Alpha Of The Month

In the midst of the Vancouver rioting, one righteous dude figured it was a good time to make out with his girlfriend in the middle of the street.

Apparently, the girl was knocked on her ass by a cop rushing into the crowd, and this is her boyfriend consoling her in the best way he knows… by having a make-out. (There were rumors the scene was staged, but eyewitnesses have dispelled those doubts.)

Major alpha props to this guy for:

1. ignoring the threat of a stray Molotov cocktail to play some grab-ass

2. using his girlfriend’s possible injuries as an excuse to swap spit, and

3. giving the studio audience a titillating upskirt shot of her crotch. She looks like she has a sexy body, judging by that silky smooth parabola where the bottom of the ass cheek meets the hamstring.

The photographer will probably win awards for his photo, but really, the accolades should go to this stone cold seducer. Slender girlfriend? Check. Protector of loved ones? Check. Amused mastery? Check. Exploiting the knowledge that danger makes girls horny? Check.

Riot game is unstoppable. There’s no doubt this guy had the ride of his life later that night. He makes his parents proud. Her parents? Eh, not so much. “Hey, Joe, was that your hot daughter making out on Howe Street last night in front of thousands of people?”


  1. on June 17, 2011 at 12:26 pm A French guy living in CA

    At least something good has came up from the economic Armagedon the World is about to see!


  2. I imagine his left hand groping boob.


  3. on June 17, 2011 at 12:34 pm A French guy living in CA

    Hey, Roissy,
    You should make a permanent section about this! “Game in the last Days of America”. I don’t think it’s too diferent from Ancient Rome.


  4. Now THIS is how you White Knight a situation.


  5. this was exposed as a prank. the couple are exhibitionists. they have posed making out I the middle of the street before. nothing as spontaneous and passion-filled as one might think from the photo alone. sadly, the story you’ve been told has been made up and I fear that the Internet will exaggerate the story a lot more until this photo wins the pulitzer.

    [Editor: Eyewitnesses say otherwise, so it’s your word against theirs’. Regardless, even if it was a prank, it’s still pretty alpha.]


  6. Ha. I actually had sex in the Wisconsin State Capitol and poked smot during the intense “rallying” here. Shit like that is always way less epic that it’s portrayed on the news.


  7. I almost died once – blacked out on a set of stairs and landed in a pained and barely conscious stupor. When a stranger ran over and cradled me in his arms, immediately I stopped feeling afraid. It was hardly romantic, but still, I’ll never forget that guy…even if just for the fact that he didn’t even try to steal my purse.


  8. It seems unclear whether it was a prank or not. If it was, I bet 10 to 1 it was the girlfriend’s idea not his. Would that make it less alpha?


  9. That pic is up there with this one


  10. It was a PR stunt. That is all


  11. Exploiting the knowledge that danger makes girls horny? Check.

    I got stuck in that riot and made out in front of a burning car with a girl I just met. Got my friend to take some pictures too but I’m glad they’re not on the internet as my girlfriend would not be too happy about it.


  12. In other news Chris Rock agrees with Roissy about why female pols don’t get caught in sex scandals:


    • on June 17, 2011 at 1:52 pm Richard Matthews

      Chris Rock was quite charitable. He said women in congress were ‘cute’.

      [Editor: Yup. In his defense, Whoopi Goldberg’s ugly mug and the rest of those hatchet-faced yentas could drain the testosterone from Steve McQueen.]


  13. You are right about the male making his parents proud. Here is his dad’s Facebook page.


  14. Mobs suck. Don’t really care whether this *awww* moment happened.

    This riot just gave more justification for curfews, national i.d. cards etc.


  15. I’m curious what the women think of the guy in the picture.

    Let’s consider the picture as sexual advertising for both parties. The girl’s legs and ass are getting a good show, and to the extent one doesn’t think it is a stunt it doesn’t make her look like a slut, just a damsel in distress. So I’d say it works well as an advertisement for her body.

    The guy? There’s such a fine line between looking like a stud vs. looking like a chump in this situation. He earns the most points due to the fact that the girl he is kissing is hot. But in general PDA’s seem a bit beta. To the extent one views this as a stunt, the boyfriend may be the victim of the stunt, because this is his girlfriend not simply some girl he ran across. His giving in to her thrill-seeking makes her seem like the one in control.

    What do the girls think?


    • How exactly is PDA “a bit beta”? I think the opposite is true. Most betas are afraid of PDA.


      • You think? In my experience I’ve PDA’d much more when I’m less secure around girls. I’m talking about with girls you’ve already fucked, not one’s you are trying to fuck for the first time. Sometimes it’s because if you’re with a girl and you don’t know what else to do or say around her you reflexively kiss her to ease the anxiety. Also, it seems that girls constantly WANT PDA’s so denying them seems a bit more alpha than giving into them too often. But of course it is a question of context and balance.

        I believe this blog has referred to PDA’s as beta somewhere in the past.

        [Editor: It has:

        Though in this case the circumstances are so unusual that riot guy’s pda does not smear him with the stink of beta.]


      • The context is also country-dependent. If you walk around South America, for instance, everyone seems to be making out all the time. This is probably because many young people don’t always “have a room”. Public seems less public in some countries.


      • I have an end all theory of PDA. If amount of pussy = level of alphadom, then PDA is only a tool. Despite its irritating nature to many (including myself), it’s usefulness is situational. In certain situations…it might get you more pussy. In others, not so much.


  16. on June 17, 2011 at 2:05 pm Crispus E Hale

    When I saw this picture independently, I was wondering when it would appear on Roissy LOL


  17. nothing new …. remember the scene in “Quadrophenia” where the mod dude nails that chick in the alley in the middle of the Brighton riots? “riot game” indeed.


  18. This photo is so obviously staged: there’s not a slender chick (with an ass like that) in ALL Canadia.


  19. Dude’s name is Scott Jones; he’s 29 yrs old and from Australia. He’s a bartender and trying to make it in show business. This wasn’t staged. Dude is alpha because he’ll be tearing that pussy up.


  20. on June 17, 2011 at 4:27 pm hughgrection

    I’m pretty impressed roissy knew about Howe Street…


  21. Unfortunately for Scott Jones this incident may have been great for his stand up comedy career were it not for the fact he has such a generic name. Some story claimed he has a video of his standup on youtube but I got tired of searching for it. Would have been interesting to see how alpha he came off on stage.

    Anyway, here’s an alpha Australian comedian who gets it right — on the subject of sluts:



    according to the interview, she was hurt by a riot shield and he was trying to console her. the kiss was not one of sexual arousal, but one of comfort. so not really all that alpha.

    now if he’d had his fingers in her twat….


  23. The Jim Jeffries video shows a guy in tune with my ideas. Sluts have innate personality traits that you just don’t find in good girls. Traits many men prefer. Prefer in their MATES. Even at the risk of infidelity and an impermanent relationship. And guys with high sociosexual scores just don’t give as much of a fuck about lifetime monogamy anyway. For some guys, each year with a great slut beats five with a good girl.


  24. Making out with a hot girl on the middle of a street is alpha. Comforting her after she was knocked out by a shield by locking lips is alpha. On what planet are Beta men doing this with a hot girl?

    A lot of men here don’t have any idea about what being alpha is, or they are so worried about not being alpha that they over compensate with their jerk/bad boy mentality.


    “This photo is so obviously staged: there’s not a slender chick (with an ass like that) in ALL Canadia.”

    You get what you focus on.


  25. @xsplat

    All women are sluts for an alpha.

    You should stop putting women on a pedestal and believe there is such thing as “good” girls, there is well trained from upbringing/culture, but none are born inherently “good.”

    The female sex drive is equal or higher than the male sex drive.


    • He didn’t say they were born inherently good. He just mentioned what they ARE, currently. What does that have to do with putting them on a pedestal? He clearly views sluts more favorably.

      I don’t think the female sex drive is higher then a mans though. Her sexual pleasure can be higher, therefore she’ll want to feel the pleasure a lot. But an actual hormonal response of “needing it” right now is not alive as often as a mans is. Ovulation changes that.

      There are women out there that aren’t interested in sex at all, probably cause they haven’t gotten good sex ever and might be really old, so I probably wouldn’t consider them a slut lol


  26. In a unrelated note: hooray for nested comments!


  27. Since this blog prioritizes truth over pretty lies, you might want to check out the second photo of this event.

    Apparently the girl’s a little more chubby than we thought.


  28. Here’s the guy’s Facebook profile pic:

    And here’s the chick’s:


  29. @Nick P

    Awesome to see the old man is proud of his son! Heartwarming.


  30. This photo distills the Roi ssy philosophy: “I’ll be poolside.”


  31. Fuck civilization, what’d it ever give us?


  32. Australian no doubt.


  33. Someone mentioned:

    “according to the interview, she was hurt by a riot shield and he was trying to console her. the kiss was not one of sexual arousal, but one of comfort. so not really all that alpha.”

    Sorry man, but

    “This does not compute.”

    Don’t take this as an attack buddy, but to me, that many of us men are incapable of seeing “how Alpha” kissing a girl on the bare pavement in the middle of a full riot is, simply because it was a “kiss of comfort” and not a “sexual kiss” goes a long way to explaining why so many men in our generation have such difficulty relating to and understanding women, much less than sleeping with them.

    It also goes a long way of illustrating how people misunderstand the concepts of “alpha” and “beta” there are times in which comforting a scared girl is the most “alpha” thing that you can do, and other reactions are just beta douchebaggery.

    Don’t just look at what people say, look at what they do. The way people express what is happening only shows how they can articulate their internal reality.

    What you see as a “kiss of comfort” was about comforting her, that’s why it was sexual, do you have any idea what girls do with you when they are scared and you comfort them like that?

    They fuck you afterwards. Unless you tool yourself. Is this so hard to understand? If you kiss her like *that* in the middle of a full riot and she isn’t taking you into herself afterwards, for comfort, then somewhere and somehow she’s probably frustrated that you missed an open invitation.

    When women say they feel comfort or cozy with you, it’s easy to misunderstand what they are really saying. You can make a girl feel profoundly comfortable and cozy with you and then have your way with her in a broom closet. In fact she probably wants you to.

    Part of the problem is a lack of empathy, empathy being the ability to feel into other people’s emotions. Without some empathy you won’t fully get what’s going on in a woman’s heart.

    She was in a riot, a bystander, knocked down by a police shield, confused, scared, her boyfriend leaned over and made out with her on the sidewalk. Did that look like a “comforting” peck on the forehead?

    Good god people, it’s not that difficult. Fear and pain are biological arousal states. Ever made out with a girl in the middle of a horror movie or while doing something dangerous and risky and illegal?

    A lot of guys would have been scared to do what he did, that’s why the two of them are going to have a very interesting ride to California and she will literally never, ever, forget that moment in her entire life.

    Not rocket science by any means…


  34. Prank? Exhibitionists?

    Lamest pranksters ive ever seen

    full on fucking would have been better, the police probably would have been to busy to even try n stop them


  35. Alpha?

    No, tearing the head off an armoured police officer is alpha. Kissing your girl in the middle of a riot despite molotovs and batons is so beta it’s not funny. This a riot, you should have stayed at home if you wanted to fuck, at least not bring the gash along


  36. there is other footage out there with them being knocked down, it’s 100% real and it’s seymour street

    here is one link I found


  37. that is a sweet, sweet ass.

    Check this out: text misfire game.

    send “hey, im talking to two chicks in (town). You down, brotown?” to a girl, “accidentally”

    the hook is in. displays high value and is mysterious at the same time.

    this may have been covered here before.


  38. “Ha. I actually had sex in the Wisconsin State Capitol and poked smot during the intense “rallying” here. Shit like that is always way less epic that it’s portrayed on the news.”

    Lie to yourself some more – if it makes you feel good.


  39. on June 20, 2011 at 6:47 pm Obstinance Works

    I wonder what’s in the backpack. No condoms, I assume.


  40. on June 20, 2011 at 7:07 pm Obstinance Works

    there is such thing as “good” girls, there is well trained from upbringing/culture, but none are born inherently “good.”



  41. Here is the video how they were knocked down:


  42. At least someone from Vancouver can score on the road.


  43. That’s just fucking beautiful