The Top Three Qualities That Make A Girl Good Girlfriend Material

There are many “tells” women have that, unbeknownst to them, signal to the men they are dating their worthiness as long-term investments. The tell number could very well be in the thousands, and, yes ladies, we men are attuned to all of them, in greater or lesser perspicacity, and with conscious awareness or, more often and more insidiously, with subconscious awareness.

But there’s value in narrowing the list to the top three tells, and clarifying them for the less experienced men (betas) so that they are armed with the foreknowledge to actively avoid those women who would make bad girlfriends or wives. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cuckoldry.

So here they are: The top three girlfriend material qualities, in no particular order.

1. She exercised and ate healthily before she met you, and she continues to do so after you start dating her seriously.

Marriage counselors and platitudinal couples therapists can stow their poppycock psychology aka feminist fantasy books. The biggest warning sign that a relationship is about to fail is the growing size of the woman. The fatter and more shapeless she gets, the more her man’s eyes will wander, his empathy will wither, and his heart will shut down. A girl who has spent years cultivating good lifestyle habits that ensure she retains her slender, hourglass figure for as long as possible is a girl who, on a fundamental emotional level, respects men’s needs and seeks to fulfill them. Feminists and assorted broken cunts don’t care about their appearance because they loathe male desire. That is why they are so unpleasant to be around for longer than it takes to deliver a hate-fueled hot jizz payload.

A woman who works to stay as good-looking as she can within the constraints of her genetic endowment is signaling that she has a generous heart and a magnanimous soul. The care with which she comports herself will spill over into care for your well-being and support for your aspirations.

2. She rarely disparages her girl friends or snipes about their flaws behind their backs.

The girl who is forgiving of her friends’ flaws, who does not feel a compulsion to privately tear them down in order to lift herself up, is a rare jewel indeed, for the natural proclivity of The Woman™ is to backbite, snark and gossip about female competitors, real and imagined, until her ego tank is filled to brimming again. What care should men have about this peculiar trait of the unfairer sex? I’ll tell you. If she’s quick and all too enthusiastic to trash her friends in private, she’ll be quick and all too enthusiastic to demean your manhood in the privacy of her mind. And once she’s gone down that road, the mental demeaning begins its twisted manifestation into nagging and sex withdrawal. Unlike a man with a vendetta, a judgmental bitch has a scattershot target designator; don’t be surprised if one day her gun of ingratitude is aimed directly at you.

However, expecting a girl to be nonjudgmental at all times is unrealistic. Women are born with the neural roadmap to gossip because it aids their sex in maximizing resources for their (eventual) families. But we can draw lines between women who occasionally indulge this instinct and women who wallow in it like a pig in mud. When you’re with your date, is she constantly running down her supposed BFFs? Does her face light up when an opportunity presents to sneer about a friend’s recent nose job? Beware, because you are staring at the dark heart of borderline personality disorder and unfettered narcissism, the latter a characteristic that is particularly galling and self-immolating in women when taken to unhealthy extremes.

A girl who is patient with and tolerant of her friends will extend the same to you. This then is an excellent foundation upon which to build a relationship that will have to, necessarily due to the nature of two parties with competing reproductive goals, navigate shoals in the future. A girl like this will also be more tolerant of your manly desire, and, instead of cutting down her competition, will work on herself so that she can compete with the best of them for your love.

3. She has not had many past lovers, and she is not a constitutional flirt who will invite the temptation of more lovers.

Lovefacts to make a feminist’s vagina explode angrily in a shower of dustballs: The more partners a woman has had, the more likely she is to divorce you. Sluts really are bad long-term prospects for men. They are great lays, but they are bad ideas as girlfriends or wives. So be on the lookout today for any and all slut tells a girl will reveal in the course of dating her. It could save you a divorce theft tomorrow.

But it’s not always easy to unearth a woman’s sordid past (rule of thumb: your working assumption should be that her past is more sordid than it is modest). So you have to rely on other, more immediate cues of future unfaithful whorishness. That’s where a keen eye for her propensity to switch on a dime into flirt mode will serve you well. Constitutional flirts, aka eternal ingenues, while fun in the beginning for their sexual promise and alluring coyness, can quickly become stressful headaches within the confines of a relationship. Watch for how effortlessly she can segue from poised girl into seductive flirt when other men are around. Does it come a little *too* naturally for her? Then you, my friend, are playing with vagina fire. A girl who loves to flirt, and indulges frequently with or without you, is a girl who is one private moment in the after hours office meeting room from cheating on you.

Now, personally, I love flirty women. So walking the fine line between enjoying the company of flirts and suffering the crassness of flakes has presented challenges. Obviously, I look for women who moderate their urges to flirt. A girl who generously throws off a flirty vibe that once in a blue moon time because she feels especially good about the way she looks, or because it’s her birthday, is no trouble to dating stability. The girl who flirts with her girlfriend’s boyfriend on a random Wednesday night because, oh, she wants ALL the men’s attention, and burgers are half price, is a girl you should consider fucking and chucking after a few months pretending you’re into her that way.

More importantly, does she direct her flirting to me, or to the world? Some girls just can’t get their attention whore fix without a large audience of men. Other girls, the better ones, are satisfied getting their ego fixes from their lovers alone. If a girl I am dating likes to flirt, but she finds her outlet role playing Seductress Joan with me rather than sidling up like the town courtesan to every meathead with a hungry glare, I bump her to the top of my LTR potential list.

I hope this post is equally informative for the women reading as it is for the men. You ladies have a duty too, if you want to capture the heart of a high value man, and keep it:

Be fit.

Be forgiving.

Don’t be a foul slut.

If you think about it, that’s not asking much compared to the grind that the average man has to endure to claim a single pussy as his own.


  1. And just a good bit younger


  2. Solid list. #2 Is especially important. A girl who spills intimate details about her man is likely a slut anyways. Lovers are intimate. Prostitutes tell-all.

    Last [type]: Stop Caring What other people think about you


    • Guys just care what we look like. The only guys we do that stuff to are the ones we want to dump.


      • Guys just care what we look like.

        Visuals get you an interview. Personality lets you keep the job. If looks were all that mattered, Eva Longoria would have never been cheated on.

        The only guys we do that stuff to are the ones we want to dump.
        It’s actually a common issue among LTRs.

        Some people just can’t keep things private. Said people are unfit for intimate relationships.


      • on June 24, 2012 at 10:23 pm Nobody of Import

        “Guys just care what we look like.”

        Oh, keep telling yourself that dearie… What PermanentGuest told you there is the truth of the matter. If you show ANY signs of being BPD, I might have an ONS with you, but I’m not having you as a FB, MLTR, etc. I’ve had more than a couple of lifetimes of that sort of shit from the two previous wives.

        “The only guys we do that stuff to are the ones we want to dump.”

        Really? Could’ve fooled me. I’ve seen people that just can’t keep a single thing to themselves and they weren’t trying to dump their man. Sorry, you can spin it however you like, but in the end, what I’ve seen tells me otherwise.


      • Well, I posted a long while back to pg but my stuff isn’t getting posted.

        Visuals dont get us the interview.

        [heartiste: wrong. your looks definitely get you an interview… with the men who like your looks enough to approach. otherwise, you are invisible to them.]

        Visuals get you an interview. All my friends and me [no im not bragging either] get interviewed a hundred times every it looks like we’re the ones interviewing YOU.

        [do not confuse the passive nature of femaleness for an exclusive right to choose. just because men have to do the approaching does not mean men exercise no choice in which women to approach.]


      • CH, stop commenting on other girl’s comments, please. I’m jealous! 😥


      • There is that phony concept that men don’t like to be chased. One reason are the girls that confuse the interested population that pursue them with the general population. In other words, once they venture away from the preselected population that initiates contact, the failure rate begins to increase substantially. Even if it were the case, it would not be the primary cause, but rather the disinterest in the first place. Then of course there is the matter of the terms of the relationship which can become manifestly more hallow for you.


      • Don’t worry Jenibear. Soon enough men will all treat you as being just as invisible as you treat many of them. Then you’ll have to hope that GASP you have the personality to still attract any attention. Life isn’t a sprint that you win at the age of 23 when your at your peak in looks. It is a marathon that you win in the end only through having enough personality.


      • Maybe the other responses are wrong. Another poster gave me an idea. Imply that you are a junkie , sort of a gold digger, and that you are just a tad slutty. Let us know how you do. Try it for a few years to know for sure. You have plenty of time.


      • Maya lives on.


  3. SSF = Submissive, sweet (supportive) and feminine

    That’s it.

    Obviously, fatties need not apply.

    As for her sluttiness, don’t date club girls and you’ll be fine.


    • sluttiness extends far beyond club girls. the sluttiest girls i’ve known either didn’t drink/ club, or if they did go out they’d go with a group of girls maybe once a month and dance together warding off guys like they were the plague.

      that’s what’s discomforting [for me] about women/girls these days. every girl i’ve been with who i presumed was slutty, was near virginal, and every girl i’ve been with who I would’ve bet my life on having had at least less than 5 partners who were mainly boyfriends, have all turned out to be 10-15+ partners + however more they didn’t ‘count’ as sexual partners, and were the most insanely awesome in bed & insane in relationships. like the aesthetically & intellectually appealing women have turned out to be far bigger whores than the apparent bimbos at nightclubs i read about so often. but maybe thats because i’ve before game always been a natural “day-gamer”.

      i can’t tell the difference anymore between a whore and a virgin. there doesn’t seem to be a difference. imo it’s more likely you’ll find a relatively stable & relatively average past sexual history of a girl who’s dressed well at a nightclub or bar (who likely won’t date you) than you’d find one in a less aggressively sexual environment.

      actually, let me re-phrase all of the above: i haven’t met a single girl who isn’t a whore, except one mormon girl I grew up with that got married 2 years into college.

      i’ve yet to meet a woman with less than 10 past partners my age, and I’m only 23.

      for some reason ten or lower is fine with my unplugging beta mind, but past that it seems to get to me, well only if I’m more than just FWB them. when i found out my recent ex had 17+ partners (slept with 10 men in one year, the year she lost her virginity – just holy fuck, i mean before game i was around average 3 girls a year, until in a relationship, but those 3 girls that weren’t relationship material in my eyes were mutually aware with me that i was an alcoholic and they were just looking for some release – whether that be 5 days straight or months at a time, or just fwb situations that developed) but said ex has steadily risen in numbers since her first huge jump onto the cock carousel – it disturbed me, knowing her as well as I did (that side of her was invisible, until of course in bed, and I didn’t even stop to think that b/c i could call her at 2 am to fuck that didn’t mean other guys were too – for years…), I was essentially led to ‘game’ and all of these blogs after being with this chick and learning about her on top of her BPD which nearly killed me

      I was astonished, not exclusively with the number of partners, but the number of partners in relation to the type of girl she was: she rarely drank, if she did it was moderate, barely ever smoked weed, was pretty quiet & meek, stuck to routines and schedules, ate healthy, took care of herself, etc…

      but behind her well put together facade was this super whore BPD that I lost my soul to for a year when i decided to be with her exclusively.

      i just didn’t understand how without living a lifestyle that I did – lots of drugs, LOTS of alcohol, lots of sketchy illegal situations (i guess too on the surface i look like i wouldn’t b e the type, but i was for a long time), bars, jails, fights, parties, DRINKING, drugs, girls, trouble, etc…where it was natural to have more than or equal to the number of partners she had with any girl i’d be with whether ONS or infrequent FWB (i don’t know her real number, but let’s just say it’s 17) i don’t comprehend how sober, without being under the influence, she could have had so many sexual partners, soberly decided ok another one, and another, and another, and another, and another, and some of them (like me, unbeknownst to me until I was ‘exclusive’ with her for a year) were FWB for multpile years. I was with her on and off for like 7 years until we were together, i guess whenever we weren’t fucking other people we’d end up fucking each other, but it was always like ‘fate’ brought us together, always by chance which finally after all those years i decided to start to date her.

      but this means she was spinning plates similar to me, unless she was in an exlusive relationship or i was (but hers would only last 3 months tops, whereas I’d go a year or two fucking chicks, then date exclusively one for 6months, then fucking, then date for 1 year, then fucking other girls then date for 3 years then back to the fucking other girls, then finally back to when we by chance started fucking again and decided to be exclusive; but i was drugging and drinking this whole time, while she was soberly getting sex whenever she wanted, and were you to meet her you’d think she’d maybe had a few casual partners in the past during her experimental phase, and then one or two long term boyfriends, but no she basically has fucked the whole city I grew up in. I don’t think she’s been to a ‘club’ once in her life. and I know A LOT of girls like her too. who at first I thought were typical normal girlfriend material, only to find out they’d been giving blowies in the backroom or ‘raped’/’taken advantage’ of 30 times after 9 glasses of wine, or had 20+ partners, etc…

      I met this one girl last year in between a “break” with the bpd ex, who seemed outgoing, flirty, sweet, a little slutty perfect for some fun during my “break”, but nothing outrageous. until I come to find out, after i’m penetrating one orifice and a friends penetrating the other, she’s been with over 150 men. has lost count. she’s 27.

      The next girl I meet who is under 26 and has slept with less than 10 people I am going to game until she’s got a ring on her finger.

      is 10 the magical number? less than it = OK. more than 10, they just say, fuck it, i’ll fuck as many as i can when i can since i’ve fucked so many already…

      i mean, what’s everyone’s opinion on here on what’s a viable number of past partners for GF material? what would bother you, what wouldn’t?

      I know alot of you will say you don’t care, but some people like me ARE bothered by the fact when it’s found out that we’re the 25th or 151st dick to make its way inside them, when we were considering actually having a relationship with them, or are ALREADY in one…

      does this make sense?

      At 18 I was shocked that my 17 yr old gf had 5 past sexual partners, now at 23 I’m shocked if a girl I meet hasn’t slept with less than 10 people. Find me a girl who’s only slept with 3 guys, all who were boyfriends, and I’ll return faith in a beta mindset of there being a woman out there worth being with exclusively vs. abundance.

      how can they give up the pussy so easy? some of these women were marriage material until, as I watched over the years, they became fuck & dump by everyone’s standards, and to my knowledge are aware of it, but use feminism, polyamory, slutwalk, sexual freedom, etc…to excuse their behaviors which i see in their eyes they in some way regret while simultaneously are proud of, boastful of their mistakes.

      my notch count may be high, and the girls may have been hot, and i’ve been lucky enough to experience love once or twice, but i still can’t comprehend having had as many women as i’ve had without having been such a sleezy asshole as i was or am; because a lot of these slutty girls are not sleezy at all, yet…they are? I don’t understand. Someone help me understand this.

      i’m looking back at the women i’ve slept with, and I think only one or two of the lot of ’em had a – by my standards – relatively average number of past partners; and with the lifestyle i’ve led up until recently, that gives these women a lot of leeway. And I only know one or two men who have slept with more women than me, and they are 3 and 7 years older than me, and players by all standards. every other normal guy i know has either 0 partners, 2/3 ex gfs who broke up with them, or 6/7 girls – and he has led a bizarre lifestyle which would make you think he’d been with at least 30+ by now. i’m no casanova, but why have I dated all the beautiful and intelligent whores, and then fucked and chucked all the easy and dumb attractive non whores turned whore by me I guess? I don’t get it.

      and i suppose it’s only the one’s who don’t do drugs, drink, or smoke, but still have a number of guys they’ve fucked higher than the number of girls half of the guys i know have even touched that confound me. the ones whose lifestyle appears near nun-like, yet below the surface is full of cock gargling cum swapping butthex festivals.

      does this make sense to anyone?

      sorry for the rant. just wanted to say, clubs aren’t the only place with slutty girls. they are at church, work at libraries, are your tutors, serve you coffee, ring up your groceries, teach your little sister how to ride a horse, are in yoga class, at the gym, are women with legs that aren’t fat or are, or simply are women/girls.

      i don’t understand. why would the best of them give it up so easily and thus become the worst of the lot?

      maybe i’m beta backsliding writing this rant. oh well. it’s the internet. i’m sure if this even gets posted someone will have something to say. liekly about how they didn’t read it because it was too long and my grammar is shitty etc

      i’m sorry, i just had surgery, so i’m a little drugged up

      amun ra brov


      • 10 is whore territory. You’re still a beta with a long way to go son.
        Alphas don’t put rings on non-virgins’ fingers. Lesser alphas advocate less than 3 partners, but they’re only settling for what’s seemingly available.


      • on June 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm collapseofman

        All this whore-anoia raises the question of whether it’s alpha to date a whore and get her to fuck other men, because you said so. I would argue that it takes a strong alpha to do this, and see it as a great outlet for promiscuous tendencies, great means of solidifying control, and maybe even making a few dollars on the side.


      • it depends on one’s objective.

        If you want a rock solid traditional family, better to go for a virgin (and game the shit out of her during the marriage).

        If you want a thrilling colorful life, take any random whore and pimp her out.

        Both ways are alpha if the choice is congruent with the objective, but those who try to wife up whores are seriously deluded about women.
        Besides, having kids with a whore is just disgraceful. A legitimate son of a whore is no better than a bastard.


      • Original poster here. I was kinda fucked up from after surgery meds posting that.

        I am well aware I’ve a far way to go until I’m “Alpha”, but I also don’t see where anyone meets or finds these girls who are supposedly not whores.

        I’m average looking, I think, but in comparison to the girls I’ve been with I’d say they were all far hotter than one would expect someone like me would get.

        As with the whore/non-whore thing, I guess it doesn’t really matter to me when I’m sober-minded, as long as they are aware of their past, it’s consequences, and clearly show no interest in leading a similar lifestyle.

        Like in Goon when the girl says “You make me not want to sleep with a bunch of guys anymore,” and he replies “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me”.

        What I was mainly asking, is how can so many girls/women have such a high number of partners, when they don’t live the lifestyle one may expect would engender such whoredom.

        On a relatively small college campus, heavily feminist, liberal arts based, women’s right’s bullshit EVERYWHERE, and the biggest whore’s of the lot of ’em were the fem-nazi’s. One would come to my window asking for me to show her what it was like to be with a real man. A ‘real man’? I had no idea what the fuck she meant, but I fucked her hard, and I fucked her well, and I had to clean my sheets ’cause of the mess she made; and she then told me she had a boyfriend the next day – had gone on a “break” with him – I suppose to fuck me. First time she came to my window while she had a boyfriend – without my knowledge – saying she literally wanted to feel my cum drip down her throat while my cock was in there.

        At that point, I was 5 months sober, hadn’t done much when it came to women beyond hardly talking to any – wasn’t really interested for some reason, school was my focus. But then began another downward spiral into sex, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

        But all of the “good girls” whether in year’s time, or a few months time – WITHOUT the influence of drugs or alcohol, all slowly became slutmonsters.

        There was one girl I met who was a virgin & I didn’t realize I was “gaming” her, I just figured free weed, free food, good company, etc…and she asked me to take her virginity, and told me she loved me. But, I had friendzoned her, I wasn’t into it, I couldn’t do it.

        I don’t know what it is to be Alpha. I know what Alpha is for me, and that’s fucking girls I want to fuck, and being in exclusive relationships with girls I want to be exclusively with – when I meet said girls. As long as I am continuing to move forward and do my thing, all goes well, and I consider that Alpha.

        Explain to me, one who called me Son, what makes you Alpha? And how exactly did you become Alpha? And what is or isn’t a slut according to you? What if a girl fucked 10 guys in one year when she was a senior in high school, then after that, had one boyfriend for 5 years, then they broke up, and a year later you two met, and you fell in love, and then you find that she has had 12 partners including you, and you are just gonna drop her?

        Doesn’t it take Alpha-ness to be able to look at a girl who has had a highly sexually promiscuous past, and see passed it, see her for who she is Now, and say – I like these qualities in her and she’s here now with me and likes me, and that’s all that matter’s, instead of just blowing her off and giving up good regular sex because she’s a “slut”. If marriage is out of the picture, and I don’t care to go “Game” more girls cause I’m “beta” and taking the easy route of a non committal (on my part) relationship with great sex, while pursuing actually beneficial things like maintaining my sobriety, working out, eating healthy, getting a job, working on school, etc…how is that not “alpha”? What if I don’t want to “spin plates” cause I’ve done that before, and it took too much effort,

        The ring on a girls finger was clearly sarcastic. I don’t plan on marrying, and haven’t since I was in high school and saw how women were in my generation, on top of watching my own family collapse, and the divorce, it’s effect on my mother and father, the role I had to play during it, and person I became due to it, and their re-marriages, etc…all that I’ve observed, blah blah blah

        all this talk of alpha/beta but that’s not what i was asking, what i’m asking is how do women like the one’s i’ve mentioned become so promiscuous in the first place, and how do you even tell if a woman is/has been like that, because from my experience it’s the least expected who are whores.

        and then what if of the say 15 partners agirl has had 14 of them were mistaken one night stands, regretted in the same way, but notch-belt points up in the same way a guy would , and then 1 was a boyfriend, would that be so bad?

        i dunno

        it’s all a giant heaping of bullshit from every side in my opinion. but that bullshit had to come from a bull. so the truth’s there somewhere maybe who knows thanks for actually replying too, people


      • the only virgin i met was not in the least to my physical standards. i mean to the “AFC” i’m sure she’d be fine. but compared to every other fwb or gf i’ve had, she was a 1.

        where are the virgins? they are 15 and i don’t really find myself attracted to girls younger than 19 really. i got used to dating girls/women one to two years older than me from 17 on up. i had weird values, like when i was 16, i remember picking up a girl for a date, asking her how old she was really, and she said she was 15, and i turned my car around and dropped her off. i actually thought it was morally wrong for me to date a girl a year younger than me at that age.

        certainly my values have changed since. but i’ve always found women slightly older than me more attractive, and have even been with a woman twice my age, but that was really just for the thrill of it.

        and one like 13 years older than me, who until the morning i thought was single, but had to sneak out her back door so her HUSBAND in the room next to us and her KID in the other room – i had no idea until the morning – wouldn’t see me. holy shit i thought i was gonna be murdered that morning…

        again, all women are whores. show me a virgin. i think i’m gonna try and get rich so i can just buy one and perhaps start a new religion/kingdom/family line as well as have a harem. sounsd good.


      • Allay,

        Doesn’t it take Alpha-ness to be able to look at a girl who has had a highly sexually promiscuous past, and see passed it, see her for who she is Now, and say – I like these qualities in her and she’s here now with me and likes me, and that’s all that matter’s, instead of just blowing her off and giving up good regular sex because she’s a “slut”. If marriage is out of the picture, and I don’t care to go “Game” more girls cause I’m “beta” and taking the easy route of a non committal (on my part) relationship with great sex, while pursuing actually beneficial things like maintaining my sobriety, working out, eating healthy, getting a job, working on school, etc…how is that not “alpha”? What if I don’t want to “spin plates” cause I’ve done that before, and it took too much effort,

        I did that once. She had a kid too. The whore cheated on me then dumped me for a douchebag ex. Pleasure is addictive. The sex drive, like the appetite of land whales, is virtually impossible to control, especially by an unguided whore who hasn’t been taught proper self control from a young age. Mix the two and it’s a recipe for disaster. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just saying it’s not worth the risk. Even the sweetest girl with the sweetest intentions can fall back into her atrocious habits, and no amount of bitter tears and guilt she is feeling will be able to help her pull the cock out of her mouth. By the time they are old enough to fuck they are old enough to be very difficult to mold away from their destructive impulses. They will literally sooner destroy their own minds than give up the iron meat of an asshole or douchebag (and trick themselves into thinking the douchebag will love and care for a cheating whore).


      • I had a fling with a girl who is married with a high-status man. He supported the fling, maybe because he had a lover. I got out because the relationship was damaging myself and soon would have damaged my reputation.

        The thing is, that he was the one who claimed her virginity.

        I still can’t understand what happened.


      • collapseofman

        All this whore-anoia raises the question of

        Human knowledge of true paternity is a structural – almost genetic demand – of males.

        I’m going to co-op whoranoia fwiw.


      • I don’t know if I am an alpha, but there was no way I would have married a non-virgin.


      • Kewl: every hot wife – was a non-virgin before. Hot chicks, they don’t fuck. It’s just the fugs.


      • you are a maladjusted person meeting equally broken and slutty women. you deserve what you get.

        but your main point about well-behaved girls being the biggest sluts deserves some thought.


      • i’d say maladapted, perhaps. how well adjusted are you? & broken? nay! i’d say i’ve been fixed. though not neutered. and like clockwork, karma may or may not prove to re-align my being into a better or worse caste than i’ve been born into this life time following my likely soon death.

        or, being fed pharmaceuticals for far too long, & as a reflection of my ethnography, I’ve readjusted accordingly; thus becoming maladjusted within a society full of John’s and Jane’s?

        my main point, yes, were it delivered with more clarity would’ve been taken more seriously; and were I not a defeated, broken, and maladjusted child I suppose I’d be heard more clearly.

        and to ImPooping: even you replied, so win/win in mine own eyes! wherein the likeness thereof only one such as Patroclus yelling for his dear comrade’s could have in myth’ sworn to’ve seen.

        and to Tartarus, you’re right. it’s just a sad Right to be left with.

        but that still doesn’t answer my main point which Jon conceded need be addressed, as it hasn’t been answered yet.

        and i did finally just poop after my surgery, thanks for the holy reminded; as what a blessing it was to have shat while I adjusted my maladjusted ass on the toilette seat, so well in fact, that which cheek’s spread properly, my fecal matter made it’s way down the chutes into Mario’s land, full of mushrooms, turtle’s, Yoshi’s, and Bowser’s, oh my!

        when the nomos is already one gigantically skewed and maladjusted muddle of obsfucation and the illumanit’s apparent butthex agenda – hat’s one to do?

        What’s one to do? Run back to game for confirmation of my own learned and observed opinions?

        Wait, nevermind, I will start a blog. I’ll call it I’m Pooping. Thanks for the inspiration dude

        thnks for the replies other people too, whether serious or not, it’s still something to read and respond to. plus i’m new to commenting on the internet, so i never know when to let my fingers stop


      • I will take the bait, assuming that this isn’t your typical Indian-omega meme.

        “How do women get promiscuous in the first place.”

        Contraception helps that quite a bit. so do society’s relaxed morals, feminism, male shaming, etc.

        But you don’t have much moral leg to stand on to ask chicks for self-control when you are boning a dude’s wife while he is sleeping. That raises a few flags in a cooperative productive society.

        Read around at this blog and other blogs. The answers are out there, but they won’t get you much further than Longfellow:

        “Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence.”


      • on June 25, 2012 at 4:56 pm allaytodayhey

        Longfellow. + 10 points.

        well, I understand how they get “promiscuous” in the first place, dependent upon the woman in question, but of course societies newly found sexual freedom harking back to the 60/s/70s [feminist] revolution (which I’ve read somewhere was actually less sexually promiscuous than now), and contraception, etc…

        but what I don’t understand is how men seem to not have adapted or evolved psychologically in the same psychosexual way as women; in that, for me personally, it took years of drowning myself in alcohol to even begin to enjoy casual sex, let alone sex at all. when I lost my virginity at a young age to my first ‘real’ girlfriend – I literally thought, as I was taught, that it was WRONG, and I had cut myself off completely from any life worth living in the Christian/Catholic sense – as I’d already dabbled in drugs/alcohol/the occult/poetry/etc…I mean I thought making out with a chick was a big deal, and then I started dating girls from *public* schools and it was like blow jobs were the equivalent of hugs.

        I don’t see where, whether christian upbringing or not, ALL women I’ve met have somehow adapted the same lack of morals or ethics surrounding their own sexuality, while being taught the same thing as men, as far as I’d witnessed.

        I mean it wasn’t until I had a threesome like I mentioned above that my eyes were truly opened to game and whoredom. And it makes even fucking my girlfriend difficult now. I know she’s been with alot of people, and the way I face fucked her although it felt good in the moment, and the game played after worked like a charm, it didn’t make me feel good in the way that say, two weeks of courting a girl to get even a kiss would make me feel stoked back when i was younger.

        Had I known then what I knew now, I would have had at least 80+ partners. I mean, I have denied sex and blowjobs from girls when I was younger because I thought it was disrespectful or some bullshit ideals i had (literally, how ignorant could I have been?!?), or because I had “Feelings” for some other girl who of course was just fucking other dudes and using me as an emotional tampon.

        I don’t understand why I even care about the girl I’m sleeping with’s past when I learn about it. I shouldn’t. It doesn’t bother me until I’m actually in the act, or the act’s become more and more depraved or porn like, or literally we’re making a porn video, and I think to myself, there is nothing sacred, absolutely nothing sacred between male and females anymore – what i’m doing or have done, if the girl for some reason didn’t have what crzy feelings she had for me, is probably illegal in some states or countries. It’s literally become a “Game” as this blog and others teach.

        It’s hard to express what I’m feeling because as the world has opened up in so many more ways, became so much clearer, so many imaginal doors of a better future have become obliterated, and I can see no future for myself that involves a fully satisfying relationship, or one investing anything in more than what I feel like, almost in a sense becoming a girl when it comes to my view on sexuality, which is clearly what works, but also isn’t that & learning game, playing their feminist game, just reinforcing the exact patterns and progressions of behavior that we as men don’t fully comprehend nor want to accept in the first place – that which lead us to game, and what we learn from game, teaches us to play “the game” which is exactly part of the feminine imperative in my mind. because then it opens the flood gates, and again, nothing is sacred.

        It’s like before if I had a question about a relationship I would go to cause it was the first to come up on google, and think, ah this is good advice. and of course it was mainly from women, or dudes that clearly had issues with women, and was bullshit advice that never worked.

        then I could come here and read one article, just fuck around with the idea, and watch the shit unfold before my eyes like i’m a hermes thrice greatest unveiling the secrets of alchemy.

        but then I look back, I recall what I’ve read, I think simply of the story of Inanna. These Truth’s have always been the same, the only problem now is we’ve let the myth’s become easily adaptable realities for any woman with a college level education, or lesser. maybe the internet, anonymous, and 4chan are to blame. or maybe none of it matters, cause like jon said, we get what we deserve, and i must simply accept that.

        I think the only reason this shit bother’s me now is because I quit drinking, so now all truth’s that come to light actually effect me in a way i am forced to address rather than repress.

        So maybe I don’t need advice on women, or why, or how, but advice on how to stay sober in a society I don’t seem fit nor appear deemed able to like others so happily adjusted are apt to live in.

        yet another rant with no purpose, but some of your responses were great, so thanks, yet again.

        i’ve devised my own system of game over the years before i found “game”, and finding game has only helped me hone those skills now that i understand it (i remember a swedish friend years ago in LA trying to show me game and how it worked, and i told him it was bullshit and to watch as i pulled chicks my own way – which I realize was basically doing everything that game taught, which arrogance and alcohol engendered in me – so without that, I now lack the desire in a sense, the challenge isn’t as big, girls aren’t special, i’m not special, it’s all a nihilistic and boring outlook for me now, which sucks, especially in relationships,

        it seems when it comes to them all i’m doing now is making sure i’m the guy the girl won’t ever get over, or at least remembers as the crazy alpha dude she fucked who she’ll fantasize about while with her bf (realizing that for my gf she has her own version of that, it’s just like – annoying, really)

        i almost feel narcissistically sadistically & sickly inclined to become that guy for as many girls/women as I can, always I guess have, and for the most part have been successful when it comes to relationships and ending them with them always coming back or wanting me months years later “Still in love” etc….

        I honestly think I need to become a Mormon and move to a different country. It’s the only way I can find peace.

        i’ll stop commenting as soon as I’m Pooping is prepared on wordpress and my rants can be read there.

        but tartarus and grit thanks for the legit responses


      • There is nothing to do but tremble in fear as this society is purged and the next is built on its blood. I dunno how the Romans felt when their society collapsed but I’m mostly feeling good riddance.


      • Jesus Christ man giant wall of text. Instead of replying here, start your own blog no one will read so we who are pooping and reading on out phones don’t have to scroll tbrough your typosity.

        I read the first few paragraphs. If you can’t tell the difference between a good girl and a whore after getting to know them and fucking them, you’re clueless. Of course there are some very cunning seductresses out there, but by and large, you are a ritart. No offense.


      • on June 25, 2012 at 5:59 pm VersLaGloire

        If you’re still trying to separate girls into “whores” and “good girls” you’re living in a feminist frame.


      • Reading your story reminds me of the weight-loss odyssey of a glutton. You want to eat vegetables because they’re good for you, but then you get pissed at all the food manufacturers for tempting you with tasty junk food as you go on year-long pizza binges. You find it surprising that food manufacturers don’t make healthy snacks because they don’t sell due to people like you.

        In short, it’s hard to feel empathy for you.


      • on June 25, 2012 at 5:01 pm allaytodayhey

        don’t want nor need empathy. i’m fully aware of my situation, and if I desired empathy from you, I can guarantee without a doubt I’d write something which would arise such feelings in you.


      • The is the classic, vintage Heartiste post on slut tells. (Easy to find with google site search.)

        I’ve found one of the most effective ways myself is to express a real enthusiasm for well experienced, sex loving, adventurous girls, early on in getting to know her, maybe even before fucking her. “Sex positive” feminist ideology tends to make even girls who wouldn’t call themselves feminists receptive to this possibility and very usually spill to me, particularly as i continue to encourage them. Numbers tend to go up quite a lot after awhile. This is easy to for me to do because I genuinely do like sluts, or particular kinds of sluts who aren’t yet hardened — for casual and fling sex.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. “Be fit.

    Be forgiving.

    Don’t be a foul slut.”

    Well, that sounds simple enough:) I think the flirting issue is probably a tricky one. I’d be curious to know what men consider flirting because it seems there are some who consider every time you even speak to another man reason for alarm. I mean, there’s a difference between talking pleasantly or teasing with someone and actually coming on to someone, right?


    • on June 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm Simon Corso

      There are so many tells . Preening, for instance. A seasoned game practitioner knows when a woman is flirting or just being pleasant.

      And yes some guys don’t know the difference, but the jealous types tend to be insecure, low value types.


      • Thanks, Simon! That was helpful 🙂


      • Talking isn’t flirting.

        Talking while 1) tossing hair 2) moistening lips and 3) flicking on come-hither eyes … THAT’s flirting.

        It’s the indirect communication that defines it.


      • That’s a good distinction. And those are some helpful tips!


      • He forgot touching. Just like for guys, touching is ioi from a woman. Depending on certain circles there can be other eye-contact cues too. Religious women tend to blush slightly and look down when you catch them looking at you; when they’re sitting next to their husband at the table across from you, they will usually try to cover the blush.


      • Oh yeah, casting eyes downward and blushing is a pretty natural response. I am not of a touching culture, so a good reminder for me. Thanks 🙂


      • I get it a lot when I take my kids out places. Women come up, touch my arm or shoulder and just gush, “Ooh… they’re so adorable, are they twins?” Being highly approachable means that I don’t have to open girls all that often to get numbers. The downside of that is that few of the ‘pulls’ have long-term value even if that’s why they came to me in the first place.


    • on June 22, 2012 at 5:52 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      “Be fit.

      Be forgiving.

      Don’t be a foul slut.”

      Well, that sounds simple enough:) I think the flirting issue is probably a tricky one. I’d be curious to know what men consider flirting because it seems there are some who consider every time you even lick another man’s cockas reason for alarm. I mean, there’s a difference between butthexting pleasantly or teasing with someone and actually cuming into someone, right?

      lzozozzol der i fixed some of your typos for you and it reads much beteterz now

      you’re woelzomxnznz wellcomunz lzozlzlz well-cum lzozlzolzolzo lzozlzoz


    • Every time you speak to an alpha, it’s flirting. Men don’t like it when their chicks are talking to alphas, because girlfriend/wife or not, given the opportunity she will cheat. Women don’t control themselves around alphas, even you.

      But you’re allowed to speak with omegas and betas and gays as long as you want. They’re modern day enuchs and since the dawn of humanity, powerful men used enuchs as part of their harem maintenance strategy


      • Interesting perspective. Thanks for the reply.


      • gays are degenerate cretins who will pollute a girls mind with all the worst ills of liberalism. avoid at all costs!!


      • Thanks:
        this is news
        – we can use


      • One of the most disconcerting moments in Marriage #2 was at a family get-together. My wife is Jewish and her parents tax accountants. A client had to drop by and leave some files.

        Since he was a young Jewish doctor, all three sisters (all married) when absolutely gaga over the guy, right in front of their three husbands.


      • Ever wonder why there’s so much intermarriage?


      • Well heeled victims of slut wives have weapons at their disposal.
        You need to treat her to something special and take her out for dinner after gushing over the doctor. The punch line is flirting with the waitress. And if it was bad enough, tell the waitress you would like to have a nice romantic dinner at home and need a private waitress. Perhaps that is a little extreme, but not if you have a dumb ass slut of a wife. Other options are house keepers and nanny’s hand selected by you. The only justification is that you are in a position to do so.


      • Eunuchs only started being used to guard harems by the Arabs after they captured some from Byzantine holdings. The Byzantines never used them for this purpose, neither did the Chinese or Persians, the other big users of eunuchs and the Arabs originally didn’t know what to do with them. Eunuchs were used as non-threatening administrative aides to emperors or as ministers, as they would never be able to rule, being mutilated and unable to have children.


    • @Geisha,

      I’d say you could be a slut liability, for some of the guys here?

      I’m with CH, I like flirty girls a lot, but have never married one… too much potential drama


    • on June 22, 2012 at 11:44 pm collapseofman

      If its listed in Non-Verbal Courtship Patterns in Women, it’s off limits.


    • @Geisha,

      The fact that you need to ask when the flirting is problematic, speaks volumes…

      I’d say that any form of communication, that you initiate or participate in, with another male that PHYSICALLY EXCITES YOU, is probably a sign that you may have stepped over the line…


      • Kindly refrain from making rude judgements about my character. A friend once told me that men consider everything an ioi and I’m inclined to believe him. That is the root of the question: do men know when a woman is flirting or when she is just being polite.


      • @Geisha,

        It’s simple, if a girl compliments me and she’s hot, then she’s flirting…


      • @Geisha,

        OK, let me make it easier – by giving an example.

        6 months ago, this 22 yo Russian hottie at work, who had been giving me the glad eye for some time, complimented me about something at the water cooler, then added me to Google+

        So I added her back.

        That night she posted 20 pics of herself in a barely-there bikini, from her recent beach vacation to some resort on the Black Sea.

        That’s flirting, and welcomed by me – BUT would not be welcome in a gf/wife.


  5. on June 22, 2012 at 5:26 pm Backdoor Man

    My wife went to the doctor yesterday. When the doctor saw her chart, he said “Wow! You’re 40? I figured you were about 32.”

    Our 13th wedding anniversary is next week. She still fits in the dress she wore for the ceremony (a simple dress she can wear for nice events).

    She was a vegetarian when we met, and though she eats fish and chicken now, she still eats really healthy. She goes to the gym during her lunch hour 3-4 times per week.

    She had one lover before me, a one-year LTR.

    I’ve said it many times. Go foreign, and these qualities are much easier to find.


    • on June 22, 2012 at 5:56 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      lzozozlzozozozo yah man!

      were it an americina girl, this is what you would have witwtrnz:

      Our 13th wedding anniversary is next week. She still fits in the circus tent she wore for the ceremony (a big circus tent dress she can wear for barbecues and clam fries).

      She was a heffer when we met, and though she eats doritos and chicken mcnuggets now, she still eats really unhealthily. She goes to the cinabun during her lunch hour 7 times per week.

      She had 47 lovers before me, and been butthexted more times than you can shake a lotsas cokas at.

      I’ve said it many times. Go American, and these qualities are much easier to find.



      • roflmao



      • Watched the vid.

        Sorry dude, but non-whites gross me out, a little more every single day actually. As the programmed obsolescence of whites carries on apace, from 33% global pop in 1950s to <8% today to a projected <4% in 2042, this is an issue that is just too important to not play a major role in every person's worldview, including their relationship with women.

        Thank the Gods I have a hot white gf who – icing on the cake – shares my nascent WN positions. That is not to say that I'm a dick or am mean to non-whites or don't have any non-white friends. It's just that the whole post-WW2 anti-white colossus that has led to this situation is such an abhorrent, malevolent fabrication, that disgust with it should take precedence over every other concern or feeling.

        – Arturo


  6. Great, that’s good news 🙂 I’m fit, forgiving and I’m not a slut! I care a lot about my looks although I’m not into plastic surgery. I’m also tolerant, patient and kind! I’m not flirty myself but I love flirty women because they are more fun.
    All in all, I’m probably a decent catch so I won’t settle.

    [heartiste: are you the number one woman in the world? if not, then you’ll settle. or die unloved.]


  7. Riddle me this.

    If you steal her from her beta boyfriend and she cheats on him, is she immediately DQ’d for sluttiness?


    • Yes.


    • on June 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm Heed My Words

      Absolutely. Women like that are pump-and-dump candidates. Hypergamy is a universal trait, but women are generally able to resist their hypergamy, or channel it into socially acceptable forms.

      Women who cheat on boyfriends are almost always drama queens with some sort of Cluster B Personality Disorder.

      It’s ok if you want to pat yourself on the back for having decent-enough game to pull a woman away from her boyfriend, but do not, *DO NOT* under any circumstances enter into a relationship with one. Getting a woman like that to cheat on a partner is 1/3 game, 2/3 her own psychological problems (she’ll inevitably have an army of beta orbiters that she doesn’t fuck, but that she engages in totally inappropriate emotionally intimate relationships with).

      No matter how good you think your game is, get it through your head that women like that are only good for fucking. And once your game reaches a sufficient level of skill, you won’t even want them for that.


    • Never trust anyone who betrays a trust for any reason, and especially not for personal gain (i.e. trading up). They have shown that given the right circumstances, their morals (and probably everything else) are for sale.

      Enjoy the tramp’s sluttiness as you will, but don’t invest anything in her, especially not feelings.


    • Of course.


  8. To paraphrase GBFM: Lozlzozllzozlzlzozolzlzlzlzl! At best amongst the East Cost/SWPL-world natives (within a generous bangability range) you can find two out of three…Eastern European / Southeast Asian chicks or bust!


  9. Good advice from a looking backward perspective, ESPECIALLY #2. Don’t restrict it to friends. If she generally has a hard time forgiving, you’re in for a shitty ride. My wife holds a grudge like it’s an Olympic sport. And if she holds a grudge, that means you’re included too, pal. Women let go of their looks after marriage, but if they let go of their personality, it’s a world of hurt.


  10. #4 Be a cook.

    One of my psycho exes, a borderline personality, had a shrink who told her she needed to do more cooking to ground herself. So every time we had a fight she would bring over a tray of cupcakes.

    It couldn’t avert the collapse, but it did delay the inevitable.


  11. on June 22, 2012 at 8:22 pm Twist of Cain

    I’ve been fb’s with a girl. She’s 19, I’m 25.

    Recently at a staff party our club was putting on, we were both buzzed quite nicely when she let slip that she’s been (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘used by a lot of guys/treated poorly etc’

    This was in regards to her basically wanting me to be her boyfriend, with me asking ‘so, you want to be my girl ehh?/you wanna be my number 1 ehh?’

    She’s a 9.5 face, 7.5 body with little tits, so an 8.5 in my books.

    Clearly she wants me to be her white knight in shining armour whose willing to whisk her away from the swashbuckling hooligans in her past and onto an isle of paradise. Not a bloody chance, although we are now an apparent ‘couple’ now.

    Her pussy is average, as in she’s not super tight and no hot-dog-in-hallway either, she’s apparently never done anal.

    Very feminine, and insecure at times. She’s not bright, which I couldn’t give a poop about, and likes to cook/clean/fold laundry etc.

    She’s flirtatious, and easily smiles and laughs..

    With her being 19, she has a million friends on facebook. I have 30ish and I’m rarely on – I haven’t added her on facebook. With us now advertised as a couple, should I give a fuck if she adds me in as her ‘relationship status’?

    She also does cocaine, in which at one point I told her, in my best Tony Montana mimic, to lay off the cocaine to once a month. I’m still not sure if I should have said this or not, as after the fact she was shocked, saying nobody has said this to her, and then she started to get all teary-eyed.

    During that same convo I also lied and said my older sister had a blow problem and she wasted a couple years of her life fucking with it etc, kind of used that as a justification on my part to give a shit.


    • feew. sounds like she’s heading for a devastating heartbreak. So much for the sexual empowerment mythology.
      Well, she’s already damaged goods, so only women and manboobs are gonna blame you.

      Concerning coke, my take is that you did it the right way and tear-eyedness is a great outcome. The more tears, the more she’s gonna fall for you and want to “work” on the relationship.

      But ooh boy, the factory of future pre-wall std-ridden haggard sluts who wonder where the good men at is working at full regimen. Keep it up, maybe things are meant to get a lot worse before it gets better.


    • 9.5? truly a shame.

      post pics?))))


    • Any chick who does coke is a whore, they will fuck anyone for some blow. Back in my early 20’s I used to hang with some guys who dealt and banging the chicks who used was like shooting fish in a barrel.


      • on June 23, 2012 at 2:09 pm Twist of Cain

        sure I may throw up a pic or two, wouldn’t know how though. if you like the high cheekbone feminine feature shit then ya you’d rate her a 9 as she’s a little photogenic.

        thing about coke whores is that I’m not sure she is one – she’s a whore for coke, rather than one to the dealer. It’s a small town and I know most of the dealers in the club scene…ahh fuck it, i’m just trying to rationalize her not blowing some 130lbs fancy fuck with a connection

        All I can say is that word would get back to me, and nothing has yet


      • on June 23, 2012 at 2:32 pm Rihanna Deserved It

        Very true. Although I once did coke with a virgin who wanted to try it before she graduated (coke, not sex).


      • on June 23, 2012 at 9:19 pm Twist of Cain

        She’s also a bartender at the club I’m at. There’s one male bartender whose your typical douchey rich kid lazy fuck who flirts HARD on her all night when they work together. He does this with all the female tenders, but with her especially.

        Last night, him, her and I were in the back room waiting for it to open. They’re in the bar area and he’s tripping her, hitting her, lots of kino etc. right in front of my eyes. There I was, not knowing wtf to do, just wanting to rip his throat out. They playfully banter away yada yada..

        How would you react in this situation.

        upon refecltion, I figured I should have started talking to her, thus directing attention away from dick farmer.


      • Paging Yareally.

        In this situation, asking logical questions or make fun of his pickup technique sounds inappropriate.

        Better to act cool (not totally withdraw in a spergic mode) and become a friend with him.
        Always try to turn strong competitors into allies. Especially that you already have the upper hand, you’re the one fucking the girl. If he is softened by your friendliness (again alpha friendliness, not beta supplicating), he might acknowledge subconsciously recon a fellow alpha and end his poaching attempt.
        If he keeps trying to cuckold you, you have to be more confrontational, but always in trying to make him look like a tool, without you sounding like a try-hard insecure faggot.

        But again, paging Yareally.


      • I don’t agree, making up of his pick-up technique is always gold if done right. And by right I mean completely obliterate the guy, his manhood, his ego and everything he holds dear in front of as many people as possible. You are also performing a public service because douchebags who try to poach someone else’s girl will think twice before trying it in the future.


      • *making fun


      • Calmly point out to her what he is doing. Ignore her typical female “No, he is just my friend! You are being silly!” nonsense without any response to it. (This is simple female deception; she knows the guy wants sex.) Instead, simply tell her if she does not like his attempts at opening a physical relationship, she should tell him to stop bothering her.

        If she doesn’t get cold towards him, and freeze him out, she not only likes his attention, she wants it to continue, even though you noticed. The key point is, she needs to shut this down. She needs to tell him sharply and coldly: “Quit touching me.”

        If a woman will not immediately and completely freeze out a guy you identify as seeking sex from her, dump her. A woman who wants you with proper ardor will jettison pretty much anyone who she perceives threatens her relationship with you. Heck, she will turn against her own mother to keep her man, if you have proper hand. Some yutz in a bar? She should be perfectly willing to never say another word to him rather that risk her relationship with you.


      • on June 24, 2012 at 12:06 am Twist of Cain

        Its all happening now. im working at the bar now. im sick of it. shes hitting him,, laughing jovial back and forth. im done. this is insulting, and i know she doesnt realise the affect its having on me. end of piss break, back to work


      • on June 24, 2012 at 3:42 am Twist of Cain

        They both worked back bar again last night, as I bounced the back.

        Same shit happened again, heavy kino, her taking a bottle opener out of his ass pocket, her putting ice cubes down her shirt from behind etc.. this was all in front of me btw.

        so, for the rest of the night I ignored her/avoided eye contact. She gave me some kino and happy smiles before this had all transpired, though at the end of the night she got my vibe and said bye to a bouncer beside me, but not myself.

        Not sure if that was the best way to go all about it – in my eyes she’s in a relationship with me, wanting to be with me, and acting like she’s single. It’s funny because I never would have given this girl the time of day if it wasn’t for her coming to me, because my turn off of her was that she was a total flirt with every guy.

        It’s sunday and we always hangout on sundays. Should I shoot her a simple text saying we need to talk, or keep it silent for a few days, or move onto a new broad.

        If we’re going to talk I’m using Passingby’s analogy – thanks


      • I didn’t read this particular post I’m replying to, and I haven’t really read comments in a while. Since when has there been such terrible advice and such shitty questions in the comments section?

        To the guy with the 19 yr old come whore gf: she may be your “gf” (idiot) but you should see her as a fuck buddy in your mind. She’s ridden the alpha cock carousel hard already and is 100% destined to do so in the future. Shell end up a single mother, embracing her “cougar” lifestyle well into her 40’s, complaining to all her “friends” that there aren’t any good men left. You better not be one of the baby daddies.

        Her male btender games her in front of you and she’s accepting? Neither respects you. Hit on another girl, hard, when this happens, or if that option is t available, just ignore both of them and talk with someone else. Remember – she only thinks she’s your gf.


      • “this is insulting, and i know she doesnt realise the affect its having on me”

        Move on. You care too much about a gal not worth it.


      • Drop her to slut status. If that means you don’t like mixing your jizz with hiz, leave her tied to a lamp post holding a sign that says “do me free”. Otherwise let him take on the expense, find a new girl and reverse cuckold. Someone is going to pick up the check. If both of you slut status her, then she will.

        All I know is that there is no fucking way she remains a GF with the smell of his rub on her. Start looking at her girl friends too. Even before I knew of game 20 years ago did I see how such a thing drove them absolutely nuts. Just the thought of it brought my girlfriend, who broke up with me, to tears. Of course she then wanted me back. How very odd….Oh how I wish I had the comprehensive system then, that you have now.


  12. could you make another post someday listing all those other tells? i’m very interested to see a list of sluttiness tells.


  13. on June 22, 2012 at 8:53 pm (R)Evoluzione

    The first two qualities are ubiquitous in the SWPL land of yoga studios, pilates gyms, crossfit boxes, (ahem), and other fitness out lets intermingled with Whole Foods stores & farmer’s markets.

    The last one is present in an inverse relationship. Here in SWPL land, the hot, fit chicks are all slutty as could be. It’s not bad for the rake, for there are many, many opportunities to bounce on some slender, muscular ass. But girlfriend material–the non-slutty SWPL fit chick–they are unicorns up in here.

    Later tonight I’ll go out unicorn hunting, but will likely come back with some fit zebra–so called because you can’t change their stripes.


  14. LOL at this nice piece and the following comments.

    The eternal war between the betas who want virgins to pedestalize and alphas who want break hymens.

    That’s nature baby. Nature is cruel. Lions eat gazelles, big fish eats little fish, and every one returns to earth as the cycle begins again.


    • Not really beta, not really seeking a virgin to pedestalize her.
      I just don’t like sloppy seconds when it comes to serious ltr or marriage. Not gonna pay for what a fellow alpha got for free.

      Otherwise yeah, those who think that virgins are pure creatures devoid of the common debased female instincts are eventually up for a rude awakening.


      • Yes, no sloppy seconds. Exactly. I feel sorry for men who only get to marry used-up tarts. A huge disgrace.

        And yes, virgins are still women. The one I married is no prude.


  15. Heartist, This is Johnny England from NY lair. We loved the controversial post you did on Justin Wayne. He actually now documented the process from approach , to lay, to girlfriend. I think this is relevant.

    I find this more fascinating than the last video because it shows the bottom line proof and he is actually talking to these girls about game and pick up at some point in the videos.

    Also, these are very high quality women.

    Please do a review. Thanks.


  16. Nice. These are very sound GF qualities.


    • Black males – worse, ICBMs (inner city black males) – mating with white females used to be illegal for a reason, and up until very recently. As in, for like 99% of the duration of Western Civilization, these sub-natural pairings were considered *wrong*.

      It’s not even miscegenation, it’s cospeciation.

      It’s wrong, it’s gross, it’s pre-programmed, and it will end badly.

      – Arturo


    • The chick in that Justin Wayne’s vid looks one-eighth mesoamerican / aztec indian.

      She is hot though. But in kind of an obnoxious, self-conscious way. Nothing better on earth than a beautiful white woman who is totally un-selfaware about her own beauty.


  17. Three good precepts.

    Ladies, don’t bitch constantly about other people. It is incredibly unattractive.


  18. i was expecting to see age/2 + 7 as a rule of thumb….


    • on June 23, 2012 at 9:32 am Rick Derris

      Good point.

      I’d like to add a caveat: guys have the right to use “apparent age” in the rule. If a 50 yr old guy looks 34 then he has the right to get it on with 24 yr old hotties.

      (of course he had the right anyway but the apparent age exception makes it totally legit)


    • age/2 + 7 and foreign.


  19. The biggest warning sign that a relationship is about to fail is the growing size of the woman. So, often, is the shrinking size of the woman.


  20. Great writing, Heartiste.

    I am left somewhat ashamed. Maybe it is my advanced singledom age, but I don’t even think about sexual past as an issue. I think I should, but I haven’t. (And it has cost me.) Every girl that I meet in SoCal is a slut. I’m too old to date a virginal chicks. They are more elusive and it is hard to talk to them unless they are really smart.


  21. I’m onboard with #1 and #2. Disagree with #3. It assumes sexual monogamy, which isn’t necessary or arguably even practical. I have no problems with a woman sleeping with other men as long as she doesn’t flake out on me. Most people have never tried it or even seriously considered it, but open relationships work out fine if you do them right. Watch the movie Kinsey.


    • Open relationship = omega.


    • The movie Kinsey… Solid recommendation to ignore it. The movie is built on the half truths and myths the “progressive” scum like to push to make abberant behavior look normal. Kinsey’s research? His research base was prison inmates back in the 1950s when prison inmates were doing time for real crimes. That and notes he got from Nazi death camp doctors who delighted in the most bizarre and obscene acts and labeled it science. Do some real research and you’d never want to associate yourself with anything Kinsey had to say.


    • Cuckold fetish.


  22. on June 23, 2012 at 12:28 pm Dan Fletcher

    The thought of wifing a girl that another man got for free makes me ill.

    Virgin or nothing.

    And I mean a real vigrin. No dicks in mouth, hands, butthole, ears, etc…


  23. How about other warning signs post on this blog before regarding sluts:
    1. Tattoos
    2. Foreign travel, especially extensive and unsupervised.
    3. Interracial sex.
    4. Sexually adventuresome.
    Or, unstable
    1. Child of divorce
    2. Divorce in family
    3. Divorced friends

    There are a lot more.

    Our blog host says that men give up more when they get married. That may not be true in every case. But, in almost every case a man takes on a much larger responsibility and liability when he marries than the woman. For the woman, in most marriages the man is a means to an end. If he doesn’t meet her needs she can just dispose of him and take his assets and children.


    • I don’t care what a woman says about her mother or how strained the relationship is, practically every woman ends up like her mother. If her mother is a good wife and still married to her father, the girl is a pretty safe bet. If her mother has been married and divorced 3 or 4 times – run. I learned that lesson the hard way.


      • Even if she’s adopted ?(both mothers have been divorced 1-2 times)


      • Well, I think it mostly has to with what the girl thinks is “normal” from her upbringing. So, if she was adopted at a young age then I would look at the adoptive mother’s behavior. My ex-wife’s mother was married and divorced 4 times (all by the age of 35). My ex-wife used to complain about it constantly and tell me how wrong it was for her mother to drag her through all of that. Guess what? She divorced me and has proceeded to bring every dirtbag guy she has dated around my kids. Like mother, like daughter.

        All of her sisters are the same way. One is only 26 and has been divorced twice. The other is in her 30s and has 5 kids by 3 different men. She has never been married but seems to be perpetually “engaged” to some low-class guy. On the flip side, every girl I know who comes from a stable family is still on her first marriage and seems happy.


    • “For the woman, in most marriages the man is a means to an end. If he doesn’t meet her needs she can just dispose of him and take his assets and children.”

      This cannot be stressed enough to younger men contemplating marriage.


  24. I agree with the value of women with low notch counts to wife up. But there’s no reason to pedastalize virgins. They’re the same as other women, and being their first is just the matter of being in the right time and place.
    I used to be pissed off about others banging “my” women before I met them. Deflowering a couple of virgins really helped my mindset and I recommend it.


    • I don’t pedastalize virgins. I do like clean sheets in a Hotel room that doesn’t smell of mold and smoke though.


  25. My rule would be, no previous cocks in her pelvic area.

    I agree that getting a virgin is partly a matter of lucky timing. She has to be ripe for the plucking when you come along.

    However I cannot imagine having married a used woman.

    I didn’t enjoy deflowering my bride, but I am proud that I got to.


    • So if she gives head or only did anal that’s ok?


      • You can usually tell if a girl is a virgin vaginally. If you are not sure, check between her legs. I did.

        She did anal with me before we married. I introduced her to that. Yes, it was immoral, and I have refused to do it in recent years.

        Her only previous boyfriend is dead. So I don’t know what they did. But she bled on the mattress, and that was good.


      • Thanks for answering that. I didn’t expect you to. Marriage to a virgin just isn’t very important to me and never was. Why is anal sex immoral but blow jobs are ok? Why are blow jobs ok, but not cunnilingus?


      • I am a Catholic. Blowjobs are not OK, if by that you mean the semen goes into the girl’s mouth. I get my wife to give me oral stimulation, but I always end in her vagina. (I did get her to swallow a few times, but that is also immoral, so I have stopped.)


      • Cunnilingus is OK if it leads onto a normal sex act.

        I don’t do cunnilingus.


  26. […] Le Chateau Goes Stand-up, Your Training To Delight Women, Every Man Needs A Harem, Sext-Game, Top Three Qualities That, Fertility, Intelligence, and […]


  27. Luka Magnotta is getting a lot of female attention lately.

    Big surprise, right?
    Too bad he’s a fag.


  28. H, this is a good post!!!

    I especially like number 2. it is very true. I think it applies across the board in other areas of life too. If someone is constantly bad mouthing other people or another person to you, or is always saying negative tings about other people (especially people they claim to be friends with) what do you think they are saying about you to other people?

    Good call!


  29. All you men wanting virgins on here! Hahahahahaha! Double standard much?


    • You are presuming that men and women are supposed to have the same standards. The standards men and women have are very different — and for good reasons.


    • People want what they want, and are perfectly willing to impose double standards as part of that. It is so common to both sexes that wiring, not culture, is likely to blame. Not that blame matters.

      Put another way, I will feel awful about men’s interest in inexperienced women when impecunious middle-aged women stop fantasizing they are a virginal hard-bodied ingenue pursued by an alpha billionaire with six pack abs and utterly perfected sexual prowess.


      • There is a detestable movie called “My Turn” made around 1980. It stars Michael Douglas, Charles Grodin and a wench named Jill Clayburgh. This movie is the root of all evil. Clayburgh is a drama queen math professor and dumps the witty, affable and reliable live-in boyfriend Grodin for exciting ex-baseball star Douglas. (We all know women can’t be math professors.)


    • Everyone here is trolling or delusional. Even if they do come across a genuinely good-hearted, young virgin, she’ll know way better than to waste herself on someone who couldn’t wait for her. She’d be able to pick from more men than any other woman and you can bet she’s not going to settle for hateful manwhores.


      • There is no such thing as a “slutty” man.
        And coming off as a hateful manwhore would be due to a lack of game.
        You got a lot of work to do, manboob.


    • Of course its a double standard you man boobed twit. Men have parental uncertainty. Women do not. Of course after a baby is born women get all paranoid and don’t want to lose sight of their baby. Isn’t that odd? And since the current trend is the father doesn’t matter, I am all for random selection of new borns in maternity. A baby is a baby.

      How did we become such complete dumb fucks?


  30. “You’ve really got to wonder about the mentality of a mother who would put cupcake pasties on her young daughter.

    LOL 😀 her mom has an amazing sense of humor 😛

    [heartiste: you misspelled pimp hand.]


  31. on June 24, 2012 at 4:15 pm Johnathan Blaze

    I’ve always said that if a girl wants a good man she needs to do two things:



    That is really all there is to it.


  32. What the fuck is this? A girlfriend article on a PUA website?


  33. That tweet about “inner game” linking to YouTube: straight up homosexual. Men are not built to preen in motion, except as a joke. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are the exceptions, but that’s because they are usually leading women.

    Women like to dance because they have hips. Period. Anything that calls attention to this extraordinary physical distinction is feminine. There’s a reason why ballroom dancers and figure skaters, male or female, wear bright tight outfits finished with a Bedazzler.

    We give black men a pass because it’s one of the things an otherwise dysfunctional cohort is good at.



  34. NY Times: Feminist refers to her hamster in discussing anxiety over Obamacare possibly being struck down:

    The frenzy is just as palpable on the left as it is on the right. For Karen Davenport, the director of health policy at the National Women’s Law Center, it is “the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning” and the topic she spends most of her day talking about with colleagues. Sitting in a meeting last Thursday, one of several days the court could have ruled on the health care law, “I was watching my iPhone the whole time,” she said. “You can’t help but have that hamster in the wheel in your head over the various outcomes. It’s a very anxious time.”


  35. You’re under the impression women don’t have standards or dreams or wishes as well. You do realize that ‘slutty’ men are just as likely as ‘slutty’ women to cheat? I know you like living in this fantasy world where women live solely for the men that threaten to leave if they gain a pound or want something, but it’s just not happening.


    • Slutty people (both men and women) in general should be avoided. To many nasty things floating around down there these days for anyone to take pleasure in slutting it up.


      • Sure, and preselection is a dumb concept because neecy said so.
        Take your equalist lies elsewhere, you’re too blind or stupid to hang around in here.


      • on June 25, 2012 at 6:07 pm Emma the Emo

        Nothing equalist about the fact that a man who is preselected is less safe than a more chaste man. He has way too many options for stability (although some high number men choose to be faithful, but isn’t that a rare find?)


      • Here’s the deal: let’s assume I approach you in a very non-threatening way, tell you every sweet thing that you ever dreamt of hearing, basically run a flawless game on you, perfectly calibrated according to your “player vibe” aversion.
        If I get to fuck you, that’s it (quite romantic, isn’t it?). You lost. You opened the sex gates, and if I give you enough nesting vibes, you might start dreaming about an ltr with me. Even if I told you that I slept with a thousand women before you, that won’t matter to you.

        I might not be safe, you might even now it, but it’s gonna feel sooo good baby. You simply won’t care about my past.

        If on the other hand, you admitted to me that you had a thousand previous lovers before me. I will leave you. Instantly.

        Preselected men don’t elicit the same visceral reaction of disgust in women that slutty women elicit in men (at least as far as ltrs are concerned). In most cases, it’s quite the opposite.

        That’s why “slutty”, as a pejorative word, doesn’t apply to men.

        Some women choose to avoid players because they have been burned. And it’s usually at a stage where players are not interested in them anymore.

        Other women prefer the cuddly vibes of greater betas (I suspect you’re in this category), but they’re clearly in the minority. And they’re usually not stunningly attractive (no offense, you’re cute though). They’re more cautious about players than disgusted. And if a skillful player approaches them, they might forget to be cautious.

        Bottom line: women generally don’t have a clue about what turns them on. And studs can have all the options that they want. Generally speaking, sluts are limited by time, their attractiveness level, and level of secrecy about their past.


      • Anonymous,

        “Even if I told you that I slept with a thousand women before you, that won’t matter to you.”

        I think most women would care. Not because players are not safe for LTR but because they are disgusting. There’s clearly something wrong with a guy who slept with more than ten girls.

        “Preselected men don’t elicit the same visceral reaction of disgust in women that slutty women elicit in men (at least as far as ltrs are concerned). In most cases, it’s quite the opposite.”

        No, it’s not.

        [heartiste: yes it is.

        stop trolling for arguments. you’re stupid and uninteresting and you say nothing that can’t be easily disproved by a quick search for the relevant studies or a tally of real life observations.]


      • “Other women prefer the cuddly vibes of greater betas (I suspect you’re in this category), but they’re clearly in the minority. And they’re usually not stunningly attractive”

        They might be in the minority, but that doesn’t mean they’re rare. (but I’m not sure they’re the minority) And it also doesn’t mean they’re not stunningly attractive or super hot, either. A stunningly attractive female shouldn’t have to share, and if she were that attractive, she’d be sharing with women uglier than she is, which is not exactly good for one’s self worth. Who signs up for that type of arrangement? A stupid female, basically. Or one who is such a status whore that they’d rather share their mate with uglier women just for the high they get out of attaining something, the other women can’t. I’m suspecting Emma is in the category of females who get a greater satisfaction out of finding the picked over guys that other girls were too shallow or stupid to realize their value. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is no possible way to satisfy a man with a large partner count because that large partner count usually reflects a lack of desire for an LTR. I dunno. I’m thinking Emma has to represent about 40% of females. (I might have even read that # here.) Seriously, Emma, you’re not alone in your thinking.


      • “There’s clearly something wrong with a guy who slept with more than ten girls. ”

        The love of your life, the master of the chateau, has slept with more than 10 women. Do you find him disgusting?


      • on June 25, 2012 at 7:30 pm Emma the Emo

        This isn’t about me… There is no reason to stay with a man who had 1000s of partners unless you’re ok with sharing him. And some of us don’t want to share. I know i might be a minority, but it’s perfectly rational. And even if it feels good, I don’t recommend other women go for very promiscuous men either. I’m not arguing that women in general have the same visceral disgust reaction to high number men as the opposite, I’m arguing that they aren’t very safe for LTR and Neecy is right.


    • Of course they are. But it’s women’s job to police their potential mates. Women ignore cheating (or consider it a + since it shows the man has options) far more than men do. The male equivalent of slut is stud. There’s a reason why one is considered bad and the other isn’t, and it’s not men.


  36. on June 25, 2012 at 4:10 pm Big Game Hunter

    Regarding virgins: sure, one of those would be nice to have, relationship-wise. But guys. Where the Fuck are you finding your virgins? And I don’t mean any five-year-olds in pink unicorn patterned overalls, either. Reasonably attractive, relatively sane, legal age virgin human females. Where? I don’t know how it’s everywhere else, but I’ll say this. In Scandinavia, if you find a girl who’s still a virgin when she hits 18 (or even just 16 as far as that goes), you’re almost certainly dealing with a monstrously ugly terrorsaur who basically looks like Tyrion Lannister’s uglier little sister, is a religious lunatic who chats with her imaginary sky-daddy, and/or is completely shattered psychologically in other yet more disturbing ways. That, or someone who’s saving herself for Brad Pitt. Practically everyone else has long since lost their cherry, with some guy a year or two, or sometimes more, older than they, back in school.

    Now, someone’s gonna say you should be that guy they lose their virginity to. Well, that would be one way. But it’s not going to become much of a relationship, because there is an unwritten rule so strongly followed that you’d think breaking it got you the death sentence: you must fuck around to gain “experience” so you don’t “miss out” on anything before you settle down – so it’s really not ok to just stay with the first guy you had sex with, because what if the other guys woulda been better. Yeah, a little grim, the situation.

    Cue someone saying they know tons of smokin’ hot virgin girls (or more likely, that they knew tons, before deflowering them all in every orifice, with their roommates thrown in for a bonus). Yeah, lucky you. Just don’t be so sure they’re really virgins. I’ve caught so many girls lying about this stuff just recently – the count, long term, would be ginormous – that it isn’t even funny. I don’t even count the “technical virgin” ones as liars anymore, there’s plenty of more traditional liars around.

    Just the other night (midsummer festival, big thing over here) I had one “traditional values” girl admit to me – pretty much a total stranger – in a party that she lied to her boyfriend about being a virgin and giving it up to him. This is a nice, fairly quiet, non-slutty dressing girl, maybe a 7,5+ leaning strongly towards 8-, 21 years old. She admitted that she still keeps lying about it, and they’ve just gotten engaged to be married. Embracing my Inner Dickwad, I plotted, and shrugged and told her “it doesn’t fucking matter if you’re a virgin or not, who cares about that stuff, don’t worry about it”. This, in the hope that she’d reveal more dirty details to me. And oh yes, she did. She went on this little confessional that had me struggling to keep my poker face as I was a little shit-faced. She had this “I’m in love” shine in her eyes when she told me about how her boyfriend is just perfect, “but” kind of “old-fashioned” and “controlling” – and when she said that, she made it sound like those were exactly the things she most loved about him – and she feared he wouldn’t understand if she told him the truth about having had sex with like 20 guys before him (“like 20” was what she said, so I’m assuming it’s at least 20, if not more, in reality). Ultimately, it came down to her telling me she was “breaking her brain apart” trying to think up graceful ways to avoid “trying” anal with her boyfriend without giving him the impression she isn’t doing everything she can to please him, when in reality she’s scared he’ll notice her experience if she lets him do it up the exit. Yeah, she’s scared her boyfriend will notice his so called virgin girl has had anal sex with someone before. I had to get away before I got sick in my whiskey. Shit like this is not an isolated incident. I’ve always kinda had that “nice guy” superpower where girls will confess all sorts of things to me – and quite often it appears it’s all true – and now that I’ve learned a little more alpha attitude, it gets ever crazier.

    The worst part? That same night, I met her boyfriend. He struck me as a pretty alpha guy: tall, muscled, not bad looking, sharply dressed for the occasion (but not too sharply), sounded confident and smart but not in-your-face about it. I had a glass of whiskey with him and decided to be a decent guy. I dropped a little bait on him, complaining about my shitty luck with women, fishing for some solidarity. This guy downs his whiskey and says: “Yeah, man, it’s a jungle out there.” He tells me he’s just gotten engaged to a girl, and explains that he wouldn’t have ever done that otherwise, but he’s found a more traditionally feminine girl and decided she might be worth it all the way. “You don’t find many softly feminine, non-slutty chicks now”, he says, or something like it – I was in transit from “a little shit-faced” to “seriously shit-faced”. And you know what? I didn’t have the balls to tell him his gal is just as slutty as the norm, and lying about it. How long must I hate myself for not telling him, before it’s acceptable to not feel bad about letting Team Man down? In my defense, we were drunk. If I’d told him his girl is actually a raging slut who’s had anal with god knows how many guys, and keeps lying about her past to him, it would have damn sure been a fight.

    You girls are really throwing yourself off the pedestal these days…


    • Years ago a college classmate and buddy got engaged to a woman who claimed she was still a virgin. I waited until the break up before I mercilessly mocked his stupidity in believing her lies.

      He paused for a minute, likely trying to decide whether to hit me or not, before shaking his head and saying, “Shit, that was an obvious lie, wasn’t it? Man, did I dodge a bullet…”


    • I thought I popped a cherry (there was a little bit of blood and she was really tight) and I even entered into a semi-ltr with the chick. It lasted for a few weeks, first time in my post-game life that I considered a ltr. But I ask around about my girls’ past if I do consider something serious.

      I don’t do the PI creepy stuff, I don’t ask direct questions, but I fish for intel about her past, with her friends, relatives, and everyone who happens to know her. Uncovering a girl’s past requires patience, discipline and luck, especially if there are no slut tells.

      We were both at a house party and I met a guy who claimed that she gave him head, he didn’t brag about it or anything, but I knew he knew something and I kinda pushed him to say it.
      I acted cool about it, I didn’t tell him that she’s claiming to be a virgin. And then I confronted her, also in a cool way, acting more offended about the fact that she lied than the fact that well, she’s just another whore.
      She started to cry, telling me that it’s true, but that it doesn’t matter, that I’m the one she loves etc… I comforted her and told her that it’s ok that I don’t give a shit about virginity. I just want honesty. I gave her an ultimatum to come clean about her past, so that I can trust her again. After some resistance, she confessed that she’s been with 3 guys before me, and that the last one was an asshole who really popped her cherry and ran away (alpha!).

      I didn’t leave her though, I just maintained her in the rotation for a while, and when she started demanding a real relationship, I just popped the “i’m not ready” card and the relationship died naturally over time.

      Most guys can tolerate a girl with 3 past partners (although I can’t really know if it was 3 or 100), but for those who want a virgin or nothing, you gotta be smart.
      I don’t know about scandinavia (that’s some scary hardcore feminazi shit you got going on there buddy), but in the US and other parts of europe, the best place to find virgins is the mall (some might say church but lots of fuglies there and born-again virgins). Lots of 18-20 year-olds in the mall, you just need to be lucky.

      Good hunt.


  37. @CH,

    That tune by Two Steps from Hell – “Heart of Courage” – is good!

    I just recently added the following to my Workout music:

    Modulate – Detonation:


  38. Aishwarya Rai – seems to not be upholding #1.

    I would like to have kids, but I don’t know what to believe regarding the ease of losing baby weight, or even regarding the gaining of “baby weight” in the first place. Those of you who have a kid – did your woman lose her weight easily? Or was it a struggle? Is there any chance that Aishwarya Rai really is just having difficulty losing baby weight, or is that merely an excuse for her being a fatty now?


    • The best thing to do is to be at a good weight/in good health to start with. The book I read throughout my pregnancy said weight gain should be between 25 and 30 pounds. I gained 28. My daughter was 8.5 lbs. Within two weeks of nursing, I had lost twenty pounds. Breastfeeding burns about 300 calories/day. The other eight came off more slowly and I continued to lose more weight throughout the first year until it was more of an issue of keeping it on.


      • I just took a peek at the article. Pregnancy weight does not cause a double chin. You will get enormous breasts though! That’s probably the best part! Expect to go up a cup size. I totally got why women get breast implants; it changes your whole look 🙂


      • I need evidence. Preferably pictures of your titties before, after and in the middle..
        Otherwise, I’m calling bullshit.


      • Haha. I give you credit for at least getting more creative 🙂 There is no such evidence aside from the mammory memory of select individuals and a small scar from one especially voracious chomp. But, it really is true about them getting huge. Happens pretty early on: one of the first signs of pregnancy, actually. Later on they’re big because they’re full of milk, naturally. Moo 🙂


      • pregnancy was oddly the only arena i lucked out in in my perpetual war on fat. thank god, as i was sick and tired of fighting it off.

        i never gained more than 20 pounds, the first 3 only 15. and these were big babies. i weighed less a week or so after delivery than when i started,i.e. after you lose the extra water weight you put on the last months of pregnancy. maybe it has something to do from being heavy in the first place, but i’ve seen other heavy women put on lots of weight when pregnant.

        loved nursing too and the 500 calories a day that’s off-loaded into the little one.


      • maybe rai isn’t nursing, which might explain much of why she isn’t shedding the extra weight. it’s likely she’s not given the demands of her career.

        but anyway, a fat rai is still better looking than 99% of the rest of us slender. she’s that stunning.


    • @Kay,

      As Geisha pointed out, breast feeding is the best way to lose baby weight.

      Bear in mind though that a large percentage of women suffer from post-partum depression, and this can cause them to overeat after birth…


    • Wow, what happened to her? That’s too bad.


  39. Also, unrelated, but still interesting.

    Is This the World’s Most Beautiful Woman?

    She’s certainly attractive, but I expected her face to be more “striking” since she most closely meets the objective standards for beauty. I wonder what it exactly is that makes one face more striking than another. Is it something that is slightly “unique” in the face, something that is exaggerated? Maybe like Jessica Alba’s lips? (She has a very similar facial ratio to this girl, yet I would assume that most men would consider her to be much hotter.)


    • Her lips are too thin and no cupid’s bow to speak of. Her eyes are wide set, which is good, but still appear small, at least to the hentia cartoon eyes of an Emma stone or a Bollywood actress. Though with the decent of Britain in standards that suffice merely to keep one’s lunch down, she is remarkably good looking.


      • Now than I’m studying her face again, I think her upper lip is the major problem. I think a cupid’s bow could improve her by at least a half a point.

        But yes, she is remarkable for a British woman.


    • NO


    • Her nose is far from feminine perfection, that’s minus 1.
      And she is too pale for my taste. Not all white guys are fond of paleness.
      Definitely not a 10. Maybe an 8.


    • most beautiful woman in the world? no way.

      most beautiful women in great britain….quite possibly.


  40. You know what, I have read today several articles in a row. I don’t know where to post a comment, because I’d want to share only a simple observation about many comments and posts, not exactly this one.

    It seems to me, that most of people forgot one thing: before industrial revolution, in western europe, average woman was married between 25 to 32, and most likely was virgin. Large number of both males and females never married and never had any children. There probably never was period, were all girls were married. Any woman, who assumes she has plenty of time, because this time it’s different from all our history is simply ignorant.


  41. […] shows why feminists do not have boys interests at heart. He also shows 3 qualities of a good girlfriend; it is sad that not all girls can meet even this very low […]


  42. Come on.. this stuff is what you see in Cosmo.


  43. […] 2012 – 1:24 pm – by Helen Smith Tweet Chateau Heartsie […]


  44. on August 18, 2012 at 9:13 am Loved and Loving

    Greetings from Bulgaria.
    I was a 19 years old girl, never had a man in my life, never kissed a man, never hugged a man even. Got engaged to a man and started living together away from my home (about 150 miles). Was lonely, had no one else but him. Lost my cherry to him (I never bled, though). Eventually started treating me like dirt (icluding eyeing other women), while I went out of home only to uni, and cooked, cleaned and studied ( doctor of pharmacy). Finally I couldn’t take it no more and called my dad saying I’m through with that man. Dad made him lose his job (you play with my daughter, you pay for it dearly), he was mad, he actually liked the guy. Turned out he never loved me and used me for replacement for his ex, which was also a virgin.
    Now I’m very, very happilly married to a very respectable man. I’m loyal, respectful, and I love him so dearly my heart aches. I will always appreciate that he took me for his wife even though I was a virgin no longer. But I still will never forgive the cunt for a man for taking away something that was rightfully my husband’s. Damn happy my father revenged for me.
    I’m writing this as a word of warning for the fathers out there – engagement is not enough. Never let a man close to your daughter, unless he gives her his name officially. And if that idiot makes her miserable, shoot him on the spot.

    P.S. At the first time I had sex with my husband, I suddenly saw myself bleeding. Turned out I didn’t bleed the first time because that mangina didn’t actually break my hymen, just used the natural opening that lets menstrual blood flow. At that moment I started believing there’s God.