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PA writes:

Speaking of “test of your Game”, one thing that had always tripped me up was when women made self-deprecating comments about their own looks. It’s a sneaky shit-test. So several months ago I asked R. how to respond to that. He suggested saying back to the woman “have you always been this vain?”

I was talking with a woman at work today, who made such a self-deprecating comment. For a moment I went blank — what the fuck do you say back to that — and then I recalled that exchange. So I said “have you always been this vain” in response, and her eyes lit up.  Excellent.

If a fat or ugly chick makes a self-deprecating comment, she’s fishing for sympathy. If a hot chick makes a self-deprecating comment, she’s flushing out overeager betaness. Either way, you lose by responding with typical mangina consolation; the fat chick starts to think you like her, or the hot chick thinks you’re an asexual niceguy.

First Rule of Game Club: Do not act like a gullible mangina.


  1. lulz @ the Game Club


  2. I have responded to these types of comments, with a hint of amused mastery, “It’s OK. I validate you”.


  3. And here’s another piece of the puzzle to toy with –

    Ugly girls get serviced by inexperienced shit-in-bed lovers (or capable lovers who don’t make the effort when they’re with the ugly girls). They don’t orgasm, and they don’t enjoy sex. They consequently believe that sex is pleasurable only for a man, and thus they hate on men who chase pussy. To the ugly girl, the cassanova is someone who steals value and steals pleasure, not who contributes value and who contributes pleasure.

    [Heartiste: Ugly girls also get serviced by mostly ugly loser guys, so their experience with sex is going to be sour. This reinforces your point.]


    • …and here we have an example of the male equivocation hamster.

      Keep telling yourself that ugly women have similar limitations to loser men.

      We don’t.

      Hot guys are easy to come by and come with unless you are so ugly you scare children or something. This is how some ugly and screwed up women end up with an overly high sense of entitlement. Because it’s easy to get hot sex with handsome and sought-after (not always the same thing) guys, they come to think it’ll be just as easy to get a relationship out of them.


      • on August 6, 2011 at 2:16 pm Reactionary_Konkvistador

        Nicole is right. Women don’t have trouble bedding attractive guys. Really they don’t.

        [Heartiste: Really they do. Sure, compared to the typical man, the typcial woman can get sex easier. But fat, ugly, and old women are going to have a harder time getting sex than slender, pretty and young women, and will even have a harder time getting sex than a high status man.]

        However women in relationships with below average guys might get less sex with attractive men than otherwise and this might colour their perceptions of sex.


    • Don’t forget about the donkey-donged among us with low or now standards–or those known as “pig farmers” or “chubby chasers.” They’ll beat up some uggo puss like their lives depended on it.


  4. “First Rule of Game Club: Do not act like a gullible mangina.”

    Remembering this will save your ass on numerous accounts. I can think back and pin point major fuck ups by forgetting this rule. Every time I didn’t act like one things always went nice and smoothly into the vag if you know what I mean.


  5. file this under

    When in doubt, remain absolutely silent.


  6. I don’t get this post … “Have you always been this vain?” is a good response for a girl who’s not very good-looking. What’s wrong with the fat girl thinking you like her? She probably knows she’s not very attractive to men – so why not making her happy if you are an alpha who has this ability?


    • “So why not make her happy if you are an alpha who has this ability?”

      A nice sentiment, to be sure. But (A), it may not serve the objective of “making her happy” and may actually trigger her hostility. Or (B), it may lead her to believe that the guy is attracted to her, leading to increasingly awkward interactions and eventual disappointment. No good deed goes unpunished. Just my .02


    • making fat girls think you like them fucks up the sexual marketplace. right now a lot of fat girls think guys like them.


      • The sexual marketplace is what it is. Women have an advantage over men regardless of their looks, to a point, when it comes to getting laid. So long as the supply remains markedly lower than the demand, men will remain more forgiving of women’s physical defects than women will be of men’s personality defects.

        As an individual, it benefits you not to make girls you consider unattractive for whatever reason, think you want them. Honestly, this is especially so if you feel your social status is tied to the looks and/or class conformity of your mate. Bottom feeding, how ever a man defines it for himself, is just a bad idea.

        Avoiding the fat however, is not going to save you if somewhere in your pool of possibilities are crazies, harpies, and sperm thieves. There are so many other horrid things a woman can be aside of fat. So you might want to turn down the moral panic a notch and think about things that are really relevant to your self preservation.

        It’s not the girls who don’t turn you on that you need to worry about. It’s the ones who do. A woman you’re avoiding can’t rip your heart out or take your kids you had with them away.


      • personal agenda! Fat women making her point!


      • “It’s not the girls who don’t turn you on that you need to worry about. It’s the ones who do. A woman you’re avoiding can’t rip your heart out or take your kids you had with them away.”

        Comment of the day, striking in it’s simplicity and truth.


      • Men do like them. Men will screw anything.

        [Heartiste: No fat chicks.

        Or ugly chicks, or old broads, or single moms.]


      • It is wise to pretend you will not screw anything.

        [Heartiste: Who’s pretending? I have had fat chicks come on to me, and I’ve turned them down. You haven’t seen a crushing look of rejection until you’ve witnessed what happens to an unattractive girl get rejected by a man *she approached*. I’ve also rejected women when I found out they were single moms. Nothing kills the romance like a snot-nosed sprog underfoot.

        But of course for those desperate losers with no standards, your advice is correct. It is in their interest to pretend they are pickier than they really are.]


      • Heartiste, women don’t generally approach men they suspect they have no chance with.

        The question you should ask yourself is why fat chicks are approaching you.

        Maybe you look weak, and they’re trying to get a relationship with a less aggressive man than they’re used to because Oprah told them to.

        If you were a hot guy, showing disinterest would have been taken at face value.


      • This beast made a good point. If fugly chicks are approaching you and honestly getting disappointed for being reject, it means they think you are on same the league as them… better hit the gym more often


      • I’d like to say that I don’t mean that as an insult, just constructive criticism. Remember, I used to be scary thug bait…the kind of scary that wears suits but has coded tattoos done in soot. I needed to change my look to attract guys who were dominant but balanced and not just freakin’ scary.

        Instead of getting hysterical about a particular type of women thinking they’re in your league, you might want to take yourself out of their league by as ElDuro said, working out or better, not dressing like the _Bleat_ cover model.

        Working out alone is not going to do it because a lot of physically strong guys do the fat for sensual reasons. You have to look like it’s no big deal to take a couple of hours out of your day just to work on your body because you and/or your parents have so much money that you don’t really need to work that much at other things.

        Looking too normal and either herby or hippie is a sign that you might do someone average or ugly if she has a good personality, because this is what most guys would do. Most guys are not married to beauty queens. Get someone who is actually in the upper classes to teach you how to dress like you have money.

        I’m sorry if you do have money and are being a rebel against your blue blood peers. It’s just that looking like a man of the people is probably not the way to go if you want to filter out the plainer girls. Don’t look compassionate, and you won’t attract those seeking charity. 😉


    • Women become stalkers when they feel they have no chance of being with a man, and when his sexual market value is miles above hers. And when they have a bit of crazy.

      If you’re nice to fat girls that will push up their hope. That means you’re risking being stalked by a giant tub of lard. Not a pleasant prospect. Better not to risk kindness.


    • Maya, don’t go there. You’re asking the men here to vomit all their fantasies about how we’re all starving for dick and should be worried that some pretty weaklings who think they’re alpha but have never actually tested their strength or will against another man in their lives, don’t like us.

      Note the contradictions…that we’re getting aggressive alpha cock all the time and feel overly entitled, but no wait, we only get loser omega cock, but no wait, alphas use us and throw us away, but no wait, we’re only getting serviced by losers, but no wait, lazy alphas like us because they can do all the kinky stuff they want to with us, but no wait, we’re only doing losers who don’t put in any effort…

      It’s tiring.


      • “Note the contradictions…that we’re getting aggressive alpha cock all the time and feel overly entitled, but no wait, we only get loser omega cock”

        I doubt anyone here has argued that women can’t get pumped and dumped by alphas, even if they’re repulsive warthogs. Even super-alphas need easy lays sometimes.

        The omega cock comes later, when your beauty is in ashes and you’re as feminine as a turd. Assuming you don’t settle early.


      • …and how pray tell, does an ugly woman’s (nonexistent) beauty go to ashes?

        You don’t know who’s shagging the ugly girls because you’re not doing it, and you fantasize for some screwed up reason that the guys who do must be losers because you’re banking your self worth on the looks of whoever you’re doing. Why not just have your preference and leave other guys alone?

        Needing a woman to look a certain way, not to get your dick up, but to feel like an important enough member of the herd, is weak. It makes you vulnerable to women who are physically beautiful, but bitches whose beauty will go to ashes. If you’re not so attached to the looks for status reasons, it’s much easier to walk away from someone who’s mistreating you. There’s nothing in it for you but sex and/or love and companionship, and if any of those really important things is no longer there, you can disengage.


      • If you’re young then you probably have an inherent beauty by virtue of a hot body. That will fade with time.

        We’re perfectly aware that ugly women sleep with certain alpha males. By offering it for free on off nights certain Alphas go for the easy option. They just don’t tend to date the alphas, or be with them after they’ve given then alphas what they want.

        I have seen it. The flashes of desperation in the women’s eyes as they flash their wares to every man around. The look of abject fear when the man they’re with walks away for a moment. The look of intense joy as they walk with a man far out of their league. The willingness to do anything. It’s both sad and beautiful.

        You’re saying men want beauty for status reason? Ahahahaha. No, we want beautiful women because we have better sex, orgasm harder, are happier and feel more pride. Our brains can detect the universal markers of beauty (thinness, lack of disease, facial symmetry, adherence to the average) and reward us.


      • “No, we want beautiful women because we have better sex, orgasm harder …”

        That’s kind of romantic. And that’s why women really are THAT vain – anxious about aging and tiniest flaws on our faces … Not only Asian girls, as someone mentioned. Well, maybe it shouldn’t be called vanity, because good looks means good health, after all. Taking care of your body is therefore not vanity, it’s more preparing for safer and healthier pregnancy (with the best DNA you can get).

        It’s kind of sad that when you are an old woman, it’s probably not likely you will be able to evoke romantic feelings in man’s brain. But seems that this is how it is. We’re all going to die. Kind of soon. It’s better to accept this fact than to pretend we can wait or have fun forever. It’s funny how there’s no way back in time. I have already lost the best (potential) opportunity for sex, love and pregnancy, but I’m grateful I realized it before menopause, at least.


      • Dude, pride==status.

        But I agree, there other points are at least as valid – although happiness is merely a result of the combination of the other elements.


      • Off nights…keep telling yourself that. For lower T men maybe sex is something you can take or leave. If you strike out one weekend, maybe you’ll get lucky the next, la dee dah…

        For some men though, sex is like food. If you’re a very hungry person, you don’t just buy food for each meal. You keep your refrigerator full.

        Also, most of the not so hot the hungrier than normal are banging are not even usually in the clubs or pubs except really just to dance or hang out because they’re fixed. If they’re there, then they’re passing time until they get the, “?”

        About status and the looks of one’s woman, for betas, status has a lot to do with it. Prettier girls who are socially inconvenient get passed over for ugly girls who are socially convenient all the time. In the U.S. you don’t see it because your eyes are broken and you judge beauty almost exclusively by weight. In the rest of the world, other factors come into play. Then too, in the rest of the world, fat and under 30 is kind of rare.

        Still, if social status had nothing to do with dating as opposed to attraction, then only pretty, nice women would be married. Every man would only date women who were both beautiful and sweet and anyone who wasn’t both would be doomed to remain single forever. Also, when women aged out, they would be divorced and replaced with someone younger and pretty and sweet because no man would ever consider having sex with anyone who wasn’t nearly perfect.


      • Every man would only date women who were both beautiful and sweet and anyone who wasn’t both would be doomed to remain single forever.

        Trust me, there were enough of those, that would largely happen (outside misguided circles such as old aristocracies which are too small to matter in the big picture). Nothing to do with social status.


      • Nupi, a few thousand well raised, hot Russian Israeli girls getting passed over for manjawed Hava Harpies here would beg to differ.

        When I came out of my bitch bubble and started asking the right questions, one of the things that made me not feel quite as bad was looking at how many hot girls were treated. Being a woman of the wrong ethnicity “bussed” into close proximity to men who believe they are inherently better than you anywhere in the world is a recipe for suicides and single moms whose baby daddies basically pay them not to tell anyone it’s their kid.

        Social status of a woman only doesn’t matter to men who are powerful enough or butched enough to override their female co ethnics’ regulation, and most men are not. This is how you get duped into dating anyone who openly calls herself a feminist.

        Other women are available. There’s a planet full of them. Why don’t most men go outside their ethnicity even when the girls on the other side are objectively more beautiful and better raised?

        Availability doesn’t stand as an excuse because there exist other options that are within most men’s ability to acquire. When those options practically jump on their dick, they still choose the more socially convenient for marriage.

        You are confusing sex with long term relationships. What most men consider most beautiful and even most appealing personality wise has very little to do with who they will actually marry. It may be different for a few men, but for most, this is how it is. They backwards rationalize after the fact.


      • Oh, and by the way, I’ve been on the other side of that too. I was the good Black woman my first husband’s family liked, and who everyone said we were a good match. I was the socially convenient girl with whom he was incredibly bored and deeply unsatisfied.

        In a way, I kind of helped him to get strong enough to go for what he really wanted instead of wasting his life with me.

        …and what’s really screwed up about being the convenient is that the sex is like farting or peeing. It happens like a body function with no real emotional intensity. Until my second husband, I’d forgotten what it was like to really be shagged.

        I see it in most married guys’ eyes, the same half dead look my first husband used to have. It’s pure joy when they look at their kids, but it’s like phony when they look at their wife. There are facial muscles that flex when someone has the slave look, that people can’t consciously control.

        We live in a time when women have way too much control over men’s sexual behavior and choices of partners. Guys need to wake up to how they’re being manipulated to at the very least they can vote with their sperm. If you go blindly, you might get caught in a situation like my first husband, but with someone who wouldn’t be amicable about the split.


      • actually, its sad really, but no one gives a fuck what you are doing.


      • That is exactly the right attitude, just without the sad part.

        Indifferent is the way to do with women who are unattractive to you because any show of emotion is going to feed the hamster. It can make her feel like she might have a chance with you, or it can make her feel that you are a threat that needs to be neutralized. It puts you in the Girlville of social posturing.

        Women, regardless of how we look, are vengeful creatures. We are all also someone’s relative, and usually someone’s friend. Being indifferent is socially neutral. Being aggressively hostile is antisocial. Unless you are the actual alpha male in a group, picking on a weak female is not going to make you look stronger. At best, you’ll look more like a useful idiot…accepted by the in crowd, but still just part of the crowd.

        I’m talking offline, not online. Online, calling women ugly is like, well, RPG’s…games where people act out fantasies they can’t in real life. It’s popular enough that someone can be the alpha at it, but “even if you win, you’re still retarded.”


      • Yes, you are right – male rationalization hamster’s buzzing


  7. That retort can’t work on Asian girls, because YES, they are THAT vain.


  8. on August 4, 2011 at 2:42 pm greatbooksformen GBFM


    one time thsisijsi hottie said, “omg my boobs are too small… wahah wo is me wahaha whahaha”

    so i consoled her nicey nicey.

    i put my arm around her and drew her in, and whispered zlzozlzl

    your boobs aren’t too small. it’s just that my cocka and your ass are so big zlzoozozlzzlzlzlzlz

    she pouted at first but then we compared teh size of my lotasa cockas with her boobs and ass and she saw i was right and kissed lotsa cockas nice and slwo and then fats sfatsfsfatssf omg lzozozlz omg she wanated me to put the ootsa cocka in her lotsa butt but i said no nonononon and then my lostsakakak cockc went spsploeoegege eon her itty btty titteies slzolzzolz

    so you see it is good to console womenz and make them feel good bout dem setheehslemeves lzozolzlzl


    • this girl i dated had issues with her breast size. she was a b cup (so not entirely flat) but the rest of her body was fantastic.

      her: do you think my boobs are too small?
      me: they fit in my mouth just fine and you know how big that is
      (i proceeded to demonstrate)

      p.s. she did later get implants. would you believe some other schlub paid for them? i enjoyed them for free.


      • on August 4, 2011 at 3:12 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

        lotsaa girls hen they see my lotsa cockas ask me if it is a cockas implant lzozlzzlzl

        i go noes wayz dude zlozzozo it’s just that i stretchin it out every night bfoeor i go to bed while thinking of youuozuzo lozlzlz


  9. on August 4, 2011 at 2:50 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    textxs that always work 100% surefire

    i text “lotsa cockas 4u.”
    she texts,”?????”
    i text “srry wrng #”
    she texts, “:(”
    i text, “lotsa cockas 4u2.”
    she texts, “:)”

    true story zlozzo the rest is history zlzoozlzozolz


    • i text “lotsa cockas 4u.”
      she texts,”?????”
      i text “srry wrng #”
      she texts, “:(”
      i text, “lotsa cockas 4u2.”
      she texts, “:)”

      Instant classic. Some omega should tattoo “zlzoozlzozolz” on his forehead.


  10. on August 4, 2011 at 2:58 pm Basil Ransom

    Nice. I’ve usually ignored those comments. Or do mild agree and amplify. Or a neg: “oh that [negative feature] is kinda cute.” Delivery is important.

    If you’ve been a cocky fuck all along, a girl will not recognize these as compliments.”Oh, what a compliment, thanks, Asshole.” Or “Oh my god, did you just give me a compliment?” “Oh, my sincerest one ever…” Asshole image amplified.


  11. I recently said something about my man jaw to a male friend and he brushed it off with, “That’s alright.” It was kind of like, yes you do have one, but I don’t really care and I don’t feel like talking about it response. I thought it was a good way to respond to me. “Have you always been this vain?” is basically the same idea, but wittier.


  12. on August 4, 2011 at 3:10 pm greatbooksformen GBFM

    textxs that always work 100% surefire

    i text “yo”
    she texts,”?????”
    i text “bring da movies”
    she texts, “i am wtaching the matrix 2nite. come over?”
    i text, “u cum over.”
    she texts, “k fine if u have wine”
    i text, “lotsa wine 4 trinity.”
    she texts, “lol”
    i text, “you misspeleleed lzozlzozlllzloolzolzollzol.”
    she texts, “lozozlzzoozlozzl.”
    i text, “but dats okay cause i mispelled cockas as wine lzozlzozlzlz. nobody pufect”

    true story zlozzo the rest is history zlzoozlzozolz


  13. First Rule of Game Club: Do not act like a gullible mangina.

    Or, go through the dating wringer over and over until you know better.

    Game is merely the acceleration of learning through experience. It’s the maturation of dating wisdom.

    Girls naturally try to suck you in to their frame, and a guy who has been through the wringer again and again is resistant to nodding and going along for that ride. Again.

    “No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat. Your ass makes you look fat.”


    • I like Athol K’s response here: “Let me see the ass without the pants.”


      • Obviously that only works if she says, “Do these pants make my ass look fat?”


      • Or with whatever shit test she pulls:

        -Does this dress make me look fat?

        Let me see you without the dress.

        -How do I look in this outfit?

        I’ll be the judge, take off the outfit.

        Diffuse. Amplify. Bang. Go do whatever it was you were supposed to be doing together.


  14. I like hearing a self deprecating comment, it’s like a soft IOI, the girl tries to seem weak because she instinctinvely knows that men will be attracted to her weakness and try to protect her. She wouldn’t throw this line to someone that she’s definitely not attracted to.
    Obviously, It’s also a shit test. She is looking for alpha congruency, only alphas are sufficiently strong to provide the protection that she instinctinvely seeks.

    In case I can’t come up with something clever, and if i don’t feel like responding with “have you always been this vain”, i would either agree & amplify (“you don’t say, what a shame”) or just look distracted and change the subject, it’s the easiest way to pass a shit test.


  15. A few weeks ago I was gaming a bitch in a club. I left the club with my groups and I was on the way to fuck my ‘girl’. The club bitch (who is a model) ended up being really insecure over text messages like 😦 😦 you’re not interested in me etc etc…

    “Where’s your confidence baby?”

    Use it when you’ve already established shit.



  16. Self-deprecation is thorny for all the reasons said above. But if you acquire a reputation for blunt honesty, they’ll stop asking for the abuse.

    If she submits herself to what she realizes will be a brutal judgment (rather than the bleating beta cacophony of a thousand failed shit tests), her intentions will become purer than they would otherwise. She knows simultaneously that 1) you won’t pull punches, 2) you won’t play her constant alpha-beta sifting game, and 3) you will deliver your honesty without affect or a will to petty vengeance, the unvarnished truth delivered in a tone of presumed trust.

    It’s as if you are saying, my loyalty to the truth is greater than my loyalty to your delicately arranged china-shop feelings, so invite the bull in at your peril. And yet, there are such things as disciplined bulls who have demonstrated, from the moment they handled their first shit test, that they will break only the myths that are necessary. Blunt does not have to be brutal or gratuitous.


    • “My loyalty to the truth is greater than my loyalty to your delicately arranged china-shop feelings, so invite the bull in at your peril.”



    • If (and it’s a big IF) a woman has half a lick of sense, then blunt honesty is refreshing.

      I’d go as far as to say that a hair shy of abusive is better than too reassuring. Women may claim that they don’t like guys who point out their flaws and criticize them, but if this were so then we’d all hate our fathers.

      Being ultra real fosters trust.


  17. Women can be as trainable as puppies. You do the necessary work of agreeing with the deprecation without doing violence to the truth, even as you generously establish the context of that truth wherein she might find consolation. In other words, no, you’re not flawless, get a grip, princess; but the fact that you’re with me should be all the self-confidence you need to stop with the pointless psychological fishing expedition. See Lara above, “That’s alright.”

    Except, strictly speaking, it’s not “all right.” Laziness and fatness (or whatever else she is deprecating) is not all right, depending on the level of exaggeration of her deprecation. It is important that she realize once she drops a few pounds she will be free from the necessity of asking questions that she already knows only have tough answers for her. At the same time she must understand her luck, that the rest of her has enough appeal for me to even dignify her vanity with a response. Would I even bother being truthful with a moaning whale, or would I take the quickest route of escape and let the polite response of “I wouldn’t say fat so much as curvy or Rubenesque” release me from having to deal with this sudden, awkward, and public confession of her insecurities?

    Granted, that’s a lot to communicate in tone, body language, and an alpha economy of words. But a pattern of honesty can only help, since she will know you are above the typical beta-baiting trickery that works on other men.

    “Does my skirt make my butt look fat?”

    “Do my jeans make my cock look fat? Come on, we’re late. Hit the stairmaster for an extra half hour tomorrow so we don’t have to have this chat every time you drag your fat ass out in public with me. It takes long enough for you to get ready as it is.”

    By the time women are comfortable enough for self-deprecation in front of you, it’s past the defensive hand-to-hand combat of pick-up and well into a relationship. By then she should know that any shit test will come flying back at her like a monkey at the zoo, and will adjust accordingly.


  18. I’ve always just kept my mouth shut when women go fishing for compliments when bitching about their looks, etc. It works in that they learn not to bitch to me anymore when they figure out i wont sublicate but wouldn’t exactly says it builds attraction or in any way helps with a seduction. “have you always been this vain” sounds great, will give it a try.


  19. I think a lot of women who are very goodlooking and obviously know they are goodlooking fish for compliments. To me that’s worse than just knowing your goodlooking and being conceited about it.


  20. I remember once during my senior year of high school where this girl I sat next to told me her stomach was getting rather flabby. So open up her shirt to let me see. At the time, I didn’t think anything off it. I didn’t really try to compliment her or comfort her in some way. I had this kinda ‘OK.. that’s interesting…’ mindset to it and just agreed as if I just wanted wanted to drop the issue.

    Didn’t realize then I said the right thing. Or at least, I didn’t react like a herb would.


  21. I think Heartiste has a real point when he says you shouldn’t give in when a woman is fishing for compliments, but when a woman opens up to you about being genuinely concerned about a part of her body- you might be wise to reassure her its not a big deal.

    Girl at the office complaining about her hair= fishing for compliments

    Naked girlfriend – post coitus – confessing that shes always thought her tits are too big and shes considering breast reduction surgery = pump the breaks, they look great, honey.


  22. You got that great personality to fall back on.


    • Ha. This supplants “Since when are you so vain?” as the go-to reflexive response when the wit muscle isn’t working.

      The commenters here are first rate. High quality, experienced, smart, secure, and responsive. A testament to the consistent quality of the blog itself.


  23. “Don’t worry, flaws are cute”

    Would this work too?

    [Heartiste: Yup. So would “there’s beauty in imperfection”.]


    • This one popped into my head. A bit of dialogue from a sitcom I saw as a teenager:

      “It’s the imperfection that makes you perfect.”


    • These two are actually even much better than saying whether she’s always been this vain. They would make a girl think you like her, too.
      But you don’t need more fatty stalkers … So don’t say it!


      • I was joking with this about fatty stalkers – I personally still think it’s very admirable morally if you are an alpha who’s making ALL women feel good, including those who are not so good-looking or are obese. When a sexy, “alpha” man makes them feel good, they can even start thinking about losing weight – that would be a good thing. If I was a man with game, I’d be walking around gaming ALL women. It’s very positive. I remember meeting a player with perfect game and he made me feel so alive and so very female (even though I was still feminist at that time). If you want to do something good for society, go and game feminists, lesbians and obese women. They need PUA’s the most to evoke the forgotten feeling of how is it to be a woman in them. Please do it 🙂 It feels good.


      • Wow great , you are so opinionated on everything.
        I am glad you got everything right and know what everyone should do and what you think of everything, so why don’t you go out and have a life for a change.
        Instead you are here spreading your inner talk, replying to every post , even to YOUR OWN!


  24. I’d just tell her that her opinion doesn’t count. It’s the man that decides who is pretty. Deal with it.


  25. The whole subtext here is passing shit-tests.

    I”m now backsliding. I can feel it. I had had, now I’m wrestling for control of it.

    I’m getting crap like: “Don’t talk to xxxxx” anymore. “If you do I’ll be pissed off”.

    I still do what I want, but the tension and pressure is building.

    It gets back to the idea of “gullible mangina”.

    Had shit-test at dinner yesterday.

    We were with another couple. Guy spoons out dessert for his girlfriend.

    Mine hands me the bowl with the suggestion I do the same.

    I spoon stuff into my own bowl and start eating. The dynamic is interesting.

    She spooned more stuff into my bowl.

    I think what’s bothering me and what is a problem is that we cave in to the tension.

    The tension is uncomfortable, instead of realizing that the tension that is created is neither positive nor negative but whatever we do with it.

    If we let is slide, then it’s just a fact. If we start to backslide, then it’s a shit-test failed.

    Managing tension created by these questions is key.

    It’s a not easy and the default position is to simply supplicate.

    It’s taking more nerves of steel than I thought.


    • “We cave in to the tension. The tension is uncomfortable, instead of realizing that the tension that is created is neither positive nor negative but whatever we do with it.”

      Spot on. I’m starting to realize that part of being an alpha is tolerating uncertainty and ambiguity, and yes, tension.

      How you label it determines how you deal with it.


    • “It’s a not easy and the default position is to simply supplicate.”

      Only if you care about her.

      Look over at her when she starts up the next shit test and say,
      “You CAN be replaced”.


  26. on August 4, 2011 at 10:57 pm Big Game Hunter

    I’ve had success with this “you always this vain?” response to girls criticizing their own looks. It’s worked for me even better when I do it like this:

    – *girl makes one of these remarks and looks at you, waiting for the obvious niceguy beta compliments*
    – me: “Are you always this vain, or is it only when I’m around?” (insert slight cocky smirk here)

    I guess that works as some sorta DHV, because every time I’ve done that the girls have reacted strongly and in many cases that line seems to have turned what was a girl in not such a good mood into a girl who was all over me.


  27. The most subtle and effective neg when you have just met an attractive woman, particularly one that looks like she knows that she is attractive is NOT to compliment her, NOT to focus on her looks and to take the attitude of “so, what else do you have to offer”.

    At the very least this will make you stand out from the crowd of men that have been telling her how great she looks etc from the day she grew breasts.


  28. OT:

    At around 5:30 Savage juts HOES women.


  29. I find that its better to reframe the question and say something outrageous. Like King A said you usually encounter these questions well into the relationship.

    If you say “are you always this vain” while its indubitably a great line she might escalate it to some other non-sense like “hey its true…” and drag you into an awkward silence/ change of subject.

    Here’s how I’d handle the situations:

    Her: My tits are small!
    Me: *look amused* So are mine!
    Her: *glowing eyes*

    Her: I am below average looking/ugly
    Me: *5 second pause, then an epiphany* I figured it out…
    Her: *confused stare* What are you talking about?
    Me: *5 second pause* There must always be a balance in everything in life. *pointing at my face* Lucky for you, I’m drop-dead gorgeous
    Her: *slaps you playfully* oh shush!


  30. But, if a hot chick with a history of occasional, really bad rashes makes a comment like that, you are utterly boned because it could be either.

    Yes, this has happened to me. 😛


  31. “Eh, you look nice… pass the salt.”


  32. One of my favorite exchanges ever, at PT’s strip club in Indianapolis.

    A stripper with a perfect body and MOUNDS of curly blonde locks pouted and said: “My hair looks like shit today.”

    I cocked my head, pondered for a brief moment and replied deadpan “Yeah, it really does.”

    She gasped, looked horny as hell and then proceeded to bend me over the stage and spank me. I let her and let her know I couldn’t get enough.


  33. I don’t understand the vain comment. Please, fuck, someone explain this to me. Is it sarcasm?


  34. I just got this one from my ‘girlfriend’ of several years. Regarding matrimony and being each others partner, she says via text….
    “You never wanted me as a wife”, then, “Its ok, I figured it out, doesnt change my feelings for you” she says.

    My response was. “thanks, (for the slap/shit test)
    Then “Maybe its better if I dont bother you for awhile” I offer.

    “whats your issue?” she asked
    (Now recognizing a shit test,
    my response;)
    “This wont improve in text. I will speak to you in person about it.”

    Her response; “I’m not upset at all but it sounds like you are, sorry, geez”

    My only response “not upset”

    and she went on the silent ringer, dont talk to them for 30 days plan…

    How did I do gentlemen? Recovering beta of many years. Met this honey when we were both married and had crazy/evil spouses, and she knows I will never get married to anyone again…. but she keeps trying…