Occupy Cupertino

A lot of these hipster OccupyWallStreet nitwits posting photos of their debt-laden lamentations online (sometimes accompanied by ridiculously pretentious props like manual ribbon typewriters) are targeting the wrong bad guys. The Wall Street bailouts and securitized mortgage repackagings were bad, to be sure, and I wouldn’t mind a day-of-the-rope for a lot of these cognocryptic leeches, but if you look at the OWS complaints you’ll see that a common thread is the neck-deep debt they’ve incurred from student loans.

Yo, braheems, word of advice: you should be directing your righteous rage against the professors, faculty and admin of your chosen school of hard ownage. You went there, they gave you a shitty, useless libtarts degree and saddled you with mounds of debt. You compounded that debt because the college experience just wouldn’t be intellectual enough if you didn’t splurge on status whoring necessities like $5 lattes and Macbook pros. Now the world is changing with smart and industrious billion-plus Chinese coming on board to gut the value of your social media relations dreamjobs that you and the rest of the country wants and you’re pissed about it. Truth is, the university system is the droid you’re looking for.

But no, you’ll obey your leftie professors’ marching orders and fall back on tired old protest cliches, railing against the finance fat cats when the more pertinent oppressors (in your cases) are the monopolists who run academia and the federal government which subsidizes their bust-the-inflation curve tuition hike increases with giveaway loan programs. Coupled with the credentialist zeitgeist pushing idiots into college and open borders human capital depreciation that devalues vocational work and college degrees alike, the academia fleecing steamrolls through your future. And you lash out impotently.

Maybe next time you’re in class, or thinking about that alumni donation, you might want to remember this. A more fitting protest would be reclaiming your parents’ hard-earned dollars spent on useless gadgets with engineered obsolescence and degrees with hopeless prospects. Call it Occupy Cupertino. You can solemnly hold up your iPhones with a burning dollar flickering on the screen.


  1. Not sure if any of those dirtsacks knows it, but neither BofA nor the most Jew-laden secret cabal of ‘banksters’ in the world can force my money out of my hands without the force of law that comes from DC. DC needs less power, not more. As long as they can bail entities out, money will flow to assure that they do.


    • Heartiste, brother, ease up on the conspiracy tone. It’s undermining your credibility and bringing out chuds who use phrases like “Jew-laden secret cabal.” You’re wandering into the fever swamps. A reference to The Turner Diaries?

      The radical truths of game don’t transfer precisely into radical politics. You’re making a category mistake. These OWS brats are begging to be ridiculed. You’re mimicking them with opposite theories that are just as off-the-wall as theirs.


      • @ King A —

        Slightly off topic…..you recently wrote a response to a comment “Maya” posted about how she wanted to “humiliate” some guy who approached her on the street.

        Your comment was so damn caustic (and on-target) that I must have read it a half-dozen times, laughing my ass off each time. Certain phrases still stick in my mind: “one of 9 levers that didn’t trip….” “….must you eastern europeans always be so grim…”

        What was the article for which you posted that comment??? I can’t find it….thanks !


      • Hard to find because it was a response to an off-topic post.


        Maya could only come up with clunkers like: “Do you want to have babies with me?” Conversational charm is dead, I tell you, dead. What happened to basic social effort?

        No, like the lazy woman of leisure she is, she has decided to contract-out the spade work of the merest conversational imagination to pseudonymous men on a website. Jobs That Women Won’t Do, I suppose. Granted, it is a masculine specialty to generate the dynamism of social intercourse, so she is sniffing around the right truffle tree. But holy autism, woman!

        Women still must put forth some rudimentary human responsiveness (a tall order for a second-world refugee of Stalinism, perhaps) off of which we conversationalists might riff. Even crude conversationalists who proposition random women in the street deserve this baseline courtesy. It’s how they might rise out of their crudity. Instead, she can only fathom feminist shaming techniques, the lonely little ball-peen hammer clanging around in her otherwise empty toolbox of repartee.

        I find it incredible that she finds it possible to even imagine a website like this supplying her with advice on how to humiliate men. Female entitlement is an absolute wonder to behold, a law of nature. The impervious, eternal absence of a clue.


  2. I lived in Cupertino for 14 years. Apple owns the place, literally.


  3. You forgot to the include the biggest culprits in this, society for telling people college is a must, and high school guidance counselors who told everyone to go to college. The guidance counselors have probably caused more debt than any group of people. It’s their fault when unqualified students get exposed in college.


    • The trouble is that no one (except for the odd genius) knows what they want, or should want, at the age of 18. Asking adults can seem like a wise idea at the time, until you look back and realize they’re just more cattle. Very few are lucky enough to find a mentor figure who might steer them through all the bullshit (and odds are they won’t listen to him). Nothing new here; “if youth but knew…if age but could.”


    • It is said that college was more or less invented by business to pre-screen potential employees.

      If you can make your own way in the world, go forth and do so: you don’t need college (although it can be useful – about a third of my division’s graduates use what we taught them to start their own businesses). If you can’t, you’re going to be a cog in someone else’s machine. For that you pretty much need a college diploma. What that diploma says, plus your own drive and abilities, will to a large extent dictate what kind of cog you’ll be and what kind of machine you’ll be in.

      I went to college and grad school in a STEM field. I’ve had a few successful enterprises and have plans for more, but most of my income is derived from being a cog in the higher-education machine. I’m a fairly well-paid cog and it’s been a good life, so for me those extra years of education paid off. YMMV.


      • <>
        Let’s connect some dots. How did that come about? Consider the impact of Griggs v. Duke Power (1971), a SCOTUS ruling interpreting the reach of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
        Before Griggs, an employer could use an aptitude test to screen for employment or advancement. Afterwards, this became much harder, since such testing usually had a ‘disparate impact’ on non-asian minorities. But employers were still free to require a bachelor’s degree. This requirement also had a disparate impact, but was legally seen as objective, _non-racist_ proof of greater intelligence and ability. So lots of jobs that had formerly been open to anyone who could demonstrate high intelligence (i.e., trainability) came to be reserved for college graduates. And _that_ is why high-school guidance counselors started pushing a lot of marginally-capable high-schoolers into college, and thus part of how higher education became a bubble, and how most college-grads have become debt-serfs.


      • @dmitri is exactly on point. It is ok for university degrees to be handed out on racially disproportionate numbers, but employers cannot legally use the exact same exams as colleges do. Universities today are governmentally privileged entities. Federal financing and wall street derivatives have simply exacerbated an already incendiary situation.


    • Absolutely. No, college is not a right. But hey, don’t tell the community colleges this because like the Wall Street CEOs you love to hate–they’re eager to accept your requests for loans and tuition even though you don’t have enough brain for collateral.


    • on October 10, 2011 at 9:48 am SayNo2Enabling

      College is not a right just like buying a house is not a right. Look at community colleges- same business as these CEOs. They’re happy to take your business even though you don’t have sufficient brain collateral to put down. Hey, you’re the one who feels entitled. Don’t blame others because you can’t take responsibility for yourself.


  4. Given that an iPhone costs about the same as an engineering textbook (you know, for a degree that’s actually useful), I think we can reasonably conclude that you are full of shit.


    • Lol… and textbooks are expensive why? when i can buy the same textbook from india for 1/10 of the price? It’s becasue there are a lot of average kids who are persuaded to go to college becasue it’s almost a “right” as conveyed to them by the establishment all around them. Off course this supply of idiots make it possible for a racket to form that jack up the price of education. before the 50’s 5% of americans had college degrees yet the country was running smoothly, a trait shared by most up and coming countries, as of right now 30% of population has coleges degrees which are a sign of declining nations, why? a lot of good money spent on average kids from apathetic families and apathetic societies, egtting such awesome degrees like communication and ethnic studies. Ipods are merely one of many misused products and services that colege kids spend on.


      • Don’t get me started on womyn studies!

        If public wants degrees in useless majors, what are colleges to do other than offer them? Demand and supply.


  5. “securitized mortgage repackagings were bad”

    No. I’m tired of hearing this “derivatives are bad claptrap” that is accepted as received wisdom.

    It was innovation. The US earns a large portion of our GDP through world fiance. But like all new waves of innovation there was a manic boom that was disconnected from reality.

    Go look at the Tech bubble as an example. Does that mean the internet was bad?

    Fuck no, it just shows how flawed we are as a species and how our supposed rationality is a veneer. We are poorly-evolved apes, just a short half-step from savanna.

    Bubbles surrounding innovation show us the limits of our new idea. It doesn’t mean the idea was a bad one.


    • @Bounder:
      Are you retarded? You think that a retarded system whose goal is the moving of imaginary sheets of paper, illusionary bits that represent nothing more than political power, producing no physical nor intellectual good is of any lasting value to our country? Especially when other countries are discovering that they can do the same thing?

      They aren’t being “innovative”. They’re looting us before we’re buried by China.


    • I agree that not all derivatives are bad. For instance, securitized mortgage repackagings which are merely a portfolio of mortgages, and commodities futures when used by hedgers are, in and of themselves, fine. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really bad dynamics in those markets, as you know.

      But most derivatives these days are bad. The primary innovation is how they help Wall Streeters game the system and ripoff the unknowing. There is no need for there to be something as betting on the VIX, or an ETF, or speculating on commodities futures contracts. There’s no need for reverse convertible notes based on another company’s stock value with high coupons to suck in the elderly that really think they are buying a bond. If its iillegal to be on football, it sure as hell shouldn’t be legal to bet on the price of oil and wreak havoc with the world economy. To say derivatives are an innovation is to say the latest telemarketing boillerroom scam is an innovation. Not all innovations are good, and one day the derivatives will come crashing down all around us on a scale that will overwhelm the financial system at a scale which no bailout will possibly be able to help.

      There is nothing and no one stopping this bullshit now. Not Obama, not FINRA, not the SEC.

      But WTfuck do I know. I’m only an honors finance graduate of Wharton.

      Anyway, women are at the root of all money. There’d be few bad derivatives if it weren’t for OnepercenterCunt.


    • on October 8, 2011 at 5:38 pm (r)Evoluzione

      Derivatives are as much of an innovation as my morning deuce, and much less innovative than when Charlie Ponzi first starter hawking fraudulent securies of the ever-expanding nature. Derivatives = Ponzi. It’s MLM for securities.

      The fact that so much of the US economy is “earned” through the financial sector shows how much of a drain the banksters on the economy really are.

      The financial sector creates no new value, unlike the tech sector. The financial elite do nothing but vacuum off the fruits of other people’s innovations and labor. Further, bad is not strong enough language to describe derivatives & other financial “instruments.” These debt-driven computer-generated hallucinations of wealth are horribly destructive, and are proving to be permanently disfiguring to personal, regional, and national economic future.

      At this point, there’s no question the whole shithouse is going up in flames. All that hallucinated, pixelated money/debt will vaporize into the ether, welched out of existence. Debt is in essence claims on future productivity, and there’s not enough productivity on five planet earths to satisfy all the outstanding debt out there.

      The debt is vaporising. It’s called default. It starts with Greece & Italy, propagating throughout the Euro zone. The falling dominoes of debt destruction will drag down the mainstream economies. I’ll not be surprised nor disappointed to see Blankfein, Dimon, et al, swinging by their necks from the lampposts of lower Manhattan by the time this is all over.

      What’s left standing after the dust settles will be local economies that use barter & alternative currencies, and business ventures that produce real value, e.g. food, clothing, shelter, medical supplies, personal security necessities, etc.


    • on October 8, 2011 at 7:06 pm drunicusequus

      What was bad was immigrants and personal trainers and HR reps buying $500,000 homes, for which they had no business buying.
      What was also bad was Fannie and Freddy and HUD and Housing enabling these retards to buy huge homes, making real estate unaffordable to many and inadvisable to most.
      Any income stream or payment can theoretically be securitized, optioned, tranched, bundled, sold, etc.
      But those tacky idgit “homeowners” should’ve had to, I don’t know, show income & assets? Kinda like anyone does when they borrow a ton of money, for an historically iffy asset class.


      • “No. I’m tired of hearing this “derivatives are bad claptrap” that is accepted as received wisdom. It was innovation.”

        Such an ignorant reply. Plainly you know NOTHING about banks, investment bankers, or derivatives. First, there is no derivatives “innovation.” Financial “innovation” is utter bullshit, in large part because all financial transactions involve the same variables: the parties involved, amount of money, interest, and tenor (i.e. amount of time). That’s it. You don’t fucking “innovate” around these variables — instead bankers try to complicate, obfuscate, and conceal the books, violate accounting rules, and screw their banking clients by hiding costs and fees.

        Want to know why derivatives are not traded on an open, public exchange, where risks can be monitored and prices can be normalized? Because of bankers’ fees. Bankers resisted mightily the creation of any market exchange or public clearing mechanism for their derivative products. Keeping these bullshit derivatives off a public market means they can control pricing and fees, and actively collude behind the scenes to either drive up prices, or, as important, conceal the shocking risks they are underwriting with out-of-control derivatives.

        Finally, if you think derivatives contributed to the U.S. GDP, you have no business — none — commenting on anything financial. Contrary to what you say, the public TARP cost the Treasury $700 billion. Bailing out Fannie, Freddie, AIG, Citi, B of A, Goldman and all the rest of the banks costs ballooned into the trillions. And that’s only the Treasury side. Do you realize the Federal Reserve also has been bailing out the banks using the discount window, asset purchases, etc. to TRILLIONS more dollars? And yes, nearly all of this arises from the shocking amount of uncontrolled derivatives these banks underwrote, all so that they could earn outsized fees.

        Oh, and it’s not over yet — just wait until the Eurozone blows up, and Wall Street gets bailed out AGAIN because they underwrote credit-default swaps on PIIGS debt, credit default swap = derivative. Yeah, come back and tell us how these CDS contributed to GDP.



      • This is true. Financial services firms like complicated “innovations” that the customer can’t understand and will overpay for.


      • on October 10, 2011 at 1:18 pm Charlesz Martel

        “And the Gods of the Copybook Headings,
        Rose up to explain it once more.”

        In a previous post, I mentioned that real-estate developers own politicians, or end up owning them.In this case, the bankers ended up owning the regulators.

        What is happening to this country is simple: We are being re-assessed as to whether we are truly a first world country, or not. For years, America was a first-world country with a third world country inside it. This third world portion has now grown to almost a third of the country. We are now somewhere between a first and a second tier country; we just happen to be the biggest kid in the sandbox.

        Read all about it:

        And then lay down by the rivers of Babylon, and weep for what was and should have been.

        Final note: Anytime you see a situation you don’t understand, look for the financial interest angle. (HT- Karl Marx). or, as Lenin said; “Who? Whom?”


      • Damn, that was blistering.

        I think at a certain level of collective risk assumed by the financial savvy of some very few speculators and profiteers, we must ask if the consequences really do make for a “bad idea”, and an obscenely bad one at that. Isn’t that how gamblers talk? “I thought it was a sure thing! seemed like a good idea at the time!”

        Eh, these men need to be dragged out of their offices and ____. Then tanks driven over the verminous multiracial detritus collecting in the name of revolution. They’re two symptoms of the same system. Fiat money, fiat people.


    • You are so retarded I have no words for you. I’m a former derivatives researcher. You are a clueless dolt. Get your head out of a banksters ass. They are never going to let you into the 1%, trust me. They hate you.


    • “No. I’m tired of hearing this “derivatives are bad claptrap” that is accepted as received wisdom.”

      Speaking as someone with the CPA/CFA combo, works in the industry and studied the Great Depression and credit bubbles in graduate school, I can tell you FOR SURE that derivatives amplified the underlying bubbles. Sit your ignorant ass down.


      • Derivatives amplified the underlying bubbles? Sure did.

        And this proves what? Or are you trying to argue that the Great Depression was soley the fault of derivatives trading?

        I would agree they are a double edged sword at best, but Western economies have much bigger problems than that. Perhaps the focus should be there.


      • Nothing wrong with amplifying bubbles. The problems begin when their direct repercussions spread beyond those that voluntarily took part. That takes DC.

        Strip away all banking backstops, from the FDIC to “save the financial system” bailoutisms; and ideally tax payer funded police protection for bankers who would otherwise literally be strung up and stripped of their internal organs, and “bubbles” is of no consequence whatsoever for those not involved in them.

        The problem is, the above backstops are not stripped away. Because most of those that whine and scream about baaad, baaad bankers, are tools suckered by every paid for PR story about how ‘important’ the financial industry is, and how important demoooocracy and ‘the ruuuule of law is.” Never mind democracy being simple shorthand for a lynch mob, and 98% of current law being flat out immoral.


      • Puts, calls, futures, forwards, and insurance are, essentially, all forms of derivatives. Are these all “bad?”
        Yes, of course there was a ton of bad paper. But was it the instrument used to push it, or was it the scummy real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and “homebuyers” who pushed up the values of tacky McMansions and downtown condos, to the point where collapsing values was inevitable?
        The existence of nearly zero interest rates (adjusted for inflation) over a decade might’ve had something to do with this also. Perhaps the Fed could’ve taken away the punchbowl, before everyone got wasted and staggered out with their car keys?


    • on October 9, 2011 at 11:46 am Difference Maker

      They are but parasites who used my money and my children’s future to raise other people’s dumb and ugly kids and enrich themselves. A further continuance of such policies in the coming decades and great America will cease to exist.

      Not an entirely unreasonable deal from their perspective, and therefore Wall Street is the enemy of America.


    • Our society has a history of backlash against the most successful industries. Look: http://motherjones.com/mixed-media/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-octopus-vampire-squid. Railroads, Standard Oil, even liquor during prohibition. The criticisms popularized by Matt Taibbi et al are legitimate, as ecosystem homogenization increases risk of collapse, but don’t get caught up in pop culture mood swings.

      The story of our time is the rise of hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indians from abject poverty to modern lives. We are getting more equality for the (true) 99%, and even better, they’re earning it. The Reddit SWPL kids have no platform to ask for change, and it’s obvious, which is why the protest is evolving into a finance reform movement. I also think it’s ironic that their iPad lifestyles were made possible by decades of deficit spending in the first place- their lives, today, are as good as they’re ever going to get. They should be terrified of austerity- instead they stand on a balloon and ask to go higher.

      I don’t like that the result of the protests will be a tax raise on millionaires. There’s no point. US Gov is so screwed up financially that it’s not like we’re going to buy “stuff” with the revenues. It will all go to service financial instruments. Silly to pour that money into a black hole for political theater.


  6. The problem with colleges is that they make a lot of money letting foreign exchange students in, who pay a premium over in-state students.
    The problem with business is that they make a lot of money letting foreign workers in (both skilled and unskilled), who demand less income than Americans.
    So the question really is whether to protest companies for pushing to debase the labor market through immigration (and yes they are only acting in their own interest, but this same bullshit in the 19th century is why people fucking unionized in the first place), protest schools for shifting their purpose from educating the locals to selling shiny diplomas to foreigners, or to protest the government for handing out student and skilled worker visas like candy to our future Red Chinese masters just because a lobbyist came around and gave them all a free handjob and some pens.


  7. You’re assuming they are protesting because schools today cost too much.They aren’t. They’re down there because they think the ‘fat cats’ of Wall Street should pay their student debt and education, as well as bail out the country.

    Essentially calling for a ‘wealth redistribution’. Wanting to put a 1 million dollar ‘wealth cap’ and such.


  8. Totally valid, but you present a false dilemma. It can be both the banks that pushed mortgages people couldn’t afford as normal, affordable, and necessary AND the universities that pushed college educations people couldn’t afford as the same. I would go so far as to say, though, that it wasn’t JUST the universities that drilled into our heads the idea that a lack of a college education is a one-way ticket to the gutter.


  9. I wish I hadn’t gone to university. Everyone is telling me it’s a must… But I’m not learning anything practical or building as a person. And I am afraid to do anything else. And a majority of students are goddamn communists telling how everyone should be at university. What a useless life.


    • This was exactly how college was for me – BEFORE I picked a science major. I’ve gone to a public university, a private university, and a community college, and at each place, only when I was among students who were in STEM classes/majors did I feel like everyone was learning and doing something useful. Whenever I was in liberal arts class there was inevitably too little material to teach or too much noise from the segment of the student body that couldn’t find any purpose for itself other than to screech slogans and congratulate itself on how post-post-post modern it was.

      You sound like you aren’t really committed to something – do that now. Commit to something difficult even if you hate it; you’ll hate being unemployed even more. Do not allow yourself to graduate with a degree that isn’t related to STEM classes. Anything else for an uninspired twentysomething is practically a one-way ticket to welfare or obligatory grad school to actually turn it into something useful.


      • “Commit to something difficult even if you hate it; you’ll hate being unemployed even more.”

        If a student embarks on a difficult degree program, then graduates with a poor GPA, it’ll be the same a “useless” liberal arts degree. Worse, perhaps. GPA rules. Too, discerning/discriminating companies sometimes pick through one’s entire transcript, course by course, to gain a better insight into the academic quality of the prospective serf.

        Do well, or don’t! It’s too big a piss away of time and money if the “investment” doesn’t pan out.


      • I graduated in a STEM field with a poor GPA, and I find that this isn’t really true. I interviewed at about 7 places before getting the job I have now and only 3 of them asked about my GPA, 2 for official transcripts. Granted, these were the more “prestigious” big-name companies but most places care more about your experience.


      • Long time lurker here.
        What do you recommend for someone who, for whatever reason, is intelligent but lacks the mathematic mind to pass STEM courses? At 18 (I’m now 41), despite struggling with HS Math and Science, I enrolled in college level Math and Chemistry courses in my first year of college, believing I wanted to be a physician. I failed them, not having either the emotional maturity & drive to study and succeed or the innate ability. Candidly, I’m not sure which I lacked. Subsequently, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, earned a MA in English and a JD from a top 25 law school and now work succesfully as a lawyer. I don’t doubt I have the intelligence but I just could not do STEM work. Even now, I struggle with STEM concepts when confronted by them in my daily life.

        What should non STEM oriented, but intelligent nonetheless, men study?


      • War. Managing men and weaponry for results impresses the f*ck outta every business person who didn’t get to be a soldier and, even if society collapses, you have useful skills. Plus, you’ll get more experience dealing with stupid sh*t and stuff that matters in ten years than most folk get in a civilian career.


      • I can understand that, I had difficulty with STEM work when I was younger and had to return to it later too. For someone in your position I would have advised teaching, law or business, but my understanding is that all of those fields are currently suffering when it comes to new graduates finding work, or younger employees keeping the jobs they have.

        My advice about STEM….stems…haha…simply from the fact that many of the people I knew who chose fields of study that would make them the happiest, rather than the most employable, are in poor shape. However, the ones who were the most successful were intelligent and motivated regardless of their field; many of them probably wouldn’t have needed to go to college, and some of them outpaced a few of our teachers before they had graduated. It sounds like you’re one of those types, but I do wonder what your results would have been if you had graduated with that law degree today instead of 15 years ago.

        It probably also depends on the school and the department. I’m in southern california, and my initial response to Eamon was reflecting on the fact that there’s such a streak of bleeding-heart liberalism here that it actually interfered with my classes, such as the art history class where I was taught that white people are genocidal because we invented AIDS, or that English tests are unreasonable and racist. Meanwhile my friend in computer science didn’t hear a word of that, because he was busy actually learning.


    • If you’re confident in your ability to self-educate in some subject that’s in demand by the market, drop out. That’s what I did after two years and am glad I didn’t waste more time and accumulate more debt. The more you let anyone else dictate your life course, the worse it’s going to be. And I’m speaking as someone who made a few of the right decisions (i.e. my own) but not nearly as many as I wish I had now.


  10. on October 8, 2011 at 2:21 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


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    26. tell men they need to man up
    27. remove all men from the publishing industry, so that priscialla painton of simon and schuster sodom and scheister can publish tucker max rhymes iwth godlman sax’s stories on how he asscoked a girl (somone’s future wife who will asscock her future huspband in divorce coutrt as revenge for having been assocked by a neocns) and taped it secrtly without her conthent lzozozlzoo. remove all men form the publishing industry and repalce deep, prodoufn real great books for men with twilight vampire asscocking female rape fanasty rape fanatsatsy “roamance” novels
    28. tell men they need to man up
    29. conceive of a hundred government programs to criminalzize men and force them o hand over their assetts to women
    30. tell men they need to man up
    31. financially incentivizee womem to file for divorce, promising them that their former husdband will have to pay for all their futrue assocking sessions, and that they get the kids/house/car/assetts
    32. tell men they need to ma up
    33. fill the law schools with fatm, embittered, burned-out, nasty (in looks an spirit) post-asscoked lawyeresses, an replace Moses’ and Zeus’s law with bernake’s banker laws whichexlats theft via the inflation tax
    34. tell men they need to man up.


    what aalalz am i mizssing here:???

    feel free to addodoon ti oit! lzozlzl


    • How tall is tucker max anyway?


    • That list of yours deserves to go viral.


    • GBFM should rewrite the gospels.


    • 1. tell womyn to seek their Inner Child to Eat for, to Pray to, and to Love.
      2. tell men they need to man up


    • Why don’t you just ban this bitch already!!!!


    • 35. Level lame criticisms at the only people since 2008 capable and willing to take action…Any action at all.
      36, Tell men they need to man up.
      37. Forget where and how the financing for inflated education originates, and blame the liberal arts curriculum at colleges.
      38. Tell men they need to man up.
      39. Forget the reason China is fast becoming the premier global power is due more to Wall Street and aligned interests exporting American capital, including tax dollars siphoned from the average American to Wall Street, and technology to China than any other factor, or all other factors combined. And this is totally against the will of anyone on Main Street who knows what’s going on, even those who buy cheap Chinese-manufactured crap.
      40. Tell men they need to man up.
      41. Forget the Federal Reserve is what put that big punch bowl out there in the first place, knowing exactly what kind of bubbles that produces each and every time it happens, and that bubbles are highly advantageous to bankers, the best way to asset strip everyone else, devil take hindmost.
      42.Tell men they need to man up.
      43. Forget that here and there is an unemployed or underemployed engineer or scientist, (here and there? everywhere) because of H1N1 visa abuse and the fact engineering and scientific degrees can exist in oversupply, just as easily as every other kind of degree, except law degrees, until everyone but judges, lawyers, policemen, politicians, bankers and correctional officers, is incarcerated.
      44. Tell men they need to man up.


  11. Wake up white man. Lucid, easy, and absolutely necessary.


  12. I went to a top 10 public high school in Illinois. I did not go to college.

    In the 4-5 years my HS alumni were locked in dorms building debt, I earned almost $200k, plus 5 years work experience, plus all the networking I could handle.

    Public education is all about readying kids for bankruptcy-resistant college loans.

    Fuck ’em all. No one forces anyone to take on debt.


    • And still had time to place thousands of internet ads looking for fat girls!


    • Not everyone has a ‘connection’ and lands a cush $200k job right out of high school you know. For a lot of people, it’s either go to college or work at McDonalds. No wonder why they choose the former.


      • I didn’t land a connection job that made that much — I made that over 4-5 years that my friends were in college.

        Getting ONE $40k a year job without a college degree at 18 in 1992 would likely be impossible. So instead I worked a multitude of different industries and threw together what I could to make my life better while I was still young and had energy.

        What happened to MEN and FATHERS who mentored the next generation to bust their asses and make something of themselves?

        What father would want their sons to go to college knowing full well that it would require debt? Maybe for sports, sure. Maybe for pussy, OK. But to earn a living? Come on, we knew in the 90s that college wasn’t graduating brilliant and hireable people even 50% of the time.


    • on October 8, 2011 at 6:04 pm (r)Evoluzione

      “No one forces anyone to take on debt.”

      True, there’s no direct force there. Subtle, or not so subtle psychological manipulation, coercion, obfuscation, outright lies…But no, not a gun-to-the-head kind of force.


    • What did you do? What kind of business did you have?


      • I had a few businesses in high school that generated small incomes each. I was the founder and owner of a multi-node BBS (The Melting Point) from 1987 to 1992. It generated probably $15,000 a year after payroll and overhead, but I was hands-off.

        I also ran a small lawn and snow care service, mostly hiring young guys in my neighborhood for labor and I kept a cut off the top. That would be a money maker today since smartphones would handle finding who was free on a given day. I did it through an answering machine — I changed my message every day and let available “contract” laborers leave messages with their availability. I probably only brought in $6000 per year profit but we handled hundreds of homes at peak. $25/call, I kept $5. Lots of teens made bank off of me.

        I started my corporation in 92 (DNG) focusing on efficiency contracting in Chicago’s electrical and mechanicam construction industry. My roots in online telecom as a teenager helped me build a network of young, “uneducated” consultants who focused on maintaining infrustructure for medium sized contractors (6-30 employees). I am still the owner of the business but haven’t really interacted with it in a decade. Ecnomic busts are big growth periods, I hate booms as no one cares about efficiency.

        I also maintain (since 92) a solid amount of consulting income internationally, mostly working with high wealth “uneducated” entrepreneurs as a networking PR liaison. I love travel, have no roots/anchors, and play financial matchmaker for gray market business types. That’s a growth industry, but too many guys today can’t do it because they have all these debt-anchors or love-anchors that prevent the travel. Also, it is a feast-or-famine income. If you live paycheck to paycheck with no restraint on spending, you’ll never make it.

        My main goal since I was 17 (91) has been to create a new social network based on financial transactions. I now have the money and time to launch it, maybe in the coming weeks.


      • Wow. This may be an internet first: Someone claimed to be making $200K out of high school, and, when asked how, replied in plausible detail.


  13. on October 8, 2011 at 2:29 pm (r)Evoluzione

    This is some insightful, and inciteful commentary. The allegations you level at higher Ed are fully demonstrable; higher Ed is an adder’s nest of entitlement, from the ground up.

    That doesn’t change the corpulent corporate hegemony, the plutocracy of money and influence that has poisoned any real chance at real political discourse. This country is big government run for, and by, big business. They are one and the same, just as the #ows movement is the flip side of the tea party coin. Nothing substantial will be accomplished by either side until the antitrust laws are more broadly & vigorously applied, as is a tourniquet to cut the flow of special interest money from Wall street into K street & then into campaigns of bought & paid- for politicians.

    You also make great points about student’s consumptive status jockeying, but as this blog always says, humans are not rational actors, but driven my reproductive instinct, tendencies reinforced by Madison avenue marketing arête. Those Apple-chomping, Starbucks swilling masses are following the herd mentality right into poverty. Ahh, fuck the sheeple anyway, they’ll figure out what happened in retrospect, as their standard of living plummets to third world levels.

    Sent from my Atari 2600



  14. i reccomend everyone go to their local “occupy whatever” protest and try to pick up girls


    • The best observation so far! If there were no young women at these protest venues, then there would be no guys either!

      Seriously, read “Spent” by Geoffrey Miller. He details consumer behavior in terms of individuals “advertising” their primary character traits through purchases or adherence to causes or organizations.

      This is true of nearly every popular protest gathering in the developed world since the 50’s. The guys are there if the chicks are there so they can impress the chicks with their openess and caring.

      Hilarious really


    • i went to mine today just to see what i could see. i wouldn’t call them ‘girls’ as that bears a connotation of attractiveness. warpigs, yentas, single mothers, cock auditioners…that’s what i’d call the women i saw. lots of chicks with voices that indicated lots of chain smoking.

      the men weren’t any better. i saw beer bellies on otherwise slim 25 year-olds, pock marked faces (drugs, booze), JNCOs.

      i’m convinced that, fundamentally, this is a rebellion of the ugly, disgusting, and stupid against the non-ugly, well-kempt, and halfway intelligent. nothing more.


    • But why? They smell.


    • Already got a couple of numbers at my local occupy who cares. There are some cute liberal chicks in the mess of fatties and hippies.


  15. on October 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    why do steve jobs and stabucks get so much respect

    when they took that which was inexpenissves

    and oduobled the price?

    placing more peopel in greateder bdebt

    wait! i just answered my own question… zoolzlslsl

    that which placedss people in debt is to be worshipped!!!


    as the ifat masteers profit off of puttinttg the world in debebtss lzozoz cultural and moenetayr debts zlzoozz


    • You crazy fuck you could really make money off the first one!

      Why isn’t lzlzozozozllzo.com your website? start macking fiat dollars now, gbfm!!

      And stop whining about female amoriality zolzlzllz, King GBFM, those days ain’t coming back:



      • Quoting yourself now, n/a?

        Saying “female amoriality [sic] … ain’t coming back” is like saying, “Stop whining about the economy, the stock market ain’t coming back.”

        Or, “Stop whining about the snow, spring ain’t coming back.”

        More precisely, saying female virtue is obsolete is like saying male valor is obsolete. “Look at all these ladyboys today. Courageous soldiering ain’t coming back.”

        All of these may be accurate meteorology for a particular place in a particular time — and it may very well be our fate. But if it is true that female virtue isn’t coming back, then there will be no civilization for anything to come back to anyway. This isn’t to say we are on the brink of total societal breakdown, a 28-Days-Later collapse. No, it is simply saying that this specific culture — like the Shakers — has given up on competing for the future. We will obsolesce ourselves, and another culture (that can sustain itself by avoiding monstrous self-absorption) will fill the vacuum. Hark! what wonders exist beyond your merely private purview.

        In the middle of the winter with a foot of snow blanketing the world outside, with not a living thing in sight, it may be hard to contemplate verdant hills, leaves on trees, green grass and the place full of life again. But “You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, yet she will ever hurry back over your foolish contempt.” We can survive neither on the feminist lie nor the blowback lies you peddle (which are contingent on and only possible in a femme-dominated culture frame).

        Besides, if you had your eyes open, you’d see that “female morality” is already coming back. It has to. Saying otherwise is like the naive progressives declaring WWI to be “The War To End All Wars” a hundred years and the bloodiest century in human history ago. Just as there will always be the need for rough men to stand ready to do violence on our behalf, we only “sleep peaceably” in our beds at night — and fantasize about an eternally sustainable female slutdom — because soft women submit to the vocation of tending to the next generation.

        You and your contrived philosophy, this party on the graves of men and women who sacrificed so that even conceiving such a frivolous life might be possible, is what’s obsolescing.


      • KA,

        There’s always at least a soupçon of misdirection in your rhetoricized replies, but I’m not the mark gawking at your 3 Canard Monte moves, so let’s dismiss your suggestion that I was speaking of “female virtue” (a comic contradiction-in-terms if ever there was one) as that which is not coming back. That which has never been can hardly come back.–

        What is not coming back, not even for the most sweetly quaint cameo, is the Capraesque pastoral that is the animating source of your fantasies of prelapsarian America. Nostalgia is a sweetly insidious poison. Let frog-faced, honest, excellent Larkin serve as your guide when searching for the right tone in response to our sexual free-for-all:

        Philip Larkin (1922-1985)
        Annus Mirabilis

        Sexual intercourse began
        In nineteen sixty-three
        (which was rather late for me) –
        Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
        And the Beatles’ first LP.

        Up to then there’d only been
        A sort of bargaining,
        A wrangle for the ring,
        A shame that started at sixteen
        And spread to everything.

        Then all at once the quarrel sank:
        Everyone felt the same,
        And every life became
        A brilliant breaking of the bank,
        A quite unlosable game.

        So life was never better than
        In nineteen sixty-three
        (Though just too late for me) –
        Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
        And the Beatles’ first LP.


      • on October 11, 2011 at 1:05 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


        http://cafepress.com/greatbooksformen zlozzlzlzlzlzllo


  16. on October 8, 2011 at 2:41 pm But inside doesn't matter

    Speaking of college/university… I would like the opinion of the esteemed commenters here, and hopefully the great Heartiste himself on where I should focus my attention. I’m at uni and I’ve considered and attempted doing some street day game on the side when I have some free time. Mostly I’m just getting out of the house and doing 1 or 2 approaches or none on the street or bus or wherever, aa is mild but I have massive identity and inner game issues which arent going to be solved anytime soon. Even so I’ve tried street day game. But videos like this make me very disheartened, along with input from the community which often ranks street daygame as being the hardest and having the lowest approach/close ratio.


    So I’m thinking I might just focus on college game full time. What I’m looking at doing exactly is meeting a large amount of people and then hosting house parties – I live in a studio near the college. I’m not sure about this but I think I would invite about 30 and then I could reasonably expect that about half of that – 15 would come. Once it starts I assume it’d be smooth sailing from there – find out which of the girls I invite (it’d be over 80-85% girls – I know ten times as many girls as I know guys, I’m trying to meet more guys but I’m actually finding it hard to find guys that arent beta shlubs-tangent) are DTF, work out the logistics of whether they can stay the night, then once the party is over everyone leaves and the girl stays and then the real party begins.

    What do you guys think? I would appreciate any help. College game isnt really discussed on here, I’ve only seen it mentioned briefly by the men who have found game in their late 20’s or even 30’s and are sad because they could had so much sex if they knew in college what they know now. I really think that one can do very, very well in college. I think it is not unreasonable to think that if a guy becomes very popular he can have sex with upwards of 50 women a year. I dont know any expert in day game that could do that with women off the street. Seems like you’d put in less effort in college as well. Less effort, bigger reward. My university has over 23,000 women and about 40% of them are very attractive – sometimes it seems like 80%. Some parts of campus are so incredibly target dense that they rival clubs or fashion shows.


    • on October 8, 2011 at 3:13 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

      dude–just buy the GBFM t-shirt that says

      “lotsa cockas 4 da ladies! up to 50 per year! buy in now it is goin fatsts! ;zlzolzooz”


    • “Some parts of campus are so incredibly target dense that they rival clubs or fashion shows.”

      Well, they are. What do you think this post is about?


    • @Butinsidedoesntmatter:

      Hopefully, this is not a thread-jack, since this *is* a game blog.

      I saw the video and initially thought you were the guy in the video, and was about to post a detailed reply. However, I see from your text above that you are not (correct me if I am wrong). Just a few comments on your post:

      If you have massive identity and inner game issues, you will find it tough no matter what route you take – college game or day game. The one advantage of day game is that should you screw up many times in the beginning, you wont develop a negative “reputation” like you may in college. On the other hand, the one advantage of college game is that it seems you are on a campus with a humongous number of women, and likely a skewed m/f ratio. 50 a year may be too much to expect, given your psychological issues. If I were in your shoes, I would aim for 2 or 3 STRs. And keep working on the inner issues – a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – keep taking a step at a time. If you know such a large number of girls, the house party idea sounds solid- create some kind of attraction to draw them in apart from the booze that would set your party apart from the rest.


    • on October 8, 2011 at 5:58 pm (r)Evoluzione

      Yeah, daygame is hard, but in that target-rich environment, you can do 5-10 approaches a day on average, maybe more.

      This numbers game is essential for three reasons. First, it gives you a thick skin & teaches you not to give a FUCK what other people think. This is a massive lever in helping you get over those “inner game issues that are not going away anytime soon.” That’s a limiting belief that can be, and needs to be, flushed away immediately.

      Secondly, those big approach numbers do yield results, if slowly, but it teaches you to be less attached to outcome. Your goal is to simply have fun with the approach, entertain yourself with the girls around you, often at their expense. Make the interaction fun and light, and screen out the frumpy-faces who take life too seriously to joke & have fun.

      Three, once you start to get numbers on the regular, and start going for drinks with girls frequently, having makeouts with different girls, your confidence will boost through the roof.

      Day game is self-reinforcing. The more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s a positive feedback loop, at least until you get to a moderate skill level. The great thing is, these are real social skills that translate directly into getting jobs & promotions, negotiations in business deals, and with friends and family. Don’t give them short shrift just because they’re hard.

      Don’t look at those stupid youtube videos of chodes doing it wrong. Don’t read too many pickup blogs. Stick with the masters–read here, Roosh, Rollo, and maybe one or two of your favorites. Don’t get caught in the comments sections too much. Read Roosh’s Day Bang, go indirect unless you get gold-plated, bulletproof hypersexual IOI’s, which you should be getting before too long. Your confidence will start small, but the day approach rapidly builds confidence, because you get to see your successes add up. Cocky-funny and amused mastery are the frames you want to cement inside your head.

      In my college, I was a shorter, kind of skinny guy, handsome enough, and I knew nothing of game. Yet I was propelled by my dick to make approaches and talk to girls. I had no plan, no sense of what to do, and some strong beta tendencies from all the PC indoctrination. I had a couple of plusses–drive & motivation, a bit of an attitude, but I had a lot more minuses, and I still did OK. If I had to do it all over again, and could talk to my 19 year old self, give him a few books, a good talking-to, hell yeah, I’d do it, but today I have no regrets. That’s the other thing. You have two things in your favor–opportunity and time. You’re young so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to improve. You’ll improve well enough just living, and so with a little red-pill knowledge, you’ll do fine.

      Bottom line–just get out there & talk to people. Don’t overthink it. Just act. Get moving. Say anything. Your identity and inner game issues will resolve. (Hint: accept yourself for who you are, and make no excuses for your desires or any part of yourself) It gets MUCH easier over time.


      • Really good advice from r(Evoluzione).

        Be “outcome independent”. Because as a MAN you don’t derive your self worth by the petty reactions of women. If one chic doesn’t work out, doesn’t matter, you will meet a better looking, more fun chic 10m later, especially at a university.

        When some chic blows you out or you make an ass out of yourself or whatever, do this:
        1) chuckle to yourself
        2) be proud of yourself for having the balls to open and TRY, most men would never even attempt
        3) the chic won’t remember you or the interaction, so who cares anyway

        If you can find a close friend who is SERIOUS and MOTIVATED to ‘work’ with, this will help. If not, roll solo.

        Set attainable objectives, and be realistic and honest with yourself. For example, start simple, really simple:
        Week #1: open 1 set per day, with a simple hello and go for a positive “hello” as a response.
        Week #2: open 2 sets per day, start with hello and a simple compliment, then roll off.
        Week #3: open 3 sets per day, use functional openers: “where is the science lab bulding,” or what I always liked “hey excuse me, my best friend loves [article of clothing, etc], she’s always looking for these kinds of things, where did you get your [boots, bag, shirt, whatever].

        Like an emperor, you are slowly, yet constructively building your empire of pussy.


    • Before you throw your party, you might want to look at the Neil Strauss 30-day program for game that ends with you throwing a party. It isn’t hard to find on the net.


  17. ya they are occupying wall street…. but who do they think would ultimately be providing the employment, which they complain of not being able to find? capitalists, by definition, would be; whether they are traditional stone and mortar big bank capitalists, or birkenstock tech saavy capitalists.

    btw the presently exorbitant corporate taxes in the city of boston presently pay for the lovely greenway that they happen to be occupying at the moment.


    • Give you that capitalists would be providing employment, but there is a distinction to be made between Wall Street and Main Street capitalists. Wall Street isn’t acting to create American employment because Wall Street benefits by shipping American employment overseas where labor costs are negligible compared to those in America. Overseas labor is virtually slave labor. It’s most likely already too late, but if unchecked, Wall Street will strangle Main Street, and strangle Main Street’s ability to provide American labor employment. Therefore, Wall Street is the valid target. I haven’t seen anything from the protesters indicating Main Street is targeted.

      If taxpayers hadn’t been hoodwinked into bailing out Wall Street in 2008, Wall Street wouldn’t have continued to have unchecked power. Tax payers are right to complain, but the political system such as it has been isn’t responsive, so I don’t care whether the venue of protest is appropriate or not.


  18. Well you pay for the university experience, not the education. I would have liked a few years of drinking and whoring around instead of going straight to work my ass off for clueless douchebags. But it’s also a lot cheaper in Europe (because I pay for those assholes to go there).


  19. You should have better gone to university to learn something about doing research and about your financial system, distribution of wealth, the american dream, etc…

    This should give you an idea of who is there. Not just students but lots of americans, fighting for the american dream!


    • I’m seeing a bunch of repulsive betas, fatties, librarian buzzards, snooty emo cunts, and a few Aryan single moms.

      “$20,000 per year in student loans going to a PUBLIC university… I only receive $2,500.00 per year in grants that I scour my soul over hot rocks to qualify for. ALL to become a “public servant” with a dream to work w/LGBT youth who have no where/no one to turn to. To be a minister and counselor, I will have nearly $200K in student debt… that I will probably never be able to pay because I CHOSE to be called to a ministry. I make $8.25 per hour working full time taking 18 hours of classes. I can not make it on my own. I am the 99%!

      This self-declared minister dreaming to “work with” something called “LGBT youth” identifies himself with the majority. Isn’t that funny.

      Skinny white girls with glasses. No doubt each one with ~*dreams*~ of “helping inner-city youth”. Shaquita (heard this name just today) and Tyrone really need to read the freshly bowdlerized Shakedatbootyspeare.

      I look at that website, I look at photos of the so-called occupiers, all I heard is “white noise” and all I see is the enemy.

      “I’ve never known what it feels like to not be in debt. I don’t want my daughter to carry that burden.”

      Guess what? She’ll be carrying a bigger burden direct from Tyrone’s scrotum in about a decade. lozlozlzozlzlzlzzz subsidizing demographic oblivion!!!!zozlzozlzz


    • Fuck each and everyone of you crackers.

      You made the mistakes and now you want the “evil rich” entrepreneurs (often times minorities who immigrate into this country just to own a business) to cover your stupid? It’s not our fault you took out student loans you can’t pay for. It’s not our fault you bought a house you could barely afford in the best of times. It’s not our fault you had to have gadgets instead of health insurance. It’s not our fault you wanted to have fun instead of saving so you can risk your money on starting a business of your own. It’s not our fault you’re so god damn useless I can replace you with code on a server, or a machine.

      But now you want to claim some right to our backs and minds? Slavery is dead. Your side lost the Civil War, remember?


      • Just cause you’ve managed to snag those commercials as Captain Morgan in the new ads (check his Facebook page if in doubt) don’t think the good times will last.
        Seriously, though every tax payer bailed out excess greed in the big bailout so when we have moral hazard like that for the rich is it any wonder everyone wants their share of the pork?


    • The American Dream was created by us one-percenters for you 99-percenters.


      You’re welcome.


      • on October 10, 2011 at 2:24 am (r)Evoluzione

        AB, you have a blog–awesome. Your comments are good on here, I’m looking forward to perusing your offering.


    • Milan, read some of the other posts on this site, then go get laid some more.

      Take it from me, after a bit of variety suddenly the world doesn’t seem to need saving as much anymore.


  20. on October 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    here are the all black t-shirts with white writing lzozlzl

    1. lzozozlzlzozozozo
    2. the neoocns assocked my future wife in college, and all i got was 1) thislousy t-shirt, 2) neostds, 3) my wife’s studnet debt for her gender assocking studeies degree, 4) alimony payments to fund her assocking and the kids i never see anymore lzozlzlozo
    3. i like my girlz pre-bernankified so they offer tehir butthole 2 me zlozlzlz
    4. “make war, not love, unless it is buttshexual” — neocon lzozllzo
    5. women murdered 50,000,000 unborn in the most succethsful preemptive neoocn war ever!!!
    6. if you wantto keep it, she can kill it. if she wants to keep it, she can financially kill you. neoocnss love empowering womenz ove rmezz loozozoz as only men create wealth and oenncones must convert their fiat debt into physical property via “social justice” like asscoking, foreign wars, bank baillouts, and divorce lzozlzlzo
    7. only betas pay for da strected butthoe and ginahole that aplphas got for free furing the manadorty fiat financed college prima-noctae assocking sessiosns
    8. would you drink out of a beer mug that some dude stuck his cock in and swirled his giz win the beer foam? so why are you kissing her? lzozozoozzo
    9. i love going to church to hear how i need to man up to pay for her three bastard children by three men and forgive her for her sins while i sin by playing vidoe games zlzoozlzooz
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    what elese should my shirtss sya> lozozlz


  21. OT:
    Bitches would feel guiltier straying from their diet than cuckolding their hubby.
    Wonder if this is good or bad news. What’s worse, a cheating whore or a fat whale?



    • Let’s go with the whale; I’ve never heard anyone say that inside a cheating whore there’s a sane woman wanting to get out.


  22. At least the folks in Cupertino aren’t trying as hard as they can to take your money away from you without giving you anything in return.

    So I’ll take the Cupertino types over the Wall Street types. However, the bad boys of Wall Street probably wind up getting more gina. Coincidence? Hmm… makes me wonder if GBFM is onto something…. (lozlzlz!!!).


    • Jobs supposedly shagged Joan Baez, albeit when he was in his twenties and she was a cougar. And Woz seems to pull pretty well, too, though someone needs to tell them to stop marrying them.


  23. on October 8, 2011 at 3:17 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    11. I like starbucks and apple omputerz because they charge 5x more than everyone else for coffee and ocmupetrs zlozozozozo


    • on October 8, 2011 at 6:01 pm (r)Evoluzione

      They can charge 5x more than competitors if they produce 5x more value. (or at least convince people they do).

      That itself is not the problem. The issue happens when they have 5x more money to buy 5x more influence and can buy regulators who then ensure that the corps pay 5x less taxes & 5x less regulatory pressure than the common man, who then accumulates 5x more debt.


  24. Not on topic Heartiste, but I do believe you will love this case of one unbelievably gullible hamster:

    “Six years ago today was my wedding day. Everything in my life was coming together…I was marrying a man who was my perfect match. We had already shared 2½ years together, and a new chapter was about to unfold. People sometimes wonder how I didn’t see any signs of the brutality that was to come, but the fact is that there were no signs. I couldn’t have known.

    “A month after my wedding day…a police officer came to my hotel room door. He told me my husband had been arrested the night before, charged with the sexual assault and kidnapping of two women. My shock was instantaneous and overwhelming. There must be some mistake! Then the officer told me that Jason had turned himself in to the police, so I knew there had been no mistake. I was devastated.

    “I met Jason Staples early in 2003 …We took an immediate interest in one another, and he soon asked me out. On our first date he told me he was on parole with a life sentence.

    “In 1988, a few months after his 18th birthday, Jason had killed his roommate.

    “He had just dropped out of high school, and she was 20 years older than him. The two had developed a sexual relationship. One night, after a heated argument, Jason lost control and killed her. …

    “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was a handsome, intelligent, gentle man in front of me, not what I imagined when I thought of a “murderer.” His remorse was palpable and I found my heart going out to him just as it did for his victim.”



    • The parole officer and shrink both told the wife to be that he was their model patient. Wonder if they were women, too? If they had any sense of shame, they’d quit and go work in a non clinical setting where their poor judgment won’t get somebody kidnapped and raped. If licensing weren’t a scam, they wouldn’t have a choice.

      I would rather have a next door neighbor who killed someone in cold blood for rational reasons than one who did so in a random fit of rage. I’d prefer neither, but the latter feels like a pure numbers game. An ex gangster is less likely to kill you without some reason and is more likely to be dissuaded by frequent conversations about my preference for large caliber handguns with hollowpoint ammunition.


  25. on October 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    t-shirt #12

    i am ready to man up and pay my moenyeys and give my assettss to my bernankified wife whose ass awas asscoked by neoocns in college lzozozz and i pledge to hereby buy her a ring, fed and hosue her udirng maririage, and fund her future asscocking sessiosnss with alimonies to paid to her upon our divorce lzozozoz

    t-shirt #13: prostitution isn’t legal because the divorce industry deosn;t want competition from a system which doesn;t make you pay for past use of a pussy lzozozozozoz


  26. I would have never gone to college if i sucked at maths, and if my family didn’t pay the bills. College is only a good option for women to become marketing/PR/HR drones (and to get asscocked lozlolozlozz). A man should choose between 4 options:

    Go to college only to study hard stuff
    Join the military
    Learn a trade
    Start his own business

    These days, they teach a lot of useless crap (gender studies lozlozlolzzz), and going to college is the best way for betas to dig their way deeper into betadom.


  27. You went there, they gave you a shitty, useless libtarts degree and saddled you with mounds of debt.

    It’s not just what “they gave you,” but about what you choose. Students choose their own majors, and universities respond to student choices.

    The real answer is simpler: people can largely look at themselves in the mirror when they complain about the quality of education they demand.


    • The little dips have no, repeat NO, concept of personal responsibility. The college MADE them go, get a stupid degree and take out $$$$ in loans to pay for it. Of course.


  28. lzozlzolzolzolz i’m blaming wallstreet cuz i made the decision to go to college even though my dumb azz can’t figure out a way to pay for it!!1! lolozlzolzozl my dumb azz just got butthexed by way of asscocking

    but hey i cant pay off my loans or a fucking haircut or a shave but i can pay for this stupid fucking keffiyeh!!1!1 lolozlzolz

    hmm maybe if i worked at mcdonalds for a bit i could pay this off hmmm nah id rather not get a job id rather stand around holding this sign lolzozlozlz


  29. on October 8, 2011 at 3:53 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    t-shirt #14:

    i love investing in my 401k like my fembot bosss todl me too so i can fund wall street gamblers to gamlbe it away and then raise my taxes to bail them out as my 401k disappears zlozzoozozoz


  30. on October 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    t-shirt #15:



  31. on October 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm johnnymilfquest

    Point taken about the education-industrial complex.

    Max Keiser correctly pointed out the absurdity of the protesters Wall St fixation.

    The real nexus of corruption in America is the Federal Reserve. Not the stock exchange. *facepalm*


  32. Most countries I live in, awesome ones, with hot girls and beaches and awesome food, the cost of an iPhone AT&T plan in the U.S. would be a QUARTER of my net monthly living expenses.

    Your phone plan, 25% of ALL my expenses in a month.

    Suckers. Seriously, sheeple with your retarded iPhone / iPad bullshit.

    OR, you could spend $42 a month and get all the same stuff:



  33. If you’re going to get into massive debt, at least get a useful degree and not a libtard POS. Anything from the hard sciences, engineering or medicine.


  34. can someone please explain what their demands are? i feel like my time can be directed in more productive manners than picketing wall street.


  35. Man, that day time street game vid filmed in London and linked to above was f*cking gross.

    Nothing and I mean nothing but Asian chicks.

    Talk about low standards !


  36. In addition to teaching content-free classes, colleges are at fault for raising tuition far faster than average household earnings. When I started at Stanford in 1972, tuition was $2,850 per year, which was probably about 25% of an average household’s annual income. According to Stanford’s own website, tuition for the current academic year is $40,050; according to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, average annual household income in 2009 was $60,088. Big difference.


  37. I teach Computer Science in a pretty good School of Business in the southwest (yes, unusual pairing there but that’s another story) and about twenty of us (three professors, the rest students) spent much of last week in NYC for the World Business Forum so we got to see the Wall Street protests up close.

    In short, our students saw them as a bunch of whiny losers. The best part was that it led to lengthy discussions about expectations and demands and work and wealth and the way the real world works on the flights home.


  38. I have no sympathy for anyone who goes to a private university to study early Eastern European literature at $40,000 per year. I like when the shoeshine boys are well read.


  39. “Coupled with the credentialist zeitgeist pushing idiots into college”

    That is thanks to the 4/5ths rule, and the fact that businesses dare not actually test the skills of their employees lest they find something racist.


  40. Sounds like AFKAR is back. Good to see you again. Working on anything new?


  41. Tadaaaa. What you said about the imbecility of the protestors was said here before:

    Keep on truckin’


  42. on October 8, 2011 at 6:12 pm Lustrous Magnetite

    -Wall Street lobbied hard to drop tariffs and pass various free trade agreements (NAFTA/GATT) that gutted the American industrial base.
    -Wall Street deliberately funded neoliberal think tanks to spread their free market gospel thereby sabotaging centralized domestic and industrial policy.
    -Wall Street lobbied for the expansion of government into the loan market to enable more people to be enslaved in debt
    -Wall Street lobbied for government to push for an “information” based economy (read service sector) and encouraged kids to go to college through their public run schools and corporate media.

    Gotta hand it too them, Wall Streeters are easily the most alpha broskis around. A bunch of high social IQ, all filler, no killer hedonists engaging in pointless status jockeying by getting the world to fight for the right to hand their resources up to them.


  43. Hard to feel any sympathy for the useful idiots that herded themselves off to college for meaningless degrees. Let them starve.


  44. on October 8, 2011 at 6:49 pm drunicusequus

    I got two quantitative degrees, working my butt off in crummy construction and then sales jobs, then learned a ton about databases, spreadsheets, and finance once I was able to get real jobs.
    I missed out on the Lollapaloozas and fancy laptops and mp-3 players; I mostly wore used (or “vintage”) clothes, kept an ancient Volvo on the road and went hungry a lot.
    I also missed the cache of a WASPY, 30,000 a year “private” college and went to a state school I for which I could pay; my employer eventually, and very begrudgingly, paid for a full MBA (not an EMBA).
    I have no student loans, and in the depths of the recession I was able to get a job that pays six figures.
    I am the 1%. Personally, I think those lazy hipsters squatting on Pine and Wall St should fuck off.
    Get a real degree, and a shower, you dillweeds. And grow the hell up.


    • You think you are the 1%?

      Don’t take it the wrong way, kudos for the MBA and 6 figure job…

      by all societal objectives, you have been sucessful in your life…

      by a good deal, sure. You’ve ‘made it’

      but you are no where near the wealth of the top 1%

      NOT EVEN CLOSE to the top 1%

      have you ever hung out with the top 1%? its a different world. completely.

      spend a week in the hamptons with a NYC multi millionaire and you’ll get enough snobbery to last a lifetime. You’ll also learn a thing or two about money- and what it really is.

      If you have a job, you cannot ever be in the top 1%

      All your efforts, all your work will only serve to fund someone elses bank account, so they can sip imported beer served by thier columbian maid by thier pool; as they casually browse thier investment account(s)

      The only possible way to reach the top 1% is when you have other people work FOR you.

      The top .01% is only possible when you have accumulated so much wealth that your money works FOR you, where you have complicated offshore captive investment schemes which avoid capital gains tax and accumulate enough interest, so that you can bang swedish models on your yahct which just so happens to have a helicopter on it.


      • on October 10, 2011 at 9:47 pm (r)Evoluzione

        Legit. The one-percent has an annual income of $1.6 million or better. The income may from salary, stock payouts, dividents, rental property–the source doesn’t matter, it’s $1.6 million a year in income from any source. This one percent of society, about 3.4 million Americans, earns 20% of all income, 20 times what the rest of us earn, on average, per capita.

        In terms of net worth, the divide is even more stark. The top 1% own 42% of all assets in this country. There may-MAY-be two or three blokes reading/commenting at this blog who are part of the one percent. There are far more wannabes than actual 1 percenters up in here. There might be one guy who’s an actual one percenter who I respect, he tells it like it is. (AB, I’m looking at you. Your businesses created actual value. Respect.)

        So what do the 99% have that the 1% don’t? Debt. It’s been the conversation all along. The bottom 99% have 94% of the debt out there. While the top 1% owns 5% of the debt, they still show massive equity as a class, because, again, they own 46% of all assets. And the debt they do own is probably made up of investments bought on margins, etc. So as a group, the 99% are 50% upside down. On everything.

        The key point here: the 1% siphoned off the rest of our wealth, by buying out the regulatory agencies in every industry. They’re right-side up, with 40% of the equity in this country. Wealth in itself is not bad. We need to create incentives for people to innnovate, and that comes from material success. But the problem is, the uberwealthy did not stop at just a bit of wealth. They stole and cajoled their way into turning every industry into a casino, via Wall Street. Wall Street IS the giant sucking sound you hear, vacuuming off wealth from main street, from the rest of us.

        What the 1% don’t want you to know is that a lot of their “wealth” is hallucinated wealth based on debt instruments. Derivatives and such. So the simple solution is for as many people to go off-grid financially as possible. Mortgage debt on an underwater house? Walk away. Rent while your credit is good, and sock away your earnings in the form of real money: gold, silver, lead & copper, and high-velocity delivery systems for the latter two.

        If you think that welching on obligations is unethical, you should know that’s EXACTLY what the 1% is prepared to do to you, and in fact are already doing. Pension fund & 401K that you paid in for a lifetime? They don’t have to pay if/when the pension fund’s value gets tanked when the market inevitably slides down the shitter. Rest assured, the full value of the 401K got siphoned off when someone shorted those mutual funds. Counterparty risk is a BITCH. Example: the NYC Police & Firefigter’s 401K funds’ values reduced by HALF since 2008. Where did that money go? All those naked shorts and the rest of the counterparty risk bullshit pipeline ensured that money went straight into the cofers of JP Morgan, Goldman, and the rest of the vampire squid.

        The best thing that We The People can do is to pull our money out of the mainstream banking industry, put it into local credit unions, pull out of stock markets, mutuals, bonds, whatever else, and get into real commodities that you can stockpile yourself, which are not only intrinsically valuable as something to be traded, but something that you can also sustain your life with, unlike their paper “money.”

        The social contract is broken. Get the fuck out while you can, while there’s something to be gotten out.


      • I’m not in the top 1% by any means because I don’t have a propensity to acquire great wealth. The vast majority of my money (somewhere around 60% post-tax income) is basically given away to start-ups that I help out with.

        This entire week I spent at a start-up that I’ve freely gifted over $40,000 of my own money over 3 years and probably 1000 hours of my time — with absolutely zero contractual obligation for them to even give me 1% of their business. I like the (young) guys, they listen and they bust their asses for 80+ hours a week to try to make a future for themselves and their families.

        I lost an estimated high 6-figures when I was married and then divorced. That’s money that I never ever recovered, but I have no grievance about the life’s lesson.

        In the last 5 years, I’ve also watched 3 businesses I invest in go belly up — one due to embezzlement, one due to my own laziness and lack of caring, and the final one due to a failed acquisition that ended up crunching cash flow to negative values for 6 months straight. I could’ve saved the last one, but I was already over it.

        *COULD* I be in the top 1%? I have no doubt if I really wanted it I could’ve been there already. One of my cousins is definitively in the top 1% — he owns an island in the Caribbean, a bunch of property around the world, and plays at the $25,000 per hand Blackjack table. Is he happier than me? No. Does he have as much free time as I do? Not a chance.

        I don’t want to leave this world wealthy. I want to leave this world with reputation — I love those 90% who hate me and spew animosity against me, and I also love the 10% who admire me and ask me for advice. A man can not ask for a better outcome in life: to have had an effect on others, be it good or bad.

        Sidenote: I throw money AND TIME away on risky bets with no rewards only because I gain something that money by itself can not buy: insight into the human mind, the human condition, and the human experience. Call me an external visitor to the world, at best, for a brief spec of history.


      • Well, yes and no. I suppose I could open a hedge fund, hire some programmers, analysts, etc, and either lose a ton of the 1%’s money, it make them a ton, & keep 20% of it or so.
        I’m fairly happy where I am, in all honesty. If someone has more, even a hundred times as much, it doesn’t really make me any less happy.
        I can still afford good beer, a nice car, and a nice place to live, and I tend to enjoy my work.
        My main concern is for my 3 year old son. I want him to be stronger, smarter, more successful, and far better at game, at a far younger age, than his father was.
        And whether I end up making $100k or $100million, my son is going to have to live in this world that punishes manhood and rewards the worst sorts of weakness.


      • on October 11, 2011 at 1:40 pm (r)Evoluzione

        How much would it cost you to open said hedge fund? My brother was involved in a startup, he was the network & hardware systems guy, had root admin for everything, so he could see all documents & data. Companies need a MINIUMUM of $2-3 million to start, and more reasonably $12-15 million. So you need to be a 1%’er or have their tacit assistance (VC). That’s all well & good, but you’re still talking about what is essentially a money siphon. That’s what hedge funds do. They capitalize on counterparty risk, the very essence of the hedge.

        As for the happiness key, you’re right in some ways. Several large studies on happiness show that it peaks out at about $88,000 per year in annual salary in today’s dollars. Statistically, income levels above and below that, happiness declines. Now when you’re talking about other people’s income, it’s not just that some guy make a hundred million and that bums you out. It doesn’t work that way. What’s happened is that a small class of people have engineered a system to siphon off gigantic amounts of money, at the expense of the rest of us. A graph might help. Check out the very first one on this page:

        I hear you on your concerns for your son. I don’t even have kids, but I foolishly still want to have them. It’s what my DNA-propelled hormonal algorithm seeks. But I realize that, as a good friend of mine said in college, when confronting these same issues, “This world ain’t fit for children.” I still want to have kids, but I’ll be very discerning with whom I have them, which town or city, and how they’re raised. I’m sure you have the same standards for raising your son. My hat is off to those who wish to raise children in the Red pill reality.


    • In 2007, the average annual income of the top 1% was 1.3 million dollars. Seven figures. You’re not the 1%. You’re off by an order of magnitude.


  45. on October 8, 2011 at 6:58 pm Zipporah Goldenberg

    then again, it is wallstreet ziojew thieves such as Soros who are actually financing these “occupy wallstreet” kids…give me a break!
    notice that these kids wont sit in and occupy GOLDMAN SACHS offices!
    this should tell you all you need to know!. They wont bite the hand that is feeding him!.

    history repeats itself….just like the Wallstreet ziojews financed Trostsky’s and Lenin’s bolsheviks who killed millions of people…..


  46. The crime was not the banksters pissing away trillions of dollars in million dollar no money down loans to no-hablo-english wetbacks with no job.

    The crime was that they did this knowing that if the housing market went south they would be bailed out – the crime was the bailout.


  47. Sounds like the revenge of the C students.


  48. I get paid $20/hour plus bonus to collect on defaulted student loans and I have to say anyone who agrees with government funding of higher education should spend some time working in a collection agency. Talk to the people on the phones, look over the credit reports, and you will quickly see what higher education is: A high stakes status game; nothing more. If whatever social objectives had not been achieved through the first 13 years of publicly financed education then I would like a cogent explanation for what is expected of the next four years or more.


    • Major point: when the government subsidizes something (either directly or through regulation), the price will go up until a bubble forms, which may eventually burst. It happened in public assistance/welfare; it happened in housing; it’s happening in higher education and in health care.

      That said, the difference between the first twelve years of school and the next four is night and day. Free public education is exactly that: fully supported by government, without choice and without accountability. Thirty years of the DOE and nationally-normed test scores remain flat. The only reason you can luck into a decent public education is because there are a host of public school teachers who care deeply about their jobs and their students. In other words, public education can be good in spite of the government, not because of it. College, on the other hand, still has a fair element of the free market about it; they are, to some extent, accountable to their students for outcomes. Now, many students are idiots and major in things like English Literature and Feminist Studies and such, and no matter how good their professors are these kids won’t get jobs in those fields. But others do better; the STEM fields in particular. I teach computer science to graduate students, and we track pretty carefully where they go after graduation, and we work pretty closely with local IT companies to make sure we’re teaching skills that are in demand. The pure-academics side (mostly in the humanities) argues that we’ve becoming a vo-tech; my response is that we’re giving our clients what they want and need to succeed in the real world. The business school that houses us also tracks outcomes and works closely with the private sector, for the same reason – so that we can tell students that xx% of our graduates get decent jobs upon graduation. That’s the good side of my university. The bad side is that cheap loans and government regulations have driven the costs (and thus the prices) up, up, up. When I first started teaching, the ratio of administrators to faculty was about 1:10. Now it’s more like 1:4. Tuition has increased 20x since I was an undergraduate.

      So my view is: education is expensive, and can be worth the price. Students, be smart about preparation; earn good grades in high school and score well on the entrance exams for scholarships. Be smart consumers and make sure you’re buying a product that’s worth the price. And if you’re taking out loans for room and board, STOP. That’s just plain stupid. No one in their right mind takes out loans for four years of living at a resort. It’s the average student – B’s and C’s in high school (which is really inexcusable; straight A’s in high school is a walk in the park for anyone with half a brain and some self-discipline) who pays full price and lives on campus – that gets hit the hardest by student loan debt. Don’t be that student, and don’t let your kids be that student.

      Finally, many people saw the realities of the market and did well by riding the housing bubble to the top, then getting out when it burst. I’m riding the education bubble (and doing well!) and am watching very, very carefully for the end.


  49. GBFM you are the reason I read this blog


  50. Jesus fucking Christ. As soon as I read the first few sentences of a blog post I’ll know if it’s a fucking amazing game post, or a shitty amateur political opinion.




  52. Holy words.

    Not only college debt but every communist BS. Huge minimum wage for everyone except white males, and regardless if one really works. Protection of the parasitic government “jobs”. Taxes for the rich: everyone with a cent more than them is “rich”, and we already know the top 1% pays 40% of the total taxes while 50% of Americans does not pay anything. And go on.


  53. Follow the money. It wasn’t going to the professors, who are paid nothing. It was going to the admins, to the corporations that bought out the universities over the last couple of decades, and most of all to the loan companies.

    Oh, and as fir “financial innovation” – inventing new ways to steal money does not actually advance a country’s interest, even if they to use these innovations to steal from foreigners too.


  54. The College Conspiracy. The hyperinflation of tuition and a degree that leads to nothing but debt that you will never be able to pay back


    • College is scam… they just sell you a degree, that’s it. Not their problem if you can’t get a job with it to pay all those loans back. Just like drug dealers… they don’t put a gun to your head and make you buy crack. Either way, they get their money and they’ve done their part.


  55. purewin–

    It can be both the banks that pushed mortgages people couldn’t afford as normal, affordable, and necessary AND the universities that pushed college educations people couldn’t afford as the same.

    This was a federal gov’t pushed law, program, and change of standards at Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae that began under Clinton and with standards further lowered under Bush as part of his “compassionate conservative” initiative.

    The main thing Wall St. did was mislead investors in this stuff into thinking much of it deserved much higher credit ratings than it did, through mechanisms such as trances of debt with the higher tranches getting real good ratings etc. A lot of this stuff is held by Euro banks such as Dexia, but also sovereign wealth funds, etc. China owned a bunch of Fanny and Freddie as well.


  56. The biggest originators of sub prime stuff were mortgage brokers such as Countrywide.


  57. […] spending on ridiculously priced newfangled gadgets – I can’t believe how many impoverished students own iPhones. I make do with an old Nokia colour phone. Seriously. It has a calendar, reminders, and can even […]


  58. this is one of the dumbest thing ever written on this blog. what the fuck does leftie or rightie professor and liberal arts degree or conservative arts degree has to do with this? The problems are:

    #1. wallstreet precipitated this shituation with toxic mortgages. their bailout is offensive.
    #2. stupid, endless wars that cost a shitload is another. End the fucking wars
    #3. bush tax cuts–roll back the tax to the standard under bill clinton or reagan.(reagan tax is higher than clinton tax, actually.)
    #4. medicare advantage B–nothing but taxpayers money funnelled into pharmaceuticals companies pocket.
    #5. citizen united ruling(this allows china to buy your politician, literally.)


  59. I used to come here for game advice and this site was a godsend. But after reading the entire blog there’s not much more to say about game fundamentals. I have achieved the black belt. I can ride the bike. Game is a mindset and once you cross the threshold, reading about it becomes boring. Now I return yearning for posts like these. Somebody saying what hardworking single white men like are thinking but can’t put our fingers on. OWS is just about personal debt? Breast cancer awareness is overdone? False rape accusations? These issues I’d never dare whisper in my circles.


  60. Kudos for calling out the academy. It has indeed become a monster, a leviathan of a scale comparable to that beast’s traditional political namesake.


  61. >>>what elese should my shirtss sya> lozozlz

    How about “I FORGOT TO TAKE MY LITHIUM!!!”

    What the HELL is wrong with you man?


  62. Somewhat on topic, here is a good article from Vanity Fair:


    It makes the point that government pensions are eating up the budgets of states and municipalities, and one result is increased cost for college education , “In 1980 a Cal student paid $776 a year in tuition; in 2011 he pays $13,218.”


  63. Blame the professors? Like we have any say about this? If the prospective students or their parents had the sense to ask me, I’d tell them to go get a job and save money until they can afford university without loans. And I’m in a department that actually produces highly paid graduates.

    Let me walk you through this. The evil bankers sent their evil lobbyists to persuade the evil government to change the law so that student loans (1) are guaranteed by the government and (2) cannot be discharged in bankruptcy (the latter change being evil times ten). With student loans now risk-free, the banks dropped due diligence and give absurdly large, unrepayable loans to any moron who can shamble through an application form. Thus hundreds of millions of kids, many of them utterly unfit for college, push virtually unlimited amounts of cash into the supply side of the demand-supply curve, fueling a preposterous and unsustainable bubble in tuition.

    The ONLY sane solution is to remove the government guarantees and restore basic decency to the bankruptcy law. Do this and most college tuitions will be reasonable again within a few years. Until then, the professors are powerless to do anything about it.

    Blaming the bankers is 99% correct. Sure, the kids shouldn’t have taken those loans in the first place, but nobody should act surprised that they made the wrong decision the very first time in their life they were offered adult responsibility, with absolutely everybody giving them the wrong advice.


    • With student loans now risk-free, the banks dropped due diligence and give absurdly large, unrepayable loans to any moron who can shamble through an application form.

      This is exactly right. It was true with mortgage and other loans as well.

      As a former student, home and business owner, I went through the loan process both before the madness, and then during it. There was no comparison. Before the madness I was put through a rigorous process before I could secure a loan, but during the madness, the bank gave me money I asked for with little, no, or fraudulent processing of the loan, and all the while the bank actually urging more loan on me than I had come into the bank requesting.

      I think everyone remembers receiving unsolicited credit card offers with the teaser 0% interest rates. Why would the banks offer this sort of continuous temptation other than the knowledge of the weakness of many for funds made available leniently, thereby ensnaring these many into debt peonage?

      For every imprudent borrower, there is an imprudent lender, but it is not the case since 2008 the two have been punished equally. In fact, the imprudent lenders have been rewarded with even greater wealth and power. I suspect this has all been by design. The re-rigging of so much legislation prior to this crisis makes it obvious.


  64. I went to my local #occupyshithole today just to scope it out. i noticed a couple of things:

    1. probably only half of the people are employed. and this isn’t because of structural unemployment. jobs are available; these people just want jobs that they think are even near the same ballpark as the so-called plutocrats. if they can’t make it to those echelons – working the ol’ desk jockey occupations – they rebel against the notion and adopt this me agains the man attitude.

    2. lots of women yammering on about all kinds of bullshit. the women in the crowd were the most outwardly vocal of anyone there, but their complaints were also the most vapid. i overheard one woman complaining that U.S. companies send jobs overseas and that a U.S. company should operate on the ideal that it makes its goods inside the U.S. yeah, nice idea. get consumers on board though. consumers don’t care about buying U.S.A. they want cheap shit. deal.

    3. nobody was actually all that angry. i don’t mean to imply that i think these people should be angry. what i mean to imply is that these people weren’t angry because they know that they don’t really have any external entity to be angry at.


    • Yup. What do we want? To be rich. When to do want it? Now!

      Shoulda had realistic expectations about having to work and some talent too. Too bad, so sad. Have a waah-burger with a side of french-cries, whining left/libtards.


  65. Basic histo-political theory. We’re living in a Ochlocracy. If the rulers are nonvirtuous, how can one expect the people under them to be any better?



  66. @OldNerdGuy: Ummm… have you seen the profit margins that Apple has made?? They ARE trying as hard as they can to take your money from you.

    @OWS morons:

    Apple has managed to convince many people (outside of the luxury goods market) that their luxury goods (and their accompanying high prices) are a necessity (ie – can’t live without it)…

    Cell phone? $400 (assume 2 year lifespan). Service for it? Let’s call it $150 a month. There’s $2,000 per year. For your PHONE. Let’s say you’re enlightened (translation: lib arts degree, no skills, working at Starbucks), so you make $10 an hour (chip on your shoulder for having to work at Starbucks, holding a libtard degree so no management option [that’s for the business students STILL IN SCHOOL]).

    Assume you work fulltime, that’s $1600 a month, before taxes. But since you’re a libtard anyway, we’ll assume you’re a “47er” (you know, that 47% of the country that pays ZERO taxes). $167 for the phone per MONTH (that’s the amortized cost of the phone + service), 10% of your pay goes towards your PHONE (just think, people *used* to consider a house payment of 25% as the max for financial stability). If you’re still a dependent and thus pay taxes (we’ll call it 30%), it goes to 15% of your pay.

    But that’s a fixed cost. If you work part time, even 20 hours a week, the percentage of your pay jumps dramatically.

    With critical thinking skills and personal finance choices like that, we don’t need to go into rent, utilities, food, clothing, eating out, or transportation purchases (all likely equally as stupid, which is why your credit card debt increases exponentially as the month passes).

    You are an idiot that makes poor choices, no one should suffer but YOU. And no one else should be blamed.

    And did anyone see Apple’s stock price lately? Wait, what? Apple is traded on Wall Street?? You dumbasses…


  67. on October 9, 2011 at 4:35 am MeWantHoneyComb

    So how would someone who’s already out of college, sees where the real jobs are, and would be able to go back to school for a STEM major? Every other person says “it’s useless to go back to school for another bachelors, just get your masters.” But I even know that getting a masters in STEM majors without a STEM-related mathematics is like going through the obstacle course without the necessary boot camp. In my case, I just got out of college with an economics degree. And even though I have a job, I’m not going to tolerate sitting behind a cubicle for 40 years just to get a Rolex watch for my retirement! How would I initiate going back to school for a Comp Sci or Comp Engineering degree?


    • Econ is fine degree that should enable you to land a decent job. If you think you need math, go to amazon and buy an older edition calculus book and work through it (I reccomend James Stewart’s book) and continue with more advanced math until you have the requisite knowledge for your masters. If you really want something, figure out a way to make it happen.


    • Economics is close enough to something useful that I wouldn’t recommend going to school again. Network your ass off learn on the cheap and get the job you want.


      • on October 10, 2011 at 2:55 am MeWantHoneyComb

        @ MK and Anonymous, I’m definitely not mocking Econ as a degree because I do have a decent job, albeit it’s with the Federal Gov’t (thanks to Bush and Obama’s large Gov’t spending), with a lot of the “corporate ladder” bullshit still somewhat present, and most of the other workers doing half the work as my department but get paid more due to tenure. But to be honest, if I could get a private sector consulting job where I could do some real technical/analytical work while traveling, I would be content with my career choice.

        The CompSci/CompEng degree would give me a career that I love instead of a career I tolerate just for the good pay. I just don’t see how I would be able to even get an IT job in my current position without going back to school. But thanks for the suggestions.


    • The book “Calculus Know It All” is pretty good. I’d get that & read it if your econ program was light on quantitative stuff.
      You could also pass a few actuarial exams, and learn a bit about databases & spreadsheets.
      This would be similar to STEM stuff in a lot of ways; the pay is pretty high, jobs are plentiful (with 2 or more actuarial exams), & most of your coworkers will be normal dudes, rather than some bitchy, backstabby yupstress.


  68. If the student debt was not ‘guaranteed’
    and people could default.

    The problem is guarantee if it was removed the prices would fall and student debt would not be a problem. Bankers asked for the guarantee along with the administrators of schools in order to jack up loan sizes and make it an indentured servitude existence for those carrying this debt.

    Bankruptcy should discharge ALL debt, none should be left.


  69. This post is just what I’d expect from a Libertarian asshole with his head up his ass. You would think everyone protesting is an unemployed philosophy major. I recently met a girl with a graduate degree in aerospace engineering from USC that cannot find work. I also know other people with non-humanities that degrees that are struggling to find jobs. Of course no mention from this neo-liberal cunt about the way outsourcing and illegal immigration and killing the job market for working class occupations. I guess it’s all their fault too! Damn Americans, how dare they want an economy that works for all but the top 10%!


  70. I went to college at a California State University school. The CSU system isn’t that expensive relative to private schools and the University of California system.

    In college I was a fucking rock star. Hardly went to class. Chased pussy around the entire time. I talked to enough alumni from my fraternity to figure things out and took note of it.

    I had a fucking blast in college. I wasn’t there to get an education. I was there for chics and beer. To maximize my early 20s and take advantage of as much young hot pussy as I could. And I did.

    Graduated with a degree in business. My GPA was shit but no employers look at GPA (at least I’ve never heard of one) and I have no interest in grad school.

    But here’s the best part: I got into direct software sales after college. By 26 making 6 figures and killing it. Laughing at all the assholes who graduated from some private school with $100k in debt only to get some shit job after having studied their asses off.

    The value of a university: high concentrations of young hot pussy, networking, and if you’re going to the right kind of school (party school) it is drunken disneyland. A great way to spend your late teens/early 20s.

    I still relish in the memories of living in the dorms with dozens of hot, young and stupid 18 & 19 yr olds right down the hall.


    • similar to my pursuits, but i want to be able to work all over the world and not tied to one place with a static commute for 40 years.


      • To expand on my profession a little: I’m an outside sales professional. I live in the domain of my customer’s location and work out of my house when making phone calls and writing proposals.

        Worked for a european company, would travel there about 2x per year. My territory included 7 states in the western US and I was always out of town. As far as game is concerned its killer opportunity to work on cold approach in airports, hotel bars, just about everywhere.

        Don’t get me wrong, I worked my ass off. Stressful as all hell traveling so much.


      • sounds legit, man. i’d need to make sure i was eating well to handle all of that. but, i just don’t want to pursue the “finance job” to live the same monotonous life everyday doing something i don’t love.

        obviously, in the meantime, i need to take what i can get as i pursue my dreams, so i don’t starve…


    • As a current college student, I couldn’t agree with you more. its a seriously hedonistic lifestyle; weed, wine, and women every weekend.


    • Wasn’t Chico, was it?? Went to CP SLO and Chico, both top notch for hot chicks… Best I’ve seen, really.


  71. Reading the list of demands on the OWS website just now was a fucking hilarious punchline to the grim gag that is political & corporate corruption.

    I loved the Che flags


  72. Wow, that was an epic mf-ing rant. LOL!


  73. Stick to what you know. This econ stuff is above your head.


  74. Does anyone know what “cognocryptic” is supposed to mean?


    • I’m assuming cognocryptic means “difficult to understand intellectuals” — cognitos meaning intelligence, crypticus meaning difficult to understand; both in the Latin.


  75. on October 9, 2011 at 11:16 am Dr. Elliot McGucken

    When Bill Bennett & Kay Hymowitztitz tell men they need to “man up,” what they are saying is that “men need to take it in the ass, like a man.” lzozozozoolz “men need to say, oooo yahhh i like da butthex from my fiat masters zlzozozlo ya gimme more tucker max rhymes wityh goldman sax butthex in my butthole and in my future wife’s butthole funded by the cenrtal beenrnkaee bankers zlozlzolzoz more harder faster harder faster for butthe defineth a man and manliness and the more butthex one gets fomr in the -betway neooconsths, the manlier one is.”


    dante placed the usuers–the fiat masters–in the same level of hell as the sodomites–the butthexers and secretive tapers of butthex without the girlths ocnthent like tucker max rhymes iwth goldman sax who teh weekly standadth reeates the lies of that he is six feet tall as he is aan heoric assocker lzozzllzoo

    usury and sodomy were senee as crimes agaiants art and nature zzooozozlz no the neoocns reasoned that if they could get everyone to accept sododymy as a conservative tenet and if they could fund the assockcing of future wives and desoul them ,they could make the wivees fuyture wives loyal not to dante, god, hjesuss , chcildreren hudsband, but to the fiat masters, whereyupon she oculd destryoy the fmaily and assrape her husband in diveorce coutrrt and edleiver the proceddes to beernekeeks cneetral bankers zlzozollzzlo

    Neo: What is the butthex fiat Mathrix?
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    many of scratch your head (or your balls lzozlz same diff) lzozlzl and go “wha hw hwat do tucker max and ben bernanke have in common?)

    obviously you fucktwits have been too busy ploaying your xbox to read dante’s inferno lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

    tucker max and ben bernanke would be right next to each otehr in hell according to dante, in butthexing distance.


    in dante’s inferno the fiat masters were in teh same level of hell as teh butthexers!!! i ma not making this up!!! omg lzozllzlzlz

    the raison dat roissy and i gets along so wells is dat i play the striaght man to his funniness lzozlzllz

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    hey you know whas funny?

    i dant’es inferno the usuers were in the same level as heel as the butthexers.

    in dante’s inferno the fiat masters were in teh same level of hell as teh butthexers!!! i ma not making this up!!!

    the fiat masters were right next to the butthexers lzozlzlzl!!!

    (14), Sodomy (15-16), Usury (17)

    no wonder they hate the greta books in colleges lzozlzlzllz and prefer tucker max sodomites lzozlzl


    “those who violate nature, God’s offspring (sodomites: Inferno 15-16); and those who harm industry and the economy, offspring of nature and therefore grandchild of God (usurers: Inferno 17). Identifying the sins of these last two groups with Sodom and Cahors (Inf. 11.49-50), Dante draws on the biblical destruction of Sodom (and Gomorrah) by fire and brimstone (Genesis 19:24-5) and the medieval condemnations of citizens of Cahors (a city in southern France) for usury. Dante’s emotional reactions to the shades in the seventh circle range from neutral observation of the murderers and compassion for a suicide to respect for several Florentine sodomites and revulsion at the sight and behavior of the lewd usurers. ”

    lolzozlzlzozozlzlzlzozlzzlzlzzozlzlz neocons hate dantes infrmnoo oolzozlzl

    read da rest of my brillaine here: zlozlzzl


    i hope they serve butthex in hell!! lzozlzlzl


  76. on October 9, 2011 at 11:18 am Dr. Elliot McGucken

    love the GBFM ^


  77. Speaking of Cupertino … not much comment on the passing of Steve Jobs around here?

    He was force of nature and alpha titan in an industry of simpering omega twats like Bill Gates. If you want to see how a little alpha behavior can invigorate an entire sector of the economy, study Jobs.

    Here is the definitive eulogy, contrasting the man with the brats “occupying” Wall Street:

    (WARNING: NR has been known to employ Jews)


  78. You compounded that debt because the college experience just wouldn’t be intellectual enough if you didn’t splurge on status whoring necessities like $5 lattes and Macbook pros.

    I was just thinking about this the other day in regards to the OWS douchebags protesting against themselves — Apple is the biggest company in the world because YOU made it that way!


  79. then again, it is wallstreet ziojew thieves such as Soros who are actually financing these “occupy wallstreet” kids…give me a break!
    notice that these kids wont sit in and occupy GOLDMAN SACHS offices!
    this should tell you all you need to know!. They wont bite the hand that is feeding him!.
    history repeats itself….just like the Wallstreet ziojews financed Trostsky’s and Lenin’s bolsheviks who killed millions of people…..


  80. on October 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm But inside doesn't matter

    To the people advising against going to university: what should you do instead? I dont really understand. My plan is to study Law, work for some capital and then invest.

    I live in Australia so they system is a bit different here, my student loans (debt) is interest free. With the social security I get I can live in my own apartment 5mins from the uni and I only have to work about 1-2 months a year.


  81. when I see lzozozlzlzozozozo

    I just scroll down

    I’ve read enough of GBFM to know there is some good stuff in there

    But not so good as to be worth sorting through the lzozozlzlzozozozo



  82. on October 9, 2011 at 3:27 pm some random guy

    this post doesnt even make sense, its just some words put together to sound pretty

    what has the kind of degree people get at higher education to do with corporations buying politicians to fix the law in their favor, to redistribute wealth from bottom and middle to the very top and politicians serving their largest campaign contributors instead of the people they are supposed to represent?


  83. Occupy Wall Street…. fine…. go for it.

    The only valuable message I heard from that bunch of quasi-hippies and dirty hipsters was in the form of a quiet question from some hapless nerd:

    “Who is giving all the money to the political leaders in the form of campaign contributions?”

    That’s a damned fine question. Congress gets elected every two years. It takes a lot of money to fund a successful political campaign.

    Follow the money, boys, follow the money…


    • Protest George Soros and MoveOn.org… oh, they’re funding your protest! Welcome to being a “useful idiot,” comrade!


  84. I feel that this will be fodder for a post …

    useless libtarts degree and saddled you with mounds of debt. You compounded that debt because the college experience just wouldn’t be intellectual enough if you didn’t splurge on status whoring necessities like $5 lattes and Macbook pros.



  85. College had a golden age from 1950 or so, to 2008. It’s over now. There is just no way to prepare for a 58 year bubble. No one sees it coming and no one sees it failing.


  86. Heartise, I love these type of posts. Bringing truth back to America.


  87. on October 10, 2011 at 1:13 am Obstinance Works

    Everybody’s too busy trying to pay bills to give a shit. If you have to blame corporations and stock traders for your failed life, you are so fucked, you don’t even know.


    • Yes, Occupy Wall Street denizen with a Sociology degree earned in seven years after four major changes and $200,000 in student loan debt, she’s talking to you… idiot.


  88. Observations on the student loan industry, from a former board member of Sallie Mae, the government sponsored enterprise that securitized student loans: http://solari.com/articles/student_loans


  89. on October 10, 2011 at 1:52 am greatbooksformen GBFM


    the rerason prostuitution is illegal is because teh neocon divorce industry does not want to compete with a just system that dioes not make you pay for past yuse past use of a pussysyysysyysy lzlozozoozoz


  90. One sign in Wall Street

    “In massive debt because of that once dream degree”
    I doubt very much the degree is in engineering,pre med, hard sciences,math, accounting,economics or finance,

    Sure majoring in Greek mythology or Renaissance Art is fun but how do you expect the job recruiters to react to you?

    Oh never mind ,even such non technical majors one can still find a job if one NETWORKS efficiently in college!Thats ONE thing college kids can do with minimal effort!

    Even With my degree in Business Admin with an IT minor , I had to rely on connections to get my first job!And that was in 2005 when everything was on the up and up!

    The job market now is tough but not as tough as you think.

    I ask you:why not go to community college for the 1st 2 years?You can take the SAME courses,they are transferrable and save TONS of money.That is if your intention is being serious about your future rather than having a “college experience”
    Also the vocational programs at these institutions are great.You learn skills like carpentery,plumbing,electrician, basic electronics,watch repair,TV,stereo,fridge repair,welding-you name it.These are jobs that pay well and are available even in a down economy.

    I suspect that elitism has seeped deep into young people due to an entitlement complex(fueled by media) of white collar high status jobs.
    I can imagine middle class kids going eewwww at the thought of comm college and those courses.
    As a foreigner I always admired Americans for unpretentious nature and can do spirit.
    I sense an elitism and class structure growing that is if not third world, most certainly old word in nature.


    • on October 10, 2011 at 1:15 pm greatbooksformen GBFM








      thus enedeth my corrective speech and constructive circticisms zlzozozolzl


    • Sure majoring in Greek mythology or Renaissance Art is fun but how do you expect the job recruiters to react to you?

      I can’t speak for all job recruiters, but I do believe the smart ones look for a hardworking quick study with the ability to work independently, trouble shoot,
      think critically, communicate well, and persevere. These people are rare but of course are not only found in the STEM majors. I’d take a liberal arts major with these qualities over an engineering PhD without them any day of the week.

      I think the people who appear to think a STEM degree will save them from financial difficulty in the future may be missing the bigger picture of what globalization does to the jobs market in any field. There’s nothing wrong with the intelligence and aptitude of Chinese and Indian workers, and both countries turn out fine engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. Now that their professionals enter a globalized job market for these skills, it increases the total size of the pool, bringing wages up in China and India while American wages go down quite dramatically. Wages will stabilize globally somewhere 10-20% above American minimum wage.

      These jobs will continue to exist, but no longer as high paying or high status. They will not sustain a middle class existence such as the one existing in America in the sixties or seventies.


      • Just in case that no misunderstands my position: If STEM and Finance are the body then humanities are the soul of a nation.Learning and cultivating the nations culture and heritage are essential.But those going into fields should usually end up in academia and foundations and think tanks.

        I study military science and politics ,so my son can study engineering and his son can study history and all that sort of thing.

        “the smart ones look for a hardworking quick study with the ability to work independently, trouble shoot,
        think critically, communicate well, and persevere.”

        Out of this rather demanding list, only “communicate well” can be attributed exclusively to Liberal Arts majors.”Working independently,troubleshoot,think critically” are more associated with STEMs.
        Perservere-well thats more of a character trait but more likely to be found in STEM as it much easier to party all week in college with a liberal arts degree than with STEM.
        But you did miss out one important item-reading comprehension.Im sure you have some idea of how many people on various forums and in real life are utterly incapable of accurately grasping what you intended to communicate be it an email ,column or book.Understanding and appreciating written Irony,satire and sarcasm are out of the question.

        I realize that no major is a GUARANTEE of ready employment.I accede that point to you.Of course a STEM and Finance degree will be more likely to get you a job than a liberal arts one.

        I also agree with re globalization but there is a flipside to it.To be sure American engineers face competition not only from outsourcing but also from H1B visas right in their backyard.(they are cheaper and more hardworking after all-if you were the owner of a company,honestly what would YOU do?) But OTOH ,there are many places in the world esp the Middle East(particularly Oman,UAE,Qatar,KSA) where Americans ,British and other 1st world whiteys are paid more than their Indian,Pakistani and even Arab counterparts despite having fewer qualifications.

        Somehow I doubt these paleocon weirdos will complain about that!
        Which brings me to something OT- these paleocons often bitch and whine about outsourcing and the white men losing their women to them Negroes but they have no problem gloating about their benefits of being a gringo in Eastern Europe,Russia,Japan ,South East Asia and heck god knows where else.

        What Americans of all stripes(paleo,neo,gringo,negro,spico,Jew) should is stop being so goddamn provincial and get yourself a fucking passport.If the world is posing you challenge, the least you can do is discover more about it.And also, stop watching your damn local news and switch to an international station.


      • Drop the “gringro”, cunt. We are White.


  91. […] Heartiste also covers the Occupy movement with some cutting prose. Yo, braheems, word of advice: you should be directing […]


  92. The entire occupy xxxxx movement is just more SWPL status whoring. The most entertaining aspect of it: it literally achieves nothing.


  93. Doesn’t work that way in the real world- those with college are actually increasing their wages (if slightly) even during the economic downturn, and those with graduate degrees are riding high. It is those with only high school education (or worse) that are shedding jobs and salaries fast.

    The Alantic article ‘Can the middle class be saved’ is a good read on this topic.


  94. Predatory universities pushing their subprime no-intellect-verification grievance studies degrees on 17-18 year olds.


    • Yeah, but you don’t hear the little dears going “left/libtard Duke University buttf*cked me a bullsh*t degree and an *ssload of debt”… they want to blame banks and demand more government handouts.


  95. on October 10, 2011 at 12:34 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    a brief histrorry of GBFM lzozozlllzlz

    i was born to a single mom
    who awas assocked a lot by neoocnths
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    so anywazyzyz that is how GBFM became GBFM–the master cocoaksks lotssa coakss for all da laside who reads da GREAT BOOKS And CLASSics instead of taking the nanny state dumbing-down confofmist druggs of teh ocnoencths butthexing cbannkeekning neranakkifieid cartel zlozlzlzol


  96. on October 10, 2011 at 12:38 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    just like jesusth i was born to a single mommmy lzolzozooz


  97. But Paul Krugman says they’re protesting the right people . . .


  98. Current administration done lost the liberal base… only the Occupy Wall Street nitwits left.


  99. Not going into debt does not leave anyone unscathed.. You need to pull a lot more out of your wallet to buy something that another stakes the next 30 years of his phony income to buy. In other words, the rest of us have to buy into inflated asset prices. No one escaped.

    People may be getting scammed, but a scam is a scam. The debt based money system is a scam. There will always be nitwits, but the banksters need to the next brand of pet food.


  100. Wall Street did not outsource American manufacturing jobs, nobody did. America still manufactures more stuff than anyone else, even China. However, those jobs that did go overseas, were sent there not by Wall Street, but by the unions. They are the ones who priced American labor out of the market.


    • Well, actually, “somebody” did outsource those jobs, they actually didn’t just magically pop over there like some sort of kalapas. America does make alot of stuff, but when you factor out the high dollar railroad engines and fighter jets, not so much and unfortunately those aren’t going to generate a lot of lower skill jobs that we actually need for those people who simply can’t do much more.

      The labor cost canard is overplayed, sure you can pay a chinaman $10 a day or whatever to make a 100 pairs of sneakers or an american $200 and yes the per unit cost is that much more, but overall it’s $20, know what I mean? Actually it’s less, my company is getting ready to outsource more paper pushing jobs to India, via an American business outsourcing company no less, and the savings is around 25%. Frankly we could cut 10 upper management types and save 26%, think we would miss them? Think we’ll find out?

      It’s the trends that matter though and the trend is most certainly not your friend here.

      But all of that doesn’t matter because in the end you have a political elite who somehow can look the evidence square in the face, trend of manufacturing jobs vis a vis Nafta, look you straight in the face and tell you, “We need more of the free trade to get you a job”. They can say that with a straight face because in the end, they just don’t give a fuck about this country. Idiots like Magic Negro du jour Hermain Cain will tell you , “It is your fault you’re not rich” and sure in a sense he’s right but in a larger sense, he’s showing his affirmative action slip.

      They just don’t care about you, if they ever did and if you choose to snooze away in your fantasy left-right dichotomy, by all means go ahead, but you should understand that a country that depends upon foreigners to supply basic necessities like shoes and underwear and socks, is walking a very treacherous path


    • Ken, until very recently your claim America manufactures more stuff than anyone else was true. However, as of 2010, and as announced in the US in the first and second quarter of 2011, this is no longer the case. China has recently overtaken the US. See here,


      As EzE so eloquently states, the trend isn’t our friend, either. The US continues to steadily lose manufacturing capacity while China continues to gain.

      China is not without its own problems, and if the official policies of the US were to change, China could be devastated. Please bear in mind, however, that the US will not change official policies unless there is stiff and unremitting pressure from the US populace to change these policies. Our government has been more than willing to shift jobs overseas, without so much as a peep. It has been leading and cheer leading the process for decades.



  101. Yo, braheems, word of advice: you should be directing your righteous rage against the professors, faculty and admin of your chosen school of hard ownage. You went there, they gave you a shitty, useless libtarts degree and saddled you with mounds of debt. You compounded that debt because the college experience just wouldn’t be intellectual enough if you didn’t splurge on status whoring necessities like $5 lattes and Macbook pros.

    Many people with real degrees have mountains of debt.

    Doctors and lawyers are the pathetically obvious example.

    I’m tired of the f’ing unthinking people spouting idiotic nonsense.

    At least think a little while before mouthing off.

    I recently heard an advertisement on the radio from a college promoting degrees in web-design… so you can compete with indentured servant Hindi’s.


  102. I doubt very much the degree is in engineering,pre med, hard sciences,math, accounting,economics or finance,

    Why would say this? Because you are a fool? No, not because of that. You left off lawyer, a telling admission.

    You say this because you are a liar.


    • If you ask this question you have to be a damn fool.Sure students go in debt for these majors, but they are less likely to be debt ridden for too long as they are more likely to find employment that pays a decent salary.

      I didnt leave off lawyer because they are not considered part of the productive class! If you think law degree belongs in the same category as above, you are an even bigger fool than I thought!

      And I didnt include doctors ,despite their high salarybecause the numbers of years of college and internship and expenses (and therefore debt) accrued are INSANE compared to STEM and Finance majors.

      Oh and BTW “Hindis” is not a nationality,neither is it an ethnic group!If you were slightly more incoherent, I would assume you were related to that greatbooksformen weirdo!


  103. “In massive debt because of that once dream degree”

    Those hippies deserve everything coming for them. Debt leverage did give an illusion to the middle classes that the options available to them were much wider than for their parents.

    Guess what, we are back to the early XXth century. Wanna study Pharaonic Egyp or Ancient Sanskrit ,Astronomy or French Poetry?


    High culture must be restricted to the upper classes. it is no wonder that once middle classes flooded high culture courses political correctness and multiculturalism infected them.


  104. on October 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    look out pdiddydyd lzozllzoozozllz





  105. Might be lowering the tone here, but seems to me that there’ll be a lot of loose, smug leftie women around Wall Street for the next few days. Might be a good time for our New York brethren to go down there and run some game.


  106. Also, kudos to Peter Thiel, the libertarian Paypal chieftain. He’s giving twenty high flying youngsters with brilliant business and STEM ideas an individual $100K scholarship – not to go to college, but rather to work on developing their ideas in the real world, and to make a working idea of the proposal.

    The idea is that college can ruin a lot of budding minds.

    In fact, apart from medicine and a few other specialist subjects, most trades and professions could be taught outside of universities. Lawyers and actuaries, for example, used to be an apprentice based system.


  107. on October 10, 2011 at 11:24 pm Alpha and Omega

    Go to college and study the Great Books For Men.


  108. on October 11, 2011 at 12:07 am Rocket Science

    People just don’t realize how inflated educational expenses have become.

    I went to a five year college and a four year medical school, both private, with minimal scholarship aid ( a few hundred here and there) but a bunch of part time jobs (co-op college, too). My girlfriend and I shacked up in medical school, (shocking at the time) and she worked full time.

    So, after I graduated from Medical School: About $3,000 in debt (1973). I paid that back my first couple of years out of medical school without raising a sweat.

    My education was very good.

    I wouldn’t send a child of mind to my almae matres, because I just wouldn’t pay the $40,000 per year price tag. What madness. They went to state schools or did ROTC.

    So, when we see young people today crushed by debt, well, that’s the plan.

    BTW, our young American doctors with a couple of hundred thousand in debt have to compete against immigrant graduates coming from the Indian subcontinent who are essentially debt free and several years younger. (They just skip college and to straight to trade school for six years.) They have less education (as measured in years) and less debt than the average American physician assistant.

    The depth of deception in educational matters is a lot like the deception in the sexual market place. When people realize the truth, they can get very upset. It has all been a lie.

    But, that’s the plan.


  109. There’s been some discussion of that on Roosh’s forum. General thought is that there are more men than women and the females do not look like the babes you see in the MSM photos.


  110. GBFM is definitely an acquired taste, but I have to admit I am amused 90% of the time.


  111. […] up from a comment at Heartiste. (The rest of the site is might not be safe for work, or your sunny […]


  112. on October 11, 2011 at 12:33 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    ^^^^^^ loozozl hey paul jones!!!! you gforgoet to credit me on your bog you FUCKFACE!!!!!! and you cleaned up my text what the fufufkckc??? DON’T FUCKING FUCK WITH MY ART AND THEN NOT CREDIT ME! you crazy UFCK!!!!!!


    on second thought, once you clean up and bastadrdize my genius, i guess you c can have your betahole manhole gamma version of da GBFM lzozlzzlzlzl

    GREAT books FOR men zloozooz


  113. Credentialism born of civil rights laws and federally-subsidized college-bloat are surely part of our problem. But the speedy globalization of production and “open borders human capital depreciation” were not inevitable. They were the result of specific laws or treaties, such as NAFTA and WTO and immigration law, enacted at the behest of Wall Street. Whatever their personal failings, the 99%-ers are right to “rail…against the finance fat cats” who have robbed many of them of a decent future. When so many people are experiencing ‘downward mobility’, we all have a problem. Really.

    Connecting all this to Game… Why do so many here sympathize with ‘finance fat cats’ rather than with those that Wall Street has harmed? It has been noted by others that natural-Alpha behavior is in many respects sociopathic: Widespread failure of paternal investment — emotional every bit as much as financial — is simply incompatible with sustaining an advanced technical civilization. Much (most?) of that failure of investment is due to feminist family law: Marriage 2.0. But some of it is due to economic forces that Occupy Wall Street is protesting. (I admit that the lefty organizers of OWS are pointedly ignoring some problems, such as the folly of our current open-borders immigration policy. Not to worry: Weakening the political reach of Wall Street just might make a political opening in Washington for Main Street’s opposition to be heard on this as on so many other issues.)

    The point of game is to teach Betas how to imitate Alphas so as not to be left out in the sexual competition for this era’s newly-liberated females, who are now free — wisely or not — to pursue their naturally-hypergamous instincts. Game need not support LTRs, but it can. The Betas here who cheer for Wall Street’s sociopathic Alphas are suffering from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with those who are — along with Marriage 2.0 — making it far more difficult for an ordinary, well-meaning (responsible) man to build and sustain a family. Game is a Revolt of the Betas. Maybe Occupy Wall Street is too.


    • All the successful bitter reformed betas in the seduction community don’t give a shit about civilization, family and values. They discovered that we’re still living in the jungle, therefore it’s in their interest to ape it up (or down).
      To hell with civilization, hypergamous bitches want bad boys, that’s all they gonna get.


  114. Game is a Revolt of the Betas. Maybe Occupy Wall Street is too.

    Civilization is full of conflicting interests. Group X may share something with group Y, but group Y will have deeper concerns which group X opposes. You had better believe that approximately zero OWSers would understand or sympathize with Game, or admit it if they did. Haven’t you see all the pampered indie girls stocking this movement? They are not us. These girls love abortion, immigration, skewed laws, interracial mating, are vociferously anti-white, and do not read GBFM. Here is what they care about: $$$ for lattes and new gadgets; abortions; their cats; taking self-pics; their worthless degrees; leggings and scarves; dodging men, and dodging womanhood; birth control; shitty washed-out indie music, a genre by males who would otherwise be betas; and faggots. Many of them are faggots or pretend to be.

    At best it is a minor revolt of pampered American helotry. Call it beta if you like, though it grossly overextends the term. This sort of thing happens in Germany every weekend, in a dozen cities.

    Sympathy for the alpha sociopath speculators, which seems quite low here by the way, has no relation to beta morale, nor any large-scale trend. It exists in your words only.

    Yea, there is a legitimate grievance. Usury ruins towns, cities, peoples, civilizations. But they’re too late. “DEATH TO THE FED” has been byline in my circle for a decade. We didn’t need a bunch of bespectacled urban twats, whose ideology is inimical to our very existence as white men with discrete ethnic interests, to learn about fiat money, the evils of speculation and so on. “IT’S THE JEWS, STUPID” has been another motto of ours for years — years brah. These kids woke up yesterday, and their anger does not even begin to scratch the surface of the multiple frauds wrought upon the American nation. More crucially though, they are actually products of this process, as are we. Their loans subsidized what they are, and they are rightly in its debt. Fiat problems for fiatmenschen.

    Didn’t Ezra Pound have something to say about all of this seventy years ago? As I recall, America locked him away.

    To repeat: Not a revolt of the betas. A revolt of the cuntish race at suffering a loss in living standard.


  115. “Some day the remnants of the American people will begin to wonder WHICH side was right. They will wonder whether the choice was wise. They will even begin to wonder which side of WHAT. Which side stood for which PRINCIPLE, not merely stood for which interest.” — E.P.


  116. Protests…

    Buy gold, silver and up the life insurance that any rational 20 to 30 something takes out on their parents and refuse to march for any banner, land or flag.

    Let the prole be prole.