Feminist Gets Pumped And Dumped By PUA

A masochistic reader (you’d have to be in love with your own pain to read any of the yeasty discharges fouling up Jizzabel) sent along this turgid confessional from a feminist who got banged out by a player four hours after they met for a first date drink. Her account of the date leaves the distinct impression that she was played by a guy who knows game very well. Let’s examine the techniques he employed to snare his prey.

I went on a date a month ago with a boy I met on an online dating site. “Met” meaning he’d sent me a few witty messages and his pictures were decent enough to warrant an IRL pass.

No long-winded phone calls making his interest in her obvious. Just a few witty (translated from the femspeak: terse/cocky/funny/asshole-ish) emails which implied his non-neediness and her interchangeability. So far, he’s off to a good start.

He was a strong conversationalist. We talked politics and he impressed me with a nuanced understanding of the debt ceiling debate. He knew about the Arab Spring.

How does the old saw go? Treat a lady like a broad and a broad like a lady. Mr. PUA knew he was dealing with the typical urban feminist slut who would swoon over a man who flattered her intelligence. So sprinkle in a few ledes he read in the NYBetaTimes about the Arab Spirng and , voila!, instant charma.

We discussed the unexpected but peculiarly gratifying direction our late 20s had taken both of us.

Again, translated from the femspeak: She was glad he assuaged her ego with comforting euphemisms about being an unmarried childless woman in her late 20s.

He made me laugh.

“He made me tingle.”

One drink turned into two,

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!

two neighborhood bars into three,

This is the standard game tactic known as “bouncing”, or “time distortion”. By taking a girl to a number of places on a single night, you leave her with the impression that she’s known you longer than she has. It’s very effective at building comfort, as we will see.

and when he kissed me in the street, I was elated.

When a PUA gets a street kiss, that’s a green light to go for a same night lay. Women don’t make out in public places unless they are really into the thought of sex with you.

He wanted to see me again, he said. I agreed, the enthusiasm audible in my voice.

Audible enthusiasm is also a SNL green light. Also, note how he doesn’t set up a day and time to meet again. He just says he wants to see her again. Make your intentions known, but make them known vaguely, without promise, so that they could plausibly be misinterpreted, or misconstrued, by women. Chicks dig ambiguity even more than they dig ambivalence.

As he walked me to the train, he asked me if I would come over for a nightcap. Just one. He offered to pay for a cab to take me home afterwards, as I had to work early.

Always escalate, until you have hit her limit. Push, push, push. It’s what women — even, maybe especially, feminists — secretly crave from men, their protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. There’s no worse feeling than having a pussy in the hand, only to see it disappear because you pulled back at the last moment out of some quaint deference to dating etiquette or mangina virtue. Or fear.

I — like many women I know — harbor a quiet but persistent internal voice that cries, “If you like him, don’t go!” The voice that says men don’t respect women who sleep with them too quickly. The voice that says despite the fact that you’re turned on, you’re a grown-ass adult and goddamn it you want to, as the female you should be the one to decline, to demur, to hold off for another night.

I’d never understood the reasoning behind that voice.

Silly feminist. The reasoning is simple, if you would free your mind of its stifling propaganda shackles. Men really do devalue women who put out too quickly. Sexual evolution has granted men the insight to recognize that slutty women are likely to continue being just as slutty after committing to them, and that is bad news for men who want to know their children are really theirs, and who want to avoid the divorce raping that inevitably follows when a wife pursues the feral eat, pray, love self-actualization life trajectory. Those pesky little feelings that swarm around your cortical ham, if you would stop drowning them out with femcunt agitprop, are early warning signals to behave in a more stereotypically feminine manner lest you harm your reproductive fitness.

I suspected I was internalizing cultural judgments about “easy” women.

Culture does not spring up out of the ground unseeded, like a summoned monolith. Human genetic disposition seeds the ground and creates culture, unleashing a macro feedback loop where culture and genes interact in perpetuity. Those “cultural judgments” you so recoil from are actually subconscious reinforcements of ancient biological truths.

The traditional refrain, “don’t buy the cow if you can get the milk for free,” which implies women should withhold sex to ensnare a partner, insulted me.

What’s a horny slut with daddy issues to do? Listen, lady, either embrace your sluttiness and stop kvetching to the cunty choir, or keep your legs closed. You can’t have your cock and keep it, too.

Years of dissecting dating mishaps with my friends taught me that if you want a relationship or even just the potential of one, it’s best to wait.

Betting is now open on how many cocks she has satisfied. We’ll start with 30.

In my mind, the waiting period was for no other reason but to increase the odds of a relationship. It was like dating lore passed on between friends. We don’t know why it works but it does.

It’s amazing that women have to relearn this common sense in their late 20s, after a decade or more of cock carouseling. Was there a wholesale abdication of parenting in the last two generations? A massively successful brainwashing campaign? Rhetorical.

Nevertheless, it’s best if women don’t start making men wait, because I was getting used to the easy peasy sex. Feminism has been very, very good indeed for men who want to play the field, and have the skills to do so. A return to patriarchal norms would really cramp my style.

But the way my date kissed me up against the brick wall outside the subway stop was enough to convince me my internal voice was an antiquated Debbie downer, squawking nonsense irrelevant for the modern woman.

Pushing a woman up against the wall to kiss her and grope her unleashes powerful, primitive, quasi-rape-y forces of submission within her. It’s one of my go-to moves.

I went to his house. We headed straight to the bedroom. Sex — intense, unexpected, rough and satisfying. Afterwards, as promised, he called me a cab.

By 3 a.m. I was home. And utterly freaked out.

I think it would bother women to know that men NEVER feel the urge to freak out after a one night stand. Not even the weepy beta males. Nope, slipping into sleep with a huge grin plastered on our faces is closer to what happens.

I hashed this over with multiple friends during the next few days. One suggested I just forget about the guy and be happy I’d had good sex.

The group Samantha.

Another brought up respect — if he wanted a real relationship with me, he would have proceeded with more respect for my body.

The group fatty.

I received a single lackluster text from him a few days later.

And that kid went ha haaaw! Who couldn’t see this coming? Apparently, her.

She should be thankful she got to experience a night of pleasure from a man who knows how much women crave being gamed. But women being what they are, (bless their overstimulated hearts), the fleeting waves of pleasure quickly gave way to self-absorption and tedious reinterpretation. The rationalizations that follow are some of the best frenetic hamster spinnings you will read in a long time.

Still distraught over the experience, I told [my mom] the bare-bones version of the story: I slept with someone four hours after meeting them and now I felt shitty and I couldn’t identify why.

I wanted to know what she — a world-experienced, non-judgmental woman — thought about sleeping with someone you’re interested in dating so soon? What she said was the best argument I have ever heard for waiting to have sex.

When you first meet someone, she said, you don’t actually see them. You see a flimsy construction of their personality, created by your interpretation of the signals available. The way they make eye contact. How they interact with the bartender/waiter/homeless man asking you for change. The facts they choose to divulge about themselves. Because you have no other point of reference, every little detail resonates with added significance. Your mind, faced with a scarcity of information, is forced to create a projection of them. […]

The mirage is sexy. But herein lies the danger. The potential for a schism to exist between the mirage and reality is huge. The probability of being disappointed is gigantic. That disappointment is compounded when intimacy is involved. You sleep with a stranger. You feel like you know them. But you likely don’t at all.

This may not be an epiphany for other people. But it was for me. After that night, I felt shitty not because I’d been “slutty,” whatever that means, but because I felt foolish.

I slept with an idea of a man. I slept with how that man made me feel. But that man didn’t exist, except in my mind. When I realized this, I felt… blah blah blah

Zzzz… zzz… *snort*… zz… huh, wha… oh, hai there. Must’ve dozed off. Wow, yeah, totally see what you’re saying. Totes. I bet you’ve learned a valuable lesson from all these experiences.

I’m still going out with guys and getting tipsy

Well, you know what I (sometimes) say… be true to yourself! Whatever that means.


  1. HA !…….brilliant


  2. This is why I’ve had tons of fun with women who are Ph.D’s in “Feminine Studies.” I still don’t know what it means — and I’ve read all the books recommended to me. Mostly beta males who have this strange (disproven) belief in equality.

    Sadly, I can’t even begin to connect with the story. My history of one night stands has never involved a bar — maybe I’m the only man in history who gets grossly turned off by tipsy or drunk women.

    Either way, you know that this one, who gave it thought, will be no different than the gal who gave a great night of sex no thought. In truth, all women who have an amazing one night stand of sex end up wanting to live that fantasy again. And they do it a few times, and that’s all that they want.

    A Maxim: Date as young as you can, if you want to head towards marriage. Any woman over a certain age has gotten these dopamine highs, these rushes of adrenalin, and the bipolar disorder that comes from too many of them in too short a period of time. They can not commit because their hamsters will always want the wheel spinning, and the useful doormat husband can’t spin the wheel fast enough, often enough.


    • on October 25, 2011 at 3:23 pm (R)evoluzione

      AB, good advice to date younger. CH has covered that topic a few times–a small but significant portion of young women are just genetically wired to be attracted to older men. Our job is simply to sift them out & identify them out of the hordes of those who have swallowed the feminist, PC, SWPL kool-aid about dating men their own age. Not easy, but worth it, if one is considering a real, life-partner type of LTR.

      My ideal would be a young, fit, attractive woman who is also intelligent and a bit shy, with old-school values, and who doesn’t realize that she’s as hot as she is.


      • “My ideal would be a young, fit, attractive woman who is also intelligent and a bit shy, with old-school values, and who doesn’t realize that she’s as hot as she is.”

        Agree 100%. especially the last bit.


      • You’ll find many young men following their innate genetically programmed subroutine of cockblocking the competition who will tell you that no, there is NOT a significant minority of girls that are attracted to older men!

        No! All young girls ONLY date older men for MONEY – YOU BLIND OLD FOOL!

        He he he.

        God – you see this cockblocking subrouting coming up over and over again. Some men are as bad as women – everything boils down to cockblocking the competition.


      • Beta guys are just as bad…

        Earlier this year I was seeing a 19 year old. When she tagged me/us on Facebook, the hamsters and betas came a-yellin’.

        There is no age off-limits, as long as they’re adults.

        Also, fatties and 30-somethings cry the loudest. Hotties and 20-somethings generally applauded.


      • The bitter shrieking of the 30something shrikes about all the “creepy” 30something men dating 18-24yo chicks is some of the sweetest music to be had in this world.


      • on October 26, 2011 at 1:24 am (r)Evoluzione

        Xplat, is good cockblocking defense similar to anti-AMOG tactics, as discussed here a few days back?

        Enlighten us, Master Jedis, on the finer techniques of dating teh young pusseh.

        Hearstiste–this could be a post of its own: how best to disarm the attempted cockblocks of lesser, younger men when gaming their female peers.


      • As a young guy, I cut my teeth on old dames. At one point I maxed out as far as possible, with a woman in menopause. I was fine with her, as long as we stayed in her apartment. Every time I took her out she was placed alongside younger competition, and I got the impression I was missing out.

        I imagine it can be similar for the young girls I date. But after some time I relax my isolation of the girls and hang out sometimes outside of my apartment. I even took my recent out clubbing among all the hot Australian bodies in Bali a while back. I can afford to do that now, but still – I’m more comfortable just keeping her at home. And with only females for friends. Females who are married and off the market.

        In a word, isolation.


      • You forgot rich. Otherwise, why bother? It’s not like women are more fun than rockclimbing or hunting.


    • You’re not alone at all. I don’t care for drunk women either.


    • What were the books recommended? I want to learn more about feminism and feminine studies…


      • on October 25, 2011 at 6:41 pm driveallnight

        “The Beta in the Rye” / Salinger


      • LOL.

        Some other reccomendations:

        -The Adventures of Cuckoldberry Finn
        -The Scarlett Condom
        -To Fuck an Uglybird
        -The Red Vaj of Courage
        -The Great Cocksby
        -Call of the Whore
        -The Cunts of Wrath
        -Invisible Man: A Beta
        -A Hairwell to Armpit Hair


      • LOL, thanks everyone 8D


      • “Notes of a Dirty Old Man”, by Charles Bukowski


      • It depends on whether you want the anti-feminist perspective or the feminist one.

        For Feminism, I’d start with Simone de Beauvoir or Betty Friedan. For anti-feminism, Esther Villar’s the Manipulated Man is a goodm start. The Ranting of a Single Male by Thomas Ellis is also quite good and a fast read. You should also be able to find a lot of other well known books or excerpts on the Internet.


      • Thanks! I already got Simone and was thinking of getting the Manipulated Man book, too. I’ll check out the Ranting of a Single Male. I wanted to read about both perspectives.


    • From what I observe, this is true:
      “In truth, all women who have an amazing one night stand of sex end up wanting to live that fantasy again. And they do it a few times, and that’s all that they want.”

      On the other hand, if I liked a guy for LTR and he asked me to have sex the first time we met, I would immediately stop considering him for LTR. He is clearly not interested in that and is not the type of guy I would want for commitment.

      Whether or not we slept together at that point would depend on my level of attraction. No guy has ever been that attractive to inspire me to sleep with him within a month of knowing him and I doubt it’s possible.


      • If your willing to sleep with the guy without the LTR, what incentive is there for the guy to pursue the LTR at all?


      • Because the guy really likes her past just sex?


      • any guy who wants an ltr with a girl who makes him wait at least a month before putting out is a chump.


      • Just curious: what is a good girl to do? If she waits, the guy is a chump, if she doesn’t wait, she is a non suitable for LTR slut…

        Full disclosure: I am a married woman and I come to this site to learn so that I can guide my nieces, my daughter and my son.

        [Heartiste: It depends on her sexual market value. If she’s hot, she can make an alpha male wait for a while without risking his early departure to cut his losses. If she wants to make a man wait until marriage, she should lower her sights to betas who would be willing to stick it out in blueball hell for however many months it takes to reach nuptial bliss.
        If she’s not particularly good-looking, she has two choices: either give it up right away to alphas and hope one of the men she bangs decides to commit to her (a long shot). Or, settle for a lower beta and test his resolve by making him wait.
        What she shouldn’t do is give it up right away to a beta. That is just unnecessary in light of the fact that she can get the resource investment from betas with little up-front sexual cost on her part.]


      • Just curious: what is a good girl to do? If she waits, the guy is a chump, if she doesn’t wait, she is a non suitable for LTR slut…

        Just like the prisoners dilemma, there is no perfect strategy, short of perfect mind reading.


      • When I am seeking a friend, I determine a persons value by those characteristics which contribute to a good friend.

        When I am seeking a colleague, I determine a persons value by those characteristics which contribute to a good colleague.

        When I am seeking a mate, I determine a persons value by those characteristics which contribute to a good mate.

        The determination of which characteristics contribute to a persons mate value is dependent on the particular mating strategy at hand.

        Short-term strategy: Looks and sexual receptivity.

        Long-term strategy: Looks and chastity/sexual inexperience.

        A woman who pursues a long-term mating strategy is a poor prospect for a short-term mating strategy due to the wasted effort at seducing her to no avail.

        A woman who pursues a short-term mating strategy is a poor prospect for a long-term mating strategy due to the risk of cuckoldry. (Could also be thought of as the wasted effort in investing in her and her children.)

        A short-term mating strategy requires less investment from men than a long-term mating strategy, therefore all things being equal he should favour the former over the latter as it is less costly to him. (This statement relates to a) below).

        In the example by besu she stipulated that she would be willing to pursue the less costly short-term mating strategy as well as the more costly long-term mating strategy. This is called a dual mating strategy. (This statement relates to b i) below).

        Also, she is holding the less costly short-term mating strategy in reserve on the condition that the man is qualified/good enough for the more costly long-term mating strategy. (This statement relates to b ii) below).

        Now the reason(s) on why there is no incentive to pursue the LTR at all.

        a) When presented with the opportunity to pursue either a high cost mating strategy or a low cost mating strategy it is evolutionarily rational to pursue the low cost mating strategy instead and invest your scarce resources (your emotional commitment) in those who ask for a higher investment. This way you maximise your mating opportunities.

        b i) besu has indicated a willingness to pursue a dual mating strategy. A women pursuing a dual mating strategy imposes much higher fitness costs on a man pursuing a long-term mating strategy than a man pursuing a short-term mating strategy. A man pursuing a short-term mating strategy only experiences the costs associated with procuring copulation, whereas a man pursuing a long-term mating strategy experiences the costs of cuckoldry and hence the investing of his reproductive effort into a rival’s genes. This is the worst scenario that can happen to the man pursuing the long-term mating strategy (from an evolutionary perspective) and is effectively reproductive exploitation.

        b ii) One thing that has always infuriated me with women who propose such a scenario is they seem to insinuate that the guy in the LTR position is getting more of a reward by getting to have a relationship as opposed to just sex, whereas in actuality the guy in the LTR position is experiencing much higher fitness costs than the guy in the STR position (and hence is actually very much worse off than the STR guy). I suppose this is just projection on their part as from a female psychological perspective emotional commitment is more valuable than sex as sex can be gotten from anyone at anytime for a female whereas emotional commitment/investment cannot. This is not so for a man. From a male psychological perspective the LTR guy is in the worse position compared to the STR guy. Much much much worse. Hence, why guys in the LTR position are often referred to as chumps or losers by men.

        Note: All my reasoning is predicated upon evolution having influenced human psychology, specifically the rules surrounding reproductive selection molding both subconscious and potentially conscious psychological mechanisms related to mating. While it would be highly unlikely that people would consciously make the determinations I’ve listed above, they will nonetheless have psychological mechanisms that influence their emotions/feelings/intuition/subconscious which will motivate them to act in accordance with my reasoning listed above.

        Put simply, my reasoning above involves ultimate causation, not proximate causation.

        see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proximate_and_ultimate_causation


      • on October 31, 2011 at 11:58 pm Cool Hand Luke

        chris: “If your willing to sleep with the guy without the LTR, what incentive is there for the guy to pursue the LTR at all?”

        Besu’s whole point is that THERE WON’T BE A LTR. It will just be sex.

        What Besu is saying is that if the dude wants sex so soon it means he’s off limits for a LTR either because:
        a) he’s not interested in a LTR and just wants to bone
        b) he might be interested in a LTR but he is promiscuous with the ladies which would classify him as NON-boyfriend-material because most women nowadays don’t want a LTR with what they call a man hoe

        So if she sleeps with him it will be knowing full well it’s just sex. She won’t want to persue a LTR with a dude who wants sex so soon.


      • “So if she sleeps with him it will be knowing full well it’s just sex. She won’t want to persue a LTR with a dude who wants sex so soon.”

        That is exactly what I was replying to.

        Let me try and put it simply.

        Option A:LTR
        Option B:STR

        As long as option B is on the table there is no incentive for the guy to pursue option A.

        The reason why there is no incentive is outlined in my comment above.


      • “On the other hand, if I liked a guy for LTR and he asked me to have sex the first time we met, I would immediately stop considering him for LTR. He is clearly not interested in that and is not the type of guy I would want for commitment.”

        Believe what you wish but this represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the male sex drive. Wanting sex doesn’t have any hidden motives. All it means is the guy is horny and desires sex. Men can easily decide they want an LTR after they’ve had sex a couple of times. In fact that’s generally the preferred sequence.


  3. on October 25, 2011 at 1:01 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    After reading all that, what bothers me the most is her use of the word “boy” in the first sentence — when she really means “man” or “guy.”

    Why do women do this? To demean men? To appear “cutesy” and “innocent” and pretend they’re sweet little girls dating “boys.”

    Whatever the case, the saying goes “control the language and you control the thought,” so this constant misuse of the word “boy” by feminists has some significance.


    • She used the word “boy” on purpose. It was the opening salvo in her diatribe blaming the guy for her decision. He wanted a SNL, and she decided to give him one. All her regrets after the fact are a waste of time, since she’s obviously been in this position before and learned nothing from the experience.


    • Mostly to demean, but also because they get pissed at being called girl. Of course they never realize how much more hurtful it is for a man to be called “boy” than a woman to be called “girl”. The two are leagues apart. The ones who do realize it and continue to say it are the ones you should really watch out for.


    • It’s to justify illogical behavior by saying they are “just a girl… trying to date a boy… hoping to fall in love”


      It’s a sign that she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her agency as a woman.


  4. on October 25, 2011 at 1:03 pm Dreaming Horse

    Never satisfied, women are.


  5. I’ve dated (read: fucked) nearly all the feminists in my university’s “Feminist Action Collective”, though none of them know this fact.

    More fun is deconditioning them to express their repressed rape fantasies and then, post-coitally, turn it around and ask them what the rest of the femclub would think of them if they knew…

    The proceeding massive cognitive dissonance, rationalizing, and hamster wheel spinning is delicious to watch.

    Is that sadistic of me?


    • You are living the life I want.Fucking endless feminists! I guess maybe I have some sicko stuff banging around inside my head,but Sleeping With The Enemy sounds cool!!


    • Is it anti-feminist to have a rape fantasy?

      I’ve always seen feminism as just the idea that women have a choice in what type of lifestyle they choose, not that they have to live/think/act a certain way… so maybe that’s why I don’t understand this point.


      • besu: You don’t read much modern feminist literature, do you? Actual equality went out the window a looong time ago. The women who cared about that are now working or married. The women in women’s studies programs and feminist think tanks are chiefly motivated by hating men.


      • Besu, rape fantasies betray a submissive pose (literally and figuratively) on the part of the woman. And female submissiveness is anathema to Gender Feminists, who’s primary aim is to deconstruct “gender” and ignore sex differences.
        I’m doing my PhD. as a therapist but I find myself at odds with the nascent betafied nature of the discourse. Do you think there’s a market for a more alphafied shrink?


      • Good God, yes. The world absolutely needs more of this


      • Absolutely. I’ll hire you, when the mindfucks finally get to me.


      • Nah I gotta disagree. The feminists at my college (which is like 99% of the chicks there) are all about having whatever kind of sex you want.

        So whether a woman wants to be submissive or dominant or take turns being both in the bedroom is all up to her. There is not “wrong” way to have sex so long as both the woman and the man are satisfied. This is the way that most of the ladies at my school think. And they are all modern non-traditional females.

        Feminists are usually very sexually liberated, so I gotta love them for that.


      • on October 27, 2011 at 2:39 pm driveallnight

        You *do* gotta love them for that. And they love it too.

        Until they glimpse 30 and The Wall, that is.


      • I disagree, driveallnight. A lot of feminists are ANTI-marriage so there is no such thing as “hitting 30” or “the wall” for them. They like phuking a lot (especially in their college days) but are ANTI-marriage. So in reality, they have a very similar mindset to men.

        The main reasons why so many feminists are anti-marriage is because they feel like wives and mothers loose their identity. And also because they think ALL MEN are lazy so the woman is going to get stuck doing everything:
        1. Career
        2. Child care
        3. Cleaning
        4. Cooking

        Basement dwelling manboys just feed this stereotype that all men today are worthless and incapable. And shows like “FAMILY GUY” with the father who is a borderline retard also feed this stereotype.

        Feminists just love to stereotype men and the popular media helps a lot with that.


      • Why does everyone keep calling it “RAPE FANTASIES”???

        It’s not rape. It’s just submissive/dominant animalistic phucking. A lot of women (but not all) like this. A lot of men (but not all) like this. Does this mean as men we have fantasies of being RAPISTS?! Of course not. Unless you are an actual rapist but that’s a disturbed minority.

        Real rape is a disgusting homeless crackhead or an ex convict raping some poor woman who was out for a jog. I guarantee you that NO WOMAN fantasizes about this. Okay, maybe like a very disturbed woman. But that’s also a tiny minority.

        So the term “RAPE FANTASIES” is completely incorrect. When a woman fantasizes about rough sex she’s a imaging her boyfriend or husband or a 6′2 tall GQ type of man with abs of steel not some crackhead or ex convict.

        To keep calling it rape could lead some stupid 18 year old boy to actually think that all women want a stranger they don’t even know to rape them and beat them up.

        It’s sending younger guys the wrong message. We got enough legal problems as it is being financially raped in divorce court. We don’t need anymore legal problems.


    • Give one of those feminist the money shot for me next time.


      • You mean in the face? LOL

        Some feminists would love that. They’re all about sexual liberation and exploration and all that mumbo jumbo.

        They’ll let you jizz on their face and then they’ll straddle your face once you’re done. LOL Most feminists are all about sexual freedom.

        In my experience, it’s actually the traditional girls that want to get married and be SAHMs who are less inclined to have adventurous sex. They’re more prudish.

        I grew up in the Midwest where most people are religious and the chicks there were kinda inhibited. Now that I’m in NYC (where all the feminists live) I’m dealing with major culture shock because the women here are so open about their sexuality.


  6. One point: it’s not clear that this is her getting pump and dumped.

    She doesn’t say what the one text said, if she responded, etc. Maybe this guy is swimming in girls and doesn’t think he has time to fuck the same girl twice. But it seems likely he was hoping to turn her into a semi-regular hook up, but blew it by overdoing the aloofness.

    [Heartiste: Um, no. It seems likely that he wasn’t interested in seeing her again. Hence, the three day wait to send a tepid text. He probably felt bad about completely cutting off contact.]

    I think there’s a lesson here, that if a girl fucks on the first date, and you want to fuck her again, from a purely selfish perspective you should be at least a *little bit* nice to her, to help her not feel like a slut.

    [Or maybe he didn’t want to fuck her again. You know, some girls are not hot enough to warrant a second fucking, let alone an LTR.]


    • One point: it’s not clear that this is her getting pump and dumped.


      My train of thought, until the part about the train: “Is this article about me . . .?”


    • I actually did that exact thing last week. I liked the girl but sent her a non-sequitur text 4-5 days after the date, and she didn’t reply. This after she told me to call/text at the end of the date. I’m fairly sure that I overdid it on the aloofness. Now both of us are too proud to reinitiate. Maybe I’ll try inviting her to one of my shows in a couple of months


      • IMO:

        If interested in repeat sessions or an LTR, you’ve got 3 days, MAX, to respond. After she leaves (or you leave), her ASD [Anti-Slut Defense] and hamster spinning regret [Buyer’s Remorse] turn on full blast. If you give no response and day 4 has reached, you’ve basically said: “you’re a slut.” And she’ll either disapear, or you’re back in compliance attaining mode. [Game on].

        If she’s worth recycling, txt/call her within 3 days. Preferably within the first, with something very lightly validating “had fun w u” “get home ok?” And build from there. Even then she may not respond. Or will cling on like shit on a fly. Either way, you, playa, are in control. NEXT or next time, done and done.

        Chalk another one up for the good guys.


      • I disagree with this 100%. Here’s why:

        In my experience, the hamster of a woman is VERY good at controlling a woman’s outer brain actions after a date — whether or not sex is involved.

        If I go out with a gal on a “first date” and she doesn’t text me at the end of the night or at least the next morning that she had a great time, she’s out. Not because I’m not interested in her, but her hamster has basically told her outer brain to not send that important text showing the door’s open for another meet up.

        Did this NYC slut text him that she had a great night? I don’t see any proof of it. So he did ABSOLUTELY the right thing, even if he wanted more.

        Women give signals to their inner desires. The after date text is massively important for me. If I don’t get it, she’s basically told me she’s not interested.

        Sure, I might pursue her again for a casual banging, but I absolutely, positively will not invest further if she doesn’t do what women MUST do to show me that they want more.

        Alpha, beta, whatever: if a gal doesn’t take 30 seconds to say she had a nice time, she’s out of any relationship possibility but a random banging now and then.


      • I see your point.

        I’m specifically talking about an SNL. My point is after you’ve nailed her, you’re in control. And you’re control has a half life.

        How each of us go about next steps in the context of getting what you want (LTR, another lay, sandwich, nexting her,diffusing clingers,social blowback mitigation, whatever) will surely differ.

        Admittedly, sometimes I like the chic, and want to see her (have fun, bang her) again. A subtle txt the following day works for me.


      • “If I go out with a gal on a “first date” and she doesn’t text me at the end of the night or at least the next morning that she had a great time, she’s out.”

        Maybe you should be a more interesting date.

        lol no I’m just fuckin with ya, I couldn’t resist the opening.

        seriously tho, it sounds like you might be approaching things from a more “qualify her for relationship potential” frame than the guy in the OP or guys like Ripp and I. You’ve said yourself that you don’t really do the bar scene.

        A girl you pick up in the daytime or thru social circle who invests in an actual date with you has way less worry about you judging her than the “under 4 hours” one night stand girls. The former girls have a lot more safety/comfort built in (“I met him in the day, he seems nice”) so they’re less likely to fall into the buyer’s remorse hamster spinning that a girl who puts out an hour after meeting me is going to (“omg I don’t know anything ABOUT him I can’t believe I ditched my friends to fuck this random stranger I don’t even know his name!!”)

        So in conclusion I agree with both you and Ripp but I think you two are talking about different scenarios. 🙂


  7. When i was reading this, i was like “easy, you’re gonna scare all the sluts around town, what am i gonna do?”.

    And then i read the jizzbel article and the comments, and what a relief, should i say. Women are still clueless, and that’s never going to change.


  8. Round of applause!
    Shots for everyone


  9. Will she go nuclear powered hamster and scream date rape?

    [Heartiste: I don’t think so. She sounds like one of those feminists who has retained a shred of sanity.]


    • brother, I object. Nuclear power is nothing compared to Hamster power. If your local nuclear power plant has run out of fuel, just give it a dash of the hamster, and ye olde nuclear plant will be humming and spinning till Kingdom come!


  10. Guys don’t (marry/LTR/whatever) whores. Ignore at your peril, ladies.


  11. When you first meet someone, she said, you don’t actually see them. You see a flimsy construction of their personality, created by your interpretation of the signals available.

    Very keen, on her mother’s part. This is the sine qua non of the player. When everyone else represses their personality in the name of politeness, when first meeting, the player boldly goes forth. He shows his personality in spades, without hesitation.

    The player has the greatest advantage over regular men when first meeting strange women. This isn’t exactly an alpha/beta distinction. Simply, players show color immediately, while regular men plod through polite conventions. The shorter the initial meet, the greater the contrast between the player and Average Joe. Betas especially may take a date or two before they will open up to a woman and show some character.


    • exactly. well said. I’ve found that you can even speak in total non-sequiturs or even be superficially socially offensive (last party i went to a told a group of professional school girls that i liked dogs better than girls because the former are easier to train) and still be the guy that everyone likes. the key to it is not having the perfect line or seeking to impress (which is where many stumble), but by conveying strong and desirable personality traits.


      • Agreed. Essence of solid game. At a party,bar, venue etc., after initial opening:

        Her: “So, Ripp, what do you do for work?”

        Ripp: [locks eyes, smirk] [pregnant pause] “well…I’m an asshole.” [Fleets eyes]

        Her: [laughter]

        Ripp: [kino escalate] “honesty is important”


      • When a lizard asks me what I do (I run a training and consulting business) I say, “I teach people how to think. Need any help?”

        Never fails to get a laugh.


      • that’s awesome. ill have to give that a try. in front of my gf for bonus points.

        what kind of touch do you use? i would imagine a patronizing shoulder palm, politician-style.


      • Ripp, your style is very american psycho. i incorporate it a fair bit as well. i often abruptly end interactions by using the excuse: “i have to return some videotapes..”


  12. CH, youre being way too nice at starting the bidding at 30 cocks. this is a woman who recognizes shes being a slut, and even after being burned by the guy, she has no intention of stopping. and theres no way this is the first time she self-reflected on her actions. the entire thing sounds expertly rehearsed, like a nun reciting verses from the Bible.


  13. on October 25, 2011 at 1:43 pm John Norman Howard

    [i]Culture does not spring up out of the ground unseeded, like a summoned monolith. Human genetic disposition seeds the ground and creates culture, unleashing a macro feedback loop where culture and genes interact in perpetuity. Those “cultural judgments” you so recoil from are actually subconscious reinforcements of ancient biological truths.[/i]

    Well done, indeed.

    These words should be etched into the walls of every university classroom wherein social sciences are purported to be taught… and any alleged professor who varies from this fundamental truth should be taken out into a courtyard specifically designed for such, and promptly hanged..


  14. How old is this guy really? She calls him a boy but states that they were both gratified with how their late 20s went. I’d be willing to bet this guy is older.

    Women usually know if they’re going to fuck a guy that night if they’re dating down in age. She may have rationalized it but it sounds like she respected his knowledge and command, which older feminists would never admit about someone younger than them.

    They are by their nature’s the most agist, sexist, racist people you will ever meet. Spread that tabula rasa bullshit to everyone else, then embrace your cavegrrrrrl instincts.

    My guess is she worded it that way to make it seem as though they were both in their late 20s, but he was actually referring to a time when he was younger thus further qualifying her and her inexperience in comparison to him and his current status.

    Women lie more often by omission.


    • I think ‘boy’ is meant as shaming language. She’s pissed the alpha did not commit so she’s trying to shame his masculinity.


      • When I was 41, my hot, non-feminist 23 YO GF referred to me as a “boy” and definitely meant it in a positive way. Of course, context is everything.

        I think feminists hate “men” more than “boys” and she doesn’t seem to hate the guy; sounds like she’s justifying that what she did wasn’t all that bad, as opposed to having a one-nighter with a “man.”


      • Agreed. Exhibited emasculation. Driven by a hurt vagina (figureatively, and litteraly, heh).


  15. Brilliant post. Thanks!


  16. As ‘boring’ as the last quoted paragraph was, she is onto something. Girls are working with a projection of what the guy’s like. She’s clearly more introspective than most. From ‘our’ side, you could say it’s the same as saying “game is putting your best foot forward” because of the importance of those little first impressions, how you carry yourself, etc.

    She’s probably just uncomfortable that for most normal women, the sales pitch matters more than quality control (i.e. ‘getting to know them first’).


  17. That is one tired hamster…


  18. Hey, I thought women were now empowered etc etc. Obviously not.

    My guess is that he quite liked her (hence the four hours of chatter – who gives a toss what the Arabs were up to earlier this year?) but didn’t rate her in the sack. Still, must be quite a decent guy to send her a text. So, she then goes and tells EVERYONE and gets a load of nonsense responses, especially from Fatty. She needs to come to the Chateau!

    Nice point too CH, that guys NEVER freak out after sex. Women however frequently freak out after a date (sex or no sex).


  19. An interesting geometric mathematical problem.

    “Your mind, faced with a scarcity of information, is forced to create a projection of them.”

    Though its kind of a higher math sort of thing a drunk broad is really going to have trouble calculating on a dirty napkin. I mean it will be hard to know when she has enough data.

    We need something to calculate a relationship safety interval. Its a much more simple formula Shagability/ Time. I think we need to determine what T is? How much time will a man invest trying to shag to show they are in a safe interval. Lets risk a high error rate and set T to an acceptable metric for modern day sluts T = 1 week. We also need a geometric shagable multiplier since doing one 10 is better then three 5s so S * 2 cubed or some such.

    4/168 = .0238. If she is a 3 then then her bang score is 9075. This is a dangerous range because bang scores can be high with low T. It means he is drunk and does not even know what he is fucking. He will not stay with a 3 when T= 1.

    A bang score for a 5 with a full day would be 1000 / .142 = 7042

    A 9 with half a week has a bang score of 11664.

    If she is a 3 in his eyes he won’t last the week because her score will be 216. Thus a girl needs to have a high bang score when T =1 like 8000 for a 10.

    OK so its gets a little inaccurate like a speedometer on the extreme ranges…


    • on October 25, 2011 at 4:13 pm Taylor Lebesque

      I take a few integrals and then the optimal for me plus her, subtract our clothes, divide her legs, and multiply.
      This tends to be a very efficient algo.


  20. That’s some choice motherly wisdom right there. I’m sure she’ll pass it down to her own children*.




  21. Every girl knows why a guy doesn’t call them back after sex but every girl is in DENIAL. Hence her long, soul-searching article.

    He was unethusiastic about seeing her again because:

    1. She’s not that attractive
    2. She was horrible in bed


    3. He has a hotter girlfriend.


    • Correct. The vast majority will deny all three of these as possible reasons. Then again, it doesn’t matter what the reason was. He’s not interested. There is nothing she can do about that.


    • This happened in Brooklyn.

      There are easily 100-150 women for every one alpha.

      A man with options doesn’t settle for good, he waits for great.

      They’re both in their early 30s, guaranteed. A man in his 30s dates a decade younger, but fucks any age.

      She’ll end up in his stable as an outlier.


    • on October 25, 2011 at 4:16 pm Taylor Lebesque

      Bad breath, bad tuna, stray hairs in strange places, a poorly concealed gut, or too much clinginess will cause me to “lose” her number.
      OTOH, a tight, supple body, good aromas, a flat tummy, and smooth clean skin/hair will almost always get me to call back, possibly for a “date” or even, rarely, an LTR.


  22. “A masochistic reader (you’d have to be in love with your own pain to read any of the yeasty discharges fouling up Jizzabel”

    I don’t think the term mashochistic is appropriate, sometimes they are amusing to read. There is an interesting dynamic between Feminism and game.

    A significant theme in feminism is making ‘being pretty’ less of an important status marker for women.

    In many ways feminists have enabled PUAs. Feminists like all women, love alphas and are liberated enough to go for it. Where as traditionalist are more prone to caving in to societal pressure to settle down with betas.

    Boys must now leave their cocoon and experience the freedom of being a man to fulfill their basic emotional desire for sex. Some do this ‘naturally’, and some end up studying the game.

    But in an equal number of ways the men who invented the pill, machinery to replace physical labor etc also enabled Feminism.

    A rational individual can’t really blame men or women. PUAs or Feminists. They are both a product of their environment.

    Yes monogamy is dead. Misandry is rife. Betas are devalued. And Western civilization as we know it is at an end.

    Rome is burning and it is too late to save it.

    Men have a choice: cling to the symbols of a dying civilization. Or choose to get down in style.


  23. Some people just never learn. She played the whore and then was surprised when she was treated like one. Its probably best that she doesn’t have kids if this is her perspective.


  24. on October 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm (R)evoluzione

    Excellent exigesis. Yes, feminism has been great for those of us with high-functioning libidos.

    One point: you state that men NEVER feel remorse after an SNL. I would have to say that it’s quite rare, but happens occasionally, and usually stems from a violation of one’s own credo to” never stick your dick in crazy.” Once bitten, twice shy.

    Knowing that the feministed are all crazy at least on some level, my own dictum keeps me from banging at least one attractive young hippie girl in my circle of friends who keeps pursuing me; I know she’ll be loco when things go south, as they most certainly will. I had seen such a meltdown after she was p&d’ed by another bad-boy, who left her raw and bereft. Thusly, I know she’s not LTR material & the drama from P&D or FWB is just not worth it. Sometimes, pussy left unplowed feels better than that same one if plundered.


  25. 1. If all that matters for female game is attractiveness, how does a decision to put out on the first date matter? Wouldn’t that decision be “game” of some form?

    2. That aside, the “not sleeping with the guy on the first date” mostly works to screen out women of moderate interest. For some guys, a woman putting out on the first date disqualifies her because she’s a “slut.” I don’t personally get this logic, but that’s an entirely separate point. I might sleep with a woman I’m only mildly interested in, then decide she’s not worth it. I think this is the more common issue. If you meet a woman you really like, first-date sex can seem more like a natural course of events than her being a slut. But if you meet a woman you kind of like, first date sex can be nice but there’s no motive to call you back. Not putting out on the first date (in some cases – this is probably one of them, since they both seem like educated white people) probably does more to screen ou impatient alphas who aren’t that into you than to actually make men think more of you.

    And her post-lay guilt is not motivated by whatever the fuck she’s pretending it is nor some kind of slut-guilt. She slept with a dude who was either out of or at the top of her league, and it hurts that it won’t happen again.


    • I’m with you here. From what I can make out, nowhere near 100% or 90% or even 80% of men are put off by same night sex. Somewhere near 40 to 60% of men are completely fine with same night sex as being the beginning of an LTR.


    • I think it helps to see this issue from the woman’s perspective. Most women, if they like the guy, and especially if they are over 30, will project all manner of unrequited love onto the man after sex, because it is a more powerful bonding experience for them than for men. Afterall, they are the ones who will get pregnant and the bonding process helps them to get along with the father if pregnancy occurs. Women over 30 have the double burden of wanting to meet the right guy but not having enough time left to be selective and end of getting too many bad partners in the often futile search for Mr. Right.

      On a certain level, I feel sorry for this girl because her obstinate refusal to see the truth behind male female relationships in favor of her feminist ideology is at the root of why she got hurt in the first place. She sets herself up for failure with her perspective. In a nutshell, this basic emotional vulnerability is the big reason i alwasy counsel women to wait before sleeping with someone. Its not PUA, but its generally good advice for both sexes, as the emotional can of worms is opened when people start having sex.


  26. Another brought up respect — if he wanted a real relationship with me, he would have proceeded with more respect for my body.

    The group fatty.

    I seriously laughed so hard at this everyone outside my office knocked and asked what was so funny.



  27. Obviously this is another instance if the patriarchal enslavement of women and the imposition of anachronistic gender norms in a brutish, rape culture inspired attempt at maintaining a power imbalance between the sexes. Obviously…


  28. Now that I think of it, he sent that standoffish text because she didn’t respect his body.


  29. Heartsie, excellent analysis.

    However, you forgot to mention one of the first things that got this man-hating cunt wet:

    ” [He] maneuvered through the dark bar with a confident , sexy air.”

    That to me was an important point: he approached exuding confidence. It doesn’t matter if his shoes were shaking and his knees were knocking, he walked in like he was in his element. And that got her wet. Very important.

    A great line about how to exude alpha comes from a very unlikely source: men’s figure skating.

    Elvis Stojko was a Canadian figure skater from the 1990s and 2000s. He was perhaps the only straight male figure skater out there. Very masculine in his actions, very un-fey—think Gene Kelly as a figure skater.

    Anyway, the Olympics were making a big deal out of him, because they were trying to promote men’s figure skating to non-fags. They ran a “get to know him” type piece where they gave his biography. Turns out Elvis was a serious Kung-Fu practitioner, and tried to incorporate Kung-Fu into his routines.

    Elvis was very close with his kung-fu teacher, who talked about how Elvis often turned to him for advice about competing. The teacher’s best advice to Elvis?:

    You should walk out into the arena like you own it.

    Great advice to any man, and clearly one this player followed to a T.

    P.S. Elvis didn’t settle down till he was 38. To a latina. Who looks like this: http://0.tqn.com/d/figureskating/1/7/z/L/-/-/gabriellatreyint.jpg.

    Note that the male figure skater there is not Elvis. But imagine the fun Elvis must having his 11-years-junior bride dress up in her High School musical gear.


    • ” [He] maneuvered through the dark bar with a confident , sexy air.”

      What was he thinking?

      ” [she] squatted in the corner of the dark bar, nervously moist”


  30. this is the takehome lesson “I slept with how that man made me feel. “


  31. Her mother explained that she didnt see the real man only a “mirage” based on blah blah blah….does anyones mother really talk like that???? Great look into the little pink room jammed with stuffed animals that is the modern womans mind!!


  32. “Culture does not spring up out of the ground unseeded, like a summoned monolith. Human genetic disposition seeds the ground and creates culture, unleashing a macro feedback loop where culture and genes interact in perpetuity. Those “cultural judgments” you so recoil from are actually subconscious reinforcements of ancient biological truths.”

    True and humanity, culture and civlization are of course not all the same. The death of the West will be long drawn and painful.


  33. I would actually defend this woman, but it’s so simple to keep your pants on at least for the first date or several that I cannot do it.

    What scares me (not me personally because none of this applies to me) is people like Roosh (assuming everything is not just 100% made up.)

    Roosh talks about several girls who he sounds like he really cared for and actually dated. If you were one of those girls, are you a whore or did you get Really Badly Used?

    See….this whole waiting for marriage thing is for the most part out, so there needs to be some rules to avoid Roosh-ville.

    I think if you are a gamer u can play the one night stand feminists (even though you are still a rat and a man whore, and shitty marriage material – don’t kid yourself)….but if you go on a few dates with a girl and do something like this then you are pure evil.

    And another thing I wonder…Does Heartsy with his long term gfs tell them upfront before they have sex that “I have no intention of getting married and you will not change that and this relationship has a George Clooney max 1-2 year time limit.” (George is so gay and has these girls under contract)

    Because if he isn’t doing that then this is all just false advertising and abuse.

    I mean there has to be Rules and Fair Play in all of this.


    • on October 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm Taylor Lebesque

      Rules and Fair Play? For just us, or for women also? Do you really think women, in the sexual arena of all places, are entitled to any sort of fairness or standards of care?
      The thought that women deserve any sort of fairness is, in the main, laughable to this former beta.


    • alphas play by their own rules.


    • “you are still a rat and a man whore, and shitty marriage material – don’t kid yourself”

      LOL. You really think that will affect us. Slut-shaming doesn’t even work on women these days. Don’t even try it on men. Especially that our value increases with our notches, and our ability to be a husband is not affected to the same extent as a female slut. The double standard is biological, deal with it.

      You want sexual liberation, that’s what you get: all the “marriage type” betas are ignored, and the alphas get all the fun. I’m surprised that this has to be repeated on this particular blog. But hey, you’re just a woman.
      Why should the alphas settle with such silly creatures, especially when game proves that y’all are interchangeable.

      When women follow their vaginas, they tend to make crappy long-term decisions. If you don’t like it, you can only claim to get back to patriarchy, where the patriarch will choose the marriage-type for you.

      But since that doesn’t cut it either, suck it up. Talking about fairness is ridiculous.


    • “I would actually defend this woman”
      You are a whore to even consider defending this whore.

      “not me personally”
      Yes, you personally.

      “are you a whore”

      “there needs to be some rules”
      How about rules against hypergamy.

      “even though you are still a rat … …”
      Projecting much?

      “false advertising”
      Like lipstick and mascara?

      Like divorce laws?

      “there has to be rules and fair play in all of this”
      Let’s see…
      All women have a genetic predisposition to cuckold, i.e. all women are thieves.
      All women have a genetic predisposition to be hypergamous, i.e. all women are whores.
      The only fair play in all of this appears to be pump and dump!

      Guys – do the upright, moral, noble, and righteous thing- pump and dump!


    • Yeah, fair like divorce court and orders for support you dumb cunt. Being that you read game blogs it is perplexing why you should propose such an asinine question as this. The only logical reason is that it’s purely a troll post.


    • Experienced PUAs are up front about it. A buddy of mine texts other girls to set up dates while cuddling with the one that’s in his bed and tells them flat out he’s not going to be their boyfriend. I have an engaged chick coming over this week to fuck and she’s recommended restaurants for me to take my main mLTR to and knows not to come over and surprise me because I’ll probably have “company”.

      If you’re congruent and don’t fail shit-tests, girls will accept pretty much anything when they’re attracted. Even if you’re up front about not wanting anything serious though, you have to monitor how attached the girl is getting and cut her off if she’s starting to get too lovey dovey, or you’ll end up breaking her heart. Girls just naturally get attached over time.

      That’s also why you don’t see them more than once a week.

      Guys who don’t get laid often have to lie about who they are, what they do, or what they’re looking for, because they’re scared they won’t get laid if they fuck things up.

      An alpha doesn’t lie because he doesn’t care if the chick isn’t down with his situation…there’s another girl that looks just like her up the street.

      [Heartiste: So true. I think a lot of betas who have little experience with women can’t even fathom how a guy can have a rotating stable of regulars who all know that he sees other women and are copacetic with it. But it happens. “there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the beta mind…”]


      • “I have an engaged chick coming over this week…”

        Note to berg: YaReally expect us to respect women? When they fuck around with the alphas, and come back to their sweethearts demanding a wedding ceremony.?
        Fuck that and fuck you. I prefer to be YaReally than the cuckold.


      • “you have to monitor how attached the girl is getting and cut her off if she’s starting to get too lovey dovey, or you’ll end up breaking her heart.”

        Why the precautions? Just break her fucking heart. What was the dumb slut thinking?


      • Because if a dame is in my stable, it means I actually respect her?

        I’d hate to break a heart of a woman who consciously understands the luck she had in meeting me, plus understands she has to work hard to keep me.

        Casual fuck? No worries. No respect.

        Part of The Rotation? She’s ahead of 99% of the girls out there, and won’t get hurt unless she pushes my boundaries that I set very vocally. It takes a rare dame to overcome her jealousy and insecurity knowing she’s not the one-and-only.

        I respect her enough to let her in my busy schedule.


      • Lol, I think YaReally and CH answered the question.

        If a girl is aware of the deal and accepts it, well then….Ain’t none of my business!

        P.S.—I was part of a harem momentarily in college for a dude, but he did not tell me he had a girlfriend and I will never forget the day my roommate came bursting into the apartment screaming “He has a girlfriend from back home!! She comes up on weekends when you leave!”

        That’s not a gamer or PUA, that’s a cheater. I think there is a big difference.

        As long as there are rules of fair play men.


      • I was part of a harem momentarily in college for a dude, but he did not tell me he had a girlfriend

        did you ask?

        if you did, and he lied, then he’s no alpha and you weren’t a part of a harem, you were the ‘other girl’.


      • Like Spider-Man taught us: With great power comes great responsibility.

        It’s not cool to treat people like shit when they haven’t done anything wrong.


    • Berg,

      The main problem right now is that feminism has been incorporated into both the criminal code and the family courts, as well as being a relentless meme pushed onto women through the media.

      At this point in time it is very easy for a wife to have you thrown in jail on her word alone. It is also very difficult for her to ignore the incredible incentives the court gives her to dump your ass and take you for all you are worth. Also keep in mind also that men (including yourself) are human, you are not just a machine, you form emotional attachments. As a result, unless you are demented, you will love your children more than your own life. For her to walk away with the kids (and she will), will likely tear your soul in half.

      This is a part of the divorce problem that few people outside of MRM address or care at all about, the soul crushing devastation it causes to men. In addition to the financial ruin it causes them. A man can work 20 years and see every single thing he has done destroyed in less than one.

      Until you address those problems, sites like Roosh and Heartiste are going to be the future. From what I know from their own writings, they have made it clear that they are not in love with such a future either.

      To get a better understanding of the deep anger, pain and despair that exists, see this article http://solomonreborn.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/proverb-28-women-can-age-beautifully/


      • Honestly though,I do think that by focusing on Women Personally men are not solving the problem.

        Do you see what I mean? The average woman, though stupid for going along with feminism, is not at fault. The lawyers and the lawmakers and the people in charge of the media….they changed our society….and instead of going after those people with pitch forks…..CH is saying “Well men…here is our new plan” But that plan lets the bad guys get away with the whole scheme.

        If men are unhappy, instead of having meaningless sex which destroys the bonds of society further, Men should get Angry, Make a list of the feminists and the Professors and lawyers and Judges…..and let me tell you…lists can be made.

        But then again I’m an evil fascist so 🙂 hehehehe *girly giggle*

        That’s why I don’t like this site….it doesn’t go after the heart of the problem. It doesn’t get men to take back their country. It just helps them navigate the new rules for instant pleasure.


      • To paraphrase Woody Allen, there’s about as much “meaningless sex” as there is meaningless pizza.

        When my dick is hard it’s always plenty meaningful.


      • No, we are at fault. Because we had power and gave it up. Why we did that is another long discussion. Look into your own soul if you want to know why.

        Anyone who reads the first part of Genesis thoroughly can see the problem in a nutshell. Woman is easily bullshitted by a walking dick who wants to fuck her (that was the Snake’s actually motivation according to tradition), she convinces man to be a sucker, man doesn’t stand up to her, he gets hammered, God says “what up dude?” man says “She made me do it!”, etc.

        “It doesn’t get men to take back their country”

        Good luck with that.


    • “Because if he isn’t doing that then this is all just false advertising and abuse.

      I mean there has to be Rules and Fair Play in all of this.”

      those rules you are talking about. they’re all in your head. all’s fair in love and war…..right….:P


  34. She has Buyer’s Remorse because the guy didn’t make her feel special after. I assume she’s ugly or bad in bed and he just didn’t give enough of a shit to bother with it but if he wanted to avoid this situ and make her feel good about being a one night stand, all he had to do was txt her something flirty after she left his house at 3am instead of 3 days later. Even a simple “that was fun, get home safe. Sweet dreams” and she’d have thought it was the most romantic amazing wonderful night of her life and would have written an article about following your instincts into love blah blah blah.

    THEN start tapering off contact with her because from his behavior it sounds like she was probably ugly or bad in bed. This is a good way to avoid any “he said she said” false “i regret my decisions so it was rape” accusations.

    Kudos to the “boy” in the story. That was classic PUA 101, especially the “just one nightcap but then you have to go home” stuff.


    • The “nightcap” gave her a mental out. So her hamster can tell her girl friend’s hamsters the sex “just happened”.


      • Yep. The “you can come in, but just for one drink, then you have to go” is an important part of it too. It’s like a false time constraint (“I can only stay for a minute but…”).


    • I may be wrong but your tone suggests that you’re slipping into the dark side. I like it because nothing is more annoying than white knight PUAs.


    • Agree with YaReally.

      @ Anonymous: “white knight PUAs?” False analogy.

      Good & Evil is irrelevant terminology for the aspiring PUA. For the PUA is a hind-brain ninja pursuing the instinctual impulse to drain his balls in some slut.

      @Lord Valtrex: “it just happened” “I didn’t plan on this” “I don’t usually do this” “how did this happen” “he like, tricked me” and on and on and on…the hamster spins…



      • I agree. “White knight” was a poor choice of words. I was just referring to the “leave her better than you found her” crowd. There are lots of them out there.
        I was mistakenly thinking that Yareally was one of them. But now i’m relieved.


      • No, I’m one of those. But leaving them better than you found them doesn’t mean you can’t approach it from a rational logical view, follow a specific set of steps and guidelines to ensure it, and have self-survival reasons for doing it on top of the feel-good reasons.

        My post still has the same end result of the guy not having to see her again, but that guy will have a dozen former hookups who hate him and write articles like this whereas you wouldn’t be able to find a single former hookup who hates me.


  35. Men can have regret in so far as blowback.


    • well yeah, a man will regret sleeping with a woman if she cries false rape, gets “accidentally” pregnant, or passes on an STD. otherwise no.


  36. “I’m still going out with guys and getting tipsy; I’m still desiring to go home with many of them after a satisfying first date. But something has changed.”

    I’m more aware of the power of my mind to create elaborate fictions. When I meet someone, I can see the limitations of my knowledge about them. I can appreciate our interaction for what it is. It’s easier for me to detach, to step back and say, you know, this can wait.”

    I don’t expect this new found knowledge to change anything.

    To many woman like her go on doing the same thing and foolishly expecting something different because they’ve made up some little rules of how the world should be.


    • Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

      that applies to both feminists and betas.


  37. Good lord. Forget about wind/solar/nuclear. Attach a dynamo to that hamster wheel and we will never want for electricity again.

    Take a look at the comments too if you really want to gag.


  38. “I slept with an idea of a man. I slept with how that man made me feel. But that man didn’t exist, except in my mind. When I realized this, I felt……………………………………LIKE I SHOULD GO OUT THERE AND DO THIS AGAIN.”

    p.s.- I would not have called a cab.


    • “I slept with an idea of a man. I slept with how that man made me feel.”

      note how she says she slept w the “ideas”. well yeah, that’s pretty much all he left her with @ 3am when he subtly persuaded her to GTFO.

      “p.s.- I would not have called a cab.”

      perhaps this was a hamster-induced fantasy as well.


    • I’d be curious to know if he actually paid for the cab. She says “He offered to pay for a cab to take me home afterwards” then “Afterwards, as promised, he called me a cab.”

      He didn’t promise to call her a cab, he promised to pay for it. I suspect she paid for it, since it sounds like he knew his shit. 🙂


      • “Afterwards, as promised, he called me a cab.” = “after he blew his load all over me, he started talking about calling me a cab. I pretended to be asleep as I didn’t want to feel used but he shook me and told me the cab would be there in five minutes and I better put my clothes on and go and wait outside.”

        Yeh that sounds more like it.


  39. Men will freak out after sex. If (1) they were drunk the previous night; and (2) they wake up next to Big Bertha.


  40. I believe game has a particularly strong effect on feminists because of the contrast effect. These women live surrounded by other femicunts and manginas, in an universe of strong ideological control and homogeneity.
    When a feminist meets a caveman, the contrast with her femimatrix is so shocking they can’t hold their panties.


  41. Maybe he just felt that she was only a sexy mirage and that his image of her was only fiction, that she didn’t exist except in his mind. You know, he sobered up and realized he’d banged a skank.


  42. “After that night, I felt shitty not because I’d been “slutty,” whatever that means, but because I felt foolish.”

    Phew… we can’t have a slut withdraw herself from riding the village bicycle.

    I call next.


  43. That “fictional fuck” bit… you can hear the hamster’s heavy panting…. all so that sweety-pie can keep her partner count low in her mind.

    “I’ve only slept with 3 guys in my life. The other 66 ? Oh, they were just mirages, I can’t count them as sex since I never got to know their real self.”

    The loose hole disagrees.


  44. I have to say this is one of the funniest posts I’ve read by CH. The female rationalization at work in silencing her better judgment (not to be a slut) was spot on. “I’m not being a slut…I’m just not being an old-fashioned traditional woman…I’m being independent!”

    It would have been awesome if she would have got pregnant, then had an abortion, all the while fondly remembering the episode as some grand life experience.


  45. You knew it was game on when he showed up for the date 20 minutes late…. isn’t that like chapter 1 page 2 of the PUA Bible?

    [Heartiste: Yeah, forgot about that part. That’s like the first line in the bible. “In the beginning, you show up late…”]


    • LOL.

      This post comments have been fucking hilarious.

      [PUA Bible; Revelations] “After thee has blown thine load. Call cab, send her slutessness yonder, make sandwich…”


  46. on October 25, 2011 at 4:47 pm Dunwannabebeta

    That man….is inspiring….just no words, they should have sent a poet!


    • Well, the scenario is pretty classic for anyone who partakes in game. I’ve read more fascinating field reports on PUA forums.

      The funny thing is her hamsterish drivel in front of the jizzebel fembot crowd.


      • Ya, the funniest part is that her and 99% of the Jezebel crowd would probably say “that game stuff would NEVER work on me!! I’d spot it a MILE away and shoot down ANY guy who showed up late or tried to move too fast or–” but you can see flat out all the little rationalizations and shit her hamster went through.

        For the PUA though, this was just another random “eh, this chick looks easy” routine internet one night stand. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the guy takes every chick he’s out with to the same bar, kisses them against the same wall, etc.


  47. This was one of the funniest posts I read on here! Great!


  48. Pay particular attention to the in depth self-analysis of the “inner voice” diatribe she’s admitting to not ignoring, but rather countermanding. This is female revisionist thinking in it’s rawest form.

    There is simply no way she is cognitively sifting through all the social deprograming, feminist agitprop she’s been taught after 3 drinks, 3 venues and in the midst of a strong kiss against a wall. She’d have everyone believe that this subroutine of internal conflict was firing all the neural synapses in her brain, but the truth of the matter is she was autonomously deferring to her true biological impulse to fuck the Alpha and collect the seed; all other priorities rescinded.

    I’d bet my next paycheck she was in the pro-phase of her ovulatory cycle at the time as well.


  49. Off topic question. Heading to Vegas with a group of guys. One of them is married, but wants to go out and have a good time, hit on the ladies. Which would be better for his luck: taking off the wedding ring for the trip, or leaving it on?

    I told him to leave it on, as any girl that will be into quick action won’t care if he’s married — in fact, it will only increase his pre-selection “cred.” But I’d be interested to hear other opinions.


    • I’ve also wondered about this. Are wedding rings on men symbols of betadom (owned by a woman), or are they examples of pre-selection?


    • When I was married, I hit Vegas 6-10 weekends a year, usually solo. Every trip I received interest — ring on.

      After we divorced, my IOIs fell at least 60%. No ring.

      Check in advance what conventions are in town, and where. Head for those clubs/bars.


    • Since any “girls” you meet in Las Vegas are hookers, or aspire to become hookers, it doesn’t really matter. Just bring plenty of cash.


    • Keep it on. The few women who care about that won’t be prowling in the bars or as susceptible to being picked up anyway. And for the rest, he can play hard game, what does he have to lose? He has some at home anyway.

      I’ve never observed a man’s marital state stopping a one night stand from a woman’s side anyway. That hamster is quite sprightly, especially in the big cities like Las Vegas.


    • Anyone who marries then cheats, is a fool who never should’ve gotten married in the first place. These are fools who do not know themselves.

      Anyone who hangs around and trusts such a person who’s willing to break a public vow – then expects to trust that same person – is a fool who does not know his friends.

      If you want to fuck around – stay single.


      • HAAA haaa haaa haaa haaaaaaaaaa.

        What an impotent attempt at maintaining a social convention.


      • If you can’t be trusted to keep a promise you make in a public vow
        then you can’t be trusted with lesser promises made to friends.

        But, then again, you can’t be trusted to even
        make sense.


      • lol. agree.


      • Au contraire, mon frere. They know themselves very well indeed. The guys I know who make no bones about getting some on the side whilst married are the guys I’d trust with my life, not the guys who are bleating about the sanctity of marriage to one and all whilst jerking off to porn when their wife is out shopping.

        But yeh, more fool them for marrying in the first place.


      • Alpha cheats. Beta stays faithful.
        It’s up to women to make a choice.


      • I actually agree with this even tho I’m a PUA and regularly hook up with married/engaged women so I should be all jaded about it.

        I have no problems with long term monogamy if that’s what works for the guy involved. But if the guy is off cheating, that’s a guy who doesn’t have the balls to break it off and wasn’t self-aware enough to know he wasn’t ready for commitment, and isn’t alpha enough or strong enough in his beliefs and views of the world to set things as an open relationship from the start.

        I actually have very little respect for guys who cheat. I think there’s nothing more beta and embarrassing than a guy who doesn’t understand himself and his beliefs and views. Sadly tho, society is full of these guys. They’re the same guys who have a mid-life crisis and buy a sports car because they didn’t have the balls, determination, or sense of drive to buy that car when they were younger.

        A real man knows himself, knows his boundaries, knows his own personal code of conduct, knows what he expects from other people, and knows what he expects from himself.


      • This assumes that when men marry they take seriously vows of monogamy.

        A man may marry with no such intention. He is then knowing himself and being true to himself.

        That might be dickish, but it’s not a sign of internal inconsistencies.

        And then there are the rare couples that have an agreement.


      • Yareally, just curious. Can you confirm the fact that women engaged to alphas are less likely to cheat? I mean, do you see a trend with the cheating wives and gfs, that they’re most likely bored with a beta?

        Or does it all depend on the personality of the chick?

        Just trying to assess the infidelity risk. I think i’m alpha enough, I just stay clear from engaged chicks. I view myself married, despite the truths of this blog. But i prefer to die alone, rather than being a cuckold.


    • keep it on, if they get pissy later say he caught his wife cheating and that’s why he went to vegas. if he doesn’t have a soul it’d work pretty well.


  50. “When you first meet someone, she said, you don’t actually see them. You see a flimsy construction of their personality…The facts they choose to divulge about themselves.”

    That’s funny, ’cause that’s essentially how I’d describe the first few months of any LTR! At first it’s all BJ’s and sweetness, and you think you’ve found the first girl who never menstruates. Then slowly the real person comes out. We all present idealized versions of ourselves, and unless you’re really royally fucked up it’s pretty easy to keep that up for a good while. How much you wanna know about someone? What they look like puking? How often they masturbate? Hell, some people can be married for YEARS and still keep huge secrets from their mates.


    • I care only a bit about what the personality is of someone who I begin to date. That doesn’t matter as much as what I can turn her into.


  51. yeah, but who paid for the drinks?


  52. “Always escalate, until you have hit her limit.”

    Yeah, it’s a noob question, but how do you know when you’ve “hit her limit” without things totally blowing up in your face?


  53. This is one of the best pieces I’ve read here.


  54. She writes: “”I’m still going out with guys and getting tipsy””

    I’ve been this guy.

    To bang her again, he now has to run Beta Provider Game.

    She’ll say: “Do you do this to all the girls you meet?” etc etc

    He needs to pass these shit tests.

    Then reverse this by saying: “We had great chemistry, I have a big heart, I have to follow it….don’t you think?”

    Then he can bang her again.


  55. It use to boogle my mind how women can attempt to rationalize their whore mongering ways and expect fucking sympathy.

    The problem with the modern day, westernized woman is she does not want to be held accountable for her actions or behavior. Think of Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets when one the dim witted female cum dumpster characters ask Nicholson how he was able to write from the female perspective, and the oration he delivers is pure truth: I just think of a man and strip away all forms of accountability, responsibility, moral restraints, and so forth. I can’t do the line justice here, but please you tube the movie and that scene for those who haven’t seen the film. I have to admitt it was an eloquent adage of the psyche of the feminine perspective and world view.

    I used to have some compassion for women, but know I realize without the bitterness that these menatlly unstable creatures are best served hot and wet, and left dripping jizz from their oral receptacles. Attempting to find a good woman for a wife in these days and times, that hasn’t had her hamster wheel realigned several times. Good Luck! But then again women don’t want goodmen, they want men that can give them a good time.


    • The problem with the modern day, westernized woman is she does not want to be held accountable for her actions or behavior.

      As opposed to what other type of woman?

      There is no woman in all of time and history and in any culture who wants to be held accountable for her actions or behavior.

      People very often, and I mean VERY often, ascribe to modernity or western culture what is simply down to female nature.


    • 100%.

      “hamster wheel realigned several times” LOL

      In the Auto-Maintenance analogy of game, Big-O tires is like the beauty salon. Where the slurrs realign their hamster wheels by breathing hot air around the room.


  56. Epic. I LOL’d many times.

    The utter lack of self awareness within that girl’s reality-distortion dome is just jaw-dropping. But not atypical.


  57. “The company’s only gonna put the product the consumer wants.” –Crazy Brah


    • This dude speaks the truth. Unfortunately, blacks and lefty SWPLs will try to shut him down/marginalize him because he’s daring to criticize black people’s behavior and blaming black people for creating their own problems.

      The lefty gravy train is based upon Blaming Whitey. And blacks are used by the Blame Whitey crowd as eternal whiny victims. When they start stepping out of that role and blaming other blacks or other lefties for black problems…


      Smacked around. Marginalized. Castigated. Insulted. Called “Uncle Toms.”

      See Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, etc.


    • This here.


  58. I seem to be the only guy in the world who has succesfully made girls with a long sexual history become head over heels in love/lust and a completely submissive and devoted love slave.

    Granted, my idea of a long term relationship is a few years, with the option for more years as long as everything is still working out. But with that gypsy style definition of marriage – for as long as you are in love – bonding with a girl with a past has been proven to work for me.


    • You’re not all alone out there, xsplat. My best girlfriend ever was a career hooker I hired for the night who came back free the next day, and loved nothing more than watching me do other chicks. I’ve had two hookers volunteer to convert me over to free status this year alone, and at least five overall – not to mention that all the girls who have been hookers at one point or another who I’ve dated but who I didn’t meet professionally which I’m confident is about 75% of all chicks I’ve dated in the past 15 years, and which is at least another 10 chicks or so by their admissions alone.

      Which leads me to another point: I can’t believe much less than 1/2 the 7s or higher in the United States haven’t worked in adult entertainment. In large part because I’m such an avowed guy-whore, in large part because of where I hang out, and probably in large part to the fact that I’m not such a great catch, chicks tend to tell me everything. My guess would be a huge percentage of guys who read this blog have had LTRs with hookers or ex-hookers and don’t even know it. Those last minute cancellations I keep reading about (they happen to me, too)? Is it really flaking, or is she seizing the opportunity to make $200?

      Personally, I do agree with those who say that a lot of alpha cocks make a chick harder for a beta to satisfy, but hookers get a lot of omega, diapers-old, and disgusting cock. I’ll never forget the look of horror on the face of the hooker after she emerged from the bedroom after fucking my filthy, smelly, awkward, 81 year-old, fat, hairy uncle this year in Medellin. After experiences like that, betas start looking good.


      • Haha. Classic Dirk Johanson.

        Give the older guys credit will ya? We are generous, play the gentleman shtick to the nines, and able to stimulate their nether parts with a sense of style and panache. I know the hookers look me over as someone who can deliver the goods in a most professional and courteous manner, as opposed to most of you younger, bumbling amateurs. The pros know how it works.


      • “I’ll never forget the look of horror on the face of the hooker after she emerged from the bedroom after fucking my filthy, smelly, awkward, 81 year-old, fat, hairy uncle this year in Medellin. After experiences like that, betas start looking good.”

        So why 1/2 of the 7s or higher would be interested in this if they can find a good (alpha or beta) guy to commit to them? You’re deluded. Very very very few women are prostitutes. Don’t assume that everyone is as filthy as you are.


    • Hey, no one said that sluts can’t fall in love. They can.
      They are just disgusting. Men have a genetically hardwired module to feel disgusted by female promiscuity. It is probably stronger in some more than others. But it’s an efficient evolutionary advantage to avoid investing valuable resources in a woman unworthy of trust, and more prone to cuckolding than average.

      Making a slut fall in love and even stay faithful is not an achievement. Any experienced womanizer can do it. It just doesn’t feel right… instinctively. Because thinking about sloppy hundreths, the gallons of cum she had to swallow… are striking blows to the masculine ego.
      Fembots will emphasize this part, and claim that it’s all about our ego, but 1-who cares about fembots and women in general and 2- It’s deeper than that, it’s genetic. The fact that it hurts our ego is just the tool of Mother evolution to warn us.


      • You are right that some feel this distaste stronger than others. I believe that those who feel it the strongest are mistaken when they conceive of this distaste as a male thing – meaning all or most males. My guess is it’s somewhere around 50% of men, give or take 10%, who have a very strong distaste for a sexual history.

        It may be that those who have this distaste also have a sexual strategy of banding together as men to enforce social conditions. So that they would naturally try to convince women, and other men that all men thought this way.

        I’ve talked about the bros before hos beta sexual strategy of ensuring a mate for every man before. I’m not knocking it – it’s pure socialism – which game theory says will arise in any system. Along with pure selfish capitalism. You can’t have self interest in isolation or group interest in isolation – the two strategies compete against each other.

        But I have the belief that the distaste for used pussy is not as universal as conceived of by those who feel it the strongest.


      • And by the way, my beliefs have some scientific backing in the form of genetic study. There is a genetic basis to at least 5 moral traits that are already documented. And one of these moral traits corresponds pretty well one to one to a sense of purity of pussy.

        As I recall only about 40% or so of men have that gene. But I’m sloppy on the details. And who knows if other genes and influences come into play. So my guess is between 40 and 60% of men feel very strongly about this issue. Not the majority they believe.


      • on October 26, 2011 at 6:04 pm David Collard


        Interesting. I am very much on the purity preferring side. I find it amazing what American men will now tolerate in their wives, in terms of sexual history. There may be some genetic basis to it. But I also think that Western men are now marrying women that would have been considered hopeless sluts a few decades ago.


      • Fair enough.


      • And the funny thing is, it’s nearly impossible for any of humans to view each others alternate views of purity as anything but wrong minded.

        All right minded men agree with our own view.

        For myself, for others – this is what I see. It takes months if not years of mental training to even be able to agree that alternate sexual strategies are valid for what they are and for what they do.


      • Normally I agree with you but following an evolutionary point of view, men that tolerate “veterans” as sexual partners have a high risk of cuckoldry which means that most of those men would have been wiped out from the pages of history by their own witlessness. I think that in 90% of all cases, preference for used pussy arises from the brainwashing men have experienced from the late 1800s when the basic principles of sexual interactions began to be abandoned, taking us to the quagmire we are in.

        However in the bloodiest of all wars one can always find ways to profit….


      • There are also evolutionary advantages to the sexual strategy of not being bothered by a sexual history.

        There are advantages and disadvantagaes to both strategies, as evidenced by our genetic legacies that have already been measured.

        I imagine that the cad strategy would be more successful if the cad was capable of being romantic with women with a past.

        And serial monogamy can be a successful mating strategy. Getting a woman fully emotionally invested in you, and then moving on to the next woman after a few years would be more successful if you didn’t limit yourself to low partner count women.

        Of course we can also talk about the success of other sexual strategies.

        If one was ultimately best and tied to genes that we knew of, we’d see it as a genetic distribution. The purity gene is not predominant.


      • xsplat

        No one here talked about monogamy, even though for civilized conditions would be ideal. Even if you run a harem in the Middle Ages, with no way to ensure the paternity of the children borne to your women, the best way increase the odds of having a genetic legacy was: ensure you got unspoilt virgins to your harem and get eunuchs to take care of them (unlike you were hapless stupid you didn`t put your most virile looking soldiers to guard your 10 beautiful women alone without supervision) Unlike you I don`t believe there is a “cuckold gene” just mere brainwashing of men, by women and older males who benefitted from hoarding “younger and unexperienced pussy” leaving the scraps for the rest.

        This opinion based on the fact that if that were the case (a cuckoldry gene) humans wouldn`t have developed jealously, sex competition and even cultures and social systems where cuckoldry was penalized, and nature’s male-female double standard reflected in harsher penalties for cheating wives than for husbands. Heck the best proof of this is the resentment the losers…beg you pardon beta men feel having a used up slut for wife. Even passive men have this longing for exclusivity which tells me that men are not meant to share their women, not simultaneously or consequetive unlike women who couldn`t care to less to enlist as a member of a harem by an alpha. I don`t think the Maddona/whore model is an absolute, just a continuum and any woman can be a whore or virtuous woman, the difference lies in who would you take to your appartment and which one you just call the cab for after you bust the nut.


      • Anonymous, when a chick has fucked hundreds of guys and despite that worships you like a god and can’t get enough of your cock, balls, and cum, take it from me, it doesn’t hurt your ego, it builds your ego.

        Didn’t a book come out that says that the way early humans mated was that chicks went out and invited gang-bangs?


      • “Sex at dawn” was debunked in this venerable chateau. There you go:


        “worships you like a god and can’t get enough of your cock, balls, and cum, take it from me, it doesn’t hurt your ego”

        Sure, but it’s far better if she’s a virgin and all mine. And numerous studies have pointed out that women with sordid pasts are high infidelity risk. Alphaness just reduces the risk from i don’t know 80 to 20%, that’s still huge.

        I’m aware that this is a matter of tastes, but the problem is that i was just like you before starting to read about game and this chateau. Something clicked inside and the nodes were connected: “I hate them fucking sluts (but i’d bust my nut on their face anytime)”.
        Maybe it’s better to trust the deep instincts, rather than settling for the worshipping of a slut. Especially that you can make a less “experienced” girl do the same (forget about attractive virgins, they’re just a rumor).


      • Agreed.


      • There’s no such thing as a slut.

        When you fully understand the depth/philosophy behind that statement to your core, you’ll understand why the innocent girl next door virgin is exactly the same as the pantyless drunk chick dancing on a bar speaker looking for a gangbang.

        The Madonna/Whore complex will only limit your potential as a man in the long run, with both “types” of girls.


      • I doubt any girl is looking for a gangbang.


      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha!

        You’re precious. I’ve more than a decade of military, university and kink experience that says differently. I lived in a southern city with a PWI and a HCBU; there were plenty of women with “racial pride” who wouldn’t even consider learning beside people of another race, but had no problem with taking the bus ride/5AM cab of shame on Sunday morning after a rave or a house party sponsored by the alumni at the other campus. In fact, I dated a biracial woman who made it her mission to go to as many (predominantly white) raves as possible while attending my school. She tried the “It’s your baby” scam after we hooked up; unfortunately for her, I knew that women didn’t start showing 7 weeks after conception (mandatory condom use on my part made it even easier for me to tell her to forget my number. Her red-headed stepchild was as cute as a button, though.)
        The military isn’t much better. I knew a dozen women (across three deployments) who were taking on all comers with no shame. Three of those women would somehow (sarc) return to the States with $10K in cash at hand, despite being in theater for less than six months (we knew the drill: if the flamingo was out, they were open for business, and business was booming in the first four years.) Between BCP and the lack of STDs, they didn’t care about whether it was one guy with$25 or eight guys with $425 in crumpled bills.
        And kink is kink, the woman who enjoys a good combo spanking/fucking is just a convenient “it just happened” away from being caught in the act of becoming airtight.

        Bottom line: I’m enjoying my celibacy at this time. I don’t know if I’m the Slut Whisperer or something, but I can’t even visit Zoosh without getting a message from a skank (coveted or otherwise) with a well worn pussy and (in her mind) a liberated attitude.


      • I’ve come to think that some men are not capable of not thinking in terms of madona/whore. I now assume that those men are pre-programmed as family men, and value highly stability of family structure.

        Unfortunately for them women tend to not value stability as much as they pretend. Not only are they hypergamous, but they tend to have higher socio sexual scores than the most family oriented men.

        So in todays marketplace men pre-programmed as family men are getting the surprise butfuck of their lives.


      • @yareally and @xsplat:

        Agree 100% with what each of you say immediately above.

        While women have only one successful mating strategy (that of sluthood), men have two: cadhood and dadhood.


      • I am puzzled though that Western men have changed their attitudes so quickly. The last few decades have been abnormal in this regard. In most parts of the world, at most times, a man has wanted to marry a virgin.

        But if all the water is polluted, a thirsty man must drink polluted water.


  59. [Or maybe he didn’t want to fuck her again. You know, some girls are not hot enough to warrant a second fucking, let alone an LTR.]

    Really? I guess that’s one way to go about it.

    I prefer only fucking girls that I’m attracted to.

    [Heartiste: It’s possible to find a girl attractive enough to fuck but not attractive enough to date on a regular basis.]


    • Ya, I admit it – I’m not above cheap and dirty sex that leads nowhere.

      But I prefer to retain an old fashioned romantic streak, and keep alive the lie of love. It seems to serve my interest to somewhat limit my sex towards those that I could have romantic inclinations towards.


  60. “men NEVER feel the urge to freak out after a one night stand”

    ‘Cept when they go for that morning leak and find ulcerating sores on the penis. But the first reaction is laughter; nature’s way of prepping you for the long, dark night ahead.


  61. i love this blog. i will never have respect for these cunts that roam the earth that are supposed to be “women”

    they deserve no respect and should only be used in 3 ways. or should i say, three holes.

    that is all


  62. Man, why are you making fun of this chick? The world needs more, more, many more chicks like this. I thought we men were in this together to make getting laid easier for us all. We should be praising this woman. Reward her for putting out, don’t demean her.

    Don’t you guys ever learn? I don’t understand.


  63. Bravo. Great post, commentary and comedy.

    Wish I could see pictures of this slurr. My instincts suggest a weathered but acceptably fuckable SMV-7.5, down from a solid 8 during her peak cock carouselling years.

    Gentlemen, what SMV do these words project to you?


  64. “When you first meet someone, she said, you don’t actually see them. You see a flimsy construction of their personality, created by your interpretation of the signals available. The way they make eye contact. How they interact with the bartender/waiter/homeless man asking you for change. The facts they choose to divulge about themselves. Because you have no other point of reference, every little detail resonates with added significance. Your mind, faced with a scarcity of information, is forced to create a projection of them.
    It is fiction.”

    Yes, the flipside of this is that an experienced man with options is;

    a) Usually capable of quickly assessing a woman and the mirage she presents.
    b) Capable of deciding from this, how much time and effort she is worth.
    c) Capable of deciding whether she is LTR material or a quick pump and dump and acting then accordingly.


  65. Women who have sex on the first date are asking to be treated like shit.

    No man will respect you unless you respect yourself.

    Wait until the fifth date. Or at the very least, the end of the third.


    • More than 3 is cockteasing. An alpha with options won’t bother except if you’re a stunning 10 shining with genuine feminine sweetness.

      And don’t fool yourself, making him wait won’t spare you the occasional pump & dump. It would simply lead a PUA to feel compelled to pump you 10 times insteas of 2.


  66. These women are deeply confused. They tend to believe that overcoming this old female instinct to avoid quick easy sex, is an achievement of some sort.

    They believe that it’s just a social construct, forced onto them by patriarchy (anyone heard of it lately?). We would view this last minute resistance as another tool of evolution to prevent women from the fate of slut shaming, ostracization, inability to find a long-term partner, and even death.

    The funny thing is that there are manginas out there who shout stupid things like “Wow, what a woman, she is liberated, she owns her sexuality!”. These morons also try to overcome their innate instinct to stay away from sluts (except for a quick empty fuck), and blame the patriarchal propaganda (sic) for their deep masculine instincts.

    And you know what? This is fucking great. Let them filthy sluts drain our balls, let the manginas take care of them after they retire from the cock carousel. And let’s compete for the last valuable women out there (what do you mean “AWALT”?).


  67. I am a 16 year-old Alpha-In-Training. I would like to speak out to those that are too insecure to go ahead and practice game, thinking they are inherently incapable of pulling a win.

    For a long time, I was depressed and confused. To me, it was an indisputable truth that women and men were psychologically the same, a conclusion my mind reached from being bombarded with feminist propaganda (which is VERY strong here in Norway) touting how evil it was to think of men as superior in any way.

    So it constantly confused and frustrated me that women were being treated not like actual equals, but as special snowflakes that could never be spoken harshly to, and why they kept jumping on the same macho-cock they denounced while I spent my nights alone. I kept rationalizing this by saying to myself women were only irrational and girly because of “Social Conditioning”.

    Deep down, I knew this was BS, but I tried to convince myself of it because if it wasn’t true, it would mean I had to take the effort to become confident and masculine. Funny how the brain tries to avoid intellectual effort (hence, people clinging to ass-backwards religion). When I stumbled across CH, the bubble could withstand no more. For a few days, I was even more depressed and desperate. I had no chance, I thought.

    But as I gathered the strength and discipline to start practicing game, my life almost instantly became less depressing and confusing. It’s very early days yet, but despite the lack of actual sex, results are extremely clear. Girls giggle in delight when I tease and slyly condescend them, taking charge of conversations, never holding back for fear of rejection.

    I am working on a couple of chicks here at my school at the moment, two of which have BF’s. One of those chicks has a 23 year-old guy (she is 17), so I likely can’t get her, but that does not stop me from going right ahead with my game, and she clearly enjoys it. The other has a BF who seems intimidated by me (something I was at first baffled by – intimidated by ME?) when I talk to her. She turns her back on him as he jealously looks at her from a distance, rubbing her thighs and grinning at my pretty beginner-level alpha-maleness. Very soon, I will ask her out (as in; “Hey, I’M going to see this film, wanna come?”) and make a move.

    I am a complete beginner. I have no natural alpha-ness and had to learn game manually. Even before having done anything too direct, results are very tangible. What was once cold politeness and dismissal is now body language that radiates arousal.

    It’s easier than you think. Tell the woman in your head to get the fuck off that pedestal.


    • Good for you, seriously. I wish I’d had a resource like this when I was 16.


    • Good for you for finding these resources at such a young age. To show such a strong inclination towards self-improvement at your age is a promising tell.

      Absorb the archives of this blog. Practice constantly. Accept the cyclical nature of the universe and never give up.


    • Echoing Dan Fletcher’s comments:

      For finding this blog at your age, you, my young friend, are going to live an amazing life.

      I found this blog 4 months ago, and it has been the resource gold mine that continues to enlighten me and fuel my desire like no other.

      Always be learning. Always be applying new material. Always be closing.

      Now go ravish that hot scandinavian pussy. Keep us posted.


  68. This article is gold. Amazing how absolutely everything from meeting to fucking her went exactly according to the book. It’s as if all women are the same predictable being… oh wait, they are.


    • Not sure where you get off shaming women for all being the same when you men are obviously the “same predicatable being” too. Moron.




      • For all the guys who read this:

        The being with the entirely predictable name – me me me me me me me – moronically forgot that there is no shame in being god’s creation – whether as a predictable and fungible woman or as a creative and unique man.

        Women are the more valuable gender, and that’s why mother nature takes absolutely no chances with her – that’s why they are all interchangeable and their sexuality flows along extremely narrow channels, i.e. is entirely predictable. Men are the more expendable gender, and that’s why the variation necessary for natural selection is concentrated among men, making them each unique, and consequently creative and impossible to narrowly predict the sexuality of.


  69. This story is giving me serious deja vu. Did the same only I also got the little femslut to buy my drinks too. Almost the same timeline, and I spunked all over her tits too. Only difference is I kept pumping her for a couple months until I got bored of her empowered bullshit.


  70. I’m always interested in seeing the “woman’s” take on such things. Having had my share of one-night-stands, I’ve found that more often than not the woman starts to re-write things in her head and always ends up blaming the man for giving her exactly what she wanted, when she wanted it. Which explains feminism to perfection.
    I’ve actually started to incorporate putting her thoughts into words – so that she ends up defending things. So after things are hot and heavy – break it off just long enough to wonder if she’s seeing what she wants to see – they will argue with you, especially if you are saying one thing while your hands and body are doing the exact opposite. But it has the advantage that they can’t blame you later.
    Women tend to see things very differently – one one-night-stand that actually evolved into more than that was enlightening. She would tell people how we met and all I could think was – “I don’t remember it like that. You were hot and horny, and we had sex till we were exhausted, and played hooky the next day to do it several more times.” But it became this enchanted evening in her mind. Women always rewrite things in their heads to be compliant with their out-look on the world – reality seldom enters into it.
    See from the words above – she wasn’t “slutty” but “foolish”… No babe, you were slutty just the way us guys love you…


  71. Awesome summary and ending!


  72. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall you saying something along the lines that a woman succumbing to sex fairly early doesn’t necessarily ruin her chances with a man, it’s more so how she behaves afterwards.

    How long do you recommend for a woman to wait before having sex with a man?

    [Heartiste: Fist date sex doesn’t necessarily preclude LTR formation, but it does give a man pause, particularly if that man has other birdies flitting around for his seed. No man is going to balk at first date sex if the girl is hot, but he may subconsciously decide that the other girl he’s dating who made him wait three dates is a better GF prospect, and so he’ll invest more in her. That’s the way these hindbrain functions work; not so much consciously or logically as emotionally.
    Now it has been written on this blog before that the best relationships often start out the most passionately. A woman who makes you wait a few dates has to at least be demonstrating through her actions that she is working hard against the incredible urge to fuck your brains out. We men can tell when the woman is making us wait because she’s an icy bitch and when she’s making us wait because she’s trying hard to control her urges around us so we don’t think she’s slutty.]


    • Heartiste, that’s an interesting advice about how long to wait before having sex. I had an idea a few months ago that it’s best to wait until marriage, then I got an idea that it’s better to forget about marriage and have sex without birth control only. Now this you wrote here sounds quite interesting as well. So you think it’s smart to find a guy who’s alpha, pretty or smart enough to feel much passion around him and then make both wait?
      However, waiting just a few dates still sounds a very short time to me – I’m sure that there are guys who would wait longer but leave girls after sex anyway … Wouldn’t it be better to wait a little longer (like a few months)?

      [Heartiste: It’ll be harder to make an alpha wait than a beta, for the simple fact that the alpha has more options with which he can avail himself. But some alphas will wait, at least for a few dates, if the girl is hot enough.]


      • if you’re hot, you can make an alpha ‘wait’ a bit, but you can rest assured he’s banging other women while he’s ‘waiting’. you won’t know if he’ll simply leave you afterwards – the best thing to do is to be the type of woman an alpha would commit to.

        if you’re not so hot, only betas will have the patience to wait.


      • The problem with having sex after just a few dates is that you can’t get to know someone thoroughly in a short time like that. What if he finds out, like after three months of sleeping with me, that I have an insufferable personality? Or that I’m too boring or stupid? Or too clingy and emotional? I believe it’s possible for a guy to decide whether I’m hot enough for him in just a minute but he can’t decide whether he could put up with me for years and whether he’d like to have kids with me … Despite being taught from childhood on that sex is not to be taken too seriously I still can’t get rid of the feeling that sex is indeed, very serious. I know I will feel weak, vulnerable and 100% committed to a guy I’ll sleep with. If he leaves me after a few months I’ll be crying for a year or two and if I repeat it once again it will soon be too late for me to ever find love! I can’t risk anything.


      • Here’s the best idea for you, Maya: force all potential suitors to read your posts here — that’ll do it.

        Anyone who sticks around is the ideal mate for you.


      • And remember to feed your cats.


      • Are you crazy? Of course NOBODY knows about my posts here. Not a single person. When I stop commenting here I’ll just forget everything and live happily ever after – nobody will ever know. The only problem is that I’m just as whiny, stupid, childish, boring and annoying in real life. It’s hard for me to pretend I’m normal because eventually everyone finds out how stupid and fucked up I am :S That’s why I’m afraid that any guy will dump me after he finds out who I really am :S It’s better not to risk the disappointment. I might trick a guy to fall in love with me (or at least it was possible until a few years ago, I’m too old now) but when they want to get to know me, I’m in panic.


      • The Speecimen will
        as long as she’s white
        and under that magic 280 lbs.


    • Many sluts are aware that if they wait three dates they have a higher chance of getting the guy as a boyfriend.

      Without mind reading, there is no perfect strategy, for men or women.


      • Many sluts are aware that if they wait three dates they have a higher chance of getting the guy as a boyfriend.

        i think this only tends to work on men without too much experience with women (i.e. betas).

        a guy with a lot of experience knows the slut tells and can read women quickly; by the end of the first or second date he’s already determined her sluttiness factor and thus her ltr worthiness.

        a girl who makes the guy wait for sex yet exhibits many other slut tells will only be able to successfully string a beta along – an alpha knows better.


  73. “I — like many women I know — harbor a quiet but persistent internal voice that cries, “If you like him, don’t go!” The voice that says men don’t respect women who sleep with them too quickly. The voice that says despite the fact that you’re turned on, you’re a grown-ass adult and goddamn it you want to, as the female you should be the one to decline, to demur, to hold off for another night.

    I’d never understood the reasoning behind that voice.”

    “I suspected I was internalizing cultural judgments about “easy” women.”


    This is very sad to read. It is tragic that our modern culture pushes young people into becoming revolutionaries, into driving some rational stake into the ground and then interpreting the world according to their theories, ideologies, memory.

    To feel as if your very instincts and feelings are untrustworthy until they are interpreted/rationalized according to your *memory*?! What kind of weakness, what kind of insecurity is this? What kind of hollow, unlively existence?

    Uncreative and contingent, bland and dry and flat. It’s no wonder they crave what paltry connection to life that being fucked affords them.

    What happened to femininity, where a woman could trust her intuition and ‘just know’ something, and have no idea how she knew (but she was always right)? What happened to manly men who trusted their guts and instincts and could ‘go by heart’…?

    IMO, any woman who has lost her primordial, visceral connection with reality – her faith in feelings and intuitions, her relaxed grace, beyond the prying of mere communicated conception – she is more than a bad bet for marriage, or a girl that will cheat on you. She is all surface… a husk… interesting as long as your own goal consists in fantasy and groping in the dark after false security. Boring once you learn the rules. Little to do with life.

    But I sense that I am in a cynical mood and should stop 🙂

    Nice post.


    • “To feel as if your very instincts and feelings are untrustworthy until they are interpreted/rationalized according to your *memory*?! What kind of weakness, what kind of insecurity is this? What kind of hollow, unlively existence?”

      Exactly … 😦


  74. One of the most brutal (and accurate posts) I’ve seen.

    Hats off to you sir!



  75. Gentlemen; just understand and accept that despite any evidence to the contrary, that it will always be “the man’s fault”.

    The aim is to see this bullshit for what it is and treat it as such.



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