More Scientific Evidence That Chicks Dig Jerks

A reader writes, “We’re getting close to definitive proof that (most) chicks dig jerks.” Yes, we are.

Single women had their brains scanned as they looked at photos of men. The pictures had been subtlely altered to make the men’s faces more or less masculine.

The more masculine faces won out in terms of attraction — but the areas of the brain that were activated indicated these faces were also ones the women found most threatening. [ed: :shock:]

The group found a few interesting results. First, compared with the feminized faces, masculinized faces led to more activity in five specific brain areas: the left superior temporal gyrus, bilateral precentral gyrus, right posterior cingulate cortex, bilateral inferior parietal lobule, and bilateral anterior cingulate cortex. These areas have been implicated in face processing as well as the assessment of risk, suggesting that, consciously or not, masculinized faces are perceived as not only more attractive but also more dangerous. The effect was quite robust considering just how slightly the faces had been morphed.

Let that sink in. Brain scans prove that women are attracted to threatening men. The female hamster has just been CAT-scanned, x-rayed and magnetically resonanced, and the wicked truth behind all the feelgood claptrap and feminist boilerplate is revealed for the world to gaze upon with eyes half-shut at the gruesome sight, repulsed and yet fascinated:

Chicks dig jerks. Assholes. Douchebags. Dangerous motherfuckers.

Another clue Rihanna may be getting back together with Chris Brown … the two partied at the same club at the same time last night … AGAIN.

Chris and Rihanna were spotted at Avenue nightclub in NYC. Sources at the club tell us the two were in the club together for roughly 30 minutes … and Brown spent some time hanging out at Rihanna’s table.

I’m fond of saying the boner doesn’t lie. The same could be said of lit-up neurons; hard to fake that funk.

I predict there will be much gnashing and flapping of labia from the usual suspects (manboobs included) about this latest study to prove that chicks love the badboy. But the evidence is irrefutable and really beginning to pile up that women are hard-wired to tingle for a dark triad.

For those of you who insist — INSIST, damn you! — that they’ve never needed to be an asshole to get women, I’ve only this to ask:

When was the last time you successfully picked up a hot, young woman?



Get it?

If you’re married to a frump, a plain jane, a cow (and odds are, you are), a has-been… well, no wonder you don’t need to be a jerk to keep her around. She’s got no options. She’s just grateful a man is willing to stick with her.

But the chicks with options… the ones who can pick and choose from among many men… the IN-DEMAND ones… they love the dickish dick.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’ve never gotten more radical, more INSTANT, positive results when hitting on cute babes than when I deliberately amped up my asshole vibe. I mean, to the point of nearly insulting them. Eyes brightened and sparkled, legs uncrossed, fingertips danced all over my arms. And these were the upper class smart chicks with multiple degrees.

If you *have* to choose between being a niceguy and a total dickwad when picking up high value women…

ALWAYS err on the side of dickwad.


  1. The study indicates women are more attracted to masculine features- what on earth does that have to do with why it’s important to act like an asshole? If anything this study disagrees with the whole notion that “looks don’t matter (as much) to women.”


    • on June 15, 2012 at 12:50 pm The Real Vince

      If anything this study disagrees with the whole notion that “looks don’t matter (as much) to women.”

      An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance.


      • Dude, get like, a t-shirt made that says “chicks dig jerkz lulz” so you don’t ever ever forget

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      • Yeah. It’s true that ‘chicks dig jerks’ but we really need to parse that. Of course we hear stories of women desperate to be with violent assholes but that should be the impression we are giving those new to game: that one should be an abusive dig.

        Chicks dig jerks (aloof, happy, energetic, non-needy) because they are content. They are self contained in the way that the ideal greek youth was but without the faginess. Your jerkishness should really only be a reflection of your self-absorption. This attracts women because you are then mirroring her and we all know that the mirror is the ideal mate for a woman.


      • Classic Sparkle

        Yeah. It’s true that ‘chicks dig jerks’ but we really need to parse that.

        I’m unsure if your American, but in the west
        THAT’S been parsed so many times it’s as worn out
        as Madonna’s cunt.


      • I’m saying a youngster visiting the blog might get the impression that Game is about being an angry asshole when it is more about being happy with your cock, i.e. being unconcerned, nonplussed, etc.

        Bitter and acrimonious “negs” won’t get you anywheres with the cunts. Plus, the point of Game should be personal freedom and happiness rather that isn’t outcome dependent.


      • Dude, there’s an ONLINE library the size of five Alaskas that’s been around for over a decade telling “youngsters” what’s up.

        All the rest, is piling on.
        Thickets of confusion.


      • Pretty much, though given the popularity of ’50 Shades of Grey’ we ought to be aware that cruelty does carry some appeal.

        That said, particularly when you’re new in the game, you can overdo it and drive them away. It requires calibration, which is rough when you’re new in the game.


      • Duly noted. It is “structured” cruelty though.

        Ya dig?


      • on June 15, 2012 at 4:08 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        i think dids is a da t shirtz dat u needz!!! lzozoozozo

        butetehx poweruusuzz!!!!


      • Short, sweet, and to the point.

        Some of your stuff at cafepress is pretty good.

        I’m still not sure how Bernanke relates to feminism, but as a symbol of the f’d up establishment – supporting and supported by silly twats – I quess he’s as good as anybody.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 4:42 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        poor bob dey oeverpperseibed hsi rtiaanlz and adderollz and made bob retatated zlzlzzzozozo

        bobz wake up and smeeelll da oc smelll da coffezz here!! lzozozozozozo

        “I’m still not sure how Bernanke relates to feminism, ”




      • on June 19, 2012 at 9:40 am My Cunt Is Wet With Fear

        Until you realize that feminism is NOT simply an accidental byproduct of economics or technological development, you may have swallowed the red pill, but the active ingredient hasn’t fully crossed your blood brain barrier.

        Alex Jones History of Feminism
        The destructive history and agenda of Feminism EXPOSED.. Women are ultimately the real victims of this deception.


      • A hot chick is afraid of a threatening alpha.
        A hot chick is afraid of a creepy beta.
        What’s the diff?


    • It correlates with testosterone which generally works double duty. It makes a man , buff, mean and potent, which is good for rutting season.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 1:13 pm operatingomega

        So why can’t we have legal, potent Test supplements with zero side effects?

        Oh now I remember. Sports.

        Go figure if the laws were changed and anabolics came off of the controlled substance list that big pharma would be dumping the money into research to make them more easily consumed and marketed to the general male public.


      • Because we don’t need a bunch of assholes running around.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 1:51 pm operatingomega

        Just people acting like them, right?

        If a hormone tells you do to something and you heed it, is it more Alpha (and thus arguably more permissible) than simply emulating and copying this behavior because you’re attempting to put on an Alpha appearance?

        If game is simply the act of creating an appearance purpose-built to have sex with women and we extol this, why would we not extol doing away with the appearance and instead alter ourselves to become it entirely?


      • I think of game as an attempt to grow more comfortable expressing yourself with honesty.


      • but your vaginas want it.


      • Test gets you high and makes you happy. Estrogen makes depressed assholes.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 3:03 pm Matt Strictland

        The elite don’t need a bunch of assholes running around. The human race, especially women do.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 3:04 pm Matt Strictland

        does, not do.

        It also needs people who can use correct grammar of which I am apparently not one, at least today.


      • There are many typos on the internet, Mr. Strictland, and they need your free editing skills. Please get started immediately. Humanity awaits your contribution!


      • All is not lost. Look into DHEA:
        It is cheap and easily obtained:
        Stick with the 25 mg tab, every 2 days. Lots of yadda, yadda re: ‘inconclusive studies’.
        It is an ‘anabolic’ agent, the same steroidal chemistry, a few steps away from testosterone.
        It is safe, and imo works on many levels to improve everything associated with healthy ‘maleness’.


    • They are attracted to the features they also find most threatening.


      • I understand all that but why then does (or do?) a guy like Paul McCartney get massive poozie? This was BTB,before the Beatles,let alone during and after the Beatles?


      • He’s self-confident, for sure, and a musician, which has always helped with the ladies.


      • What a dumb question. Fame, fortune, status, musician, pre-approval…. the list goes on.


    • Tim did you really ask that stupid question… Scratch my head..


    • on June 15, 2012 at 1:40 pm Art Vandelay

      Well the only thing the scientists had for the women to judge on is looks.


    • on June 15, 2012 at 2:04 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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      • Yeah, women fuck around when they’re young
        and like
        get old and worn out –
        but still (here’s the funee part!)
        want the Good Stuff!



    • Why are you guys flocking to answer that dumbass?


    • Tim, reread the entire post, and try again.

      You are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul


    • women like overt masculinity. being a dick is masculine. acting like pee wee herman having a temper tantrum is not being a dick.


    • on June 15, 2012 at 4:10 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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      • This tanktop just showed up in cafe press ad on… rock on GBFM, and God help any woman to click the link.


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      • dey should change the name of matchcom 2 lzozlozoolzo

        I’ll have to remember that one.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 12:54 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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        in teh same way da bankerz
        claimed your wifes assess in colleeg
        where they deocnstructed da GBFM knwoedlldeg zlozozzl = lzozozozoz = zlozozoz = =



      • No kidding. And around here, It’s mostly stuck-up liberal feminazi cunts, who are scared of right-thinking, free-speaking, red-pill guys. I mostly use it to meet military girls, since lots of them are much more conservative.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 11:17 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


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        dis is why it is better to just hooks ups with da owmenz da desouled womenz rather than try to talk or reasons or logic with demzz lzozozlz


      • you know you’ve been reading here too long when you can read and understand what GBFM has written at a glance


    • on June 15, 2012 at 4:17 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




      • Anybody who thinks that the bitch Sarah Silverman speaks for anybody but herself is a moron.


      • She is a typical joo


      • And you’re a moron if you think her fame and propagation occurred merely because she “speaks for herself”.


      • on June 17, 2012 at 12:22 am Mr. Pointyface

        Let’s see, let’s compare the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands of screaming, dying torture victims of the Inquisition and the Crusades; to the shameless joking of these Jewish comedians.

        I think we’ll give the Jew comedians a pass, and instead ask Jesus and the Christian Dog why he let that stuff with the red-hot pincers and the burning alive happen.

        But all who claim transcendental knowledge beyond demonstrable reality are potentially dangerous people with nervous disorders. Religion is a neurological disorder.

        Gay Blowjobs for Men’s attempt to sneak an indictment in via this bizarre hat guy with one Invisible Friend against the Jews and their invisible friend missed the point.


      • on June 17, 2012 at 9:54 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        Let’s see, let’s compare the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands of screaming, dying torture victims of the Bolshevik Communist Revolution; to the shameless joking of these Jewish comedians.

        I think we’ll give the Jew comedians a pass, and instead ask Trotsky and Lenin and da neococnths why he let that stuff with the red-hot pincers and the burning alive happen.

        But all who claim transcendental knowledge beyond demonstrable reality (like pointy face, who is passing judgment on da GBFM lzozlzozo) are potentially dangerous people with nervous disorders. Religion is a neurological disorder, as it suggests that buttfucking other man’z wifez is immoral, and if we couldn’t buttfuck othe rmenz future wivez and desoulth themand tape it secrtely lzozozol and convert them into vehiclies of welath trans frez like tucke rmax rhyemes iwth goldmans sax s does, how would da fed and bernankifierz make der moneyz??? lzozozozl.

        Pointy Face (dick nose lzozozolzol) attempt to sneak an indictment in via this bizarre hat guy with one Invisible Friend against the GBFM and their invisible friend missed the point.



      • Actually, while Trotsky and Lenin had no problems killing people, the really big-time murderers under Communism were Stalin and Mao, neither of whom were Jewish. Stalin was even planning to start killing Jews when Beria poisoned him.


      • on June 17, 2012 at 1:11 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        lozozlzoozzl and whozsez philosophies did stalin and mao base tehir phislosophiez on?



      • Let’s see, let’s compare the tragedy of the hundreds of thousands of screaming, dying torture victims of the Inquisition and the Crusades; to the shameless joking of these Jewish comedians.

        Yeah. (Yawn.)

        Deconstruction baby! Culture of critique baby!


      • on June 19, 2012 at 4:20 am Mr. Pointyface

        does anything in your reply relate to physical reality, or is it just academic code words like “deconstruction” , and the annoying modern irony of “yawn” statements? LIke, do you have anything interesting to say?


      • The Inquisition and Crusades were amateur pranks compared to Communism… the theory and culmination of which is laid squarely on the doorstep of the Jew… their occasional useful idiot goy henchmen are as morally immaterial as is the bulldog to his master.


      • on June 19, 2012 at 4:17 am Mr. Pointyface

        stalin was Georgian and Mao was chinese, not Joos I don’t think, it was paranoid personality disorder that seems to have been Stalin’s problem, I’m guessing the Commie purges were bizarre perversions of what socialist idealists would have wanted, just like the loathsome practices of the Catholic church in the middle ages would have horrified the historical Jesus. (Praise Jesus… pass the hot pincers)

        The takeaway that anyone claiming transcendental knowledge which potentially justifies murderous insanity should be labelled from the beginning as delusional.

        Um, what’s deconstruction? Is that something you can see, like carrying wood away from a building site? Or is it … a form of special knowledge? You know… stuff that only an elect can detect…


      • son you have to understand that history has been “deconstructed” and presented to you in shcool in such a way to push certain jewish agendas. take inquisition for instance, the movement has remarkable achievemnts in reviving the rule of law in court, yet you spew some nonsense about burning witches and blame it on church


      • The Commie purges were Stalin getting rid of people who were a threat to him. Like Hitler killing the SA leadership in the Night of the Long Knives.

        While I actually do believe religion has a lot to offer society, it’s more in making life better for beta males. Social conservatism means the alpha’s tricks are less useful, because a woman won’t want to ruin her marriage. Christianity and monogamy are, essentially, a beta conspiracy, and they’re what let Western Civ grow big and strong. Science made it deadly.

        Of course then the science undermined the Christianity, so it may be self-defeating. No empire lasts forever. The Chinese may never have been able to invent science, but they are able to use it, and their ruthlessness may allow them to supplant us. We shall see.


    • on June 18, 2012 at 4:40 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



    • on June 19, 2012 at 1:13 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      “da professional womenz ode”

      alpha* fucks and beta bucks
      dat is how we roll
      da butthexting cockass we fucks and sucks
      and in our anuthes it doth deosul
      alpha fucks and beta bucks
      it is da way of da fed
      to transfer assetss to dose who butthext
      cuckold dose who pay for our bread
      beta bucks and alpha fucks
      it’s what day teach us we;’re entitled too
      da assetts from betas we plucks
      after da alphas desol us through our hole for poo
      cuckold da betas cockhold da alphas
      datsz what day taught us in mba grad school
      as da feiisnsits see no truth nor justice in their laws
      and say da great books for menz was all fools.
      yes, yes, i did very good on my gmats
      dey bernenakifed my soul away, left me with cats


      * “alpha” is here defined as the ability to lie, mislead, butthext, bernankify, and tape butthext in secret while getting women to fund and promote your tales of butthetxing like tucker max whyems iwth goldman sax.

      note that this is not the classical definition of “alpha” in the sense of Achilles, Moses, Odysseus, and Aeneas, who honored both God and Man. but rather, this new “alpha”–popularized by the bernanke/butthexting elite–is actually very beta.

      while mystery wears furry hats, achilles and moses never did.

      who are the greater men? the secretive taper of butthexter tucker max rhymes with goldman sax? or achilles, moses, and odysseus? ben beranke or socrates and jesus?

      now you see why, my good friends, why the federal reserve funded the deconstruction of your True Fathers–the Great Books for Men.

      Da GBFM teach us “Thou shalt not steal” and as the FED is foudned upon stealing lzozlzoz dey had to form the armies of the fmeinsistz movememehts to deconstruct and mruder the great books and classics while aborting over 50,000,000 unborn lzozozolzo in da neoocconths preemptive war against the dead, the living, the unborn, god and man lzozozlo


    • on June 19, 2012 at 1:49 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



  2. Is this the central dogma of poon?

    we need another 10 commandments of poon post or an updated one.


  3. on June 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm Rihanna Deserved It

    Nice Rihanna reference.


    • She definitely earned some Brownie points that day


    • Why Chris Brown? He looks so much like a monkey! I can se why she dumped Drake;he is 1/2 jewish and loves to “eat da peach”;he is too beta,probbaly too intelligent for her. Why do I know this shiot as I am a 50 yr old white guy????


  4. Regarding: “women attracted to masculine features”…so why is it important to act like a jerk? objection.

    Assertive, self-motivated, agency in men is accepted as righteously masculine. This theory can be proven by its inverse example.

    Fawning, supplicating, or plain non-offensive behavior in males is seen as repugnant by men (that’s why shy boys get bullied in school) and a complete turn off by women (that’s why shy boys are ignored by girls in school)

    I finally realized all this (thanks to CH).
    At a social / business event I was at I saw some guys I know playing the Nice Guy to the ladies. The old “Suzy, you and me are buddies right?” and the girls just patted the guys on the back, without so much as a rub. “yeah Joe, you’re my homeboy; now buy me a drink will ya?”

    Meanwhile I was disagreeing with the girls whenever they said anything I could reasonably find fault in. I sent out the vibes that I was not impressed with the women and only moderately surprised that they were being productive etc.

    Finally I pulled one guy over and said, “Nice guys don’t get laid.” He looked at me like I had spit in his beer.

    “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid”

    how would that look on a bumper sticker?


    • “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid”

      how would that look on a bumper sticker?

      Like a superbly condensed truth.


    • Way to offer the red pill.

      Nice Guys Finish Last (every highschooler knows this, but how many pay attention?)
      Nice Guys get Illegal Immigrants (courtesy of
      …Any more?


  5. “But the chicks with options… the ones who can pick and choose from among many men… the IN-DEMAND ones… they love the dickish dick.”

    Thank you, I’m tired of these white knight bitches. You might have the girl but once she finds someone more alpha then you…Eventually….GOODBYE


  6. Those wacky scientists and their funny scientifical studies.

    Fortunately, the ‘asshole vibe’ comes pretty naturally to me.


  7. You want to know why we need assholes?

    Some asshole needs to stand up against this shit.


  8. Game is basically teaching people to treat women the way lower class blacks treat their women, and it will (and is) have the same effect on society.


    • No. Game is teaching men that gynocracy should and can be resisted effectively. It is a philosophy of personal conduct however and hasn’t yet translated itself into effective political opposition to the prevailing and established order.


      • Hears ya, C Sparkle.

        Now, next on the list…how to tingle a lesbian. In academe, at the courthouse,…


      • It’s my experience that only massive amounts of alcohol can warm up those frigid cunts. This is of course assuming that they are merely ideological converts and not hampered by a fucked up endocrine system. If that’s the case, there is nothing we can do except empower hot chicks at the expense of talented bull dykes.


      • Still, there’s a vestige of female in the wired bull. Ringing them to the hitchin’ post would be a project alright. Do-able? The switch-hitter would be easier and likely to be more attractive than her boss. I’m not the one to volunteer for such matters. But since we’re merely trading notes and info, someone may step up.
        The hormonal dyke residing in the lower middle power structure resents the hated competition who scores the attractive possible converts crossing the floor. Someone’s being deprived of a sex life. That resentment may amp up the creation of more policy that besets further upon us.

        With all the insights available in this site the psych leveraging of chicks for tail may eventually translate over to the main drivers of unnatural politics.

        Anyway, backs to the gamezzz-zuh…


      • The Patriarchy will back, we are the jedi against Lady PinkVador Prada


      • *strike


    • My intuition tells me you are wrong about your 2nd point.


  9. Mr. Chi-town

    uh, can you remind me, what did Sweden do during World War II?


    • Sweden played both ends against the middle….

      She ran her industry on Esso Petroleum crude — shipped in an American flagged tanker, once a month, right through the war zone — by special arrangement by the combatant powers. (!)

      She sold ball bearings at super premium prices to England and Germany — at the exact same time. ( Critical to aero-engines for both powers! )

      She ran cover for Danish Jewry that fled — making Denmark’s Jews the least murdered in Europe of all the occupied lands.

      She co-developed the FLAK 36 8.8cm high velocity gun. The first ever made were in Stockholm, and she continued to make spare parts for years, and years. Finland, circa 1968, was the last nation to still use the 88 for coastal defense. It was regarded as the Super Weapon of the war. Sweden’s massive involvement in creating it is passed over in 99.9% of written and video histories.


    • “… what did Sweden do during World War II?”

      Made money while everybody else was getting killed.


    • The Swedish diplomat replied, when asked why Sweden was staying neutral in WW II.

      “If the English win we are Democrats. If the Germans win we are Aryans.”


  10. on June 15, 2012 at 1:26 pm Nine Furies

    Some ppl will just never get it. Keep em comin CH. Drive those nails into nice guy coffins!

    If you can never leave a chick with her thinkin

    ” i dunno if hes gonna kiss me, spit on me or kill me”

    then you’ll never know the exquisite joy of her very soul aching to be possessed by your fuck sword.

    Her legs parting like the red sea for the chosen cock! hahahahaha

    Be a fucking man. Dominate.


  11. I heard a guy talking to his buddy on the metro last weekend say something like “you shouldn’t apologize for your masculinity”. A CH reader?


  12. I hope you are blessed with nothing but daughters. 🙂


  13. on June 15, 2012 at 2:13 pm Basil Ransom

    Exception to the always be an asshole rule: foreign dudes from the right countries, eg Italy. With a little bit of charm, these guys will have a girl fawning over them with stuff that would make her turn her stomach, had it come from a compatriot. Foreign guys in general get a pass, to an extent.


  14. I have banged 5 Women in May off an online dating site:

    23 was 7
    33 was 8
    21 was 7
    26 was 9
    38 was 7 (DDs)

    This was coming off a 24 month total of 20 Women….all online dating.

    I was a Dominant, Assertive, Masculine male in all interactions; many times after a 30min drink I was in my Apt with them making love. No dinner, no multi-hour courting, spening less than $25, and walking 1 city block round-trip, just straight to business.

    The U. S. social / dating world is a sexual dictatorship where 1% of Males enjoy 50% market share of hot babes. Online dating is only way to level playing field and reduce the Monopoly power these Males to the Monopsony structure that online dating offers (ie, sending 50 winks per days, is 18,000 @ bats/yr) v. offline starvation (104 @ bats = 2×52 weekend at bats most guys get). 18,000 v 104!

    Do the Math; while I do the babes.


    • on June 15, 2012 at 2:25 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      if you have to cumz here to brag about bagging 33 and 38 yearz oldz on online datings sites, you might as well hang out at da spearehehz lzozlzozolozozz


      • 3 on 5 are under 30.
        He gets a pass.


      • on June 15, 2012 at 2:44 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


        when i see da agez


        i cocnclcude dat many buttholez were violated masisvely zozlozozlzo before he paid an oonline dtating site and den spent $25*9 on da buttolez dat wer egiven freely younger hotter tigehtrz zlozlzzzlzoooz


      • on June 15, 2012 at 3:07 pm Matt Strictland

        Having at an occasional hot 30 something for a guy in age bracket is fine. If she is super hot (and this is really rare) its fine if she is older.

        And 33 is not that old anyway. Its on the borderline YMMV.


    • One suspects Silverfox may be a plant to promote the fortunes of match. How do you even find 50 women worthy of a wink in one day?
      And what explains your success in getting responses that would even allow you to demonstrate alpha behavour? (indeed some would argue that winks are non-alpha in nature, and that sending direct dominant messages would be more alpha). Please elaborate on your height, muscularity, race, income, level of looks.


      • If you have read previous posts by the Silver Fox, his success is owed to large numbers. He just knocks on lots of doors, so to speak, until one opens. This approach is certainly alpha. He doesn’t care one bit if a woman blows him off. He is on to the next one. And the next one. His success rate is tiny, but the denominator is large.

        It works for him. I would do the same if I were younger and better looking. And, had the time.


      • on June 18, 2012 at 10:25 am Lololblackguy

        No, it’s not alpha, he’s on an online dating site. It’s only alpha if the other women see him hitting on new women instantly and then, actaully pulling a girl in. If he just hits on lots of women and fails he actaully looks less attractive. The whole reason you learn game is so you DONT chop your balls off with online dating.


      • It’s not all just numbers.


      • If you can’t find 50 wink-worthy women in a day, take the amount of time it would have taken to send 50 winks and divide your attention evenly between sending brief openers to however many women you can find who are worth it. If you can’t find more than 5 attractive women per session, don’t bother. Either you live in a wasteland or girls nearby don’t use the site.


      • on June 18, 2012 at 5:51 pm Beer Monkey

        I’m 46 and good looking and successful, but I find generally 20somethings on the online sites don’t want to give a guy in his mid 40s the time of day. However, if I run into the same said girls in real life, they end up in my bed. Have had many tell me that they never would have met up or even replied to me on an online site, but having met in person they were impressed enough to not care about the age difference.

        I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule but I don’t have the time to send out hundreds of messages and play the numbers game.

        Actually fucked a 35 year old yoga instructor last week. A 22 year old cocktail waitress before that. 26 is the average age of my hookups and dates. The 35 yr old was surprisingly tasty (again, yoga instructor) though she’ll hit the wall in a couple of years. Post-30 chicks that are childless and complain about not pulling any guys should hit the fucking gym and stretch out their SMV decline by several years. Team America, fat yeah.


  15. The traits you are describing here are not assholish traits, they are manly traits. The asshole would be insulting the girls, not stopping short of it. If the term asshole keeps being tossed around so much because it is easy to use simply because that one word describes things very nicely, ok. However, asshole is a term used by women to shame men who are unabashedly masculine. Do you use it to throw is back in their faces, to succinctly make a point, . . . . what am I missing?

    ** I know there are lots of women who truly are attracted to the Chris Brown’s of the world who are true assholes. I get that, but that is not what CH is recommending here.


  16. Trust me many if not most have not banged 5 babes in last year; the 33 & 38 were classic blondes

    And none have banged a 9…

    5 in a month is the 5 min mile of game; trust me


  17. ps, im 43…so I am destroying #’s guys half my age are doing and still banging 21 yo’s


    • on June 15, 2012 at 8:20 pm Rick Derris

      Damn – I wish there was a “like” button here. Good for you!!

      Which website were you using? Plenty of Fish? I avoid those things on principle.


  18. on June 15, 2012 at 2:52 pm Shrimp Po Boy

    Hit her again, Chris! And this time put some STANK on it!


  19. Silver fox read cosy`s (costofsuccess) post on fastseduction about five lays in five days all in under five minutes.


  20. Heh, with a strawman being the first post; Nothing could vet this blog entry more.

    “B-b-b-b-b-but whyyyyyyyyy?”

    A close second would be those who slurp on every bit of every word posted and take it gapingly at face-value.

    “Achievement unlocked: Douche-level 9000”


  21. Let’s talk about a congruence. Can you do the jerk game while you don’t look like one? Imagine Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Whenever he tries to amplify his alpha behaviour, chicks simply ignore him (does happen in multiple episodes). I blame his sweet childish face. Women probably don’t expect any cocky and dominant behaviour from a man with such a nice face and they want to tool him instead, they want him to be submissive to women.

    I was in a hipster bar(!) drinking at the bar with my friend. Some hot hipster chick has approached us and after a few words I drank some of her beer without asking (taking it directly from her hand). She didn’t make a scene but told me that the confidence I have shown might appear cool but she believed it’s fake; then she was gone to her hipster friends. Now I can blame on hipsters or my childish looks. Which?


    • There is always a congruent confident personality to a man’s look. Not all men’s personalities are interchangeable, but a man with strong inner game does not have to be an extroverted asshole. Figure out your strengths and natural tendencies and go with it. Be yourself to such an extent that you think its almost obnoxious and chicks will be attracted to that strength.


    • on June 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm Rihanna Deserved It

      Childish looks? Sounds like she was right, you do lack authentic confidence. Do you think Macauly Culkin was worried about his childish looks when he was banging Mila Kunis for eight years?


    • Duh – she throws a shit test to test your congruence and you fail. You should have playfully ignored her.

      Pete Campbell tries too hard…needs to work on inner game 😉


    • Vincent Kartheiser is really hot (particularly when he looks sort of strung out, not as much when he is Pete Campbell) so I would disagree that Pete’s problems are due to his looks…it’s all the character’s attitude


    • on June 15, 2012 at 5:10 pm The Whammer

      Pete despite his baby face and nerdiness still has enough game to get the girls. When Peggy is first hired as a secretary he goes over to her apt. after getting drunk at his bachelor party and she let’s him in and he shags her (in fact gets her pregnant) After he got married while his wife was away he shags the au pair girl in the next apt. Recently he’s shagging his friend from the train ‘s wife. He also almost shagged some 16yo girl from his drivers ED class (he never had a license) His wife Trudy was pretty good looking but he’s just bored with marriage and kids. He wanted an apt. in the city but is wife objected. However, at the end she suggested that he get one. He’s brought big accountsi nto the firm and is a partner. You have to also remember that when he started he was young and up against a lot of older men but as time passed he’s now an equal and not intimidated by them and pretty much gets what he wants.He’s pretty much an alpha and you can’t compare him to the accountant or the nerds in creative. He’s even got into a couple of fistfights and although he lost them both he still showed some backbone.


      • Peggy was a nerd girl at that time, pretty much anyone in the office could have banged her, she wasn’t very picky. The girl from his drivers ED class was hijacked by a younger and muscular guy and Campbell was left watching. The biggest achievement (looks-wise) so far was his friend’s wife, but the friend was so boring that I guess his wife cheats with everyone on the way and isn’t picky too.

        You can say he is a partner now and has some higher standing, but that’s important only at the office. Alpha (semi-alpha) at work, beta at home. There is this scene (season 2 or 3) where Campbell is at the pool and he tries to chat up with girls passing near him but gets completely ignored. It’s hard to imagine Draper in his place being ignored, I don’t know way. I think it’s the looks.


      • Not looks. Attitude.

        Draper projects social status, Pete Campbell projects neediness.


      • Come on now, it’s looks plus attitude.
        Attitude is central. Looks grease the skids. But whining about a disadvantage in looks betrays a lack of confidence.


    • That’s just what hipster chicks do. Accuse everyone of being fake, not like them. They liked that band BEFORE it was cool.

      These girls are fucking annoying to me lol once they’re in person its not bad but getting them to meet up again after grabbing a # is like pulling out a tooth because of the hipster attitude. One of my least favorite types of girls personality-wise.


  22. @ Basil Ransom: Sure, the foreign guy has some allure just by being unique, but with a GOOD bit of charm, not a little bit. You’ve gotta have a lot of charm to win over girls in another country.


  23. May be off topic but anyway:

    I did a google search: “Why are women intimidated by sucessful men?” and the top results all come back “Why are men intimidated by sucessful women?”.


    • on June 15, 2012 at 4:43 pm Wrecked 'Em

      Men aren’t intimidated by successful women, they’re annoyed that those women think their success raises their market value in the way it does for men. Women thinking men are intimidated by them are either rationalizing or they’ve gotten the brush-off from so many men in their own league that they’re having to do their fishing way down scale where the guys are so low-qual as to actually BE intimidated. Either way, they’re lying to themselves about why they aren’t getting the men they want.

      Remember ladies, men basically want two things from a woman: for her to be HOT and for her to be pleasant (and if she’s hot enough, pleasant is negotiable). If you are, as Maureen Dowd fears, using your capability to think critically to BE critical of your man, you’re violating the “pleasant” rule.


  24. Back in the 90’s there was a book, “How to be the jerk women love.” It is good for the young guys breaking into game and is a great laugh for anyone. Pre-web, but I still recommend it as a way of stealth deprogramming when I have a young whipped guy in my business.

    It is amazing how much an easy lay lifts his performance in other areas.


  25. I don’t disagree with this info but…can anyone give me some concrete info on what “being a jerk” actually means, that women are into? Anyone have some stories to share, what actually happened? It just seems that, if you’re not naturally a jerk, pretending to be one is going to result in negative consequences, and the girls will be more turned off than ever.

    Girls have told me I’m a nice guy, just from the way I look. I’m not exactly androgynous, but I’m not exactly rugged. Is there any overcoming this?


    • on June 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm Wrecked 'Em

      Lose the baby fat on your face, and read the 3+ years of posts here.

      Hit 8% body fat with decent biceps and grunt instead of smiling and the girls will behave differently.


      • Yeah, I’ve been reading this blog for some time now. It’s actually hard to dig into the archives though, but there are enough back links to bounce from post to post. I guess there’s a fine line between jerk and creep, I’m guessing the difference is in “caring”, the aloof alpha attitude. There was a post way back about asshole game, but it seems in every case I hear the word asshole used, the context is where the woman is already somewhat invested in you. Maybe that’s the only time when being an asshole works.

        Good point about body fat. I’m probably in the sub-20% range (things changed once I crossed to 20% line, prob went from omega to beta), so I’ll do more. I’m already fairly tall/muscular.


      • Googling “indifferent asshole” with this domain name would be a good place to start.


      • Looks like asshole is just meant as the pejorative of aloof/uncaring. I don’t see anything about being dangerous/aggressive/violent.

        Do I take it that it’s not worth it to work on your aggressive/violent qualities?


      • Toward other men. Just make sure they are deserving of it. It’s part of wanting security from a man.


  26. Fortunately, I have am very masculine looking. Unfortunately, I am not an asshole. Nevertheless, I’m granting my inner asshole greater liberty every day.


  27. “These areas have been implicated in face processing as well as the assessment of risk, suggesting that, consciously or not, masculinized faces are perceived as not only more attractive but also more dangerous.”

    Makes sense – the sympathetic nervous system is the common gateway for sexual arousal and fear. The general arousal caused by fear and danger could come to be associated subconsciously with sexual arousal.

    I mean isn’t this blog always saying that you want a girl to be a little nervous in the initial stages if you want to bang her? Total relaxation = no sexual tension = beta friendzone.


  28. OT, but here’s my submission for Mangina of the Month – John Randolph


    • Typical white knight libtard. They’re as common as dirt nowadays, so I respectfully disagree about giving him any “mangina of the month” award


    • Granted I’m taking his description of the “harassment” at face value, but if the trolls acted as he says – and I see no reason to believe they would not, since I’ve seen similar behavior from many, many times – I don’t think it’s automatic “mangina” status to call out a bunch of angry bitter omegas for pissing in the pool.


  29. Regarding the tweet: A run-down of r/K selection theory. Bold stuff the likes of which you won’t read anytime soon in the NYBetaTimes.

    You would enjoy the book The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss.


  30. Regarding the Mad Men tweet. Don’s wife will likely leave him for a black man and this will cause Don to become more “racist” in his attitude towards non-Whites. Pete will go bald next season. The series will end as a whole when Don jumps out of his office window. This last scene will look like the opening credits.

    For the complete Mad Men review by Snoutsmack, see link below:

    “Mad Men: A Jewish Fantasy indulged in.”


    • on June 17, 2012 at 1:09 pm Mr. Pointyface

      Oh Christ ( I only call on him when I’m really in despair as I’m hard core atheist) “The Evil Joos Will Get Their Comeuppance”– you can’t be serious–no I can you can, you nuts murdered half of them in the War.

      Try this more modern Alpha thinking: They’re smarter than you, that’s why they control the most fun industry ( Hollywood) and fuck all your hottest white chix.

      Option 1: I’m wrong, no problem, they’re not Winning, and you’re fine.

      Option 2: They are superior, so either get better or stop whining.

      Option 3: Become like an ignorant ghetto moron, and through deception, murder and ruthlessness murder as many as possible. Like you brilliant mustache boy did before he lost and checked out.


      • You’re so very right: They’ve done so much for America.
        Hollywood’s Morality vectored at your kids.
        Banking and Bailouts
        the NYT…


      • Mr. Pointyface could you give my GF some,uhm,pointers,on the proper way to sucka dick. you seem quite knowledgeable in that regard!!!!!!!!! Dont choke on the jew cum!!


      • Some peasant shrewdness and stacking the deck for your own kind go a long way towards the appearance of superiority in this system of things, in which the Father of Lies holds sway… and most of their power elite are but, in the words of Christ, a synagogue of Satan.

        So keep glorifying in Babylon, picklesnoot. The Day is coming for you and your ilk.


      • Hater.

        To all readers: Please ignore this sociopath named Greg Eliot.


      • Gay.

        Yet another tiresome manifestation of Jason’s heebie-jeebies.


      • Hateful hater.

        To all readers: Please ignore this sociopath named Greg Eliot.


      • Gayer yet… and just when one would have imagined the douche could get no chillier.


    • Excellent analysis… ‘hiding in plain sight’, indeed. Well-done.


  31. I quite like older women….sexy women crop up at all ages.


  32. I don’t feel I’ve become an asshole. I did become clear in my intentions and the borders I place upon others when having a conversation. Seems to be working too, I’m 30 and I’m having 20 year olds trying hard to chase me. In the end, it was just doing weightlifting, being direct, being less overtly energetic (My worst flaw in dealing with women) and forming a cool, calm and direct demeanor.

    As far as asshole goes, relentless teasing and directly disqualifying bad behavour yes. But I can still form emotional connections with the woman. Then again, I’m more of the Athol Kay / Mark Manson school of ‘game’ if you’d like to call it that. It took longer, but the whole inner game route seems to be paying off.


    • on June 16, 2012 at 8:09 am The Whammer

      being less overtly energetic= a nervous beta with hover hands 🙂

      Weightlifing? Hmm is that the secret? I’d do it myself but I’m the sort who gets muscles very quickly and I don’t like that look at all. Makes you look like a meathead or Jersey shore moron.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 12:58 pm Art Vandelay

        well those Jersey Shore morons seem to get laid a lot, but it’s mostly scripted anyways…


      • If you’re smart, it’ll show. There aren’t a lot of really bright guys with muscles, so you’ll have contrast on your side. Go for it.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 3:00 pm Art Vandelay

        well I know a ton of bodybuilders who are nerds… Seems to be a compensation mechanism. I also don’t think those Jersey Shore guys are that dull (not nerds either), the women seem far stupider in comparison and the camera probably shaves off some IQ points.


      • Based on the few episodes I saw, I think the Jersey Shore guys are pretty smart. Having a camera follow anyone around all day, you are going to hear plenty of dumb conversation.


      • Naw mike is not literate much but is a very street smart dude. He acts in ways he knows gets a lot of attention. Watch how he paces around the house just scheming his wits into a stew.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 6:03 pm The Whammer

        I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Jersey Shore online just to see what it was. Tey don’t seem too bright to me. Here’s the Shituation running his own head into a wall. Not too bright getting brain damage. He had to be sent to the hospital.


      • Dude makes $5 million a year.
        and is on TV 24/7
        both mean: he fucks tons of girls.

        By CR definition, that makes him alpha
        So his brain performance doesn’t matter


      • I feel sorry for the situation guy. He tries to get women in his bed, but when he fails, he becomes completely obnoxious, losing his charms and showing how much the rejection hurts his ego. Pauly is the master of frame in this series. Always enjoying himself and actually trying to form a connection with a woman he likes. The guy is the most alpha of the bunch, as the obvious agressive meatheads are ruled by their attraction and get bogged down in drama with drama queens.


      • Something I’ve been thinking about: For guys with actual intelligence, it’s one of those things that you don’t have to flaunt. If you’re intelligent, people will figure it out pretty quickly. You just have to learn how to be cocky-intelligent: Don’t flaunt it, and when people call you out on it, just be like “I know” or “of course”, and then move on.

        If people detect a quality like intelligence, they just don’t know *how* far that goes, or what you’ve done/can do with it. You create this mystery by underplaying it. (Of course, no one cares about the interests of intelligent people: Physics, technology, math, philosophy, etc, nor do they care about your vocabulary. You can be intelligent without coming off as a nerd. In fact, you ruin the mystery when people think you just spend all your time reading physics books, etc.)


      • Intelligence is overrated; it’s been said quite well here, that it’s actually a liability.


      • on June 16, 2012 at 5:57 pm The Whammer

        Liad? I’d be ashamed of even being seen with any of those females.


    • Joost, you’ve pretty much nailed it.
      1. Be fit.
      2. Eliminate Beta behavior.
      3. Add alpha behavior.
      (or as was stated on SNL: Be attractive. Don’t be unattractive.)
      If you want women to chase you. This is it.

      It’s always the Betas that say they don’t want to work out cuz they don’t want to be like Jersey Shore. That’s a cop out. Sour grapes. When you are fit and have muscles, women respond. Not just the dumb ones. Even though I’d bang them too. ALL women respond. If a woman says she doesn’t like a fit man, she’s probably not pretty enough to get one. I always have more attention from women when I wear clothes that show off my muscles. Tight shirts. My button up shirts are tailored. My T-shirts are tailored. Women freakin swoon around muscles. If you want to be the one they’re staring at. If you want to be the one they’re hoping talks to them. If you want to be the one they “randomly bump into”. Then word to the prospective pussy plunderer: Work out.


  33. Word of caution. Learned tonight. Great Mother in law. Dotes on grandkids. She asked an innocent question, I replied with no malice. But it upset her by giving my honest answer. My Wife told me to be nice. I truly meant no harm. The wife knows me. But be nice to a good Mother in Law who interacts with your kids on a usually daily basis. MIL comes from a different time. Need to temper the natural asshole occasionaly.


    • Father in law is a natural asshole. Funny MF. We get along great. Retired, he enjoys spending time with the kids. Taught the boys a whole lot dealing with mechanics. He’s a genious with small engines.


    • Hey, asshole. Why are you being so cryptic? Mention the fucking question and answer, christ.


  34. on June 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm Libertardian

    “Another clue Rihanna may be getting back together with Chris Brown … the two partied at the same club at the same time last night … AGAIN.”

    American women are getting the men they deserve, and I find I just want no part of it. My urge to mate has lost the battle with my disgust and contempt for hamster-fueled behavior like this.


    • on June 17, 2012 at 9:03 pm Bill Brasky

      Reading skanks’ profiles on POF is unbelievably revealing and depressing.

      I could make an entire blog out of this subject, but one from today sticks out in particular.

      This grossly tattooed, yet otherwise actually cute 28 year old ended her profile with something to the effect of “I want a man who is right for me. Just because you would make a good father or husband, that doesnt make you right for me.”

      Just let that sink in.

      I am at the same level of disgust, hatred, and dejection as Soberdownunder apparently is, judging from his last post…


  35. He had 4 daughters. All three sisters in law also married a jerk. They are happy. Their Husbands include, One is a tenured profesor. The other two have a Youngest sister in law has a Phd in Mechanical engineering and is on the fast track at Exxon. She admitted it last night when we were talking talking about how much it sucks to fly over ten hours one way for a meeting. Makes me feel old when I dated my wife when the younger sister was in junior high.


  36. Penis envy. It’s real.


  37. Kevin Anon wrote
    “…but I’m not exactly rugged. Is there any overcoming this?”

    I’d say quickly check your actions.
    Stop drinking diet soda, stopping putting sweetener in your coffee, drink it black if you can.
    Eat more beef, stop the tofu and veggies b.s.
    shave every other day, indifferent attitudes rule!
    Lift heavy weight, jog
    wear dark color clothes, work boots
    Write large and less legibly it’s THEIR problem if they can’t read your handwriting.



    • Agreed on everything except diet soda.
      Coke zero saved my life, because of my sugar cravings. I heard that it kicks some dudes out of ketosis but when bulking, it doesn’t matter.


  38. I have recently introduced a work collegue to the asshole/jerk/game world who is a very quick learner, and it has been a joy to watch his life improve. Aspects of game are begining to feed into other areas of his life now, and the changes being brought about are a continuing revelation to him. We planning a pussy raid on a nearby town (two towns over game) cant wait to see him operate in the field


  39. […] has another post up demonstrating scientific evidence for the attraction women feel for dangerous men. Psychological […]


  40. on June 16, 2012 at 6:03 pm Col Nicholson

    For those who need their wisdom in song form:

    You’re a rebel, you’re a dude
    You tried to be aloof
    But she tamed your wild heart
    Now you’re just another lovesick goof
    You were hard but you broke down
    You let your guard down for a minute
    Turned sweet, turned nice
    You gave a shit and now you’re in it
    You got down on your knees
    You said she was your queen
    You treated her like royalty
    But it only made her mean
    Now she’s bored — bored of you
    You killed her love with kindness, buddy
    Now she’s bored — bored of you
    Nice guys finish last
    Hey bad boy, too late to cry
    You’re already out of mind
    She’s got a new mark in her sights
    She left you standing in the dog food line
    Your love made you weak
    But your hate will make you strong
    You’re blinded by pain
    But you won’t be for long
    You didn’t have the strength to resist her carnal forces
    Now she’s cut you loose to run with her other broken horses

    “Bored of you” by Pursuit of Happiness. This song is Twenty years
    old! Find it on youtube-it’s an outstanding and funny power-pop
    tune and distills everything CH says on the subject in 3 minutes


  41. It would be interesting if they did that study by first showing one group of women a series of images of men and calling it “which one of these would potentially be a murderer/rapist” and then give another group of women the same images, but have it titled “which of these is most attractive” and see how close they match up.


  42. In Celebration of Men for Father’s Day 2012

    You are stronger and tougher than I am.
    You give me a break from life’s burdens.
    You inspire me to be a better person and encourage me to try new things.
    You give me the socks off your feet because mine are cold.
    You put all kinds of effort into making my life easier.
    You remind me to do my taxes.
    You listen to me cry from a thousand miles away when someone has broken my heart,
    and make me laugh so hard I can’t type.
    You share your music with me and teach me things about your world.
    You seem to know so much about everything.
    You never appear to be tired, sad, or self-absorbed.
    You carry me to bed, and I wake in the night to hear your breathing.
    You try to protect me from things that are unpleasant.
    You do what is best even when I can’t appreciate it at the time.
    You take my dog on extra walks just to help me.
    You see I’m alone, so you play with my daughter as well as your own.
    You’re my fathers, my brothers, my friends, my lovers, even strangers I meet at the beach, and this is why I love you.


    • “and this is why I love you”

      I’m not buying this until you’re naked in front of me and bending over.


      • Anon, she just shows some support for the dudes, you’re a jerk
        (oh wait, chicks like jerks.)


      • Interesting bit about online game, only tangentially related: if the conversation’s going well, you’d be surprised how often a simple non-sequitur ‘on your knees’ results in ‘Yes, sir.’

        Nice way to probe for kink…any comments?


      • Yeah, I have a comment. Sometimes men are also blockheads 🙂


      • Don’t knock it ’till you tried it…


    • Burn After Reading


      • Oh stop. I should have included a line about men who write hysterical poems as that would apply to quite a lot of you. That better?

        Here we have the essence of the disconnect between men and women. Women don’t believe men love them unless they say it, and men don’t believe women love them unless they’re sleeping with them. Always a good refresher course in how we speak two different languages.


      • Sorry, snowflake… what I meant to say was: “You make me want to be a better man.” 😉


      • LOL If we’re trading Jack Nicholson movie lines, my favorite is: “You’re not like anybody.”


    • These are not times where men can afford the luxury of being sentimental. Those times are long gone – In this age, the red pill is the only thing that will save your mind.


    • You can make me a “daddy” anytime you like. You pay for the plane ticket. I’ll keep the couch seats warm.


  43. This is an important post from the House of Chateau. But let’s clarify things:
    1) “Chicks dig jerks” is not universally applicable to all women everywhere. It is culturally specific, and from the perspective that interests us, is principally applicable to women of the Anglosphere. The more general, universally applicable law is that women dig formidable men. And within the term “formidable” come subheadings, like “successful”, “confident”, etc. Women dig to be able to defer/submit to formidable men;
    2) What Anglosphere chicks dig (thugs) and what they often finish up with (providers) is often confusing to novices to game, but easily understood from the perspective of man as utility device. Even a genetically inferior midget with ginger hair, pasty skin and zero personality can fulfill his utility as a handy device by being a reliable, supplicating provider (this contradicts the evo-psych theorists, because clearly, women do not always select for the best genes). Even an old bomb of a car that gets you from A to B is better than no car. Though you would think, in this era of affirmative action and freebies dispensed to women like confetti, isn’t it easier just to get a job?
    3) The alpha/beta dichotomy is false. There are countries on mainland Europe where the contemplative “beta” (for want of a better word) is quite in demand. More specifically, the term “alpha” is a misnomer. Often, all that is required to win the heart of an Anglosphere damsel is adolescent immaturity, which dopey bimbos are likely to misconstrue for confidence/assertiveness;
    4) Ultimately though, the real clincher is in a man’s ability to disarm women. Betatude of the clingy, supplicating kind is not only unattractive, but it also spooks women, principally because:
    i) it places demands on them to reciprocate – heaven forbid requiring a woman to have a sense of humor, and;
    ii) women’s self-esteem issues predispose them to the perception that they are being judged – they are projecting, and don’t like that you might be judging them the same way that they judge you.
    With adolescent alphatude, by contrast, you are shifting the spotlight away from them, and making their decisions for them. And if you maintain a robust adolescent immaturity, this has the added benefit that they can continue to feel morally superior to you.


    • Guys remember, this is pure Biomechanics !

      It’s the same, prehistoric “gina tingle” regardless of continent so don’t try to outsmart yourself with any labels on women.

      I’m polish guy, 28 and EE chicks (i’m very often in Vienna, Prague and Bratislava, spending my holidays in Croatia or Switzerland) dig bad boys exactly the same way your american women !

      For USA guys hitting eaisly on those chicks It’s just getting + status points from being abroad, the farther the better !!

      I have the same boost for your women, girls from USA are so easy hit that sometimes it isn’t even fun 😉


      • Dzien dobry, Polish guy. Europe’s a big place, dude. There’s also Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Italy, France, etc, etc, each with their own unique ways of relating across the great gender divide. One country’s bad-boy may bear no resemblance whatsoever to another country’s degenerate. And I never said that American women weren’t easy – indeed, I might even suggest that they’re too easy for their own good. As it is impossible to get inside one-another’s heads in order to establish what distinctions we are making, what sample-space we’ve experienced, or what anecdotes we are relying on, I’d instead suggest that you visit, given that Roosh goes into considerable detail with serious cross-cultural analyses.


      • i can’t really take roosh seriously anymore. he can only run successful game in countries where being an american is a DHV. iceland being the exception, but they’re a slutty bunch. something about small, isolated populations. the women crave strange cock more than most. it’s an evo thing, i guess.


      • Several years ago, I once tried putting on a fake German accent and claiming I was from Austria. It did seem to help with hot chicks. I don’t know why I haven’t done it more often.

        Btw, if you want to do a given language’s accent really convincingly — at least well enough for someone who is not a native speaker of that language — study the language itself for at least a year.


    • I see the points you’re making, but there is nothing here that contradicts evolutionary-psychological explanations of what you’re alluding to; indeed, evolutionary psychologists studying human mating certainly highlight the trade-offs that most women must make between good partner, good provider, and good dad traits, on the one hand, and good genes traits, on the other.

      While there are no doubt cross-cultural differences in how men display themselves while attempting to mate, one must at the same time keep in view the deeper underlying factors.

      In cultures where behavioral expressions of good genes are constrained, physical indicators such as facial and bodily masculinity, as well as muscularity, inter alia, will be especially prominent attractors to women. Again, one must be mindful of the important and ubiquitous ceteris paribus clause — there are manifold reasons of the sociocultural sort that obtain across time and space that can constrain both male mating displays and female sexual choice (think even of contemporary Saudi Arabia, for example). Ultimately, culture, in all its manifestations, is both tethered to and generated by an underlying evolved cognitive architecture, as is all the diversity of human behavior, mate preferences included.

      In the West, however, where the sociocultural constraints are practically non-existent or greatly reduced, behavioral expressions of underlying phenotypic and genetic quality can be more easily broadcast by men in possession of them; likewise, women are better able to act on any sexual desires for those traits that they may possess, particularly if they are in possession of an unrestricted sociosexuality (orientation toward short-term mating, which also has been found to exhibit a heritability index).

      Moreover, men with unrestricted sociosexuality are more likely to be men in possession of good genes, which at the same time better enables them to fulfill their unrestricted sexual desires, and who can therefore more easily forgo long-term relationships (though they of course may opt for those too). Such men instead opt for engaging in short-term sexual relationships with multiple women, by dint of the fact that they are in demand on the mating market as short-term partners.

      In a very important study (so far as mating and game is concerned) by the evolutionary psychologist Steven Gangestad and colleagues a few years ago, male subjects were interviewed by an attractive female confederate for the purposes of attempting to secure a lunch date with her.

      During the interview, they were asked, among other things, why the attractive female confederate should choose them over one of their (non-visible) male competitors. In a previous study, it was found that the male subjects most likely to disparage their competitor and evince a laid-back, unflappable, socially-present demeanor were those subjects characterized by lower levels of fluctuating asymmetry in a number of bi-laterally symmetrical bodily traits (i.e., wrist width, ear length, ankle width), with lower levels of fluctuating asymmetry being a measure of good genes (though the details herein needn’t concern us for now — but needless to say there is a truly vast number of empirical publications on this topic within the non-human animal literature).

      More to the point, female subjects who then viewed the recorded interviews judged the more socially-present, intrasexually competitive male subjects to be much more desirable when evaluating them as short-term sexual partners, but crucially only while in the late follicular (fertile) phase of their menstrual cycle . The ‘nice guys’ — who had higher fluctuating asymmetry — on the other hand, were seen as more attractive when evaluated as long-term partners.

      In another study led by Gangestad, female subjects already in committed long-term relationships and whose male partners were measured to be more asymmetrical also were found to fantasize about and desire men other than their current long-term partner while in the fertile period of their menstrual cycle. (This is their ‘cuckoldry instinct’ for better genetic sires at play, to couch the point starkly.) As an additional aside, in one of the studies Gangestad and colleagues even went so far as to suggest that, in humans, the behavioral signals of good genes — i.e., social presence and intrasexual competitiveness — may possibly be even more important than other indicators, such as facial masculinity, deeper voices, etc., for good genes mate choice by women.

      Also, what you refer to as “adolescent immaturity,” if defined as social presence, dominance, and intrasexual competitiveness, is precisely confidence and assertiveness, among other things. These are good genes indicators. How one defines and operationalizes their terms in such matters is critical.


    • @Codebuster,

      “Chicks dig jerks” is not universally applicable to all women

      You are wrong, plain and simple.

      It works in large cities, in works in the small villages and on girls from every country I’ve met so far…

      In fact I’ve never met a girl it didn’t work on, of course it works best on hotties and girls with higher IQ’s, so you may or may not have experience with this…


      • disagree. ‘formidable’ is a perfect word to replace ‘jerk.’ it’s a good distinction by codebuster.


  44. Chris Brown is a retarded nigger and I’d love to tear his limbs from his body.

    And it’s not because he hit his girlfriend. She deserved more than what she got for attacking a person while driving.

    I just don’t like thugs.


  45. >We’re getting close to definitive proof that (most) chicks dig jerks

    I thought we passed that milestone years ago


  46. […] Price over at the Spearhead wrote this great article which in turn referred to a post by Heartiste over the propensity for women to be attracted to dangerous men. Like we need another […]


  47. That gbfm is sooooo fucking annoying. Seriously man.
    You’re a one trick pony.


  48. I have read that women can feel fear and arousal together.
    And that men can feel agression and arousal together.

    If that is true then it makes sense that women would be more turned on by men who are forceful and make them feel a little unsafe.

    I don’t think it requires men to be mean, just unpredictable.


  49. The hamster tunneling into the zeitgiest of UK popular culture is clearly displayed currently. All new girl band Stooshie are currently assualting the airwaves with the tellingly titled “Daddy im falling for a monster” while another female act called Novak are vomiting feminime filthjuice with a track called “killer boots” which is a treatise on the hindbrain walking all over a doormat male, but despising him for letting her get away with it.
    I already posted this once but it disappeared.


  50. on June 19, 2012 at 1:37 am random mutation

    Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

    I think that is proof that chicks dig jerks. Jewish jerks at that.


    • Especially the ones who just happen to be directors or producers, hence can put their whoring little asses up on the silver screen.


  51. on June 19, 2012 at 4:28 am whorefinder

    Rhianna got what she deserved.

    Hopefully her nigger boyfriends finish her off so we can have a bunch of black people claiming that violent nigger men shouldn’t be thrown in prison just for murder.

    It’ll be another bomb going off under the foundations of our civilization.


  52. I thought we passed that milestone years ago

    I second that.

    This is true everywhere although the Anglosphere may be much more relaxed in the definition of asshole. A freak like Mistery would cause girls in Latin America to flee, although enlightened America is much more tolerant of such a clown.


  53. The Inqui.sition and were amateur pranks compared to Com.munism

    The firs one killed 20k people throughout 5 centuries, every single case recorded and stored in the Vatian files.

    But I rest my old case. The more you study such cases, the more you become involved with the people writing about them, the freakier you become.

    This is probably the first blog ever where such subjects can be debated in a non-freak way


  54. I don’t seem to recall CH writing anything anywhere about women’s proclivity to being spooked, and why it is an important parameter in game strategy. Spooking a woman is a game changer, and a responsible PUA will have trained to deal with it. Basically, I’m alluding to the famous rationalization hamster that CH often writes about.

    Women will tolerate a lot of poor behavior in a prospective utility device or exciting bad-boy. They will amicably tolerate your bad language, your leering gropes, and your perving at other women. They will good-naturedly tolerate your faux pas, your poor dress sense and your bad breath. But they can’t tolerate being spooked. Being spooked is the game changer that changes everything. So what does being spooked mean, and how does it relate to a woman’s rationalizaton hamster?

    Think of the rationalization hamster as a furry little animal that you are playing with. While you have its trust, it will happily frolick about in the sawdust, cheerfully playing fetch with parcels of food and shiny objects (negs and encouragements) and letting you scratch its tummy. But the moment you spook it, you lose its trust, and it will scamper into the farthest corner, or the blackest hole, and you are going to have a job on your hands to win back its trust. Same with women. With well-executed Game, you can play a woman like a fish, feeding out the line, reeling it back in, playing her and teasing her. But the moment you spook her, maybe by taking a neg too far, it’s like the line is broken, and your quarry will be off to the deepest depths of the ocean and you will never be able to coax her back to the surface again.


    • Interesting post… there does indeed seem to be a line, often imperceptible, that once it is crossed, a switch goes off… never to come back on again.

      For both men and women… except that when it happens with men, the rock upon which the relationship sunk can often be dissected logically, the end result somewhat comprehensible.


  55. @Codebuster

    You cannot be serious?!

    Girls love to be spooked, fear is exciting, it triggers mating behavior!

    The Feargasm is real.


  56. Modified repost from my comment on ‘Respecting Women’ by RooshV due to relevance:

    Y’all need to read ‘The Book of Pook’ specifically the chapter “The Secret of the Jerk”. It’s not your NICENESS that women dislike – it’s your WEAKNESS.

    Women are attracted to our strength, our masculinity, NOT our ‘jerkiness’. As pook stated jerkiness is preferred over weakness though because at least jerks display SOME aspect of strength where weak people display none.

    Niceness does NOT imply weakness. A man can be both masculine and nice aka a GOOD man. It is NOT our niceness that women dislike – it is our WEAKNESS.

    We don’t have to devolve into bitter angry criminally minded asshats to get women. We just need to amp up our masculine aspects. Example: instead of negging a girl why can’t we just say something very sexually provocative and ballsy in front of all her friends? Strength and confidence/courage conveyed without abuse. It is this MASCULINITY which makes women wet – not our abuse.

    If abuse does make women wet it is the aspect of STRENGTH/DOMINANCE that arouses them (aka masculinity) – not the aspect of pain/darkness. This is why no woman will ever admit she likes abuse – because it is true she doesn’t like abuse.

    [heartiste: rihanna begs to differ. anyhow, it’s well known that women’s actions are better interpreters of their thoughts than are their words.]

    She likes the strength/dominance the abuse implies. I also take Pook’s stance on negging as he says, “They are subtle tools NOT sledgehammers”. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t imagine a life where you are constantly pessimistic, looking for what is negative in people. I like bringing out and acknowledging the best in people but despite that I have my own opinions, my own limits, and my own frame which I will not sell out to get the favor of any woman. This is the frame I run from – we can have our cake AND eat it too.

    [did you even bother to read the study linked in this post? it very clearly supports the notion with HARD evidence that the region of women’s brains that perceives threatening men is the same that perceives men they’d like to fuck. so, yes, women really do tingle for jerks and assholes and for men who look like they could be jerks and assholes.]


    • Like.


    • @War,

      I think Mae West put it more succinctly:

      “A Hard Man is Good to Find!”



    • @heartiste I read the original article but just to make sure I did not miss any of the points you were trying to convey in your response I re-read the article again and all associated linkages. I do agree that actions are better interpreters of women’s actions than words since with actions there is no more conflict between what they think they want and what they actually want.

      Anyway after re-reading the article and links I do not see a direct link between attraction and being a jerk. I see correlation but not causation.

      The article on top you posted regarding the brain scans stated the 5 brain areas were “………implicated in face processing as well as the assessment of risk” It is only after this statement where they state “consciously or not, masculinized faces are perceived as not only more attractive but also more dangerous. ” From that I take it the brain areas were solely linked to facial processing and risk assessment only while the attraction comment later on was linked to the earlier assertion about women finding mascularized faces being more attractive in general. To make a stronger argument are those 5 brain areas associated with attraction in itself? The article does not state. Even if those 5 areas -were- associated with attraction – is it the risk and danger itself that triggers attraction – or is it because risk and danger are aspects of masculinity? If I picked up a woman tommorow as my unmasculine self and took her with me while I gambled everything I owned every day in front of her (solely risk and danger – no masculinity) would it make her attracted to me?

      On the subject of the dark triad the news article link states, “The Narcissism, impulsiveness and deceit – the “dark triad” – play a definitive role in wooing, according to separate research conducted by both Mexico State University and Bradley University in 2008.” I’d like to see the study myself as even though there is a correlation between the dark triad and attraction I beckon to think the study did not attack the answer of correlation vs. causation. It is true from observation that women dig the dark triad (correlation) – but is it the dark triad itself that is the exact cause for attraction? (causation). Narcissism, impulsiveness, deceit also imply a certain sort of confidence – or more specfiically – lack of fear which is likewise a masculine trait.

      I guess a way to break it down is to seperate the painful/abusive aspects of being a jerk with it’s masculinity aspects. Given that – with the Rihanna example – if Chris Brown were a total die hard Omega male who acted like a jerk would there be the same effect? I don’t know much about Chris Brown but given he’s a celebrity and such he already has a lot of prequalification taken care of in women’s eyes. I guess a better way to put this is with my own empirical example.

      Before I knew about game and pickup and all of that I was a die hard beta/omega like a lot of others here. I was trying to woo a girl with no success until I stumbled upon some internet tips on being a bad boy and why women dig it. I tried all of them on her, I really liked her and I wanted it to work. I negged her constantly. I made fun of her in front of her friends and did not care about the outcome. I even spanked her once when the two of us were alone for no other reason. There were nameless other things I did but I basically went down that ‘how bad boys act’ list and did ALL of them. Did all that bad boy acting get me the girl in the end? Nope.

      On the surface I was a ‘jerk’ but inside I was still a weak male. She could easily sniff it out. Nice guy more accurately translated is Weak guy. I thought she was better than me. I supplicated and pedestalized her. Despite my bad boy acting my utter lack of masculinity won out in the end.

      In the end it could be true that being a jerk itself solely (without masculinity) is the key but the artcile above has not really presented convincing evidence of that fact imo. Regardless I laude your efforts to bring us the information and with more digging hope to unravel the real truth behind attraction to heal our broken society.

      [heartiste: when you combine this study’s results with the other studies proving that women are attracted to the “dark triad” traits in men, PLUS all the anecdotes we have in real life, it becomes obvious to conclude that women are directly attracted to jerkish qualities in men, and not just as a proxy for other correlated traits.]


  57. on June 26, 2012 at 12:34 pm seductioninlondon

    Nah don’t buy it….Women are attracted to men with a strong sense of self, boundries, standards, sense of entitlement, high self esteem. You can have all of this without being a “bad boy”..

    Critically, what bad boys do have is they don’t take any shit off her or put her on a pedestal. Nothing stopping you from doing this but still treating her with respect, love etc.

    I think what a lot of women think of as “bad boy” behaviour is just insecure little boys acting up, anyway.


    (ps Picked up a very hot 23 year old 1 week ago)

    [heartiste: all these commenters who refuse to believe that women are directly attracted to jerks, and not just proxies of jerkism… the linked study contradicts your beliefs in the most profound way possible: by delving into the female brain itself. is this making any sort of impression at all on you?]


  58. […] I’ve just been reading an excellent post which looks into “scientific” evidence that women prefer jerks. […]


  59. on June 26, 2012 at 2:40 pm seductioninlondon

    None whatsoever because my personal experience says otherwise!

    [heartiste: the study isn’t claiming that girls don’t bang non-jerks. it says girls are attracted to them. understand that game is essentially a distillation of natural jerk charm into repeatable soundbites. if you are running game, you are doing some jerky things that niceguys don’t do.]


  60. on June 26, 2012 at 4:27 pm seductioninlondon

    I can’t remember the last time I “ran game” to be honest.

    [heartiste: naturals and jerks can’t remember the last time they ran game either. but they do, whether they know it or not.]

    Like I say, take the best bits of what these jerks do (I find it hard to call them bad boys because mostly their behaviour is due to insecurity / muppetry) and dial down on some of the more unsavoury aspects.

    [the question isn’t whether to hone one’s game so that one can feel good about picking up chicks. the issue at hand is whether chicks dig jerks. the science, and men’s real world experiences, proves they do.]

    I think we can read a bit too much into that kind of “study” to be honest.

    [if it were a one-off study in a sea of studies and anecdotes that suggested the opposite, then i’d agree. but since it’s one more study among a sea of studies and individual experiences that all validate each other, i’d say you’d be mistaken to not read much into it.]

    I’m much more interested in what happens in the real world.

    [in the real world, hot chicks like rihanna beg for the loving ministrations of slaphappy thugs.]

    I suppose it depends on your definition of a niceguy too.

    [miceguy = mediocrity. most niceguys really are nicer than their alpha male counterparts, and that bores the shit out of women.]


  61. I think of it as 4 levels, in ascending order of desireability to women:

    1. Weak Bad Guy: A loser or reprobate like trailer trash or winos
    2. Weak Nice Guy: Typical cubicle guy
    3. Strong Bad Guy: The archetypical bad boy / douchebag
    4. Strong Nice Guy; George Clooney, Cary Grant

    Because most guys are (2) they aspire to be (3) without paying much attention to the top of the ranking


  62. […] I’ve just been reading an excellent post which looks into “scientific” evidence that women prefer jerks. […]