The Biggest Difference Between Old Men And Old Women


John Cleese’s 31-year younger girlfriend helps pay for his ex-wife’s alimony.

That, my friends, is the power of alpha maledom.

Money quote:

“[Cleese’s girlfriend] told me she could sell ashtrays to non-smokers. She looks nice and she is, in the best sense of the word, a sensible and extremely vibrant English lady. Thank God, he’s not with another American.”


  1. No question that women might win in the short run in the war, but they lose big time later in life.

    In the war to fuck, they set the pace, but ultimately father time renders them worthless.


    • on September 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm Is That You John Wayne? Is This Me?

      Also, John Cleese believed his ex-girlfriend was 27, turned out she was 45.

      Quite hilarious. They broke up, but not before she told the media about his hair plug situation,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s underestimated this new girl’s age as well, seeing as he’s such a bad judge of age.

      He pays his ex-wife $90,000 a month in alimony, 🙂


    • you CLEARLY don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. young tarts are ALWAYS looking to bang older men. My uncle is FAR from being wealthy, dude is 60 and his girlfriend graduated high school in the 90s.

      Older women are for the most part worthless, they just do enough complaining and hating on the young to guilt some schmuck into giving them some dick and some money.

      Think of all the OLD women you know who date that far from their age. They’re ALL rich and/or celebrities. You’re be hard-pressed to find a “regular” old bitch with a young hot guy… why? Because guys aren’t as stupid/desperate.

      Sorry girls 🙂


    • Actually, a guy of any age can just go on backpage and have sex with a hot 19 year-old for about $150 or less in most American cities. In New York, its about $200-250.


    • “1. Girls get to have fun in their prime.” Yes but their prime is so short ….


  2. “This is how you keep the love alive”…?


    • A wrinkle in time: Twenty years after ‘The Beauty Myth,’ Naomi Wolf addresses The Aging Myth

      Washington Post

      Recently, I was at a party, and a man who, like myself, was in his late 40s, arrived with a woman 20 years younger. It took only a few moments of conversation before the rest of the group realized that the two had very little in common. And yet I did not feel the frisson of envy among the men present, nor did I see a bristle of jealousy from any of the stylish, accomplished women in their 40s. In fact, the mood of both genders was tender, almost pitying. The man may have imagined that he was showing off the youth of his date the way he might show off a new Maserati; but parading her around like an acquisition seemed only to make his friends feel sorry for him.

      I had thought that getting older would be harder. The common cultural script tells us that women lose value as they age and that men will trade in their counterparts for younger versions (because, of course, that would be trading up). Middle-aged women are supposed to face the loss of their youthful selves with grief and anguish.

      I look around at the magnetic and dynamic women my own age, I look at my own life, and instead that script seems more like a convenient fiction — designed, as so many aspects of “the beauty myth” are, to make women feel less powerful; in this case, just when their power, magnetism and sexuality are at their height.


      Twenty years ago, in “The Beauty Myth,” I argued that as feminism took hold and women gained new access to power, popular ideals of beauty were being used to undermine them. Ideals of femininity, such as the Victorian-era “Angel in the House” and the 1950s domesticity Betty Friedan attacked in “The Feminine Mystique,” tend to arise as a means of constraining women anew after each major step forward.

      When my book was published in 1991, I noted that a burgeoning epidemic of eating disorders was engulfing what should have been the feistiest, most confident generation of women ever. The field of cosmetic surgery, especially breast implant procedures, was booming. Pornography was chipping away at young women’s sexual self-esteem just as insult-ridden advertisements for anti-aging creams were shaping the way women thought about the experience of getting older. The way we looked determined our value to society.

      Since then, many of the issues I warned about have, indeed, gotten worse. The body size of fashion models and starlets has dropped still further; fashion ads showcase women who look as if they should be hospitalized. The technologies of cosmetic surgery have become so commonplace that there are communities in which women with unreconstructed faces are seen as bucking the norm. Breast surgery is almost universal in pornography, and pornography is almost universal in the sexual coming-of-age of both young women and young men; those images now have greater impact than they did when I wrote the book.

      One would have thought that with all of this trending “worse” that the fear of aging would be worse, as well. But despite these pressures, a substantial subset of women are simply not buying the hype. In 2004, beauty brand Dove commissioned an international study to see how women felt about themselves and what it meant to be beautiful. Their results demonstrated that about 17 percent of women felt more trapped than ever by the ideals of attractiveness; about 53 percent have good days and bad days. The rest, about 30 percent, are “change agents” who are defining beauty for themselves.

      Today, the notion that beauty ideals are socially constructed, manipulated by advertisers and marketed for profit motives is part of the conventional wisdom, not a fringe argument. Smart advertisers for beauty products court women’s raised confidence, and few use the hectoring, insulting tone of the early ’90s, when anti-age cream manufacturers would refer to wrinkles as “lesions” and aging as a “disease,” and the standard ad image was a barely middle-aged woman looking, stricken, into her mirror, as if finding her first wrinkle was the equivalent of getting word of a terminal illness.

      The rhetoric today is focused on being as healthy as possible, whatever one’s size, rather than attaining an artificially low body weight. Celebrities such as Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson use this language of fitness, rather than thinness, in talking about their weight goals. There is also a new skepticism among women of all ages about the role of the old gatekeepers of the beauty myth. Fashion arbiters such as Vogue editor Anna Wintour used to set a bar for style; today, there is a far greater sense that what you see on the street, in surfing the Web, in a friend’s delightful outfit, is just as powerful. A co-worker who has let her hair go fabulously gray in a flattering cut, or wears enchantingly offbeat glasses, can be as great an influence as the September issue of Vogue. Fashion brands and magazines are now simply a subset of the many influences around women, competing for their attention rather than dictating how they should look and, more dangerously, how they should feel.

      The fear of aging was certainly bad when I was 26. When “The Beauty Myth” was published, girls were still learning that they would, like hothouse flowers, bloom briefly in their late teens to mid-20s. After that? Well, it was a steady decline, as the power we derived from our physical appearance dwindled. Our only hope to hang on to an increasingly precarious sexuality and sense of self-esteem lay in magical potions and powders, or perhaps in the surgeon’s hands. Older women were encouraged to see their younger counterparts as threats and usurpers, and young women were expected to see the women who should have been their mentors and role models as faded has-beens, harbingers of their own future decay.

      I personally expected that when I entered the middle of my life, I would start to mourn my youthful physical self and that, even though I had thought long and hard about the dangers of the beauty myth, I would feel a sense of existential loss of self when my appearance began to change.

      But I am coming out with this and hope that many midlife women will join me: Those pangs of loss have largely not happened. Not for me and not for the women I know and admire.

      When I am at a social occasion, the showstoppers are no longer the young beauties in their 20s. Rather, those who draw all the light in the room are the women of great accomplishment and personal charisma — and these are usually women in midlife. (Indeed, at events I have attended recently, cadres of conventionally beautiful young women seem now to be treated almost like wallpaper or like the catering staff.)

      The change in social norms around the issue of women’s aging is immense. There is now an influential and growing demographic of educated, well-off women whose status, sense of self-esteem and sexual cachet rise rather than fall as they head toward midlife. I do not see younger women looking at accomplished women in their 40s with pity or derision: I see them looking ahead with admiration and even envy.

      The archetype of the Evil Queen and Sleeping Beauty has been laid to rest. Many older women no longer see younger women as rivals in the same way. “I have empathy for them,” said one 54-year-old psychologist. “I want to mentor younger women, not compete with them,” remarked another friend, a 48-year-old photographer. These women liked themselves far more in midlife than they had at an earlier age, and the older women saw younger women struggling with the same issues of self-awareness they had faced in their own youth.

      Because of advances in health and well-being awareness, many women I know are entering midlife feeling as good as (and looking better than) they did in college. But they also have professional success, self-knowledge, sexual magnetism and awareness, and even thriving children, admiring husbands or ardent lovers. These signs of accomplishment merely add to the allure of many midlife women — women who, when asked if they would like to be in their 20s again, think of doing so with a shudder.

      Certainly some men my age still date or marry younger, as our friend at the party sought to do; but in my own circles, at least, it is considered more macho for a man to have an accomplished woman his own age on his arm. His ego, it is understood, can take it. When I asked my single male peers why they were dating or having relationships with women their own ages rather than younger women, I heard variants of this: “Today, someone isn’t less cool as she gets older. She is just as cool or cooler. And, if a woman is taking care of herself, there isn’t really a difference sexually between a younger and an older woman — except that the older woman is more comfortable with herself and more sure of herself.” As one eligible man in his mid-40s put it, laughing, when he described why he was only attracted to women his own age, “I get a brain and a body!”

      It is true that “taking care of herself” is not an insignificant issue. But that kind of self-care is not about being enslaved to external “beauty myth” pressures: It is about loving yourself, valuing your unique body and looking after it accordingly.


      At midlife, the social “script” insists that we’re supposed to adopt a rueful tone — Oh, that first crow’s-foot, that first strand of gray. It’s simply more acceptable for women to be self-deprecating about the signs of aging. But when was the last time you heard an older woman say, in public — “Actually, getting older is more than tolerable — it’s great!” Let alone: “I really like it.”

      So, at the risk of sounding socially incorrect, I am going to deviate from that script, and I invite all women of a certain age to join me. A great many of us don’t feel particularly wistful or rueful about our earlier physical selves. A great many of us really like where we are.

      I like where I am.

      Sure, I am startled when I forget to put a color rinse in my hair, and I look into the bathroom mirror and see a sheen of gray. But I look at it with a kind of gentle curiosity: So that is what that will be like! Certainly, it takes more effort at the gym to maintain a certain level of fitness. But at midlife, you also know what an incredible gift a healthy body is. And while I don’t love working harder for an outcome, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for a body that can move and hike and swim, seduce and be seduced, be exhilarated and overjoyed, and all of this in the blessing of being free of serious illness. A 59-year-old teacher said: “I’d rather look great for who I am than try to look 19. I feel happier in my skin than I did when I was younger.”

      I asked a therapist who works with midlife women, “In your experience, is it true or not true that women get depressed about their appearance as they get older?”

      “It is a myth,” she said. “You know more about staying fit. You know more about what feels good to wear. You are more able to like the way you look.”

      There are many other delightful surprises about being at this stage on the journey. I don’t miss the brutal sexual harassment that young women receive from men — and I love the far gentler flirtation or civil compliments from cab drivers and park chess players my own age or older. On the street, young women are told: Give me some. Older women hear: I love your eyes. That is not a bad trade.

      I know — finally — what I like to wear and am comfortable not bothering with what I don’t. I love not being in physical competition with other women. I love being able to appreciate the beauty of other women and feeling appreciated myself — and appreciating myself.

      To anxious young women, I want to say what I wish more older women had said to my generation: Relax, enjoy the journey and do not worry about the future. There are no wicked witches. It is all good. Really, really good.

      And it only gets better.


  3. Some months ago, I saw a program about wealthy people living on a
    constant cruise ship. The ship would head for fun destinations, and
    hang around, such as during Olympics and such.

    Most of the tenants/passengers/part-owners were couples, with
    the man typically in his sixties, and the woman in her forties (judging
    by appearances). It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it. And non-residency can help or even eliminate your tax bill…



  4. And here is another example of differential aging I had posted a few months ago.


  5. Heh – I knew when I saw that article a few days ago that H would have something to say about saggy old Cleese with a relatively hot babe on his arm.


  6. Looks like a lot of plastic surgery?


  7. I don’t think that woman is particularly young. I’d guess forties, possibly even fifties. But she has obviously gone to extraordinary lengths to keep herself thin and attractive and to dress sharply. She knows what she has to do to keep love alive.

    Famous old guy can be a fat slob in baggy jeans and hush puppies and it doesn’t really matter.


  8. That looks like John Cleese, who just went through the mother-of-all-divorce-court-assrapings. His ex was awarded many millions for essentially nothing- he went on an “alimony tour” of live performances to pay for it all. He is back on the market, I guess, and dating younger women- poked fun at it by playing himself on an episode of “Entourage” last season. he’s rich (uh, wait..), famous, and funny, but has a reputation as being prickly and difficult, at least when younger.

    Anyway, not sure who this chick is, but she’s not that young and probably not the ex. Maybe he can hook up with Jamie Lee Curtis- an “A Fish Called Wanda” reunion.

    [Heartiste: She’s 30 years younger than him.]

    Of course, it may be some guy who looks like John Cleese but is not him.

    [Most famous women cannot get younger men when they are old. Unless it’s some gay dude impersonating a straight man for her money and connections.]


    • Just researched that, poor guy. “When he met her in 1990 she was living in a third floor council flat in London with two sons from a previous marriage.”

      She wasn’t even a catch then. He had to fork over assets and cash amounting to 12million pound. And now she is richer than him. He paid 2000 pound for every day of the privilege of being married to that woman. I think you can get a few decent hookers for that price with the added value of variety…


  9. Mr. Belvedere?


  10. Old Men don’t want younger women

    Younger women do want older men

    especially if they are successful


  11. correction

    don’t want old women


  12. She has had a facelift and tummy tuck. He just pops a viagra when he has terminal whiskey dick.


  13. The British are weirdos anyway.

    Another UK proof of walletsniffing would be “famous brit-twit fucks Kate Moss” i.e. Pimply Pete Doherty.

    But, still, I gotta say
    that pic looks photoshopped.


  14. That’s because teenage girls can get men more attractive than ones in their 60’s, but a teenage boy is lucky to have any vagina.


    • You might not get a vagina, but you can have any porn you want.


    • For anyone who has ever taken a logic course or advanced math:

      If you hold to the idea that teenage girls are less likely to be turned on by an old man’s body than teenage boys to an old woman’s body, the concept that women age more poorly than men doesn’t hold up.

      If one believes that teenage girls “have more options” and are less likely to fuck an old man than teenage boys are likely to fuck an old broad, then all of the posts on the subject of women hitting the wall way before men would be rendered bullshit.

      But the reality is that the meme of men staying physically attractive (not just learning game and garnering resources) decades longer does hold up and plenty of guys know this first hand. Cougar females do much more poorly than cougar males and that’s not taking into account anything other than physical attractiveness. We’re talking down to the level of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and before things like money and power come into play.

      The fact that beta males of all ages end up with nothing is irrelevant here. Beta males won’t keep in shape and they won’t try to close.

      QED: late teen females actually are more likely to be sexually turned on with the physical presence of a much older man, who looks like he can still lead the pack chasing a wooly mammoth, than teenage boys will be turned on in the physical presence of an older woman.

      If that weren’t the case, the conventional wisdom everywhere would be that men age more poorly than men.

      And everyone would know that.

      Men would be committing suicide more often and feminism wouldn’t have to exist (the main reason why feminism exists is because older women feel the pain of abandonment as they grow older and want the state to at least stay loyal).

      I’ve seen the way American men believe two things at the same time on this point.

      1 – American men understand on an intellectual level that they will age much more slowly than women.

      2 – American men believe on an emotional level that cougars are more likely to sexually turn on teenage boys than men their age are likely to turn on teenage girls. WTF? That’s the opposite of what they believe on an intellectual level.

      One cannot believe both of those at the same time. It is not logical.

      Note that the second belief isn’t meant to be logical. It’s an emotional belief taught by feminists to American men who have drank the Kool-Aid offered to them by their nation’s older women.

      If you believe that a cougar can walk into a male dorm and say to the guys “Would you like to see me naked” and get a positive response, then you have to accept that women stay beautiful longer than men if you also falsely believe that a man her age couldn’t do the same thing and get a more positive response.

      Whether teenage girls have more options than teenage boys has to be seen as not changing things enough or else we’d have to admit that older women stay attractive longer than their male peers.

      Obviously it would depend on how the guy proposed the action, but Americans are way too caught up in the misandrist memes like “Dirty Old Men Pervert Stalkers in Raincoats Needing to go to Prison” to recognize that the average non-beta older man probably would get a better response in a female dorm than a female cougar his age assuming they’ve both stayed in great shape (and assuming he’s gamed his way past the anti-male memes American teenage females may have been taught artificially).

      Debating this would effectively be saying that women stay attractive longer than men do. Even saying “Men tend to be able to date much younger women in general than women can date younger men except regarding quick encounters with those in their late teens”, would be effectively saying that women stay attractive more than men do.

      This is because the ability to have sex with someone in their late teens defines attractiveness (to men) more than the ability to have sex with anyone else. Thus, if cougars could get teen males more easily than males their age could get teen females, it would be well known that women stay attractive longer than men do.

      Men would feel victimized by evolutionary biology.

      But, for some reason, nobody believes that on an intellectual level because it isn’t happening that way. Too many American (and anglo) men believe this on an emotional level, however. They believe that cougars can have more short term fun than they can.

      Think about it. American men have to wake up on the above dichotomy.


      • I hope there aren’t many canucks reading this. I’d rather have them sleeping, heh.


      • ^^^ A reply to Jerry’s discourse on dichotomy.


      • in related news, george clooney is now banging stacy keibler. their age difference is 19 years. let’s see how young he can go…


      • Jerry, I don’t know why, but the same guys who shame older men for “going after” (the language used, instead of “getting), younger girls, don’t also go after younger girls.

        They have internalized the shame that old broads feed them.

        They have externalized the desires that they feel towards hot babes in their prime.

        It becomes a twisted mess of projection and shame.

        And we who see through the matrix realize how stupid we were to be lonely when younger, when all we had to do was shift our attitude all this time. All the girls wanted was confidence and experience.


  15. yeah but how much porn is watched by women? Women don’t get their rocks off by porn so your argument doesn’t hold.


  16. I assumed those were the old man and woman (though the woman, more like middle-aged). Neither looks great.


  17. I really don’t get this one. I’m guessing the guy is John Cleese which puts him at 71 coming up on 72 years of age. The woman is probably in her late 50’s at best, I would guess early 60’s. Frankly she’s an attractive woman even at this advanced age, certainly better looking than 70% of the pigs trying to pass themselves as women I see every day.
    I see, 1) The wealthy age better. 2) Men age better than women to a point, but most people of either sex age horribly because they are fat and lazy3) The chick is Not Fat and that makes all the difference.


  18. I think ch is reiterating an earlier maxim about how chicks have to try a lot harder to look good over time, compared to guys. John Cleese obviously doesn’t give a fuck. he’s still a sex machine yo


  19. The real difference? The guy doesn’t have cameltoe.


  20. Well there is also the odd weirdo but most men prefer their women young. Teenagers probably need a few years to rise to a certain level of perversion.

    No idea what woman masturbate to, nor do I particularly care.


  21. Is it me, or does the photo look photoshopped, especially the man’s face…


  22. She looks mid 40’s, face-lift. Tightening around the eyes. I think the big difference I get from this picture is Cleese looks like he is dressing for class, for sophistication, whereas the woman is still trying to be hawt, with the tight pants and bitch boots. How sad. Nonetheless, a sufficient cut of meat for Cleese to blow his load into.


    • “Bitch boots”….really??? I had to go up and look at the picture again. I was expecting to see a pair of dominatrix boots or something.

      And ok the pants are tight, but besides that, I think she looks nice, not hot. And alot older than 40.

      [Heartiste: Come on, get real. She’s a LOT hotter than what most 71 year olds are getting. Try taking a look at your grandma for a real life lesson in how the ravages of time utterly destroy a woman’s looks by that age.]


  23. Cleese is a fool and is actually thinking of marrying that american lady, he has a thing for yankee girls.


    • No, its just that no one, absolutely no one, has a thing for British chicks. Britain makes the US look like Eastern Europe.


  24. on September 7, 2011 at 12:47 am Large Hardon Collider

    Irrelevant to the photo in question but hilarious anyway.


  25. Look, if a woman is able to forgo sex after she becomes a widower (or, these days, a divorcee) and has enough money, and carries herself with dignity, she will never look like a fool… A man will always need a woman by his side and he can too easily be fooled by younger women.


  26. The female is hot for her age and the male looks like a puppy following her. For all you internet males with your “hurrr she’s old n ugly moneygrabbing whore, he dumb if he marry” please get your eyes checked. Instead of hating every woman, glorifying every man with her and behaving like male equivalents of feminist, try to use your head instead of your frustrations.

    The guy is nothing special, while she is. I would shag her till my dick falls off, but that’s it. I would buy him a beer out of pity because with those hands in pockets, a scarf that she chose for him and a careful listening to her “we need (I need) this…” he looks like someone who drowns his misery in kegs.


  27. John Cleese doesn’t have an alpha cred. He married a broke 48 year old divorcee saddled with two kids… while he was rich and famous. Of course, he got ass-raped in the divorce courts… for the third, he had to cough up some serious money during his first two divorces. Another reason why rich guys must never ever marry.
    His new girlfriend on the picture is a 45 yo, claiming to be 27. If he fell for her claim, it means that he’s a delusional beta who needs to start reading this blog or at least reading Esther Vilar, and treat women like he was treated, as a commodity.

    The only thing that saves him is that he had several flings with young hotties, he should keep doing that. But he’s probably the kind of guy who is craving for marriage and “doing the right thing”… how sad…


    • I agree he’s not such a great example of an older man dating younger women. I’ve seen old alpha homeless guys do better.


  28. A male friend of an uncle reached his late 50’s to early 60’s before deciding to get married.
    Through some connections, he went to Thailand and was introduced to a number of young women from a particular region where the women were interested and happily willing; with the blessing of their families to marry Westerners.
    He “chose” a 22 year old (whom I met socially a couple of times), probably around a solid 6.5 – 7 (before she started eating a Western diet and put on some weight).
    After going through all the immigration bureaucracy to get her into Australia, they married.
    I had met him a couple of times before all this happened and seeing him after, the dude looked 10 – 15 years younger. She even seemed genuinely happy to be with him.
    Since, they have had a kid together and I believe, all is well.

    It’s basically a win-win.


  29. Morning all,

    This was in my inbox this morning and I thought you all would enjoy. Even if you’ve heard them all they will still bring a smile!


    How do you turn a fox into a fat elephant?
    Marry It!

    What is the difference between a battery and a woman?
    A battery has a positive side.

    Why is the space between a woman’s breasts and her hips called a
    Because you could easily fit another set of tits in there..

    How do you make 5 pounds of fat look good?
    Put a nipple on it.

    Why do women fake orgasms ?
    Because they think men give a shit.

    What do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes?
    Nothing, she’s been told twice already.

    If your wife keeps coming out of the kitchen to nag at you, what
    have you done wrong?
    Made her chain too goddamn long

    Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman?
    Because a woman who can’t even afford a washing machine will
    probably never be able to support you.

    Why do women have smaller feet than men?
    It’s one of those ‘evolutionary things’ that allows them to stand
    closer to the kitchen sink.

    Why do men pass gas more than women?
    Because women can’t shut the fuck up long enough to build up the required
    pressure !!

    If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at
    the front door, who do you let in first ?
    The dog, of course. He’ll shut up once you let him in.

    Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman’s sex
    drive by 90% …
    It’s called a Wedding Cake.

    Why do men die before their wives?
    They FUCKING WANT TO !!!


  30. I didn’t recognise him at first and at first glance, my conclusion was that many older ladies keep themselves up better than similar older men (something I’ve noticed irl) so perhaps the point was that old men feel they don’t need to bother as much as women.

    Then I realised how old he was and guessed that there was about 20 years difference between them. She still is making more of an effort than him though a bit OTT with the plastic surgery.

    20-30 year age differences are of course more likely between men and woman than the other way around, but usually the man has high status if not wealth.

    Put it this way. Say you are a 35 year old male. In the peak of your life. You r looks and confidence and money have come together. You like a woman who is the same age, or say a bit younger 30-35. A 50-65 year old man is also interested in her. Perhaps they are even in an relationship. Seriously, how much competition do you see him as?


    • The assumption here is that the 50-65 year old man has openly stated his age to you and her when he doesn’t owe you or her that information, if he’d only met her recently for instance (celebrities have a disadvantage in this regard).

      Going on that assumption, you would have a major advantage e ceteres paribus. But all other things are rarely paribus.


  31. @Matador John Cleese certainly did not get ‘ass raped’ in his first two divorces, he has made a point of this in articles when he whines about his divorce from his third wife. Particularly his first wife Connie Booth did not do anything like ‘ass rape’ him. But she’s a woman of character and has dignity ), lots of women in her position (left by husband to go philandering with younger women) would have wanted to ‘make him pay’.


  32. So, some clarity is needed here. Firstly the man is John Cleese and he is in his early seventies. The woman with him is not his ex-wife, who raped him in the divorce courts. The woman in the picture looks very much like his current girlfriend, Jennifer Wade. She is in her late forties and still in good enough shape to model nude for a sculptor. Apparently she is helping Cleese with paying off his divorce debt. Personally I think Cleese has done well with her, I would date her (same age as her).

    I think CH is smack on the money here. Older men do get younger women easily. When my wife left me, I was immediately approached by much younger women. I am an Englishman working in London, so I do not know if there are any specifics of geography/society to be taken into account here. Funnily enough I do know women my age who tell me I am “too old” and that they want to date “younger men”. I know two of these who have not had a date in more than two years. I know others of that age who have not had a date since dinosaurs roamed the earth. The reality of their fantasy often makes me laugh.

    Regarding the unkind comments about John Cleese. I think it is fair to point out that he is old and old school, from a generation who thought the right thing to do was marry. If he has come late to Game and alphahood I consider it less his fault and more a question of the times he grew up in. I am not a fan of his BTW.

    I am suspicious of some of the posts on this article, which are trying to muddy the waters and imply that older women do better than older men. The arguments posted are stupid and the truth is older men get younger women easily. The reverse just does not happen, Madonna buying toyboys notwithstanding. Game and Real Men have received a lot of press lately, as CH has noted in several posts. One of the consequences, in my experience, has been a large increase in politically correct feminist trolls at sites like the Chateau.

    Many thanks to Heartiste for his wonderful blog, it has been a huge source of knowledge and help for me.

    [Heartiste: Much obliged.]


  33. MILF/Cougar porn is a completely different item. It’s one thing to want to nail a chick older than you in a one night stand or short term fling but it’s a completely different situation when you contemplate seeing somebody for a period of time longer than a few weeks (I’m not talking about “friends with benefits” situations either).


  34. on September 7, 2011 at 10:04 am Money can buy me love


  35. a woman’s attractiveness to men is based primarily on youth and good looks. this is true for both porn and the real world.

    on the other hand, a man’s attractiveness to women isn’t based solely on age and looks, this is why while many young women don’t watch a lot of porn starring old male porn stars, they sure as hell do bang older guys in the real world.


  36. grande briatore…


  37. Just spent a few days with a hot 25 year old. Super sweet, fun, up for anything. And no attention span, I know if I turn my back for one sec, she’ll be off with the next guy.

    In a way, it’s just karma catching up with them.

    And then there’s Burning Man (part 1):


  38. Off topic…

    But what pickup line can you use to allow 2000 women to squeeze their boobs?


  39. What’s up with this weird-ass photoshop job? I can’t believe any news outlet would run that.


  40. Here’s the original:

    Still John Cleese, but they used his head in a different position from another shot a few seconds apart, presumably to make him more recognizable. Terrible photoshopping though.


  41. Of course, we might ask the question that Tyler Durden raised: “Is another woman in our lives what we really need?”


  42. MILF is about having EASY sex. An older woman is easier,less judgemnental,more giving. Guys dont get turned on by MILF;s the same as they do to HB’s.


  43. “When a GF’s friends tell you that you are not putting enough into the relationship, you’re doing something right.”

    Hope this is just a general comment, I hope it’s not you who has problems in the relationship … You’ll have to become more caring and protective when you two will have babies. At this time I guess it’s not nice to have a husband who doesn’t care enough about his family.

    [Heartiste: You are mistaking the comment for “problems in the relationship”. Your premise is false, and you are a liar for advancing it.]


  44. @Cadnerd

    We can count on 85% of men not ever trying anything mentioned on this blog. In Canada, that would be 95% of men oblivious to the material here (although I’ve heard they found some real men in Alberta last year). 😉


  45. This post gave me an idea, so using the scumbag girl meme:
    I think I need a better punchline, but you get the idea, hot chick dating older men her entire life all of the sudden getting pissy about men preferring younger girls once she gets old.


  46. Cleese’s recent attack on multiculturalism alone makes him alpha to me…


  47. Wait. That’s John Cleese?


  48. on September 7, 2011 at 11:09 pm Just Some Canadian

    Why is the light on John Cleese’s face coming from a different angle from everything else in the image?


  49. A MILF is a woman you want to fuck when you’re already in the mood to fuck. the desire is gone once you’ve shot your load and you don’t even want to look at her anymore. A sweet young thing makes you want to fuck and continue fucking even when you can no longer get it up. You don’t leave hating yourself.

    From what I understand, people who eat shit as a fetish often are disgusted with themselves after they cum. This is similar.



    A pop psychology book by John Cleese and Robin Skynner.

    Includes crap about relationships.

    Pretty interesting.


  51. “And yet I did not feel the frisson of envy among the men present, nor did I see a bristle of jealousy from any of the stylish, accomplished women in their 40s.”

    Had to stop reading there lest I throw up, there’s only so much ideological disavowal of reality I can take before noon.


  52. Christ what a terrible photoshop. At least line up the light sources.


  53. To be fair, actually, I don’t know what the male equivalent of this fail is…the combover?


  54. Is she really only 31? She looks looks like she is pushing 50 with that horrible crypto tranny like bone structure.


  55. speaking of old man-young woman.
    clint eastwood and dina eastwood.
    enough said.