste’s OP indicates [“does something so evil… can only take so much before revealing his id”], you can see why a man would be obsessed with it.

        So Huston was definitely a Red Pill swallower before his death.


      • I just watched this movie. Why do you consider this a red/blue pill movie? He ends up deducing that his wife has never gotten over her first love. That’s it. Wtf? What possible lesson is there to be learned from this movie?





        He’s the nice guy who always finishes last.

        The perfect gentleman.

        The man that every mother hopes* her little boy will grow up to be.

        Kind, gentle, and patient with all – even with the nasty old hags living alone with their cats – a perfect Christian gentleman.

        The very embodiment of Christian dignity and forbearance and Grace.

        But guess what?

        His wife doesn’t love him.

        His wife never loved him.

        His wife will never love him.

        His wife has spent her entire life pining for the 5 minutes of Bad Boy Alpha cock which she got when she was just a lass:

        Five Minutes Of Alpha = Fifty Years Of Pining

        “THE DEAD” of the title are the men whose entire lives were ripped right out of the fabric of space and time and rendered into cinders and ashes by some filthy stinking whore-cunt with a feckless heart.

        Just like Id Dregs describes:

        “This type of stuff doesn’t really sink in until you witness it or experience it first hand… one was related to me… he went on a deep depression… while the man has tried to raise himself, he can’t. He’s too old now. He’s invested well over half his life into a traitor and for what? Nothing. He’s nearing 60…”

        These men are now dead – they are “THE DEAD” – because it’s too late for them to start over.

        Their one chance at a happy life is gone forever.

        Vanished into thin air.

        Their entire lives stolen from them in the blink of an eye by a traitorous she-cunt witch.

        All that their Dead Souls can now do is to simply bide their time until physical Death takes their living bodies once and for all – when Death mercifully removes them from this nightmare of a life – and they can go and join their ancestors in the cemeteries.

        *Except that every woman does NOT hope that her little boy will grow up to be a perfect Christian gentleman – truth be told, every woman secretly hopes that her little boy will grow up to be a Satanic Bad Boy Alpha who spends his life doling out fantasy fucks left and right to all the gullible little lasses, the haunting memory of which the lasses will have seared into hearts for the entire remainder of their lives.




        I mean, JESUS CHRIST, did you not just listen to this speech a few days ago?!?


      • Hehe @ “satanic alpha”. I’m a hunter, when I was about twenty I used to keep a deer heat in my freezer. Not a skull, but a big ol’ buck head with dessicated eyes, blood matted fur and dangling scraps of meat. I would tell chicks who were over at my apartment to go to the freezer and grab some of the “good stuff” i kept there. Of course, the selfish cunts they all are, they can’t resist a high dollar freebee so they’d compliantly amble over and open it up. At which point they’d be greeted by a grinning, slowly decomposing bambi. I swear, that fucking head netted so much pussy. After they got done screaming you could almost hear their labia moisten.


      • *head.

        Fuck im drunk,.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 1:36 pm Never Mind the Balzac

        Joyce really seems to have had a handle on the hamster:

        “Men are governed by lines of intellect – women : by curves of emotion”.


    • Men do not matter to feminists.
      Time to return the favor.


    • The guy did lose the part of 10 years involved in the ex-wife (if it’s formally ended now) and the bastard kid. Aside from that he did things Exactly Right, including having the courage to demand the paternity tests on his non-infant children.

      And the luck to get the paternity tests — she maybe didn’t have to agree legally any more — and the clean break with no money flowing out to her.

      Life for men is often about what you do while the world is stepping on your throat. He’s a true alpha male, having played the hand he was dealt correctly and courageously. And he is still there, intact and able to raise his own children.

      Well done, brother.


      • This.

        He did very, very well to get full custody of his kids.

        PS: Being a white knight at heart, I gotta feel some sorrow for the poor little cuckoo’s egg, which has been sent to live with the bitch and her cock.

        Kid would have done so much better in life if it could have grown up under the tutelage of a real man, who could have taught it the difference between right and wrong.

        Yeah, I know, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, and there’s a really good chance that the kid would have grown up to be worthless itself anyway.

        Still, though, having now been doomed to a childhood being reared by bitch & cock, that poor kid probably just lost its one and only chance at experiencing a good life for itself.

        SRSLY – the poor children don’t deserve to have all this evil “thrust” into their lives – they didn’t ask for this shit.


      • A man can’t solve all the world’s problems. It’s a shitty solution but I think we agree it may be the best one available. By the same token, I am sure a lot of kids could benefit if I adopted them, but I have no adopted children.


      • > “A man can’t solve all the world’s problems.”

        No, he can’t.

        Way too God-damned many problems in the world.

        Waayyy too many.

        Still, though, can you imagine being 10-years-old [that’s fucking FIFTH GRADE, for Christ’s sake!!!] and being yanked away forever from the only Dad you’ve ever known in your life?

        I mean, that poor kid is pretty much doomed to be fucked up in its head for the rest of its life.

        > “By the same token, I am sure a lot of kids could benefit if I adopted them, but I have no adopted children.”


        And it goes for pretty much any guy who comments here [hell, I’d bet that even YaReally and Scray might man up and rise to the occasion if the burden of it all were dumped in their laps].

        Being raised by someone who sees the world for what it is, versus being raised by someone who dutifully regurgitates all the pretty little lies?

        That’s a no-brainer.


      • Yes. Consider what signal he’d send, to all who heard about it, if he accepted being cuckolded. It would demoralize other men. It would encourage them to accept being stepped on. It would make men more quiet about wrongs committed against them, which would strengthen those who commit the wrongs. It all adds up and leads to more men being cuckolded.


      • That is why its important for men to speak up and take action like this man regardless of the shaming and condemnation that will surly come his way.


      • Zombie Lame
        Still, though, having now been doomed to a childhood being reared by bitch & cock, that poor kid probably just lost its one and only chance at experiencing a good life for itself.

        Send him to me, I’ll paint him black, change his name to Dontrayvious and teach him how to blame the white man.


      • Okay, I laughed out loud.

        Still laughing.


      • A new name for my kid- Dontrayvious.


      • Rontavius Wafflehouse III is the planned name for my eventual adopted yute.


      • The kid will grow up learning to hate his mother for what she has done, instead of accepting it. His story will disencourage other women from committing the same crime. He will be able to speak with particular weight because of the damage it caused him. That kid can do a lot of good, which is the duty of all men and all women.


      • PS: Being a white knight at heart, I gotta feel some sorrow for the poor little cuckoo’s egg, which has been sent to live with the bitch and her cock.

        It’s possible that the cuckoo’s egg is in fact living with its biological parents, that the cock is the father.

        Or she could be even more of a whore and her badboy isn’t her father, but either way, at least her husband isn’t raising it.


      • 2 years ago I would have said “that is mean and heartless” but now I have respect for the guy in standing up for himself. And there is a family member whose wife cheated on him and he kept the kid despite knowing it was not his… the kid didn’t find out until 16 or 18, screwed her up. He should have taken a baseball bat to the wife, would have kept her in line.


      • > “he kept the kid despite knowing it was not his… the kid didn’t find out until 16 or 18, screwed her up…”

        The child should NEVER have been told.

        Some secrets should be taken to the grave.

        Or at least wait a good fifty years, until the child is sufficiently emotionally mature to deal with the horror of it all.


      • Everyone on earth should get a paternity test if they haven’t already, and not just to prevent incest and genetic maladies.


      • You only say that crap because you are a Christian. Everyone else realizes that Mary was a lying slut.


      • Tell us about the part with the boiling semen again, rabbi.


    • Life at it’s very root is nasty–the result of a chaotic universe. Nothing should surprise you. Any good you ever experience is only there because you understand that life sucks at the core and you get a temporary reprieve.


    • Yea, let it be known, that a man who has been so wronged shall own the right to put an end to woman and false offspring alike, thus ensuring that such a betrayal against family and clan be discouraged. Verily, it shall be not only his right but his duty to do so, for all the men, for all the families and all the clans, and for his nation as a whole.


      • The whore, yes. NOT the offspring. Killing a child for the crime of its parents is barbaric orientalism – it goes against everything that made Western civilization great. It reeks of tribal voodoo or monarchism – we don’t have to worry about the kid making a claim to the Iron Throne here.

        Sometimes people get fucked over, and that sucks. Punish the perpetrators when possible. Don’t use it as an excuse to victimize MORE innocent people.


      • > “NOT the offspring.”


        The children didn’t ask for this.

        > “everything that made Western civilization great”

        The very concept of Freedom of the Will, the free exercise thereof, and the subsequent questions of Guilt -vs- Innocence.

        To say that the poor child is guilty here is to take the concept of Darwinian Nihilism and strip that nihilism of all pretense and to move striaght into the very heart of Darwinian evil.


  2. I wonder what he did that was so evil but didn’t get him arrested? I assume something like making copies of those tapes and sending them to all her friends, family and coworkers.


    • If it was just that, I assume he would have said so. Must be more.


    • Oh man, that would be a GENIUS move on the husband’s part if he did that. Everyone she’s close to know would know *exactly* the kind of cheating whore she really is.


      • I don’t like it. Making things public to make sure others carry out the punishment through their criticism. That is weak. He should carry out the punishment, in his own family and marriage, not send tapes to others in the hopes that they will do his work for him. To shame people publicly is a leftist tactic, going back to Maoist crap, and it has nothing to do with a real man’s handling of his own family matters.


    • I didn’t think of that because I don’t see anything evil about it.


  3. on December 26, 2013 at 8:19 am Stg58/Animal Mother

    That story is worse than the boyfriend’s feet dragging on the roof of the car. I have a wife and two kids. It is scary to put yourself in that situation.


    • Just see how Simon Cowell became a daddy… it just became obvious when the cheating-up ‘ho got pregnant.


  4. We need to bring stoning back


    • Or juzt teach guys to stop marrying for love like chubby cheeked little betas.


    • Taliban game ftw


    • I understand why Jesus said what he said…but I also understand why the Pharisees did what they did.


      • on December 26, 2013 at 7:46 pm Johnycomelately

        The stoning incident in the New Testament and the dead coming from the graves after the resurrection are the only two passages of the Gospels that are disputed.

        The stoning incident wasn’t commented on by any church father until the 12th century, so it most probably didn’t even happen.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 3:23 am Hugh G. Rection

        Disputed by whom exactly? Isn’t it all kind of disputed?


      • Disputed on a textual basis. Earliest manuscripts don’t have some passages, thus the implication is that the passages are interpolations into later manuscripts.

        Also, the ending of Mark in some mss. is disputed. There is evidence that the original ending was lost before the oldest mss. we have were copied. Later mss. end with some verses that don’t match the tone and content of the gospel.


      • Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If I were there I would have handed Jesus the stone and said “Here you go Jesus, if you wanted to go first you should have just said so.”


      • Yep if I was there I would have thrown a perferct strike;take that bitch!


    • Muslims definitely have taken the Red Pill when it comes to women.


  5. This is why it’s best to just abuse what you observe and not take part.

    Fuck, why not just start cooking meth? I’m pretty sure that’d reunite the spark in the bitches heart. Heisenberg in the making.
    Then you kick the bitch outta your life just as it happens.


  6. Always preemptively cheat, unless you’d rather be the lovestruck romantic in the marriage bed. Does she look you in your doey eyes when she pegs you?
    Every young fresh bride to be fantasizes about catching her badboy callously nailing another long eyelashed holeholder.
    Cheat early on and cheat later on. If she doesn’t forgive you you’re not doing it right.


  7. If it wasn’t for the fact that I would most likely get caught, if this was done to me, I would most definitely take pleasure of doing the most absurd things to this woman. And I don’t even consider myself a sociopath.


  8. The cuckolding part of the story is a damn shame. And so preventable.

    Just get “your” kid tested after birth on the down-low. There are testing kits in every drugstore chain. All in it will cost you under $200.

    I had my first kid this year and tested him shortly after birth. Although I married a real sweetheart and have absolutely zero reason even to suspect any funny business there is just something comforting about cold, hard science.

    Result was 99.999% probability I’m the father. It’s nice to KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    Ditch your validation-seeking ego which may stop you from testing (“I’m such a stud she would never stray so what’s the point?”) Every guy cuckholded ever probably thought the same thing.


  9. Yep, I agree 100%,


  10. Require DNA tests for birth certificates. Not only would it reveal a cuckold early on; it would actively discourage cuckholding in the first place.


    • > “Require DNA tests for birth certificates.”


      I have long felt that – if we have to have a “State” at all [if we can’t all just live together peacefully in a Garden of Eden utopia of our own making] – then this is an absolutely vital and necessary role which the State must play.

      If for no other reason than that every child ought to have a fundamental right to know who its God-damned father was.

      But there must have been a reason that our ancestors chose not to require fathers’ names on birth certificates.

      Read the history of Alec Guinness’s [Obi Wan Kenobi’s] birth certificate:

      “From 1875, under English law, when the birth of an illegitimate child was registered, the father’s name could be entered on the certificate only if he were present and gave his consent.”

      Maybe our ancestors were trying to shame the filthy stinking hypergamous slut-whore by not allowing her the dignity of having a man’s name next to hers on the birth certificate?


      • When the cost of paternity tests are as cheap as buying a box of condoms, we’ll have a ton more stories just like this. When we can buy the tests next to condoms and do the testing at home, no beta will have any excuse not to test.

        As fucked up as this story is though, I bet the dude simply wasn’t giving his wife the O-gasm (which Maxim is that). Once that can be ruled out, we can truly call the whore a whore, even though she’s pretty awful already.


      • Trust but verify


      • > “When the cost of paternity tests are as cheap as buying a box of condoms, we’ll have a ton more stories just like this. When we can buy the tests next to condoms and do the testing at home, no beta will have any excuse not to test.”

        Down here, the sell them right there on the aisle in Walgreen’s – you don’t even have to go through the embarrassment of asking for them from behind the counter, like you used to have to do with the condoms: “Uhh, can I have the 24-pack of the Trojanz Lubricated, please? Uhh, thanks. Uhh…”

        The paternity test kits are something like $29.99 or $34.99, or similar, if memory serves.

        > “As fucked up as this story is though, I bet the dude simply wasn’t giving his wife the O-gasm (which Maxim is that). Once that can be ruled out, we can truly call the whore a whore, even though she’s pretty awful already.”


        We were talking about it on some recent thread – dudes were bragging about playing “Celibacy Game” on their bitches – and I was trying to warn them that you withhold sex from your woman at your own peril.

        Your woman desperately needs to be sexed by you – her orgasms are fundamentally necessary to her emotional well-being – you complete her when you sex her.

        So either you can put the rosy glow in her cheeks, or else you’d better be prepared to eventually come to discover that someone else was doing it for you all along.


      • Down here, the sell them right there on the aisle in Walgreen’s – you don’t even have to go through the embarrassment of asking for them from behind the counter, like you used to have to do with the condoms: “Uhh, can I have the 24-pack of the Trojanz Lubricated, please? Uhh, thanks. Uhh…”

        Why should I, a grown ass man, be in the least be embarrassed for the fact that I’m fucking?


      • Cuz you ask for the Petite size?


      • Its $10-30 for the kit, and $80-130 for the lab fee.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 1:43 pm Never Mind the Balzac

        Not living in the States, can someone tell me if this shit is real…


      • Or, maybe she found a harder dick, or he lost his job, or she just got mad at him for all those very good female reasons, or they didn’t have time to fuck often, or she was just lonely when the appliance repairman came.

        You’re responding to a totally arbitrary assumption.


      • celibacy game is only ever a short-term last-ditch gambit. got my wife begging for it and turned the tables at one point
        better long-term is refusing to come in her when she’s misbehavin


      • I agree about the lack of a big O being a probable root cause. A lot of guys swear it doesn’t matter and in the short term that is likely true. But if you want to keep her or just control her, giving her the big O is the best way to do it. Women will follow you around like a dog and daydream of you in their cubicles.


      • This may be true. But the exigencies of a long relationship, with both partners getting older, and attention and attraction being diverted to 3 kids in their case, means that we must require men and women to be honorable even if the big O is few and far between.

        Guys: don’t be one of these “other men”. See what they get for fucking an older woman raising kids with another man. Find your own damn woman, there are billions of them out there.


      • I couldn’t seem to reply to this comment directly on another thread, but your comment above reminded me of it.

        What is REALLY wrong with our society is the extended adolescence. People who are fully adults are spending years in this ambiguous social whirl, doing playacting so intense it becomes a lifestyle in itself.

        This. Also, the overwhelming benefits of the traditional courtship ritual are so obvious. For example, having a candidate show his worth to the girls parents first (which is of course predicated on the parents giving a shit).


      • It was my comment on the other thread! Guess I sound like a broken record to a more objective observer. 🙂 I had a cute younger girlfriend in HS but it was naturally assumed we would both go away to college. We were both reproductively mature but unsullied. We never considered that it could be anything permanent. What was stopping us?

        It’s not that she would have been a better wife than my actual wife. I don’t know that. They are much different people in many ways. It’s just that I would have saved almost 20 years reproductively. Maybe she would have saved a lot of time too. I don’t know what happened with her beyond a year or two after that.

        More parents should help their kids move in with them and help out raising grandchildren. It doesn’t take a village but it does take a family. This would be an extremely revolutionary trend, but heck Obamacare even helps by keeping kids on the parents’ insurance policy until 25. Get married at 18 and you can pop out a few of your own kids, with your easy fertility, and get them thru early childhood before you have to get health insurance. (Not actually sure if this insurance covers grandchildren though.)


      • It ain’t hard. It’s a question of making that same extra bit of effort you’re expecting her to make. You’re doing your kids a favor too, because they’ll be reassured their parents love each other.


      • All people are weak to one degree or another. You don’t have to throw rocks in their path when they’re trying to tread the straight and narrow. Adultery is not a new vice.


      • “I bet the dude simply wasn’t giving his wife the O-gasm (which Maxim is that). Once that can be ruled out, we can truly call the whore a whore, even though she’s pretty awful already.”

        I don’t know exactly what vows she took, but they don’t usually include a condition that you are receiving the O-gasm.

        Agree completely on the paternity test. Perhaps they weren’t required before just because there was not technology to do them accurately. Well, to the dismay of bitches everywhere, now there is.


      • i think orgasm is a necessary precondition to keep her maybe, but that’s not sufficient to ensure any kind of faithfulness these days. these women have facebook and fifty shades screaming at them how their love life should be, how it could be, how beautiful and deserving she is, and they positively crave that drama and thrill.

        i spent a couple of years harvesting exactly that, and while it is definitely fun (no, not honorable, but better than single girls any day– married women act like they haven’t had a drink in days and just stumbled onto a crystal oasis) it also will destroy your secure foundations altogether. when you see what the ‘nice family mothery’ women will risk for an afternoon of fun, you lose most hope for a real relationship.

        so while i would expect her to leave or stray without orgasms, i wouldn’t count on her fidelity just because she’s having them. women can rationalize anything. or said better:

        “most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and right place, they’re capable of anything.”


      • fffffftttt. Who gives a shit if she o’s. If you do, I feel sorry. It ain’t about her, and if it does become so, you already lost.


      • That was pretty much my experience banging married chicks. I have no more false preconceptions on the “goodness” of any woman. Right time and circumstances and the panties will drop on any woman. In the past there were societal controls that just don’t exist anymore. May as well have fun – fuck it.


      • “I bet the dude simply wasn’t giving his wife the O-gasm… “

        Whether you meant it that way or not, -1 for falling into the Cathedral’s “well, it’s not ALL her fault” shaming litany trap.

        Red-piller, you claim to be? Do better next time… give no voice to ANY excuse that can be used for treachery and unaccountability.


      • > “Red-piller, you claim to be? Do better next time… give no voice to ANY excuse that can be used for treachery and unaccountability.”

        I am following one of these dramas right now – third or fourth hand, after it passes through all of the womenfolk, and then makes its way to my ear – involving a local couple where the husband just isn’t properly sexing his wife and she needs it so badly that it is driving her insane.

        The weird thing is that they are an [otherwise] ultra-conservative Christian couple.

        She hasn’t cheated on him yet, but she has started seeing other men on “dates” in local restaurants – that’s how white-hot is the desire which is burning inside of her.

        My third- or fourth-hand diagnosis is that the dude suffers from something akin to premature ejaculation – he mounts her for 30 to 60 seconds and shoots his wad and then gets up and walks away as though nothing had happened, and leaves her lying there with this terrible unquenchable desire in her loins.

        Bottom line: Would we all feel immediate sympathy for a man whose wife refused to give him the sex he needs?

        And of course we could gavel through that resolution on a mere voice vote.

        So then to paraphrase a Scray or a YaReally or one of our other resident snakes-in-the-grass, why shouldn’t we feel at least a little sympathy for the poor woman whose husband steadfastly refuses to give her the sexing which she so desperately needs?


      • You just hypothesized that he isn’t refusing anything but suffering a physical problem.

        Following along that line, that isn’t an excuse to cheat. It’s a reason to see a sex therapist, suggest treatment, talk about it, etc. Women’s inability to be ordinarily helpful to their husbands is no less awful because of how common it is.


      • Nature made it imperative on the man to lead. The raw deal is no one teaches him how and there is a mostly bad information being taught when someone is trying to teach them. You can learn that here though and this site is a gold mine for young men.

        You Ya Really haters can say what you like, but he is good at leading women to follow his suggestions. He gets a lot of repeat business because he has also said he sees the advantage to making women orgasm powerfully. He is good at getting into their heads and making them want it. Once you see how easy it is to push women’s buttons, it takes no effort at all. All women ache to please a man they love, you just have to convince them to love you. Decoding their id is not hard and is the best way to lead them.


      • > “You just hypothesized that he isn’t refusing anything but suffering a physical problem.”

        It’s more of an intellectual CLUELESSNESS in that [from what I’m hearing, third- or fourth-hand] he seems to be clueless that his wife also needs to experience what it only took him 30 to 60 seconds to experience.

        That she might need a good 15 or 20 minutes to get there, but that she does in fact need to get there so desperately that she’s toying with the idea of breaking her solemn Christian vows to get it.

        I’m thinking that a lot more fathers need to have that Titus Pullo/Lucius Vorenus conversation with their sons, before their sons saunter up to the altar to get hitched.

        At least if they want all of their [ostensible] grandchildren-of-record to be their actual biological descendants:


      • Nah, I’m not excusing the whore, but Heartiste has the O-gasm as a Maxim for a reason. What I’m sayin is whores have been whores since Adam and Eve, so we need to at least check off the O-box so that isn’t in the laundry list of shit excuses women sucker punch us with to cheat on their husbands.


      • Then she should just dump his ass, not cuckold him. All for telling non performers the status.


      • But the woman does not want to lose her meal ticket, so the cuckold is born.


      • Thats the problem? Guy should just pop a viagra and plow her for a few hrs, easiest solution ever.


      • PE is bs. If I want to fuck a bitch for hours I will. If i want to get of in 30 seconds and go eat pizza I will.

        Nobody excuses a man cheating because his wife didn’t use enough tongue during a bj. Why is this shit allowed for women then?


      • That is red pill. Women are attracted to X, Y, Z, and if you lack those qualities, you will fail to attract women. That’s redpill.

        Something that’s missing from these boards is sexual performance. That’s a huge DHV. Specifically P-in-V O’s. And it’s all but implied in one of the 16 Rules: XIV. Fuck her good.


      • You’re missing the point, as usual… not uncommon to the muh-dik mentality.

        Every man ALREADY KNOWS that it’s wise to “take care of business” in the bedroom.

        But the minute you let women use that as an excuse to stray (and they WILL claim whatever it takes, true or not, to rationalize away blame), you’re playing into the “it’s a man’s fault” Cathedral litany.

        Not to mention giving the implicit stamp of approval to that whole feminist “My Desires (read: Tingles) Are The Most Important Thing In My Life… Beyond Family, Beyond Honor!”

        It’s one thing to realize the nature of women and act accordingly..

        It’s quite another thing to play into it… nay, even excuse it out loud.

        This isn’t rocket science… sheesh!


      • In the real world, it actually is you and not just them, Greg. I mean, every man ALREADY KNOWS that it’s wrong to cheat — what every man needs to know is how and why that behavior comes to be.

        If every man knew that TCB in the bedroom was so important….why do so many fail to satisfy their women?

        And the whole ‘my tingles are most important’ isn’t a feminist line. It’s human reality. Don’t try to act like a man’s moral imperative doesn’t begin and end with his dick.


      • So every woman you banged was orgasmic? I’m sorry but even as good of a lover as I am told i am sometimes there is a mis-match of sorts. Often its temporary but it happens. Previous social conventions and slut shaming stopped women following their tingles in her tracks before she did something untold. Now you want to give license to her to act out any way she wants when another man might make her gina tingle. Im calling BS on this one.

        Men should maintain some sort of side action anyways even if his marriage is good. He does not have to be banging them but men with options make better behaved woman and wives.


      • Most men don’t take care of business very well and have no clue that’s the case. That’s part of the problem. The point is, women who are sexually satisfied are far less likely to stray, even if they’re former hos. It’s a positive step a man can take that has huge payoffs. It’s the primary thing that makes them want to submit in the first place.


      • Gotta agree with Scray and Carlos Danger here.

        Lots of dudes just don’t seem to give a shit about giving their wives the orgasms.

        And that insouciance is gonna lead to disaster.


      • or a wood pile.

        (I’ll get my coat)


      • Been there in a way, and as much as it pains me, I have to agree with the cons on this one.

        Bad sex is a reason to talk, renegotiate, work on stuff, or if need be leave, not to cheat. Sex is one thing, but honor is another. A woman lacking honor may be common, but in that case she should have a deterrent.

        Whoever you’re shagging deserves to know if you’re shagging other people. Part of consenting is having full information. So to me it’s wrong, even if you’re single, to lie if someone asks you if you’re seeing someone or when was the last time you had sex.

        In a monogamous relationship, it is rape to bring other dicks to your man without his consent. He’s kissing lips that have been around another man’s cock. All those new microbes and maybe even some of the sperm is still in there. No way. It’s just not something a person should do to another.

        Cheating is either about vengeance or money. Either the woman hates the man she’s with deep down, or she wants to be able to have sex with one while getting money from the other. I have no sympathy or pity.

        Knowing the truth about women though, understand that you can’t sleep on anyone. Like a girl wearing a miniskirt and halter top and walking through a dark alley at night, neglecting your woman is likely to have you swimming in another man’s semen. It’s technically not your fault, but don’t be the piece of meat waving yourself in front of a pack of hungry dogs expecting not to get eaten.


      • Shouldn’t u still be boohooing about how u got ur lil’ mommy miscarriaged? Until u apologize to the audience here about u wasting their time crying about your paper alpha fuck up don’t try to lecture people about their sexual performance ok.


      • @Carlos “The point is, women who are sexually satisfied are far less likely to stray, even if they’re former hos. It’s a positive step a man can take that has huge payoffs. It’s the primary thing that makes them want to submit in the first place.”

        This, although I’m skeptical that a really promiscuous girl is susceptible to that “spell”, because emotional bonding is a big part of it.

        But women have some responsibility here too. I don’t agree that it’s ALL the man’s job to figure out what she likes. A lot of women have this mindset, as well as the mindset that sex is incidental to a good marriage or relationship, vs. it being a critical ingredient of one.


      • And the whole ‘my tingles are most important’ isn’t a feminist line. It’s human reality.

        As mentioned, recognizing female nature and dealing with it accordingly is one thing… giving lip service to “it’s just the way things are, deal!”, and thereby giving an implicit pass to it… especially out loud… is quite another.

        Doing that, you play right into the Cathedral’s clutches… all the more’s the pity because you’re oblivious to your folly.

        Don’t try to act like a man’s moral imperative doesn’t begin and end with his dick.

        Sorry, but most men I know (and all the proverbial greats mentioned innumerable times by GBFM) don’t think this way.

        Only you wet-behind-the-ears muh-dikkers use this South Park morality as the norm.

        All of the above reiteration is yet another example of why further discussion with your ilk is pointless… even if it’s done only for the benefit of the silent peanut gallery that may be reading here.


      • So every woman you banged was orgasmic?

        Maybe I’ve been lucky?

        He does not have to be banging them but men with options make better behaved woman and wives.

        Ya, actually the best is when your girl THINKS you have options. A lot of times tho there’s no substitute for the genuine article. However, you can do a lot of shit to make her wonder.


      • And the whole ‘my tingles are most important’ isn’t a feminist line. It’s human reality. Don’t try to act like a man’s moral imperative doesn’t begin and end with his dick.

        That’s exactly the naked leftist assertion Greg Eliot is railing against and you are unconsciously promoting.

        I love how everybody but the unwitting mouthpiece has to Get Real about something he hasn’t had the wit to ever study, much less comprehend in its practical application. “It’s human reality” like There’s No Naturally Occurring Difference Between the Sexes and other such tabula-rasa canards are “human reality.”

        Assuming it impossible to overcome your boner (or a woman to transcend her tingle) is what adolescents who just saw their first porn site yesterday are primed to believe, which comports nicely with the leftist slavery progression, which created and promotes feminism, which your “game” is supposedly a killer at exploiting. Something does not compute.

        You build your House of Game on sand, and you will be perplexed why it ultimately fails you in life, when the hard dilemmas come. You are getting wrong the principles that are even more fundamental than “aloof mastery.” This is the foundation under the foundation, which CH and his Church-of-Darwin scientism have no instruments to scrutinize. That very scientism is a tool of the left, who smashes venerable institutions with it to make way for utopias of their own design, nature be damned.

        Use the white part of your brain and think this one through, eggplant.



      • on December 28, 2013 at 4:58 pm haunted trilobite

        GE: muh-dikament dispensaries 😉


      • “It’s human reality” like There’s No Naturally Occurring Difference Between the Sexes and other such tabula-rasa canards are “human reality.”

        If what I was saying was incorrect, these common situations would be foreign to us: man screws over friend by sleeping with friend’s lover/spouse/gf, man sacrifices all for woman he “loves,” man pines away for years for a woman, man destroys all self-respect deploying beta friend game to get woman. These situations are common because men are at the mercy of their impulses like women are. Different traits trigger the impulses, but they are primal forces that exert great power over men like women.

        Controlling one’s self in the face of these impulses is the human ideal. For every one who succeeds, about a thousand fail. So yes, “human reality” is the glass slipper.

        You build your House of Game on sand, and you will be perplexed why it ultimately fails you in life, when the hard dilemmas come.

        Know thyself is the first principle of anything. I am a human male. I know what I feel in the presence of an attractive woman, and to deny that it clouds my judgment would be silly. I’ve never said Game provided any moral solution to “hard dilemmas.” I’ve never even said that Game was necessarily good for anything but attracting women for short-term flings. All I’ve said here is that morals bend and break hard around an individual’s sexual desire.


      • Sorry, but most men I know (and all the proverbial greats mentioned innumerable times by GBFM) don’t think this way.

        Most men I know lack enough options to “think this way.” Further, acknowledging a reality is different than sanctioning that reality.


      • Geez, you’re dim.


      • If what I was saying was incorrect, these common situations would be foreign to us.

        Claiming the preponderance of a situation is nothing close to explaining the cause of an alleged preponderance.

        In this age of information overload, everyone has a skewed sample. Our minds are not built to fathom numbers this big and interconnected and frictionless. You see a thousand examples online but have no way of conceptually comparing one thousand to one million, much less the trillions of generated variations created every minute on the web.

        This distortion now has infected our everyday life, which informs how we regard immediate phenomena in “meatspace.” You read into your “experience” the predetermined lessons you received online, which has only an infinitesimal connection to the data of your actual social milieu.

        E.g., you hear of ten stories online where “man screws over friend by sleeping with friend’s lover/spouse/gf, man sacrifices all for woman he ‘loves,’ man pines away for years for a woman, man destroys all self-respect deploying beta friend game to get woman …” — and your unnetworked meatbrain extrapolates that into phantoms in the realworld. You now begin to spy treachery hidden under masks everywhere because you have been exposed to the “common” assumptions exaggerated by a selective distillation among the innumerable internet.

        Now, if you actually did know ten men out of the couple hundred or so with which you are acquainted, who sacrificed, pined, and betrayed as you recount above, that would be a measurable phenomenon. But ten instances out of literally billions funneled through optimized search specifications is a rounding error by several orders of magnitude; and we have no natural detectors to alert us to this gap in our perception. We simply are not made to realistically compare, much less conceive, the difference between 10,000 and a trillion (which is why we would render it 0.00000001% or 100m X), we have no tangible frame of reference.

        The truth is, these anecdotes are not “common situations.” Anecdotal thinking is a female trait. Abstract yourself from this artificial distortion of extreme proximity and you will achieve wisdom.

        I’ve never even said that Game was necessarily good for anything but attracting women for short-term flings. All I’ve said here is that morals bend and break hard around an individual’s sexual desire.

        No indeed, you never “said” anything like that because you aren’t thinking past your dick — which is the issue. Yes, it was my extrapolation of your error into the land beyond game.

        In other words, “game” has taught you to believe in fortune cookie conclusions like “morals … break … [upon] sexual desire,” and I am saying: the moment you submit your canned wisdom nuggets to real testing, you will discover the inadequacy of such reductiones ad absurdum. Morals are meant to contain desires so that they do not destroy us, as, say, alcohol abuse might. Morals are not by definition inferior or subordinate to desire; they are expressions of a sober desire (to not destroy oneself) prior to the influence of the passions.



      • Claiming the preponderance of a situation is nothing close to explaining the cause of an alleged preponderance.

        Where did I provide any “explanation?” I stated that it was a positive fact of human life. You are stuck in the unenviable position of claiming otherwise.

        You see a thousand examples online but have no way of conceptually comparing one thousand to one million, much less the trillions of generated variations created every minute on the web.

        I would agree with you for depraved situations like the “enlightened gang bang,” but here I have centuries worth of history and art to back my “skewed sample.” The man who betrays everything for a woman is a common trope. Rather than swim upstream, I’m saying that it’s common for a reason.

        Morals are meant to contain desires so that they do not destroy us, as, say, alcohol abuse might. Morals are not by definition inferior or subordinate to desire; they are expressions of a sober desire (to not destroy oneself) prior to the influence of the passions.

        Where are we disagreeing, exactly? Morals are meant to contain our desires. However, sexual desires are the hardest for a man to control. As such, you will see his moral code breaking and bending most often when it comes to this desire.


      • Yeah that whole shaming thing doesn’t seem to be working out too well anymore, that shit only works anymore in rural areas where the people still have a modicum of christian belief.


      • Oh it works. There may be some backblast, but it works.


      • The true enforcement mechanism in those cases isn’t religious dogma as much as shaming from other women.


      • I have simply told a woman recently that she had too many c0^cks and therefore she was not worthy of my total commitment and provisioning. In essence she wanted me to pay full price for some very used goods. No thanks. The more I read in the sphere the easier it is to accept the reality of the state of things and not get upset over it.


      • Good for you, I the hope the bitch cried.


      • She did cry then tried to pretend she wasnt and then pretended to be hard as stone. These women, especially the older ones are a trip. Even after they hit the wall they still think they can dictate terms.

        I would have stayed with her, for a while at least if she was willing to prove herself invaluable. What she wanted was a ready made man. After what I had to deal with I was not ready enough for her, but I made sure she understood I was going to do what I wanted to and she could tag along some. She didn’t want that because she wanted to quit working and have me pay her expenses which were considerable. I was not surprised she went back on the hunt for a wealthy beta. The link below is about her. The vids in the link were done by one of her ex’s I became friends with. Its funny shat.

        She was the perfect case study. By observing her while I have been reading the sphere i was able to see the ugliness of hypergamy and the feminine imperative in action. It was distressing at times but oh so telling.


      • > “she wanted to quit working and have me pay her expenses which were considerable”

        In other words, she’s literally a whore.

        BTW, did either of you ever broach the subject of her giving you some biological CHILDREN of your own in exchange for this lifestyle of leisure which she wishes to pursue?


      • Monkey, good on you for dodging this particular bullet, but we still have one term we can dictate: access.

        We don’t *have* to have sex with anyone, and if it is all about the sex, there are plenty of young guys who will do the job.

        If you do plan on being the boy toy of an older woman again, deciding the grapes are sour is not the way to go out. If she wasn’t good enough for you, then you shouldn’t have gotten in the position to have that conversation.

        There’s a saying here that roughly translates to, “The n***** came and did the work. The n***** can go.”

        What the hell you were doing talking to her about how many cocks she had, I don’t know, but you were already more chatty than a good bitch should be. She thought you were a sucker because you behaved like one.

        I’m not making old ladies’ sexual market value out to be more than it is. I’m just saying that if you are shagging us, you’re already on the edge…and then getting into conversations like what you might do with it beyond that means you not only that you went this low, but that you did some degree of groveling to get there, which opened her mind to the possibility you might want to keep it around.

        You don’t tell an older woman who was nice enough to have sex with you that she’s had too many cocks when you are one of them. Hope your Mrs. Purity has a sex drive when she’s her age, whipper snapper.


      • cake.jpg


      • re: horse chick

        This is your STBX?? Or a diff. girl? Either way, I have walked MANY miles in those shoes and that article is 100% on point. One of my longest term GFs was an equestrian and she fits the bill to a fucking T.

        Saving money? Why bother, I need a new dressage saddle. Can we get a new car? Nope! I have to move my baby to another barn for an extra 500/month.

        They are a financial blackhole. Never again.


      • “BTW, did either of you ever broach the subject of her giving you some biological CHILDREN of your own in exchange for this lifestyle of leisure which she wishes to pursue?”

        She brought it up because we talked about buying a farm, actually she offered to sell her house and buy a farm for us. But she wanted me to run my company full out (16 hr days) so she can ride her horses all day and her only job would be banging me and giving bj’s.

        What i saw was a recipe for being cheated on and even more unhappiness.


      • Nice enough to have sex with me. Like she was the prize? She gamed me right after my wife left me. I was in no position emotionally to say no or anything for that matter. She took advantage of my fragile mental state. As I healed I say the relationship for what it was. Even at her age and if she let me get some on the side form time to time I would have stayed with her because she was pretty cool, or so I thought at the time. Sex form any woman is easy enough, at least for me, but its hard to find a real quality woman these days. Low N, good in bed, has domestic skills, good mix of submissiveness and independence, attractive and in shape.

        When a woman starts talking about commitment and all that I do ask for her sexual history, its not necessary about the number but if she is able to tell the truth about a sensitive subject. There are other biological issues also that are important to consider with a woman who had lostacoksa. I can tell when people are lying and she lied to my face and never came clean later. What other things would she lie about.

        The moral of the story is all woman are like the one in the article to lesser or greater degrees.

        As the RM states its not the number but the quality of the c&^ck she has had. She was an alpha widow and no man can compare to her earlier alpha which IMHO is one reason that leads woman to be unfaithful. I have made a couple of alpha widows myself.


      • The pic is not but the first vid is about her. That is what she looked like, from a distance though. Her body was tight I will say. The woman will spend every cent for her livestock (horses). Her other ex (who made the vid) saw more of her BS than I did. She was better behaved with me, but I wasn’t with her all that long. Many of her ex’s wroth her checks in one way or another. I refused to. She ended the relationship because of this issue primarily.

        I was telling a friend of mine the annual expenses she was requiring from me fro her hobby if we lived together and it was in the neighborhood of $20-35k. No single pussy is ever that good and she was way too old and her face was pretty hit I saw after my goggles came off. At $300 a pop for a high quality escort, thats 66 different women I can bang in a year. The math does not lie.


      • Monkey, yeah, nice enough to have sex with you…and from what you’re saying, more than once without a commitment or monetary compensation to cushion the lack of commitment.

        On this side of the world, we’d call her a sucker.

        You basically led her to believe that her efforts would be rewarded, and then jerked the rug from under her. Again, if she wasn’t good enough or you suspected she wasn’t good enough, you should have hit it and forgotten it. That would have kept things clear.


      • So basically what you’re saying is that you went balls deep repeatedly in an old hag with a busted face long enough that she might expect you to eventually pay for a bit of the reconstruction of the cobwebbed, creaky pussy you were destroying regularly.

        I just want to make sure we understand one another.


      • I never led her on to believe anything but us having sex and us having fun. There was no commitment at first and nowadays even in an LTR there is no commitment at least not from a woman. I have seen many times as soon as a man gets in a bind, drops his game for even just a moment a womans Hypergamic reaction prompts her to mess around, leave, whatever. The last thing on her mind is weathering any storm with a man.

        Your comments are very enlightening. You seem to expect that just because we tap it we owe the woman something. Sorry Nichole, those days are looong gone. If a woman wants me to provide substantial resources she better show up to the table with more than a used up punnani and tons of emotional scaring. Your comments show an entitlement attitude. On the other hand if she could demonstrate she had chaste sexual behavior and VERY limited number of partners in her life, a good attitude, etc my investment would have been more. I offered her good term she refused. My deal would have been good for her if she wasn’t so lets say, feminist and hypergamous.
        She stuck around just as long as I was useful to her and not a moment longer. I had my fun too, so it was an even exchange. Im not a wealthy man but I can make as much money as I want to make. Her hobbies would consume much of my time to generate the resources. No woman is worth that investment. Maybe she should have put her hobby to pasture and learned contentment. But that seems like too much to ask because snowflake thought she deserved her horses.
        If she gave up her horses I would have retired her in 3 years. My plan was good and very workable. She was screwed up financially when we met. I came up with a plan for her to fix that because she was irresponsible. When it became apparent I was not going to feed her addiction to nice things and expensive animals she was gone. Tells me alot about her and almost every woman in know in general.
        I have zero sympathy for old sluts, and they do not get rings or houses. And she was in fact an old slut. Women do not have porn star types sex with only a handful of partners. The consequences in this situation were that of her own making and decisions, as are the one I bear. Her riding reconstructed her pussy, it has to do with the muscle movements. This is how she was able to hid the fact she had 3 times the partners she admitted to. I will admit her pussy was great, tight and very talented and I will miss that for a week or 2 that is until I get my harem spinning again.


      • Monkey, read the words, not your assumptions. I obviously don’t feel that I or any two random people are entitled to anything or owe each other anything. A part of me is happy that a man does not choose to break my neck or chop me up with a machete when I’ve been alone with him. I personally approach all of my encounters and relationships with the same “I am already dead…” that I do in combat.

        You seem to be under some impression that things have changed aside of the outer wrappings. Regardless of what society/culture/trends tell you, humans still work the same as they did thousands of years ago, and there is still a difference between random encounters, raiding, and civil interaction.

        In civil interaction, there are default entitlements, such as the entitlement to survive the situation. You don’t expect that a woman who may have the power to rob you do that even though there was no explicit agreement that she should not. Were you to awaken from an encounter in the middle of nowhere with your goods missing, you would not simply take this on the chin and say to yourself, “Well, she didn’t promise that she wouldn’t hit me over the head and take my things…” You’d be pissed off. Something of value was stolen from you.

        If you believe that a virgin pussy has a default value (which is not true in random/jungle law or raiding situations, but is true in civil interaction), that a bit of is lost with each new sexual partner, then regardless of what was said or not said, you are taking something of value from her, for which she is entitled to compensation.

        So you need to decide what it is you believe. Are you a pillager, or are you a member of society?

        Now, a pillager understands that good pussy is good pussy and gives not one shit beyond the one to maybe three times he will hit that. Had you behaved thusly, I would not have a word to say about this…but you were all up into this woman’s life. You are the “mixed signals guy”, and if that made your eye twitch, it should.

        If you did not want to invest in the pussy you were pounding the value out of, you should have gotten the hell out of there early. Don’t tell me about all you did for this woman. A concerned platonic friend would and could have done the same without contributing to her (in a civil context) devaluing.

        If you believe that others and then you took something from her which cannot be replaced, then you can’t put a price on it. You were simply too cheap to pay that price.

        Worse, after enjoying it, you have the gaul to turn around and eject your sour graping here…making it seem as if she wasn’t even worth fucking. That is just low.

        You got rejected because you are cheap. The same as women in a civil society are owed nothing by pillagers, pillagers are owed nothing by women in a civil society. You have so much emotion around the simple fact that you’re operating like a thief, and then when the con is revealed, you behave as if you were conned because your values are mixed up.

        Go find yourself a virgin and marry her if you are civil. Stay with her and avoid others who aren’t pay by play whores if you are cheap. Leave the old mistresses and courtesans to the men who understand and accept the nature of the exchange…or be an honest raider, hit it and go your merry way. You can’t mix roles in this and then complain that someone was confused about your intentions.


      • So…… were essentially worried about not being the best fuck she’d ever had?

        From everything you said, it seemed like it wasn’t about her N. Or even about her being an alpha widow. It just seems like she didn’t want to be a responsible individual.


      • Nicole, why do you have such fear when meeting men? That said you take certain precautions as I do also. Every woman I have dated for any amount of time I try to leave better off than when I met her. This is because I teach them things they can use to improve their lives. Because of this I essentially interview a woman while I date her. Most simply don’t make the cut.

        I guess by your definition I am a pillager of women who have given up their value to all of the other men before me. When I finally got her she was used up to the extent there was little left for me. She got the sex and attention she wanted as did I. We both left getting our desires met. It is she who decided to change the rules ½ way in.
        When I met her right after my wife left I had no business being in any type of relationship and really tried to keep her at arms length. I even told her this. So I was up front, she was deceptive. If she was willing to work with me she might have ended up getting me to herself. I don’t think I was conned one bit. It made no difference to me that she left and apparently it made no difference to her either.

        I will say again, if she was useful to my mission and she proved herself trustworthy and loyal I would have given her the commitment she wanted. I don’t even care so much about her age or looks really as long as my needs are met and she is helpful. If she is not helpful then she better be a hottie with a voracious sexual appetite because that’s the only reason to keep her around. If she keeps coming around for sex I am not going to tell her stop. If the rules are stated in the beginning and she gets all lovey its her problem. If she want more she needs to prove more. That takes time.

        Either way I didn’t act wrong and in a lot of ways neither did she. It was just that little thing of her trying to set me up as the Chump I didn’t like.

        You made a good point. I wont commit to a woman with a high N (like +3) unless I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt I am the best fuck she ever had. This should be obvious why this is a good way to look at things. Shit I got the benefits fro al lof her experience and she let me bang other woman as long as we did it together. It was just she did not want to do the work. She wanted a ready man sugar daddy to write the checks. Fuck that.


      • Actually in the last year or so I have seen commercials on tv and the radio for paternity tests. This is definately a emerging market


    • I agree with mandatory paternity tests. Not just to catch cheating women, but to help make sure that the biological dad also pays for the child.


  11. This is why you preemptively cheat gentleman.
    Do not be the lovestruck beta.
    Marriage is a business deal, emote, if at all, accordingly.


  12. My sister ran a obstretics ward in a military hospital as head nurse for years. She told me that 18% of the children born in that ward were not procreated by the husband of record. This was a minimum figure just from blood type incompatibility, the actual percentage had to be higher. The orders were (and still are, I’m sure) don’t ask, don’t tell. My sister got into real trouble because she told a friend that his son… wasn’t.

    Admittedly, military wives have a reputation for this behavior, but still…


  13. Finished reading The Predatory Female in almost one sitting. Should be required reading for every male at the onset of puberty:


    • Like Tyler Durden said about Marla Singer…

      “She’s a predator posing as a house pet.”


    • Page 26 and 27 are missing

      that is very weird


      • Meh, Sorry alphas (so-called); this is quite clearly an extreme case. If you believe this woman’s behavior is typical or potentially typical for most women even in our highly degraded society, you’re no better than the weirdo feminists who see rapists around every corner.

        My best friend became friends with a girl in college. He went back very late, he was 32 at the time, she was 18. A lot of guys wanted her; my friend didn’t, but they became close friends. All of them supposed Christians.
        She married the worst guy possible; no job, no money, would monopolize the computer playing poker instead of letting his kids use it. They had two kids, they fist fought, he cheated, they eventually broke up, he left her with a house in foreclosure and several thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. All this time she had been setting up my friend as a Plan B.
        She hooks up with my friend before the divorce ink is even dry; it’s not CLOSE to final and she’s sleeping with him, taking road trips, saying that he’s “the love of her life,: and “she’s never loved anyone the way she loves him,” and “she’d even be willing to give her life for him.” They date for about a year & half, and she starts putting the marriage squeeze on. My friend says no, heartbroken. He loved her, but he was not cleaning up her mess and marrying her.
        She married her next door neighbor less than a year later; a man she’d met while she was dating my friend. She’d known my friend for 13 years; she’d known her now husband for less than six months.

        This shit is real.

        What’s not typical is finding a woman that actually cares about the man she’s with. Men are just a means to an end for women. And yes, AWALT.


      • I’ll add to this narrative the best I can.

        My Beta stock broker cousin married this woman, a junior partner(about a 7) in a law firm. Everyone thought she was great, came from a intact family(a traditional Catholic family no less), and that my Beta-Cousin really did well for himself. One year later after the posh wedding she’s banging one of the married Sr. partners in that law firm. With the ruthless efficiency of a SWAT team, she serves divorce papers on my cousin, clears their house out of everything(including all the wedding gifts) but the dog and a sofa from Ikea in one day.

        When the papers were served, the house emptied, and the affair became public to my cousin and everyone, she was immune from being terminated from the law firm for fear of getting sued because she was banging a Sr. partner. She also allowed herself to become pregnant as two months before discovering the infidelity with the Sr. partner, she stopped taking birth control pills as she claimed, “She wanted children”. My cousin thinks it was his. After forcing the Sr. Partner to retire, and securing her job, she gets an abortion. My Beta-Cousin “thinks” it was his…

        All of it was planned and thought out. This is what women are capable up.

        Of course, it left my Beta-Cousin stunned and crushed eventually leading to years of drug abuse and a suicide attempt.

        Thankfully, he wasn’t successful. He’s better now, but he’s not the same guy I grew up with. Rather a hollowed out shell of what he used to be.


      • If you have an argument with this, take it up with Nature.

        It’s not that we can’t genuinely love a man. It’s that, especially in the recent pussified generations, most of you have nothing real to offer a woman but children and money. Get rid of the overly romantic notions, and you become lovable to women.

        A man who understands the difference between men and women conducts himself in a way that shows that he understands, so he gets quality women, how ever he judges that. Equalists behave like women are or should be men, and this turns off quality women by almost any definition, and only attracts harpies looking for an emotional punching bag. They may get settled for as an expedient last resort, but if you haven’t established dominance, don’t expect love.

        It is important that you understand that (sane) women’s job is to control access and resist unless or until we find a suitable mate. Our psychology will use whatever means necessary to convince us to go for resources/status first, because this ensures the security of our offspring. Love doesn’t pay the bills.

        Women sport-shagging is very recent, and I believe it will go out of style simply for practical reasons. Women just aren’t built for this, and we’re not even getting love for it. Fun neither pays the bills nor brings any emotional fulfillment.

        Romantic love is a luxury that most women in the world can’t afford, even if we are capable of feeling it sometimes. Even then, the basis of it for the godliest good girl you will ever meet is the same as it is for the wickedest whore: admiration and respect.

        Tell me what there is to admire in the cute guy behind the counter at the juice bar who thinks I’m his equal.

        ….now tell me what there is to admire in the not so cute but wealthy owner of that juice bar who thinks I’m his equal.

        Of both ladyboys, which should a woman choose?

        This is the choice women are being asked to make nowadays. If everybody’s either a faggot or shiftless, which Gay or stupid guy would be wisest for me to make babies with?


      • It’s not that we can’t genuinely love a woman. It’s that, especially in the recent bitchified generations, most of you have nothing real to offer a man but a good pump & dump. Get rid of the overly egalitarian notions, and you become lovable to men.

        A woman who understands the difference between men and women conducts herself in a way that shows that she understands, so she gets quality men, however she judges that. Equalists behave like men are or should be women, and this turns off quality men by almost any definition, and only attracts manginas looking for a mom. They may get settled for as an expedient last resort for sex, but if you haven’t displayed submission, don’t expect love.

        It is important that you understand that (sane) men’s job is to spread seed for bequeathing an estate and ensuring generational survival into non-slutty women to avoid being a cuck. Our psychology will use whatever means necessary to convince us to go for submissive, beautiful, virginal or low N count women still in their prime to marry, because this ensures the paternity of our offspring & the chances of them being raised well. Bitches just create bills.

        Men being publicly shamed for extra-marital sport-shagging is very recent, and I believe it will go out of style simply for practical reasons. Men are just built for this, and we understand that it doesn’t mean you don’t love your wife. Fun shouldn’t cost a man his entire livelihood & reputation.

        Lifetime monogamy is a lie that most men in the world can’t afford to buy into, because they don’t understand the predatory nature of females, and because she’s only got 15 years of being in her prime. The basis of a man’s love for the godliest good man you will ever meet is the same as it is for the wickedest cad: youth and beauty. Nobody writes music about 40+ year old women.

        Tell me what there is to admire in the slutty blonde behind the counter at the juice bar who thinks she’s my equal but still wants to drain all of my resources for a body she’s been handing out for free since she was 13 years old?

        ….now tell me what there is to admire in the overly masculine Oprahfied bitch who owns that juice bar because she frivorced it from her first husband and claims shes “strong and independent.”

        Of both entitled harpies, which should a man choose?

        This is the choice men are being asked to make nowadays. If everybody’s either a raging slut or an overweight ugly masculine bitch, which shrew or stupid whore would be wisest for me to make any kind of commitment to?

        If you have an argument with this, take it up with Nature.


      • Wanna tell you story
        About woman I know
        When it comes to lovin’
        She steals the show
        She ain’t exactly pretty
        Ain’t exactly small
        Fourt’two thirt’ninefiftysix
        You could say she’s got it all

        Never had a woman
        Never had a woman like you
        Doin’ all the things
        Doin’ all the things you do
        Ain’t no fairy story
        Ain’t no skin and bones
        But you give it all you got
        Weighin’ in at nineteen stone
        You’re a whole lotta woman
        A whole lotta woman
        Whole lotta Rosie
        Whole lotta Rosie
        Whole lotta Rosie
        And you’re a whole lotta woman


      • “Nobody writes music about 40+ year old women.”

        Melissa Etheridge might.


      • Compare redpillsetmefree with Nicole.
        His story is one of bitter realization that women will use you to the fullest, while Nicole complains about the despicable selection of choice for a baby these days without one hint of concern for treating the male as a person instead of a provider or sperm donor.

        Lurkers, I hope you’re paying attention.


      • Why do you want women to be altruistic and men not?

        Let me break this down for you: nothing is free in this world. This is part of the point of game. You must understand and accept the Nature of women in order to master them.

        Women are hypergamous for a good reason: outside of a western bubble, this is a harsh world for a creature who is weaker than half or more of the world’s population to live in. We need security and protection from males, first and foremost, from other males. If you’re not in a position to provide that or are unwilling to, then anybody having sex with you is doing charity work.

        Part of the diabolical nature of the so-called sexual revolution was to convince men that women would be willing to do this charity work if only they had more “freedom”.

        Nope. We don’t. We just shift from solid moral values that had a payoff in actually being loved and treasured usually, to buying a leftist social structure and no longer being constrained by moral values or practical reality. Rather than idealizing the successful or at least successfully resourceful male, we now idealize the plastic “alpha” broke ass wannabe pimp who doesn’t have the sack to actually run girls and make some money at it.

        Away from the U.S. most smart women have already caught on and are simply not giving it up to dudes who can’t provide them security and protection. The dating styles shifted for awhile towards the American style, but have already shifted back in many under 25 now, for the simple reason that no quality woman is going to risk a hit to her reputation and marriage chances without some security.

        Whatever the times are, the difference between a mistress and a slut is still which is getting the man and which is just getting the shaft. Cheap sluts are still suckers.


      • You are providers and sperm donors. We are co-providers, wombs, and food for the babies the first year or two.

        Deal with it.


      • on December 29, 2013 at 1:50 pm haunted trilobite

        That’s quite a niholistic perspective


      • I think Nicole’s just being real about it. You already know how feminist and left-leaning this country is, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Go into every dealing with women with an AWALT attitude and protect yourself.


      • Someone around here said something awhile back like a woman who doesn’t nurture is like a dog that won’t hunt.

        You either perform your function in a relationship, or it’s dysfunctional. Can’t sit on your ass waiting for life to give you things just for existing.


      • Nicole,

        “Most of you have nothing to offer” isn’t really a very informed opinion. You haven’t dated me or my friends, so how can you speak about our value as men?

        I understand that your opinion of men must look definitive in your eyes. I assure you that its just one viewpoint and not a very deep view. Men are not cowards, faggots or pussies – it is hateful to talk that way. Do you know the saying, Who lives by the sword, dies by the sword? You are choosing to live by the sword, with respect to men, in thinking such sharp and biting words against them. That same sword is going to cut you, in your tender moments, when you want intimacy and all that good stuff… I dont know why I replied specifically to you, as most commenters here are showing a similar level of confusion, as is the head honcho, Mr. Heartiste.

        You can move towards a fuller understanding of Men if you choose, but you have to lay down that sword. I’m sure someone will be there to greet you with loving arms, and forget all this nonsense about dominance and “shiftless faggots”. Good luck.

        best wishes,
        Shiftless Faggot


      • Ah…my tender moments…

        Once upon a time, I thought I was being a cool woman who was cool with men by being passive, low maintenance, and not demanding anything from them. I didn’t want to be what sounded to me then like a whore. A woman can and should be ambitious and do for herself and make her own money to relieve men of this burden of having to take care of us and provide us with any security or protection.

        I was so…nice, right?

        Wrong. I was a ball cutting bitch who softly emasculated every man I dated until I woke up…smiling as I gently sliced off their testicles during tender moments.

        Wake up.


      • And yet you post here on these boards. So you do realize that there are some real men out there. Ok now go find them and stop making excuses. That’s my message for all you lovely ladies.


      • I found one and wore him out already. 😉 The rest is gravy. (Though being female, I will, until my hormones are done, pursue some amount of self inflicted drama and agony.)

        Some things are not just about me or my babygirl. I look around and see what’s happening with the next generation of kids whose parents are unaware, and I feel for them.


      • Dont you screw with black guys anymore? Theyre surely not pussified…right?


      • Generally not, and plenty try with me, but I refuse to be the disposable goya. So they’re not pussified the way American men are, but they are kind of culturally castrated.


      • Assinine post


      • You expected otherwise?

        A fat, old Negress who believes in ooga-booga bullshit spews (yet again) her n166er-babble… this time about how “most men have nothing to offer but children and money”?

        As if a treble-damaged-long-ago-hit-the-wall cooze like her deserves even those two not insignificant gifts?

        (Making the rather large assumption, of course, that there was even a point in her life when she was considered a distance FROM the wall?)

        I mean, the comedy usually writes itself in her case, but even this goes beyond a GBFM-esque LLLOZOZLZLZOZOZLZLZOZOZLZLZLZOZOZLZLZL.


      • Greg, does your anus quiver when you lie?


      • Apparently yours puckers when I tell the truth.


      • So tell me, Greg, how ever so perfect the young men of today are, and what real benefits there are to being connected with them aside of their resources and sperm.


      • Dim negress… my loathing of your inane comment had more to do with the flippant dismissal of “children” and “money”…

        The fact that men are far more interesting in just about any topic is just gravy… not forgetting, of course, the sheer handiness of little matters of annoyance… like, say, keeping the water, lights, and vehicles running.

        Dumb cooze… like many have said before me, if women didn’t [email protected], there’d be a bounty on ’em.


      • How was I dismissive when I was saying that women will resort to very immoral behavior towards men to secure the money and children?


      • Does the tiger prove himself worthy to his prey?


      • It’s been said that men love idealistically, women love opportunistically; there is no reciprocity: men love women, women love children, children love hamsters, and hamsters love no one.

        But there is a built-in system cheat for men: Game makes women love men; devotion makes children love men (their father).


      • … devotion makes children love men (their father) when they grow up.


      • All true. Men need to know sooner rather than later in life.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm Never Mind the Balzac

      “When you begin to fraternize with a woman,
      you are taking the first steps in a ritual mating
      dance that, if allowed to progress, will result
      in your moving about the floor in a semicomatose
      state until you are fleeced of your
      money, property, and peace of mind”


  14. One of the best rules I ever learned when it comes to women…

    Always listen to your gut. Your head and your heart are liars.

    Easier said than done when you have the testosterone flowing.


    • @earl Listening to your gut when you’ve got experience is critical.

      I often tend to over-react—ie distance myself immediately when I hear or detect some hint of: cheating, disloyalty, passive-aggressiveness.

      The results in several cases have been explosive.

      But then while I never learn the “truth” often this distancing or “surfacing” of the issue brings out a stream of vitriol from the woman in question that I wonder: hmmmm….she’s protesting a lot instead of calmly saying “I care for you and think you’ve over-reacted to xxx”.

      So my intuition has been 99% spot on but by surfacing the issue I have been proven right that “something” was up and the ensuing shit-storm bears that out.

      The question I ask myself: if I hadn’t brought this up, distanced myself, or reacted to whatever behavior suddenly alerted me to head games…would I have been happier? Would things not have escalated so quickly?

      It’s moot because in the cases I’m thinking back on, I was right.

      In one case 15 years back now I had a very intense relationship with a woman who was living in the US at the time and had come to visit. I gamed and banged her…then convinced her to move out.

      While she was back in the US she was writing (before email) me all sorts of sexy letters about how we were going to bang.

      Then she comes out and it’s wild…but then things start to get cool. She’s abit aloof.

      So somehow the conversation gets around the topic of her ex bf and I ask, “So when you went back, you mean you were living with him? I thought you had broken up before your trip out here?”

      She says “oh yes, well, when I returned (after FUCKING YOU) I was staying at his place. I didn’t want to tell him about “us” because it would only upset him but he wanted to come out here by I discouraged him…..”

      That was my “holy shit” moment. I’m like….wtf? You bang me, tell me you’re broken up, then you go back to the US and live with your “ex” all the while writing me about how you want to bang me…and you think I’m ok with that?”

      Her response? “I thought what we had was a kind of fling so…”

      I stayed with her another 9 months and it ended disastrously in heartbreak (for me) and just a lot of bad feelings all around.

      Ok…it took around 10 more years after that before I caught on to game….


    • If there is any doubt, there is no doubt. Simple as that.


    • This has saved my butt too many times to count. Even recently with an older whore I was seeing I always felt things were just not quite right. Also she wanted an investment from me her used up goods could never pay for and she was quite unhappy about me having to point this out. Again, my gut prompted me to shit test her if you will and she proved herself unworthy in the end. On to more of the youngsters I suppose.


  15. Things are way more complicated than simplistic alpha, beta,… pop psychology will ever be able to elucidate. Read the story of great Russian 19th C writer, politician, journalist,..Alexander Herzen & his personal tragedy. He was, in your terms, hyper-alpha: rich, aristocrat, the most influential man in Russia, the only universally recognized opponent to the Czar, ..His wife has had 4 or 5 children with him & loved him. BUT- she fell in love with a worthless, now almost forgotten German socialist poet Herwegh. The affair ended, ultimately, with her death. No matter how “alpha” you are, no matter how accomplished you are (Herzen’s memoirs are equal to Tolstoy’s and Dostoevsky’s novels), no matter that you’re sexually potent, no matter the entire Russian Empire admires, hates & fears you, no matter your wife has tons of children with you- she still can start behaving like a self-destructive idiot.

    Life is much more complicated ….


    • on December 27, 2013 at 1:27 pm The Burninator

      I don’t think you realize you actually confirmed most points about alphas/betas. Calling him alpha because he was rich/aristocrat etc. doesn’t mean he was alpha with women. As has been pointed out here, lots of in-public alphas (business, politics) are godawful omegas/betas when it comes to women.

      Second, she left all of that material/social comfort in order to bang a scragly rebellious artist type, who are, get ready, traditionally considered alpha if they are a lady’s man type of guy (think Lord Byron here, for example). She self destructs, which is not unusual for alpha widows, and badda bing, you’ve summed up nearly the entirety of the manosphere story of alpha fucks/beta bucks while thinking that you were disputing it. Slainte, lad!


  16. I’m the guy who submitted that story (the mod can verify my ip).

    At first, I thought the comment didn’t go through, since I couldn’t see it after posting it but i’m glad to see the message has spread.

    Anyway, what he did that was evil was he inserted some type of rod inside of her that I believe has sharp springs which extend by the push of a button. It’s suppose to be a sex toy of sorts. Allegedly, he played it off like he wanted to have sex with her and pulled out this rod as “experimental play” but instead, inserted it and twisted it heartiste shiv style. I think he did this with the intention of ruining her uterus. That’s some pretty hardcore shit. Needless to say, she can’t have children anymore.

    At the time, I thought this was going too far but you have to keep in mind. Not only was he feeding something that wasn’t biologically his for a whole decade, but he was also supporting and loving a traitorous whore at heart for probably all throughout their marriage.

    I can’t stress enough how heartiste advice on never getting married rings more true now than ever. No one is safe, not even an alpha.

    I would run another story, one that would prove this (at least it did to me) where I was personally involved. It’s about a girl one of my friends was engaged with, a true 9 and surprisingly sweet. Compared to him, I’m no alpha by any means. He fits the whole ideal package. He’s tall, dark, handsome, rich and he has “some” game to boot. I, some below average mofo with game and understanding, seduced her without really trying. It felt completely natural. I was a bit taken back at her initiative to move our interactions further even when he was in the vicinity. It was a lot like that story heartiste had where he was with some chick who was cheating with her husband and the guy calls heartiste pissed off. He has since deleted the story but it taught a valuable lesson.

    New guys should definitely read the archives and prepare for the new year. I have a feeling these types of behaviors governed by the id will become more open in the upcoming years, so you might as well prepare for them.


    • > “he inserted some type of rod inside of her that I believe has sharp springs which extend by the push of a button. It’s suppose to be a sex toy of sorts. Allegedly, he played it off like he wanted to have sex with her and pulled out this rod as “experimental play” but instead, inserted it and twisted it heartiste shiv style. I think he did this with the intention of ruining her uterus. That’s some pretty hardcore shit. Needless to say, she can’t have children anymore.”






    • Thats a beautiful thing your friend did, see he already has 2/3rds of the dark triad Machiavelleanism and sociopathy.


    • He inserted a rod in her with push button activated sharp springs and ruined her uterus huh?

      This happen in some third world shit-hole? Otherwise what’s his bond to get out of jail and what charges is the local DA indicting him with?

      I’m calling bullshit. Even so, the “story” brings forth a topic for discussion as paternity fraud is very real.


  17. Oh, those military wives. When I was in high school in the early 80’s, my best friend was a six foot three blond surfer who lived at an apartment complex in Va Beach. Once he turned 17 he started getting hit on by the lonely navy wives that lived there and hung out at the pool. By his senior year he was in demand. The “lonely navy wives club” held drinking game parties every weekend in one particular apartment and it was after one of those parties where I lost my virginity with a young awkward navy wife, her six month old baby sleeping in the crib in the same room.

    My surfer bud ended up moving in with one young wife, who already had 2 very young kids with her navy pilot husband. He was a big talking swaggering navy flyboy. He came home from a tour at sea to find my buddy living with his wife and kids. She was in love and was leaving him for surfer boy. Everyone, including surfer boy’s mom, were up in arms and it was a giant mess for a while, but of course after a few weeks, surfer boy came back home and flyboy returned to his tiny apartment and family. I don’t recall what happened after that, I went to college and my surfer buddy went into the Air Force.


    • …and my surfer buddy went into the Air Force.

      I hope he remained single until he was discharged.


    • It was upsetting at how many men hit on my very pregnant wife when I was in the Corps. If she wasn’t knocked up and them being with family members that flew over to her after the birth to help I would have been VERY concerned.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 1:33 pm The Burninator

      And once again I advise: Men, do not EVER hook up to a permanent relationship with a broad while you are on active duty. And I’m talking to you career types too, eventually you’re going to be deployed somewhere and then all hell breaks loose. Stay single and only mingle, is the motto of the active duty soldier. Fuck every hot chick three ways to Sunday but do not EVER trust one enough to get into a relationship with during your term of enlistment (or until you retire/resign your commission).

      Or take the risk and find yourself in the common position of gnashing your teeth over “Jodie”, the guy you sang cadences about while in training, the guy who bangs your broad while you’re away or deployed. That cadence exists and is perpetuated for decades for a reason.


  18. why bother even participating in the sexual market at this rate?

    if women are hypergamous (which I acknowledge they are) and the pussy goes to the highest bidder, and there’s always someone who can outbid you (and outbid that guy too, and so on) then why bother for anything more than just busting a nut and getting the fuck out of Dodge?


    • on December 27, 2013 at 4:05 am Hugh G. Rection

      That’s what competing in the sexual market is.


    • Because laying my head in a woman lap watching a movie is nice sometimes. As in getting back rubs, etc. Unless you CANT get this from woman, why not enjoy them. You dont have to live with/marry them in order to enjoy them. What I see is alot of men who either refuse to learn game, lose weight, etc to attract women to them and make excuses because they are too lazy and too bitter. Most men want the company of a woman, even if its only sex, touching, a little companionship, back rubs, movies etc. I have been hurt myself. I keep some bitterness so I dont act beta, but I hid my negativity and enjoy meeting new females. Its a game to see how fast I can get their panties off.

      Dont be that man who lets his bitterness consume him. That is acting just like a woman by being overly emotional. Control your emotions and you can control the outcomes of your relationships. As with plate theory, if you have plates spinning you dont care if one flakes out, cheats, or whatever. Even at the times I dont have plates spinning I still control my emotions and dont care what a woman does anymore. If she misbehaves for whatever reason – NEXT.


    • For kids, and yes, I agree, relationships take a sense of humor, and an open honest risk-assessment is mighty helpful in preventing a future emotional meltdown. Being cynical saves lives, and it also makes girls work a bit harder, slightly shifting the balance more towards center.


  19. I don’t understand why people sign the birth certificate form until the DNA test comes in.


    • on December 27, 2013 at 4:06 am Hugh G. Rection

      Different for married people, it’s just assumed and very hard to challenge afterwards. Many times even DNA isn’t enough to get rid of the obligation. Some countries even ban it.


  20. Isn’t Maxim 13 just the shortened version of Briffault’s Law?


    • @earl, I don’t think so. Briffault’s Law:

      The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

      The idea that the female is the natural judge of male SMV is BS. In a world of man A, man B, and female C, if man A is a better ‘stronger than’ than man B and ‘stronger than’ female C, man A decides to exclusively mate with female C, period.

      In wild, ‘stronger than’ = better fighter or otherwise winner with violence.
      In society, ‘stronger than’ = politio-economic standing depending on culture politics and economics and institution politics and economics.

      We are so conditioned with blue pill, we accept female decree along side rape fantasy. Socrates would scoff with a wry smile. Also look at the phrase ‘animal family’. If we are female centric, we are animals. A nuclear family is the byproduct of patriarchy which is mutually exclusive with female political choice. Maxim 13 is completely accurate because it accurately describes female nature, in part by NOT attributing political agency to vapid, metrosexual, cosmopolitan, narcissistically cultish broads. Too cool for school.


      • Unless Man A is omnipotent and never needs to sleep, the female may still fuck Man B.


      • And it matters not how many stains you added to the sheets or the orgasms you gave her. One slip up and the feminine imperative will rear its ugly head.

        A little story to ponder


      • wtf is that guy whining about? Is he saying that the girl was cheating on him? The story implies that she was his mistress, anyway.

        If that whole piece is just about the fact that the women he’s with has been with 4+ other men besides him, then he needs to just move on.

        The “man up” stuff is bullshit, but the “shit or get off the pot” is solid. You find a situation you are uncomfortable with, then either remove yourself from it or accept it and carry the burden. Whining about it and dragging ass is the province of women.


      • It was a story I wrote one morning as I was going through my re-awakening some time ago. It is based on a relationship I found myself in. The woman in the story had many sexual partners. The point was about how the ghosts of a woman’s sexual past will haunt a relationship when a man becomes too emotionally invested in a promiscuous woman. Seemed kind of fitting.


      • Perfect explanation for why no fault divorce is evil. Women no longer forced to perform wifely duties to get man’s past, present, and future earnings.


      • She no longer needs to associate to get the benefit, thanks to Jewish feminist law backed by the state’s guns. Hence women running feral.


  21. Apparently, the Fates have seen fit to giving me a Christmas Gift this year. And it is somewhat fitting for this thread.

    I had a woman seek me out, literally, on FB on X-Mas day. I couldn’t actually remember who she was at first but then it clicked so I accepted her friend request. After quickly scrolling through her page it all was made clear.

    I’ll go chronologically and keep it brief. I was a lifeguard for many years up through college because I was a very strong swimmer and am naturally V shaped (thank you genetics, swimmer’s body). There was another lifeguard chick I worked with who was sort of the “anti-little spoon” (feminist x). Her face, was model hot hard 10 no shit. I’d almost describe her as angelic looking. Her eyes were so blue they were almost colorless and natural long blonde hair. Body, diff. issue. She was a bit of a chubber. Not fat, but “curvy” though she had the blessing of the massive DD tits that brings.

    So we use to fuck for a while back in the day. Haven’t heard from her since. Then she apparently took the time to actively cyberstalk me on FB and friend me yesterday.

    She used her stunning face to get predictably get carouseled for years. Finally decided to “settle down” late 20s. Something happened, prolly decided to catch some side dick. Husband kicked her ass to the curb w/ one kid out of the oven. So now, she is a single mom mid-30s and apparently looking to “reconnect” (LOL!) probably literally and figuratively with some people from her past.

    Her face, even for mid 30s is still REALLY fucking pretty shockingly. If I didn’t know her and saw her on the street I’d guess probably late 20s. Body hasn’t changed much she is still rocking those gravity inducing mammaries.

    So, what is the play CH readerati? Ignore since I know damn well what her play is, or “re-engage” for some fun and the chance to gloriously blast on that angelic face?

    I would just post her pic here but it is easy enough to drop her image into google image and see who she is so I’ll give you the closest approximation I could find on the interwebz. (Though her eyes are even lighter than this girls)


    • Go for it.
      Somebody has to do it, might as well be you.


    • Too hung up on one physical aspect. You can be deceived. Let it go.


    • I hate to admit it, but I look at that face and all is forgiven.

      AND with DD’s, you say? Sigh… I’m a dead duck.


      • My STBX was just as hot. Evil selfish biotch she turned out to be. Hot on the outside, ugly as sin on the inside. Its weak to succumb to a pretty face, its a show of strength (and alpha I believe) to look at her and shrug. She will respect you more for the shrug.


      • As I mentioned, I hated to admit it… but sometimes there’s a chemical reaction in the brain that pwns reason and accountability.

        Luckily, there aren’t that many such specimens (for me) in the real world. Indeed, most of the “glamour/hot” types touted these days in the media do nothing for me.

        But a down-home girl-next-door-looking (true) blonde Nordic… WITH double-D’s? Hell, I’m down for the count.

        All I ask from you Lochinvars of PUA is some slack for self-awareness… a man’s got to know his limitations. 😉


      • Jesus! they don’t get much whiter than that; Nazi wet dream FTW.

        Hit it once for me.


      • I laughed. Out loud. I think that’s lol.


      • Check out the other ones there by clicking the tabs on the side of the picture.


      • If you could put sperm into this girl, as you saw, your kid would literally in spite of your DNA contribution, be a straight up Caucasoid. Such is the power of pussy this starkly Nordic.


      • Roots, eyebrows, and lips suggest not pure nordic.


    • If I told you I was going to feed you rat poison…but was nice enough to wrap your favorite candy around it…would you still eat it?


    • So what’s the problem? She’s single again, doesn’t have another man’s issue along for the ride, and she’s looking for some fun times. Any available decent looking woman of that age (let alone stunning in some way) is going to have sexual experience. Do whatever you want to do, I see no hangups.

      This doesn’t mean you have to be willing to marry her.


    • > “So, what is the play CH readerati?”

      Are you kidding us?!?

      Have her send her child to bed with at least a good 12.5mg dose of Diphenhydramine so that poor kid won’t wake up in a terror from having heard its mother, down the hall, screaming, at the top of her lungs, “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I’M COMING, I’M COMING, I’M COMING, OH DEAR SWEET JESUS, I’M COMING!!!!”


      You need to be told this?


      • Oh, and ex-lifeguard “Boo-Yah!” congratulations in advance.

        A man will never again in his life see as much poontang as he saw when he was a teenaged lifeguard.

        Which, in turn, makes me realize what an awesome dude The Gipper really was:


      • nancy “best blowjob in hollywood” reagan, was cucking ronnie with sinatra bjs in the WH

        yeah that gipper sure was such an alpha


      • Whew – I hope that rumor isn’t true.


      • There are much worse ones involving Reagan. Remember he was a politician and an actor, guys like that don’t get hired because they are saints


      • Truth. I was 16 years old when I qualified for pool lifeguard, and 20 years old when I qualified for beach lifeguard. I had a single year, 2010, that I became a man in my 30s which could compete with the sheer volume of pussy I slayed from 16-21. I remember both eras with great fondness.

        I have never been more exposed to gorgeous women DTF w/ high chance of STDs at any time in my life, and I stll came out mostly smelling like a rose (a few trips to the dermatologist, not withstanding).


      • Were they all whites or did you sprinkle some diversity among the Von Trapp family fucking?


    • She wants a baby daddy for Christmas. Those big butts only get bigger. A fat angel face is still fat. Another man will always be involved in your relationship because of the kid. I can think of more reasons not to get involved with her, but you’re pretty smart and street wise and have probably already thought of some.


    • I’d say it depends on whether her beauty is worth the drama.


    • Don’t marry her.


    • Women with kids is trouble for anything more than a CAUTIOUS pump and dump. If your good looking and with a little game you can get a woman without any kids in tow. She wants a daddy for her baby and if necessary she will get your bun in her oven to snag you.

      My ex is still hot like you describe. But the situation and advice would still be the same. I wouldn’t even bang my ex again even if she begged because of the risks to wallet and heart.


    • uh………r u srs? Smash, my bro. Smash.


    • I usually don’t reply to my own shit but I think I shouldn’t have been quite that brief. Let me say more— I marvel at how much dumb fuckin broads put themselves out their with no need for NSA intervention. Since this chick friended me, she has -voluntarliy- posted a map of every place she has evern been since college to today. This tells me most of what I may need to know to smash her with game.

      She has never been off the eastern seaboard of the States. Nowhere farther than Ohio. It makes me sad. I think I could basically shotgun game her with my passport alone. All timezones in the States, much of Europe, and much of Asia.

      Basically, enchant her with dreams of travel she has never known. She had big dreams in college which apparently were dashed against the rocks of dick-riding local boys until you got too old to make your way in the world.

      Bottom line— I have no game for mid-30s still semi-hotties w/ kids. Because why? I don’t fux w/ them because I don’t have to really. I -will- make an exception for this bitch because you saw her analgous photo. What is the play on this type of girl? I will take advice from YaReally at one end of it down to Matt King on the other end. It is 100% out of my experience.


      • I said it upthread, but I will say it again here.

        You will fall harder for the kid than for her.

        And then this:

        “If you could put sperm into this girl, as you saw, your kid would literally in spite of your DNA contribution, be a straight up Caucasoid. Such is the power of pussy this starkly Nordic.”

        Which tells me that the thought of it is already seeping into your mind.

        Prediction: This one could get under your skin.

        Proceed with utmost caution.

        But proceed.

        And as for the big picture, in the long run: She is insane. That’s her nature as a woman. She can’t help it. But you know that already.

        You, on the other hand, are the Rock of Gibraltar.

        No matter how hard the storms of insanity attack the Rock, the Rock doesn’t move.

        The Rock is implacable. Impermeable. Immovable.

        The insanity comes and goes.

        But the Rock simply is.

        This poor woman and her child don’t need Game per se [although you’ve always got Game as a tool in your arsenal].

        They need The Rock.

        And believe me, the storm is coming.

        The storm is about to strike.

        Batten down the hatches and move into Old School implacable mode.


      • Does your Baby Spice come with the photoshop complection and snow flecked in her hair?

        Bottom line— I have no game for mid-30s still semi-hotties w/ kids. Because why?

        Here is “game for mid-30s still [chunky] semi-hotties w/ kids”:

        Step 1) Say, “Hello.”


      • Like

      • Note: Will only work if the SMV spread is ridiculous — Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger alone is already a differential in looks. Then, add that to the fact that he’s an agent and she’s a homebody secretary. Then add that to the fact that she’s a single mom? Lol. Of course he has her at “hello.” He could go fuck half the city and he’d still have her at “hello.”


  22. Jay in DC, do no more than pump and dump.


    • I second Bob.


    • Indeed, one hitter quiter status


      • The danger with a face like that is the more you do with her the more you’re likely to get attached to a woman that will betray you. One and done is wise.


      • Truth. I have a -VERY- weak spot for women of this breed. They are like unicorns. Platinum blonde hair, eyes like clear white icecubes, and blonde pussy hair to die for. It is intoxicating. I escaped her before in my youth. As a wiser older man, I realize the need to just fuck my baby into her if I can, and then let her go her own way.


      • Platinum blonde hair, eyes like clear white icecubes, and blonde pussy hair to die for. It is intoxicating.

        No matter what your goal, the ideal state is disciplined indifference. You exhibit the opposite.

        THIS, right here, is the purpose of CH and this community, to transcend that hypnotic power (“the chemical reaction… that pwns reason” according to Eliot) and make willful decisions for yourself and on her behalf — and, not incidentally, on the behalf of the world.

        Your dilemma is 100% internal with regard to this woman. You can do to her/with her anything you want.

        All of the agonizing above is indicative of beta backsliding, where the pussy defines the reality of the goal and you spend your energy conforming to its needs, backwards-rationalizing how you can be alpha under certain vulvic-originated circumstances, and reinterpreting the spontaneous wisdom of your dick (“Do it do it fuck it do it”) into what passes for a conscious strategy of how to best effect your will upon this world all along.

        What do you want out of life? Do you want the patriarchy or the continuous sterile friction or somewhere in between? Where precisely in between? Do you want to fuck and flee, give her a bastard and flee, settle down with a companion for life, or raise up a new generation of alpha sons?

        Being a man means being decisive. Being decisive requires possessing situational awareness.

        Mid-thirties women are not for babymaking. And though this is not the decisive factor, be wary of rewarding any woman for her years on the carousel, on general principle.

        But above all — and this is the lesson our generation missed — forget what you want out of a transaction and start concentrating on doing what’s best under the circumstances at all levels: best for you, best for her, best for her kid, best for this moribund culture.



      • Some of you religious guys are brilliant away from the tentacle grasp of your religious convictions. That was beautiful.


      • > “best for you, best for her, best for her kid, best for this ”

        What’s best for her and the kid is JnDC.

        That ain’t even arguable.

        What’s best for this moribund culture is more of the people who created it, which means [sorry, thwack] MORE WHITE BABIES.

        So JnDC already has three out of four strikes working strongly against his continued bachelortude.


      • Zombie Shane

        What’s best for this moribund culture is more of the people who created it, which means [sorry, thwack] MORE WHITE BABIES.


        Without us your white babies would be on all 4s the rest of they lives; bipedalism FTW!

        “thats one small step for a thwack; one giant leap for all crackah kind”

        You’re welcome.


      • For fuck’s sake Matt… really?! I am -not- one of your detractors as you surely know. So let us get binary right now because, sometimes life IS binary. This woman, you saw her photoshopped version but that is not much off the mark brother, she is a stunner. I could breed with her and create another European baby with IQ far beyond anything that can be produced in the decadent West. There is a good chance, that our offspring will be model hot and highly intelligent.

        But…. I cannot be her 100% man because she made bad decisions in her 20s. So, she can be another angelic nordic white girl who takes the nigga dick, as many have, or… she can be the concubine of a European male with genius IQ sperm, who produces ubermensch. So what? You are castigating me for trying to fuck my genius babies into white wombs? Big Gov will PROVIDE for her, and my kids, period. Even if I cannot.


      • IQ is graded from low, low average, average, superior, and lastly gifted. no iq test gives a genius rating.


      • > “You are castigating me for trying to fuck my genius babies into white wombs? Big Gov will PROVIDE for her, and my kids, period. Even if I cannot.”

        Mr Big Bad Psychopath thinks that he is going to be able to resist that little kid.

        “Mommy, mommy, mommy! It’s JnDC! Mommy!!! JnDC, read me this book. JnDC, help me build with my blocks. JnDC, take me outside so that I can ride my bike. Mommy, come say hello! JnDC, will you teach me to swim so that I can grow up to be a lifeguard just like you? JnDC, will you teach me to play an instrument so that I can be in band, just like you? MOMMY, HURRY UP!!!”

        You are so phriggin clueless.

        And then Mommy emerges from her bedroom with her face painted in full-blown Coco Chanel-Christian Dior Nordic Goddess War Paint.


        You are ass is about to get burned for the next 40 frigging years.


        Shit needs to be made into a reality show so that I can laugh at your ass every week on A&E or Discovery Channel.

        “How Jay in DC Lost His Bachelorhood.”


      • Jay in DC wrote:

        So what? You are castigating me for trying to fuck my genius babies into white wombs? Big Gov will PROVIDE for her, and my kids, period. Even if I cannot.

        I didn’t “castigate” you. And I wouldn’t. None of us have enough detail to give you precise advice. The best we can do is outline your options for clarity as a way to assist you in thinking through your dilemma. I trust men like you to make wise decisions.

        But reading castigation into my neutral presentation is indicative of where your mind is. It sounds like you are not quite okay with making bastards and leaving them in the care of Julia the single mom and her sugar daddy Obongo.

        Again, I have an opinion about that option — in general and all other things being equal, not with regard to your particular circumstances — but bastardy is not the most important factor. I would never recommend you smash up, use up, knock up, wife up, or flee from any woman I only know from the broad strokes of a combox account! Especially in this culture where every surprise is possible.

        Contrary to broad misconceptions, I am not all about marriage and purity rings and Virginity Über Alles. I am about men carving out a separate peace during this cultural clusterfuck best they can, and I am about men contributing when and where they can to the greater good. Sacrifice is voluntary, as your poolside leader demonstrates by example. But any sacrifice made should be by independent, clear thinking men in full possession of knowledge of their options.

        Now we are engaged in a cold civil war, testing whether this culture, or any culture so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. You and I are met on a great battle-field of that war.

        All choices are suspect, all decisions are compromised by C’est la guerre. Nothing is easy about our white male predicament — the enemy designed it that way.



      • I’ve had three posts sucked into the omnivorous WordPest vajj-vortex, so do enjoy the bits and pieces that survived.


      • But…. I cannot be her 100% man because she made bad decisions in her 20s.

        Lol, glad that you’re doling out justice. But, not really, right? Idk, seems like if you want to knock someone up, you need to at least give the LTR a chance — for the kid. In this case, that’d be your bio kid.

        If you know you can’t do that, why not just find another woman who you can give that too?

        And wtf….the reason you’d possibly let her have your kid but refuse to commit is to punish her for the decisions she made in her 20s? Huh? Even at my worst I don’t think I could do that. During my scare, I had every intention of at least giving things a shot.

        Ultimately, what you’re writing comes off as this — you like this girl. You legit like her. However, it seems that all of this red pill stuff you’ve read is fucking with your head. If you can’t deal with her past, then just move on. If you want a baby with her, go for it and give the relationship a try. No one can tell you how to live your life. All of this red pill shit deals in statistical tendencies, so unfortunately you have to remember the NAWALT — granted, the exceptions tend to prove the rule. But first you have to discern whether or not you’re dealing with an exception. And then you have to honestly believe that you and her could be the exception.


      • Shit damn.

        Scray just said, “NAWALT”.

        Satan is rolling himself a snowman down in Hell right now.


      • Matt, did you come up with “sterile friction”? That’s pretty good.


      • It’s original as far as I know.

        But don’t be surprised at how easily widely-read men appropriate certain turns of phrase as their own without realizing it.

        There’s so much thesis, antithesis, and synthesis constantly churning that ownership is difficult to ascertain, especially on this frictionless medium of exchange.


      • Get a NEW version of this model!


      • on December 30, 2013 at 8:44 pm Theodore Logan

        Since she is 30+ years old, her prime fertility is over, so any potential kid you put in her has a good chance of being autistic, retarded, or miscarriage. Seriously dude, fuck that whore’s face and make her swallow.


  23. Look at the big picture, ch. To her intimates, what she did was deplorable, but from 30,000 ft, she was doing her duty to the species by going for the better set of genes. Probably unconsciously.


  24. on December 26, 2013 at 11:06 am North Vinlander

    Interesting holiday story:

    I was at a table with my mom and aunt when my mom was talking about how this girl (super-high academic achiever, recent university graduate) has a boyfriend who knocked her up and supposedly treats her like crap and is and her mom hates him.

    I said “Yea but mom, women love guys like that.” My aunt bursts out laughing. I said “You’re laughing because it’s true.”

    “Yea, well a lot of them do. Not all.” she said.

    “Too many of them do.” said my mom.

    Yay for honesty from the horse’s mouth.


  25. Meh, Sorry alphas (so-called); this is quite clearly an extreme case. If you believe this woman’s behavior is typical or potentially typical for most women even in our highly degraded society, you’re no better than the weirdo feminists who see rapists around every corner.


    • NAWALT!


      • It has definitely been my experience that not all women are like this one or even potentially like her given the depravity at issue here. My viewpoint is based not on what any woman has said but on what I’ve seen with my own eyes. Many of CHs readers seem determined to ruin what is otherwise very solid critique of the status quo through exaggeration and overstatement.


      • It matters not if all x are like y. It is the tail ends of risk that will ruin you if you don’t proceed with caution. If a tail is fat enough, it should be a general concern


      • yeah but you have to be a retard to not see the huge red flags that indicate ‘tail end of distribution’ material.


      • Is not one of the objectives of this very site to educate against sexul retardation? In other words, there are a lot of Corky Thatchers out there sticking their units in all kinds of crazy.


      • The simple advice is to watch how a woman treats OTHER people in her life. If she’s a backbiting, disloyal cunt who never can keep friends — guess what, that will be you she does that to in due time. If she lies to other people in her life — that will be you she lies to in due time.


      • > “The simple advice is to watch how a woman treats OTHER people in her life. If she’s a backbiting, disloyal cunt who never can keep friends — guess what, that will be you she does that to in due time. If she lies to other people in her life — that will be you she lies to in due time.”

        And if she cheats on her man, with you, then eventually she will cheat on you, with yet another man.

        Guaran. Damn. Tee-ed.

        Cheaters cheat.

        ‘Nuff said.


      • What you stated is exactly what the feminists are saying when they shriek “All men are rapists!”

        The only men who are rapists are the ones on the very right tail end of the male aggression bell curve.

        The only women who commit paternity fraud are the ones on the very right tail end of the female slut bell curve.


      • on December 27, 2013 at 4:18 am Hugh G. Rection

        But as CH stated, it’s far more prevalent than rape.


      • Why is she so “depraved”? She was madly in love with another man, but kept the first for the sake of the children. In her mind, she is brave and courageous and clever. He’ll, she is even a brave altruist because she gave her lover a child putting the whole thing at risk.

        Do you think half the PUAs here are “depraved” for regularly tapping other men’s wives and laughing about it?

        We are talking about how women are, not how we would like them to be.


      • I think those PUAs are. But really if they get some excitement in their mind or a thrill for delivering the news of a +1 to their other depraved buddies for committing adultery…nothing I say will change their mind.

        Their x chromosome is just as messed up as the woman’s.


      • “We are talking about how women are, not how we would like them to be.”

        Determinism, the weak man’s excuse.


    • Not all Randllr are like that…


    • Not “typical” but more common than is supposed.


    • That’s what the cuckold said.


      • Is your point that all women are like this?


      • I believe that even though most women won’t necessarily go out and seek to do these things, all women are capable of doing these things under the same circumstances.


      • That’s just like feminists saying that though most men won’t necessarily go out and seek to rape people, all men are capable of raping people under certain circumstances.

        Seriously, the MRAs could have provided solid and reasonable critique of feminists. Instead they are just the other side of the same coin.


      • There’s a difference though, rape carries with it heavy legal and social sanctions, adultery by the female or paternity fraud carries little to no legal sanction and virtually no social sanction in our semi-anonymous, thugtastic culture. Indeed, it may even come with cash and prizes.


      • rr

        on the 0.1% chance you’re not completely trolling …

        That’s why the hamster has to be seen to be believed. Nothing but direct sighting will do, preferably in multiple NAWALT candidates (mother, sister, daughter, happily married church lady running a church function’s hamster).

        Seeing the hamster is eye-opening.


    • Take the red pill. About half of women cheat. Most of the predictors of whether a woman will cheat come down to opportunity: attractiveness, amount of free time, time spent away from the home, independent income, etc. So if more women were attractive and had more opportunity, even more women would cheat.


      • How is drawing a conclusion about women in general off this anecdote different in principle than some man-hating harridan finding an instance of a brutal rape and then using it to generalize about men? Not trying to be a jerk. Serious question.


      • Because given an opportunity, women act like animals, which is the end goal of feminism.
        Enjoy the decline.


      • Because ALL women are in fact like that. Maybe not with you, but she will be with the right man. I have been that man many times and once or twice its happened to be me who was betrayed. Its all good and it balances in my favor in the end. The lesson – ALL WOMEN ARE IN FACT LIKE THAT. Learn that and some game and many of these decisions are easy to make when you are faced with them.


      • Careful, bray….you’re gonna upset the bitter applecart.


      • So very true. Ignore this at ones own peril and future heartbreak.


      • JB, thats just like saying that if more men looked like Brad Pitt and had high income, more men would cheat. Your statement about women cheating applies to both sexes.


      • JB, thats just like saying that if more men looked like Brad Pitt and had high income, more men would cheat. Your statement about women cheating applies to both sexes.


        Men will cheat if they are not being drained by their wives. if a man is happy he will likely never cheat and will be fully committed to his family. I will even go as far to say this part of his biological imperative. I think your wrong. Woman will cheat if the opportunity and conditions suit her doing so. It was not always like this but it is now.


      • Good point. In other words, nearly 100% of THIN, attractive women cheat IF THE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY. #inconvenienttruth


    • Don’t think that is the point. The point is this version of male rape is on a much larger scale.


    • there is no bell curve distribution for female loyalty.

      enjoy your snowflake goals of 2014


  26. …the hinterland yokels they love to torment…

    Black Santas in Drag Anger Alabama town


  27. ”Maxim #13: When the love is gone, women can be as cold as if they had never known you.”

    If love is real it can not just disappear. True love lasts forever.


    • Ha




    • Look at this link.
      Some love lasts beyond the grave, into the spirit world…


    • Define “real” love in a way that is causally determinable. That is, in a way that can be ascertained without seeing the future.

      I think your line is bullshit.


    • Conditional love disappears…unconditional doesn’t.

      Women be all about the conditions.


      • The only woman that can possibly love you unconditionally is your mom (and most of those can’t either)


      • Fu*k, my mom sold me out and side with my ex wife because they each left their husband’s because they were not haaaaapy. My mother could not condemn my ex without exposing her own hypocrisy. They are all whores, well there are some good moms out there,but I have only met a handful myself. Frivilorse = whore.


      • Ouch.

        Dude, I feel for you, my man.

        It sounds like you’ve never experienced any emotional stability or interpersonal trustworthiness in your entire life.

        That is some evil, evil shit you are dealing with.

        Hang in there, my man.

        Hang in there.


      • I appreciate the encouragement.

        I was shocked when my mother invited my wife to live with her when she left and helped her until my ex could afford her new place.

        When my mother frivorced my father I did not understand all that I say until recently. It was when I had to deal with the emotions from my own separation, losing my kids and my impending divorce, i was forced to deal with all of the pain I bottled up from when my parents divorced. Add in a relationship with my last GF who has BPD and yea, I was a freaken mess.

        But, the good news is that be reading and now writing about my experience and observations I am not only dealing with all of my emotions and pains but I have been helping other men which brings me happy. Plus I like bashing on slutty chicks when these stories surface.


      • But man, that is some seriously evil Oedipal/Electra/Freudian shit which has been dumped in your lap.

        A Mom who sides with the filthy cheating slut-whore of a Daughter-In-Law rather than her own flesh & blood Son?

        I mean that is some biblically evil shit right there.

        Again, hang in there, man.

        Maybe read your ass some Gospels or something.

        The Sermon on the Mount is always a good place to start:


      • I wont allow myself to forgive these injustices. That does not mean I will burn with anger either. Its those same gospels my wife used to justify her rebellion. I have to correct one thing though, I have no direct evidence of my wife cheating, but with a woman I was recently dating I do.

        The red pill had been very bitter for me as of late.


      • > “Its those same gospels my wife used to justify her rebellion.”


        Do tell.


      • Her church is soft on divorce and big on women controlling men thru the vag or divorce, etc. Her church only encouraged her feminism. That is why I just want to become the Dark Traid. I had to kill all emotions in combat. I want that mindset in the world and dealing with all women in the future. Form what I see most woman all they are good for is pump and dump.


      • Even though it was not your fault that your mother frivorced your father, you chose to get married, despite the fact the children of divorce are more likely to get divorced. The thing is, kids from nuclear families tend to be of higher quality, and they tend to marry each other, leaving only crappy quality kids left in the mating pool. You should have seen that because of your family background, you were in no position to bid for a high quality wife. You should not have gotten married in the first place.


      • It is true about the stats. However I was committed to my family and made a decision to never divorce her, and I would not have because the buck stops with me and my actions. That being said she made the choice unilaterally. Also, I can demand a high quality woman to marry because regardless of my background I am one of the top 10% of men, maybe not in income but my other attributes make up for that. There were enough good woman vying for my commitment when I was younger. I just made a bad choice and am now paying for that choice regardless of the circumstances that led me to make that choice.


      • on December 28, 2013 at 8:55 pm haunted trilobite

        You’re holding him to a standard using “science”tific principals that have probably only emerged in recent years, or at the very least, were very obscurely hidden in the pre-internet age. Using peer-reviewed, double-blind, chi-square analysis journal articles to hit someone over the head with is a bit harsh. The only information available to most men 15 years ago was happy families, find the one, you complete me, love will always find a way, etc, so society is going to have a lot of bitter men appearing now who thought they did the right thing, and can’t understand how women can be so heartless.


      • Sold out by your mama? That is a betrayal all the way down to the primordial ooze like a cancer moving into your sac. Holy fuck is that offensive.


      • Yep, girl club was way more important that her son. Fuck them both i say. Now they are all pissed when I pointed out all the men in my family are pussies and all the woman controlling harpies. Its all true and the red pill really fucked me up with this realization.


      • Women are incapable of true love. Read the maxim, dumbass.


      • What ever you call it , mommy and her off spring are normally something else entirely, especially when they are young.


    • gtfo with dat shit.

      All sexual love is conditional. Only the love between a biological parent and child can be argued as unconditional.

      Thought experiment — you marry a 10 and you are in love with her. She gains 200 pounds. You seriously gonna throw that true love bullshit in my face? Ya right.


      • Exactly. Many, but not all, men whose wives gain 200 lbs act the same way as women whose husbands get beta. One sex is not better than the other.


      • Ill run her ass on a treadmill. Then she wont be so fat. Most men are afraid of their wives and refuse to encourage them to stay hot.


      • Except “beta” can be an in shape guy who is nice and a great father and provider. Thereby giving wife what she needs. Not the same. Ur too far gone with the Pua stuff. Ur missing CH’s fundamental complaint: being what you call beta should NOT be seen as bascand is not equivalent to a selfish psycho woman gaining 200 pounds, you child.


      • The wife doesn’t just need a great father and provider. She needs to feel attracted to her partner….


  28. The guy got his kids, got the home, got his freedom… and he’s depressed? I lived this myself, except the kids are biologically mine, and legally 70% mine. I’m on top of the fucking world.

    My opinion: he should have kept the non-bio child. Not the kid’s fault and the other kid’s not only lost their mom but a sibling.


    • I doubt we’re not getting the whole story. It’s why I don’t believe in blowing up these anecdotes of shitty behavior by a women into more than what they are. Leaving the 10-year old should be a tip-off that something is not quite right here. He deprived a child of the only father he has ever known over something that was not kid’s fault. Indefensible.


    • Being cuckolded is bad enough.
      Raising the spawn of another man willingly makes you a psychological eunuch.


      • More with Patriarch than Jeff on this one.

        Keeping in mind that full revenge mode is shipping the bastard to the whore in multiple boxes, kicking him out of the house is mild (in particular in our society). Forbidding the two sons contact with the spawn of depravity would probably be the moderate course of action.


      • Exactly… this whole “think of the children!” mentality is how they cut away our balls.

        I always liked that “diamond clarity/pile of little arms” monologue of Col. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.


      • How about we think of men FIRST and if the woman we are with is not a whore and she stays well behaved she benefits along with the kids.

        I will think of me thank you. Women you made us this way, now choke on it.


      • You know who coined the phrase ” in the best interest of the child”


      • I’m guessing that’s apocryphal, at best…

        If it’s true, well… knowing he meant OUR children… it’s a hearse of a different color, inn’t it?


      • What Greg said, plus this: the NSDAP cared about Aryan children because children become adults who procreate more children. Racial survival.

        As Florence King once said, moderns venerate the innocence in children as a replacement for the reverence once given to female virginity. A wicked and perverse generation worships childhood qua childhood. Members of a healthy society love their young kinfolk as the continuance of the society.


      • It’s a shame that Florence King was a dyke who never got around to procreating herself.


      • Another dyke has been beating the drums lately, on this very topic:

        ‘What you’re seeing is how a civilization commits suicide,” says Camille Paglia. This self-described “notorious Amazon feminist” isn’t telling anyone to Lean In or asking Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. No, her indictment may be as surprising as it is wide-ranging: The military is out of fashion, Americans undervalue manual labor, schools neuter male students, opinion makers deny the biological differences between men and women, and sexiness is dead. And that’s just 20 minutes of our three-hour conversation…


      • on December 28, 2013 at 9:20 pm haunted trilobite

        If you ever watch charity appeals for war-torn countries, they like to appeal to our charitable natures with images of young impoverished boys, with flies buzzing around their faces, etc, spliced with clips of some freedom fighters launching rockets and shelling each other across a dilapidated city. The implication is that living in these conditions isn’t right for a young kid. Fair enough. But what they ironically overlook in their heart-rending presentation, is that once that saucer-eyed little boy gets a few hairs on his scrotum, the chances are that he’s going to aspire to be like the balaclava clad extremist that his culture indoctrinates him to be. Sympathy is fine but are we supposed to be sympathetic to every person who was ever affected by war, natural disasters or famine? People like to say “everything happens for a reason”.

        That’s a brilliant scene of one of the best movies ever. The plot was Shakesperean – they built up Kurtz for hours, but he only appears for a total of a few minutes


      • Exactly. Do you think the kid (assuming he will have half a brain) will grow up blaming the dad or the mom? The mom if he’s capable of swallowing a red pill, if he’s a true man.


      • I will say the mom when he is 40 after his first divorce, but he will blame the non bio father until then.


      • Very true, everytime you look at that little bastard your reminded of some guy fucking your (ex) wife ragged. That’s a heavy load to bear.


    • “My opinion: he should have kept the non-bio child. Not the kid’s fault and the other kid’s not only lost their mom but a sibling.”

      And the non-bio kid lost his siblings and a dad. I feel bad for this guy, and that woman is a horrible bitch, unquestionably the villain in the story, but… that poor kid. He has no responsibility to raise and support that child and I don’t blame him for not wanting to pay child support and resume full father duties, but… to completely turn his back and walk away? Kick the kid out of his life after TEN years? Makes me think a lot less of him.


      • Oh boo fucking hoo that it makes you think a lot less of him, if you feel so bad for a kid thats not yours why don’t you raise it.


      • Because I’m not the one who has already developed a ten year bond with the child. You’re missing the point, but that doesn’t surprise me.


      • Most men her have no sympathy for the mom and barely for the kid. I would do the same. I am waiting to do a DNA test on my daughters. If one or the other is not mine I will never want to see her again. A simple yet painful decision. It has taken me 2 years to agonize over that decision. But its the right one.

        Maybe the slut should have thought about the consequence before she spread her legs and took a load of bad boy sperm. But women do not think of that because there is no accountability for American women.


      • I don’t know if I’m 100% convinced that you would do that. Not that you have any obligation to convince me. I mean, I believe you 100% that that would be your initial reaction and I can completely understand the extreme level of anger you would be going through. These types of situations are the kind that wind up on the police blotter. So, quick advice on that front, never go to jail over a woman, no matter how mad you are. Just in case you get bad news.

        But in terms of the kids, I don’t know that you’d be able to keep it up long term. I don’t think I could. Maybe you could though. Just chewing the fat one dad to another.

        When you were mulling this over how did you reach your conclusion, or what stumbling blocks did you encounter as you made your way to this point?


      • Women want control over men and their resources. Its one reason my wife left was for control. She was doing something that was harmful to the marriage (it was the indoctrination of her feminist and screwed up church) so I gave her an ultimatum of sorts and she chose her church over her husband, which is fine with me now. Its more fun being single than I remembered.

        So if one of the kids is not mine it reduces her control over the situation by 50% and will likely cast a serious doubt on all of her intentions. It may even set up the situation for me to get full custody of the other kid.

        I have no moral reservations about walking away from a kid that turns out to not be mine when I was led to believe it was. I would look at the kid and see my wife banging the other dude. No way. I would walk, no question. The kids goes into the not my problem category. Its cold and harsh and I realize the kids innocent, but its reality. Women use mens sense of morals and justice to get away with this crap. I personally wont allow it if I have any say.

        Now this is all hypothetical and I hope I am wrong because I do love both my girls more than anything. I just like to make sure I cover all possible eventualities before they happen. Hope for the best plan for the worst.


      • No worries about me going crazy. I will just go no contact with her and the bastard kid, if one is I might caution.


      • It’s a tough one for sure. Being a dad myself I don’t think i could turn my back on a kid I had bonded with for ten years. People can call me whatever names they want.

        Everyone can be all hardcore and tough as nails on the Internet but when that little kid you raised for ten years, calls you crying at night and asks why they can’t come home and that mom’s new house is like a lunatic asylum, well, things might play out different in person in time.

        I believe that the guy still loves the kid but he is understandably and 100% justifiably in rage mode right now so I don’t find fault with his decisions.

        I would personally be doing everything I could to ruin the ex-wife and keep any and all kids out of her grasp. That would be about the best one could salvage from this mess aside from making sure she didn’t get a dime.

        Can’t say I’d ever be able to look at that kid the same, but I would lay all this at the wife’s feet. The only reason this entire situation exists, and that kid’s life just turned into a Jerry Springer episode, is because of her behavior and her lies. She created the entire sordid episode. She can choke on it, and I hope she does.

        If it’s any small consolation to readers, I’ve lived long enough to witness that oftentimes people so full of the stupid like she is wind up to no good end, discarded by family and friends and a husk of a human being. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

        Amy, since you appear to be female, I will say that you probably have no way of understanding this man’s level of anger because it is impossible for a woman to be a victim of cuckoldry. Unless aliens abduct you and implant someone else’s eggs. And stuff.

        I can’t blame him for what he’s decided to do at this time. Things might change, or they might not, but he’s living through it, so it’s his call. If this is in fact a true story. But in any event, I’m certain that it has unfortunately happened to more than one guy, and will happen again, and again, and again. Wheee!!!!!


    • Your right the kid is innocent, but drastic betrayal requires a drastic punishment in order to make changes. The man letting the non-bio kid go may discourage other women nearby from doing the same thing thus saving many more children from the same fate and the harm of divorce.

      I would do the same as him in similar circumstances. I am about to DNA test my kids for my upcoming divorce litigation. Its a scenario I have though long and hard about.


      • The kid’s innocence and the man’s biological imperative are at odds. Seems biology won out over ethics this round.


      • Vat etiks? Vat claim does the bastard have to man’s resources? The bastard had a fraudulent claim before things came to fore? Because the man was swindled for 11 years (life of bastard + gestation) means that the swindle must continue?!?

        Vat typ ov “LOGIK” iz zis?

        Quite, the contrary! In any civilized society the cuckolded father is entitled to compensation (at least monetary) from the whore and cad.


      • Duly noted. I should explicitly state that I don’t think any ethics were violated by dudebro here, just that he did the biologically natural thing, short of eating the child that wasn’t his.


      • i have noticed that with the bunnies I raise. You can learn alot from observing animals as I have.


      • perfect ass in your avatar monkey.


      • Thanks. The new requirements for my women.


      • Heh, heh… true to form… dat azz to thwack is like a shiny lure to a big-mouth bass.


      • I cannot lie


      • perfect ass in your avatar monkey.

        That pallid flat droopy thing?

        Why, thwack, I do believe what few caucasian genes reside within you have stopped twerking with the crowd and abandoned the steatopygic preferences of the dark helixes in the majority.


      • Matt, normally I would do you like the other punks here and split your head to the white meat; but you happened to catch me during one of my transitional periods, so consider yourself fortunate.

        You’re a smart man, and I want you to stay that way; so leave the analysis of ass to the experts.

        In some areas, you have much to learn my son.


      • One of the things I love about the Dark Enlightenment is that, whenever I see a link containing the word “steatopygic” (or its variants), I know exactly what image will be on the other side.


      • OK, I can’t resist a good discussion of arse.

        The reason the ass in Monkeywerks avatar is perfect is very simple. As you climb the Phylo Genetic scale of ass index, you reach a point where (with rare exceptions such as the Bush woman above) a bigger ass means a bigger everythingelse too.

        You don’t want that.

        Therefore it is better to get an ass with potential and shape it into what you want, than to start with a big one and try to reduce it; cause thats a fools game.

        In addition, gravity is a bitch; the mass of the entire Earth is tugging at her bottom; this is a battle she cannot win.

        *Thank you very much; I’ll now take questions, please wait for the Microphone*


      • Tight assology. Golf clap.


      • … a bigger everything else too. You don’t want that.

        But the fact is, black men do want that.

        I seen it.

        Flabophilia a pathology as unhinged and as impossible to sympathize with as the desire to be cuckolded.

        This is why I heartily cheered the emergence of your white preferences, like marshmallows popping up through a mud puddle.


      • But the fact is, black men do want that.

        Black men wanna eat at McDonalds too, does that make them experts on nutrition?

        Its too easy for women to get fat these days, therefore, its better to get a skinny one and fatten her to your needs because if you leave it up to her, you are going to be dealing with the Goodyear Blimp.

        You don’t want that.


      • As it should with more men. Doing what this man has done is one way to start holding whores accountable, and it saves men some money to boot.


      • The kid will never be his. Do you know how kids often treat their step parents?

        He’s got to clean the slate and get back to a proper situation. Better that taxpayers generally support the other kid than that this man get stuck with the job.


      • And now that he knows he cannot pretend to be ignorant. The kid will treat this man like crap and the mans hurt would still come out with how he treats the kid. In a way its more merciful for the kid this way.


      • And, sometimes it’s not all about the kids. Whether it’s better for that kid or not, he is not the man’s responsibility.




      • Hey I agree. I’m just stating the not so obvious in that if I was in the situation I would end up probably treating the kid like an interloper. I would look at him and see my wife taking it from the other man.

        The kids feelings or future is (as it should be) irrelevant to the man.


      • I agree. There is no way I could treat a bastard child equitably. It would also be a risk to the slut, were I ever to have nothing to lose like a terminal illness. Just might tie off a lose end.


      • There is no way I could treat a bastard child equitably.

        It would be tough…

        The “live by nature” part of me says discard both woman and child…

        The “live by grace” part of me says “Well, it ain’t his fault his mother’s an a$$hole.”


      • Not necessarily true. There is a distinct possibility the child will/would completely reject his mother for something like this.

        The kid was betrayed too by the mother. His identity has been shredded.


      • That would certainly seem likely that his mother would be rejected. When boys grow to be men they normally do not take it well when mom is exposed as a whore.


      • A healthy society would execute the wife, require that her father (or closest living male relative) take custody of the cuckoo, and require that her father pay the cuckolded husband an amount sufficient to recompense the resources spent on the cuckoo.

        More generally, women are not competent to enter contracts. Thus the woman’s male family must be on the hook for her misbehavior.


      • Do the kids have to know they are being DNA tested? Or just that they’re getting “some blood tests”?


      • Prelim test is cheek swab done by father and court admissible tests are done by a lab which can also be done by cheek swab. The prelim determines if more testing is required. I told my STBX my intentions of testing my kids. It made her squirm. Soon I will know the truth.


      • The paternity test I took was a blood test but that was in the 90’s…


      • I was fortunately enough to save money on such tests… one look at each of my four and one can’t help but notice that those nuts didn’t fall far from the tree.


      • monkeywerks

        . I am about to DNA test my kids for my upcoming divorce litigation.

        Do you really need to do that?

        I can tell parents children from photos alone; and if I hang out with them, its even easier to see.


        no, but children and adults are easy.

        My niece even shares the kinda weird family stance her dad AND his children from another marriage display. We were playing softball and as I came up to bat to crack one deep into left I noticed they were all standing with that same posture.

        I started laughin at em.


      • My father told me that one of his close relatives is a cuckoo. I objected that the alleged cuckoo looks almost exactly like younger pictures of the alleged cuckold. My father responded that the interloper looked very much like the cuckold.

        In a homogeneous society, it is much more difficult to detect cuckoos.


      • What is this “father” thingy you guys keep talking about?


      • It’s a filial privilege thing.


      • Imagine a guy from your community, but a lot lighter…

        And wid no feets… as in “feets, doan fails me now!”.


      • Which is (yet another) good reason to keep societies “of their own kind”. 😉


  29. “Maxim #13: When the love is gone, women can be as cold as if they had never known you.”

    That’s similar to your misguided love of fellow Encorpera co-workers. You can sit next to a guy for 30 years, and the minute you get laid-off he will act like he doesn’t know you.


  30. Let me postulate a question, if I may, that coincides with the subject at hand. I have met several woman who are not getting what they want at home and have had the often presented opportunity to bang these women. What is the feelings of you all about the morality of taking advantage of this low cost easy punnani as it may be available?

    My thoughts are that some man is going to banging these women, why not me. Many of these women are fairly aggressive in showing their interest in NSA sex. For mid week flings it does not sound like a bad deal.

    The one reservation I do have is that a slip could happen and she may become pregnant. Do I let the dutiful ignorant beta raise the child or do I make it a point to raise it along with my current brood?

    In the end the free and easy punnani, if attached to a truly attractive woman, might be too tempting to pass up. I really don’t feel all that bad about taking advantage of an opportunity like that even though if the husband found out he would be devastated. In the back of my mind I would rather tell the man his wife needs more attention and that shes a whore, but as we know many of these beta husbands would either defend their wives honor (even though she has none) or just simply not believe you.


    • Theres oly one rule for you to consider, and that’s for you to decide how amoral you are.


    • You could always snip ye olde vas deferens, or use other contraceptive means. However, I have to wonder why one would be targetting used ford tauruses, when new porsches can be had for less or equal effort, and no risk of the victim of stolen goods coming at you half cocked


      • I’m just saying if the keys to the Taurus was just handed to me it would be a shame not to go for a quick spin around the block before selling it on Craigslist.

        As for the morality, or amorality as is the case, I kind of like the darker and pragmatic view of things. I seem to have more fun overall. When I was very moral I got taken advantage of, when I am more amoral I don’t. Its really that simple in my mind at least.


      • Cool, just wear your seat belt/jimmy hat.


      • I agree 100 percent on all counts, sir.


      • Theres oly one rule for you to consider, and that’s for you to decide how amoral you are.

        Keep in mind, there’s a vas deferens between men and women.


      • I know. i am still undecided if i am going to find a new wife in the future from the land of the LBFM’s.


      • Don’t put your hand back on the stove in the West unless it’s an Amish wood burner.


      • I have asked the local VA if they cover the Snip and lo and behold they do. I am only 39 so I am going to think a bit about the procedure. It is tempting though because the raw dog is awesome, with proper paperwork that is, lol.


      • Sincd you’ve already reproduced theres really no reason to not tie up your lose ends.


      • That has been the overriding thought as of late. I want to give it maybe another year. If I get split custody i will get snipped. If not, and a big IF, I find that young well trained hottie I may go for 1 or 2 more before being done. I do love my kids, but it depends on the conditions and how much the ex damages my current daughters. I just hope I can salvage them when the war is over. We will see I suppose.









      • Zombie

        That has been another mindset I have considered and I agree with actually. I just think that society is getting more and more messed up. Originally I wanted 10 kids with my wife. She said no more than 4, we had 2, well 3 if you consider the one she aborted (murdered) when we were dating and i was overseas.

        I have done a couple of NI sperm donations. Those were pretty fun.


      • I just cant handle another abortion. That would kill me.


      • Yeah, that would kill me, too.

        Which gets back to what I’ve been trying to evangelize on this board pretty much since I first started posting here:

        Learn to recognize The Darkness in a chick, and to flee from It as soon as It rears Its ugly head; and, at the same time, to hell with all this HB8/HB9/HB10 nonsense, and The Darkness which that might entail – what you are looking for first and foremost is a kind, warm, gentle heart in your womynz.


      • Zombie, that is what I am looking for. A nice warm spirit untainted by the evils of feminism as possible. Hard to find brother. I am pro life but i am also pro accountability. Sometimes there is collateral damage.


      • Keep in mind, there’s a vas deferens between men and women.

        I see what you did there…


      • Thank you… I’d hate to end the year on (yet) another jest fallen flat.


      • Karma’s a bitch.


      • Because married women are easier not harder than single women, the relationship is more sexual and the constraints on the man’s time is minimal and the woman’s expectations are easier to manage (no gifts, going out or stuff like that, no watching chick flicks, they’re more grateful, tend to be sweeter).

        The down side is the man getting pissed and coming after you but the vast majority don’t (married men have better future time orientation). And you can run into the same problem with jealous boyfriends . . . so . . .


    • I say don’t go there. From your comments here and checking your blog it seems that you are operating from a sense of great anger and hurt. I understand.

      Though it seems you want to get some satisfaction or revenge against your soon to be ex or the world in general. I’m guessing from your desire to paternity test your kids that you have been on the receiving end of an affair so maybe you feel like doing this will somehow help to balance the scales of justice for you or make the hurt less. It will not.

      You have to look at yourself in the mirror though. You already know that it’s immoral, and I detect a hint that your conscience would bother you no matter how angry you are now, or how tempting the tits. There is easier and less drama potential pussy to get out there, so maybe until things get back on a more even keel for you, don’t burden yourself further with unnecessary bullshit. And definitely don’t go giving your ex wife and her lawyers ammo for court.


      • Yes I am pissed, but not as pissed as I was. I have has time to think and deal with much of the hurt though and every day is better. The more shit I write the easier it is to think things through.

        My ex didn’t fool around; at least I don’t think she did. I have no evidence at least, nor were there signs that I can remember. The DNA test is insurance nothing more. I know one is mine for sure, I just don’t know about the other one. It would be a kicker though.

        I have had married woman want to have sex with me recently and I really don’t feel all that bad about doing it, but you are right, there is plenty of other pussy out there that does not have a ring attached. Its just married pussy is so easy, and I’m talking like zero work easy. I would bang them for fun that’s it. I have no other motivation and you give me way too much credit moral wise. Watching these married women behave just reinforces many of the issues that are discussed here and in other places on a daily basis. This is one reason I find myself becoming more amoral each day. As I get out more I will meet more and more women, but all the ones I meet now are all screwed up. Once a man learns to notice the dynamics of how women operate noticing all of the little things are distressing. I have yet to see any woman who is truly a quality woman. I think the older ones are screed up and the younger ones are only good for sex. Im talking the majority here, Im sure that 5% are good, Im not that nihilistic.

        I’m taking a break from women for a bit anyways. Most of them are fucking crazy anyways. Ill spin some plates, but no commitment at all until I rebuild. I made that mistake already and it did me no good.


    • on December 28, 2013 at 10:10 pm haunted trilobite

      Text “I don’t want to get you pregnant”


  31. Another red pill example of the amorality of women:

    When my ex-wife divorced me a couple years ago, she and her circle of friends decided that I was the antichrist. They accused me of every abuse and misconduct under the sun. She moved out without so much as a conversation about why she was doing so. And she ran to her friends for support. She was a victim…

    Most of these friends were old, unhappy women. However, her closest friend was a cute divorcee herself.

    Long story short, I now bang her “best friend” on the down low. She still hangs out with my ex all the time, and I’m sure she nods her head and “supports” my ex every time they talk about what a bad guy I am. But then her best friend gets in her car and drives to my house where she gets pile-driven. True story. American women have no honor whatsoever.


    • That is awesome and oh so typical. My STBX acted the same way. I regret not banging one of her cute friends when there might have been a chance though. As of now i don’t even believe in my being faithful to any woman from what I have seem since my eyes were opened.


      • Welcome to the darkside.


      • At least I will have fun with my pals.


      • I know you’re probably tired of hearing from me, but I’d like to suggest another way of thinking about this. There is your wife, who you invest in and shag and make babies with, and then there are the women of sufficient attractiveness but less personal value who you shag (again, being mindful in short, that bitches have an expiration date long before you start giving them free financial counseling, etc.)

        This is not being unfaithful. If none of those other women take anything away from the primary partner, you are still being faithful. Men are not women.

        I’d say you can even love and invest in multiple women if you like. Just don’t decide that everyone is dirt, which will end up lowering your standards. Low expectations lead to lowered demands.


      • Or realize that a woman can offer you nothing in this wasteland but cheap thrills and more children if you so desire. You could always target the ones who are somewhat decent and bring them to ruin. Every woman we emotionally cripple brings us closer to the day when they realize the error of their ways. Bring on the cads…


      • Mmmm…I remember being brought to ruin.

        Good times…


      • By the way, have you considered moving? This side of the world, women are much more real. There are hookers and low class women who know and accept they are low class for short term entertainment. The rest of us (supposedly) don’t like sex publicly, except when we’re discussing orgasms in some sort of yoga circle.

        I was freaked out by this at first, but after awhile, I understood this is a very comfortable balance. For some reason, understanding how things worked in the real world in this particular way helped me to lose more weight. I’m not sure why. I fell a whole dress size in the past couple of months. Less frustration and being treated better day to day maybe…

        Anyway, if you stay in a cesspool, you’re going to get a bit of dirt.


      • Nicole, have you hit the wall?

        You seem to have a lot to say about it, why don’t you write a book about it?

        I even have the perfect title you can use:


        Has any woman written such a book?

        you’re welcome.


      • Thwack, I’ve never been that hot, so I don’t really know. I suppose I’ll know when the hot young guys stop trying to get in with a side order of stress about my whereabouts and whatofdoings. I’m just aging well so far, so unless I actually tell someone how old I am, the feedback is similar to a fat girl in general.

        If I wrote a book about it, only a few of the women here would actually read it. Everybody else would just bitch about it.


      • I agree with your analysis about side women. If my dalliances with them did not reduce my wife’s resourcing in any substantial manner, it is ok. Plus my wife always had my heart. If my wife did her job I would probably not even need or desire another woman all that much. Being Italian many of my old school older uncles and cousins would have a mistress but their wife was still everything to them.

        I don’t think every woman is dirt, far from it in fact. I just notice most of them subscribe to feminist beliefs wholeheartedly. I have been a player spinning plates but as I age I prefer only one woman at a time. Right or wrong from a game perspective, that’s what I prefer. Moreover if my #1 decided to leave I can always and quickly find a new lover or 2.

        I was working on a love essay earlier and I noted how I love to love. I would take 6 months of heartbreak for 2 years of intense love every time. Now I usually don’t go through 6 months of hurting (only for my ex wife), but you get the idea.


      • Yes, I get it. Mutual love is an awesome experience. It is good to have a good partner in that crazy dance.

        It is sad that so many beautiful young and not-so-young women are woefully misinformed about life and can’t see how that is screwing them out of being loved. Dealing with them beyond a certain point (and I count myself in this to some degree because I am still in the process of deprogramming) can be very not worth it most of the time. Some are salvageable though. Case by case…


      • You mentioned deprogramming yourself. I think a more accurate term would also be realizing you (as a woman generally) have certain damaging impulses and your are learning what they are and how to control them. What feminism did was take get rid of these controls, so now more aware women need to self control. Something to think about. Email me directly if you want to talk more.


    • Tip o’ the cap to you, sir.


    • Perfect! Lol.


  32. Sorry if that last comment spammed. I can’t see it so I reposted.


  33. Ten years a cuck.


  34. Ian Fleming wrote a short story about Maxim #13 titled “Quantum of Solace” (nothing to do with the movie; Bond is there solely to have the story told to him). It’s about a beta who lands someone out of his league and the predictable trainwreck that follows. (starts 1/3 of the way down).


    • on December 27, 2013 at 12:21 am Random Angeleno

      Looking back, this story was one of my earliest exposures to game, long before I knew what game was. Have not read it in at least 25 years, maybe 30, but it is largely as I remembered. Still one of my favorite Ian Fleming short stories. But it is such a new thing to reread it from the red pill perspective. I daresay there aren’t too many women who learn the lessons they need to learn and turn their lives around like that.


  35. With the level of gun ownership in the US, I am sometimes surprised that more of these women don’t end up with a bullet in the head.


    • The sun shines on a betas ass every now and then. Beta’s only kill to get the women not to keep or discard a woman they already have.


    • When someone is murdered it is usually because of one of the following:

      1. Money / Drugs.
      2. Incidental to another crime being committed.
      3. Someone is fucking crazy. Like diagnosable crazy.
      4. Sex.
      5. Revenge.

      Number 3 is rare. Number 2 happens but not as often as one would think. In the major urban enclaves where the drug trade is the prime employer number 1 is common, or a number 2 (heh) committed by someone looking to get money for drugs.

      In the more genteel parts of society, when someone gets murdered it’s usually by someone they know, and dollars to doughnuts it involves some combination of the two.

      My theory is that most blue pill guys have so much trouble getting a new woman that when their current one dumps them for someone else some of them can go into pure crazy mode thinking their entire world has ended so they lash out with violence at her, or the new dude, or both.

      Or those blue pill dudes who stumble into a situation with a woman who is already involved or who plays the field, make crazy think in their heads and come up with the “logical” conclusion that snuffing the competition is the best way to go about securing what to them is an extremely valuable and scarce commodity.

      Murder is still a very rare crime, but you never really know what is going on in the head of Ernie in accounting.


  36. All the “loyal” women have been bred out of the gene pool. It has been historically noted that Germanic/Indo-European women would often kill themselves if their side lost, instead of being taken as slaves and wives by invaders. Either that or they would be killed off by the invaders for not being “cooperative” and for being more trouble than they were worth. Hypergamy is so ingrained in women’s hindbrain that Christianity and monogamy came along to keep Men satisfied in the new landscape of civilization. That is all beginning to crumble, and we are simply leftovers standing tall amongst the feral hordes. Become the invader or be defeated. Simple.


  37. A woman I know divorcing her husband and father of three of her four boys arranged to have all four boys with him this Christmas. (I don’t know him.) I told the woman to take the boy that is not his (the oldest) and keep him during Christmas. Her first reaction was ‘no’, but as Christmas neared, she caved and took my advice to avoid being alone. I knew it would be best for the man.


  38. What needs to happen is for the men to sue for fraud. Take her down for damages, emotional pain and suffering, and compound interest. Like a submarine, stealth is the only defense. With DNA testing that will never be effective. Force her to the surface and sink the bitch. .


  39. An anecdote to share because I’ve been in positions where the girl I was with started to drift–regardless of my game.

    So, pre-game…I had a few girls who were very keen at the beginning and the gradually cooled.

    In response, I became MORE giving, loving, attentive—big mistake, they left, I felt cuckolded.

    Most recently, girl starts to distance herself, project various insecurities and short-comings onto me: “I need someone to take care of me…” that sort of thing.

    My response was to back WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off.

    The girl ended things.

    Two lessons:

    1) Make better choices early

    2) If you do leave or back off it’s win-win—if she leaves she was never that keen, if she stays or comes back your game was tight and you’re in the drivers’ seat.

    Seems logicial but it’s hard when you’re in the situation and invested.

    My own ex-wife and I had a similar tumultuous relationship.

    She kept threatening to leave and one day I said “Ok”….then I backed off.

    We separated. She became more attentive. I was already “gone”.

    Finally, she re-married 6 months after the divorce was finalized.

    In my country here to get a no-fault divorce you need a 1 year separation, then the filing takes 1 year. She remarried 2.5 years after I told her I was leaving.

    I recently saw her on the street. Wow…she looked older, plainer and honestly, completely average.

    This ability to take the red pill fully takes huge discipline and self-awareness.


  40. THis explains the uptick in mulatto children.


  41. Where’s my favorite little snowflake yareally to come and tell me how he would have improved this cheating cuckolding whore and sent her back to hubby happy? Hey step and fetchit darkhorse, you do realize after reading this article that there are big boy consequences to commiting adultery above you thinking you’re an ‘alpha playboy’ whose finally ‘made it’.


  42. Campfire story? Hell, that’s modern family life today. Happy cuckoldry and bastardy!


  43. on December 26, 2013 at 10:41 pm North Vinlander

    On another note, what do you guys make of this National Geographic show about ape and human mating and attraction?


  44. Another heart wrenching movie involving relationships: Alexandra’s Project

    I was depressed for a few hours after viewing this movie.


  45. And look who else is helping in the brainwashing…

    Of note…this isn’t my third reference to Fight Club.


  46. […] Id Dregs (fitting handle) tells a scary campfire story that reverberates in the dankest recesses of our souls because it explores ancient betrayals that have stalked humanity since its rise from the origin slime.  […]


  47. If I get any more redpill I might throw up…


    • You may throw up a few times. Just fish the little pills out and reswallow them. Do it until there is nothing left but them, and they sit like a stone in your gut.


  48. […] comments at CH keep disappearing. So over on this thread, The Ten Year Cuck, I told this […]


  49. It seems that white male beta anxiety is manifesting in strange fetishes these days. See the cuckold/black breeding porn phenomenon for example: here we have an assumingly underendowed white gentleman filming his somewhat attractive wife being ravaged by a gigantic black bull.

    So instead of sulking and despairing over their woman’s innate carnality they are simply accepting the fact that women want to be destroyed by the largest blackest cock and will gladly put their security at risk to have it.

    And these guys are getting off on it too.

    Me, I just laugh now. I really don’t care about beta male rights and I don’t have any desire to save society as I believe it is too far gone. I’m just enjoying my time, making as much money as possible for as little work as possible, and maximizing the time spent having sex with women while minimizing the time spent listening/talking to women.


    • I could have written your post myself, Cryo.


    • This is not an organic development. Perversions like this are seeded from without, as tares among the wheat.


    • I know of no such males… nor such females.

      I’m sure there are pictures on the internet…

      But I haven’t yet crossed that Rubicon, imagining Cyberia as real world… and acting accordingly.

      When that day comes, I expect any replies here will original from a cell… over- or underground.


    • I never could understand this fetish even though I participated as a white bull a couple of times with a couple of men’s wives with the hubby cheering me on, WTF? Even me being the alpha it still was fucked up in a way. Its cheap easy pussy and for the right men with the right attitude its still fun. As I was told I was a good sport, lol.


  50. Just an aside, I think the title should be “10 Years a Cuck” to mock the recent “12 Years a Slave” film. After all, this is an antique iniquity, that unlike slavery, is still quite relevant.


  51. […] a thing that plunged more than a few men off the deep end (like this story). […]


  52. More men should hear good-girls’ ids unleashed, just to get a feel for what they’re dealing with. To hear some prudish cutie, who’s friend-zoned all the boys in her yard, tell a guy, “F me in the A, make it hurt” is an eye-opener (not to mention a heart and wallet-closer).

    The wife’s behavior is serotonin-soaked addictive binge behavior. Any addict will tell you that in the midst of screwing up their lives they were LOVING it, they knew they were destroying their world but it was to gooooood to stop.


    • Any addict will tell you that in the midst of screwing up their lives they were LOVING it, they knew they were destroying their world but it was to gooooood to stop.

      Old news. In fact there isn’t any older.

      Christians call it concupiscence and sin, and it isn’t exclusive to the female sex (if more insidious in them):

      I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree that the law is good. So then it is no longer I that do it, but sin which dwells within me. For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I that do it, but sin which dwells within me.

      So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand.

      — Romans 7:15-21

      And the “gooooood” feelings promised evaporate instantly after the deed, like an orgasm, la petit morte. “For the wages of sin is morte” (Ibid., 6:23)

      There was a pear tree close to our own vineyard, heavily laden with fruit, which was not tempting either for its color or for its flavor. Late one night — having prolonged our games in the streets until then, as our bad habit was — a group of young scoundrels, and I among them, went to shake and rob this tree. We carried off a huge load of pears, not to eat ourselves, but to dump out to the hogs, after barely tasting some of them ourselves.

      Doing this pleased us all the more because it was forbidden. Such was my heart, O God, such was my heart — which thou didst pity even in that bottomless pit.

      Behold, now let my heart confess to thee what it was seeking there, when I was being gratuitously wanton, having no inducement to evil but the evil itself. It was foul, and I loved it. I loved my own undoing. I loved my error — not that for which I erred but the error itself. A depraved soul, falling away from security in thee to destruction in itself, seeking nothing from the shameful deed but shame itself.

      — Augustine, Confessions, II.iv

      The best modern analogue to concupiscence is alcoholism. You chase the dragon until it consumes you. Which means, you achieve the “rock bottom” when you give your will and your life over to the very thing that destroys you.

      The difference between men and women, as was between Adam and Eve, is that men are more naturally equipped and better trained to deal with temptation, whereas women almost invariably require masculine assistance to deny their own destruction, particularly since it arrives in full flower at such a young age for them, when they are least prepared.



    • Read the emails and texts a woman send and receives,. It will be an eye opener. You will learn things about her you never knew. It may seem controlling for a man do hack into his woman’s digital coms but its necessary because all woman lie and manipulate, etc.


  53. […] wife. He has either discovered an ongoing affair, or discovered that some or all of his children have been fathered by his wife’s lover. Some other rooster has dominated his hen house, and yet he has been paying for the eggs. This is a […]


    • on December 29, 2013 at 2:44 pm haunted trilobite

      There was another story recently where a British teen, who had previously broken it off with her boyfriend because she had a gut feeling there was something psychologically malevolent about him, was enticed back to his apartment to partake in a staged hanging. The macabre gothic/emo/twilight aspect to it all must have given her the all-important tingles. Sadly, those were to be her last tingles, as he kicked the stool out from under her and got his serial-killer thrills by photographing a genuine hanging. You’d think these kinds of stories would serve as a lesson to the FML/bored out of my gourd tingle-seekers who rabidly pursue the exciting, dark triad bad bois, while recoiling at the mere thought of the disgusting creepers who work hard for a living, and want to be nice to children and other people. But both of these murderers will undoubtedly be inundated with panties and snatch shots as they write their memoirs in prison.


  54. Also:

    a woman’s id is really the most unfiltered, debased, and crass piece of shit known to man

    Is it?
    Sounds like she just had some great sex in the Truck. I honestly wonder about you dudes and the kind of sex you have sometimes. I hope it’s not all rose petals and doves flying everywhere.


  55. This truth is simple. Women are amoral.

    Men have an integeral sense of honor and morality. Women do not.

    That’s all.


    • > “Men have an integeral sense of honor and morality. Women do not.”

      This has been my feeling for many, many years now: Men are at least capable of sensing morality viscerally, but morality is utterly foreign to women – it must be taught to them.

      Which is not to say that all men are moral, just that all men COULD be moral if they so chose, since they do understand the distinction between right and wrong [whether they choose to honor the distinction or not].


  56. I doubt the above. In every state, once you accept paternity, you are not allowed to renounce it, even if it turns out the kid is not yours.

    If the wife was enough of a train wreck that he got custody, he would have gotten custody of all three.

    Not buying it.


    • “In every state, once you accept paternity, you are not allowed to renounce it, even if it turns out the kid is not yours.”

      There is some lawyerese about fraud and on limits to divorce-rape:

      e.g. Georgia

      “Where relief is permissible, but not mandatory, it cannot include relief from past due child support or allow termination of parental rights. It can, however, set aside paternity, order paternity, create or eliminate a duty to support, order custody and visitation.”

      tl;dr good, expensive, politically connected lawyers.